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Full text of "The national medical dictionary: including English, French, German, Italian, and Latin technical terms used in medicine and the collateral sciences, and a series of tables of useful data"

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Vol. II. — K TO Z. 


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JOHN S: BILLINGS. A.M.. M.I).. LL.I).. Ediii. and Ilaiv,. D.C.L. Oxoii., 






C. S. MINOT, M. D., H. C. YARROW, M. D. 

VOL. II. ^Iv TO Z. 




Kntiri.l ii.'cnrtlinf; to Act ..I C'i.Di;rcv<. in ibc year 1SS9, by 


Ill ll,.- 'iflioi- .•! tl.f I.U.i!irinii f.f roi.trri-.-.- :il Wiisliingtun. All rights reserved. 

I. I 

Wll.I.lAM .1 KORN.IH, 

l\„itrr. I'hil.i.ln. 






K. 1. Chemical symbol for kalium = 
potassium. 2. Siga of the first nodal 

K'. Sign of the second nodal point. 

Ka., abbv. for Kathode. 

Kaate. Acacia calechu, L. 

Kachektisch (ff.). Cachectic. 

Kachexie (&'.). Cachexia. 

Kaddigbeeren ( G.). Juniper-berries. 

Kadeol (O.). Oil of cade. 

Kadmium (G.). Cadmium ; — jodur, 
cadmium iodide; — sulfat, cadmium sul- 

Kalte ( G.). Cold ; — anaesthesie, loss 
or diiiiiimtion of sen.sation of cold: — 
schmerz, pain produced by cold ; — zit- 
tern, sliiverin<r, chill. 

Kaltend (C). Eefrigerant. 

Kaempfe'ria. A genus of Scitamin/'x. 
K. galan'ga, L., Alpinia galangn, Willd. 
K. rotun'da, L., indigenous and culti- 
vated for ornament in India ; tubers are 
used as di.scutient and vulnerary. 

Ksemp'ferid. A yellowish, ta.steless, 
odorless, crystalline substance obtained by 
Brandes (1839) from galangal. 

Kaseartig ((?.). Caseous. 

Kasebrechen {G.). Vomiting of 
cheesy matter ; tyremesis. 

Kaseflmiss ((?.). A'^ernix caseosa. 
Kaseherd (<?.). Focus of caseation. 
Vol. IL— 1 

Kasekraut ((?.). Malva rotmulifo- 
lia, L. 

Kasepappel ((?•)■ Malva si/lveftrif. L. 

Kasespirillum ((?■). Spirillum tyro- 

Kasestoflf {G.). Caseine. 

Kasig(ff.). Caseous, cheesy. 

Kastchen (C). Casket, alveolus. 

Kaffee ( C). Coffee. 

Kaffein ((?.). Caffein. 

Kahl (G.). Bald; — grind, scurf 
causing alopecia; — heit, alojieuia ; — • 
kopfig, bald-headed; — kopflgkeit, bald- 
headediiess ; — kopf, bald-head. 

Kahnihaut ((?.). Jlould-pellicle, crust 
or scum. 

Kahnbein {G.). Scaphoid bone; — 
hocker, tubercle of scaphoid. 

Kahnformiges Bein (ff.). Scaphoid 

Kairin A. C„H,5N0,HC1. Ethyl-kai- 
rin : see Kain'ne. 

Kairin M. Kairoline. 

Kaii'ine, ki'reen. C,oH„NOJICl,H.,0. 

F'. cairine. Hj-drochlorate of an artificial 
alkaloid ]irepared from cliinoline; in crystal- 
line powder, of a saline, bitter, and nauseous 
taste, freely soluble in water, less soluble 
in alcohol, insoluble in ether; introduced 
as an efficient antipyretic. 

Kairoline, ki'ro-leen. C.oHiaXO.HCI- 



+ ILO. Chloride of tetralivdrnnietliyl- 
cliinolinc : ;in cxtri'inclv (li'li(|iK-sf(.'nt salt 
liaviMg tlio thfi-apeulical iiin|icrtifs of kai- 1 

Kaisergeburt {<!■'). I»>-livery by Ca?sa- 
reaii oinTation. 

Kaiserschnitt ^ <•'. !. Civsarean s^ectioii. 

Kaiserwurz ( '■/.). Mastcrwort. 

Kajeputol (<■'■)■ Caji'imt oil. 

Kakao {<•■)■ Cacao; — butter, oil 
of tlK'olironia. 

Kakerlacke (fV.). Albino. 

Kakerlak'ism. F. kAarhimufme. Al- 

Kakke. .lapanrsc term fur beriberi. 

Kako [yayi,]. For words tliu.s begin- 
ning; and not fonnd here, sei' < 'uco. 

Kak'odyl. C,H„As [>^'//w;r,,^, 'i/.r,]. F. 
kakodvle. Funiini: li(|Uor (d' (.'adet. arscn- 
dinietfivl : a conijionml radical first iditained 
bv Cadet (ITtill) by dry distillation of ar- 
senious aciil with jiotassiinn acetate. A 
colorless, liiuldy refractinir. viseons li((nid. 
of nauseons odor, with strong aiSnity for 
oxygen, taking ftw spcjiitaneously in con- 
tact with air; iiisohible in water, soluble in 
alcohol and ether ; jioisoiioiis, 

Kalabarbohne ( 0'.). IMiysostigma ; — 
nextrakt, extract of physostiguia. 

Kalada'na. /.. idnirliitis seniina. The 
seed.s of I'liiirhilix \J, Choisy ; a cathartic 
resembling j:ila]i [!'. Ind]. 

Kalada'nse resi'na (/>.). Resin of 

KalamusWTirzel ( ''r. ) : see Cclnmii^. 

Ka'li. Totassium. K. arsenico'sum 
solu'tum, solution of arsenite of po- 
tassium. K. bitartar'icum [P. Ross.], 
potassium bitartrate. K. carbon'icum, 
potassium carbonate. K. carbon'icum 
acid'ulum, jiotassium liicarbonate. K. 
caus'ticuni fu'sum, potassa. K. caus'- 
ticuni solu'tum [I'. Ross.], solution of 
]iotassa. K. hy'driciTm fii'stim, potassa. 
K. muriat'icum oxygena'tum, potas- 
sium chhn-ate. K. oxymuriat'iciim, jio- 
tassium chlorati'. K. sulfar'icum [!'. 
Ross.], potassium sulphate. K. sulphur'- 
icum ac'idum, jiotassinin bisulphate. K. 
tartar'icum [!'. iioss.]. pctassium tartrate. 

Kalialbuminat ( ^'.). Albuminate re- 
sembling casein, but not precipitated bv 

Kalilauge f/.V Sidution ui' potassa. 

Kalisalpeter ( 0'.). Potassium nitrate. 

Kalisalze r<7.). Potash salts. 
Kalischwefelleber (G'.). Sulphurated 

Kaliseife (6'.). Green soap. 
Ka'lium. Potassium. K. acet'icum, 
potassium acetate. K. acet'icum solu'- 
tum, scdiuion of potassium acetate. K. 
arsenico'sum, potassium arsenite. K. 
bicarbon'icum [P. (t.], potassium bicar- 
bonate. K. bichi'om'icum [P. K.], po- 
tassium bichromate. K. bioxaPicum, 
potassium liinoxalale. K. borus'sicum, 
potassium ferrocyanide. K. broma'tum 
[P. (i.]. potassium bromide. K. carbon'- 
icum [P. (i.]. ])otassiuni carbonate. K. 
carbon'icum cru'dum: see Fntihi^h. 
K. caus'ticum fu'sum [P. <;.]. jiotassa. 
K. chlora'tum [!'. llelv ], jiotassinm 
chloriil.'. K. chlor'icum [P. G.]. i>otas- 
sinm <dd(jrate. K. cit'ricum, potassium 
citrate. K. cyana'tum, potassium cyan- 
idi'. K. ferrocyana'tum, potassium i'er- 
roeyanide. K. hy'di'icum [!'. Ilelv.] or 
K. hydi'o-oxyda'tum [P. Aust.]. potassa. 
K. hydrotartar'icum [P. Aust.]. jiotas- 
siiim bitartrate. K. hypermangan'- 
icum [P. Ilelv.]. fiotassium jiermanganate. 
K. hypophosphoro'sum, potassium hy- 
])op!ios]iliite. K. joda'tum [P. (J.l, po- 
tassium iodiile, K. muria'ticum oxy- 
gena'tum, iMitas.-.inm chlorate. K. na'- 
trio-tartar'icum [P. Aust.], potassium 
soilium tartrate. K. ni'tricum [1'. G.], 
potassium nitrate. K. oxymuria'ticum, 
pntassinm (ddnrate. K. permangan'- 
icum [P. '!.]. potassium permangaiuite. 
K. stibio-tartar'icum [P. Aust.]. anti- 
iniinv tmd ]iotassiiim tartrate. K. sulfura'- 
tum, sulphurtited potassa. K. sulfur'- 
icum [!'. G], jiotassium sulphate. K. 
sulfuro'sum, initassium suljdiite. K. 
tartar'icum [P. G.]. potassium tartrate. 

Kalium ( '/ t. Potassium: — acetat, 
potassium acetate; — bicarbonat, Jiotas- 
sinin bicarbcMKife ; — bromid, potassium 
bromide; — carbonat, potassium carbon- 
ate; — chlorat, potassium cldorate ; — 
citrat, potassium citrate; — cyanid, po- 
tassium cyanidi^; — dichromat, ]iotas- 
sium bichromate; — hypophosphit, po- 
tassium hv]Hiphosphite ; — nitrat, ]iotas- 
sinm intrate; — permanganat, potassium 
permanganate; — sulfat, Jiotassium sul- 
pliat<- ; — sulfit, jHitassinin sulpliitc ; — 
tartrat, I'otassinm tartrate. 

Kalk {(!.). Lime; — artig, chalky, 
calcareous; — beule, chalky callosity, to- 
phus; — brei, lime salts detritus ; — ent- 


artung, infiltration of tissue with a salt of 
lime- — erdig or — formig, calcareous ; 
— hydrat, slaked lime; —infarct, deposit 
of lime salts in tissues ; —liniment, lime 
liniment; — metastasen, deposits ot lime 
salts in tissues while they are bein^ re- 
moved from the bones; — milcli, lime- 
water ; — sala, a salt of calcium ; — 
schwefeUeber, sulphurated lime; — 
wasser, solution of lime. 

Kal'mia {L.). American laurel ; a 
genus of Ericac^!r.. K. angustifo'Ua. L^, 
sheep laurel, lambkiU ; a c.mmnn herb ot , 
northern and middle States. K. glau ca, 
Ait., swamp laurel, pale laurel ; indi-enou.s ; , 
properties same as A', latlfului. K. latl- j 
fo'lia, L., calico-bush, mountain laurel, in- 
di-enous to Canada and the U. S. east of 
the Mississippi; leaves and fruit of all 
these species are more or less noxious, and 
the flesh of jrame-birds that have fed upon 
them is said to act as a sedative poison. 

Kalmus (<?.)■ Acorns calamus; — ex- 
trakt, extract of calamus; — ol, oil of 
calamus; — tinktur, tincture of calamus. 
Kaloricitat (G). Caloricity. 
Kalorie (/.'.). Caloric. 
Kaltes Fieber ((?.)• Intermittent 

Kaltwasserkur (&.)■ Cold-water cure. 
Kama'la. Glands and hairs from cap- 
sules of Mal/otus plii/ijipineHfis, MuU.-Arg. ; 

Kamee'la. Kamala. 
Kamme(ff.). Matricaria. 
Kamisol (G.). Waistcoat, strait-jacket. 
Kamm ((?.)• Crest; — knorpel. tar- 
sus; — muskel, pectineus; — muskeln 
des Herzens, nmseuli pectinati of heart; 

— nath, dentate suture. 

Kammer (C^'.). Chamber; — klappe, 
aurieulo-vcntricular valve: — ostie, auric- 
ulo-ventricular opening; — raum, capa- 
city of a cardiac cavity, especially of the 
ventricle ; — saure, diluted sulphuric acid ; 

— scheidewand, interventricular .septum; 

— tiefe, depth of chamber (of the eye); 

— -wasser, aijueous humor. 
Kampeschenholz {('■)■ Ilacmatosy- 


Kampher (G.). Camphor; — anUin, 
anilin camphorato ; — essig, camphorated 
vinegar; — liniment, liniment of cam- 
pi, „r ; — bl, camphor liniment: — salbe, 
camphor cerate ; — spiritus, spirit of cam- 

phor ; — wasser, camphor-water; — 
wein, wine of camphor. 

Kanadische Pferdepocke {G.): see 

£itij/<><^lte l'j> i-d('p'-ick>.'. 

Kanalchen {G.). Canaliculus. 
Kanal ( G.). Canal ; — gas, sewer gas ; 

gasvergiftimg, sewer-gas poisoning ; 

— jauche, sewage. 

Kanalisation ( C). 1. Canal-building. 
2. Openini: of artificial passage through 
parts previously closed. 3. Sewerage. 
Ean'dahar sore : see Ukers, endemic. 
Kan'garoo lig'ature. Ligature made 
of split tendons of kangaroo's tail. 

Kaninchenseptikamie(«.). Disease 
caused by B'niltii.< cinticuliai/iix. 
Kantharide ( G.). Cantharides. 
Kanthoplastik (G.). Canthoplasty. 
Ka O., abbv. for Kathode OefEhung 
(C). Kathodic opening. 

Ka'olin. Very pure silicate-of-alumina 
earth ; used as absorbent. 

Kapaunen (C). To castrate. 
Kapem ( G.). Capers. 
KapUlar ((?.). Capillary ;— bronclii- 
tis, capillary bronchitis. 

Kapo'si's disease', rarchmont skin. 
Kappenmuskel(6r'.). Trapezius. 
Kaprilsaure (G.). Caprylic acid. 
Kapronsaure (C). Caproic acid. 
Kapsel (G.). Capsule; — arterie, 
middle suprarenal artery: — ai^g, cap- 
sular; — bander, capsular ligaments. — 
des Bulbus, capsule of Tenon: — lOT- 
mig, capsular. K. der Himlmse, K. 
des Linsenkems: see TtrywH/*', e.,trj-i,ul 
and intfnwl : — knie, knee of internal 
capsule ; — linsenstaar, capsular and len- 
ticular cataract; —membrane, capsular 
membrane; — pupillarhaut, capsulo-pu- 
pillary membrane; —spanner, tensores 
capsulorum articulationuin : — staar or 

star, capsular cataract: — tragend, 

cajisular: —wand, capsular wall. 

Kapsulektomie ( G.). An excision of 
a piece of the capsule of the crystalline 

Karab6 (F.^. Amber. K. faux, copa. 
resin. K. de Sodome, asphalt um. 

Karbaminsaure ( G.). Carbamic acid. 
Karbinol (G.). Methyl alcohol. 
Karbolkampher ((?.). Camphorated 
carbolic acid. 

Karbolsaure ((?.)■ Carbolic acid. 


Karbunkel (Ci-). Carlmncle. 
Kardamome ( '»'.)■ Cardamom. 
Kardialgie ( ('.)■ f'anlial-ia. 
Kardinalpuiikte( ^'.j: soc I'uiiitf^cnrdi- 


Kardiogramm {(!■)■ Canlinpraiu. 

Kardiograph ((l.)- Canliograjih. 

Kardiopneumogi-aph (6'.). Carilio- 

Kardobenediktenextrakt (G.). Ex- 
tract i}\' blcs^eil tlii>(li'. 

Kardobenediktenkraut (^'.). Blessed 

Karfunkel {(!■)■ Carbuncle. 

Kar'iyat. L ainlriif.'raiiliis caules et 
railix. i>rieil stalks ami mnt of AnJio- 
griniliif piiniciiluld, Nees ; a bitter tonic 
similar to i|uassia [1'. Iml]. 

Karlsbad : see < 'm-libud. 

Karmelitergeist ( C/.). CompotimLspirit 
of lialm, 

Karminlosung (/''.). Solution of car- 

Karminsaure ( '"-'.). Caniiiuic acid. 

Kar'niiie. CilI.NjO:,. A leucomaine 
found in meat and in yeast-water. 

Karobe ( (!■')■ St. .John's bread. 

Karpfenriicken ( (1.). Kvidiosis in 

Karpholo'gia. CarplKdogv. 

Kartoff'el (<!.)■ Potato; — bacillus, 

Biifilhix iiirfi iilriiriif riih/iil in; ; — cult;ur, 

potato culture; — starke, potato starch. 

Karunkel C-.V Caruude. 

Karyal'oplasm. Karyoplasm. 

Karyas'ter [^•//"i">. ntrrr/i']. G. Spindel- 
flL;\ir. Aster ol' the nu(deus. 

Karyokine'sis [/"/''".>, zrVr^^r.-v]. F. 
kariokvnisc. Movements of fibrillar and 
otlu'r parts of nucdeus during its process 
of indirect division ; ecuuimuily nsed to 
signil'y the ]U'oci'ss of indirect division of 
a cell or nucleus. 

Karyokinet'ic. /•'. karyokineti(|ue ; G. 
karvi'kinelisch. I'lelatini;: to karyokinesis. 

Karyol'ysis \_/-;-:<'\. F. karynlyse ; G. 
Kernen/.erfall. lircakiui: dnwn <ir seg- 
mentation of the mudiMis. 

Karyolyt'ic. Iblarmg to karyolysis. 

Karyomito'sis. i'demming's term for 
the indirect division of the nu(deu.s. 

Kar'yoplasm [z'//'(j<i>, -'/Aunn'^ Proto- 
plasm of nucleus. 

Karyoso'mata [Tw/ia]. Microsomata 
of the nucleus. 

Karyosteno'sis [/'/,'io"v, rj7i-,wr;t-f\. Di- 
rect division of a cell-nucleus. 

Karzinom {G.}. Carcinoma. 

Ka S., abbv. for Kathode Schliessung 
((.'.). Kathodic closure. 

Kasein ((/.). Casein. 

Kaskarille ( G.). Cascarilla. 

Kaskarillrinde (G.). Cascarilla. 

Kassie (<>'.). Cassia. 

Kas's\;. Variety of Ariea catechu. 

Kastanie ( G'). Chestnut. In com- 
position Kastanien, as, — blatter: see 
CuMiiiKd ; — gross, size of chestnut. 

Kastenpulsmesser { 6'.). Poiscuille's 
instrument for measuring exjiaiision of a 
denuded artery by the pulse-wave. 

Kastorin ( G^. Castorine. 

Kasti-at (G.). Eunuch. 

Kastration ( G.\. Castration. 

Kastriren ( G.). To castrate. 

Kastiirpulver (&'.). Caustic used to 
destroy part of spermatic cord of an ani- 

KaS. Z., abbv. for Kathoden Schlies- 
sungs Zuckung ( G.). Kathodic closure 

Kata- [;?';r./]. For words thus com- 
mencing, not fumd here, see corresponding 
wonls beginning dild-. 

Katabol'ic [/'/r//,S../r;]. G. katabolisch. 
Tending to unbuild, to throw down; retro- 
grade, destructive. 

Katab'olism [;(«7«,5';//.w]. Process of 
forming products of secretion by proto- 
plasm ; retrograde metamorphosis. 

Katacrot'ic wave [/.'itii, '"itx/inniij : see 

( '(iliirrnlir liirati'iiis. 

Katadic'rotism. Catailicrotism. 

Katalepsie ( '/ ). Catalepsy. 

Kataleptische Starre ^r.). Catalep- 
tii' rigiditv (d' muscles. 

Katal'ysine water. Water of Gettys- 
burg .-springs. 

Katamenien ( G.). IMeuses. 

Katapha'sia [/-/r-;, au-atria']. Morbid 
rejirtitiiui (d' a word or part of a word. 

Kataphore'sis [/'ir'i. a-nrdui']. F. cata- 
phorise; G. Kataphorese ; /. cataforesi. 
Carrying down or into, especially through 
the skin from without inward, as of anes- 
thetics by electric current. 


Eataphorisch (<?•)• Pertaining to 

Kataplasm (C). Cataplasm. 
Katarrh ' G.). Catarrh. 
Katan-halisch (ff-)- Catarrhal. 
Katasar'ca (X. ) [<r«//c]. Anasarca. 

Katastal'tic [zaraaru/Ti/iio], Astrin- 

Kat'astate : see Mesoslale. 

Katato'nia (L.) [^xardrayoij. F. cata- 
tonie. Form of insanity characterized by 
alternations of acute mania, melancholia, 
and epileptic or cataleptic symptoms, with 
verbigeration and stereotyped dramatic 
gestures and attitudes (Kahlbaum). 

Katechu {G.). Catechu; — tinktur, 
tincture of catechu. 

Katelectrot'onus. Catelectrotonus. 

EZathartisch ( G.). Cathartic. 

Katheter (G). Catheter; — fieber, 
urethral fever due to passage of sound or 

Katheterisation {G.'). Catheteriza- 

Katheterisiren {G.). To catheterize. 

Katheterismus (G.). Calheterizing. 

Kath'ion [xazii, ?);.'/.!] : see Lm. 

Kath'odal. Relating to kathode. 

Kath'ode \jiard, uS<ii\. Negative elec- 
trode, or that by which the current returns 
to the battery, and at which, in electrolysis 
of water, hydrotren is evolved. 

Kathodenschliessungszuckung {G.). 
KathoJic closure contraction. 

Kathod'ic [yard. 6iii'}f\. Pertaining to 
kathode. K. clo'sure contrac'tion, con- 
traction of muscle produced by closing cir- 
cuit by placing the kathode over motor- 
point. K. clo'sure tet'anus, tetanic con- 
traction on closing circuit with kathode at 
motor-point. K. dura'tion tet'anus, 
tetanic contraction, lasting wliile kathode 
is at motor-point. K. opening contrac- 
tion, contraction when circuit is opened by 
removal of kathode from over motor-point. 

Kat'ochus. Catochus. 

Katzenauge {G). Cat's eye, glaucoma. 

Katzenkopf {G.). Anencephalus. 

Katzenminze {G.). Catncp. 

Katzenpfdtchen ((?.)■ Anlcnnan'a di- 
oicii, (i;vrtn. 

Katzenpupille ( G.). Cat's pupil — i. e. 
oval pupil. 

Katzenschnurren (G*.). Purring tre- 

Kauapparat (G.). Masticatory appa- 

Kaube'wegTing' (<?•)• Masticatory 

Kauen ( G.). Mastication, to masticate. 
Kauflache (<?.). Masticatory surface. 
Kaug-eschaft ( G.). Mastication. 

Kaug-esichtswinkel {G.). Orifacial 

Kaulinie (G.). Line between the upper 
and lower molars : see Plane of nuistication. 

Kaumittel (<?.). Masticatory. 

Kaumusculatur (C). Muscles of 

Kaumuskel {G.). Masseter; — lah- 
mung, paralysis of muscles of mastica- 
tion ; — nerv, masseteric nerve ; — schlag- 
ader, masseteric artery. 

Kaunerv (G.). Ramus superior of in- 
ferior ma.xillary nerve. 

Kau'ri or Kow'rie. Semi-fossil resin, 
product of Ddinmara Aushalis. 

Kauri-resine (/'•)■ Cowrie resin. 

Kaustisch (C). Caustic. 

Kauterisation (<?•). Cauterization. 

Kauterisiren C). To cauterize. 

Kautschuk ( G.). Caoutchouc ; — kly- 
sopompe, India-rubber injecting appara- 

Eauzahn ( G."). Molar tooth. 

Ka'va or Ka'va-ka'va. Intoxicating 
drink used in some Pacific islands, prepared 
by infusing in water or cocoanut-milk mas- 
ticated roots of Piper mctliysticum, Fors. ; 
has been used in cystitis. 

Ea'wa. Kava. K. resin, lewinin. 

Ka'ya senegalen'sis (L.). Tree from 
which a bitter febrifuge resembling quinine 
is obtained. 

K. C C, abbv. for Kathodic closure 

K. C T., abbv. for Kathodic closure 

K. D, T., alibv. for Kathodic dtiration 

Keer'sal. Crystallized deposit of cate- 
chiti. sometimes found in fissures of trunk 
of Arrai Ciilcckii, Willd. ; used medicinally 
in India. 

Kerir. Kcphir ; a kind of fermented 
milk produced by means of kefir-secd. 



Kefirferment ((r.). Bacinin: cnuaisicus. 

Kerii'-seed. I't'culiar foniiL'iit i'ouml in 
Wdiiilcii vessi'ls ill whii-li natives el' tlu' (_'au- 
casiis cdagulatf milk by aid of rt'iiiu-t. 

Kegel ((•'.). Vonv; — ader, In-adiial 
arti-ry ; — aiige, cuiiioal funiea ; — for- 
mig'e BewegT-inar, i-ircunuluftion ; — for- 
mige Wai'zcheu, ciinical pa|iill;L' ; — for- 
miges Band i>r — formiges Ringschild- 
knorpelband, niiilillc tTicn-tlivniid liga- 
uioiit ; — geleilk, eyliiMlrartlu'Dsis. 

Kehle i.(j.). Tiirdat. In ciiiiiiMisitidn 
Kehl ; — brand, earliuiicular', iir 
anthrax of neck in aiiinuiL'i ; — bl'uch, 
tlivri'iiccic : — deckel, ejiiulntti.s ; — 
deckelentziindung, inHamniatinn of epi- 
glottis; — deckelpolster, tubercle of epi- 
glottis; — entziindung, intiamniation of 
throat; — geschwrdst, tumor in throat, 
bronchoi'ele ; — gTube, suprasternal fo.^sa ; 

— schnitt, bronehotoniy ; — schwlnd- 
sucht, larynL;eal ]ihthisis ; — stimme, 
laryiiLidphony ; — sucht, ijuinsy ; — zapf- 
leiii, uvula. 

Kehlkopf ( (•'.). Larynx ; — arterie, 
larynireal artery : — ausschneidung, ex- 
cision of larynx ; — bander, lij^anients of 
larynx; — braune, larynnilis ; — damp- 
flgkeit, laryngeal asihma in horse ; — 
eingang, upper entiance to larynx; — 
entziindung, larynLiitis: — eroCEiiung, 
laryni;()toniy ; — hohle, larynueal eavitv; 

— hnsten, laryuLTeal couiih ; — knorpel, 
eanilaues of larynx ; — kranipf, larynL;eal 
spa,-ni ; — lalimung, paralysis of larynx ; 

— muskelkrampf, spasm of larynx; — 
niuskeln <jr — muski-ilatur, inuseles of 
larynx; — nerv, laryni;eal nerve; — 
pfeifen, l.irynL'ismus, larynireal dyspncea, 
riiaiing (in the horse); — rachenspiegel, 
larynj:o-|iiiary ngeal mirror ; — rauni, laryn- 
geal cavity; — schnitt, laryriLrotomy ; — 
schwindsucht, laryngeal ])iithisis; - — 
Spiegel, laryngoscope; — stimme, laryn- 
gii]ihony; — tasche, ventricle of iarvnx ; 

— vena, laryngeal vein. 

Keh'rer's opera'tion. (".-rsaroan see- 
tioM. the uterus being opened transversely 
oppositi' internal os. 

Keichen ((,'.). To pant, to breathe 

Keichhusten (G.). Whooping C(jugh. 

Keil(^'. ). Wedge, runeate loliule ; — • 
ahnlich, cuneiform, wedge-shaped ; — ex- 
cission, cuttini: out a wedge-shaped ]iiece ; 

— formiges Beta, s]ihi'noid Immic; — 
gaumeiiknoten, spheno-palatine ganglion ; 

— knochen, eunoiforni bones of foot; 

— kopf, sidienocephalus ; — Strang, fu- 
niculus cuneatus. 

KeUbein ( ''/.). Sphenoid lione, cunei- 
form bmu- ; — blutleiter, basilar sinus ; — 
dom, spine of s]>henoiil; — fliigel, wings 
of .sphenoid; — fontanelle, anterior late- 
ral fontanelle ; — fortsatz, sjihenoidal proc- 
ess ; — gaumennerv, s]iheno-]ialatine 
nerve; — gaumenpulsader or — gau- 
menschlagader, s])lu'no-palatine artery; 

— hohlen, sphenoidal sinuses; — horner, 
sjihenoidal turbinate bones; — kamm, 
sphenoidal crest ; — korper, body of sphe- 
noid ; — muscheln, sphem.iidal turbinate 
bones; — schnabel, rostrum sphenoidale; 

— sessel, sella turcica; — sinus, sphe- 
noidal sinus ; — spalte, sphenoiilal fissure ; 

— spitzen, clinoiil ]u-ocesses; — winkel, 
sphenoidal angle; — ziingelchen, lingula 

Keim f^'.). Germ; — anhang, em- 
bryonic iippc'iidix; — anlage, primitive 
trace; — bildung, germination; — blas- 
chen, germinal vesicle, nucleus of the 
ovum ; — blatter, germinal layers, ecto- 
derm and entipderm ; — blase, germ in 
vesicular stage after segmentation ; lilas- 
tula; — blatt, germ-layer; — centrum 
[Flemming], central portion of lymphatic 
glands where leucocytes are believed to be 
generated; — driise, sexual gland, ovary 
or testis; — epithel, germinal epitlieliuin 
of ovary ; — fahig, capable of germination ; 

— falte, germinal fold; — fleck, germinal 
spot, nucleolus of ovum; — fllissigkeit, 
blastema; — ft'ei, free from living organ- 
isms; — gewebe, tissue of germ or em- 
bryo; — grube, germinal fossa; — hauf- 
chen, germinal aL;gregati(Ui ; — haut, blas- 
toderm ; — hohle, gi'rminal cavity; — 
hof, germinative area; — hligel, germinal 
swelling or mound; — hiille, iVetal enve- 
lope; — kapsel, capsular membrane of 
ovum; — kern, germinal or segmentation 
nucleus; — knospe, budding germ, com- 
mencing embryo upon surface of ovum ; 

— lager, layer from which ova arise: ger- 
minal epithelium; — loch, micropyle ; — 
los, gerndcss ; — pfortchen or — pforte, 
blastopore; — plasma, germ-plasma; — 
platte, germinal lamina; — sack or — 
sackchen, amnion; — saft, fluid per- 
meating tissues of germ; — scheibe, 
germinal ar(>a of meroblastic ova ; — 
schicht, ^'crm-l.iyer, retc niucosum ; — 
schicht des Nagels, keratogenous mem- 
brane ; — schlauch, embryonic sac ; — 


Btoff, blastema ; — streif, germinal streak ; 
-todtend. germicide; -trager. blasto- 
phore. germinal cord; — veiirrung, abnor- 
mal development of germinal tissue as to 
place or time; -wall germ.tu.1 wal or 
rid..e- — Wtllst, applied by Kolhker to 
thickened portion of entoderm at circum- 
ference of germinal area; terra is synony- 
mous with Jiaudicuht; -zeit. germinal 
period; —zelle, germ-cell. 

Keimen C^)- Germination, to germi- 

Keimling (G,), diminutive for germ. 
KeimungCG.)- Germination. 
Kek'une oil. Candlenut oil. 
Kelch (6-'.). Infundibulura ; —zelle, 
clialiee, or cup-sbaped, cell. 

Ke'lectome ['-rj/.r^. Urifi-^m]. F. kelec- 
tome. Instrument for removing a small 
piece of tissue through a canula. 

Ke'lis (L.). Keloid. K. Addiso'mi. 
Addison's keloid. K. falves'cens, cblo- 

Kellerhalskomer (G.). Mezereon- 


Kellerhalsrinde ((?.). Mezereon. 
Kel'lin Crystalline, odorless, bitter glu- 
coside. obtained from fruit of Am»u v,s- 
vaga. Lam.; said to produce paralysis ot 
lower limbs and disturbance of cardiac and 
respiratory movements. 

Kell'ner's eye'piece. Eyepiece in which 
the lens nearest the eve is a combination ot 
a plano-concave of flint with double convex 
of crown dass. The other lens is a double 
convex glass placed in focus of the tirst. 
Keloctome {F.). Kclectome. 
Ke'loid [xr,;.!?, eI'5"?]- ^'- cheloide ; /. 
chcloide. 1. Circumscribed connective-tis- 
sue new izrowth of the skin, appearing as 
one or more irregular, elevated, firm, smooth, 
reddish, and somewhat clastic cicatriforra 
tumors. Negroes seem to be csi>ccial y 
predisposed to it. 2. Scleroderma [Addi- 
son]. K. of Ad'dison, niorphoea. 

Kelot'omy. L. kelotomia ; F keloto- 
mie ; G- Bruchschnitt ; /. chelotomia. Her- 

Kelp. 1. Common name for certain sea- 
weeds. 2. Ashes of various seaweeds ; used 
as a source of iodine, and formerly of so- 
dium carbonate. 

Kelp-ware. Funis vexlculosus. L. 
Kennzeichen (G.). Diagnostic sign, 
characteristic symptom. 


Kenopho'bia (L.) [y-'.-'k, c"'',?"v] 

Kent'ish lin'iment or oint'ment. L. 
un^uentum keiitianura. Liniment ot tur- 
pentine [1 . !^. l*-]. 

Kentrokine'sis [z/vro.iv. ziVr^fftc]. In- 
fluence of a motor nerve-centre. 

Kentuck'y coffee-tree or mahog'any. 
Gj/>ii norlddus ccijuidfiisi^. 

Kephalhsematoin (G.). Cephalhajma- 

Keph'alo-. For words thus beginning, 
not found here, sec C<phah,-. 

Kephalopelvim'eter [xec-u/t;', tJJ.'xs, id- 
r/»,v]. Instrument for measuring relation 
between fwtal head and pelvis. 

Kephalotripsie (/?.). Cephalotripsy. 
Keph'ir : see Kcjir. 
Keracele {F.). Horny tumor of hoof 
of horse. 

Kerapseude or Kerapsude {,F.). Fis- 
sured horn. 

Keratecta'sia [«',"i?, c-z7«^!9]. Stretch- 
ing and prutrusion of cornea. 

Keratectomie (F.). Excision of cor- 

Kerati'asis ly.i<,ai\ Growth of cuta- 
neous horn. 

Ker'atin. F. keratine; G. Hornstoff; 
/. cheratina. Name given to that constit- 
uent of horns and quills which remains 
undissolved after digestion in pepsin and 
dilute hvdrocbloric acid. This residue is 
soluble in alkalies, but insoluble in acids^, 
and is used for coating pills not intended 
for solution in the stomach, but to be dis- 
solved by alkaline intestinal fluids. 

Keratinien, enne {F.). Relating to 
keratin, cornea, or horny tissue. 

Keratinisation (F.). 1 . The chemical 
and phvsical chanire in epidermic cells as 
thcv become superficial and pressed to- 
■retiier. 2. Operation of coating pills witli 

Kerati'tis [^^//"'c]. F. keratite ; G. 
nornliautentziindung; /. cheratite. In- 
flammation of the cornea. Its principal 
forms are — diff"use, bulbous, fascicular, 
neuro-paralvtic (oth pair of nerves), pa- 
renchymatous (interstitial), phlyctenular, 
punctate, purulent, superficial, svphi iitic, 
traumatic. K. dendrit'ica, form in which 
the opacities are bninched like limbs of a 
tree K. dendrit'ica exul'cerans my- 
cot'ica, ulcerative keratitis, producing 



branched furrows and coTifaininsr bacteria 
[Kininert]. K. fasciculo'sa, furin nh- 
servctl ill scrdt'ulous diiklrcn ; twii fascic- 
uli iif enlari;i'il vessels extend u]iu!i cornea 
ill horizontal nuTidian. 

Ker'ato- [zi'/j'/i-]. For words thus bc- 
giiiniiiL', not found iiere, see under (\ralo-. 

Kerato-arytenoi'deus. A very rare 
muscular liunille arisiiej IVdUi ]iosterii>r 
surface of iiilVrinr liuin cif tlivroid earti- 
lai;e. and inserted upon lateral surface of 
arytenoid cartilaue. 

Ker'atocele ['V'J- J- keratocele ; (1. 
Ilornliautlirucdi ; /. cheratucelc. Hernia of 
inner layer of cornea tliroui;h an ulcer of 
the external surface, 

Kerato-chi'omato'sis. Aljuminal cid- 
oration in outer layers nf skin. 

Kerato-conjuuctivi'tis. Keratitis with 

Keratoconom'eter [;^(r,v„c, ///-oov]. An 
a|)paratus for ineasurini;' conical corncii; [l>e 

Keratoco'nus [/ot>"v]. / clieratocono. 
Conical ciirnca. 

Kerato-cri'coidlig'amenl^s: see Criaf- 

t1it/rnnl Ihjfitiirnt^. 

Kerato-cri'coid mus'cle. L kerato- 
ericoidcus. Small muscle sometimes fiiund 
arisinix fruin cricoid cartilau'c near its lower 
border, and inserted intu inferior cornu of 
thyroid cartilai;e [Merkel]. 

Kerato-cricoi'deus. (Vico-tliyroidcus 

Ker'atode [•"•"'^■]. Horny, resembling 

Keratoder'ma [";',",""]. Cornea, 
Keratog'enous [/-;^v'/(r,]. /•'. ki'ratnu:cne. 
Forming horn (m- horny ti-^suc K. mem'- 
brane. G. Kciin.sidiiclit drs Xai^cls. I.,ayer 
of cells from which nails are developed, eor- 
respdudini: to rete mucosum, 

Kerato-g'lo'bus. AbiHJrmal form of 
eornea in wliich it as.vumcs a lildbular 
sli.-ipc. generally due ti^ inflammalion of 
eonic.a aud neiuldMiriim' parts of eveball. 

Keratohy'alin [/-Iihi^-, ■';«;.,.,-]. /•''. 
kcratohyaliric. Sulist.nicr funning granules 
of str:itum Lrr.inuln.sinii dl' ,.<kin. 

Kerato-hyoi'deus. Aberrant Inindles 
of thyro hydid muscle, arising from tip (d' 
supcricji- horn of tliyr-did c,artilaL;e. ami in- 
serted at end cil' greater conui of hyoid 

Ker'atoid [.?'"»■]. /■'. kc'ratoide. lle- 
semblinir Imrn or the C(u-nea, 

Keratoiri'tis [^/^l/ia^, iritis], 1. Con- 
joined inflauimatioii of the iris and cornea. 
2. Descemetitis. 

Keratol'yses [/.'''ffi^-]. Class of cuta- 
neiius affections characterized by dimin- 
ished development of epidermis, 

Kerato'ma. /''. keratome ; /, cheratoma. 
A hurny tuuior, tumor of the eornea. 

Keratomala'cia [.ay /.a /:''/], /•', kera- 
tomalacie ; (1. Hornhautcrweiehung ; /, 
cheratomalaeia. Softening and destruction 
of cornea, generally resulting from mal- 

Ker'atome [*",'";]. Keratntcmie. 
Keratom'eter [///r/ie^]. Tnstrument 
for measuring the curvature of the cornea. 

Keratomyco'sis [."''zr/v']. Disease of 
the Cornea due to mycelium of a I'uiigus ; 
usually a sjjccies of Axjim/il/iis. 

Keraton'osis (//,), Abnormal develop- 
ment of epidermis, 

Keratonyx'is [/■'iin';, vir.s]. /, chera- 
tonissi. Puncture of cornea, as in o]jera- 
tion for cataract. 

Keratophyte (/•',!. Cornu cutaneuni. 

Keratoplastisch (C/.). 1, I'ronioting 
e]iithelial growth, 2. l*ertaining to kerat- 

Kerat'oplasty [-/.'irt-rr;;/]. F. kerato- 
])lastie ; (i. Kerato]ihistik ; /. ( lieratoplastia. 
Operation of transplanting clear eornea to 
take the place of ojiaque corneal tissue re- 

Keratoscleri'tis [T^/.y^niiy], Keratitis 
with s(derotitis, 

Eerat'oscope [t/.h-^oj']. F. keratnscope. 
Instrument for (discrving images formed liy 
reflection from anterior surface of cornea. 

Keratos'copy. F. keratoscopie ; (1. 
Keratoscopie ; /. cheratoscopia. Observa- 
ti<jn (d' images formed by reflection from 
anti'rior surface of eornea. Also used, im- 
projierly. fir skiascopy. 

Kerato'sis ( A. ) [/ipiii\. F. keratcse. 
Ijoealized or izcneral liv]iertro]ihv of epi- 
dermis. K. circumscrip'ta, cornu cuta- 
neuni. K. diffii'sa, ichthyosis, K. fol- 
licula'ris, keratosis pilaris. K. pig- 
mento'sa [Xeuinann]. verruca senilis. K. 
pila'ris, enlargement and distension of 
hair- fdlicles pnjducing piapules = lichen 
pilaris [Willan]. 

Kerat'otome [-",'<';]. /'. kei-afntome ; 
(•. Kcratcitiim ; /. cheratotonio. F\nife for 
making incision in the cornea. There are 



many forms and varieties, but it is usually 

Keratot'omy [r.-.^r;]. L. keratotouiia ; 
F. keratotumie; G. Honihautsclinitt ; 1. 
cheratotoujia. Incision into the cornea, 
generally for making artificial pupil or tor 
extraction of cataract. 
Kerbel (G>j. Chervil. 
Kerbzahn(G.V Crenation. 
Kercki-ing, valves of. Valvula; con- 

Kerecta'sia [z-'/"/c, h'aa:'f\. G. Kerek- 
tasie. Corneal staphyloma. 

Kerec'tomy [iz7.^.a><«]. Excision of a , 
portion of the cornea. 1 

Kerectono'ma congen'itum [v. Am- 
mon]. I'cri-istent pupillary membrane. 

Ke'rion or Ke'rium [zr;/-:">]. Tinea 
favosa. K. Cel'si, f^rm of inflammation j 
and engorgement of hair-follicles of scalp, 
usually due to herpes tonsurans. 

Kerkerfleber(C;.). Typhus fever. 
Ker'mes [-Ir. kinniz]. F. kermi^s ani- 
mal ; /. chermes auiniale. Chermcs, al- 
kermes ; dried, fully-developed iemales of 
Cijccm Hick, Fabr. ; yields a red dye. K., 
min'eral. F. keruies mineral ; G. mine- 
ralischer Kermes ; 1. chermes minerale. 
Antimony oxysulphuret. 

Kermesbeere ( G.). Phytolacca. 
Kermesbeeren-wrurzel (6r.). Phyto- 

Kern ( G.~). Nucleus ; — achse, modi- 
olus; — artig, nuclear; — blaschen "r 

— biase, nucleus ve.siclc ; — blatt, lamina 
meduUaris invuluta; — bogen, nuclear 
zone; — chen, nudcoUis; — epithel, 
germ-epithelium; — faden, nuclear fibre; 

— farbemittel, nucleus-staining agent ; — 
farbung, nucleus-staining; — faser, nu- 
clear fibre; — fasergesctiwulst, fibro-nu- 
cleated tumor ; —fleck [Mering]. point of 
sharpest vision on the retina ; — formig, 
nuclear ; — gehause, core : — geriist, net- 
work of fine fibres in nucleus; — geschwTii-, 
ulcer with a core, carbuncle; — haltig, 
nucleated; — korper or — korper- 
chen, nucleolus; — kugel, nucleus-glob- 
ule; — los, without a nucleus; — mem- 
bran, nuclear tnenibraue-. — plasmakor- 
per, microsomata ; — platte, accumulation 
of chromatine fragments at centre of nu- 
clear spindle during indirect division ; — 
saft, fluid matter of nucleus ; hyaloplasma 
of nucleus: —separation, first stage of 
formation of cataract; — spindel, spindle- 

shaped figure formed through centre of nu- 
cleus in karvokinesis ; — staar, nuclear 
cataract; —strange, gray columns ot 
spinal cord; — substanz, nuclear sub- 
stance; — ursprung, nuclear or central 
origin (of a nervej ; — wucherung, nu- 
clear proliferation; —zone, nuclear zone. 
KemenzerfaU (6r'.). Karyolysis. 
Kemflache des Sehraumes [Hering] 
(G). F. surface centrale de I'espace vis- 
uel. A plane or slightly concave cylindri- 
cal surface passed through apparent place 
of the fixation-point and perpendicular to 
plane of regard. In it are bjcalized all 
lines or points seen single or with only ver- 
tical disparation (Langsdisparaie), when no 
motive exists for their localization except 
primitive spatial feeling of the eyes. Ob- 
jects seen in homonymous double images 
appear behind it ; those iu heteronymous 
duulile images before it. 

Kempunkt or KemsteUe des Seh- 
raumes ( G.). Apparent point in space to 
which are referred impressions upon the 
two Kcniflcih-c or centres of clearest vision 
of the retiiiw ; apparent place of fixation- 

KemtheUung ( G.). Nucleus segmenta- 
tion. In cdmiinsition Kemtheilungs, as, 

ebene, plane of division of nucleus; — 

figuren, kary<ikinetic figures. 
I Ker'oid [///<«?, sT'5"s^]. Like the cornea. 
I Ker'osene. Mixture of hydrocarbons 
i distilled from petroleum. 

Ker'osis [^iz-l^]. Waxy formation. 
Ke'tone. Name of class of generally 
volatile li(|uids, products of first stage of 
oxidation of seec.ndarv alcohols, and corre- 
sponding to aldehydes, similar derivatives 
of the primary alcolmls. 

Kettenkokken or Kettenkokktis 
((;.). Streptococcus. 

Kettensage (G.). Chain .saw. 
KettenvmrmCfA). Txnia solimn. 
Keuchhusten ((?■)• 
Kenle (<.'.). Clava. 
Ketilenformig (G.). 

Key of Garengeot. 
for extraetini: teeth, composed of a mov- 
able hook attached to fulcrum or "bol- 
ster," steel shaft, and handle. 

Khajoolee. Name apjilied in India to 
a disease analogous to pityriasis, afi^ccting 
the mane and tail of the horse. 

Whooping cough. 
Clavellatc, club- 
Kev instrument 



Kib 'bee's fever cot. Tiidia-rubber culJ- 
waii-r liL-d lur rt!iluciiii;- toui]ii'rature in t'evur. 

Kibe, ('liaji, uli'eratcMl chillilain. 

Kidin'ga pe'po. AfVit-an name of a 
dL-^casf, jirc.lialply iluiiuuf. 

Kid'ney [.'/'"'■ A', kidiun]. A. leii ; /'. 
roiii ; a. \ i'lo ; /. reiio. ( )iie' (jf two jiaiioJ 
n-lamhilar oriraiis M'rviiii; for olalioratioii of 
uriiiL'. ami situated in tlie alidoiiien on either 
side ol' la.-t dnr.val and two luuiliar ver- 
teljr:e. K., float'ing ^r mo'vable: see 
Fli>at!ii,i l:!(lniij. K., sur'gical, i<idney 
disease followiiii;' disease ur wounds of Ijjad- 
der. prostate, or urethra. 

Kiefer ( C/. ). 1. Jaw. •_'. Pine ■. —bad, 
jiine-needie liatli ; — bogen, uiandiljular 
arch; — drlisen, suhuia.xilhiry uhiuds ; — 
dl-iisenarterie, suluna.xillary artery ; — 
g-anglion, suhuia.xilhiry gani;lion ; — ge- 
lenk, t('ni|Miro-uiaxilhiry articulation ; — 
hohle, autruui of lIit;liniore; — keil- 
beiligiaibe, siiheno-niaxillary fossa; -— 
klenxme, lockjaw; — knoten, suhmaxil- 
larv t;aiiLilinii ; — leideil, disease of max- 
illa; — leiste, maxillary ridi;e ; — mus- 
kel, niassetiu- ; — muskel, zweibauch- 
iger, diiiastric muscle; — niuskelnei'v, 
inassetorie nerve; — nadelol, tir-wool oil; 

— piolsader or — schlagader, masseteric 
artery; — sarkom, maxillary sarcoma; 

— spalte, maxillary fissure; that part of 
hare-lip that involves the hone; — vene, 
innere, maxillary vein, internal ; — wall, 
maxillary rid.uo ; — zungenbeiiimuskel, 
luylo-hyiVid muscle; — zungenbeiimei'V 
or — zrungenbeinmuskeliieiv, mylo- 
hyuid nerve. 

Kielkrone ( G.^. Tahitropis. 

Kiemeni <!.)■ < I ills; — arterien, anrtie 
arches ; — bogen, hranchial arches ; — 
deckelfortsatz, ju-ocess growing liack- 
ward frdUi liyoid arch over sinus eervicalis 
of the emhryo ; — flstel, fistula due to non- 
closure of hranchial arches; — furchen, 
furrows occiirriuf; in the emhryo where the 
hrau(diial clefts are to I'nrm ; ■ — spalte, 
hranchial cleft. 

Kiesel ('''.)■ Silicon; — guhr, diatii- 
niace(]Us earth which, after destruction of 
ortranic matter hy heat, is used as an ah- 
siirhcnt |ii.wdcr; — saure or — sat.u-es 
Salz, silicate. 

Kies'teine or Kies'tin. Kycstein. 

Kil'ian's pel'vis. llalisteretie pelvis. 

KDl-lamb. An'IrnDudu vKiridim. li. 

KH'ogram. /'. kiloiirainme ; G. Kilo- 

gramm ; /. chilogrammo. French weight 
^ 1000 srrauimes. 

EQ'na ki'na. Cinchona. 

Kinsesthe'sia [z.-v/oi, //{trOr^n'.y']. G. 
Bewegungsuefiihl. Sense of motion. 

Kinsesthesiom'eter [zivtw, aJiyOtifTii, 
//;'r/<ic/]. Ajijiaratus for testing the mus- 
cular sense. 

Kinaesthe'sis [z!>/w, a;V7flr,-7:>-]. Sense 
of movement, kinesthetic sense. 

Ki'nate. Salt of kinic acid. 

Klin'cough. Whooping cough. 

Kind C''.). Child. In composition 
Kinder, as. — abtreiben, alMU-tion : — 
amme, wet-nurse, nurse; — arzt, physi- 
cian of children ; — blattern, smallpox; 

— braune, croup; — flecken, measles; 

— gicht, ccinvulsions in idiildreii ; — 
heUkunde, ]ia'diatrics ; — husten, whoop- 
ing cough; — krampfe, convulsions of 
children ; — krankenhaus, children's hos- 
pital ; — krankheit, disease peculiar to 
childliniid ; — lahmung, ]iaralysis. acute 
s].iiial ; — mehl, artificial fuod for infants; 

— niord, infanticide; — muhme, nurse ; 

— mutter, miilwife; — pech, meconium; 

— pocken, smallpox; — pulver, com- 
pound ]iowder of rhuharh; — sterblich- 
keit, infant mortality; — wurm, ascaris ; 

— zahne, milk teeth. Al.-oin (■ninpositioii 
Kindes; — bewegung, fetal movement; 

— blatter, smalli.ox ; — lage, presenta- 
tion of till' fietus; — morder, a person 
who commits iniaiiticide ; — mord, in- 
I'anticide ; — noth, lahnr. travail. ]iains of 
ehihlliirth ; — pech, meconium ; — wasser, 
amnintic tiuiii. 

Kindbett ( G.). Childhcd ; — bltitfluss, 
lochial dis(diarge ; — erin, lying-in woman ; 

— erinfieber or — fleber, puciiieral fever ; 

— reinigung, lochia; — zeit, jmerperal 

Kindeln or Kindern (''''.). To be 
brought to bed. to lie delivered. 

Kindheit ( G.). Childhood, including 

Kindlich f G.). Tnf mtile. 

Kine'sic [z;^,'<«]. delating to move- 

Kinesim'eter [y.^r^Tw, ///-«"•>]. Instru- 
ment ior measuring delicacy of sense of 
movcmetit npoii the skin. 

Kinesioneuro'ses [z!>/(», v£~i/ifiv]. G. 
Kinesioneurosen. Nervous disorders of 

Kinesip'athy [>^:v/<", -,i(i,i^'\. L. kinc- 



sipathia ; F. kinesipathie. Theory of dis- 
eases as due to want of, or excess of, mus- 
cular action. 

Kinesither'apy {/Upa-iiii]. F. kine- 
sitherapie. Treatment by movement. 

Kinesod'ic [zrvrj^ts", uoos']. F. kinesod- 
ique ; G. kine.sodisch. Conveying motor 
impressions or impulses. 

Kinet'ic [z!//(u]. i/. cineticus. 3Iotor; 
producing or involving motion. 

King's e'vil. Scrofula. 

King's yel'low. Orpiment. 

Kingston Springs. Sulphuretted and 
chalybeate waters, Kingston Springs, Cheat- 
ham Co., Tennessee. 

Kin'ic ac'id. C;H,.,06. F. acide kin- 
ique ; /. aeido chinico. Crystallizable 
acid existing in combination with alkaloids 
in cinchona-bark ; found also iu many other 

Kink'cough. Whooping cough. 

Kinn {(!.)■ Chin; — condylialdrei- 
eck, nunto-condylial triangle ; — coronial- 
dreieck, mento-coronial triangle ; — flech- 
te, nientagra ; — gonialdreieck, mento- 
gonial triangle ; — lade, jaw ; — ladenast, 
ramus of jaw; — lippenfarche, meiito- 
labial furrow; — lippenlinie, meiito-labial 
line ; — pulsader or — schlagader, men- 
tal artery; — punkt, mental jioint; — 
zitzenspitzendreieck, mento-niastoid tri- 
angle ; — zungenbeinmuskel, genio-hy- 
oid ; — zungenmuskel, genioglossus. 

Kinnbacken {<!■)■ Maxilla ; — driise, 
submaxillary gland; — gicht, maxillary 
arthritis ; ^krampf, lockjaw, trismus ; — 
zahn, molar tooth; — zwang, lockjaw. 

Kinnikinnick'. Swamp dogwood, Cor- 

IIIIS .V' lie II. J J. 

Ki'no. /. rhino. Inspissated juice of 
Plcincai piix Miir.iiiphim, Roxb. [U. S. P.]. 
Malabar kino. East India kino ; astringent: 
see also A/ricun, Austra/inii, Heiiff/i/, Jiof- 
aiii/ Bdi/, East India, Gnmhin, Jamaica, 
Malabar, South American, and Wist India 

Ki'no Bengalen'sis (L.) [P. Ind.]. 
Bengal kino. 

Ki'no-red. C.,JI..,..0,,. .\morphous red 
coloring matter olitained from kino. 

Ki'no-tan'nic ac'id. /'. acide kino- 
tanni((ue ; /. acido chinotannico. Variety 
of tannic acid, the chief constituent of 
kino'; gives a greenish-black precipitate 
with salts of iron. 

Kino'vic ac'id. C-ijHjsO,. /'. acide 

kinovique ; /. acido chinovico. Crystalliz- 
able acid product of decomposition of ki- 
novin by hydrochloric acid gas; recom- 
mended as a safe and efficient tonic. 

Kin'ovin or Quin'ovin. CaoHisOj. F. 
kinovine ; J. chinuvina. Amorphous, very 
bitter glucoside existing in cinehona-bark ; 
may be decomposed into kinovic acid and 
mannitan ; said to have no febrifuge vir- 

Kionorrhaph'ia \_/.iuj'^, /ja(srj'\. Sta- 

Ki'otome \_y.:w>, mrjrj'j. Instrument for 
dividing abnormal bands in the rectum or 
bladder or for removal of the uvula, etc., 
consists of a movable blade iu a deeply- 
notched flat metallic sheath. 

Ejrrhon'osis or Kirron'osis [zt/)/W?, 
'/«<7oi']. Yellow discoloration of serous 
membranes of fuetus. 

Kirsch. G. Kirschwasser. PistilleJ 
li(j\ior having flavor of bitter almonds, due 
to addition of seeds of cherries or plums 
before fermentation. 

Kirsche (<?.). Cherry. In composi- 
tion EjTsch, as, — lorbeer, cherry-laurel ; 
— lorbeerblatter, clierry-laurel leaves; — 
lorbeerwasser, cherry-laurel water ; — 
■wasser, kirsch. 

Kirschnernaht (G.). Glover's suture. 

Eas'singen. Celebrated watering-place 
in Haviiria. near AViirzburg ; saline waters; 
principal spring, the Kakoczy. 

Kis'totome. Cystotome. 

Kite-tail plug. F. tampon en queue 
de cerf-volant. Tampon- used in uterine 
huMnorrhagc, consisting of a long strand on 
which pieces of cotton or cloth are tied at 

Kittsubstanz (G.). Intercellular con- 
necting material if in small (juantily ; if 
its mass is greater than that of cells, it is 
called (Jrundsubstanz.. 

Kitzel ((•■)■ Tickling, titillation; — 
husten, tickling cough. 

Kitzeln (G.). To tickle, to titillate. 

Kitzler(G.). Clitoris; — arterie, dor- 
sal artery of clitoris; — bandchen, fre- 
nulum of clitoris; — entziindung, inflam- 
mation i>f clitoris. 

Ki'wisch's meth'od. Injecting hot 
water into vagina for induction of prema- 
ture labor. 

Klange (G.). Musical sounds. 

Klammer ( G.). Clamp ; — naht, clamp 



Klampe {G.). Clamp. 

Klang {(r-). Ciiiiiiiiiu'il sound, a niix- 
tiirc of tones ; — farbe, tinilirc. pt'L-iiliarity 
ol" tone in which oiu' fonii of iiistriiiiiciit 
iliflVi-s IVoni another, as a violin from a 
flnti', when sounilinLT same note. 

Klangstab der Eautengrube {(J.). 
8tri:e aeiisliea'. 

Klappe ( '■'-). Valve. Often in eom- 
jiositioN as Klapp, as. — deckel, ol^el-ell- 
luni. Als<p as Klappen, as, — aneurys- 
ma, aneurism of valves; — entzimdung, 
intlammation (jf valves: — erkrankung, 
valvular disease; — fehler, valvular de- 
i'ei-t ; — hcBmatoin, small effusions of 
blood in ajiiees of eardiae valves, espe- 
cially liieuspid valves in younu' ehihlren ; 

— kraiikheit or — leiden, valvular dis- 
ea.-e ; — missbilduilg, malfornjation of 
valves; ■ — perforation, ]ierloration of 
valves; — saum, rej:ion on an aurieulo- 
ventrlcular valve between the insertion id' 
ehordiu tendine;e of fii'st and seeond orders ; 

— segel, seuinent of valve : — tone, valv- 
ular sounds; — verdickung, thiekeiiiui,' 
of valves ; — verknocherung, ossitieation 
of valves; — verkiirzung, shorteiiinji' of 
valves; — verschl'umpfung, valvular re- 
traction or erumpliuL;-; — verwachsung, 
LrroniuiT togi'ther of valves; — 'Willst, 
eommissura brevis of eendiellum ; — zip- 
fel, sejiinent of valve. 

EUappeiTose or Klatsckrose (/».). 

i;e,l i,o|,p_v. 

Klaue des Ammonshorns {O.}. Pes 

Klauenhand {(1.). Clawdiand. 

Klauenol ( <:.)■ Neat'.s-l'oot oil. 

Klaueiiseuche (/>■'..)■ Foot-and-mouth 

Klauenwurm (/».)■ Fourchette. 

Kdavierspielerkrampf ( C). I'iano- 
forte-jilayers' eramp. 

Klebepflaster {<!.). Adhesive plaster. 

Kleberig ( (1.). (ilutinous. colloid. 

Klebkraut { '■'. ). Cleavers, (/('/('»/;( apn- 
rillr. ]j. 

Klebpflaster or KlebtafFet ( fr.). 8tiek- 
int: plaster. 

Klleckbruch {('■)■ Ijonuiiudinal frae- 

Kleesaure ((>'.)■ Oxalie acid. 

Kleesalz ( ''/.). Salt of sorrel. 

Kleie ( >•'.)■ I'ran, scurf, furfura. In 
cuuipusition Klleien, as, — artig, furfur- 

aceinis ; — ausschlag, pityriasis ; — 
flechte, tinea versicolor; — grind or — 
sucht, pityriasis. 

Kleinaugigkeit fAV ^Microphthalmia. 
Kleinenberg's solu'tion. I'ierie acid 
1 lirn]., water KKI c.c., sulphuric acid G 
c.e. ; mix and filter. 

Kleins Cardamome (<>'.). t^hort car- 

Klein&iger f '.'.). Little finger; — 
ballen, hypothenar eminence. 

Kleinliirn ( G. )■ Cerebellum ; — arme, 
jieduncles of cerebellum; — arterien, 
cerebellar arteries; — blaschen, epen- 
cephalon ; — btindel, horizontaler, hori- 
zontal cerebellar fasciculus; — commis- 
sur, commissure of cerebellum; — grau, 
gray matter of cerebellum; — kreuzung, 
commissure of cerebellum; — lappen, 
lolies of cereliellum; — markleisten, 
medullary lamina' <d' cerrbellum ; — rinde, 
cerebellar cortex; — schenkel, iicduncles 
of cerebellum ; — seitenstraiigbahn, 
cerebellar lateral tract; — sichel, falx 
i-erebclli ; — stiel, rcstiform body; — • 
windungen, ci.mvolutions cd' cereliellum ; 
— 'Wiu'in, veruuform process ; — zelt, 

Kleinpapuloses Syphilid (//.). f^mall 
papular sypliilide. 

Kleinsehen (''<'.). Micropsia. 

Kleinwarzig (//.). Verrucose. 

Klei'sis [>:/£!i')]. Closure, as of a canal 
or duct. 

Kleisterverband ( G. ). Starch bandage. 

Klemme ( ('■ )■ Clamp, lockjaw. 

Klemmpincette (G.). Clamji-forceps. 

Kleptonia'nia [zA/rTw, ////>;»/]. /'. 
klo])einanie ; G. Stehlsueht ; J. cleptomania. 
Insane desire to steal. 

Klettenwurzel ( '■>'.). Lappa. 

Klima (G.). Climate. 

Kliniactei-isch, er, e, s ( '■)■ Climac- 
teric K. Eczeni, eczema of menopause. 

Klimatisch i (•■)■ ic 

Klinik (G.). Clinic. KHinisch, clin- 

Klinikum ( G.). Clinic 

Klinocephale (/•".). Clinocephalous. 

Klinoceph'alus. Clinoceiduihis. 

Klip'das. Ili/ni.r cdpciisis, Cuv. 

EHisiometer (/>'.). Cliseometer. 

Kditoris ( ''A). Clitoris. 

KloacabUdung (^G.). Malformation 



due to persistence of an early embryonic 
condition in which the genital, urinary, 
and intestinal passages open into a com- 
mon canal. 

Kloak (C-)- Sink, drain, cloaca. 

Klonisch (&'■). Clonic. 

Klopema'nia \_y.hi-TJ, ixaAa]. Klepto- 

Klopemanie {F.). Kleptomania. 

Klopfen {G.). Knocking, palpitation. 

Klosetrohr ((?.)• Soil-pipe. 

Klumpfuss (_<?.)■ Talipes, clubfoot. 

Klumphand (^x.). Club-hand, a con- 
genital deformity of hand. 

Klumpig (<?.). Grumous, clotted. 

Klystier {0.). Clyster, enema; — 
spritze, syringe. 

Knabenschanderei or Elnabenschan- 
dung ( a.) I'cdcrasty. 

Knacken {G.). Cracking, crepitation. 

Knauel nr Ejiauel (G.'). Convolution, 
skein ; a]ipiied by Flcmniing to stage of 
nucleus during indirect divi.<ion. in which 
the fihrilhv; are much contorted ; — driise, 
modified sweat-gland near edge of ey did : — 
formig, skein-like, convoluted ; — schicht, 
glomerular layer; — zellen, seminal cells. 

Knap'kneed. Affected with genu 

Knarren (G.'). Crepitation, crackling. 

Knead'ing. F. petrissage; G. Kneten. 
Form (if massage ap]ilied by rubbing and 
pressing a part with extremities of fingers 
or thumb or with palm of hand. 

Knebelbart (G-)- Moustache. 

Knebeltoumiquet ((?.). Simple form 
of tiiurni(|U(t, composed of compress and 
bandage tightened by twisting with a stick. 

Knee. L. genu ; F. genou : G. Knie ; 
/. ginocchio. Kegion where thigh and leg 
join. Applied also to structures bent with 
reference to each other, like the knee when 
the leg is flexed. 

Knee of cor'pus callo'sum. G. l?al- 
kenknie. Bend where it is deflected down- 
ward in front. 

Knee of fa'cial nerve. L. genu nervi 
facialis ; F. genou, or coude. du nerf facial ; 
G. Facialisknie. 1. Abrupt bend made in 
that nerve through the Fallopian canal. 2. 
Bend around abducens nucleus made by the 
fibres of origin of facial nerve. 

Knee of inter'nal cap'sule. L. genu 
capsulae internee; F. genou de la capsule 

interne; G. Knie der inneren Kapsel. Bend 
between the portion separating the lenticu- 
lar nucleus from the optic thalamus, and 
that separating it from caudate nucleus, as 
seen in a section of the brain. 

Knee-clo'nus. Knee-jerk. 

EZnee-el'bo"w posi'tion or pos'tnre. 
Genu-pectoral position. 

Knee-hol'ly. Rvscus acufea/us, L. 

E^ee-jerk. Upward jerk of leg and 
foot produced by striking patellar tendon 
while leg hangs loosely over a rest, as the 
opposite knee. 

Knee-joint. L. artieulatio genu ; F. 
articulation du genou ; G. Kuiegelenk ; /. 
ginocchio. The articulation between femur 
and tibia, in which the patella also takes 

Knee-pan. Patella. 

Knee-reflex. Knee-jerk. 

Kneipen (C). Pinching, gripes. 

Klnes'mos or Kne'sis [z/r^T/joo]. Itch- 

Kneten (G.). Kneading, massage. 

Knickbein ( G.). Bow-leg. 

Knickung ( (/. ). Inflection, a bending. 
In compositii)n Knickungs, as. — steUe, 
place of inflection ; — winkel, angle of 

Knido'sis. Cnidosis. 

Knie (G.). Knee: — blatt, commis- 
sura baseos allia : — brustlage, knee-chest 
position; — ellenbogenlage, knce-and-el- 
bow position ; — ganglion, geniculate gan- 
glion ; — geschwulst, knee-joint swelling ; 

— gicht, gonagra ; — hocker, geniculate 
bodies; — hockerbiindel, fasciculus bi- 
gernino-genicularis ; — knoten, geniculate 
ganclion ; — lage, knee presentation: • — • 
phanomen, patellar reflex ; — scheibe, 
patella; — scheibenband, ligamentum 
patella; ; — schere, bent or angular scis- 
sors ; — schmerz, pain in the knee, gonal- 
gia ; — schwamm, white swelling, fun- 
gous disease of knee. 

Kniegelenk (G.Y Knee-joint; — 
arterien or — pulsadem, articular ar- 
teries of knee: — netz, rete articnlare 
genti ; — schlagader, oberste, anasto- 
motic artery of thigh. 

Kniekehle (G.). Popliteal space. In 
composition Kniekehlen, as, — band, pos- 
terior ligament of knee-joint ; — blutader, 
popliteal vein ; — driisen, popliteal glands ; 

— grube, popliteal space; — muskel, 
popliteus ; — schlagader, popliteal artery. 



Knirrband ( ''''■)• Creakiiij; or cn]i\- 
tutiiit^ li<;aiiR'iil or tonddii. 

Knistem (^/. ). To oiv|iitat(,'. to crackle 

KnisteiTasseln ('■>'. ). Crciiitant r:iles. 

Kllit'ting. l'o]inlar term i'or jiroeotis 
of repair ol' a broken lioiie. 

Knoblauch ((r.). (larlie ; — kraut, 
licilge ■larlic. 

Knob-root. ('ul'in^diiiii ctnddciisis. L, 

Knochen {''■}■ Bone; — abscess, 
abscess in bone; • — ahnlich, bone-like, 
osteoid ; — aneurysma, aneurism of bone ; 

— ansatz, epi]iliysis ; — arterie, njc- 
(lullary artery of bone; — artig, bone- 
like, osseous; — asche, bone-ash; — 
auflagerung, osseous de])osits; — auf- 
lockerung, osteojiorosis ; — aufti'eibung, 
exostosis ; — ausschlage, bone-stops — 
?'. c. processes of bone preventintr extension 
or fle.xion of a joint beyond a certain limit ; 
c.f/.the olecranon, coronoid process of ulna, 
etc.; — auswuchs, exosto.^is; — balk- 
chen, eaneelli ; — biegsanikeit, flexibility 
of bone ; — bildung, formation of bone, 
osteogeiH'sis ; — blatterung, exfoliation of 
bone ; — brand, necrosis, caries ; — brecher, 
osteoclast; — bruch, fracture of bone; 

— brtichigkeit or — fragilitat, tendency 
to fracture or lirittleness of bones; — 
caries, caries of bone ; — entziindung, 
osteitis; — erde, bone-earth; — erkran- 
kung, disease of bone; — erweichung, 
osteomalacia; — erzeugend, osteofienic ; 

— erzeugung, formation of bone, osteo- 
genesis ; — faule, caries, necrosis ; — 
fett, fat oi' bones, marrow ; — fleischge- 
schwxilst, osteosarcoma; — fi'ass, caries, 
necrosis; — gerippeor — geriist, skeleton ; 

— geschwnlst, osteoma; — gewachs, 
bony irrowtli. exostosis ; — gewebe, bone 
tissue; — grundsubstanz, bone matrix; — 
haft, bony, osseous; — haut, ]ieriosteum ; 
— havitentziindung, periostitis; — hohle, 
bone lacuna ; — kanalchen, bone canalic- 
ulus; — kenntniss, osteoloLiy ; — kern, 
centre of ossilieation ; — knorpel, cartilage ; 

— koiTDerchen, bone-corpuscle ; — kohle, 
liiinelilack ; — krankheit, disease of bone ; 
- — krebs, cam.-er of bone; • — kropf, os- 
seous struma ; — kunde or — lehre, oste- 
oloiry ; — laniellen, lamelhv of bone; — 
leim, L'elatin ; — mark, marrow, medulla ; 

— markentziindung, osieomyelitis ; — 
marksch-wamm, <istcosarcoma ; — me- 
tastase, secomlary cancer in bone ; — 
miirbigkeit, osteo]isatliyrosis ; — narbe, 

• naht, suture of bone; — ne- 

krose, necrosis of bone 

■ punkte, cen- 

tres of ossification ; — reissen, osteocopic 
pains ; — sage, bone saw, (jsteotome ; — 
saure, phosphoric acid ; — sarkom, osteo- 
sarcoma ; — schaber, b<iiu'-scraper ; — 
schere, bone-cuttini; forceps ; — schmerz, 
ostealiiia ; — schwamm, osteosarcoma ; — 
schwiele, callus ; — schwindsucht, atro- 
phy of bone; — schwund, osteomalacia; 

— spange, lamina femoralis interna; — 
spath, b(ine spavin ; — speckgeschwulst, 
osteosteatoma; — spaltung, bone fissure; 

— splitter, bono splinter; — splitter- 
zange, boiie-cuttiui: forceps ; — substanz, 
ossein ; — iibemahrung, hyperostosis ; — 
verschwarung, caries ; — verletzung, 
injury of bone; - — verrenkung, disloca- 
tion of bone; — wand, osseous wall; — • 
weh, osteocope ; — •weiche or — weich- 
heit, softeninp: of bone, osteomalacia ; — 
wuchs, urowth of bone ; — zange, bone- 
foree])s ; — zelle, osteoblast ; — zerbrech- 
ligkeit, fratrility of bone; — zerschmet- 
terung, crushiuL' of bone. 

Knock'-knee. Abnormal bending in- 
ward of knees. 

Knochel ( 6-'.). Jlallcolus, ankle ; — 
band, inneres, lateral liijament of ankle, 
internal; — bein, astragalus ; — gelenk, 
ankle-joint; — netz, rete nialleolarc ; — 
pulsadeni or — schlagadern, malleolar 

Knopfcben (G.). Mammillary tuber- 

Klnospchen ( G.). Oemmule. 

Eaiotchen (&'.). Module, corpus Aran- 
tii ; — flechte, lichen ; — kratze, prurigo ; 

— syphilid, syphiloderma papulosuni. 
Knollbein (G.). Elephantiasi.s. 
Knollen ( ^'.). Tubercle, bulb; — 

aussatz, lepra tubcrosa; — krankheit, 
paclivderma ; — krebs, kehiid. 

Knollfuss {O.). Barbadoes foot, ele- 

Knollhand (G.). Elephantiasic hand. 

KnoUiger Hautskin-hus (G.). In- 
flammatorv fungoid nco]ilasm. 

Knollsucht (G.). Elephantiasis. 

Knopfgelenk (G.). Condyloid joint. 

KInopftiaht ( ('.). Button suture. 

Knopfsonde ( G.). Olive-pointed bou- 

Knorpel (G.). Cartilage; — artig, 
cartilaginous; — ansatz, epiphysis; — 
auswuchs, enchondronia ; — band, fibro- 
cartilaue; — beinfugiing, synchondrosis; 

— bildung, formation of cartilage; — 



blattchen, antitragus ; — bnich, rupture 
of cartilage ; — caries, caries of cartilage; 

— ent2!undung, chondritis; — fleisch- 
bruch, clioiidrucele ; — gelenk, synchon- 
drosis ; — geschwulst or — gewachs, 
chondroma ; — haft, cartilaginous ; — 
haken, hook-sliapcd appearance presented 
on section hy cartihige of Eustaeliian tube ; 

— haut, perichondrium; — hautentziin- 
dung, perichondritis ; — knochen, bones 
developed from cartilage; — lehre, ehon- 
drology ; — leim, chondrin ; — leiste, la- 
bium vestibulare ; — lippe, cotyloid or 
glenoid ligament; — markzelle, medul- 
lary cartilage-cell; — messer, stout knife 
for dividing cartilage ; — nekrose, necro- 
sis of cartilage; — neubildung, new for- 
mation of cartilage; — platte, cartilagi- 
nous plate; — regeneration, regeneration 
of cartilage ; — reste, remains of primitive 
cartilage formation; — ring, cartilaginous 
ring of trachea and bronchi ; — sarkom, 
chondrosarcoma; — scheibe, cartilaginous 
disc ; — streif, cartilaginous band ; — wir- 
bel, cartilaginous vertebra; — ■wiicherung, 
cartilaginous growth; — zelle, cartila;z:c- 

Knorpelicht or Knorpelig {G.). Car- 

Knorpeltang (6'.). Irish moss. 
Knorpelung {G.). Chondrosis. 

Knorren (6r.). Protuberance, tuberos- 
ity ; condyle, olecranon; — muskel, an- 

Knorzfuss ((?.). Club-foot. 

Knospe (ff.)- Bud, gemination. In 
composition Knospen, as, — artig, bud- 
like; — bildung, budding; — tragend, 

Knospung {G.). Budding. 

Knoten (G.). 1. Knot. 2. Circum- 
scribed new formation. 'A. Node. 4. Gan- 
glion ; — aussatz, lepra tuberosa ; — aus- 
Bchlag, molluscum ; — beule, soirrhus; 

— flechte, lichen ; — formig, gangliform. 
nodose ; — geflecht, ganglion of tlie trunk ; 

— geschwulst, nodular tumor; — gicht, 
arthritis deformans; — krankheit, scrof- 
ula, struma; — punkte, nodal points; — 
ekorbut, button scurvy; — Strang, .sym- 
pathetic nerve; — syphilid, syphilodcrma 
tuberculosum ; — zieher, knot-tier, serre- 

Knotenwurz ( 6'.). Figwort. 

Knot'-grass. Polygonum avicidarr, L. 

Knot'-root. CoUinsonia canadcnxu, L. 

Knofweed. Polijyonum. 

Knuck'le [-4. S. cnucl]. 1. The ex- 
ternal protuberance made by the metacarpo- 
phalangeal joint when the hand is closed. 
'1. A fold or loop of intestine. 

Knuckling. Unnatural flexion of the 
fetlock-joint in the horse, most frequent in 
the hind leg. 

Knurren ((?.). Borborygmus. 

Koaguliren {G.). To coagulate. 

Kobelt's tubes. Cascal tubes of the 

K. O. C, abbv. for Kathodic opening 

Kochsalz {G.). Sodium chloride. 

Kodein (C). Codeine. 

Kolnisches Wasser (<?.). Perfumed 

Koelom ( (7.). Ccelom. • 

Koniglich, er, e, es ((?■). Royal, ba- 
silic. K. Naht, royal suture or stitch. 

Konigsader {G.). Basilic vein. 

Konigschina [G.). Yellow cinchona. 

Konigskerze ' 6^.). Mullein. 

Konigskrankheit ((?■). Jaundice. 

Konigssalbe {G.). Resin cerate. 

Kdnigsiibel ('■'.). King's evil. 

Konigswasser {G.). Nitrohydrochlo- 
ric acid. 

Kopfchen (<?■). Capitellum, a small 

Komchen (C). Granule; — kreis or 

— kugel, granular sphere ; — zelle, gran- 
ule-cell ; — zone, granular zone. 

Komen (//.). To granulate. 
Kornerfortnation [Meynert] ((?■). 
Granule layer. 

Kdmerlack (G.). Seed-lac. 

Komermembrane (6^.). Membrana 

Komerplasma ( 6?.). Granular plasma. 

Komerschichten ( C). Nuclear layers. 

Kdmerzone ( G.). Nuclear zone. 

Komicht or Komig, er, e, es {G.). 
Granular. K. Driise, conglomerate gland. 
K. Hautmelanose, melasma granulatum. 

Korper (f/.). Body; — anlage, tem- 
perament; — bau, structure of body; — 
beschaffenheit, condition or conformation 
of body ; constitution. K. des Hinter- 
hauptbeins, liasilar process ; — gewicht, 
weight of body ; — grosse, size of body ; 

— herz, left side of heart ; — kreislauf, 



sy.^tcniic circulation; — laus, bodv-luuse ; 

— lehre, sdiiiatuluf:)' ; — schlagader, 
aorta; — schwache, bodily weakne.'is ; 

— stimmiing', tciii|ifraiiR'nt ; — warme, 
animal heat; — zittem, tremor. 

Korperchen ( G.). Corpuscle. 

Korperliches Sehen (6-'.). Stereoscopic 

Kohl ( r;.\ Cabbage. 

Kohle (('■)• Charcoal, coal. In com- 
po.^iition Kohlen, as, — saure, carbonic 
acid ; — saurewasser, carbunic-acid water ; 

— stickstofFsaure, picric acid ; — stoff, 
carbon; — umschlag, charcoal poultice. 

Kohlehydrate (G.). Carbohydrates. 

Kohlenoxyd ( G ). Carbonic oxide ; — 
gas, carbon monoxide ; — hamoglobin, 
com]>(Jund of carbonic oxide and ha?mo- 
globin, having a cherry-red color and a 
peculiar spectrum; — vei'giftung, cai-^ 
bonic-oside jioisoning. 

Kohlensau-er, rer, re, res (G.). Car- 
bonate. K. Ammonium, ammonium car- 
bonate. K. Barium or K. Barjrt, barium 
carbonate. K. Kali, potassium carbonate. 
K. Kalk, calcium carbonate. K. Kupfei'- 
oxyd, copper carbonate. K. Lithion, 
lithium carbdiiate. K. Natron, sodium 
carbiinate. K. Salz, carbonate. 

Kohlrausch, cii-'cumflex veins of: 

see Ciri iintjii .1- vriiis af prnis. 

Kohlsaatol ( G.). Colza oil. 

Koinomias'mata [z";^;^', niatriia]. Mi- 
asms t'non earth. 

Kokkelskorner {G.). Cocculus indi- 

Kokkelskombitter (G.). Picrotoxin. 

Kokken ( G.). .Micrococci ; — sepsis, 
septicaemia caused by micrococci. 

Kokosol (G.^. Cocoanut oil. 

Ko'kum butter. L. oleum garcinias 
purpurea', lihmd concrete oil obtained 
from seeds of Gnrciiiia purpurea, Kosb. ; 
used in prcparati(m of ointments and sup- 

Kola-nut: h'p ('nlfi-niit. 

Kolanuss ( G.). Cola-nut. 

Kolben ( '''.). Club or knob; hippo- 
campus UKijor; — korperchen, end-bulbs 
of Kranse. 

Kolchicum (G.). Colchicum. 

Kolik(CV.). Colic. 

Koller((7.). Staggers. 

KoUern (G.). Rumbling in bowels; 

Kollmann's facial index: see Facial 

iin/< X. 

KoUoid ( r/.). Colloid; — umwande- 
lung, ciilloid metamorphosis. 

Kolophonium (G.). Colophony: see 

Koloquinten (6".). Colocynth ; — ex- 
trakt, extract of colocynth ; — mark, colo- 
cynth pulp ; — tinktur, tinctiue of colo- 

Kolos'trum. Colostrum. 

Kolpaporrhex'is. Colporrhexis. 

Kolpitis (G.). Colpitis. 

Kolpo- [z^/.-df]. In composition = 
vagina. For words beginning thus, not 
found here, see under Co/po-. 

Kolpoclei'sis [z/.£!w]. Closure of vagi- 
nal walls by suture ; Simon's operation. 

Kolpocys'tocele [z'Jo-ric, xrj/.r,']. Cys- 

Kolpodesmor'raphy [ihrrijoi, /'«v''/]- 
C)]ieratioM for relief of prolapse of uterus by 
suture of part of surfaces of labia majora. 

Kolpoecpeta'sis [;z-ir«»ti//!]. Dilata- 
tion of vagina. 

Kolpohysterec'tomy ['"TrZ/ia, l^.r'/i- 
xu]. Operation for removal of uterus 
thriiugh vagina. 

Kolpoparovariocystot'omy. Excision 
of cystic tumor of parovarium through the 

Kolpo-perineoplas'ty. Colpo-perineor- 

Kolpostenot'omy [tt^voo. 7i';/v<»]. Cut- 
ting operation for vaginal atresia or stric- 

Kolpo -ure'tero-cystot'omy. Boze- 
man's term for an operation I'or exposing the 
orifices of the ureters in the female bladder. 

Kolto or Koltun. Plica. 

Kometenpupille ((?.). Coloboma of 

Komma-bacillus (G.). Cholera ba- 
cillus. ((?.). Commissure. 

Komplementarfarben (G.). Comple- 
mentary colors. 

Kompressionsverband (G.). Com- 
pressive liandage. 

Koncrement ( '?.). Concretion. 

Kondyl'ion [znw^'./.i;]. :Most laterally 
projecting ]ioint of coronoid process of 
lower jaw [v. Tiirlik]. 

Kondylom ((?.). Condyloma. 



Konessirinde ( C). Wrightia antiiiyscn- 

Konstipiren (G.). To constipate. 

Konsuintionsfieber (&')■ Hectic fe- 

Kontagium ( G ). Contagium. 

Kontraktionswelle {G.}. Wave of 
contraction of muscle. 

Kontraktur ( ff. ). Contraction. 

Konvergenzlahmung ((?.). Paralysis 
of nerve-centre connected with convergence 
of axes of eyes. 

Konvulsivisch (&'.). Convulsive. 

Koordinirt (6r.). Coordinate. 

Koos'so. Bray era. 

Kopaivabalsam (G.). Copaiba. 

Kopf {G.). Head; — abscess, abscess 
in the head ; — abschneiden, decapita- 
tion ; — adergeflecht, carotid plo.Kus; — 
anlage, rudimentary head in the embryo; 

— aiisschlagr, eruption on the head; — 
bein, OS magnum ; — beschwerde, feeling 
of discomfort in the head, lieadaclie ; — 
beuge, parietal bend; — bildung, forma- 
tion of head ; — binde, head bandage; — • 
blattchen, foutanelle; — blase, cephalic 
vesicle ; — blutader, internal jugular vein ; 

— blutgeschwTllst, ccphalliiematoma ; — 

— bohrer, trephine; — bruch, hernia of 
brain ; fracture of cranium ; — darm or 
darmhohle, fore-gut. that portion of jirimi- 
tive intestinal cavity witliin the head-fold 
of embryo; — driise, cephalic gland, thy- 
roid gland ; — eiterung, cerebral abscess ; 

— falte, head-fold of amnion: — fleber, 
brain fever, cerebral fever ; — form, shape 
of head ; — fortsatz, cephalic prolongation 
of tissue of primitive streak ; — fiihrer, 
obstetric forceps; — geburt, hea<l jiresenta- 
tion ; — gelenk, articulation of skull with 
spinal column ; — geschwiir, nicer lui or 
in the head; — geschwTilst, ee]dialli;(Mna- 
toma ; — grind, favus; — hautchen, 
membrane covering head of faUus; — 
halsganglion, superior cervical ganglion ; 

— haltung, position or mode <if' holding 
the head ; — haut, scalp ; — hohe, totale, 
vertical height of skull taken either — 1. in 
frontal projection from gnatliion to highest 
point, or 2, as the exact linear distance 
from gnatliion to highest jioint ; — hohle, 
head-cavity; that portion of the peritoneal 
cavity which in the embryo extends into 
the head : — kappe, head-fold of embryo ; 

— keilbein, spheiuiid bone; — kleie, 
pityriasi.v ; — knicker, stcrno-cleido-mas- 
toid ; knickerzweig, sterno-mastoid ar- 

VoL. II.— 2 

tery ; — knochenleitung, bone-convey- 
ance, as of sound through the cranial bones ; 
— krankheit, disease of head; — kriim- 
mung, head-bend, cephalic flexure ; — 
lage, head presentation : — laus, pedicu- 
lus capitis; — leiden, head disease; — 
messer, cephalometer ; — muskel, gros- 
serer binterer, rectus cajiitis imsticus 
major; — muskel, grosserer schrager, 
obliquus capitis major; — muskel, klein- 
erer schrager, obli(juus capites minor ; — 
muskel, kleinerer hinterer gerader, 
rectus capitis posticus minor; — muskel, 
kleinerer vorderer, rectus capitis anticus 
minor; — muskel, seitlicher gerader, 
rectus capitis lateralis; — muskel, vor- 
derer gerader, rectus capitis anticus ma- 
jor; — naht, cranial suture; — niere, 
pronephros; — platten, head-plates; — 
raude, scurf, eczema cajiitis; — rose, 
erysipelas of head; — scheibe, cephalic 
disc; — scheide, portion of amnion cov- 
ering head of embryo; — schlagader- 
geflecht, carotid plexus; — schlag- 
adem, carotid arteries; — schmerz, head- 
ache; — schnupfen, catarrh in head; — - 
sch'warte, scalj) ; — skelet, skull; — 
spalt, sehistocephalus ; — stimme, fal- 
setto voice ; — stiick, head-piece of a rod 
of Corti ; — tetanus, tetanus following 
wounds in neighborhood of 12th cranial 
nerve ; it is characterized by intense 
spasms of pharynx, so that it resembles 
hydrophobia ; — tone, head-register, fal- 
setto ; — verletzung, itijury of head ; — 
wassersucht, hydrocephalus; — weh, 
headache ; — WTinde, wound of head ; — 
zange, cranial forceps; — zerlegung, 
ce|ilialotomy ; — zieher, forceps, crotchet. 
Kopf und Beckenmesser {G.}. 

Kopflges Bein ((?•)■ Os magnum. 

Kopio'pia [/"-"?, al^'']. Asthenopia. 
K. hysterica, pain in eyeball and vicin- 
ity, with intolerance of light, due to geni- 
tal irritation. 

Kopp's asth'ma. Laryngismus stridu- 
lus from enlarged thymus. 

Koprophagie (G.). Coprophagy. 

Koprostase ( G.). Constipation. 

Kopulation (G.). Copulation. K. 
der Kerne, fusion of nuclei or pronuclei. 

Kopuliren {G.). To copulate. 

Koralle (/;.). Coral. 

Korbscheiden (ff.). Apparent divis- 
ions of myelinic envelope of axis cylinder 
of nerve-fibres. 



Kordofan gnm. coiumercial ' 
variftv lit' uiini ;ii-:icia. 

Korectopie ( (•'.)■ Coreetopia. j 

Korelyse {'•'.)■ Corelysis. j 

Koresteno'ma ["'/"/. t-.-/"!"]. dm- j 
strii-'tiiiii (ir narrowiiii: of tlio ]iu|pil. K. 
congen'itum, inonilnMiia ]miiillaris per- 

Koriander ((-'). ('uriaiicliT. 

Koriiithen ( ''''.). Cnrintliiaii raisins. 

Kork (G-)- I'lirk ; — saure, suberic 

Korkformiger Erbgrind ( ''/.). Favus 

Koi-nahi-enbinde (G.). Spica band- 

Kornblume {G.). ( '< iitmirta cynnus, L. 

Kommutter (/.'.). Er-iot. 
Komstaupe ((•'■)■ Kruotism. 
Koi-nzange {G.). I»re.ssiiig forceps. 
Komzapfen (// ). P^rgot. 
Koromiko or Koroniko. Virom'ca 


Koro'nion [/"/"'j'-';]. Apex of eoronoiJ 
proc-ess of lowtT jaw [v. Tor.ik]. 

Koros'copy ['^'V'V'^'""''"]- Term used 
for skiascopy; ])Upillosco]i_v. 

Kon-ectivmittel (G.). Currigent. 

Ko'sin. Brayerin. 

Koso ( '■''. ). l?vayera. 

Eos'so. lirayera. 

Kost i'^.'.). Diet. food. 

Koth (''''.). F;eees. excrement ; — ab- 
scess, fiecal abscess; — anhaiofung-, ac- 
cumulation of f;vces in intestinal canal; 

— artig, f;ecubnt; — aiisleei'eiid, puiga- 
tive ; — beschwerde, constipation; — 
brechen, slercoraccous vomiting; — ent- 
leerung, dcf:i'catioii ; • — flstel, intestinal 
fistula; — klunipen, scybabe ; — stau- 
ung, constipation; — stein, enterolith; 

— verhartung, hardening of f;eces. 
Kothig (G.). iStercoraceous. 
Kotyledon i G' ). CoiyliMlon. 
Kou'myss. /■'. /. koumis or koumiss. 

Name given bv the inliabitants of 'I'artary 
to a beverage ]n'eparcil bv fermenting milk 
of mans. .\n imitation koumyss is jire- 
pared in this ;in<l otln-r countries from cow's 
milk. Contains more or less alcohol ac- 
cording to duration (d' the fermentation, 
lactic aciil. and other const ii ucnts 
of milk ; stimulating and nutritious. 
Kous'sin. Braverin. 

Kous'so. Brayera. 
Ki-abbeln ('■'., I. To itch. 
Ki-achengerausch ( ''''.). 


Krafteschl-eiber (G.). Dynamograjdi. 

Ki-ahenauge ('''.)■ Nux vomica. In 
com]Hisition Krahenaugen, as, — ex- 
trakt, extract of nux votnica ; — tiiiktur, 
tincture of nux vomica. 

Krahenschnabelfortsatz ( G.). Coro- 
noid process. 

Kranklichkeit (6'.). Sickliness, ill- 

Kratze ( G-). Itch, scabies, psoriasis. 
In ciau]iosition Kratz, as, — f ormig, 
psoriform ; — geschwiir, psorelcosis ; — 
milbe, itch-mite; — mittel, remedy for 
itch ; — pustel, scabies pustule. 

EZratzig ( G .). Itchy, pruriginous. 

Kraiiter (G.). pi. of Kraut. Herbs, 
sim|ples; — arznei, herb medicine; — 
trank, herb draught. 

Kraft ('/'.). Force; — eiiiheit, dyne; 

— los, asthenic; — losigkeit, prostratiiui, 
deliility. weakness, adynamia; — mass, 
unit of force; — mangel, ilebility ; — 
mehl, starch; — messer, dyiuimometcr ; 

— sinn, muscle-sense. 

Kragen (G-). Collar: see SpKuinchr 

Kiniji n- 

Krallennagel (G.). Nails afl'ected with 

Krame'ria. L. krameria. ratanliia ; F. 
ratanhia ; G. Ratanhawurzel ; 1. ratania. 
1. lihatany-root ; root of Kraiiirria tri- 
aiidrii. I{. et 1'., and of K. lomcnfoso, St. 
Ilil. ; striuig astringent. 2. Name of a 
genus (d" jdants, Nat. Ord. P<ili/(j(d(icrx. 
K. grandiflo'ra. Berg.. A", tunitiiiosii, St. 
llil. K. Ixi'na granaten'sis, A', tvmen- 
tos'i. K. pauciflo'ra, F. M. I.. ^Mexican 
species of A'., admitted as a source of rlia- 
tany by F. Mex. K. secundiflo 'ra, F. 
M. I.. I'fficial in F. Mex. as a source of 
rhatany. K. tomento'sa, St. llil.. grows 
in Brazil and northward; source of Sava- 
nilla or New (iranada rhatany. K. trian'- 
dra, I'l. et 1'., low shrub, native of Bidivia 
and Peru; source of I'ayta or Peruvian 

Ki-ame'riae ra'dix ( A.) [B. I'.]. Kra 

Krampf ( G.). Cramp, spasm : — ader, 
varix ; — aderbruch, varicocele ; — ader- 
knoten, varix ; — ahnlich or — artig, 
spasmodic, convulsive ; — arzenei, anti- 



spasraodie; — asthma, spasmodic asthma; 

— centrum, convulsion centre; — haft, 
spasmodic, convulsive ; — haftigkeit, con- 
vulsiveness, tendency to convulsion ; — 
husten, convulsive coujrh, whooping cough ; 

— krankheit, spasmodic disease ; — lach- 
en, sardonic laugh ; — mitrtiel, an antispas- 
modic ; — stillend, antispasmodic ; — 
sucht, convulsions, eclampsia ; — 'wehen, 
spasmodic labor-pains. 

Krampfaderig' (G^.). Varicose. 
Krampflg ( G, ). Convulsive, spasmodic. 

Kranichschnabelzange ((?.). Crane's- 
bill f'iiree])s. 

Kraniolog (6".). Craniologist. 
Kraniologie (G.). Craniology. 
Kraniometrie {G.). Craniometry. 
Kraniopagus {G.). Cephalopagus. 
KJraniopathie (6?.). Craniopathy. 

Krank (G.). Sick, ill, indisposed. In 
composit.iciii Kranken, as, — anstalt, hos- 
pital ; — bericht, sick report ; — besuch, 
visiting the sick; ^bett, sick-hed ; — 
diat, diet for sick ; — examen, exam- 
ination of the sick ; — geschichte, med- 
ical history of a; — haus, infirmary; 

— heber, apparatus for raising a patient 
in bed : — kost, diet for the sick ; — lager, 
sick-bed; — mutter, female nurse; — 
pflege, nursing and care of patients; — 
pfleger or — pflegerinn, nurse; — saal, 
room or ward for sick; — • sanfte, litter; 

— schifF, hospital-ship ; — speise, diet for 
the sick ; — stube, sick-room ; — stuhl, 
itivalid chair; — trager, stretcher-bearer ; 

— trage, stretcher; — warter, nurses; 

— ■wartercorps, army hospital corps ; — 
wagen, ambulance wagon ; — zettel, bed- 
card, bulletin of patient's case; — zimmer, 

Krankhaft ((?.). Sickly, diseased, ab- 

Krankheit f G'.). Sickness, disease. In 
conipn..;iti<in Krankheits, as. — aniage, 
diathesis; — bericht, medical report; — 
bild, descriptiim nf form or appearance of 
disease ; — dauer, duration of disease ; — 
erscheinung, appearance of disease ; — 
fall, case of sickness; — form, form of 
disease; — geschichte, history of a dis- 
ease; — lehre, pathology; — prozess, 
process of disease ; — sitz, seat of disease ; 

— stoff, miasm, contagiuni ; — ursache, of disease; — verlauf, course of 
disease ; — wechsel, turn of disease, crisis; 

— zeichen, symptom of disease ; — zufall, 

attack of disease ; — zustand, state of dis- 

Krankheit der Bergleute ( G). Berg- 

Krankmachend ((?.). Morbific. 

Kranz i^G.). Garland; in cnmposition 
= coronary ; — arterien, or — pulsadem, 
or — schlagadem, coronary arteries, cir- 
cuiufle.v arteries; — band, coronary liga- 
ment; — blutader, coronary veins; — 
blutleiter des Herzens, coronary sinus 
of heart ; — furche, auriculo-ventricular 
furrow ; — geflecht, coronary plexus; — 
naht, coronal suture ; — nerv, circumflex 
nerve ; — venen, coronary veins. 

Krapp (G.). Madder; — gelb, san- 
thiii ; — roth, alizarin. 

Kratzbohne {G.). Cowhage. 

Kratzen ( G.). To scratcli. to grate. 

Elrauro'sis vul'vsB. IVenliar form of 
atrophy and shrivelling of laliia. vestibu- 
luni. and sheath of clitoris, described by 

Krause, cor'puscles of. End-bulbs 
of Krause. 

Krausemiinze (G.). Crisped mint. 

Krausemiinz'wasser {G.). Crisped- 
mint water. 

Krause's emTiryo. Embryo of about 
the 4th week, in which there was no allan- 
toic stalk connecting embryo and chorion 
together, but the allantois hung down as a 
bag from hinder end cif the embrvo. 

Krause's end-bulbs. G. Krause's 

Endkolben ; see Eml-tnilbf. 

Krause's mem'brane: see DUka of 


Krause's muscle. Coraco-cervicalis. 

Krause 'sche Driisen (6-'.). Acino- 
tubiiliir glands of eyelid. 

Kraut (r;.). nJrb. 

Kre'atin. CJI,.N' .,()_,. Product of tissue- 
waste, fnund in muscle, brain, and blond; 
white, ,«omewhat bitter substance, forming 
crystalline compounds with mineral acids. 

Kreat'inin [yplai^. F. cri'-atinine : G. 
Kreatiiiin ; /. creatinina. C.ILXjtV Nor- 
mal nitrogenous constituent of urine, pro- 
duced from krcatin by abstraction of part 
of its water ; said to be the strongest 
known animal 

Krebs(r;.). 1. Cr.ih. 2. Cancer. — 
artig, carcinomatous; — augen, crabs' 
eyes ; — bildung, cancer formation ; — 
entwickelung, cancer development ; — 



fall, case (if cancer; — f ormig, cancer- 
shaped, cancniiil ; — g-erust, cancer stnmia ; 

— geschwiir, caMceriiiis nicer; — gewebe, 
cancer tissue ; — haft, cancerous ; — herd, 
caiu-cr t'ueus; — jauche, ]>utri(l. In-ok.Ti- 
(Idwu material "f cancer; — kachexie, 
cancer cachexia; — keim, canccr-iierni ; 

— knoten, cancer- nudule ; — krank, 
liavini; cancer; — marasmus, cancerdus 
cachexia; — masse, caucer-niass ; — 
milch, cancer-juice; — nabel, central de- 
pressiiin often seen in cancer; — saft, 
cancer-juice; — schaden, careinonia ; — 
steine," crabs' eves; — stroma, caiu'er 
stroma; — wuchenmg, .growth ol' can- 
cer; — zapfen, process or proloni:ati(ui 
of cancer ; — zelle, caMcer-cell ; — zellen- 
nest, concentric cell-masses in epithelial 

Krebsig {.(^-'j- Cancerous, carcino- 

Ki-eide (G.). Chalk; — stein, chalk- 
stone ; to|dius. 

Kreis {(r.). Circle, district; — arzt, 
parish idivsieian ; — lauf, circulation of 
the Idood' ; — lauf, kleilier, pulmonic 
circulation; — lauf, korperlicher, sys- 
temic circulation ; — laufshinderuiss, im- 
pediment to circulation; — laufzeit, time 
of one complete round of circulation of 
))hiod ; — muskel, sphincter ; — muskel- 
fasera, circular fihres ; — physikus, dis- 
trict jihysician ; — schnitt, a circular in- 
cision, circular amputation ; — ■wnndarzt, 
district surueon. 

Ki-eissen (/AV I.abor. labor-jiains. 

Kre'olin. Creoliu. 

Kreosot ( '<. ). Creasote. 

Ki'esotiusaure (''/.). Cresotinio acid. 

Ki'etin ( ('.). Cretin, idiot. 

Ki-etinis'mus. Cretinism. 

Ki-euz ( ''' ). 1. Cross, decussation. 2. 
Sacral rcL'ion ; — bander, crucial liira- 
nu'nts; — bander des Knies, crucial 
liiiaments of knee; — beere, berry of 
liuekthorn ; — darmbeinfuge, saero-iliac 
synchondrosis; — hiiftbeinband, sacro- 
iliac liL'amcnt ; — knoten, sacral irani^lia ; 
— nerv, sacral nerve; — pulsader <ir — 
schlagader, sacral artery ; — schmerzen, 
pains in lumbar rei;ion ; — schnitt, crucial 
incision; — sitzbeinband, sacro-sciatic 
lit;ament ; — verschlag, lumbacjo; — 
Weh, lumbar pain; — "wirbel, sacral ver- 

Kreuzbein ((j.). Sacrum; — blut- 
adera, sacral veins ; — driisen, sacral 

frlands ; — gegend, sacral region ; — hor- 
ner, sacral cornua; — kanal, sacral canal; 

— kriinimung, sacral flexure ; — nerven, 
sacral nerves ; — parasiten, sacral para- 
sites ; — pulsadem, sacral arteries; — 
rauhigkeit, tuberosity of sacrum ; — 
schlagadem, sacral arteries; — sclalitz, 
hiatus sacralis ; — "wirbel, sacral vertelira. 

Kreuzdom (<''.). Bnektliorn ; — 
beeren, buckthorn-berries; — beeren- 
saft, buckthorn-juice; — beerensyrup, 
syrup of liucktlnjrn. 

Kreuzf ormig, er, e, es ((•'.)■ Crucial, 
cruciform. K. Band, crucial liLrament. 
K. Furche, triradiate sulcus. 

Kreuzkraut {('■)■ Groundsel. 

Kreviznach. Cele])rated iodine and 
l)romine mineral springs and baths in 

Kreuzung ( (t.). 1. Decussation. 2. 
Crossing, cross-breeding. In ccmiposition 
Kreuzungs, as, — commissur, commis- 
sure, especially that of cereludluin and 
spinal cord; — punkt der Richtungs- 
strahlen or — punkt der Richtungs- 

linien : see Lima nf ihnrtmii. 

Kribbel {G-). Formication, pruritus; 

— sucht, ergotism. 
Kribbehi { C/.). To itch. 
Ka-iebelkrankheit (6'.). Ergotism. 
Ki'iebeln ( ''».). Formication, itching. 
Ki-iebelsucht ( G.). E])idemic disease 

due to ergot or iliseased or jioisonous grain. 

Kriegsarzneikunde (6'.). ISlilittry 

Ki-iegschinirgie (C). Military sur- 

Kriegshospital (f/.). Military hospi- 

Ki-iegspest or Kriegsseuche ((/.). 
Epidemic in armies in war-time. 

Kriegstyphus ( ^' V Ty]duis fever. 

Krimm'sche Krankheit ((/.). Cri- 
mean leprosy. 

Krishaber's disease'. A neurosis de- 
scribed by Krishaber in ISTH under name 
of " neurojiatliie cerebro-cardiai|ue." It is 
characterized by liypenpsthesia ami illu- 
sions of sense, vertigo, aiul great cardiac 

KristaU fC?.). Crystal. 

Kristallisirung (/<'.). Crystallization. 

Ki-ithop'tes monunguiculo'sus. 

Name ajiplieil by Geber to larva of a mite, 
Aciii-v.i himlti, found in barley -iields, where 



it annoys harvesters, producing a disease 
like urticaria. 

Kritisch (G.)- Critical. 

Kxop&g (G). Strumous. 

Kropflgkeit ((?.). Tendency to goitre. 

Krote(6-'.). Ranula. 

Krotenkopf (G.). Anencephalus. 

Ka-otenstein (<?■)■ Toad-stone, ranula 
lap idea. 

Kronbein (<?•)• Frontal bone. 

Kronbohrer (<?.)• Trephine. 

Kronchina (G.). Crown-bark. 

Krone der Eichel (O'.). Corona glan- 

Kronenband der Leber (C). Coro- 
nary ligament of liver. 

Kronenfortsatz (ff.). Coronoid proc- 
ess of ulna. 

Kronengeschwiir (Tr'.). Thrush. 

Kroneiinaht or Kronnaht ( G.). Coro- 
nal suture. 

Kropf (G.). Craw, struma, goitre; — 
ader, vari.x ; — artig, goitrcius; — bein, 
hyiiid bone ; — geschwrilst, bronohocele ; 
— krank, goitmus ; — mittel, remedy for 
goitre ; — -w-urz, figwort. 

Krotaph'ion [z//»7«^<js-]. Point where 
spheno-oceipital and spheno-temporal su- 
tures meet: apex of great wing of sphenoid 
[v. Tiirok]. 

Krotonol (ff.). Croton oil. 

Kriicke ( G.). Crutch. 

Kriickenlahmung ( G.). Paralysis due 
to pressure ui' crutch. 

Kriimelzucker (f/.). Glucose. 

Kriimraung' ( '^i'.). Curvature. In com- 
position KiTimniungs, as, — halbmesser 
or — radius, radius of curvature; — 
hypermetropie, hypermetropia from less- 
ened refractive power of media of ej'e ; — 
myopie, excessive refractive power of me- 
dia of eye ; — -winkel der Hinterhaupt- 
schuppe, occipital angle (2); — ■winkel 
des Scheitelbeins, parietal angle of Lis- 
sauer; — winkel des Stimbeins, frontal 
angle (8). 

Kriischkrankheit (G.). Chronic dis- 
ease of bones in lior.scs, osteomalacia, due 
to excessive use of beans in food. 

Krugathmen (G.). Amphoric respi- 

Krugstimme (C). Amphoric voice. 

Krumm ((r.). Crooked, curved, bent; 
— beinig or — fiissig, bow-legged ; — 

darm, ileum ; — darmentziindung, ilei- 
tis ; — darmgicht, colic ; — holzol, oleum 

Kruste (G.). Crust, scab. In compo- 
sition Ki-usten, as, — flechte, impetigo; 
— mann, porcupine-man, one with ich- 
thyosis cornea. 

Krsrptophan'ic ac'id. G. Krytophan- 
silure. ^^upposed by Thudicbum to be nor- 
mal free acid of urine ; probably a variable 

Kryptor'chia. Cryptorchia. 

Kryptorchismus ((V.). Cryptorchi- 

Krystallahnlich C?.;). Crystalloid. 

Krystallfeuchtigkeit (C). Crystal- 
line humor. 

Krystallfriesel (6'.). Miliary fever. 

Krystallin ((?.). Crystallin. 

KrystalUinse ( G.). Crystalline lens. 

EIrystalllinsenkapsel (C). Capsule 
of lens. 

Elrystalloidsubstanzen (G.). Crys- 

Krystallstaar {(r-)- Lenticular cata- 

Krystallwulst {(r.). Thickening of 
periphery of capsule after cataract opera- 

Kubebe (G.). Cubeb, In composition 
Kubeben, as. — extrakt : sec Ol'orcslu nf 
cubi'h ; — 61, oil of cubeb. 

Kuchen ( G.). Placenta ; — haftflache, 
adherent surface of placenta ; — sitz, po- 
sition of placenta ; — trennung, separa- 
tion of placenta. 

Kuckuksbein (T/.). Coccyx. 

Kuchenmeister's scis'sors. Scissors 
for division of cervix ; one blade is probe- 
pointed ; the other, shorter, terminates in a 
sharp hook. 

Kiichenschelle {G.). Pulsatilla. 

Kiigelchen ( ''•'.). G!ol)ule. 

Kiihlmittel (^'.). Refrigerant. 

Kiilolrohre ( G.). Cooling tube. 

Kiihlschlange {G.). Cooling coil. 

Kiihlwasser (G.). Diluted solution of 
subacetato of lead. 

Kiimmel (G.). Cumin, caraway-seed; 
— 61, w\ of caraway. 

Kiintslich, er, e, es (G.^. Artificial. 
K. Auge, artificial eye. K. PupillenbU- 
dung, iridectomy. K. Skelet, artificial 



Kiii-bissamen (6'.). Puiiipkin-.scod. 

Kiirschneniaht {(•'.)■ (ilovcr's suture. 

Kiiss'iiiaul's coma, .^ludc of dcatli in 
dialioti'S (Icsi'rilu'tl by Kiissniaul in 1S74: 
eonia. with jai'titation, groauiuir, raiiid ac- 
tion uf lu'art, and ]icculiai- dysima'a. 

Kiissmaul's disease'. Acute atiuiiliic 
sjiinal paralvsis. 

Kiistenseuche ( d'. ). Itadesviio. 

Kugel (<•'.). ]!all, bullrt, ,t;!ol)o ; — 
auszieher, builct-t'iirce'iis, liall-e.xtractor; 

— bacterie, ,ulid)ular l>ac-tt'ria, iiiiciMcoc- 
(•us ; — bolirer, uiinlct or tii'c-t'ond lor ox- 
tractiim of tiulicis; — gelenk, liall-and- 
suckc't joint; — kem, siduTuidal nucleus; 

— lofFel, ball-KCoo]i, bullet- scoop ; — • 
sucber, cx|iloriniz: instrunicnt for bullets ; 

— zange, ball-forceps ; — zieher, bullet- 

Kubblatter ( (•'.). Cowjiox. 
Kubflecken ( 'f.j. Lentigo. 
Kubkratze {(r.). t'owliage. 
Ktthpocken {(>'.). A'acciuia, con-pox; 

— gift, vaci'ine virus; — inipfung, vac- 
cination; — materie or — stoff, vaccine 

Kukui oil. CaniUeiiut oil. 

Kunibecepbal'ic [■^.■';fi'tri,/.;ifa>.rj']. llav- 
ini: a boat-sliape<l licad. 

Ktini'ree. Name applied in India to 
rlieuinatoid artliritis in horse. 

Ku'myss. Koumyss. 

Kun'dab oil. Tallicoonali oil ; concrete 
oil exjircssed from .seeds of < 'iij-iijxi i^iiiiucu- 
.s/.< ; purgative and anthelmintic. 

Kunkiir : see linixutfic. 

Kunstgescbwlir ( (!.). I.ssue. 

Kupfer ( '/. ). ('o]iiier ; — acetat, enp- 
jier ac<'late; — ausschlag, acne rosai'ca ; — 
cblorid, cojiper chhuide ; — fimie, acne 
rosacc.i ; — labmung, paralysis |iroduced 
by wiu-king in copper; — nase, copper 
nose, acne rosacea; — oxyd, cojiper ox- 
ide ; — rose, acne rosacea ; — sttlfat or 

— vitriol, copper sulpliatc ; — wasser, 
co]i]ieras, commercial ferr(Uis sulpliatc. 

Kupffer's ves'icle. Small globular 
cavity .appearing at an early stage between 
]iosterior end cj|' eiidiryo and yolk in ova of 
teleostean lislii's ; it is su]iposcd to rejire- 
.seiit |iriniitivc inlcstiue (jf cyclostomi. 

Kupft-iges Gesicht ( C.'. ). Acne rosa- 

Kvippel {(!:). Cupola; — blindsack, 
blind sac of cupola. 

Kur (<7)- Cure, method of treatment ; 
— arzt, physician of watering-place; — 
ort, health resiut. 

Kurara C"'.). Curare. 

Kurz ((!.)■ Short, brief; — atbmen, 
short breathing; — atbmigkeit, asthma, 
dys)ina\i ; — kopflg, brachycephalous ; — 
kopf, liraehycephulus ; — sicbtigkeit, 
short-sigh teduess. 

Kus'so. Brayera. 

Kut'era gum. Hassora gum. 

Kutikularbildung {<t.). Formation 
ol' suifacc-laycr. especially of epithelium. 

Kwass. l''ermented li([Uor jirejiareJ 
from oatmi'al. 

Kwosein. Brayerin. 

Kyanol. Aniline. 

Kyanose {<'■)■ Cyanosis. 

Kyclopie (f/.). Cyclops. 

Kyes'tein [/''ojrrtv]. /'. kycsteine; G. 
Kyestein ; /. chi<'steina. Substance form- 
ing the milky, opalescent pellicle which col- 
lect.s on the suri'acc of certain urines after 
staiuling a few days, once su])posed to be 
peculiar to the urine of pregnant women. 

Kyklitis (O.). CyclitLs. 

Kyllopodie (F.). Club-foot. 

Kyllo'sis [/')/,/.,;,]. F. De- 
f irmity of the foot. 

Ky'niograpb ['■"//'/, jv/i/yw]. F. ky- 
mogra|iliion ; /. chiuiografo. A hiemadyua- 

Kynu'ric ac'id. C,,1I,,X,0, + 11,0. 
G. Kynurensaiire. Acid found in dog's 

Kyphoscoliose ( (•'.). Posterior and 
lateral sjtinal curvature. 

Kypbo'sis [>:'''v"""7'i']- /". cyphose; G. 
Kyphose; I. cifosi. Curvature of spine 
with convexity backward; humpback. 

Kyphoskolio'sis \_ytn;''>i, fT/ji).'.oi\. Cur- 
vature of spine. 

Kyphot'ic. G. Kyphotisch. Sufl'ering 
from, affei-ted witli, or due to, kyphosis. 


Kysteux, euse {F.). Contaiiung or re- 
scmliling cvsts. 

Kystbi'tis [;cVfl"9]. Vaginitis. 

Kysthopto'sis [;<"'-/''",-, ■n:Twnti\. Pro- 
lapse of vagina. 

Kystique ( F.). Relating to cysts. 

Kystitomie i^F.). Cy.stitomy. 



Kystoflbrom (G.). Cystofibroma. 

Kystoma {G.). Cystoma. 

Kystom'eter or Cystom'eter [z'jitt^-, 
/i/r/>"i.]. Instrument for measuring the 

Kystoplegie (G.). Cystoplegia. 

Kystoptose (/".). Spontaneous rupture 
of cysts. 

Kystospasmus fff.). Spasm of the 

Kys'totome [zf^Tt?, th.^t;]. 1. Cysto- 
tome. 2. F. kystitome. Cystitome. 

Kystot'omy. Cystotomy. 


L., abbv. for Left. 

Laab or Lab (G.). Rennet; — drii- 
sen, cardiac or peptic glands; — essenz, 
rennet wine; — ferment, the substance 
produced in the stuniach which coagulates 
casein; rennet; — magen, abomasuni or 
fourth stomach of ruminants; — zelle, 
peptic cell. 

Labarraque's solu'tion. F. solution 
de Labarrai|U(' ; G. Laliarra(|ue"sche Solu- 
tion ; /. ao(|ua or lii|U(>re di Labarraijue. 
Solution of chlorinated soda. 

Labbra (/.). Lips. L. (grandi), labia 
majora. L. fpiccole), nyinplue. L. della 
vulva, labia pudeiidi. 

Labbro glenoideo (/.). Glenoid lig- 

Labbro leporine (/.). Ilare-lip. 

Labdacis'mus (/>.). Lambdacismus. 

Lab'danum (L.). A resinous exuda- 
tion of Cistits creiicux, L., and of other .spe- 
cies of C ; used in plasters and fumiga- 

Laben (G."). To curdle with rennet. 

Laberintico (/.). lielating to the 

Laberinto (/.). Labyrinth. 
La'bes (7^.). 1. Attack, post. 2. 

La'bia (A-), pi- of Labium, lips. L. 
cer'ebri, lower margins of gyri fornieati 

of the brain. L. of kid'ney, the two 
margins of the hilum. L. majo'ra. L. 
grandes li^vres ; 6'. grosse Schamlipjien ; /. 
grandi labbra. Two folds of skin extend- 
ing from mons veneris to perineum on 
either side the riina |uidcMi<li. L. mino'ra, 
nymphas. L. puden'di exter'na, labia 
majora. L. puden'di inter'na or mino'- 
ra, nympha\ L. of u'terus, margins of 
OS externum projecting into vagina. 

La'bial. //. labialis ; /. labiale. Per- 
taining til the lips; used substantively ia 
F. for orbicularis oris and depressor aliB 
nasi [Chaussier]. L. ar'teries. L. arteriic 
labiaies; G. Unterlippenarterien ; /. arterie 
labiali. Branches from facial to upper and 
lower lips. L. glands, racemose glands of 
inner surface of lips. L. line. L. linea 
labialis; /^. trait labial ; G. Lippenzug. A 
furrow commencing at angle of lips, and 
lost at lower part of face : see Jmlcldl's 
liiirx. L. nerves, supe'rior. L. nervi 
labiaies superiores. Temiinal branches of 
infraorbital nerve supplving upper lip. L. 
veins, tributaries id" I'aeial vein. 

Labiale (/.). Labial. 

Labia 'lis (/>.). Labial ; orbicularis oris. 

Labidom'eter or Labim'eter [/«/?iV, 
/lir/iny'j. /•'. lal>imitre ; '/. Zangcnmesser ; 
/. labimetro. .\n instrument for measur- 
ing the distance between the handles of an 
obstetrical forceps, when applied, so as to 



detoriiiiiic the dimonsidiis of the eliihl's 

Labil'ity [laliilis]. 'I'he pniperty of 
beiiiii: easily deeoiiiposed, as ojiposed to 

Labio fisso or L. leporino (/.)• Hare- 

Labirintico (/.). Itelatiiii; to the lahy- 

Labii'into (/. ). Lahyrinth. 

La'bis ( L.) [/.u,5!V]. Foreejis. 

Lab'itome [t"."v;]. /, hihitonio. Cut- 
tiiii: fovrcps used ill destrueliou of the 

La'bium (/>). id. Labia, lip^ L. 
lepori'num, li;irc-li|i. L. tympan'icum 
and L. vestibula're, the lower and up]per 
edires of tlie spiral uroove of the eoehlea ; 
one next the scala tynipani, the other next 
the scala vestiliuli. 

La'bor. L. partus ; F. travail ; (!. Knt- 
bindunu". /. parto. Tlie process of expul- 
sion from the uterus of the child and its 
:ippen<lai;cs. L., dry : see />(// A'/"'/- ; also 
torui in wiiicli the sac ruptures prcniature- 
Iv ; the parts are dry. and tlie process lin- 
gers in tlie later staires. L., mis'sed, re- 
tention of the ftetus in the uterus beyond 
the usual term. L. -pains, ]>aiiis produced 
bv C(Uitractions id' the cravid uterus. L., 
sta'g'es of, periods of dilatation of os uteri, 
(d' expulsion of child, and of expulsion of 

Lab'oratory. />. lalioratorimu ; F. 
laboratoire; /. hdioratorio. A place fitted 
fur scientific research. 

Labo'rious. /y. laboriosns; /^. laboricux, 
eiisc ; (I. stdivvieriL; ; /. lahorioso. l)ithcult, 
accoinplislied with effort. 

La Bourboule. Celclirated tlicnnal 
siirinj:s, in the I'epartcincnt du I'uy-de- 
J>oinc, France. 

La'bra glenoi'dea ( /-). (Ilcnoid fossa. 

Lab'rador tea. Lnlini) luiifnliiim. Ait. 

Labrisul'ciuni ( L. ). Fissure of the lip. 

Labro leporiiio ( / ). J i are-lip. 

La'brum ( //. ). Urim. L. acetab'uli, 
cotyloid liLrainciit. L. glenoida'le or 
glenoi'deuni, iilcnoid ligament. 

Labur'num I /. ). ('i//i.<us 7,iihi/riiiim.]j. 

Lab'jTTintll. A. lahyrinthns ; 7-' 1,-ihy- 
riiilhc; /. lalicrinto. 1. The internal por- 
tion of ilic audilorv apparatus, consist- 
ing; id' ]iassai:es hollowed out within the 
thickest part of the petrous portion of the 

temporal bone (osseous 1.) and the mem- 
branous tubes therein enelo.sed (niemiiran- 
(uis 1.). Tlie jiassajies are distiniruished as 
the semicircular canals, vestibule, and 
cochlea, which sec. 2. Also applied to the 
lateral masses of the ethmoid and to cer- 
tain venous plexuses. L. of kid'ney, 
that portion of cortex of kidney lyinjr be- 
tween the inedullary rays, so called from 
the coinplicateil arrangement of its tuliules. 

Labyi'uith {('.). Labyrinth; — an- 
liang, ductus endolyni]diaticus ; — blas- 
chen, auditory vesicle {'Id def.); — kap- 
sel, capsule from which internal ear is 
formed; — wasser, endolymph and peri- 

LabjTTin'thi ethmoida'les (7>.). Lat- 
eral masses. 

Labyrinthique (/•'.). Fielatiny to the 

Labyt-in'thus os'sis etlimoi'dei (L.). 

Lateral mass id' ethmoid. 

Labyrinthus pu'bicus im'par, or L. 
pudenda'lis, externus and internus, or 
L. pudendo-vesica'lis, or L. veno'sus 
Santoriiii (/>.). Pudendal plexus. 

Lac [///»'/. lakh]. L. lacca ; F. laque; 
<i'. Lack ; /. lacca. A resinous incrusta- 
tion formed by a hymeiio|iterous insect. 
( 'ii,-iii>: liiii-d. Kerr, upon the twi;_'s and 
yountr branches of various trees beloug- 
iiiL: to the orders Fuii/iorliidccfv, Urticaceae., 
and I,<:iiiii)iiinx;i : see also A)iin'ir<in lac, 
L„r-,/,/',. S,,, /./,„; SluU-liir, and SlUkhic. 

Lac (A.). 1. ^Filk. 2. iS'ame apjilied 
to certain chemical substances or ]diarma- 
eeutical preparations resembling milk. L. 
ainmoni'aci, ammoniac mixture. L. asa- 
fce'tidas, asafetida uiixtme. L. capri'- 
num, goat's milk. L. femineum, hu- 
man milk. L. fer'ri, milk of iron. L. 
ovil'kim, sheep's milk. L. scamnio'nii, 
scaniniony mixture. L. sul'pliuris, pre- 
cipitated sulphur. L. vacci'num, cow's 

Lac (F.). Laeus. L. calleux, cis- 
terna eorjioris callosi. L. centraL cisterna 
chiasniatis. L. lacryniaL lacus lachry- 
malis. L. Syl'vien, cisterna foss:e Sylvii. 

Lac'ca ( L ). Lac. L. ccei'u'lea, or 
niuf'fa, or niu'sica, litmus. 

Laccamuffa (/.). Litmus. 

Laccio ( /. ) Lemniscus. 

Lac-dye. F. laque-dye. Tlu^ ]iroduct 
iditained bv washing stiek-lae in hot or cold 
water, drying, and pressing the sediment 
which subsides from the washings. 



Lace-tree. Lwjetta Untearla. Lam. 
Laceramento or Lacerazione (/.)• 

Lac'erate. 1. To tear. 


torn. L. fora'men. L. foramen lacerum ; 
F. trou dechire. Term applied to several 
irregular apertures at the base of the cra- 
nium ; but when used without qualification 
it refers to the interval between apex of 
petrous portion of temporal bone and the 
body and great wing of sphenoid, tilled in 
with fibro-cartilage during life. In English 
works this is frequently called the foramen 
lacerum medium, but in both France and 
Germany the foramen lacerum anterius, a 
name which English anatomists apply to 
the sphenoidal fissure. The poste'rior L 
f. is the jugular foramen. 

Lacera'tion. L. laceratio ; /'. lacera- 
tion ; (1. Zerreissung; /. lacerazione. 1. 
The act of tearing. 2. A torn or mangled 

Lacere, ee ( F.). Lacerated. 
Laceriren f 6'.). To lacerate. 
Lacero or Lacerato (/.). Lacerated. 
Lacer'ti (£.), pi. of Lacerttis. L. 
adscitit'ii, ligamenta superficialia carpi. 
L. cor'dis, columna! carneie. 

Lacer'tous. L laccrtosus. Muscular. 
Lacer'tus (i.). Muscular part of ujiper 
arm ; also e.vtended to signify any muscular 
fasciculus or thickened band. L. fibro'sus, 
bicipital fascia. L. me'dius or L. rec'tus, 
thickened median ]iiirliou of anterior occip- 
ito-atlantal ligament. 

Lac'erus, a, um (i.). Lacerate. 
Lachenknoblauch (6-'.). Water ger- 

Lacl/e\is (A.). Venom of a poi.«onous 
South American seri)cnt, as is alleged ; a 
homiciipiithic remedy. 

Lachgas ( G.)- Nitrogen monoxide. 
Lachgriibchen (C). Gelasina. 
Lachkrampf {O.). Spasmodic laugh- 

Lachmuskel ((?.). Kisorius. 
Lachnan'thes tincto'ria, Ell. Red- 
root, Nat. Ord. IlitmrnlonKya: ; grows in 
the eastern U. S. ; root astringent and ton- 
ic ; a tincture of the whole herb is used as 
a cough remedy. 

Lach'ryma ( L). -V tear. 
Lach'rymal. //. lachrymalis. lacrynia- 
lis; Z^. lacrynjal ; /. lagrimale. Pertaining 
to tears or to the lachrymal gland. L. ap- 

para'tus, the gland, puncta, canaliculi, 
sac, and nasal duct, taken collectively. L. 
ar'tery. L. arteria lachrymalis ; F. arttre 
lacrymale : G. Thranenarterie ; /. arteria 
lagrimale. Branch from ophthalmic to 
lachrymal gland and adjacent region. L. 
bone, i/.os lachrymale; /'.unguis; G. 
Thriinenbein ; /. osso lagrimale. A thin, 
scale-like bone of the face, situated at the 
anterior part of the inner wall of the orbit. 
It is grooved for the lachrymal sac. L. 
bone, les'ser, a distinct bone sometimes 
found, said to be formed by separate ossi- 
fication of the hamulus lacrymalis. L. 
canal', lachrymal duct. L. canalic'uli. 
L. canaliculi "lachryiuales ; F. conduits la- 
cry maus ; G. Thriinenkaniilchen ; /. cana- 
letti lagrimali. Small tubes which convey 
the tears from the puncta lacrymalia of the 
evelids to the lachrymal duct. L. car'- 
uncle. L. caruncula lachrymalis ; F. ca- 
ronculc lacrymale; C Thriinenkarunkcl ; /. 
caruncola lagrimale. A small reddish ele- 
vation at inner angle of the eye, containing 
large .sebaceous glands. L. cells. L. cellulaj 
lachrymalcs. Ethmoidal cells contiguous to 
the lachrymal bone. L. crests. L. crista 
lachrymalcs. Uidgcs bounding the lachry- 
mal groove. The ante'rior 1. c. is on the 
superior maxillary bone; the poste'rior 1. 
c. on the lachrymal Imnc. L. duct. />. 
ductus lachrymalis; G. Thrancngang; /. 
canalc lagrimale. The canal which receives 
the tears from the lachrymal canaliculi. and 
convoys them to the inferior meatus of the 
nose. L. fls'ttila. /■''. fist ulc lacrymale ; 
G. Thranenfistcl ; /. fistola lagrimale. Fis- 
tula at inner corner of eye communicating 
with lachrymal sac. L. fos'sa. 1. L. 
fossa lachrymalis ; F. fossette lacrymale; G. 
Thninendrusengrube ; /. fossa laiirimale. 
Depression in which the lachrymal gland is 
lodged, on lower surface of orbital plate of 
frontal bone, near external angular process. 
2. L. fossa .sacci lachrymalis ; G. Thranen- 
sack<;rube. The upper enlarged part of 
the lachrymal groove. L. gland. L. glan- 
dula lachrymalis ; /'. glaiidc lacrymale ; G. 
Thninendriise. /. glandola lagrimale. A 
flattened body, about the size of an almond, 
situated at the superior external angle of 
the orbit. .\n upper, orbital portion is 
contained in the lachrymal fossa ; a lower, 
palpebral portion impinges on the upper 
eyelid ; secretes the tears. L. groove. L. 
sulcus lachrymalis; F. goutticn^ lacrymale; 
G. Thranenfurche ; /. doccia lagrimale. 1. 
That part of superior maxillary bone be- 
hind nasal process which is grooved to re- 



ceivc the laclirymal duct. Also applied to 
a similar groove on tlie lachrymal bone. 2. 
Ktidi'rmal groove marking the line along 
which the tear-duct is to be developed in 
the embryo. L. mus'cle, tensor tarsi. L. 
nei've. L. nervus lachrymalis ; /'. nerf 
lacrvuial ; (! . Tiiraneiinerv ; /. nervo la- 
grimale. Smalli'st branch of ophthalmic 
division of trifacial nerve; supplies lachry- 
mal gland, and gives sensation to the con- 
junctiva and the skin over outer angle i>f 
eye. L. notch. L. incisnra lachrymalis. 
That portion nf (irbital surface of superior 
ma.xillarv lioun<liiig Dpening for the lach- 
rymal duct. L. papilla. L. papilla lach- 
rymalis ; F. tuliercule lacrymal ; G. Thril- 
nenpapille ; /. papilla lagrimale. The ele- 
vation (in either eyelid near inner cantlnis 
where a lachrymal canaliculus opens. L. 
point: see I hirri/iiii^ Puncliim liicliri/mdlr. 
L. point, infe'rior. (r. unterer Thriinen- 
grubeiipuiikt. Lowest point of inferior 
liorder iif larhrymal sulcus [v. Torilk]. L. 
point, poste'rior. F. point lacrymal 
posterieur; <t. hinterer Thraiienbein)innkt. 
Tliat where posterior edge of lachrymal 
groove meets frmital bune. L. point, 
poste'ro-supe'rior. <i. hinti'rer nlK'rer 
Thr;iiiengrubcn|unikt. 1 ]i]ier end of ]ios- 
teri(jr lachrymal crest, at the froiitn-lachry- 
mal suture [v. Tiiriik]. L. proc'ess. L. 
pmcessiis lachrymalis ; F. ungue- 
ale. 1. A prcijecting angle nf superior 
border of inferior turbinate bone, whiidi 
articulates with the lachrymal, i. Nasal 
process. L. punc'ta: see I'lnuium /m-h- 
ri/male. L. sac. L. saccus lachrymalis ; 
F. sac lacrymal ; (1. 'J'hrauensack ; /. sacco 
lagrimale. The (u-bital ]iortion of the lach- 
rymal duet. <'i](ling above near inner angle 
of eye \vi(h a rounded extremity; below, 
eontiiuious with nasal duct. L. tu'bercle, 
L. papilla. L. veins, tributaries of oph- 
thalmic v., collectiMg blood from lachrymal 

Lachryma'lis poste'rior {L.). Ten- 
sor tarsi. 

Lachi-ynia'tion. //. lacrymatio ; F. 
larmoicmcnt ; I!. Thriinentluss ; /. lairri- 
mazione. \\\ excessive flow <if tears. Some 
cases of sanguineous lachryniation liave 
been reported. 

Lach'nono-na'sal duct. Nasal duct. 

Lacin'ia (A.). Fringe, fimlu-ia. 

Lacin'ise tu'bae Pallop'ii (/>.). Fim- 
briie id' Fallojiian tube. 

Lacin'iated. 7^. laeiniatus; /". laeinie. 

eo ; G. ausgezackt ; I. laciniato. Jagged, 

Laciniure (F.). 1. A small fissure. 2. 
A narrow strip of adhesive plaster or simi- 
lar substance. 

Lacis (F.). Plexus. 

Lack (tf'.J. Lac. 

Lackmus(G.). Litmus. 

Lac'mus {L.). Litmus. 

Lacon'icum (L.). Sweating-room, va- 

Lac'rima, Lac'rynia, and derivatives: 
see under Lacliryma, etc. 

Lacrymal (/•'.). Lachryinal. 
Lacryma'tio ( L.). Lachryniation. 
Lacrymine (F.). Daerycdine. 
Lacs ( F.). Subarachnoid confluents. 
L. derivatifs, parasinoidal spaces. 

Lactalbu'men [lac, albumen]. Casein. 

Lac'tas (/>.). Lactate. L. cal'cicus 
[Cod.], calcium lactate. L. ferro'sus, fer- 
r(uis lactate. L. niagne'sicus [!'. Neer.], 
magnesium lactate. L. quin'icus, (|uinine 
lactate. L. so'dce [P. Belg.], sodium lac- 
tate, L. ztn'cicus [Cod.], zinc lactate. 

Lac'tate. L. lactas; G. niilchsaures 
Salz ; /. lattato. A salt of lactic acid. 

Lactate (F.). Lactate. L. de cal- 
cium or L. de chaux, calcium lactate. 
L. de fer or L. ferreux, ferrous lactate. 
L. de magiiesie, magnesium lactate. L. 
de quinine, (|uinine lactate. L. sodique, 
sodium lac'tate. L. de zinc, zinc lactate. 

Lacta'tion. L. lactatio ; /. lattazione. 
The secretion (d' milk. 

Lactationsirresein ( G.). Insanity dur- 
ing lactation, due to amemia. 

Lacte, ee (/'.). Kelating to, or con- 
taining, milk ; lacteal. 

Lac'teal. L. lacteus: /'. laefe. ee ; G. 
niilchig; /. latteo. ].. Milky. 2. Pertain- 
ing to the lacteals. L. fls'tula, an abnor- 
mal passage for milk through the walls of 
the mammary gland. L. sac, am]udla lae- 
tifcra. L. si'nus. G. .Milchsiickchen. A 
sinus-like dilatation of the lactiferous duct 
near its termination at the nipple. 

Lac'teals. A. vasa lactea ; /'. vaisseaux 
cdiylifVres ; G. Chylusgefasse ; I. vasi chili- 
tVri, vasi lattei. The lymphatic vessels 
which collect chyle from the alimentary 

Lactes'cent. />. lacteseens ; /".lactes- 
cent, ente; G. niilchartig. Milky, resem- 
bling milk. 



Lac'teUS, a, Um (L.) [ya?.axr!/.6i~\. 
Milky, pertaining to milk. 

Lac'tic. L. lacticus ; F. laetique ; G. 
milchio; ; /. lattice. Pertaining to, or de- 
rived from, milk. L. ac'id. HCjHjOa. L. 
acidum lacticum ; F. acide laetique ; G. 
Milchsiiure ; /. acido lattice. 1. The acid 
of sour milk ; a colorless sjTupy liquid, ob- 
tained for commercial purposes by the lac- 
tic fermentation of sugar. 2. A liquid 
compo.sed of 75 per cent, of absolute lactic 
acid and 25 per cent, of water [U. S. F.]. 
L. ac'id fer'ment, Bdcillus acidi lactici. 

Lactiferous [lac, ferre]. F. lactifere ; 
G. milchfiihrund ; /. lattifero. Milk-con- 
veying. L. ducts. L- ductus lactiferi ; 
F. conduits lactiferes ; G. Milchgiliige ; /. 
condotti galattofori. Excretory ducts of 
mammary gland, ten to fourteen in num- 
ber, opening on surface of nipple. 

Lac'tiform. F. lactiforme. Having 
the ap]>e:irance of milk. 

Lactifuga(/v.). /'. lactifugcs. Anti- 

Lactigene (F.). Milk-producing. 

Lacti'go (/>.). Porrigo. 

Lac'tin. i^. lactine ; 7. lattina. Milk- 

Lactisu'gium (L.). Breast-pump. 

Lac'tocele. Galactocele. 

Lactom'eter. F. lactometre, galacto- 
mi'tre ; G. Milchmesser; /. galattometro. 
An instrument for determining the (|uan- 
tity of cream in milk. 

Lactophos'phas cal'cicus a'qua so- 
lu'tus. F. lactojiliosphate de chaux en 
solution [Cod.]. iSolution of lactophos- 
phate of calcium. 

Lactopro'tein [lac, proteine]. /'. lacto- 
pniteiiie; 7. lattoproleina. The metalbumin 
of milk. 

Lac'toscope [(T/taiTrii^]. (/. Milchmes- 
ser ; I. lattoscopio. Instrument for deter- 
mining the proportion of cream in a sample 
of milk. 

Lac'tose. G. Milchzuckcr ; 7. lattosio. 

Lactosu'ria (i.) ["0/'">]. Presence of 
milk-sugar in urine. 

Lactosyn'togen. Ilemialbumosc. 

Lactosyn'tonid. Acid albumin found 
in kefir. 

Lactu'ca (7^.). 1. A genus of plants, 
Nat. Ord. (^Jtiipoxif.r, Llc/nUjlonr. 2. Let- 
tuce. L. altis'sima, Bieb., native of the 

Caucasus ; cultivated in France for the 
production of lactuearium. L. capita'ta, 
DC, a variety of garden lettuce, Lnctuca 
satlva. L. ; official in the Cod. L. sati'va, 
common garden lettuce; cultivated in many 
varieties as an article of diet. L. sca- 
ri'ola, nearly allied to L. vlrofa; a source 
of lactuearium. L. viro'sa. F. laitue 
vireuse ; G. Giftlattich ; 1. lattuga virosa. 
Prickly lettuce; a European species of L. 
official in the B. P. and Cod. ; cue of the 
sources of lactuearium. 

Lactuca'rium (7^.). G. Giftlattich- 
saft ; 7. lattugario. The concrete milk- 
juice of Lacliicii virosa, L. [U. S. P.], ob- 
tained by incision and spontaneous evapo- 
ration. It is also a product of other species 
of Lactuoi, as, L. satirn, L., L. acarioln, 
L., and L. idtissima, Bieb. ; a feeble and 
uncertain hypnotic : see also French, Ger- 
man, etc. fdctiicarium. L. gal'licum [P. 
Helv.], lactuearium prepared IVuui Lucluca 

SCdnnlil. L. 

Lactu'cerin. C,cH,.,„0. F. lactueerine; 
/. lattucerina. A cry.stallinc, odorless, 
tasteless sub.stance, one of the principal 
constituents of lactuearium. 

Lactucim'ina or Lactu'mina (7/.). 
1. Aiihtluc. 2. Ke/.ema capitis. ?>. Crusta 

Lac'tucin. ('nIli^O;, II,(). /'. lactu- 
cinc ; /. lattucina. A erystallizable bitter 
principle found in lactuearium. 

Lactumen {F.). Crusta lactea, impet- 
igo larvalis. 

Lactumineux, euse {F.). Relating to 

Lacu'na, jil. ae (7-.). F. lacune; G. 
Liieke. A pit, hollow, or gap. L-se. of 
bone : see Hone hicumt. L-se. of How'- 
ship. G- llowship'sche Tiakunen: see Jloir- 
ship's l(icitii:v. L. la'bii superio'ris, ama- 
bile. L. lateralis, parasinoidal space. L. 
mag'na, one of the largest of Morgagni's 
lacuuio, situated on upper surface of fo.ssa 
navicularis. L-SB. Morgagni : sec Mor- 
<ja<jiii, laritnuR of. L. musculo'rum, that 
portion of the space beneath Poupart's lig- 
ament external to sheath of femoral ves- 
sels, and occupied by mu.scles and nerves. 
L. pharyn'gis, Kosenmiiller's fossa. L. 
vaso'rum, s]iace beneath Poupart's liga- 
ment thriiugh which the great vessels pass 
down, being upper end of femoral .sheath. 
L. veno'sa latera'lis, parasinoidal space. 

Lacuna della lingua (7). Foramen 



Lacunaire (F.). Possossinrr lacun;«. 
Lacu'nar (/..)■ A rcilin-. L. or'bi- 
tse, roof of i.rliit. L. venti'ic'uli quar'ti, 
valve of A'icusseiit;. 

Lacunare (/.)■ Having; lacuna'. 
Lacune {F.). Lacuna. L. de la 
langne, foraiueu c;ccuui. 

La'cus (/>.). Sjiacc tor ciilK'ctiiui of 
fluiil. L. lacryma'lis. /•'. lac lacnmal ; 
^■. 'riii-ai)cii.-cc ; /. laiid laiiriiiialc. Sjiacc 
in which tlie tears collect between liils and 
hall at inner anulc of eve. L. venae cavse 
inferio'ris, enlari;enient into which tlu' he- 
jiatic vein.s cmiity just below the diaphragm. 
Ladano(/. ). Jjabdanuui. 
Lada'num ( //.) : see Luln/aiiiim. 
Ladenber'gia magiiifo'lia, Kl. Budta 
mcgiiijo/iii. \\ rdd. 

La'dies' man'tle. Alch- milln mlja- 
ns. L. 

Ladies' slip'per. ("ypripedium. 
Ladl-e [F.). Jlelating to, or afiected 
■with, or measles. 

Ladrerie (/"). 1. Leprosy. 2. Mea- 
sles in the hog. 

Lady Webster's pills. Pills of aloes 
and mastic. 

Lady's thumb. J'Ji/;/'iiiiii)i rnsua- 
rid. \j. 

Lse'dens ( /..). Injurious, hurtful. 
Lahnie ( ''».). Lameness, paralysis. 
Lahmen, to make lame, to paralyze. 
Lahmung, paralysis. 

Lgemoparal'ysis (//.) [/'/;,'-<"i-, r«(yu- 
/.iiw'j. I'ui-alysis of a-sophagus. 

Leemosteno'sis (/>.) ['rr/^cj^/N-]. Stric- 
ture of u'sophagus. 

Lange(<r.). Length. In com]iosition 
Langen, as. — bnich, lon.>;itudinal frac- 
ture; — durchschnitt, longitudinal sec- 
tion; — hohenindex, vertical index: — 
schnitt, longitudinal incisi(in ; — spalt, 
longitudinal tissure ; — wachsthum, lon- 
gitudinal growth. 

Langs ((''.)■ .\long. In composition 
= longitudinal ; — bander, ligam<'nts of 
the colon; — blutleiter, longitudinal si- 
nuses; — bruch, longitudinal fracture ; — 
blindel, huigitudinal bundle; — dispa- 
rates Punktpaar, a pair of points lying 
on corres]ionding vertical lines of demarca- 
tion (lilingssclitiitte) on the retinas, but 
upon disparate Inu-izontals (Qucrsehidtte) ; 
— ebene des Sehraumes, mittlere, that 
plane of visual space upon which appears 

whatever is imaged on the two central ver- 
tical lines of demarcation of the eyes (mit- 
tlere Langsschnitte) ; it divides visual space 
into a right and a left half; — ebenen or 
— schnittebenen, planes jiassed through 
the Vertical lines of demarcation ( Langs- 
schnitte), and througli the crossing-])oint of 
lines of direction. Mittlere Langsebene, 
a vertical plane passed through the eye 
when it is directed horizontally i'orward 
toward distance ; — furche der Hohl- 
hand, line of fortun<' ; — hoi'opter : see 
Um-nptri- ; — mitteUinie des Sehfeldes, 
the lino of intersection of the Mittlere 
l^angsebene des Sehraumes with the field 
of view. In it are seen all outer points 
which image themselves on the central 
vertical lines (d' demarcation of the two 
retiu;v; — riss, longitudinal rupture; — 
schnitte : see Lints of dmnan ution ; — 
schnittebenen, Langsebenen ; — spalte, 
longitudinal tissure; — stl'eifen, stri;e Ion- 
git udinales. 

Laennec's cuTho'sis. Chronic inter- 
stitial hepatitis. 

Lappcheni ^'. ). Lobule; — bronchien, 
lobular tubes. 

Larchenschwamm ( H.). White agaric. 

Lee'sio ('/..). Lesion, injury. 

Lausekonier (U-). Cevadilla. 

Lausekrankheit or Lausesucht ( G.). 


Lausesamen ( (!■)■ Staphisagria. 

Lseviga'tio ( /-.). Levigation. 

Lse 'vitas mtestino 'rum (i/.). Lientery. 

Lse'vogyre [la-vus, yoyi'ii]. I. levogiro. 
Causing rotation of the plane of polariza- 
tion to the left. 

Lse'vulose : see Tjiriiln>i>\ 

LEeviilosu'ria( L.). The jircsence of a 
substance in the urine which has all the 
]iro]ierties of glycogen, with the exception 
that it turns the jiolarized ray to the left. 
The synqitonis are tlnise of diabetes. 

La Fayette Springs. Saliiu'. sulphu- 
retted waters. La Fayette f'^jrrings, La 
Fayette Co., Mississippi. 

La'gam bal'sani. The product of an 
unknown tree of Sumatra; resembles gur- 
jun bal.sani. 

Lage (''/.). Position, attitmle. layer, 
stratum ; — anomalie, almorinal iiosition ; 

— verandening, change of place, eeto]ua ; 

— verkehrung, situs transversus; — 
wechsel, change of position or presenta- 



Lage'na (L.). Blind sac of the cupola. 

Lagena'ria vulga'ris, Seringe. Gourd ; 

native of tropical Asia and Africa ; the 

seeds are said to be diuretic, the root a 

drastic purgative. 

Lager ((r'.). 1. Bed, couch. 2. Layer, 
stratum; — fleber or — sucht, camp 
fever, typhus: — haft, bed-ridden. 

Laget'ta lintea'ria, Lam. Lace-tree ; 
grows in the West India islands. The in- 
ner bark — lace-bark — is said to resemble 
mezereon in medical properties. 

Lagne'sis, or Lag'nia, or Lagno'sis 
(L.) [/'i/->"ir]. Excessive venereal desire. 
Lag'nic. L. lairnicus. Lustful. 
Lago lagrimale (/.). Lacu.s lacry- 

Lagochei'liis(//.) [^a)-a),^,-/zV.n'^~\. Hare- 

Lagoftalmo (/.). Lagophthalmu.s. 
Lagonop'onus (//.) [/.«;-(y/, -">"i]. Pain 
in the flank or side. 

Lagophthal'mia (//.) [^aywi, oyfl«/- 
li('ii]. Liability to close the eyelids. 

Lagophthal'mus [/.«;-(o.-, oy>^«''/"''>"]- ^■ 
laj,'iiphtlialniie ; (/. Hasenauge; /. lagof- 
talmo. A defect in the upper lid which pre- 
vents its covering the eyeball. 

Lagos'toma (L.) [imi/Jia]. Ilarc-lip. 
Lagottalmo (/.). Lagophthalmus. 
Lagrima ( /.). Tear. Lagrimale, 
lachrvniiil. Lagrimazione, larlnymation. 
Lagrimina, dacryolinc. 

Lahm {(-•'■). 1/ame. Lahmen, to be- 
come lame. Lahmheit, lameness. 
Lahore sore : see Ulcers, endemic. 
Laiche (^'j- Oirex arenaria, L. 
Laimosteno'sis {L.). Laemostenosis. 
Laine (F.). Wool. L. antiseptique, 
antiseptic wool. L. pheniquee, earbolized 

Lait (F.). IVlilk. L. d'amandes. al- 
mond mixture. L. de beurre or Petit- 
lait, biittirmilk. L. bleu, blue milk. L. 
caille, curds, curdled milk. L. de chaux, 
milk of lime, solution of hydrated lime. 
L. concentre, condensed milk. L. de 
poule, emulsion of yolk of egg. L. de 
soufi'e, precipitated sulphur. 
Laiteux, euse {F.). Milky. 
Laitue (/•'.). Lettuce. L. cultiv6e, 
Lactuai siith'ii, L. L. fetide, Jj'u-turn vi- 
rosa, L. L. gigantesque, Lac'uni idlis- 
sima, L. L. pommee, Lactuca capitata, 
L. L. vireuse, Lactuca virosa, L. 

La'ity [/aov]. Those who do not be- 
long to the profession spoken of. 

Lake Auburn Min'eral Spring. Al- 
kaline water. North Auburn, Androscoggin 
Co., Maine. 

Lakritze (G.). Extract of glycyrrhiza. 
In composition Lakritzen, as, — saft, ex- 
tract of glycyrrhiza; — wurzel, glycyr- 

Lalaregolo. Narcolepsy. 

Lal'ia ( L.) [/'i/tcu]. Speech. 

Lalla'tion or Lal'hng. L. lallatio ; G. 
Lallen ; 7. lallazione. Defective, infantile 
speech ; substitution of I for /•. 

Laloneuro'sis (A.) [/.«/.^a>, vsu/^ov'^. 
Disorder of speech of nervous origin. 

Lalopath'ia (L.) [::«(9"S']. G. Lalo- 
pathie. A disorder or disturbance of speech. 

Lalople'gia (Z.) [-/ij;-7j]. Paralysis 
of the tongue. 

Lamb'da [Gr. letter .)]. /. lamda. 
Point where sagittal and laiubdoid sutures 
meet. I'sed in craniometry. 

Lambdacis'mus (Z,.). F. lambdacis- 
nie. Difficult or defective pronunciation 
of the letter /. 

Lambdanaht (G.). Lambdoid suture. 

Lamb'doid [.1, elA'i,-]. Resembling the 
Greek letter .1 ; secondarily, relating to the 
lambdoid suture. L. bone. F. os lamb- 
doidien. A large Wormian bone often 
fdund in the lambdnid suture. L. mar'- 
gin. />. margo lambdnidens. Border as- 
sisting to form the lamliibiid suture. L. 
SU'ture. L.. I. sutura lanibdiiidea ; /'. 
suture lambdoide ; (^r'. Lambdanaht. That 
between occipital and parietal bones. 

Lambeau (/".). Flap. 

Lanib'kill. Kulmla nngustifolin, L. 

Lamb-let'tuce. Feilia olitoria, Vahl. ; 
leaves used as salad. 

Lamb's quar'ters. Chfimpodium al- 
bum, L. 

Lamda (A). Lambda. 

Lame, lam [.1. .S'. lam]. F. boiteux, 
euse ; G. lahm ; J. zoppo. Disabled, par- 
ticularly in lower limbs ; crippled. 

Lame, pi. Lames (F.). 1. Lamina or 
lamella. 2. Blade, as of a knife. L. an- 
nulaire, annulus fibrosiis. L. comee, 
stria termiiKilis. L. criblee, lamina crib- 
rosa. L. criblee spiroide, spiral tract. 
L. descendante, iincinatc process. L-s. 
dorsales, medullary ridges. L. flbro-cu- 
tanee, somatopleure. L. flbro-intestinale 



or L. intestinale, splanchnoplotire. L. 
medullail'e, midullai y I'late uf cin^ryo. 
L. inusculaire, iim.scU'iilatc of ciiilirvo. 
L. oblique, unoinato pmctss. L. prevei^- 
tebrale, lu-dtcivcrtcbi-al plate. L. Ruy- 
schienne, tunica Ivuvscliiaua. L. sonia- 
tique, siiinatdpk'uix'. L. spirals, spiral lam- 
ina. L. unciforme, uneinati! ju-uofss. L-s. 
ventrales, ventral laniituu of the einlirvo. 
L. vertebrale, lamina of vertelua. L. 
vitree, vitreous table. 

Lamel'la, pi. ee { L.). F. lamelle ; G. 
PliUtehen. A thin layer or jilate. L-se. 
of bone. L. lamina o.s.-iium ; G. Knochen- 
lamellen. Concentric riniis surrounding an 
Haversian canal. L. ir'idis ante'rior. L. 
niemlirana Zinnii; G. Wasserliaut iler Iris. 
Anterior layer of iris, composed of con- 
nective tissue similar to that of lymphoid 

Lamel'lae (/-.). Discs. L. atropi'nae, 
discs of atropine. L. cocai'nae, discs of 
cocaine. L. physostig'minse, discs of 

Lain'eUar. />. lamellaris; F. lamclleux, 
euse ; G. blutterii: ; /. laniellare. CcunposeJ 
of lamella;. 

Lam'ellated. X. lamellatus; F. lamelle, 
^•e ; G. hlattrij: ; /. lamellato. Having la- 
melh« or layers. 

Lamelle triangxilaire (F.). Lamina 

Lamellen f^r ). Lamelhv. 

Lamelles a noyaux miiltiples (F.). 

Lamelleux, euse {F.). Lamellar. 

LameUule (F. ). A small lamella. 

Lam'tna f//.), jil. ae. /•'. lame; G. 
Platte. A thin sheet or ]ilate. L-ae. ar- 
cua'tse gyro'rum, fibres connecting neigh- 
boring Convolutions either in cerebrum or 
cerebellum. L. ascen'dens, vertical plate. 
L. audito'ria, auditory plate. L. basila'- 
ris, basilar membrane. L. cacu'luillis, 
folium cacuminis. L. cartilag'inis cri- 
coi'dese. ''/. liingknorpelplatle. The 
posterior higher ])ortion of the cricoid car- 
tilage. L-se. cartilag'inis thyroi'dese, 
ahe of thyroid cartilage. L. centra'lis, 
lierpendlcular ]>late. L-Ee. of cerebel'- 
lum. L. lamina' cerebelli. Narrow folds 
of the cortical layer. L. cilia'ris. ciliarv 
zone. L. cine'rea, fourth ven'tricle, 
stratum cinereum. L. cine'rea, third 
ven'tricle, l.imina ti'rminalis. L. com- 
pac'ta inter'na, thick, compact, tissue 
found at the lower border of the neck of 

the femur. L. cona'rii, pineal lamina. 
L-ee. concha'rum, turbinate bones. L. 
cor'nea, stria terminalis. L. cortica'lis 
posterio'ris pedun'culi, temporo-occipi- 
tal tract of erusta. L. cribrifor'mis, 
cribriform plate. L. cribro'sa. /'. lame 
criblee ; G. iSiel)platte. 1. Ciibriform jjlate 
of etlimoid bone. 2. Hoiiy partition at 
Ixittom (if internal auditor^' meatus. jiierceJ 
witli lioles for transmission of filaments of 
auditory nerve. ?>. Fart of sclerotic jier- 
forated by auditory nerve, presenting an 
appearance of pores througli which the 
filaments pass. 4. Cribriform fascia of 
saphenous opening. 5. Perforated spaces 
at base of brain. L. cribro'sa fas'ciae 
transversa'lis, sc])tuni crurale. L. den- 
ticula'ta, linj'/us of spiral lamina. L-se. 
dorsa'les. /'. lames dm-sales. Meilullary 
ridges. L. elas'tica poste'rior, mem- 
brane of Descemet. L. exter'na peri- 
tone'i, transversalis fascia. L. femora'- 
lis inter'na, femoral crest, internal. L. 
fos'sEe Syl'vii, capsula extrema. L. 
fus'ca, pigmented connective tissue on 
inner surface of sclerotic coat of eye. L. 
ganglio'sa hypogas'ti'ica, hypogastric 
]dexus. L. ge'nu, eomniissura baseos alba. 
L. gris'ea, gray column : see C"/iimiis of 
s/iiii((/ curd. L. horizonta'lis. 1. Cribri- 
form plate of ethmoid. '2. Horizontal jilate 
(if palate -bone. L. interme'dia or L. 
media'na, narrow flattened portion of 
anterior angle of thyroid cartilage. L. 
medias'tini, mediastinal pleura. L. me- 
dulla'ris circunivolu'ta, lamina medul- 
laris involuta. L. medulla'ris exter'na, 
meilullary layer, external. L. medulla'- 
ris inter'na, medullary layer, internal. L. 
medulla'ris involu'ta. G. Kernblatt. 
i^ujierticial medullary layer of cortex of 
brain, continued within hijipocampus major 
and turned inward around dentate fissure. 
L. medulla'ris transver'sa, smooth, flat 
portion of roof of aqueduct of .'^vlvius, near 
trochlearis nucleus. L. modi'oli. (r. 
Spindelblatt. Partition between second 
turn and third half turn of cochlea, ap- 
pearing as a continuation of the modiolus. 
L. nasa'lis, vertical plate of palate-bone. 
L. nerv'ea invol'vens, thin layer of 
nerve-substance separating the cpendyma 
from the organs appearing within ven- 
tricles of brain. L. orbita'lis. 1. Orbi- 
tal plate of ethmoid. 2. (Orbital process 
<if malar bone. L. os'sium, lamella of 
bone. L. palati'na. 1. Horizontal plate 
of )ialate-bone. 2. Palate process of s\ipe- 
rior maxillary. L. papyra'cea, orbital 



plate of ethmoid bone. L. parieta'lis, 
parietal laj'er of a serous membrane. L. 
psdunculo'rum, peduncular lamina. L. 
perfora'ta ante'rior and poste'rior, per- 
forated spaces. L. perpendicula'ris, per- 
pendicular plate of ethnicjid bone and of 
palate-bone. L. profun'da fas'ciee peri- 
ne'i [Lessliaft]: see I'erineal fascia, middle 
layer. L. quadrigem'ina. G. Vierhiigel- 
platte. That part of mesencephalon sustain- 
ing the corpora cjuadrigemina. L. reticu- 
la'ris, reticular lamina. L. Ruysch'ii, 
tunica Kujschiana. L. seniicircula'ris, 
stria terminalis. L-ae. sep'ti lu'cidi or 
pellu'cidi, thin walls separating 5th ven- 
tricle from lateral ventricles on either side. 
L. spheno-petro'sa, thin horiz<intal plate 
of bone extending backward from great 
wing of sphenoi<l, and forming upper part 
of wall of passage for Eustachian tube. 
L. spira'lis coch'lese. F. lame spirale. 
Spiral lamina. L. spira'lis membrana'- 
cea or L. spira'lis mol'lis. membranous 
spiral lamina. L. spira'lis os'sea, spiral 
lamina. L. spira'lis secunda'ria, nar- 
rower portion at commencement of hinjina 
spiralis, which is continued around to oppo- 
site side of the cochlear canal. L-ae. 
spongio'SBB na'si, turbinate bones. L. 
suprachoroi'dea. G. Suprachorioidea. 
Outer layer of choroid of eye, composed 
of elastic fibres covered with epithelioid 
and pigment-cells. L. tecto'ria, mem- 
brana tcctoria. L. termina'lis. F. la- 
nielle trianguiaire ; 6r. Schlussplattc. Thin 
layer of gray matter closing third ventricle 
in front. E.'itends from optic commissure 
to anterior commissure of brain, and repre- 
sents anterior end of primitive medullary 
tube. L. triangula'ris, posterior jiortion 
of great wing of sphenoid. L. tympan'- 
ica, tympanic bone. L. of a ver'tebra. 
L. lamina vertebralis ; F. lame vcrtebrale ; 
G. Platte des Wirbelbogens ; 1. lamina vcr- 
tebrale. Posterior flattened part of arch of 
a vertebra. L. vit'rea, vitreous table. 

Lamina della sommita (/.). Folium 


Laminaire or Lamineux (F.). Lami- 

Lamina 'ria (7^.). 1. A genus of Alg^. 
2. The stems of Laminarln Cloiisloiii, P^dni. 
L. Clous'toni, Kdm., .sea-tangle ; a deep- 
water seaweed of the Atlantic and Pacific 
oceans ; the dried cylindrical stalks readily 
absorb moisture, and are used as a sub- 
stitute for compressed sponge in the prep- 
aration of surgical tents. L. digita'ta, L. 

1. L. Cloustoni, Edm. 2. L. fli.ricatiliii.Jje 
Jolis. L. esculen'ta, Lamour., an edible 
species ; the ash is used as a source of 
iodine. L. sacchari'na, Lamour., used for 
obtaining iodine. L. tents. G. Laniina- 
riastifte : see I'riils, itlerinc. 

Lam'inated. L. laminatus ; F. lami- 
naire ; G. laminirt ; /. laiuellato or lamel- 
lare. Composed of thin layers lamellated. 
L. tu'bercle, nodule of cerebellum. 

Lamina'tion. L. laminatio. Forma- 
tion of lamina;, splitting into plates or 

Lamine tiorbinati (/.). Turbinate 

Laminirt (G.). Laminated. 

Lamini'tis. Inflammation of .sensitive 
lamina; of the horse's foot. 

Lam'ium al'bum, L. Dead nettle, a 
European labiate plant, introduced into the 
U. S. ; flowers official in the Cod. ; mild 

Lam'pas. G. Frosch ; /. lampasso. 
Swelling of the bars of the mouth of the 

Lamp'black. Finely-divided carbon ob- 
tained by the incomplete combustion of 
resinous matter. 

Lam'pers. Lampas. 

Lampone (/.). Raspberry. 

Lampropho'nia (L.) [/.«,tt-o»f, <r<u>rj']. 
A clear, audible voice. 

Lanip'sana(/y.). /". lampsane. A genus 
of Compoai/x. L. commu'nis, L., a Eu- 
ropean herb, naturalized in the U. S. ; used 
as a salad herb, externally as an emollient. 

La'na ( L.). Wool. L. collo'dii, pyr- 
oxylin. sdIuIiIc gun-cotton. L. gossjrp'ii, 
cotton-wool. L. philosoph'ica, flowers 
of zinc. 

Lan'caster black drop, ^'incgar of 

Lan'cet [.Irm. lanza]. F. lancettc ; G. 
Lanzette; /. lancotta. A small sharp- 
pointed knife used in venesection, opening 
ab.sccsses, etc. The two sides of the handle 
arc attached only l)y luie rivet, passing 
through the base of the blade : see Spriiiff- 
laiic't. • 

Lancettier (F.). Lancet-case. 

Lan'cinating. L. lancinans ; F. lanci- 
nant, ante ; (i. stechend ; / lancinante. 
Term applied to acute, darting, or .^hooting 

Lan'cing. Opening with a lancet. 



Lanci'si, nerves of. i^triw limgitii- 

Landarzt (C/.). Cuuntry iiliysu'ian. 

Landeskrankheit ( ^'. )• KTHleinii' dis- 

Landfieber (/'')• EiHlcmio fever. 

Landol'fl's caus'tic. F. c:uisti(|ue de 
Landdlti. A iiiixtiiro of e(mal pavts(it' 
j)()wdci-fd liroiiiiiH" chlniide, ziiif clildride, 
gold fliliiridf, aiid antimniiy clddridc. 

Lan'di-y's paral'ysis. Acute asceiid- 
injr spinal jiaralysis. 

Land-scur'vy. Purimra iKOiiiorrhaLMea. 

Landseuche ( (!A. l>isea,se prevailing 
in the c.unitry ; fpidemic. 

Landskorbut (G.). Purpura luviuor- 

Land'zert, an'gle of. Angle of tlie 

Lan'fi-anc's coUyr'ium. L. mistura 
cathu'relica [Cud ] ; t\ ocillyre de Lanfranc ; 
/. ciillirid di Lanfranc. Aloes 5, niyrrli .'), 
copper acetate Id, arsenic trisnlidiide 1.^), MSO, wliite wine 10(M»; triturate 
the powdered solids with the wine, ami adil 
the rose-water [rcid.] ; used as a stimulant 
application to ulcers. 

Lan'genbeck's meth'od. Amputati.m 
of fdrcarm hy dmiljle Haps cut fnun with- 
out inward. 

Langerhans' cells. Stellate cells found 
in deeper layer nf c]iidcrmis, apparently re- 
lated to nerve-terminatiims. 

Langflissigkeit {(i.). Macropodia. 

Langkopf ( '"''.). Dolichocephalus. 

Langlebigkeit {G.). ^lacrobiosis. 

Langsichtigkeit C.'. ). Farsightedness. 

Langue (if^.). Tongue. L. de carpe 
or de tl-ivelin, f"rm of dental forceps. 

Lan'guor [/."/-/•''"'"] Z'. langueur ; G. 
Mattigkeil ; /. languidezza. ]>assitude, 

Lang-wiei-ig f ^' V Tedious, protracted. 

Laniaire ( /•' ). ranine tooth. 

Lania'rii den'tes ( />.). Canine teeth. 

Lan'olin [lana]. F. lamiline ; /. lann- 
lina. -\ yellowish or light-brown, sulid, 
unctuous, "rather tough fat, prepared froiu 
sheep's wool ; it takes up its own weight 
of water without becoming soapy ; is un- 
irritating and readily absorbed by the skin ; 
used as an cxcipient for various ointments. 

Lan'termann's not'ches. Oblique 


grodves in tlie medullary sheath of a nerve- 

Lan'thopine. C.,,n..;,NO^. A crystal- 
liz:itde alkaloid i'duntl in opium. 

Lanu'ginous. L- lannginosns; F. 
lanugineux, euse ; G. Hauniig ; /. lanugi- 
noso. Covered with lanugo, downy. 

Lanu'go (L ). F. duvet; G. Flaum ; 
/. lanugine. Sol't, fine rudimentary hair, 
found on many parts of the body, es]>ecially 
that wdiich covers the fa^tus. L. gossyp'ii, 
Cotton, cott(ui-wool. 

Lanzenmesser ((?.). Lance-shaped 

Lanzette ( *■/.). Lancet. In composi- 
tion Lanzetten, as, — besteck or — 
teral, laueet-caso. 

Lapac'ticus ( L.) [/-/-.iT^,-.]. F. lapac- 
ti(pie. Evacuant. 

Lapag'ma ( />.). /"- lapagme. Evacua- 
tion, ilejcctiim. 

La'para ( />.) {'"i-aria']. The flank or 
loin; the hypipchondriac region. 

Laparec'tomy [i^ri'/w.-]. Kntereetomy, 

Lap'arocele (L.) ["/',]■ F. laparo- 
cMe; G. Banehbruch. Hernia in the Hank 
or loins ; lundiar hernia. 

La.parocolot'oniy [/•"-'"v, t/;/w/)]. G. 
Laparoeolotomie. Abdominal section and 
division of the colon low down to form an 
artificial anus. 

Laparocolpot'omy ]_/.<'>>-<";, T^/jr,]. 

Laparo-cystec'tomy [z'-rrr;?, UtIivm,,']. 
C<U7iidete removal, by abdominal .section, 
of the encysted ftetus with its cyst in ex- 
tra-uterine pregiKiney. 

Laparo-cystot'omy [zo-rr;.?, t"/-);']. 1. 
Suprapubic cystotomy. -. The extraction, 
in cxtra-utcrine pregnancy, of the fu-tus 
bv opening its cyst through an incision in 
the anterior abdominal walls. 

Laparo-elyti-ot'omy [^ilurpov, r<i//r^]. 
Opening the vagina by alidominal section ; 
trastro-elvtrotoiiiv. A substitute for tlie 
Ccesarean section. 

Laparo-enterot'omy [iVrionv, n-//);]. 
G. Laparoenterotoiuie. f^nterotomy by in- 
cision in the loins. 

Laparo-hysterec'tomy [/"jzlpa, Ixrl/i- 
vw]. L. laparidiystcrcctomia. Hysterectomy 
by abdominal incision. 

Laparo-hystero-oophorec'tomy. Re- 
moval of uterus and ovaries by abdominal 
section : see Porro's uperatiun. 



Laparo-hysterot'omy [■Wr/.oa, t..,'/.);]. 
G. Laiiarohy.-^tercitomie. Opening the ute- 
rus by abdoiniiKil section. When pert'onued 
to extract tlie fa'tus, it is the Cfesarean sec- 

Laparo-ileot'omy. G. Laparoileotomie. 
The operation of cutting into the ileum 
through an iuci.sion made in tlie abdominal 

Laparo-isterotomia (/). Laparo-hys- 

Laparo-kolpot'omy [z»/.r«c, r<',a);]. 

Laparo-monodid'ymus (//.) [,'i''w<c, 
8iou:jMi\. Double monster adherent at the 

Laparomsd'tis [/^''s]. Abdominal myi- 

Laparomyomec'tomy. Myomectomy. 

Laparomyomot'omy. .Myomotomy. 

Laparo-nephrec'tomy [ytifpu^, ixri^i- 
Ku]. Xephrectomy. 

Laparo-nephrot'omy. Nephrotomy. 

Laparo-salpingot'omy [rrriz-cy;. ro/zi;]. 
Removal of Fallopian tubus by abdominal 

Laparos'copy [T^o-i'w]. L. laparo- 
scopia ; /' laparoscopic. E.xamination of 
the abdomen. 

Laparosplenot'omy. Splenotomy. 

Laparot'omy [/.'i-dfifi, r<<//.ij]. F., G. 
Laparotoniic ; /. laparotomia. 1. The ope- 
ration of ojiening the abdominal cavity by 
incision in the loin. 2. Abdominal section. 

Laparotyphlot'omy [ryp/'ii', r",-/.);]. 
G. Laparotyphlntoniie. The operation of 
exposing or cutting into the ciBCum or ap- 
pendi.t vermiformis. 

Laparozos'ter (L.) [^^wirzr;/,']. Herpes 
zoster of the trunk (ir abihitnon. 

Laparysterot'omy. I,a]iaro-liystcrot- 

Lapathine (/'•)• Hitter resin obtained 
from niot of Humex ohtuxlfiilius. 

Lap'athum (L.'). Kumox. 

Lapax'is (/>.) \).a-<itr/T<ii'^. F. lapaxie. 

Lap'ides cancro'rum (//•)• Crabs' 

Lapidiflca'tion. //. lapidificatio. Cal- 
cifieation. ]ietrifaetion. 

Lapil'li ( L.'). pi. of Lapillus. (Jravel. 
L. cancro'rum, crabs' eyes. 

La'pis (Z.) [>.aa?]. A stone. L. ani- 
VoL. 1 1.— .3 

ma'lis, blood. L. calamina'ris, calamine. 
L. calamina'ris praepara'ta, prepared 
calamine. L. cavis'ticus chirurgo'rum, 
potassa. L. divi'nus, aluminated copjier. 
L. haemati'tes [1'. Dan.], native red oxide 
of iron ; ferric o.xide (FeA).,). L. inferna'- 
lis, moulded nitrate of silver. L. infema'- 
lis mitiga'ttis, diluted nitrate of silver. 
L. pum'icis, pumice. L. smyr'idis, em- 

Lap'pa (/-.). F. hardane ; G. Kletten- 
wurzel ; 1. bardana. 1. The root oi Lappa 
officinale, All. (^Arctium lappa, L.) ; .said 
to be alterative, diuretic, and diaphoretic. 
2. A genus of ])lants. Nat. Ord. Citrnposituc. 
L. ma'jor, G;ertn., or L. mi'nor, 1 '('., Lap- 
pa iffi'inalh, All. L. oflBcina'lis, -Ml., 
burdock; a European plant naturalized in 
North America ; includes the three forms 
L. majar, G»rtn., L. t'tmrnlnsa. Lam., and 
L. minor, DC. L. tomento'sa, Lam., 
Lappa officinalis, All. 

Lappen ( (!■). Flap, lobe ; — elephan- 
tiasis, pendulous fibnima of the skin ; — 
extraction, cataract extraction by cutting 
a corneal Hap; — schnitt, the cutting a 
flap ; flap amputation ; — wunde, a wound 
in which a flap or mass of tissue is nearly 
separated from the body. 

Lap'sana : see Lamp^ana. 

Lap'sus fZi.). A fall or falling. L. 
pilo'rum, alopecia. 

Laque (F.). Lac. L. bleue, litmus. 
L. en batons, stick-lac. L. en ecailles, 
slullae. L. en grains, soed-lac. 

La'quear vagi'nse (/>.). Fundus 

La'queus (/>•)■ Lemniscus. 

Larch. //. larix ; F. meleze ; G. Larche ; 
/. larice. The common name for trees of 
the genus Larix, Nat. Ord. Coiii/irx: see 
also Aimricau and Fitropean larch. L.- 
bark. L. laricis cortex. Tlie bark, de- 
prived of its outer layer, of Larix curopsta, 
DC. [B. P.]; a stimulant expectorant. 

Lard [laridum, lardum]. L. adpps ; 
F. axonge ; G. Schweinesehmalz ; /. adipe 
porcino. 1. The jireparcd internal fat of 
the abdoiuen of the hog, Siis scrnfa, L., 
purified bv washins; with water, melting 
ami straining [F. S. P.]; emollient; used 
in pharmacy as an ingredient of ointments 
and cerates. 2. In commerce the fat from 
any part of the hog: see also Bciizniiialrfl, 
etc. /aril. L. oil. L. oleum adipis ; G. 
Schmalzbl. A fixed oil expressed from 
lard at a low temperature. 



Larda'cein. Aiiiylnid matter. 
Larda'ceous. /'. lanhicc', ic ; (J. 
spefkijr ; J. lardacoo. Amvluid. 
Large du cou (/''■)• Platy.siiia. 
Large du dos ( /■'.). Lati.-->irmis dursi. 

Largeui- maximum du crane (/'). 
Transversa' diameter ot' skull. 

Larghissimo del dorso i /. ). Latissi- 
mus dcirsi. 

Largo del collo ( /. i. riatysuui my- 

Larice ( /.). La roll. 

Lar'icin. ('nil,.* >._,. An amnriilums bit- 
ter ]iriiiei]ile I'ouiid in white ai;aric. 

Lari'cis cor'tex ( A.). Landi-bark. 

Laringe ( /. ). Laryn.x. Laringeo, la- 
ryiifieal. Laringismo, larynLiismiis. La- 
ringite, laryn.i:itis. Laringografia, laryn- 
fretirapliy. Lariiigologia, laryniioluL^y. 
Lai-ingoscopia, laryn-nscupy. Laringo- 
scopio, larynydsciipe. Laringotifo, la- 
rynsidtyplius. Lariiigotomia, laryiitrot- 

Lar'moid [/.y/'i/'^-]. F. lariiioule. Lar- 

La'rix ( L. >. Larch. L. america'na, 
Miehx,. the American larch. L. decid'ua, 
^\\\\.. l^nii.i- Kiirnjimt, \)V . L. europae'a, 
I)('., Euriipean larch, of central and seutli- 
ern Kiuxqie ; yiehls larch-iiark and \'enicc 

Lark'spur. Jh/jiliiniiim CmtxiJiihi^ L. 

Larnie ( /■'.). Ti'ar. 

Larmoiement (F.). Kiii|iliiira. 

Lar'rea glutiuo'sa, MultI. 7>. m<xi- 
canii, ^Iiirieaiid. 

Lar'rea mexica'na, 3[iiri<'aiid. Crea- 
snte-hiish. stinkweed ; a shruli. Xat. Ord. 
Z//;/n/i/i,///,;, , L'riiwini: in Texas, Arizona, 
and ^le.vicii; the Imlanieal sunrce ol' Amer- 
ican hie. 

Lartigaie's pills. Said to enntain cutn- 
Jionnd extract id' cnhicynth :.'ll parts, ex- 
tract (pf e(r]eliieiim-si'<'ils and extract id' 
difritaiis. n|' racdi ! ]iart. 

Lar'val. /,, larvalis ; /■'. larve. ec ; (,'. 
vcrlarvt ; /. larvatn. Masked. 

Laryngalgie (/•'). Larvn-^eal neural- 

Laryuge'al [/../,'.■';•--]. A. laryn<jeus ; F. 
laryiiire. (•.■•, /. hirin-e... Kelatini; tn. pm- 
ceediiiLr, (U- cnnnecied with the larvnx. 
L. ar'teries. L. arteri:o hirvuLiea", /'. ar- 
teres laryn.uienne'^ ; f,\ Keldko|it'arterien ; /. 
nrterie laringce. supplying the lar- 

ynx, two in iHUiibcr — the superior 1. a. from 
the superior tliyroid, penetrating the crico- 
thyroid lucmbrane ; and the inferior 1. a., 
i'roui tlie inferior thyroid, passing up with 
the recurrent laryngeal nerve. L. cav'ity. 
L. cavum laryimis ; /'. cavite du larynx; 
G. Kchlkopi'liohle. The space within tlie 
larynx extending from .su]ierior aperture 
above to trachea lielow, divided into an 
upper 1. c, ab<ive tlie i'alse vocal cords, a 
miihlle 1. c, between the false and true 
cords, and a lower 1. e.. below the true 
cords. L. cham'ber, laryngeal cavity. 
L. nerves. 7^. nervi laryntrei ; F. nerfs 
iaryniiiens ; (>'. Kehlkopfnerven ; /. nervi 
larini.;i'i. liranches of pneumogastric. The 
superior 1. ii. arises from t!ie ,i;anglioii of 
the trunk. an<l divides into external and 
internal laryiiLfcal ; tlic former passing to 
inferior constrictor id' jdiarynx and crico- 
tliyroid muscle of pliarynx, the latter to 
mucous membrane of larynx. The infe- 
rior or recurrent 1. n. arises at root of 
neck, turns backward under arch of aorta 
(left side) or subclavian artery (riiiht side) 
and. ascendinir alont; the trachea to the lar- 
ynx, supplies most of its intrinsic muscles. 
L. phthis'is. '■/- Kehlkopfschwindsuclit. 
Tuliereular deposit and ulceration in the 
larynx. L. pouch, L. sacculus civcalks. 
A recess leading upward from the ante- 
rior part of either ventricle of tlie larvnx. 
L. veins. />. veiue larynt;c;v ; /■'. veincs 
laryiiLiieniies ; (,'. Keldkopfvenen ; /. vene 
larintree. \'eins collecting blood from lar- 
ynx, and discharuinL; into sujierior and in- 
ferior thvroid veins. 

Laryngec'tomy [/.'ifio-/:, ly-i;r^„i'\. F. 
laryiiLjectoniie. Exci.^ion of the larvnx. 

Laryngemplu-ax'is (7>.) [;'//c'/'6irr<T(u]. 
Obstruction of the larynx. 

Laryngien, enne (/'.). Laryngeal. 

Laryngis'mus ( L.) [/.'//"-';-;-.■'"<';]. F. 
larynL:ismc ; /. larintrismo. 1. Sjiasni of 
the nniscles of the larynx. 2. Hoarseness. 
L. paralyt'ica, disease of the, pro- 
duciiiL' •■ roariiiLT. " due to jiaralvsis or atro- 
]diy of dilator muscles id' larynx. L. 
stl-id'ulus, spasm of tlie jzlottis ; false 

Larjmgi'tis. /". laryngite ; fl. Kehl- 
kopfbriiuiic; 7. larintrite. Inflammation 
ol' the larynx. 

Laryngog'raphy [/-,"'' c'c.]. F. laryn- 
goirraphie ; 7. laringografia. Pcseription 
oi' the larvnx. 

Laryngol'ogy ["'•;■<'•;']■ F. laryngologic ; 



I. laringologia. The branch of medicine 
which treats of the larjnx and its diseases. 

Larjmgop'athy [-'/^"v]- L. laryngo- 
pathia ; F. laryngopatliie. Laryngeal dis- 

Laryn'go-pharynge'us {L.). F. la- 
rvngo-piiaryngieii. Inferior constrictor: see 
Constrictors of the pluirjjiix. 

Larjmgoph'ony [^wxr;]. Soiind of the 
voice heard in tlie larynx by aid of the 

Laryngophthi'sis(Z/.) {•fOiati']. Laryn- 
geal phthisis, 

Larsnigorrha'gia (L.) \_iWjwn.':]. F. 
laryngorrhagic. Ilanuorrhage from the 

Laryngorrhcs'a ( L.) [/!='«]. Chronic 
laryngeal catarrh. 

Larsm'goscope [u/.n-fc']. G. Laryn- 
goskop ; /. laringoseopio. An instrument 
for inspecting the interior of the larynx. 
It consists of two mirrors, one small and 
long-handled that can be held behind the 
fauces, so as to reflect the image of the 
larynx ; the second concave, and so placed 
as to throw light upon the first. 

Laryngoscop'ic. F. laryngosoopir|ue; 
G. laryiignsko|iisch ; /. laringoscopico, lle- 
lating to the laryngoscope or to laryngos- 

Laryngos'copy. F. laryngoscopie ; G. 
Laryngoskopie ; /. laringoscopia. The use 
of the laryngoscope. 

Laryngospas'mus ( Ij.)\f!\. I. 
laringdspa.-ino. Spasm of the larynx. 

Laryngospastisch, er, e, es ( G.). Per- 
taining to laryngral sjiasin. 

Laryngosteno'sis ( />, i \^nziyiu)T'.i\. Con- 
traction or narrowing of the larynx, 

Laryngot'omy [r.-//.);]. F. laryngoto- 
mie ; <!. Kelilkupfschnitt ; /. laringotomia. 
The operation of opening the larynx. 

Larjnagotrachei'tis [TfiayCtti]. F. 
laryngotracheitc. Inflammation of the 
larynx and trachea. 

Larsrngo - tracheot'omy [rpaytXa, 
Ti//v(u]. F. laryngo-tracheotomie ; /, laringo- 
tracheotomia. Cutting through the crico- 
thyroid membrane, the cricoid cartilage, the 
crico-tracheal inorabrane, and one or more 
rings of the trachea. 

Laryngoty'phus (/v., F.). I. laringotifo. 
Disease of the larynx as a sequel of typhus 
or enteric fever. 

Lar'ynx [/.'//jv;-?]. F. larynx ; G. 

Kehlkopf ; I. laringe. The essential organ 
of voice, situated at the median and an- 
terior part of the neck, above the trachea, 
and composed of a bos-like framework of 
cartilages united by ligaments and lined 
with mucous membrane, of which two 
folds, the vocal cords, stretch across the 
cavity and by their vibration produce sound. 
Las, Lasse (F.). Weak, weary. 
Laser'pitin. F. laserpitine. (jlucoside 
obtained from laserpitium. 

Laserpi'titim (/>.). A genus of Uin- 
helli/crn. L. latifo'litim, L.. white gen- 
tian, a European plant with a bitter tonic 

Las'sar's paste. Acidi salicylici gr. x., 
vaseline gss., ziuei oxid. .,ij.. pulv. amyli 
3ij. -M. Used in eczema in dry stage. 
Lassativo (/.)■ liaxative. 
Las'situde. L. las,situdo ; G. Abspan- 
nunsj; /. lassezza, lassitudine. Sensation 
of weakness and weariness, with or without 
previous exertion. 

Lasskopf (0.). Cupping-glass. 
Las Vegas Min'eral and Hot Spi-ings. 
Alkaline, saline, thermal watiMs. 7r)°-]4(l° 
K., near Las Vegas, 8an .Miguel Co., New 

Lata. Malay name of religious hysteria 
in Java [liirscli]. 
Latah. Miryachit. 

Lat'ebra (/>.). Termappliedby Purkinjc 

I to the central mass of fine yolk-granulos 

found in birds' ova; it is connected by a 

cord of similar substance with the white 

yelk of the germ-disc. 

La'tent. //. latens; /•'. latent, cntc ; /. 
latente. Lying hid ; present, but not ap- 
parent. L^pe'riod. L Time elapsing be- 
tween moment of stimulation and response 
given by an active tissue. 2. Time between 
exposure to cause of a disease and the 
manifestation of symptoms. 

Latenz ( G.). The existence of a dis- 
ease without the production of character- 
istic symptoms ; latency. 

Lat'erad. I 'sed to indicate motion or 
direction toward the lateral aspect [Bar- 

Lat'eral. L. lateralis, delating to the 
side. In anatomy it ordinarily indicates a 
reference to the right and left sides of the 
body, in contradistinction to mesial. L. 
an'gle: see Angle of h'erol difplncrmmt. 
L. as'pect, that toward the right or left 
side. L. disk of En'gelmann, Engel- 



nianii's accessory disk. L. gin'glymus, 
pivot-jiiiiit. L. lig'aments of an'kle. 
L. lipinii'iita latcralia arliciilatiiuiis ihmH,-. 
'I'lic iiiti'i'iial 1. 1. is tlu- ilchdiil 1.. wliicii sco. 
'J'lio external 1. 1. is coiiiiicisetl ui' tliree sep- 
arate luiriilies. which pass tVoin the external 
malleus in a railiatiiii; manner tii the astraj;- 
aliis and ealeaiieiim : see /'"/<. -////»/(//■ //</- 
iiiiiiiilf. Ciihiiiiiit-nliiditf liijiiiiii i[t. L. lig'- 
aments of el'bow, tlu^ external 1. 1. arises 
tViini the epilrneiih'a, anil Mends Uelow with 
the annular liLTament ot' the radius; the 
internal I. 1. is e(Mn]iiised nf two parts — the 
ligament uni humeid-eurdiniideitni and the 
ligamentnni nlecranndiuinerale. L. lig'- 
aments of knee, the external 1. Is. ]iass 
from uiiier eimdvle of femur to head of 
the fihula. They are tun in nuiulier — the 
long, a rounded eord King elnse to the 
tendon oi' the po]ilite\is : the short, farther 
hack, and intimately eonneeted with the 
tihres nf origin of same inusele. The in- 
ternal 1. Is. pa>s from the inner enndyle 
of the femur to thn tiljia ; the long, over 
the tendon nf the si-niinieinliraixisus ; the 
short, adheres to the internal semilunar 
eartilagp. They ari' elosely itnited, and 
are hy many ennsidereil as a single lig- 
aineni L. lig'aments of liv'er, trian- 
gular ligaments nf liver. L. lig'aments 

of wrist, the internal 1. I. is the lig- 
amentum carpi ulnare ; the external 1, I,, 
the lig.imentuni carpi radiale. L.mas'ses. 
L. massje laterales; /■'. masses laterales ; 
(r. Seitenmasseii ; /. masse laterali. 1. 
Kidarge(l si<les of atlas suppnrting supe- 
riiu' articular ])roeesses. '1. J^ateral por- 
tions of sacrum representing coalesced 
transverse prijcesses and costal elements. 
'■'>. 'I'wo se]iarately nssilieil spnngy masses 
which constilnte the sides of the eth- 
moid hnne, L. na'sal ar'tery. /.. ar- 
teria nasalis lateralis; (1. seitliidu' Xasen- 
artcrie. Br.anch fmm a. tn side of 
nose. L. opera'tion, piiineal lithotnmy 

on the left >iilc. L. recess'. />. rec-essus 
lateralis; ^'. seitlieher .\nslaufer. .\ tri- 
angttlar i)ocke( at either side of the fourth 
ventricle. L. seniicir'cular canal', ex- 
ternal semicircular canal. L. si'nuses. 
/.. sinus laterales; /■'. sinus lateratix ; '/'. 
(^uerhlnlleiler ; /. >eni trasversali. ^'en- 
ous channels in the r|in-a mater \vhi(di ex- 
t(>rnl outward and downwarij from the 
torcnlar Ileropliili upon ihi> inner surface 
of the occipital hnm> and discharge at the 
jugular fiu-amen into the hull) of the ju- 
gular vein. L. tract of medul'la, cnn- 
titiuation of lateral ei.ilum;i of spiiuil eord 

upward to medulla, where it is limited hv 
the atitero-lateral and |)ostero-laleral sulci. 
L. ven'tricle. L. ventrieulus lateralis; 
/'. ventricule lateral ; U. Seitenventrikel ; 
1. Ventrieolo laterale. That irregularlv- 
sliaped ]iorlioii of central cavity of brain 
j contained within either (d' the hemispheres. 
It communicates with its fellow and with 
the third ventricle by means of the foramen 
of .Monro, being elsewhere closed. 

Lateralsclerosis f f^r'.). S<Ierosis of the 
jiyramidal tracts in the sjiinal coid. with 
atrophy of certain nuclei in the medulla. 

Lat'eri-rec'tus (i.). Rectus capitis 
lateralis [Cones]. 

Lateri'tious. A. lateritius. Like brick- 

Lat'ero-flex'ion. F. lateroflexion ; G. 
8eitenbeugung ; /. lateroflessione. A tend- 
ing laterally, as of the uterus. 

Lateroposition ( (/. ). Term ap]ilied to 
a lateral displacement of a normal uterus, 
so that its axis is p:ir:illel to that which it 
would ha\e in proper jdace. 

Lateropulsion ( /'. ). /. latempulsione. 
Impulsion to the right or left side. 

Laterover'sion. Term applied to a lat- 
eral tilting of the uterus, the cervix being 
carrieil t(j one side and the fundus to the 

La'tex ( /... /-V). /. latice. .\ milky 
juice. L. niv'eus, milk. L. pi'ni [I'. 
Tort.], turpetitine. 

Lathyris'mus ( />.). F. lathyrisme: /. 
latirisnio. ("hrotiie ]ioisoiniig frcjin the use 
id' f^uilii/rii^ ('ill III. producing a peculiar 
' i'orm of jiaraplegia. 

Lath'yrus Cic'era. F. gesse chiehc. 
Species of Liffinuinrjxirj cultivated for its 
edible beans, which are sometimes, how- 
ever, verv uuwlndesome. 

Latis'sinio-condyloi'deus (/>.). Dor- 
so-epi trochlea lis [I5is(dniff J. 

Latis'simus col'li (X.). Platysma 

Latis'simus dor'si (L.'). F. crjnd 

doisal ; /. gran dorsale. A broad, flat mus- 
cle ('overing the loins and side of the tho- 
rax, ari>ing i'rotn spines of lower six or 
seven d(U-sal vertebrae the luniliar aponeur- 
osis, the iliac crest, and tlie last three or 
four ribs, atid inserted into bottom of bicip- 
ital groove of humerus. 

Lat'itancy. /•'. latitanee. The condi- 
tion of lyitig in wait, id' waiting for devel- 
I opment under favorable circumstances. 



Lat'itude. The vertical angle of dis- 
placement of the line of regard in the mo- 
tions of the eye. The name has analogy to 
terrestrial latitude when the vertical axis 
of the eye is taken as the polar diameter. 

Lato'nia Springs. Sulphuretted, saline 
waters, four miles from Covington, Kenton 
Co.. Keiituoky. 

Latrines (/^.). X., 7. latrina. A privy, 
more especially that form in which there is 
a long pit or trough receiving discharges 
from a number of stalls or openings. The 
term is also applied to a form of water- 
closet in which the common receptacle is 
a long trough which is flushed at stated 
intervals. L. a terre seche, earth-closet. 

Latschenol (6-'.). Oleum templinum. 

Lattare (/.). To suckle, to nourish. 

Lattato (/.). Lactate. L. di calce, 
calcium lactate. L. di ferro, ferrou.s lac- 
tate. L. di magnesia, magnesium lactate. 
L. di zinco, zinc lactate. 

Lattazione (/.). Lactation. 

Latte (/.). Milk. L. concentrato, 
condensed milk. L. di gallina : see Laii 
de poule. L. di solfo, precipitated sulphur. 

Latteo, a (/.). Milky. 

Latteruolo (/.). Curd. 

Lattescente (/.). Lactescent. 

Lat'ticed lay'er. L. stratum reticu- 
latum ; G. Gitterschicht. A layer of reticu- 
lated white fibres interspersed with grav 
matter on the external (attached) .surface 
of the optic tiialamus. 

Lattich or Lattig ( (/.). Lettuce; — 
bitter, lactucarium ; — extrakt, thridace. 

Lattice ("/). Lactic. Lattifero, lacti- 
ferous. Lattigeno, milk-producing. Lat- 
time, criLsta lactea. Lattina, lactose ; 
sugar of milk. Lattometro, lactometer. 
Lattoscopio, laelosco]je. 

Lattovario, or Lattuario, or Lattuaro 
(7. ). Electuary. 

Lattucina (7). Lactucine. 

Lattuga (7). Lettuce. 

Lattugario (/.). Tjactucarium. 

Latwerge {O). Confection, electuary. 

Laubfleck (G.). Pimple; little swell- 
ing or pustule. 

Lauch (0.). Leek. 

Laud'able pus. F. pus louablc or cre- 
moux ; G. laudabeler Eiter ; 7 pus laudabile 
or buono. Creamy, sweet, inoffensive pus. 

Lau'danine. C.,„H..,jiX(),. A crystal- 
lizable alkaloid found in opium. 

Runners' cramp. 


Laudanise, ee (F."). I. laudanizzato. 
Mixed with, or containing, laudanum. 

Laudano (7). Laudanum. L. liquido 
del Sydenham, Sydenham's laudanum. 

Laudan'osine. C,,H.,;NO,. A crystal- 
lizable alkaloid found in opium. 

Lau'danum. Tincture of opium. L. 
ex Rousseau [Cod.], Rousseau's lauda- 

Laudanum de Sydenham {F.). Sy- 
denham's laudanum. 

Laufknoten ( G.) [Nothnagcl]. Run- 
ning centre. Region near middle of ven- 
tricular surface of caudate nucleus, which 
when stimulated causes running movements 
in an animal. 

Laufkrampf ( G.) 

Lauge {G.). Lye. 

Laugenvergiftung ( G.) 
by lye. 

Laugh'ing gas. F. gaz hilarant ; G. 
Lachijas ; /. gaz esilarante. Nitrogen mo- 

Laugier's her'nia. Femoral hernia 
perforating Giuibernat's ligament. 

Laumonier's gan'glion. Carotid gan- 
glion, suj)crior. 

Lau'reL L. laurus ; F. laurier ; G. 
Lorbcer ; 7 lauro. 1. Laurus noLUis, L. 
2. The common name of several species 
of Kalinin. J'runus^ and other genera of 
plants. (lame-birds, .such as the common of this country, which have fed 
upon laurel ( AV(/mHj), have been poisonous 
to persons who have eaten them : see al.^o 
C/urri/, Miiuiifain. Sliiip. and Sicanip lau- 
ref. L. ber'ries. L. fructus lauri ; F. 
bales de laurier; G. Lorbeeren ; 7 frutti 
or bacche di lauro. Ray-berries, the fruit 
of Ijivtrua nohiUi, L. ; yield by expression 
a fixed oil, oil of laurel. L. ftnait. L. 
fructus lauri ; F. fruit de laurier; G. Lor- 
beeren ; 7 frutto di lauro. Bay-berries, 
the fruit of Laurus w/liilis, L. ; stimulant 
and narcotic. L. -leaves. L. folia lauri ; 
/'. feuilles de laurier; G. Lorbcerblatter; 7. 
foglie di lauro. Ray-loaves, the leaves of 
Laurus it'ihifin, L. ; used internally as a 
stomachic and febrifuge, and externallv in 
ointment or decoction for skin diseases and 

Lau'ric ac'id. CuHjjOj. F. aeide 
laurique ; 7 aci(h) laiirico. An acid dis- 
covered by JLarston (1842) in oil of lau- 
rel : since found in other vegetable and 
animal fats. 



Laurier (/■'.)■ Laurel. L. beryoin, 
spico-bush. L.-cerise, cliorry-lauicl, /'/"- 
viis /tiiintcenigiiii, L. L. cominun, Laiirv^ 

Laurique (/•'.). Eclating to laiiivl or 
laurii' ai-iil. 

Laurocer'asi fo'lia (//.j [1>. 1' ]■ 
Ciicrrv-lauicl loaves. 

Laurocer'asus ( />. ). Clierry-laurel. 

Lau'rose. Oleamler. 

Lau'rUS ( /. )■ Laurel; a geiiu.s of 

Liiioiiu:i . L. ben'zoin, L., /Iinr.iiin ndni- 
ifiiiiw. Xees. L. Camph'ora, L., ('iiuin- 
moiiiinii Ctnniiliiiiii, F. Nees et I'lbevui. L. 
Cas'sia, -\it., ( 'niiKimnuniiu iirniiialiruili^ 

Nees. L. Cinnamo'mum, L.. Ciinniiui- 

muiii :.i///iii'iiiiiii, i'lreyne. L. lio'bilis, L., 
bav-ti-ee, a l;ni;e slii'ul> or suuiU tree, native 
ofthe Levant; tlie leaves, fruit, anil 0.\- 
j)resse(l oil are oUieial : see Liiiinl-hdn x, 
L'l iirr/-/ni il, -.wid Oil uf liiiinl. L. Pichu'- 
rim, Itieli., Onttm rich iiri 1)1, Kuntli. L. 

Sas'saft-as, L.. Sn^f^n/i-n^ uffn-indli^, Xees. 

Laus, jil. Lause ( (!■)■ L(uise. 

Laut ('"'.). ."^ound; — lehre, doctrine 
of Slieeeli. 

Lauterstall ( (»'. ). Polyuria iu the 

Lava'crum ( L.). T/otion, bath. 

Lavage (/'.). L-riLiation ; clcausiug. 

Lavamen'tum ( L ). I. lavamento. 

Lavande {F.). Lavcniler. L. offici- 
nale [Coil], lj<tnini/iiln rcni. L. stoe- 
Chas, LitVdiiihilit a/dcjiiix. 

Lavaiidola ( /. ). Lavcmler. 

Lavan'dula ( /- ). 1. Lavcmler. 2. A 
genus of jil.ints, Nat. (.)ril. Liili(,il:i. L. 
angxistifo'lia, Mbrb., L. vi-k, !»(_'. L. 
latifo'lia, Klirli.. L. .y>ir,i. Chiiix. L. 
offlcina'lis, Cliaix, L. nm. ]H\ L. 
spi'ca, !•(',, s|iikc laveniler ; a broail-leaveil 
t<peeies. the flowers of wliieb are otlicial in 
tlie Coil. L. stcB'chas, L.. Freiieb or 
Arabian lavender; also official in the Coil., 
having similar projicrties to the ])reeeiling. 
L. ve'ra, i'C.. a small Kuro]>ean shrub, 
extensively cultivated for its tlowcrs : see 
Jjiirriiili r. 

Lavater, an'gle of. Fornu'd by lines 
dr.awn from |ioint. of nose to cxtci'tial angle 
of eve. and to that jiart of I'acc correspond- 
ing to first molar tooth. 

Lavativo ("/.). Enema. 

Lavement ( F.). Enema, clyster. L. 

medicamenteux, medicated clyster. L. 
purgatif, ]inrgativc encnni. 

Lavendel ( (/. ). Lavender; — bluthen, 
lavender-flowcr.s ; — ol [P. (!.], oil of lav- 
ender-flowers; — spil-itus, spirit of laven- 

Lav'ender. L. lavcndnla ; /''.lavande; 
(1 . Lavendid ; /. lavandola. Tlie flowers of 
Lacnuhila rmt, DC. [U. S. IV], and /.. 
ajiicii. ])('. [Cod.]; an aromatic stimulant: 
sec also f'lrncli, Ski, etc. hiri'iiihr. L. 
drops, compound tincture of lavender. 
L. -flowers : see Luiciuli r. 

Laville's liq'uid. h\ li((ucur antigout- 
tciise du 1>. Laville. Said to contain colo- 
cvnthin 2.5. (|uinine and cinchonine 5, eol- 
oriu'.: matter )'., calcium salts 4.5. alcohol 
100, sherry wine SOO [L'Officiiie]. 

Lavipe'dium ( L.). Foot-bath. 

Law of eccentric'ity of sensa'tion. 
The general ]irinciple that si'nsalions are 
not localized in the centres of sensation, 
Init in the extremities or beyond. 

Law of e'qual innerva'tion of both 
eyes. <'■ (icsetz der glciehmassigcn In- 
nervation beider Augen. The general prin- 
ciple that the two eyes are equally inner- 
vated, whether they move through ]iarallel 
|iositions or in convergence, symmetrical or 

Law of iden'tical vis'ual direc'tion. 
G. (ieset/, der identiselien Schrichtungi'li. 
The principU' that an object seen with both 
eyes, or cither eye .singly, a])pears in the 
s.inic dircclion; that is, visual direction i.s 
not mirmaily estimated from each eye, but 
from a common point between tlicm. 

Law^ of projec'tion or Law of vis'- 
ible direc'tion. F. tbeorie de la projec- 
tion ; (1. Projeetionsgesetz. The ]u-iiu>i]de 
that the sensations of each stimulated reti- 
nal ]ioint arc referred outward or projected 
inti) s]iaee along certain lines. The lines of 
direction, or visir-lines, or on lines passing 
through the centre of curvature of the 
retina, etc. 

Lawii-ten'nis arm. A condition pro- 
duced by playing lawn tennis; character- 
ized mainly liy displacement of the tendon, 
and sometimes of the body, ofthe pronator 
radii teres. 

Lawn-ten'nis leg. Eupture of some 
portion of the muscular or tendinous struc- 
ture ol' the calf of the leg. 

Lawso'nia (/>.V .V genus of Li/thra- 
n'l.i . L. aPba, Lain., Lmrsonii) imriiiis, 
L. L. iner'mis, L., a shrub, native of In- 



dia, cultivated throughout the East. The 
leaves furnish henna, and are used as a 

Laxanz (G.). A laxative. 

Lax'ative. L. lasativus; F. laxatif; 
G. Lasirmittel; /. lassativo. 1. A mild 
cathartic, increasing sliglitly the action of 
the bowels and the frequency of the evac- 
uations, without cau.sing irritation. 2. G. 
laxirend. Having the properties of a lax- 

Laxa'tor au'ris inter'nus (L.). Lax- 
ator tympani. 

Laxa'tor tym'pani or L. tympani 
major {L.). Anterior ligament of mal- 
leus, once thought to be muscular. 

Laxa'tor tym'pani mi'nor (L.). G. 
Cutisstrang. External ligament of malleus, 
once thought to be muscular. 

Lax'itas (^O- Looseness. L. al'vi, 

Lax'ity. L. laxitas; F. laxite; G. Lax- 
iren ; /. rilassamenlo. Looseness, softness, 
want of tone. 

Lay'er of gang'lion ret'inse. Outer 
stratum nf inner nuclear layer of retina. 

Lay'er of nerve-fibres. G. Ncrven- 
faserschicht. Liner sheet of cerebral layer 
of retina, composed of an expansion of fibres 
of the optic nerve. 

Layer of olfac'tory nerve-fibres. G. 
Olfactiiriusschicht. Layer in olfactory bulb 
lying ininicdiately upon the cribriform plate 
of the <tliiuoid. composed of non-medullated 
nerve-fibres and giving origin to the fila- 
ments of olfactory nerves. 

Layer of rods and cones. F. couche 
des batoniiets; (/. Slabchcn und Zapfcn- 
schicht. External stratum of visual cell- 
layer of retina. 

Layer of spon'gioblasts. G. Schicht 
der iSpongiobiastcn. Inner stratum of inner 
nuclear layer of retina containing spongio- 
blasts and cell-processes. 

Layers of ret'ina. /•'. couches de la 
ratine; (r. Netzliautschichten. Strata seen 
on microscopical examination to embrace 
different structural elements. The inner 
portion, resembling the brain-cortex, is 
known as the cerebral layer; the remain- 
der, embracing structures corresponding to 
epithelium and nerve-endings, being the 
epithelial layer. These are again subdi- 
vided : see Lai/er of nerve-jibres, Gmigli- 
onic la>/ir, Mo/rcuhir hij/ert:, Xurliar layers. 
The epithelial layer is subdivided into the 

visual-cell layer, pigmentary layer, layer 
of rods and cones. 

Lazaret {F.). Lazaretto. 

Lazaret fe'ver. Typhus fever. 

Lazareth ( 6-'.). Hospital, lazaretto ; — 
fleber, typhus fever; — zug, hospital train. 

Lazaret'to [Lazarus]. F. lazaret ; G. 
Lazareth; /. lazzaretto. 1. A house or 
station isolated from all habitations for 
the reception of persons or merchandise 
under quarantine, or for the treatment of 
cases of imported epidemic disease. 2 
(nearly obsolete). A pest-house. 3 (ob- 
solete). Hospital for the reception of cases 
of plague. 

La'zar-house. Lazaretto. 

Lazzero (/.). Leper. 

Lb., abbv. for Libra (^•), a pound. 

Leach \_DuL lekicen]. To percolate. 

Lead. Pb. [.-1. ^. loed]. //.plumbum; 
F. plomb; G. Hlei ; /. piombo. A soft bluish- 
white, lustrous metal, quickly tarnished 
when exposed to the air, malleable, duc- 
tile, of feeble tenacity, spec. grav. 11.4, 
fusible at '.Vli>° (\. volatile at a white heat; 
found native principally as sulphide (galena) 
or carboiuite ; largely used in the arts ; in 
medicine only in saline combinations. Lead 
and its salts are active poisons, producing 
the phenomena known as lead colic, lead 
palsy, etc. Sulphuretted hydrogen throws 
down from solutions of lead the black sul- 
phide : see Tithle. of anliihilcs. L. ac'etate. 
Pb(Cjn.,0,).,.3n,6. L. plumbl acctas ; /'. 
acetate de plomb; (7. essigsaurcs Bleioxyd; 
/, acetato di piombo. Sugar of lead ; a crys- 
talline, colorless, shining, transparent, pris- 
matic, slightly efflorescent salt, having an 
acetous odor and a sweet astringent and 
metallic taste ; soluble in water or alcohol ; 
prepared by dis.solving lead oxide in acetic 
acid, evaporating and crystallizing; astrin- 
gent, sedative. L. car'bonate. 2PbC03.- 
PbHjO,. X. plumbi carbonas; /'.carbon- 
ate de plomb ; G. Hleiweiss ; /. carbonate di 
piombo. White lead ; a basic lead carbonate 
in the form of heavy white powder or pul- 
verulent mass, odorless, tasteless, insoluble 
in water or alcohol ; prepared by exposing 
lead to carbon dioxide gas mixed with the 
vapors of vinegar; astringi'nt and sedative; 
used only externally. L. chlor'ide. PbCU. 
L. plumbi chloridum. A white crystalline 
powder, obtained by precipitating a solu- 
tion of lead salt with hydrochloric acid or 
sodium chloride. L. chro'mate. PbCrO,. 
Chrome-yellow, lemon chrome ; the pigment 



obtained I)}' jirecipitutiiiji; tlie solution of a 
loail salt with iiotassiinn clironiate. L. 
col'ic. //. ciilifa ]ii(.'tonuni ; /'. culiiiiu' (U- 
jiloml) or satiirniof ■. (!. lilcikolik ; 1. coli<.-a 
ili jiioiiilio or satmiiiiia. Painters' folic. 
L. diox'ide. I'liO,. I'uro oxitlc of I^ail, 
li'ail |nM-oxiiU' ; a il.irk-lirowii jiowilrr, rcail- 
ilv f;ivin_i; oil' oxv.L'on on cxiiosiire to boat 
or Hulil ; ]irc|iarfil by actmi; u[)on roil load 
with dilute nitric acid or b_v i>tlier nietbods; 
used as a reaLTcnt, L. i'odide. Pbl,. L. 
]ilimibi iodidiini ; /•'. iodure do ploinb ; <!. 
Jcidliloi; /. ioduro di ]>ionilio. An odorless, 
tasteless, neutral, briiiht -yellow salt, soluble 
in about 2(10(1 parts of water at 15° I'., and 
in aliout 200 ]iarts of liiiiliiiLT water, nearly 
insoluble in aleoliol ; obtained by double 
doeouiposition of leail nitrate with piotas- 
siuin iodide; rosidvont. for external use. 
L. line, a bluish lino at the inarLi'in of the 
LMiins; (ine uf the si:.Mis of load-poisoninij;. 
L. monox'ide. I'bO. />. iduiubi oxidum ; 
F. protoxvdo do ]iliinib: (!. Bleigliitto ; /. 
ossido di ]iionibii iriallo. l,ithari;o; a heavy, 
vollowish. or reddi.-h-vollnw. odorless, taste- 
loss, more or loss erv.^italiine substance in 
powder or minute scides. insoluble in water 
or alcohol; pro]iared liy lioatinL:' lead in con- 
tact with the air tn its |Hiint of volatiliza- 
tien ; used principally fur makinjj lead ]ila.s- 
tiT. L. nail, all inslrunient used to keep a 
natural or anilioijl upcniriL: )iatont and to 
secure drainaLTi-. L. ni'ti'ate. l'li(N(),)... 
//. jilumbi nitras; /•'. azntato do jilomb ; 
<1. saljietersauros Hleiowd ; /. nitrato di 
pionibo. A colorless and transjiarent, or 
white and nearly opai|Uc. crystalline salt, 
havinj^ a swootisli. asirin<;ent. metallic 
taste, freely soluble in water, almost in- 
solulde in alcohol, nlitaiiied by ovapuratinir 
and crystalliziiii: a Sdliitidii of metallic 
lead, its dxiiK' or carlMin.ite. in nitric acid ; 
astriuiic'iit. scdati\e. dendnrant. L. nitro- 
sac'charate, name Liivi-n by lln>kiiis 
(18-K!) to a crystalline Cdnipnund jirejiarcil 
by dissolvinu' K'ad saccharato in colil dilute 
nitric acid, and 'jraduallv evaporating: ; used 
ill .■H|iie..iis .^(ijution, by injection into the 
bladder, fur dissnlvini; urinary calculi. L. 
OX'ide : sec Li ml ilin.iiili , I,>tul niniiii lia'r, 
and Miiiiiiiii. L, pal'sy. J.. ]iaralvsis ex 
pliimbn; /•' parah^io satiiniino; (i. iilei- 
hiliminiL'' ; /. paralisi ^aliiniina. I'aralvsis 
of certain muscles, esprciallv the extensors 
of the fiu'carm. ilue tn le.iil-piiisuninL:, L. 

perox'ide : si'o Liml ilii.., i,l, . L. plas'- 
ter. /-. emplastnim |iliimbi ; /•'. <Mn]ilatre 
simple; <!. itleipflastcr ; /. ompiasiro dia- 
chilon. l)iaciiylon plaster; a mixture of 

oleate and palmitate [and stearate, P. G., 
Cod.] of lead with a little glycerin ; pre- 
]>arod by boilint; together litharge, olive 
oil [and lard, P. (,!., Cod.], and water; pro- 
lectivc and soothing; used as the basis 
id' many other idasters. L. sac'charate. 
C,.lls(-'-l'b. A white piowder, sparingly 
soluble in water, ])re)iared by saturating 
an a((ueous solution of saccliaric acid with 
load carbonate or by other chemical pro- 
cesses. L. tan'nate. A. plumbi tannas ; 
/'. tannato do iilomli. A white salt, turn- 
ing gradually brown, obtained b}- ]irecipi- 
tating a solution of load acetate with tan- 
nic acid ; vised as an external apjdication, 
L. wa'ter, diluted solution (d' subacetate 
of lead. 

Lead'^wort. Plmnliagr/ yantJciif, L. ; 
root vesicant. 

Leaf gum. Flake fragacanth. 

Leaf-cup. Pnli/iiniUt UiidaUa. L. 

Leap'ery- Lepra. 

Leap'tng agne. An hysterical neur- 
osis, essentially the same as miryachit, 

'1- '■■ 

Leather-flower. Ch niofi^ Yidnia, L. 

Leath'er-wood. Diiai jxilns/n's, L. 

Leaves [.1. N. leaf]. L. folia; F. 
feuillos; (/. Bliitter; /. fuglie. 1. Appen- 
dicular organs of vascular jilants. usually 
of green cnlor and decidnniis. Avhicli serve 
til increase tin- surface exposed to light 
and air. 2. Indicating the form of cer- 
tain substances, as gold-leaf. 

LeL)'anon man'na. /'. manne du liiban. 
A saccharine exudation from C'filnix lihiin- 
iiliiii. Link. ; used in Syria as a remedy in 

Leb'anon Springs. Warm alkaline 
sjiriiigs. in Ciilnmbia Co., New York; tcm- 
jieralure 711° F. 

Lebbra(/. ). Leprosy. 

Leben {(•). Life. In cnnqxisition 
Lebens, as. — alter, perind of life, age; 

— baum, arbiir vit:e ; — dauer, duration 
of life; — elixir, cnmiiound tincture of 
aloes; — fahig, viable; — faliigkeit, 
viability : — feuer, vital energy ; — gang, 
vital fuiictiims; — kraft, vital Ibrce ; — 
lehre, binbigy ; — linie, sulcus ]iollicis ; 

— ordnung, regimen ; — prozess, vital 
pnicess ; — saft, vital liumur ; — 
schwache, cbd'cctive vitality, debility ; — 
theile, vital parts ; — warme, vital heat ; 

— weise, regimen. 
Lebend (^t''.)- Living. 



Leber (G.). Liver; — abscess, ab- 
scess of liver; — anschwellung-, enlarge- 
ment of the liver; — arterie, hepatic ar- 
tery ; — atropfhie, liver atrophy ; — band, 
rundes, round ligament of liver; — be- 
schauung, hepatoscopy ; — besch'werde, 
liverconijilaint, liver disease ; — blutadem, 
hepatic veins; — bruch, hernia of tlie 
liver, hepatocele ; — circulationsstorung, 
disorder of hepatic circulation ; — cilThose, 
cirrhosis of liver ; — cylinder, solid cylin- 
ders of formative cells branching from en- 
toderm to mesoderm, constituting the he- 
patic parenchyma in the embryo ; — 
dampfiing', dnlness of the liver; — 
dickdarmband, hepatico-duodenal lig- 
ament ; — driisen, lymphatic glands in 
the hepato-duodenal ligament ; — egel, 
Distnma hputicum; — eiterung, supjiu- 
ration or abscess of the liver; — ent- 
ztindung, hepatitis ; — flecken, chloasma 
hepatieum ; — fluss, hepatic flux ; — galle, 
bile i'ound in hepatic duct, less concentrated 
than that in gall-bladder; — gang, he- 
patic duct; — geflecht, hepatic plexus; 

— gegend, hepatic region ; — geschwiir, 
ulceration of the liver; — haut, (ilisson, 
capsule of; — hsrperamie, hy]per;i,Mnia of 
liver; — hypertrophie, hypertrophy of 
the liver; — inseln nr — inselchen, he- 
patic lobules ; — kapsel, connective-tissue 
envelope of liver; — kolik, hepatic colic; 

— krank, having a diseased liver; — 
krankheit, hepatic disease; — kraut, 
liverwort; — krebs, cancer of liver; — 
kreislauf, hejiatic circulation; — kriim- 
mung, hepatic flexure; — lappchen or 

— lappen, he]iatic lobules: see Lolics of 
/ill I- ; — mittel, remedy for liver com- 
plaint; — nabelbruch, he]>atomphalocclc; 

— pforte, transverse fissure of liver; — 
probe, examination of the liver; — puis, 
pulsation in inferior vena cava in tricuspid 
insufiiciency ; — pulsader or — schlag- 
ader, hepatic artery ; — rinne, hepatic 
sulcus; — schall, hepatic sound; — 
schlauch, diverticulum frotn duodenum, 
around which the liver is formed in the 
embryo; • — • schinerz, j'ain in the liver; 
hepatalgia ; — sch^vindsucht, emaciation 
caused by liver disease; — sch'wrund, 
atrophy of liver; — stein, conerelion of 
the liver, biliary calculus; - — sucht, dis- 
ease of the liver; — syphilis, syphilis of 
liver; — venen, hepatic veins; — ver- 
hartung, induration of the liver; — ver- 
stopfung, obstruction of the liver; — 
wulst, the mass of cells from which the 
liver is formed in the embryo ; — wurxn, 

liver-worm, Di'stoma hepatieum ; — zelle, 
hepatic cell; — zellenbaLkchen, trabec- 
uhv about the hepatic cells; — zellen- 
schlauch, hepatic cell-tube. 

Leber's disease'. Hereditary optic 

Leberthran i G.). Cod-liver oil. 

Leblos ( G.). Inanimate. 

Lecano'ra tartar'ea, Ach. A species 
of lichen yielding litmus and orchil. 

Lech'erous [A. i>. liceian]. Lustful, 

Lechopy'ra (i.) [/c;k"v',~u/>]. Puerperal 

Lec'ithin [//;!;tf.-i-]. C.^H^XPOg. F. 
lecithine ; J. lecitina. A glycero-phosphate 
of neurin, found in blood-corpuscles, brain, 
yelk, and seminal fluid. 

Lec'ithos. Yelk of egg. 

Leckerwuth {G.). Morbid fastidious- 
ness as to iuod. 

Lecksaft ( 6'.). Linetus. 

Lecksucht (<?■). Di.sease of cattle 
characterized by morbid desire to lick or 
gnaw, especially foul surfaces, with dis- 
ordered digestion and marasmus. 

Lec'tulus un'guis (/>.). Nail-bed. 

Lederhaut ( 6'.). Corium ; — entziin- 
dung, ehorionitis. 

Leditan'nio ac'id. CVhII.X^. F. acide 
leditanni((ue. 'the tannin of Lrduni paluftre. 

Ledon {F!). Lrdum pa/ns/rr. L. 

Ledoyen's disinfec'ting fluid. An 
a(|Ueous solution of lead nitrate. 1 to S. 

Ledran's su'ture or meth'od of Le- 
dran. I scd in wounds of the intestine. 
There is a separate thread and needle for 
each point of suture. The sutures are 
transverse and about { inch ajjart. The 
threads arc tied together on each side sepa- 
ratelv. forming two bundles, which are then 
united into one and fixed externally. This 
puckers the intestinal wound. 

Le'dum ( f,.^. .\ genus of Ericaccx. 
L. latifo'lium, Ait., Labrador tea, James' 
tea; indigenous to northern 1'. S. and Can- 
ada; tonic, astringent, and slightly narcotic. 
L. palus'tre, L., marsh tea. mar.''h cistus, 
wild rosemary, a small evergreen shrub of 
northern Europe. Asia, and America ; astrin- 
gent and narcotic. 

Le'dum cam'phor. A stearopten from 
the volatile oil of Ijeihtm pn/iisln: 

Leech [A. S. hcce]. L. hirudo ; F. 
san-rsue ; G. Blutegcl ; /. mignatta. An 



aquatic worm, Stinguistiga, comnion in 
fresh-wator marshes and streams. The 
living animal ]ihu'ed ii]ion the naked skin 
adheres lirmly by its discs or suckers, and 
by means of its serrated jaws makes a tri- 
angular incision through the skin, and 
gorges itself with blood from tlie wound ; 
used lor the local abstraction of blood; sec 
also Afric(tii, (irnniiii, (jrcrn, lliiiigdriiin, 
ISpicliliil, and Su-'ii/ish lirdi. 

Leech'craft. Art of medicine. 

Leek. F. poireau, porreau ; (/. Lauch ; 
/. porro. Tiie bulb of Alliiiin PurnnH, L. ; 
used as a condiment and aliment. 

Leerdarm ( (1. ) . J ej u n u m . 

Leere ( ''/. ). A'acuum. 

Leeren ( (•'.). To evacuate. 

Lee's amputa'tion. Kesembles Tcale's 
a., but the hiUgiT flap is taken from the 
back of the leg, and embraces only the 
superficial muscles. The deep muscles are 
divided transversely on a level with the 
bases of the flaps. 

Le Fort's amputa'tion. A modifica- 
tion of I'irogofi's a., in which the os calcis 
is kept in a comjiaratively normal ]iosition, 
and the patii'iit is enabled to walk on the 
thick tissues of tlie heel instead of the thin 
skin behind the heel, which comes lowest 
in I'irogotf's original operation. 

Le Fort's opera'tion. For imicidentia 
uteri, Consists in denuding the anterior and 
posterior walls of the vagina longitudiiudly, 
thus forming a median septum upon which 
the uterus rests. 

Leg. Ay. cms ; F. jambo ; (r. l?ein ; /. 
gamlia. 1. The shank. 2. The entire free 
]iortion of the ]iclvi<' limb. 

Lega(/. ). .Mloy. 

Legal's disease'. 7. morbo di FiCgal. 
Headache dm; to pliaryngo-t vnipanic dis- 

Leg-aniento, jd. i f /. ). IJgament. L. 
alare, alar ligament. L. arterioso, chorda 
ductus arteriosi. L-i. atloido-assoidei, 
atlo-axoid ligament>, L. caudale, filum 
terminale. L. cervicale posteriore, liga- 
mentuni nueh.i^. L. coccigeo, tiliun ter- 
minale. L. coraco-onierale, coraeohu- 
mcral ligano'nl. L. cotiloideo, c(jtyloid 
ligament. L. crico-tiroideo, crico-thyrcjid 
ligament, middle. L. dentato or dentico- 

lato, dcntienlati' ligament. L. epato- 
colico, hcpnio-colie ligament. L. epato- 
duodenale, he|iato-duodenal ligament. L. 
epato-renale, hepato-renal ligament. L. 
di Falloppio, I'oupart's ligament. L. 

freno-gastrico, gastro-phrenic ligament. 
L. freno-splenico, spleno-phrenic liga- 
ment. L-i. gialli, ligamenta subflava. L. 
jugale, semilunar cartilage of knee. L-i. 
occipito-assoidei, occi]iito-axial ligaments. 
L. palpebrale esterno, ligainentnm jialpe- 
brale externum. L. palpebrale iiitemo, 
ligamentuni ]ial]iel:irale internum. L. di 
Poupart, roii])art's ligament. L. raggi- 
ato, conoid ligament. L. rotondo dell' 
Utero, round ligament of uterus. L. sti- 
lo-ioideo, stylo-hyoid ligament. L-i. tiro- 
aritenoidei, vocal cords. L. tiro-epi- 
glottico, thyro-epiglottie ligament. L-i. 
tiro-ioidei, thyro-hyoid ligaments. L. di 
Weitbrecht, <ir L. interosseo superiore, 
or L. rotondo del cubito, ol>li(|ue liga- 
ment. L. del Zinn, liganu^nt n\' Zinn. 

Legatm-a ( /.j. Ligature. L. elastica, 
elastic ligature. 

Legii-ung ( ''/.). Alloy. 

Legit'imate. L. legitimus; /^.legitime; 
G. legitim. i-ecditmiissig; /. legittimo. Ac- 
cording to law; reL'ular ; heuotten in wed- 

Legno (L). Wood. L. d'aloe, aloes- 

w 1. L. amaro, (piassia. L. di Cam- 

peggio, h;emato.\ylon. L. di giiaiaco, 
guaiacum-wood. L. di quassia, (juassia. 
L. santo, gn.-iiacum. 

Legumes (/'.). Vegetables. 

Legu'min. /'. legumine ; 7. Icgumina. 
A kind of vegetable casein found in seeds 
of leguminous jjlants. 

Leib ( <r. ). Body, abdomen, W(uub ; 

— arzt, person-al physician; — binde, a 
belt, a body-bandage, an abdominal-band- 
age ; — fluss, looseness lA' bowels, diar- 
rh(ea ; — medicus, ]iersonal physician; 

— schaden, defect of bo<ly ; — schmerz, 
stomacli-ache ; jiain in the bowels ; — 
schlissel, bed-pan; — stuhl, close-stool; 

— wasser, si'rum of drojisy ; — wasser- 
sucht, dropsy ; — weh, pain in the abdo- 
men ; — zwang, con.~li]]ation, tenesmus. 
.\lso in composition Leibes, as, — beschaf- 
fenheit, < dition of body, constitution ; 

— beschwerde, disease of the body; — 
bewegung, bodily exercise; — biirde, 
f(rtus, burden of womb; — dicke, cor]Hi- 
lence ; • — fehler, did'ect of the boily ; de- 
formily ; — frucht, embryo, fietus; — 
grrosse, size of bodv, statur<>; — giirtel, 
abdominal bandage; — hohe, height of 
body, stature: — hohle, cavity of the 
trunk; — kraft, physical vigcu- ; — ofF- 
nung, defecation; — schwache, bodily 
weakness or infirmity; — starke, bodily 



strensrth ; — stelltmg, attitude of the boJy ; 

— iibungBkunst, gj-muasties; — ver- 
stopfung, constipation; — -wand, body- 

Leibigkeit (G.). Corpulence. 

Leichdom (G.). Clavus; — Schnei- 
der, cliiropoJist. 

Leiche ( G.). Cadaver. In composition 
Leichen, as, — alkaloide, ptomaines; 

— artig, cadaveniu.s; — ausgrabung, 
exhumation; — befund, post-mortem ap- 
pearance ; — blasse, post-mortem pallor ; 

— dunst, cadaverous smell; — erschei- 
nung, cadaveric appearance; — farbe, ca- 
daveric color; — fett, adipocere ; — fleck, 
suggillation ; — geruch, cadaveric odor; 

— gift, cadaver-pui.son ; ptomaine; — haft, 
cadaverous; — haus, dead-house; — hy- 
postase, jiiist-mortem hypostasis; — in- 
fectionspustel, verruca necrogenica ; — 
kammer, dead-room ; — material, speci- 
mens from an autopsj' ; — oflftiung, autop- 
sy ; — pustehl, pustules due to cadaveric 
poison ; — rauber, body-snatcher ; — 
schandung, coitus with a corpse ; — 
schau, e.\])osure of a corpse ; coroner's 
inquest; — starre, rigor mortis ; — tisch, 
autopsy-table; — tuberkel, tubercle due 
to inoculation from the fluids of a corpse ; 
— untersuchung, examination of a curiisc; 
coroner s inipiest ; — verbrenntmg, biirii- 
ing of a corjise ; cremation ; — verkaufer, 
one who deals in dead bodies; — 'wachs, 

Leichnam (G.). Cadaver. 
Leiden ( ^r'.). Disease, suffering, pain. 
Leier (G.). Lyra. 
Leim (//.). Glue. 
Leimend ((r.). Agglutinative. 
Leimzucker ( G.). Clycocoll. 
Lieini^G.). Linseed, flaxseed ; — dl, oil 
of flaxseed. 

Leindotter (C). Camelina satirUjVni. 
Leinsamen (G.). Flaxseed, linseed; 

— mehl, linseed meal; — umschlag, lin- 
seed poultice. 

Leiogomme (F.). British gum. 

Leiomyo'ma (L.) [/.£f«<i,-, //.yoiv]. /. 
leiomiciina. A tumor composed chiefly of 
unstriate<l muscular fibre. 

Leiot'richus ['V^']- /'. liotriipie ; G. 
glatthaarig. Having smooth, straight hair. 

Leiphse'mia (L.) [/.£;-<«, a'lna]. Anm- 

Leipoder'mia (L.) ['</,"/"/]. Defect of 
skin, especially of the prepuce. 

Leipopsy'chia (L.) [^''u/';]. F. lipo- 
psychie ; (r. Ohnmacht. Fainting, the state 
of being faint. 

Leipothym'ia (X.) [>5o/j!»f]. Lipothy- 

Leiste (G.). 1. Band or border. 2. 
Ring-bone. 3. Groin. In composition 
Leisten, as. — abscess, inguinal abscess; 

— band, ausseres, Poupart's ligament; 

— band des Wolff 'schen Korpers, gu- 
bernaculum ti'stis ; — bein, pubo-ischiatic 
bone; — beule, bubo; — bruch or — 
hemie, inguinal hernia ; — driisen, in- 
guinal glands; — driisengesch-wnlst, in- 
guinal swelling or bubo; — ftirche, in- 
guinal furrow ; — gegend, inguinal region ; 

— geschwTalst, inguinal tumor; — grube, 
inguinal fos.<a ; — hode, testicle retained 
in inguinal canal; — kanal, inguinal ca- 
nal ; muskel, grosser, helicis major ; — 
mvLskel, kleiner, helicis minor; — nerv, 
ausserer, geniio-erural nerve: — pnls- 
adem or schlagadem, inguinal arteries; 

— ring, abdominal ring; — schamlippen- 
bruch, inguino-labial hernia in the female. 

Leitband des Hodens (('■)■ Guber- 
naculum testis. 

Leiter (G.j. Guide, conductor, ladder. 

Lei'ter's coil or tube. A coil of flex- 
ible metal tube through which a stream of 
water, of the desired temperature, is passed, 
to heat or cool a part. 

Leitsonde (('■)■ Conductor. 

Leitungsansesthesia (//.). Anesthe- 
sia due to loss in peripheral nerves of power 
of conducting impressions. 

Leitungsbahnen (G.). Nerve-tracts. 

Leitungslahmung (G.). Paralysis. 

Leitungssonde ( G.). Grooved sound 
or staff. 

Leitzelle ''''). Conducting cell. 

Le'ma i palpebra'le) (L.) [/-i;'.'";]- G. 
Augensclileim. Secretion of Meibomian 

Lem'bert's sut'ure. A form of intes- 
tinal suture which includes the iieritoneuin 
onl}-. The needle takes up a fold of peri- 
toneum one line in width and three lines 
from the edge, on each side of the wound. 
If an inner row of sutures, including the 
mucous membrane only. b(! added, it is 
called the Czerny-Lcmbert suture. 

Lembo (A). Flap. 

Lemnis'cus (L.). F. ruban de Reil ; 
G. Schleife ; /. lemnisco. The fillet, a 
bundle of fibres in the pons and crus cere- 



bri, nii]H'ariiiu- suiu'rficially as a triangular 
baiiil wiiidiiij.' <ililii|iii'ly arduiid tln' sii|ie- 
rior pcduiii-k's fVdiii the i'linunilus olivarius 
to tlie ciiriiora i|uailrij;'ciiiiiia. Sections 
show it arisinn' IVoni the iiitcrolivary hiyer 
(prolialily derived from |iusterior eolnuins 
of cord), ])assiiig uji tietweeii eriistal and 
tegmental ]ic]rtions of pons, \cntrally from 
tlie j'elieiilar formation, then niovini; out- 
ward, heeomiuLr enhirucd hy taLinu on 
fibres from superi(U' (dive and nucleus leni- 
nisei, separatini;- into lemniscus lateralis 
or inferior, passini,;' to posterior corpora 
quadriircmina, and lemniscus medialis 
or superior, passinu' to anterior corpiua 
((uadriL;einina. optic thalamus, ansa leiitic- 
ularis, and cortex. 

Lem'on [-!/■. laimuuj], L. fructus citri ; 
/^.citron; (r. Citrone ; /. limonc. The fruit 
of ('itnis Li'iiiniiiiiii, Ivisso : the riiul and the 
juice are official. L. balm, melissa. L.- 
graSS, Aiii/i'ipiii/Dii vilnndnni^, Link. L.- 
juice. A. limoiiis succus ; /•'. jus de citron ; 
6'. Citronensuft ; /. succo di liuumc. The 
freshly-expressed juice of tlie ripe fruit of 
Cilnis Liiii'iianii. Jtisso [1'. S. I'.] ; contains 
about 7 per cent, of citric acid, with i;iim. 
su.uar, and iiiori;anic salts ; refrii;crant ami 
antiscorbutic. L.-peel. A. limonis c(Utex ; 
F. ecorce de citron : (i. C'itronenschale ; 1. 
corteccia (jr seorza di limone. Tlu' rind, or 
the outer ]iart <if the rind, of the fresh fruit 
of Cilni.-i LiiDoiiiiiii, Kisso ; rubeficieiit. car- 
minative ; chieflv used for flavorini;. L. 
thyme, Thi/mim ci/rim/nnis, Sclireli. L. 
■walnut, butternut, ./in//'iiis cimiin. L. 

Lem'on Springs. Chalybeate, etc. 
waters, Lenujii Spriniis, !Moorc Co., North 

Lemonade'. F.. (!. Jjimonadc ; /. 
limoiiea, A refreshim; drink made with 
lemon-juice diluted with water and sweet- 
encil. 'I'he term is also ajiplied to other 
saccharate(l, ai'id drinks. 

Lende ((!.). Loin, haunch. In com- 
position Lenden, as. — abscess, aliscess 
in the lumbar rcLrion ; — ansch'wellung', 
lumbar enlariremcnt ; — ausbiegaing, lum- 
bar curve : — bauchgebarmutterschnitt, 
!a])aro-(dytrotomy ; — bauchbruch, lajiar- 
ocele ; — bauchdanuschnitt, laparo-cn- 
terotomy ; — bauchschnitt, laparotomv ; 

— behalter or — cysterne, receptaculum 
chyli ; — bruch, lumbar henna ; — darm- 
beinband, iliolumbar lit;ament, su]ii'rior ; 

— driisen, lumbar udands ; — g-eflecht, 
lunil>ar ]ile\us; — gegend, lumliar recion; 

— gicht, lumbago; — knoten, lumbar 

ir.anirlia ; — krankheit, sciatica ; — kreuz- 
geflecht, lumbo-sacral plexus; — leisten- 
nerv, lumbo-injiuinal nerve ; — mark, 
lumbar portion of spinal cord; — muskel, 
grosser, jisoas mai;iius ; see JHu-jisikis ; 
— muskelentziindung, psoitis; — nerv, 
lumbar nervo ; — pulsadern or — sclilag- 
adern, lumbar arteries ; — rippen, lumbar 
ribs; — rippenband, external arcuate liga- 
mriit ; — riickenmuskel, ilio-costalis ; — 
schenkel, crura of the diajihragm ; — 
stamm, lumbar lymphatic trunk ; — stein, 
reiKil calculus ; — vene, aufsteigende, 
ascemlini;' lumliar vein ; — weh, ]iain in 
the lumbar, lumbago; — wirbel, 
lumbar vcrtelira. 

Lenhos'sek, bundle of. Ascending 
root of pneiimogastric and glosso-j)haryn- 
geal nerves. 

Len'iceps ( L.^. Obstetric forceps, with 
a li(n-izontal handle in which the blades 
may lie fixed imm(jval)ly when a]i]ilied. 

Len'itive. L Icniiivus; /^. Icnitif ; G. 
Limlerungsmittel ; /. lenitivo. 1. An emol- 
lient. Tlie term is also a]i)>lied to certain 
laxative medicines. '1. (i. lindernd. J-ooth- 

Lens (/-.). F. lentille ; (i. Linse ; I. 
Icnte. A disc of glass or other trans- 
parent material so constructed as to refract 
rays of light in a certain determined man- 
ner. In o]itics two kinds are used ; Those 
whiidi ai-t in a dispersing manner, called 
concave, negative, ur dispersing, and tliose 
which teml to collect tlie rays at one point, 
called convex, positive, or collecting. The 
forms and varieties of these are : The plano- 
convex, one side plane, the other convex ; 
the double convex, lioth sides convex; 
the positive meniscus, one side convex, 
the other c<incave. the convex pri'donii- 
nating; the plano-concave, the double 
concave, and negative meniscus, the 
inverse of the above. Cylin'drical 1. is 
a lens fVirmcd bv the section of a cylinder 
])arallel to its axis, and curved in oidy one 
direction, at right angles to its axis. L., 
crys'talline : see Cn/s/al/iur A».<. 

Lens ( L.). Fmnii Lnn', L. ; lentil. 

Lente ( /."). Lens. L. cristallina, 
crystalline lens. 

Len'te's cup. A small cup used for 
fusing nitrate of silver. 

Lenticchia ( /.). Lentil. L. d'acqua 
or lenticola, Ltinini iniimr, L. ; used as an 

Leiiticolare f /.). Lenticular, used sub- 
stantively for the OS orbieulare. 



Lentico'nus (L.). A conical protru- 
sion of the lens at one of its poles. 
Lentic'ula (L.). A freckle. 
Lenticulaire (/'.). Lenticular. 
Lentic'ular. i. lenticularis; J', lenticu- 
laire; G. linsenfurmig, lenticular; /. lentieo- 
lare. Pertaining to. or having the form 
of a lens. L. bone, orbicular bone. L. 
fe'ver, miliary fever. L. gan'glion, oph- 
thalmic-ganglion.'cleus. L. nucleus 
lenticularis; /■'. noyau lenticulaire ; G. Lin- 
senkern. The extraventricular portion of 
the corpus striatum, a lentiform mass of 
gray matter mirjglcd with white, imbedded 
in the substance of the cerebral hemi- 
spheres centrally from the island of Reil. 
L. papillae. " L. papilla lenticulares. 
Fungiform papillaj of the tongue that have 
a slightly concave upper surface, without 

Lentic'ulo-op'tic ar'teries. F. arti'res 
lenticuiii-(ipti(iues. Those striate arteries 
that, after supplying the lenticular nucleus, 
pass through the internal capsule and sup- 
ply the outer side of the optic thalamus 

Lentic'tilo-sti-i'ate ar'teries. F. ar- 
tercs ieiiliculii-strieos. Those striate arteries 
that supply the lenticular nucleus, and af- 
terward cross the internal capsule to the 
caudate nucleus. 

Lentic'tilo-stri'ate re'gion. TnchuKs 
anterior portions of lenticular and caudate 
nuclei, with intervening portion of internal 

Lentic'ulo-thal'amic re'gion. In- 
cludes tlu> pusteriur piirtion of the lentic- 
ular nucleus, the optic thalamus, and the 
intervening portion of the internal ca])sule. 
Lentic'ulus (//.). Orbicular bone. 
Len'tiform. />. lentiformis ; F., I. Icnti- 
forme ; G. linsenf ijrmig. Having the form 
of a double convex lens. 
Lentiggine (/.). Freckles. 
Lentig'ines (L.), pi. of Lenti'go. 
Freckles. L. ab ig'ne, freckles prcidnced 
by exposure to tire. L. aesti'vee, freckles. 
from exi)osure to the sun. L. lepro'sae. 
G. Aus.satzflccken. Freckles supposed to 
be due to lc]irous diathesis. L. nse'vus, 
congenital lentigo. 

Lenti'go (L.), pi. Lentig'ines. ''''. 
Sommersprosse ; /. Icntiggine. An exces- 
sive localized deposit of pigment in the 
skin ; a freckle. L. eph'elis, lentigo, the 
ipaxdi of Celsus. L. per'stans, lentigo. 

Len'tn. L- lens [F. Esp.] ; F. lentille; 
G. Liuse ; /. lenticchia. The seed of Enum 
Li'iis, L. ; used as an article of diet, medici- 
nally in the form of cataplasm as a resol- 
vent, and in the preparation of certain kinds 
of invalids" food, so called, such as"lieva- 

Lentille {F.). 1. Lens. 2. Lentil. L. 
d'eau, L/mna minor, L. L. metrique, 

Lenti'tis. F.. I. lentite. Inflammation 
of the crystalline lens (theoretical). 

Lenz's law. In all cases of electro- 
magnetic induction the induced currents 
have such a direction that their reaction 
tends to stop the motion which produces 
them (1S34). 

Leoder'mia (Z..) [/.'<uv, o;>,a«]- tHossy 

Leonti'asis (/>.) [;..-"^r;'i."]._ F. leon- 
tiasis; /. l^eprosy of face. L. 
os'sea, hypertrophy of bones of face and 

Leon'tice thalictroi'des, L. Caulo- 
phi/lliiin lli'ilirlroifl"^, Michx. 

Leon'todon tarax'acum, L. Tamj-a- 
cuin I}iiix-lti)iiif. Dest. 

Leonu'rus ( L.). A genus of Lnhuitx. 
L. cardi'aca, L., motherwort, a European 
herb naturalized in the U.S.; tonic, nerve- 
stimulant, and emmenagogue. L. lana'- 
tus, Sjircng. F. ballote cotonneuse. An 
aromatic Siberian herb, cultivated in gar- 
dens; diuretic and diaphoretic; u.-^ed in de- 
coction in treatment of gout and rheuma- 

Leop'ard's bane. Arnica montann. L. 
Lep'er. A. leprosus; F. leprcux, euse ; 
f?. Aussiitziger; 7. leproso. One suffering 
from lejirosy. 

Lepid'ium (L.). A genus of Crw-:/. 
rrrr. L. latifo 'lium, L., broad-leaved pcp- 
perirrass, a European herb, official in the 
P. Port. L. rudera'le, L.. grows in x^Iex- 
ico; used in treatment of diarrhoea [F. 
Mex.]. L. sati'vum, L., garden, 
pepper-srass; an .\si.itic i>lant, cultivated 
for salad. L. virgin'icum, L., wild pep- 
per-grass ; indigenous. 

Lepido'sis ( />.) [)-ii\. Squamous dis- 
ease of the skin. L. pityri'asis, pityri- 

Lepocytode (F.). A cell with its prop- 
er envelope distinct from its contents. 
Lepori'num la'bium (A.). Hare-lip. 
Lep'ra (Z<.) [']. 1. Leprosy. 2. 



Psoriasis. L. al'ba, k'jira. L. alope'cia, 
lepra uiutilans. L. alphoi'des, white lep- 
rosy. L. al'phos, jisoriasis. L. an^s- 
thet'ica, leprosy. L. ar'abum, eli'plian- 
tiasis. L. astu'rica <ir asturien'sis, pel- 
lagra. L. in car'ne, elepliantiasis. L. 
crusta'cea, iinpeti^o. L. ciTisto'sa, 
ophiasis sordiJa. L. cu'tis [Fiielis]. 
ophiasis. L. elephan'tia, elephantiasis. 
L. excorticati'va, ophiasis. L. extre'- 
ma, elephantiasis. L. fongif'era or 
fungif'era, yaws. L. grasco'rum, leji- 
rosy. L. hebra'ica, leprosy. L. holsat'- 
ica, yaws. L. ichthyo'sis, ichthyosis. 
L. juda'ica, leprosy. L. junctura'rum, 
lepra mutilans. L. leu'ce, leprosy. L. 
lombar'dica, pellairra. L. maculo'sa, 
jrenerally the first form of le|irosy, with 
smooth, glistening, slightly - infiltrated 
patches, reddish-brownish dark stains. L. 
malaba'rica, elephantiasis. L. medio- 
lanen'sis, pellagra. L. mosa'ica, lep- 
rosy. L. mu'tUans, an advanced stage 
of "leprosy in whieh joints are o])ened and 
parts drop uff. L. nervo'rum, lepra 
ana'sthetiea. L. nig'ricans, blaek leprosy. 
L. nodo'sa, tubercnlated leprosy. L. 
septenti-iona'lis, yaws. L. squamo'sa, 
ophiasis. L. tuberculo'sa, lepra tuberosa. 
L. tubero'sa, leprosy beginning as rcd- 
' dish tubercles or circumsoribed tubercn- 
lated masses in the skin. L. tyr'ia, lepra. 
L. umbro'sa, ophiasis s(udida. L. vul- 
ga'ris, lepra. L. WUla'ni, psoriasis. 

Lepra (/.). Leprosy. L. mercuriale, 
hydrargyria. L. tubercolare, lepra tu- 

Leprabacille (G.). BdnllKs hprx. 

Lepre (/'.). Leprosy. L. anesthe- 
Bique, amvsthetic leprosy. L. crouteuse, 
ophiasis sordida. L. elephantique, ele- 
phantiasis. L. des Grecs, psoriasis. L. 
htunide, impetigo. L. mutilante, lepra 
mutilans. L. squameuse, ophiasis. L. 
tuberculeuse, lepra tuberosa. 

Leprelco'sis (/>.) [/./-"«, V/./mxt.:;']. 
Lepra mutilans. 

Lepreux, euse fF.). 1. Leper. 2. Re- 
lating to leprosy, leju'ous. 

Lepri'asis i L.) [/.i-z/'J^-]. Leprosy. L. 
canes'cens, lepra. 

Lepros ( 6'.). Lejirous. 

Leprosa'rium (/>■). -/''■ h'proserie. A 
hospital for lepers. 

Lepro'sis (/-.) \_>.l-ii<i]. Dovclopnient 
of leprosy. 

Lepros'itas (Z). Lepra. 

Leproso (/.). 1. Leper. 2. Relating 
to leprosy, leprous. 

Lep'rosy [/./-/'«]. />., /■ lepra; F. 
lepre ; G. Aussatz. A chronic infectious 
disease characterized by inflammatory new 
growths in the skin, connective tissue, and 
internal organs ; by areas of an;esthesia, 
and the production of fatal cachexia. L., 
black, ophiasis sordida. L., squa'mous, 

Leprot'ic. Pertaining to leprosis. 

Lep'rous [/./-/"i]. F. lepreux, euse; 
G. aussatzig ; /. leproso. Pertaining to, 
or affected with, leprosy. 

Leptan'dra. F. leptandre. 1. Culver's 
root; the rhizome and rootlets of L<]it<iiit/ra 
virgiiiiai, Nutt. ; cathartic. 2. A genus of 
Scrop/iii/<iriiii;r. L. virgin'ica, Nutt., Cul- 
ver's physic, black-root, Culver's root ; an 
indigenous herb. 

Leptan'drin. 1. A crystalline glueo- 
side, the active principle of leptandra. 2. 
Commercially, an impure resin prepared by 
precipitating a tincture of leptandra with 

Leptoceph'alic [/.£rr(is\ y.eca/.T;'\. F. 
leptoeephale. Having a small head. 

Leptoceph'alus(i.). Congenital small- 
ness of the head, due to early synostosis of 
the frontal and sphenoid bones. 

Leptochas'mus (L.) [/'''^,""]- Term 
applied to skulls having a sector for the 
cavuni naso-pharyngeum of from 114° to 
94° [Lissauer]. 

Leptoder'mic. Thin-skinned. 

Leptonieningi'tis [/.£-r(;s\ //?;v!;-c]. F. 
leptomeningite. Acute (non-tubercular) 
inflammation of the pia mater. 

Leptome'ninx (L.). The combined 
arachnoid membrane and pia mater. 

Leptomi'tus vagi'nae [L.). Jlycelial 
threads found in the vagina. 

Leptopho'nia (G.) [v'"'";]- F lepto- 
jihonie. Thin, weak voice. 

Leptoprosope {F., G.). Dolichofacial. 

Leptoprosope Obergesichter (C). 
Tnilividuals having a sujierior i'acial index 
above 5U. 

Leptoprosopie ( G.). Dolichofacial con- 

Leptoproso'pous[-/-'"^"'r«/]. Dolicho- 

Lep'toirhine [/..'-r-;,', /-Jw]. Having a 
nasal index of 47.1-1 and below [Broca] ; of 
47 to 42 [Kollmann, Frankfort agreement]. 



Lep'tothrix (L.) [''f':'?]- /• leptotrice. 
A genus of sehizomycetuus fungi. L. 
bucca'lis, fine threads and rods found 
about the roots of the teeth, a general 
term covering several species of schizomy- 

Lep'tus [/.rrr"v-]. A genus of minute 
insects of the family Acaridx, mites. L. 
america'nus, American harvest-mite. L. 
autumna'lis, the European harvest-mite. 
L. ir'ritans, irritating harvest-mite. 

Leptys'mus or Leptsm'sis (i.) [/£-- 
ru<T!i.<'if\. Thinning, emaciation. 

Lere'ma or Lere'sis (i.) [/jj/jij/jo]. 
Dotage, second childhood. 

Lerp. A sweet, manna-like substance 
found on the leaves of Eiicalyplus dumosa, 
in Australia ; said to be the secretion of an 

Les'bian love. Tribadism. 

Lesescheu or Lesest5nmg ( G.). Dys- 

Le'sion. L. lajsio ; F. lesion ; G. Ver- 
letzung, Liision ; /. lesione. Dsrangement 
or morbid change in function or structure 
of an organ or tissue. 

Les'ser circtila'tion. Pulmonic circu- 

Les'ser inter'nal cuta'neous nerve : 

see Cutaneous nrrve of nrm. 

Les'ser petro'sal nerve. Small super- 
ficial petrosal nerve : see Petrosal wrvrs. 

Lessive (F.). Lye. L. caustique, 
solution of potassa. L. des savonniers, 
solution of caustic soda. 

Letale (/.). Lethal. 

Letalitat (G.^. Dcadliness, mortality. 

Letargia or Letargo (/.). Lethargy. 

Le'thal. L. Icthalis ; F. mortel, elle ; 
G. toJtlich ; /. letale. Deadly, mortal. 

Lethal'ity. L. lethalitas; F. l('-thalit('' ; 
(?. Letalitat, Todtlichkeit; /. Ictalitii. The 
quality of being fatal or deadly. 

Lethar'gic [-'•';"')]• /->• Icthargicus ; F. 
lethargique ; G. Icthargisch ; I. letargico. 
Pertaining to, or affected with, lethargy. 

Leth'argy [/•'j'''/]. //■ lethargia ; F. 
lethargie ; G. Lethargic ; A letargia. Deep 
and prolonged sleep or stupor. 

Letheoma'nia (L.) [//.i>:Vz]. Morbid 
desire for ana?sthetics or narcotics. 

Leth'eon. Ether. 

Lethiferous [c-/or«]. /". lethifere ; G. 
todtlich ; /. letifero. Deadly. 

Letto (/.). Bed. L. d'acqua or 
idrostatico, water-bed. L. di lavoro, 

Let'tuce. L. lactuca ; F. laitue; G. 
Lattich or Lattig ; /. lattuga. 1. The 
genus Lactuca. 2. The flowering herb of 
Lactuca virosa, L. [B. P.] ; a feeble ano- 
dyne and soporific. L.-wa'ter. X. hy- 
drolatum lactucaj; i^. eau distillee de lai- 
tue. Prepared by the distillation of Lac- 
tuca sativa with water [Cod.]. 

Leucse'mia (L.) [/iuzi/j-,]. Leu- 

Leucsethio'pia (L.) [«■(?:<«(,'■]. Albin- 

Leucae'thiops (.t.). Albino; an Afri- 
can albino. 

Leucan'themum vulgare, Lam. Ox- 
eye daisy, white-weed ; a troublesome weed, 
naturalized from Europe ; used as a substi- 
tute for chamomile. 

Leucas'mus (L.). Albinism. 

Leu'ce [/.ruzfJ^]. White leprosj'. 

Leucemia (/.). Leucocythaimia. 

Leucethiopie (F.). Albinism. 

Leuchae'mia iL.). F. leuchemio. Leu- 

Leuchtgasvergiftung ( G.). Poisoning 
by illuminating gas. 

Leu'cin [/.rozHc]. CIIkiNO... F. leu- 
cine : /. leuciiia. A erystallizable fatty 
amide, product of the decomposition of 
nitrogenous animal matter; a pathological 
constituent of urine in acute atrophy of the 
liver, typhoid fever, and smallpox. 

Leucindigine {F.). AVhite indigo. 

Leucino 'sis (//.). 1. Abnormal produc- 
tion of Icucin. 2. Acute atrophy of the 

Leucis'mus (//.) [/..-yz'ii']. Albinism. 

Leuci'tis. F. leucite. Sclerotitis. 

Leu'coblasts [|J/,'/'7r'K-]. The cells 
whicli develop into white blood-corpuscles. 

Leucocitemia (/.). Leucocythaemia. 
L. lienale, splenic leucocytlifemia. L. 
linfatica, lymphatic leucocyth;vmia. L. 
splenica, s])lenic leucocythwmia. 

Leucocito (/). Leucocyte. 

Leucocitosi (/.). Leucocytosis. 

Leu'cocytes [/.^uziic-, z-'ir"?]. Colorless 
cell-like masses of protoplasm, the lymph- 
corpuscles and white corpuscles of the 
blood, having ania'boid movements, but 
usually spherical in form. 



Leucocythse'niia [z''-"s', «i/"^]. F- 
liMiciirytlieiiiiL' ; (1. Lciikiiinit' ; /. Icucoci- 
ti'iiiia. A difiiMso fharactcrizi'il \t\ a \n-v- 
liiaiu'iit increase dl' leucofytes wuA a tlu- 
civasc ul' red (•(ir|iuscK'.s in llio bhical. 
\Vlion accDiiiliaiiinl witli ciilariii'liicMt (if 
the siileeii. il is i_-alled fiplciiic K'UcdcytlKU- 
111 ia. 

Leucocythemie ( F ). lieiioucyilia'iiiia. 
L. mtestiiiale, t'linii with siiecial invcilve- 
iiifiit u\' tiiu Ivniiih-l'iillifk'S iif the intestine. 
L. splenique, sjiienie k'ueoeyth;eniia. 

Leucocytliemique (/•'). llehuing to, 
or aticcted witli, leueoi-vtlia'niia. 

Leucocytoaren'esis {L.) [^.-vv^/,.)]. F. 
lenc'iicvtdse. 'I'he I'mmation of ieiicoeytes. 

Leucocytog'enous. /' leneocytogi-ne. 
C'apalile of firming leuencytes. 

Leucocsrto'ma (L.). A tiiinnr com- 
posed (if eells resemliling leucocytes. 

Leucocyte 'sis [L.). F., (•'. Lencocy- 
tose ; /. leucdcitdsi. The jirodiiction of 
leucocytes. Also used l)y Virclmw to 
denote a tem]iorary increase in tlie num- 
ber (if leucocytes in tlie (iroportious of 1- 
1((() (,r l-,')() (it' red Cdrpuscles. 

Leucocytot'ic. F. lencocyti(|uc. Per- 
taining td leiicdcytes (ir to leucocythivniia. 

Leucoder'nia ['i;',",'/'/]. Aidimma. L., 
cong-en'ital, alliinism. L., syphilit'ic, 
deficiency of pigment in tlie skin, due to 

Leucoder'mia ( L.). Albinism. 

Leucofleinmasia ( /.). Leuc(i]ihlegma- 

Leu'cogene. Sddium bisulphite. 

Leucoi'on lu'teum [P. Pdrt ]. Wall- 

Leu'col. The naiiie originally given by 
Piuiige (1s;M) to the base chinoline as ob- 
taiiUMl t'roni coal-tar. 

Leu'coline. Chinoline. 

Leuco'ma [/.-'.li'iJv]. F. leucome ; G. 
Ilornhautfleck ; /. albugine. 1. As applied 
to the eve. an opaeitv of the cornea. L. 
adhe'rens, a cdrneal opacity associated 
with an adhc^idii (if the iris to the scar. 
2. Jicucoplasia, 

Leu'comaines [/.rozric]. Clas.s nf ani- 
mal alkaldids. analogous to ptomaines, de- 
veloped in tlic bodv during life. 

Leucomatoirhoe'a ( L.) [/'/("]• A 
white continued discharge. 

Leucom'ma ( L.). Leuciuna. 

Leucomyeli'tis [//ui/dv]. Inflamma- 

tion (if the white matter of the spinal cord. 
L., chron'ic poste'rior, locomotor ataxia. 

Leucomyelop'athy [//oz/.-k-, -uOr,]. 
Disease of white substance of spinal cord. 

Leuconecro'sis ( //.) [yi/./xttiri'/j. AVIiite 

Leucopath'ia [-''""v']. F. leucopathic ; 
(»'. Alliinisnius ; /. leiicdpntia. Albinism. 
L. acquis'ita, vitiligo. L. congenita'- 
lis, alliinism. L. partia'lis, aclirdiiia. 

Leucophlegma'sia ( L.) [<,'/.ly,"it']. A 
jiale, flabby conditidU of the skin, with 
tendency to (.edema. 

Leucophlegma'tia ( L.) \_hijy''>,\ <s).l)-- 
,"'/]. F. leucophlegmasie ; /. leucoflemma- 
sia. Anasarca. L. palpebra'runi, serous 
inflltration of the cellular tissue of the lids; 
chenidsis of the lids. 

Leucophlegmat'ic \J.vr/M-;, v-).ix;ia~\. 
Pertaining to, or aflectcd with, leuenphleg- 

Leucopla'sia ( 7>.) or Leucopla'kia 
[/iwz'ic, -/r/r]. /'. Icucoplasie. Fdrmatioii 
(if white |iatidies on skin or mucous mem- 
brane. L. bucca'lis, a disease of the 
mucous meinlirane of the lips and mouth 
characterized by grayish-white, almost sil- 
ver-white, spots [S]iitz]. L. lingua'lis, 
ibrmation of a permanent white ]iat(di on 
the tongue, in whi(di destruction of the 
papillarv structure is brought about with 
more or less iniiltrati(.in of granulalion-cells. 
It iiiav develdp into ejiithelioma. 

Leu'coplasts [-/.«(Tit(/i]. Jjcucoblasts. 

Leucorragia ( /. ). Lcucorrlnea. 

Leucorrhce'a fL.) [/iyz<ic, /I'w]. F. 
leucorrhee ; (/. weisser Fluss; /. leuciu'rea. 
A white discharge, esjiecially one from the 
female genitals. 

Leucorrhoe'al [/.;(jz»;9, i'd(i>\ F. leu- 
corrh(.''i(|UC : /. leucorreico. Pertaining to, 
or aflectcd with, 

Leuco'sis (L.). F. leucose. IMaking 
white; formatinn of leucoma. 

Leucot'ic. Ij. leucoticus. Pertaining 
to leucosis. 

Leu'cotiii. r.,II,,0,-,. A proximate 
principle of pnracoto-bark. 

Leucure'sis or Leucu'ria ("/..) [eJ/'"^]. 
Passage of white urine. 

Leuk-. For words thu.s beginning, not 
found here, see corresponding words begin- 
ning Leuc-. 

Leukamie {O^. Lcucocyth:fniia. 

Letikathiopes \0.). Albino negroes. 



Leukas'mos. Albinism. 

Leu'koline. Chinoline. 

Leukom ( C). Leucuma. 

Leukophlegmatisch ( G.). Leuco- 

Leukopla'sia. Leucoplasia. 

Leukorrhoe (G.). Leucorrhoea. 

Leu'kosin. Name proposed by J- C. 
White for certain elongated rhombic octa- 
hedral crystals found by him in leukjemic 

Leuko'sis cani'ties. Canities. 

Leusi'num (L.). Syphiliuum. 

Leva (/. ). Lever. L. chirurgica, 
lever for raising depressed bone. L. degli 
ostetrici or ostetrica, vectis. 

Levain (F.). 1. Leaven. 2. Any sub- 
stance having the power of causing fer- 
mentation. L. de biere, yeast. 

Levandiere {F.}. Midwife. 

Levant' soap'root. The root of 
Gi/psupliilit stnit/tium, L. ; in composition 
and properties resembles saponaria. 

Levant' -worm'seed. Sautonica. 

Levare ( /■). To deliver. 

Leva 'tor, ]il. Levato'res (A.). Eleva- 
tor; in anatomy applied to those muscles 
which raise the parts to which they are at- 
tached. L. a'lae na'rium anterior or mi- 
nor, L. nasi jiroprius. L. alse narium ma- 
jor, L. alae nasi. L. alae narium poste- 
rior, L. al;c nasi. L. alae na'si, that jiart 
of L. labii supcrioris aheque nasi inserted on 
nose. L. an'guli o'ris. F. muscle canin ; 
G. Mundwiiikelheber ; /. canine. Small 
muscle of the face, arising from the canine 
fossa and inserted into angle of the mouth. 
L. an'guli scap'ulse. F. angulaire de 
I'omoplato ; (^V. Scliultcrlieber ; /. angolare 
della scapola. A muscle of the side of the 
neck, arising by separate slips from poste- 
rior tubercles of transverse processes of 
four upper cervical vertebnc, and inserted 
into base of scapula near the upper angle. 
It is considered as a continuation upward 
of the serratus magnus. L. a'ni. /'. 
releveur de I'anus. G. Afterheber: /. 
«levatore dell' ano. A broad muscle which, 
with its fellow, closes in the greater part 
of the pelvic outlet, arising from the s])ine 
of the ischium, white line of pelvic fascia, 
and visceral surface of pubis, and passing 
downward to an insertion upon the coccyx, 
the ano-coccygeal raphe, the rectum, and 
the fascia behind the prostate. L. auric'- 
ulae or L. au'ris, attnllens aurem. L. 

Vol.. II.— 4 

clavic'ulae, cleido - transversarius. L. 
coccy'gis, coccygeus. L-s. costa'rum. 
F. surcostaux ; G. Rippenheber ; /. tras- 
verso-costali. Small mu.scles arising from 
tips of transverse processes, from 7th cer- 
vical to 11th dorsal vertebra, and inserted 
into the rib below. In some cases fibres pass 
to the second rib below (L-s. c. longiores). 
L. epiglot'tidis, glosso-epiglottieus. L. 
glan'dulse thyroi'dese latera'lis, bundles 
of inferior constrictor muscle of jdiarynx 
inserted upon lateral lobes of thyroid gland. 
L. glandtilse thyroideae profun'dus, bun- 
dles of crico-thyroid muscle inserted ujxm 
thyroid gland. L, glandulse thyroideae 
superflcia'lis brevis, detached slips from 
sterno-thyroid muscle inserted upon the 
capsule of thyroid gland. L. glan'dulee 
thjrroi'deae superficialis longns, slips 
i'rom tlivro-hyoid muscle, arising from body 
of hyoid Imhic and inserted into thyroid 
gland. L. glandulse thyroideae super- 
flcia'lis medius, bundles of thyro-hyoid 
muscle, passing from outer surface of 
thyroid cartilage to thyroid gland. L. 
hu'meri, deltoid muscle. L. hu'meri 
inter'nus, coraco-brachialis. L. intesti'ni 
recti, L. ani. L. la'bii inferio'ris. /'. 
muscle de la houppe du menton; /. de- 
pressore del fioceo del mento. Jluscle 
arising from incisive fossa of lower jaw, 
and passing downward to lie inserted into 
the skin. L. la'bii superio'ris alse'que 
na'si. F. olevateur comniun su]ierficiel ; 
G. Aufheber der Oberlippe uiul des Na- 
.senfliigels ; /. elcvatore del labbro supe- 
riore e dclla pinna. Elevator of the nose 
and upper lip, a muscle arising from nasal 
process of superior maxillary, and in- 
serted by two slips into ala of nose and 
skin of upper lip. L. la'bii superio'- 
ris ma'jor, levator labii suiicrioris ]n'o- 
prius. L. labii superioris mi'nor, that 
part of ]j. labii superioris al;oi|ue nasi in- 
serted upon the lip. L. la'bii superio'ris 
pro'prius. F. elevateur cominun ]irofond ; 
(r. Oberlipponheber ; /. elevatorc del labbro 
superiore. Small muscle of the face, aris- 
ing below lower margin of orbit and in- 
serted into skin of upper lip. L. labio'- 
rum commu'nis, levator anguli oris. L. 
men'ti, levator labii inferioris. L. na'si 
pro'prius, small inconstant muscle descend- 
ing vertically at anterior end of cartilage 
of nose beneath the depressor nasi. L. 
oc'uli, rectus superior. L. oesoph'agi, 
muscular bundles passing from cricoid 
carlilaire to upper end of (esophagus. L. 
pala'ti, F. peristaphylin interne ; G. 



G;nunrMlK'l)(T ; / juTistatiliiio iutcTiid. 
Kouiidod muscle arisiiiir from pi'tnuis por- 
tion iii' temporal bone and eartilaije of the 
Euslacliian tube, and inserted into wall oi' 
pharynx and soft palate. L. pala'ti mollis 
anterior or minor, jitervtio-palatine mus- 
cle. L. pal'pebrEe superio'ris. /•'. eb- 
vateur lie la ])anpiere supericurr ; <1. Au- 
gcnlitlheber ; /. (devatore della jialpebra 
supcrioro. I'llcvator of U])per eyelid, a 
.small Wiusele arisini;' above optie foramen, 
juissini.' alonj; rocd' of orbit, and inserted 
into tile tarsus.'nis, pubo-eavcniosus. 
L. pharyn'gis exter'nus, stylo-pharyn- 
geus. L. pharyii'gis uiter'nus. 1. 
l'alato-pharyni.'eus. 'J.. Salpin^o-pharvn- 
geiis. L. pharyngo-laryiige'us, palato- 
pharynueus and st vlo-pliarvnL:eus. consid- 
ered as a single njiiscle. L-s. pro'prii 
a'lce na'si, dilatores naris. L. pro'prius 
SCap'ulae, bv.ilor anuuli scapuhe. L- 
prosta'tee [Santoriiii], /*'. puliio-prostatii|ue 
[Dumas]. The deepest jiart of anterior 
fibres of levator ani. insrrtcil behind the 
prostate uland and its capsule. .Manv au- 
thors describe the fibres as continuous 
acros.s tlie median line, but recent oVjserver.s 
[Henle, Holl] have shown that this is not 
the case. L. pupil Ige, rectus superior mus- 
cle of the eye. L. scap'ulae, levator aiiiiuli 
scajiuhe. L. ten'dinis mus'culi latis'- 
simi dor'si, a nniscular fascicle cxti'iidinir 
from tendon of latissimus dorsi either to 
lesser tuberosity of humerus, capsule of 
sh<]nlder-ioint, or eoracoid ])rocess [(iru- 
ber], L. ure'thrae [Krause], levator 
])rostal.-c. transverse ]ierineal muscle [San- 
toriiii]. L. u'vulae, azyiros uvuhe [.Meyer]. 
L. ve'li pala'ti, levator palati. 

Levators ( /.). Obstetrician. Leva- 
trice, female aecoiudieur. midwife. 

LevatorwT.xlst (<!.). Hminence cau.sed 
by levator ]ialati on side of pharvnx. run- 
uins: from lower border of opeiiini: of Kus- 
tachiaii tube to soi't palale. 

Le'ver. F. levier; (! il(diel. \n in- 
strument used in ob>tetiic> to assist the 
expulsion (d' the i'lctal head. 

Lever-wood. (>siri/<i n'n/iniin. 

Leviga'tion [A. levis]. /•'. leviuation ; 
G. Zerreibuni: ; /. leviga/ione. The jiro- 
eess of reducinrr substances to the st;ite id' 
very fine mechanical division ; see also h'/u- 

Levistico ( l.^. Lovne-e. 
Levis'ticum offlcina'le, Ko(h. T/iiv- 
age, an uinlielliferous plant, native id' Ku- 

rope. cnltivaled in gardens; tlie root and 
fruit are official ; earniinative, diapliorelie, 
and emmenagogue. 

Levres (/'.). Lips. L. (grandes), 
labia majora. L. de la vulve, labia pu- 

Levret's hook. ]>ecapitating hook. 

Lev'ulin. (',3n„,U,. F. levuline. \n 
amorphous substance resenilding dextrin, 
iditained from the tubers of the Jerusalem 
j articiiof;e. 

Lev'ulosan. <',,ll|i,( •-,. /". levulosanc ; 
/. levulosaiia. A product of the action of 
heat upon levulose. 

Lev'ulose. <',.II|.<),.. (Iiylariose. fruit- 
sugar ; a sugar found in fruits and hiuiey 
and in invert-sugar, taking its name from 
its action upon polarized light, which it ro- 
tates to the left. 

Levure (/•'.). Yeast. L. basse, bot- 
tom yeast. L. de biere, beer 'least. L. 
haute, to]i yea.^t. 

Lew'iiim. A semifluid resinous extract 
having local aiucstlietic jiroperties ; obtained 
from the root of J'ip<r iiu ihi/sticum. 

Lexiphar'macus (//. ) [/.-■}.? .'o. (.''//-/'a^ev]. 

Lexipjrret'icus (/..} [~~/']. Febrifuge. 

Ley. Lye. 

Ley'den's crys'tals. '"''. Asthmakrys- 
talle. I'ointed octahedral crystals found 
with ('iirschmann's s])irals in certain cases 
of bronchial asthma. They arc probably 
identical with (Charcot's crystals, q. r. 

Layer (G.). Lyra fornicis. 

Liana da regolizia (/. ). A/ims jvear- 

Liane reglisse f /•'. ). A!'nix jirrciii(,riiis. 

Lia'tris ( /..». A genus of herbs. Xat. 
Ord. ( 'oiiijiiisit:! . L. odoratis'sima, Willd., 
vanilla-jilant. deer's tongue, grows in tlie 
southern I'. S. ; used to flavor tobacco. L. 
spica'ta, Willd . button snake-root, devil's 

bit. eolic-i t. L. scario'sa, Willd,. and 

L. squar'rosa, Willd.. rattlesnake's mas- 
ter, are also indigenous species, said to be 
diaphoretic and diuretic ; tlie roots of the 
last two specii's, bruised and applied to the 
wmind, are reputed antidotes to the poison 
of snake-bites. 

Lib., abbv. fu- Liber ( L). a book. 

Liba'num (7-.). (llibanum. styrax. 

Li'ber. Bark. bast. 

Lib'erty Hot Springs. Saline, ther- 
mal waters. l.l(l°-l "id" F., Wagon Wheel 
Gap, Itio (Irande Co., Colorado. 



Libid'inous. L. libidinosus ; F. libidi- 
neux, euse ; G. geil, wolliistig ; /. libidi- 
noso. Lustful, lewd. 

Libi'do (/>.). Venereal desire, lust. 

Licantropia (/.). Lyeanthropy. 

Lich'en. G. Flechte ; /. liehene. A 
cryptogaiuous plant of the Nat. Ord. 
Li'chenes. L. islan'dicus, cetraria. L. 
pulmona'rius, Sticta palmonaria, Ach. 

Li'chen (L.) p-ei/v-]- F. dartre; G. 
Knotchenfleclite. The generic term for cu- 
taneous disorders characterized by umbili- 
cated papules. L. actimina'tus, form with 
conical hard red papules. L. a'grius, pap- 
ules in clusters or patches surrounded by a 
red halo. L. circina'tus, small pointed 
papules of a dull-red color, grouped in arcs 
or circles, upon the tips of which are usu- 
ally found yellowish- or grayish-brown 
crusts. L. circumscrip'tus, clu.stors or 
patches of papules having well-defined 
margins and of irregularly circular form. 
L. confer'tus, eczema papulosum, in which 
the lesions are grouped together. L. cor'- 
neus, a variety of lichen planus (lichen 
planus acuminatus). L. diffu'sus, lichen 
acuminatus. L. exudati'vus ru'ber, 
lichen planus. L. fe'rus, lichen agrius. 
L. flgnra'tus, patches it^w, well delined, 
and uf regular forms. L. gyra'tus, lichen 
circumscriptus. L. liv'idus, form in which 
the lesions are of a purjilish or livid line. 
L. margina'tus, tinea circinata cruris. 
L. men'ti, sycosis non-parasitica. L. pi- 
la'ris, keratosis pilaris. L. pla'nus, dis- 
crete or aggregated, dull, red. roundish or 
angular, elevated, smooth, shining, unibil- 
icated papules, usually affecting the ante- 
rior surface of the forearms, and on subsi- 
dence leaving ])igmentation. L. ru'ber, 
discrete or confluent, scaly red papules 
about the size of a millet-seed. L. ru'ber 
acumina'tus, form of lichen ruber usu- 
ally seen on the trunk, in whicii the lesions 
are acuminated. L. ru'ber inonilifor'- 
mis, form of lichen described hy Kaposi, 
in which the papules were arranged in lon- 
gitudinal lines, and much larger than the 
lesions of the other varieties. The ridges 
produced by them resemble a string of coral 
beads or nodules of keloid. L. ru'ber 
pla'nus, form of L. ruber appearing in 
rows or bands, usually upon the extreni- 
ities. L. scrofulo'sus or scrofuloso'- 
rum, chronic form, affecting the hair-fol- 
licles and perifollicular ])apill;v\ the lesions 
being small, pale, reddisli, slightly elevated 
and scaly, non-itching papules. L. sim'- 

plex, eczema papulosum. L. stroph'ulus, 
miliaria. L. syphilit'icus, syphiloderm, 
small papulte. L. trop'icus, miliaria. L. 
ur'ticans or urtica'tus, urticaria papu- 

Lichen {F.). Lichen. L. acneique, 
lichen circinatus. L. acumine, lichen acu- 
minatus. L. livide, purpura. L. scrofti- 
leux, lichen scrofulosus. 

Lichen d'Islande {F.). Cetraria. 

Lich'en starch. Lichenin. 

Lichene(/.). Lichen. L. agrio, lichen 
agrius. L. girato, lichen circumscriptus. 
L. Uvido, lichen lividus. L. roseo, lichen 
ruber. L. scrofolo, lichen scrofulosus. 
L. sempUce, eczema papulosum. 

Lichene (/.). Lichen. L. irlandico, 
Irish moss. L. d'Islanda, cetraria. 

Lich'enin. C.-JLoOn,. F. lichenine. A 
substance resembling starch, and isomeric 
with it, found in several species of lichens 
and mosses. 

Lichen-stear'ic ac'id. C|,II,..0:,. F. 
acide licheno.stearic|ue. A fat acid con- 
tained in Iceland moss. 

Licht (ff.). Light; — empflndung, 
perception of light ; — kegel, cone of light 
reflected from the menibrana tympani when 
it is viewed from the external auditory 
meatus, showing a triangular bright spot; 

— messer, photometer ; — messung, pho- 
tometry ; — richtungen, lines of direction ; 

— richtungsknoten : see Lines uf Jiric- 
tion ; — scheu, photophobia ; — sinn, 
light-sense ; acutoness of vision in relation 
to amount of illumination; — zellen, vis- 
ual-cells of the retina. 

Licopodio (/.). Lycopodium. 
Licoressia (A). Lycorexia. 
Lic'orice-root. Glycyrrhiza. 

Lid (G^. pi. Lider. Eyelid ; — band- 
chen, tarsal ligaments of eyelid ; — 
klemme, eyclid-clamp -. — knorpel, tar- 
sal cartilage ; — knorpelband, tarsal lig- 
ament; — krampf, blepharospasm; — 
randdrtisen, .Moll's glands ; — randmus- 
kel, ciliary muscle of Riolanus; — rinne, 
groove from which the eyelids are formed 
in fa'tal life; — spalte, fissura palpebra- 
rum; — spaltenenge, blepharoi)liimosis; 

— spaltenfleck, Pinguecula. 

Lie de vin ( F.\. Lees of wine. 

Lie'berkiihn, crypts of. G. Licber- 
kuhn'sche Oriisen. ('ryiits of Lieberkiihn. 
Liebesapfel {G.). Tomato. 



Liebesbliithen (6'.). \'fiiu.s-blussoms, 
coriiiiii W'Moris. 

Liebestrank (O'.j. I'hiltcr. 

Liebeswahnsinn or Liebeswuth (6'.). 

Liebstockel ( G.)- Lfikticttm offu-inalr ; 

Liege (/'.). Cork. 

Li'en ( L. ). Splotni, L. accesso'rius, 
suiipleiiKMitary splcfii. L. am'bulans, 
floatiu.u- or movable s])le>.'ri. L. succen- 
turia'tus, acocsf.or3- s^iilccn. 

Lien ( F.). Band, liuature. 

Lienal, ale ( /■'. 1. Siik-iiic 

Lieuceph'alous \_/.il<i^\ iy/.l<fa}.ui\. F. 
liciK-i')ihalr. Siiiuotli-brained — ('. c having 
ln'Uii:slib('rL'.s conij>arativflj- destitute of eon- 

Lien'culus (/..). Supplrnientarv sj.leen. 

Lieni'tis. /'. lienite; / lienite. Splenitis. 

Lieuoinala'cia {L.) [//'//uz:'/]. Sol'tcn- 
int; uf the spleen. 

Lienter'ic. L. lienteriens ; F. liente- 
i'ii|ue; (•'. lienterisidi ; J. lieiiterieo. I'er- 
taining to or resembling lientery. 

Li'entery [/.::"V. i'^ri/,.,^]. L. lienteria : 
/'. licnterie ; (/. Lientcrie. Diarrhtoa ; the 
stools efintainiiig oxeess of luueus and par- 
tiallv-digested food. 

Lier'nur sys'tem : see Sucenit/r. 

Lierre (/•'.). Ivy L. du Canada, 
L'/iiit; toxicuilrnih-iiit. L. L. terrestre, 
(ilrch(im<t lirili rtiriit. L, 

Lieu d'election ( /•'). Preferable plaee. 
jilaee of eleetion for a surgieal operation. 

Lieu de necessite (/■' '. The region or 
.vpcit where an operation must be performed. 

Lievito (A). Leaven. L. di birra, 

Life [S,i.r,,u lyf ], /,.. /. vita ; /' vie ; G. 
Leben. Tliat state of pr..topl:isni. or of an 
animal or ]>lant. in which it is ea]ialile oi 
nielabolism whiMi placed under proper enu- 

Life-everlas'ting. Common name of 
the ]ilaiits oi' the geiins Anlniiiirrin. 

Life-root. Sfn-rii, <////v»,i. L. 

Life-ta.bles. T.ibhs showing for a given 
hicalitv tlie sueeessivi' annual decrease in 
numbers of a certain number, usually a 
million, of infants sup]io>cd to be born at 
the same time and to remain in that locality, 
whenee niay lie eom)inted the mortality i.if 

eaeh year of age and the expectation of 
life at any given age. 

Lig'ament. L. ligamentum ; G. Band ; 
/. legamento. A coiitining band or sheet ; 
especially used for the fibrous structures 
which invest joints, limit their motion, and 
strengthen them in the direction of greatest 
stress. Also applied to certain processes 
of fascia and folds of the peritoneum. For 
ligaments named after special persons see 
under name of persim : see Acces^soiy, 
Acrijmiii-chirii iilur. Arciiii/<\ An/-iS(inforiii- 
imi, Atlnntii-ii.riiil. CnleiDiiii-cubijid, Cal- 
ciiin'i)-fi/iii/((i\ (_ 'iiUiinro-iiaficnhir, Copfiilar, 
Cilia 11/ , Corttco-diriimiiil. ( 'urdco-claricidar, 
( \jiiicniil. CiiniiriiJii-pluirt/ii^cid, Ciisto-cen- 
Iriil. ( 'd^fii - c/iiviciihir. (_ 'I'.tio - piricardliic, 
( 'i/xl(i - trillion rsr, ( "nftii-jijihoul . Cotiihiid, 
('ri<-(i-iiri/ti ii'iiil, ( ', ico-2)Ii(ii-i/iii/(j(d, Crico- 
S(tii/(iriiii(iii. ( 'lien tln/jii-itiijtinoid, ( 'rico- 
tlii/rnii/, (_'i-ir<i-tn'clti(d. Ddfnid. Drii/iodate, 
DiKidiiin - ri iiid, Gii.<tfu -jiinicriiilir, Giiito- 
huiHrrid. Gil iKiid. IJi pntn-riilir. llijuito-rntal, 

J]l/ll-i jiii/llitlir. llin-f, lllfn-ld. lliii-llllllhiir. lUo- 

iiic/iiKid. Jiilrrcliiricidiir. Jiiti rcliiioid, Iii- 
ti-ixoKlid. Inti rcuiuljdnii. In>i rriutdtdratd, Li- 
^ i-'jd'iidiis, IiitciiVdnxii rfi\ Iricliid-J'riidiral. 
lai'hid-jirdftdtic. dAiiidid-Cdxtid. Liimltd-sd(r(d^ 
Blid-diif. Adrlriild-ciihdid, yavifidd-ciiitfi- 
fdnD.Gccijiifd-dtldiitid, Oicipdd-dj idl. Pitro- 
.yild iidid. J'liniid-i-dlir. J'/( n/iyd-maxdldrj/, 

Pvhic, Fllhd-l'rlnnrid. Fliljo-jU'dSldfif. Itddi- 
afc, SdiTd-CdCil/'l' dl. SidTd-ilidc. iS/r i-lid-J1Cri- 

ciinlidc, Sli riid-.i Ijihdid, Sli/lddii/diil. Slijlo- 

nui.i illdri/, Sd/irds/lilldtix, Sld^pi tifdyl/ /. of 
dldjihriKpn^ Tdrfd-iiu/dldrsid. T/ii/j-d-dn/- 
tnidid. Tliiird-cpdijhittir. Tlti/i-d-lii/did . Tihio- 
fdiiddr. Ti-diifrirfe. Tnipir.did. Tridni/idiir, 
and Vi xiid-iiiitldliiid lif/diiu iil.< ; also Litfu- 
111 1 Ilia. L. of ov'ary. 7-. ligaujcntum ova- 
rii jiroprium ; /'. ligament de I'ovaire ; G. 
Kicrstocksbaiid ; /. legamento dell' ovario. 
A tibrous cord, eontaining siune muscular 
fibres, extending IVom either eornu of the 
uterus to the ovary. L. of I'ec'tum. 1. 
A process oi' the recto-vesical fascia which 
jiasses to the side of the red tun. L'. Also 
either of two lr,itid< of liuigitinliiial niuseu- 
lar filivcs similar to ilio,-c on the coli.n [( Itis]. 

Ligament (/'.). Ligament. L. adi- 
peux, mucous ligatueni. L. amiulaire, 
annular lig'ament of radius. L. arterieL 
chorda ductus arteriosi. L. caudal or L. 
coccygien, lilnm terminale. L. cerato- 
hyoidien, stylo-hyoid ligament. L. cei'vi- 
cal elastique, ligamentum nuch;e. L. 
ciliaire, ciliary mus(le. L. cintre, ex- 
ternal arcuate liLramenl. L. costo-peri- 



cardique, costo-pericardial ligament. L. 
croise, cruciform ligament. L. cruci- 
forme, cruciform ligament of atlas ; also 
cruciate ligament of fingers. L. den- 
tele, denticulate ligament. L-s. infe- 
rieurs de la glotte, vocal cords. L. 
iiiterosseux superieur, obli(|ue ligament. 
L-s. jauiies, ligamenta subflava. L-s. 
larges des tarses, palpebral fascite. L. 
obturateur, obturator membrane. L. 
perineal, triangular ligament of urethra. 
L. phrenogastrique, irastro-phrenic liga- 
ment. L. phrenosplenique, spleno- 
phrenic ligament. L. des povimons, lig- 
amentum latum pulmonis. L. pterygo- 
maxillaire, pterygo-maxillary ligament. 
L. du pubis, triangular ligament of 
urethra. L-s. rayonnes, costo-central 
ligaments. L. rond, ligamentura teres; 
oblique ligament of forearm ; round liga- 
ament of uterus. L. rotulien, ligamentum 
patellae. L. sous-pubien, triangular lig- 
ament of urethra. L. surepineux, supra- 
spinous ligament. L. suspenseur du 
pericarde, costo-pericardiae ligament. L. 
suspenseur de I'urethre, triangular lig- 
ament of urethra. L. sus-pubien, admin- 
iculum linea3 albie. L. du testicule, 
gubernaculum testis. L. tubo-ovarien, 
infundibulo-ovarian ligament. L. en Y, 
interosseous 1. of ealcanco-cuboid articula- 
tion. It bifurcates anteriorly, and is at- 
tached to both cuboid and scaphoid bones. 
Ligamen'ta (/-.). pi. of Ligamentum. 
Ligaments. L. accesso 'ria, lateral liga- 
ments of joints. L. accesso 'ria acromio- 
clavicula'ria, acromio-elavicular liga- 
ments. L. accesso'ria latera'lia ge'nu, 
lateral ligaments of knee. L. accesso'ria 
vaga, sacro-iliac ligaments, posterior. L. 
ala'ria den'tis, or L. ala'ria Mauchar'- 
ti, or L. alaria majora, or L. alaria su- 
periora, alar odontoid ligaments. L. ala'- 
ria ge'nu, alar ligaments of knee. L. 
ala'ria mino'ra, processes of connective 
tissue separating synovial sacs of odonto- 
transversal articulation from that of the 
odonto-atlantal [3Ieyer]. L. annula'ria 
car'pi, annular ligaments of wrist. L. 
annula'ria digito'rum, transverse bands 
of the sheath of the flexor tendinis of the 
phalanges. L. annula'ria pe'dis, annu- 
lar ligaments of ankle. L. ar'cuum, L. 
subflava. L. articulatio'nis pe'dis an'- 
ticum et pos'ticum, tibio-tarsal liga- 
ments. L. atlanto-occipita'lia, occipito- 
atlantal ligaments. L. auxilia'ria, acces- 
sory ligaments. L. bas'eos metacar'pi, 
bundles uniting the bases of metaeari)al 

bones, four dorsal, three palmar. L. 
baseos metata'rsi, intermetatarsal liga- 
ments, basal. L. basi'um transversa'- 
ria, intermetatarsal ligaments. L. calca- 
neo-tibia'le, bundle of the deltoid liga- 
ments passing to the calcaneum. L. 
capit'uli fib'rdee, anterior and ])osterior 
superior tibio-tibular ligaments. L. cap- 
itulo'rum planta'ria or L. c. vola'ria, 
digital fibro-cartilages. L. coUatera'lia, 
lateral ligaments of joints. L. col'li 
cos'tae, costo-transverse ligaments. L. 
commu'nia vertebra'lia, common verte- 
bral ligaments. L. coruscan'tia, anterior 
intercostal ligaments. L. costo-stema'- 
lia radia'ta, costo-sternal ligaments. L. 
crucia'ta digito'rum, cruciate ligaments 
of fingers. L. crucia'ta ge'nu, crucial 
ligaments of knee. L. cuboideo-cunei- 
for'naia or L. cu'neo-cuboi'dea, cubo- 
cuneiform ligaments. L. cuboi'deo- 
navicuJa'ria, naviculo-cuboid ligaments. 
L. cubo-navicularia, bands uniting 
the cuboid ami scaphoid bones. L. 
cuneo-navicula'ria, bands connecting 
scaphoid and cuneiform bones. L. 

cuta'nea digito'rum manus, cutaneo- 
phalangeal ligaments. L. flabellifor'mia, 
fibres from fascia lata passing downward 
and looping across the median line in front 
of patella and its ligament [Meyer]. L. fla'- 
va, L. subflava. L. glan'dulaB lacryma'- 
lis, L. suspensorium glandubc lacrvmalis. 
L. glan'diilae thsrroi'deae, bundles of con- 
nective tissues pa.'-siiig from cajisule of thy- 
roid gland to cricoid cartilage and u]iper ring 
of trachea. L. glos'so-epiglot'tica, 
cpiglottic folds. L. hyo-thyreoi'dea, 
thyro-hyoid ligaments. L. U'io-sacra'lia, 
sacro-iliac ligaments. L. interamiula'ria, 
membranous intervals between I be rings of 
the trachea and bronchi. L. interbas'ica, 
intermetatarsal ligaments. L. intercar'- 
pea, interosscou.s ligaments uniting sca- 
phoid, semilunar, and cuneiform bones near 
their upper articular surfaces [Luscbka]. 
L. intercaiiilagin 'ea, anterior intercostal 
ligaTiionts. L. intercosta'lia anterio'ra 
inter'na, bands uniting sternal ends of two 
contiguous ribs internally. L. intercru- 
ra'lia, L. subflava. L. interlobula'ria, 
bands of the ])leura pulmonalis which in 
the interlobular fissures of the lungs pass 
from one lobe to the other [Luschka]. L. 
internie'dium ge'nu, bands passing from 
anterior end of inner semilunar cartilage 
of knee-joint to anterior crucial ligament; 
rare. L. intermuscula'ria bra'chii, thick 
septa of fascia attached to the supracondy- 




lai- ridfies of tlie huiiu'rus, aud .si>]>iir:itiii,i; 
the iii'xor tViiiii llic cxtensur muscles. L. 
interos'sea ge'nu, fnicial ligauifiits of 
knee. L. intervertebra'lia, intorverte- 
bral discs. L. is'chio-sacra'lia, sacru- 
sciatic lij:auuMits. L. kerato-cricoi'dea 
anterio'ra, crirci-tliyi-uid liuauieiits, aiitf- 
liiir. L. kerato-cricoi'dea posterio'ra 
superiora, iTiru-tliyrdid liLiaiiieiiis. [lusti'- 
rinr. L. labyiin'tlli, delicatf liaiids ol' 
tilinms tissue uiiitiiiL:' the iiieuihrannus laby- 
rintli ol' iuuei' ear with ])erii)steuiu id' the 
dssenus wall. L. labjrrinthi canaliculo'- 
vnm [ItudiiiLiei']. hands ui' enuiieetive tis- 
sue ]iassirii;' ffdiu luembfaiicius seiuieircuiar 
eanals tn the usseous labyrinth. L. laby- 
rinthi sacculo'i-um [I'liidiniier]. similar 
bands emmei-tinL;- l\ir saeoiile with the 
biinv wall. L. lacer'ti adscitit'ii, lipi- 
meiita superlieialia earpi. L. lacinia'ti 
tar'si, external ami internal annular liga- 
ments lit' ankle, L. latera'lia articula- 
tio'iiis pe'dis, lateral ligaments uf ankle. 
L. latera'lia cu'biti, lateral liuaments uf 
elbow. L. latera'lia den'tis or L. later- 
alia dentis epistroph'ei, alar-odontoid Hl:- 
ameiits. L. latera'lia pos'tica, posterior 
sacro-iliac ligaments. L. lateralia sub- 
ten'sa, L. nn,L'uieularia. L. longitiidina'- 
lia colum'nae, eominon vertidjral li^;a- 
ments. L. malle'oli exter'ni or L. m. 
fib'ulse, anterior and jnoterior inferior 
tibio-tibular liuMments. L. Maucharti, 
alar-odontoid I. L. maxilla 'ria, temporo- 
maxillary lii;aments. L. nietatar'si an- 
terio'ra planta'ria, transverse mel.itarsal 
liLTameiii-. L. muco'sa, synovial liga- 
ments. L. niten'tia, anterior intercostal 
liiramcnts. L. obli'qua digito'iiini, ob- 
lii(Uely-ilirecteil bands of the sheath of 
the tiexor tendons of the phalani;es. L. 
obliq'ua ge'nu, crucial lit:anieiits of 
knee. L. obtm-ato 'ria, occi|iito-atlantal 
li'.;anienis. L. odontoi'dea latera'lia, 
alar odontoid li'j-ameiiis. L. palpebra'- 
lia, Jirocesses of iialpebral I'l^cia. ij. r. L. 
pharynge'a, cranio-pharynLical liLiaments. 
L. pharjmge'a latera'lia, )irocesses of 
the ph.iryni:e.-il tip.meuroso that are at- 
tached lo the edi:c of the carotid open- 
iuLT of the temporal bone [Tourtual]. L. 
pu'bo-ischiad'ica prosta'tiB [Santorini], 
combined puboprostatic and iscliio-])ros- 
;aiicliL:aments. L. pu'bo-vesica'lia, piibo- 
lirostatic liL'ameni>, L. ret'rahens tubse, 
I.. salpini:ii-plniryni:ea. L. sacro-ili'- 
aca va'ga, )iii.-.tei'ior >acro-iliac ligaments. 
L. sacro-il'iaca va'ga anterio'ra, ante- 
rior sacro-iliac liirainerus. L. sacro-ischi- 

ad'ica, saero-sciatic ligaments. L. sacro- 
uteri'na, reetu-uterine folds. L. salpingo- 
pharynge'a, bundles passing from carti- 
laginous jiortion of Eustachian tube back- 
ward to constrictors of the pharynx. L. 
sterno - clavicula'ria, sterno-elavieular 
ligaments. L. sterno-costa'lia radia'ta, 
costo-sternal ligaments. L. subfla'va. /'. 
ligaments jatines; </'. gellie iSander. Short 
bands containing yellow elastic tissue, con- 
necting the vertebral lamina' in the neck 
and liack. L. superflcia'lia car'pi, thin 
bundles of fibres continued down to liga- 
ments of wrist i'rom the I'ascia covering 
jirtmator ipnidratiis. L. suspenso'ria lat- 
era'lia pe'nis, processes from tunica albu- 
ginea of penis, uniting with periosteum of 
pubis. L. ta'lo-calca'nea, astragalo-cul- 
caneal ligaments. L. talc - fibula 'ria 
tan'ticum. et pos'ticumi. talo-tiliular 
ligaiiu'uts. L. tarsa'lia transver'sa, bands 
uniting distal row of tarsal bones, L. 
tarso-calca'nea, bands connecting the cal- 
caneum and the culioid bones. L. tarso- 
navicula'ria, bands connecting sca]plioid 
with distal row of tarsal bones. L. trans- 
versa'ria anterio'ra, transverse metatar- 
sal ligaments. L. triangula're vesi'cse, 
triangular I. of urethra-. L. triangula'ria 
hep'atis, triangular ligaments of liver. L. 
tuber'culi cos'tae, costo-transvevse liga- 
ments, posterior. L. tubei'osita'tum vei'- 
tebra'liuni, intertransverse ligaments. L. 
unguicula'ria. 0'. >i'agelbander. Tliin 
tendinous bands passing from sides of tliird 
phalanx of lingers to the skin. L. un'- 
guiuni, L. unguicularia. L. u'teri la'ta, 
broad ligaments of uterus. L. vagina'lia 
digito'i'um ma'nus, collection i.f bands 
forming slieatli i'or flexor tendons as they 
(lass over the jihahmgcs. L. vertebro- 
pulniona'lia, that part of sus]iensory liga- 
ment oi' iliajihragm ])assing to roots of 
lungs. L. vesi'cse suspenso'ria, vesico- 
umbilical ligaments. L. vesica'lia ve'ra 
anterio'ra, luibo-jirostatic ligaments. L. 
voca'lia, voc;il cords. L. voca'lia pos- 
terio'ra, cornieulo-pharviigeal ligaments. 

Ligamen 'toils. 7>. ligameniosus ; /■'. 
ligaiucnteux. euse ; ''/. ligamenti')S ; /. lega- 
mentoso. i'erlaining to. resembling, or 
constructi'd of. ligaments. L. cord of 
Weit'brecht, obliijue ligament. L. glot'- 
tis. Vocal glottis. 

Lig'aments. L. of an'kle : see Cul- 

niKKi-iihiiliir lii/iOnt:iil. ( 'n/ciinio-liljial I.. l)il- 
li'iil I.. L'lli-ru! I. iif (>iil:h\ l/iifdinoiluni Wal- 
tlirri, Tiihi-filiiiliirL, Tuln-tiblal L. 2'lbitj-navic- 



ular l, Tibio-tarsal I. L. of blad'der, the 
true ligaments are processes of the recto- 
vesical fascia, two anterior (see Puho-pros- 
tatic ligaments) ; two lateral, passing from 
the sides of the pelvis. The false liga- 
ments are duplications of the peritoneum 
(see Urachal jdhl , Hi/pojastric folds, Recto- 
vesical folds). The urachal and hypogas- 
tric folds are often described together as 
the superior false ligament. L. of car'- 
pus : see L. of wrist. Li. of co'lon. L. 
ligamenta coli ; G. Liingsbander. Three 
longitudinal bands of muscle-fibres extend- 
ing along the large intestine from ca3cum 
to rectum ; distinguished as posterior, an- 
terior, and inner or lateral. L. of el'- 
bow, those that relate to the elbow-joint : 
see Annular ligaments of radius. Lateral 
ligaments of elbow, Ligamentum cabiti an- 
ticum, Ligamentum cubili posticum, Liga- 
mi'.ntum humero-conoideum, Ligamentum oh- 
crano-humerale, Ligamentum quadratuni . Li. 
of hip, those that relate to the hip-joint : 
see (Jottjloid ligament, Ilio-fcmoral ligament, 
Jschio-femoral ligament, Ligamentum teres. 
Pubofemoral ligament, Transverse ligament. 
Zona orbicularis. Li. of in'cus, a poste'- 
rior 1. consi.sts of fibres connoc-ling short 
priicess with posterior wall of tyinpamiin. 
A supe'rior 1. is described by many as a 
few fibres near the suspensory ligament of 
the malleus, which connect the body of the 
incus with the roof of the tympanum ; sec 
also Ligttmentum corporis incudis. L. of 
jaw: see Timporo-maxillary ligaments. L. 
of knee, those which relate to the knee- 
joint. Besides the capsular ligament, 
there are a number of accessory bands : 
see Alar Is., Cruciid l-s. eif knee, Jjateral 
l-s. of knee, Ligamenta flabelliformia , Liga- 
mentum patelliv., Ligamentum pojiliteum ar- 
cuatum, Ligamentum posticum Winslowii, Mu- 
cous ligament, and Transverse ligament if knee. 
L. of lar'ynx : see Ary-tiantorinian l-s., 
A ry-ej)! glottic fold, Corniculo-])lian/ngeal I., 
Crico-arytenoid L, Crico-pharyngeal I., Crico- 
Santorinian l-s., Crico-thyro-arytenoid l-s., 
Crico-thyroid. l-s., Criro-thyroid membrane, 
Crico-trachcal I., Glosso-epigloltic l-s., Ifyo- 
epiglottic I., Ugamentum arcualum laryn- 
gis, Ligamentum aryteuoideiim trmfn^ersum, 
Ligamentum petioli epiglottidis. Thyro-ary- 
tenoid l-s., Thyrn-epiglnttic l-s., Thyro-hyoid 
/-.«., Thyro-hyoid mendirane, and Vocid cords. 
L. of liv'er: see Jli/mtic ligaments. L. of 
mal'leus, those which unite the bone to 
ncighlioring structures. The supe'rior <ir 
suspen'sory 1. unites the head of the mal- 
leus to roof of tympanum ; the ante'rior 

1. is a band passing from the neck of the 
bone to spina tympanica major (Helm- 
holtz's ligament), and also through the 
Glaserian fissure to the spine of the sphe- 
noid (Meckel's ligament) ; the exter'nal 
or poste'rior 1. passes from neck of the 
bone out through the notch of Eivinus to 
the wall of the external auditory meatus. 
L. of spleen: see Gastro-splenic ligament. 
Pancreatic l, Phreno-eolic l, Spleno-colic I. 
and Spleno-phrenic I. L. of u'terus, bands 
of fascia or folds of peritoneum that help 
to sustain it in position. For the former 
see Round ligament of vterus ; for the lat- 
ter, Broad ligament of utertis, Recto-uterine 
folds, and Vesico-ulcrine folds. L. of wrist, 
those uniting the carpus with structures 
belonging to the forearm : .see Arcuate I. 
of wrist, LigamenUnii carpi radiale, Liga- 
mentum carpi ulnare, Ligamentum carpi 
rectum, Ligamenta sujierfcialia carpi. Radio- 
carpal l-s., and Rliondtoid I. of xcrist. 

Ligamen'tum (/y.). Ligament. For 
those named after special persons see under 
names of persons. L. accesso'rium an'- 
ticum, L. rectum atlantis. L. accesso'- 
rium cu'biti exter'num or latera'le, 
lateral ligament (ji' elbow, external. L. 
accesso'rium cu'biti inter'num or me- 
dia'le, latiM-al ligament of elbow, internal. L. 
accesso'rium exter'num articulatio'- 
nis pe'dis, lateral ligament of ankle, exter- 
nal. L. accesso'rium ge'nu inter'num 
or media 'le, lateral ligament of knee, inter- 
nal. L. accesso'rium hu'meri, coraco- 
humeral ligament. L. accesso'riiun ob- 
li'quum, arcuate ligament of wrist. L. 
accesso'rium rec'tum, L. rectum atlan- 
tis. L. accesso'rium rec'tum car'pi, 
L. car|ii rectum. L. accesso'rium rec'- 
tum Weitbrech'tii, I/, rectum atlantis. 
L. acromia'le clavic'ulae, unusually 
thickened superior ligament of acromio- 
clavicular joint. Li. acro'mio-coracoi'- 
deum, coraco-acromial ligament. L. adi- 
po'sum, mucous ligament. L. ala're, left 
triangular ligament of liver. L. annula'- 
re ba'seos stape'dis, annular ligament of 
stapes. L. annula're fem'oris, z'ma or- 
bicularis. L. annula're ipu'bis*, inter- 
pubic disc. L. annula're ra'dii, annular 
ligament of radius L. ano-coccyg'e'um, 
ano-coccygeal rajdie. L. ap'icis coc'cy- 
gfis. 1. Ano-coccygeal r.i|ihe. '1. Liga- 
mentum caudalc. L. ap'icis den'tis, sus- 
pensory ligament of odontoid process. L. 
ap'icis incu'dis, ligament of incus, poste- 
ri<ir. L. ap'icum, supraspinous ligament. 
L, arcua'tum, arcuate ligament. L. ar- 



cua'tum infe'rius pu'bis, subpubic litra- 
nieiit. L. arcua'tiini laryn'gis, fibres 
of superiur tlivro-arjtenoid ligament curv- 
ing arciuinl ]ioslerior angle of ventricle of 
larvnx ['i'ourtual]. L. arcua'tum supe'- 
rius, su|ifri(ir ])uliie ligament. L. arniil- 
la're, annular ligament of wrist. L. arte- 
rio'sixm, cluirda ductus arteriosi. L. ary- 
epiglot'ticum, arytcno-epiglottio fold. L. 
ary-Santorinian'uni, !-. aryteno-Sauto- 
riniauuni. L. arytenoi'deum trans- 
ver'sum, fibres iVom superior tbyro-ary- 
tenoi<l ligament attacbed to crista arcuata 
ol' arylriiiiid <'artilage [Tourtual]. L. ary- 
teno-Santor Lilian 'um, bundle of con- 
nective tissue uniting cornicula laryngis 
and arytenoiil cartilages, L. atlail'tico- 
occipita'le an'ticum profun'dum, nc- 
ci]iito-atlantal ligament, anterior. L. at- 
lan'to-episti-oph'icum ante'rius, L. nb- 
turatorium atlanld-axiale anticum. L. at- 
lan'to-occipita'le superflcia'le, L. rec- 
tum atlantis. L. auricula're, ligament of 
A'al.salva. L. bas'iuni os'sis metatar'si 
juga'le or L. basiuni ossis metatarsi 
comniu'ne lon'grnn, L, basium ossis meta- 
tarsi planlare Inngnni. L. basiuill OSsis 
metatarsi planta're longum, band .some- 
times found passing I'rom base of first meta- 
tarsal bone to fiftii, <ui plantar surface. L. 
bifurca'tum subli'me, \i. tarso-metatar- 
.siuni ]ilantare, mediale. L. brachio-CU- 
bita'le, lateral ligament of elbow, internal. 
L. brachio-radia'le, lateral ligament <if 
elbow, external. L. bre've dig'iti, vincula 
tendimui), uniting tendon of flexor sublimis 
digitiirum to finger-joint just aliove its in- 
sertion. L. calca'neo metatar'seum, 
tliick process iif fascia, passing 
over the aliductur nl' (be little tnr tn be 
inserted intcj tubern>ity dI' nutatarsale [Iv 
Weber]. L. canaliciilo'rum labyrin'thi, 
L. labyrintbi canalicnbinim. L. capitato- 
hama'tum, small bone uniting os magnum 
and uncifiinn bone of wrist. L. capit'uli 
cos'tee ante'rius, costo-eentral ligament. 
L. capit'nli cos'tas interarticula're, in- 
terartii'ular libro-cartilage of a costo-verte- 
bral articnlatinn, L. capituli costae pos- 
te'rius, tbal part cif middle costo-transverse 
liL;ainent lying near bead of rib. L. capit- 
vili costEB radia'tnm, costo-ceutral liii.i- 
ment. L. capituli costa? transver'sum, 
L. cajiituli c(isl:e interarliculare. L. cap- 
sula're cub'iti.capsular ligament of ellmw- 
joiut. L, capsula're hu'meri, capsular 
ligament of sboulder-joint. L. capsulare 
inter'num cox'ce, ]i. teres. L. capsula'- 
re saccifor'me, capsular ligainiiit of inl'e- 

rior radio-ulnar articulation, so called from 
its looseness. L. car'pi armilla're, pos- 
terior annular ligament uf wrist, L. car- 
pi dorsa'le commu'ne, [losterior annular 
ligament of wrist, L. carpi dorsale Ion- 
gum, bundle extending from cuneiform 
bone to unciform, tbence to fiftli metacar- 
pal, L. car'pi dorsa'le profun'dum, 
])osterior radio-carpal ligament, L, car'pi 
dorsa'le radia'tum, a series of short 
bands radiating from os magnum on back 
of wrist. L. carpi juga'lia or L. carpi 
obli'qua, radiate ligament of wrist, L. 
carpi obliquum, arcuate ligament of 
wrist. L. car'pi radia'le, external lat- 
eral ligament of wrist, passing from styloid 
[irocess of radius to scaphoid bone, L. 
carpi radia'tum, radial ligament of wrist, 
L, car'pi rec'tum, rdunded fasciculus of 
anterior radio-carpal ligament, passing from 
styloid process ni' ulna to semilunar and 
cuneiform liones. L. carpi rhomboi'- 
deum, rbnmboid ligament of wrist. L. 
car'pi transver'sum, ligamentum carpi 
viilare jpi-dprium: see Ainnihtr /iganiunfa uf 
irritit. L, car'pi ulna 're, band extending 
from styloid jirocess cd' ulna to cuui'iform 
and ])isifiirm bones, L. car'pi vola're 
commu'ne: sec Ainiii/nr /ii/(uinii/s uf 
vrht. L, car'pi vola're profun'dum, 
railio-car|)al ligaments, anterior. L, car'- 
pi vola're profun'dum arcua'tum, ar- 
cuate ligament of wrist, L, car'pi vola'- 
re profun'dum transver'sum, L. trans- 
versum volare. L, car'pi vola're pro- 
prium, anteriiu' annular ligament of wrist. 
L, car'pi vola're radia'le, small baml 
|.assing from scajdnjiil to trapezium under 
internal lateral ligament of wrist, L. car'- 
pi vola're radia'tum, radiate ligament 
id' wrist. L. cartilag'inum semiluna'- 
rium, coronary ligaments of knee. L. 
cauda'le, a cord of connective tissue ccui- 
necting ]>ostcrior portion of coccyx with 
the skin, its insertion often indicateil by a 
sliglit depression, L. cervico-basila're, 
(rccipito-axial ligament. L. circula're 
den'tis, i)erioilontium, L. circumflex'um, 
bundle of \, piso-metacarpenm passing out- 
waril to basi's ol' tliinl and fourth metacar- 
pals L. coccyge'a latera'lia, continua- 
tiiui id' lateral sacro-coccygeal ligaments to 
the second coccygeal vertelira. L. col'ico 
liena'le, spleno-colie ligament. L, col'i- 
cum dex'trum, fold of peritoneum pass- 
ing from anterior surface of iliacus muscle 
to right side (d' cTcum, L. colicum Hal- 
leri, continuation of right end (d' great 
omentum downward upon ascending colon. 



L. col'li cos'tae juga'le, band sometimes 
found, especially upon the lower ribs, pass- 
ing from the tuberosity inward through the 
intervertebral notch, and often uniting with 
a similar one from the opposite side beneath 
the posterior common ligament [Luschka]. 
L. commu'ne vertebra'le : see Cummon 
vertehrnl ligammtx. L. con'icum or CO- 
noi'deum, crico-thyroid ligament, middle. 
L. conoi'deum clavic'ulae, conoid lig- 
ament; see C'lrnco-claciciddr liffiimrnt. L. 
cor'aco-brachia'le, coraco-acromial liga- 
ment. L. cor'aco-clavicula're an'ti- 
cum : see (^nrnni-rlncitmhir /ii/aiiuitf. L. 
cor'aco-clavicula're exter'num, trape- 
zoid ligament: see Cuniaj-r/iniculitr Ui/a- 
me.nt. L. cor'aco-clavicula're inter'- 
num, conoid ligament : see (jirnro-i'Iaricu- 
l(ir li'ffiment. L. cor'aco-clavicula're 
pos'ticum: see (^(truro-cMirioilur liijamrnt. 
Li. coraco-glenoida'le, gleno-humeral lig- 
ament. L. cor'aco-humera'le, coraco- 
acromial ligament. L. corona'rium hep'- 
atis, coronary ligament. L. corona'rium 
ra'dii, annular ligament of radius. L. 
cor'poris incu'dis [.flayer], fold of mu- 
cous membrane of the tympanum which 
attaches the incus to the lateral wall of the 
recessus epitympanicus. L. costo-pleu- 
ra'le, band of fascia running from ni'cic of 
first rib to insertion of scalenus anticus. 
L. costo-pleuro-vertebra'le, band of 
fascia frequently seen passing from trans- 
verse process of si.vth or seventh cervical 
vertebra over the pleura to first rib. L. 
costo-vertebrale accesso'rium, acces- 
sory band of costo-central ligament, pass- 
ing from head of twelfth rib to disc be- 
tween twelfth dor.sal and first lumbar ver- 
tebra. L. costo-vertebra'le ante'rius, 
or radia'tum, m- stella'tum, costo-cen- 
tral ligament. L. coxa'le pro'priuni, 
obturator membrane. L. crico-arytenoi'- 
deum pos'ticum, cricoarytenoid ligament. 
L.crico-cornicula'tum, band passing from 
cricoid cartilage to a corniculum laryngis. 
vestige of atrophied arvtenoideus obliquus. 
L. crico-comic'ulo-pharjmg'e'um, crico- 
Sanlorinian ligament. L. crico-thyroi'- 
deum latera'le, crico-thyroid ligament, 
superior. L. crls'tse pu'bis, triangular 
ligament of abdomen. L. crucia'tum 
atlan'tis, cruciform ligament of atlas. L. 
crucia'tum cru'ris, lower band of anterior 
annular ligament of ankle, a -<-,shaped 
thickening of fascia, the main stem (lig- 
amentum fundiforme tarsi) being a loop- 
like process which springs from the fore 
part of the calcaneum, and confines the 

tendons of the long extensor of the toes, 
the diverging branches passing over the 
tendons of the extensor longus hallucis and 
tibialis posticus to the internal border of 
the foot. L. crucia'tum epistroph'ei, 
cruciform ligament of atlas. L. crucia'- 
tum tarsi, L. cruciatum cruris. L. cru- 
cia'tum ter'tium, fibres passing from 
posterior margin of external semilunar 
fibro-cartilage of knee-joint, and accom- 
panying posterior crucial ligament to its 
insertion [Robert]. L. crucifor'me, cruci- 
form ligament of atlas. L. cu'biti an'- 
ticum, anterior ligament of elbow-joint, 
composed of fibres arising above coronoid 
fossa and passing directly downward to 
radius. L. cu'biti pos'ticum, posterior 
ligament of elbow-joint ; a thin membrane 
extending from edge of olecranon fossa to 
olecranon. L. cubito-radia'le, obli(|ae 
ligament. L. cu'bito-radia'le te'res, 
oblique ligament of forearm. L. dentis, 
suspensory ligament of odontoid process. 
L. dentis epistroph'ei me'dium an'ti- 
cum and pos'ticum, a division of suspen- 
sory ligament of odontoid process into two 
bands; sometimes seen. L. dentis pos'ti- 
cum, suspen.sory ligament of odontoid 
process. L. duc'tus veno'si, vestige of 
ductus venosus, remaining as a fibrous 
band in left lonLMtudinal fissure of liver. 
L. duodeno-hepat'icum, L. hepato-duo- 
denalc. L. epididy'midis, fold of tunica 
vaginalis, passinir from testis to epididymis. 
L. epididy'niidis me'dium, band some- 
times seen brid'.:ing over sinus of epididy- 
mis. L. epiglottico-palati'num, areas 
palatinus medius. L. epistrophico-at- 
lan'ticum an'ticum profun'diun, L. 
obturatorium atlaiilo-axiale anticnm. L. 
epistrophico-atlan'ticum an'ticum su- 
perflcia'le, lower jiart of L. rectum atlantis, 
extending from body of axis to tubercle on 
anterior arch of atlas. L. falcifor'me, 
falciform process. L. ftmdifor'me Retzii 
or L. f. tarsi : sec [/iiinmrotinn cnirid/ion. 
cruris. L. forcilla'tum superficia'le, L. 
tarso-metatarseum plantare mediale. L. 
gastro-col'icum, gastro-colic omentum. 
L. gastro - hepat'icum, gastro-liejjatic 
omentum. L. gastro -liena'le, gastro- 
splenic omentum. L. Gimberna'ti re- 
flex'um, triangular ligamcMit ol' abdcuncn. 
L. glenoi'deo -brachia'le infe'rius, 
•rleno-humeral liL^anient. L. glenoi'deo- 
brachia'le inter'num, coracn - humeral 
ligament. L. glenoi'deo-brachia'le la'- 
tum, gleno-hunieral ligament. L. glot'- 
tidis spu'rise, i'alse vocal cord. L. glot'- 



tidis ve'rse, true vocal eonl : see Vora/ 
cords. L. hamo-metacar'peum, band 
passing fVuni micilorni to tif'th metacarpal 
bone. L. hepato-col'icum, hcpato-rciial 
liuament L. hepato-duodena'le, f'okl 
<(!' peritoneum ]ias.sinj; fV(]Ui liver to duo- 
dcuuni. L. hepato-gas'tricuni 

patico-gas'tricum, L;astr(]-licpatic oinen- 
tuui. L. hepato-umbilica'le, round lit:- 
anieiit of liver. L. humero-coroiioi'- 
deum. J', lin.inicnt liuniero-coronoidien. 
Anterior ]iorti(jn oi'intcriial lateral ligament 
of elbow-joint, passim^ I'roni front of epicon- 
dyle to coronoid process. L. hyothyroi'- 
deum accesso'rium or L. hyothyroi- 
deum accessorium ine'dium, acci'ssory 
band sonietinies found passing in fr(Uit of 
tliyru-hyoid-ligament, from body of liyoid 
bone to ujiper edge of tliyroid cartilage. L. 
ili'acumpro'privim,band siunetinics found 
st ret died across (be concavity of the ilio-])ec- 
tineal line. L. il'io-femora'le ante'rius, 
anterior baud ol' ilio-fenioral ligament. L. 
ilio-femora'le iiife'rius, anterior band of 
ili(j-feiiioral ligament. L. Dio-feinora'le 
supe'rius, supericu' band of ilio-1'cnuiral 
ligament. L. ilio-luniba'le, iliodumbar 
ligament. L. il'io-pu'bicum, I'oupart's 
ligament. L. il'io-sacra'le, sacro-iliae 
ligament. ]i(]steri((r. L. il'io-tibia'le or 
il'io-trochanter'ico-tibia'le, ilio-tibial 
baud. L. Lncu'dis poste'rius, ligament 
id" iiu'us, posterior. L. incu'dis supe'- 
rius, lig:unent of incus, superior. L. in- 
gnina'le, m- L. ingnina'le anterius, or 
L. inguinale externum, rimpart's liga- 
ment. L. inguina'le inter'num or L. 
inguinale posterius, thickened portion 
of transversalis fascia attaidied to I'ou- 
]iart's ligament. L. inguina'le internum 
latera'le, outer margin of internal inguinal 
ring. L. inguinale internum media'le, 
inner margin lA' internal inguinal ring. L. 
interarticula're, interosseous ligament. 
L. interarticula're cox'ae, liganicntum 
iiTi's. L. interbronchia'le, strong, elas- 
tic band within the hjwer end of the tr.i- 
(diea tbrmed liy union of the two bronrhi 
[liusehka]. L. interlamella're, cord- j 
like eonnecliiin between lhi> laincll.e of a 1 
I'aciriian corpuscle. i'rei|io'ntlv found at 
(he cnil opposite the I'nlrauce of the | 
nervc\ L. interlobula're, ]irocess of j 
lilcnra jiem'trating inteilohiilar lissurc. L. 
interniaxUla're, pterygo-maxillary liga- 
iiuMit. L. interme'dium (costEe », costo- liiiamerit, middle. L. interme'- 
dium cru'l'is, hiWer part of intero.ssenni 
cruris. L. intermuscula're fibula're, i 

thick baud of fascia separating peroneal 
group of muscles from extensors of the 
toes. L. intermuscula're tibia'le, sep- 
tum between tibialis auticus am) extensor 
longus digitorum pedis. L. interos'seum 
antibra'chii, sheet connecting shafts of 
the radius and ulna. L. interos'seum 
cru'ris m- inferius, sheet connecting 
shafts of the tibia and lilnila. L. inter- 
os'seum pu'bis, intcrpubic disk. L. in- 
teros'seum supe'l'ius, ligamentuni inter- 
os.seum antiln-achii. L. intertransversa'- 
rium atlan'to-occipita'le, baud on lither 
side passing from jiroeess of 
atlas to outer side of condyle of occipital 
bone. L. intestina'le, ligament of the 
colon, lateral. L. intesti'ni cseci, L. coli- 
ciun dextrum. L. is'chio-capsula're, 
ischio-femoral ligament. L. juga'le car- 
tilag'inum Santori'ni, crico-8antorinian 
ligament. L. juga'le or jugale ge'nu, 
transverse ligament of kuee. L. kerato- 
cricoi'deum infe'rius, crico-thyroid liga- 
ment, inferior. L. lacinia'tum exter'- 
num, ri'tiuaculuni ]ienn|corum superius. L. 
lacinia'tum inter'num, interiuil annular 
ligament of aidile, a baiul of fascia passing 
from internal uuilleolus to calcanoum, eon- 
tiuing teinlons of tibialis posticus, flexor 
longus digitorum ]>edis, |)osterior tibial ves- 
sels ami nerve, and temlon of flexor longus 
hallucis. L. lacinia'tum medul'lee spi- 
na'lis, ligaineiitum denticulatum. L. lat- 
era'le den'tis inferio'ris, accessory atlan- 
to-axial ligament. L. latera'le exter'num 
ge'nu ante'rius or lon'gum, lateral liga- 
ment (d' knee, long external. L. latera'le 
exter'num ge'nu bre've or pos'ticum, 
lateral li'j:amcnt of knee, short external. 
L. latera'le inter'num ge'nu ante'rius, 
lateral ligament (jI' knee, long internal. L. 
latera'le inter'num ge'nu pos'ticum, 
lateral liganu'ut of kuee, short iut<'rnal. 
L. latera'le ulna're, funiculus ligamen- 
tosus. L. la'tum epistroph'ei, oeei]iito- 
axial ligament. L. la'tum pulmo'nis. 
L. ligamentnm pulmonale; /'. ligament 
dcs ]iouniinis ; (i . Ijungenband. A tri- 
angular fold (d' pleura extemliug from 
root ol' lung liaekward to the thorax 
and downward to the diaphragm. L. 
la'tum u'teri, broad ligament of uterus. 
L. li'ne^ al'bse, triangular widening rd' 
liuci alba just aliovc svmphysis jiuliis. L. 
longitudina'le : xw Cionmon rcitilmil Hrj- 

iiiiii'iits. L. longitudina'le abdom'inis, 

linea allia. L. lon'gum dig'iti, sletuler 
vineulnni tenilinum which eonlines a flexor 
tendon S(une distance above its insertion. 



Ti. lunato-pyramida'le, small bundle 
uniting semilunar and cuneiform bones of 
wrist. L. lunato-scaphoi'deum, small 
bundle uniting scaplinid and semilunar 
bones of wrist. L. lunato-trique'tnim, 
L. lunato-pyramidale. L. mal'lei ante'- 
rius, L. m. exter'num or laterals, L. 
m. poste'rius, L. m. supe'rius : see Lig- 
aments of 7na/ltas. L. mal'lei tjrm'pani, 
L. mallei anterius. L. malle'oli exter'ni 
interme'diura, interosseous tibio-fibular 
ligaments. L. malleoli extemi supe'rius, 
lower part of L. interosseum cruris. L. 
manu'brii, laxator tympani minor. L. 
maxilla're latera'le, external lateral lig- 
ament of temporo-maxillary articulation : 
see Temp'irn-mii.riUiiry liijaments. L.maidl- 
la're media'le, internal lateral ligament 
of temporo-maxillary articulation : see Tem- 
piiro-miijcillar)/ li'iameiila. L. mesenter'- 
ico-m.esocol'icum, mescnterico-mesucolic 
fold. Li. metatar'si transver'sum 
planta're, transverse metatarsal ligament. 
L. naviculari-luna'tum, L. lunato-sca- 
phoideum. L. ner'vi hjrpog-los'si, band 
passing across hypoglossal nerve at its exit 
from anterior cundyhnd ftjramen, extending 
from condyle of occipital bone to edge of 
jugular foramen [Lusdika]. L. nu'chae. 
F. ligament cervii^al posterieur ; (j. Na(-ken- 
band. Fascial band continuing sui>ra- 
spinous ligament from 7th cervical vertebra 
to occipital protuberance. From its deep 
surface fibres pass to spinous processes of 
cervical vertebnc. L. obli'quum Wal'- 
theri, band of capsular ligament of ankle- 
joint extending from external malleus to 
eminence for flexor longus poUicis on a.s- 
tragalus. L. obtec'tum, stria tecta. L. 
obturato'rium, obturitor membrane. L. 
obturato'rium atlan'to-axia'le an'ti- 
cum, sheet uniting anterior arch of atlas 
with axis, external to anterior common lig- 
ament. L. obturato'rium stap'edis, 
merabrana obturatoria stapedis. L. oc- 
cipita'le poste'rius me'dium, name 
given by Meyer to combined superior and 
inferior crura of cruciform ligament of 
atlas. L. odontoi'deum me'dium, sus- 
pensory ligament of odnnloid jjrocess. L. 
olecrano-humera'le. /''.ligament humero- 
oleeranien. Posterior (lortion of internal 
lateral ligament of elbow-joint, ]iassing 
from posterior portion of epicondyle to the 
olecranon. L. orbicula're, ann\ilar lig- 
ament of radius. L. os'sium cunei- 
for'mium, intereuneii'orm ligaments, dor- 
sal. L. ova'rii pro'prium, ligament of 
ovary. L. ova'rio-pel'vicum, h. in- 

fundibulo-pelvicum. L. palpebra'le, pal- 
pebral fascia. L. patel'lee or L. patellae 
pro'prium, strong flat band e.xteuding from 
patella to tubercle of tibia, and constituting 
the anterior investment for the knee-joint. 
It is a continuation of tendon of (juadriceps 
extensor femoris. L. patel'lee exter'num 
or latera'le, L. patel'lse inter 'num nr 
media'le, ligamenta flabelliformia. L. 
patel'lae or patella're infe'rius, lig- 
amentum patelhe. L. patella're, that 
portion of the capsular 1. of knee attached 
to patella beneath the L. patell:«. L. 
pectina'tum i'ridis, pectinate ligament 
of iris. L. pelvio-prostat'icum, trian- 
gular ligament of urethra [Luschka]. L. 
pelvio-prostat'icum capsula're, jirocess 
of pelvic fascia enclosing prostate gland. 
L. pel'vio ante'rius triangiila're, sub- 
pubic ligament. L. pel'vis pos'ticum 
mag'num, great sacro-sciatic ligament. 
L. pelvis pos'ticum par'vum, lesser 
sacro-sciatic ligament. L. pericar'dii 
supe'rius, stispensory ligament nf ]»eriear- 
dium. L. peronseo'rum pro'prium, reti- 
naculum ])eroneorum sujierius. L.peroneo- 
tibia'le, bundle of fibres at u])p('r ]>art of 
L. interosseum cruris, passing from tibia 
obli(|Uely downward to the fibula. L. 
peti'oli epiglot'tidis, band uniting lower 
end of ej)iglottis to angle between ala; of 
thyroid cartilage. L, petrosphenoi'- 
deum, petro-s]ihenoid ligament, posterior. 
L. pharynge'um me'dium, process of 
pharyngi'al ajioneiirosis attairhed to pharyn- 
geal s])ine of occipital bone, and extending 
downward as the posterior median raphe of 
pharynx. L. phren'ico-gas'tricum, gas- 
tro-phrenic ligament. L. phren'ico-he- 
pat'icum, triangular ligament of liver. L. 
phren'ico-liena'le, spleno-])hrenic liga- 
ment. L.phrenico-pulmona'le, that part 
of sus])ensory ligament of dia|)hragni pass- 
ing between roots of lungs and diaphragm. 
L. pi'so-hama'tum, short band passing 
from ])isiform to unciform bone, usually 
considered as a continuation of insertion 
of flexor carpi ulnaris. L. pi'so-meta- 
car'peum, band passing from ]iisiform to 
filth metacarpal bone, usually considered 
as an insertion of flexor carpi ulnaris. L. 
piso-uncina'tum, L. ])iso-haniatnm. L. 
pleu'ro-col'icum, ]ihreno-colie ligament. 
L. pleuro-CESophage'um, band taking 
place of atro]ihied iileuro-nesophageus mus- 
cle. L. pli'cae synovia 'Us, mucous liga- 
ment. L. poplite'um, liu'amentum posti- 
cum Winslowii. L, poplite'um arcua'- 
tum., band on capsule of knee, arising from 



outer cdiKlyli' of fomur with tpndon of pop- 
liteiis and Kiopiiif; around opening of Imrsa 
poplitoa. The sliort external hiteral liga- 
ment Mends with it. L. poplite'um ex- 
ter'num or L. popliteuni Lnfe'rius, lat- 
eral ligament of knee, ^hort external. L. 

poplite'um iiiter'num, or obli'quum, 
or supe'rius, or L. pos'ticum superfl- 
cia'le or Winslo'wii, strong aeeessorj' 
band derived from tendon of seniimem- 
liranosus, passing olilii|iiely across capsule 
of knee-joint jHisteriorly ; often incorrectly 
applied to whole posterior ]iortion of cap- 
sule. L. proces'sus bre'vis iiicu'dis, 
ligament of incus. L. pro'prium mi'- 
nus, eoraeoid ligament. L. pro'priura 
patel'lse, liganientum ]iatell;e. L. pro'- 
prium scap'ulee min'imum, liganientum 
transversum seapida' inferius. L. pro'- 
prium scap'ulee mi'nus, eoraeoid liga- 
ment. L. pteryg-o-mandibula're, ptery- 
go-maxillary ligament. L. pterygo-pe- 
tro'sum, liganiiiilum ]ilerygo-spiiiiisum. 
L. pterygo-sphenoi'deum or L. ptei-y- 
go-sphenoi'deum iiiter'num, stri]) of 
fascia lieiweeii tensor and levator jialati. 
L. pterygo-sphenoi'deum exter'nvim, 
salpingo-pterygoid process, L. pterygo- 
spilio'sum, small hand of Connective tis- 
sue passing from external pterygoid (date 
to spinous process of s])henoid. It some- 
times ossities [Civinini]. L. pu'bicuni 
Coo'peri, triangular ligament-of ahdomen. 
L. pulmona'le or pulnio'nis, L. latum 
))ulmonis. L. pyi'amida'le, crico-thyroid 
ligament, niiihlle. L. quadra'tum, part 
of capsule of elliow-joint. extending from 
lowel' liorder of le^>er sigmoid fossa and 
lower ('(lue oi" annular liiiament to neck of 
radius [jtenuee]. L. radia'tum, ligamen- 
tum carpi ninarr ; costo-central ligament. 
L. radia'tum May'eri, L. earjii rectum. 
L. rec'tvim abdom'inis, liiiia alha. L. 
rec'tvim atlan'tis, part of anterior com- 
mon liganu'nt of spine, extending from body 
oi' axis to occipital hone; often described 
as an accessorv or superficial oecipito-atlan- 
tal ligament. L. rec'tuni cu'biti, liga- 
nientum cubit i antienm. L. rec'tuill llie'- 
dium, suspensorv ligament of oilontoid 
process. L. rhomboi'deuni car'pi, rhoui- 
lioid liL'ainent nf wrist. L. rotuil'dum 
acetab'uli or rotuiidum fem'oris, liga- 
mentum teres. L. rotun'dum aiiti- 
bl'a'chii, obli(|ne liL'anicnt of forearm. 
L. sa'cro-il'iacum interos'seum, sacro- 
iliac ligament, jiosterior. L. sa'cro-ili'a- 
cuni obli'quum, sacro-iliac liganu'nt. long, 
L. sacro-ischiad'icuni ma'jus, great sa- 

cro-sciatic ligatneiit. L. sacro-ischiad'i- 
cum minus, lesser sacro-seiatie ligament. 
L. sa'cro-spino'sum, sacro-sciatic liga- 
ment, lesser. L. sa'cro-tubero'sum, sa- 
cro-sciatic ligament, greater. L. salpingo- 
pterygoi'deum, salpingo-pterygoid liga- 
ment. L.salpingo-pterygoi'deum(pro'- 
prium), baud passing from cartilage of 
Kustachian tube to inner pterygoid plate. 
L.scap'ulse poste'rius, eoraeoid ligament. 
L.scap'uleepro'prium, eoraeoid ligament. 
L. scap'ulee proprium transver'sum 
majus, eoraeo-acromial ligament. L. 
sclerotico-choroida'le, ciliary ligament. 
L. serra'tum, denticulate ligament. L. 
Soemmerin'gii, liganientum suspensori- 
uiu glandulre lachrymalis. L. spheno- 
maxilla're, internal lateral ligament cd" 
jaw : see Ti mporii-mnjilliii->/ ligiimint. L. 
spheno-petro'sum ante'rius, petro-sphe- 
noid ligament, anterior. L. spino'so-sa'- 
crum, lesser sacro-sciatic ligament. L. 
spinoso-sacrum supe'rius, band running 
iVom spina accessorii ischii to great sacro- 
sciatic ligament. L. spLra'le, membrane 
on the outer uall of siiiral of cochlea, to 
which the meinbrana basilaris and Itciss- 
ner's membrane are attached. L, spira'le 
accesso'rium, proniincntia spiralis. L. 
splenico-gas'ti'icum, gastro-splenie liga- 
ment. L. spleno-reiia'le, spleiui-iihrenic 
ligament. L. sterno-costa'le interar- 
ticula're, liVires ]iassing from disc between 
first and second pieces of sternum to costal 
cartilage oi' second rib. L. sterno-dia- 
phragmat'icum [Lusehka], tendiimus 
process bv which the diaphragm is attached 
to visceral surface of eusiform process. 
L. stylo-auricula're. band passing from 
stvloid ]ir(jcess to cartilage of external 
anditorv meatus; vestige id' stylo-.auricu- 
laris niiiselc. L. stylo-mandibula're, 
stylo-maxillary ligament. L. stylo-my'lo- 
hyoi'deum [Lusehka]. stylo-hyoid lig- 
ament. L. stylo-myloi'deum, stylo-max- 
illary ligament. L. subcruen'tum, librous 
bands uniting triangular tiliro-cartilage id' 
wrist to ulna ; so ealleil bec-ause they eon- 
tain numerous vessels. L. supe'rius coxae, 
ilio femoral ligament. L. superius dia- 
phrag'lliatis, that part of susjiensory lig- 
ament ol' diai)hragni attached to p<'ri- 
cardium. L. supe'rius hu'ineri, loraco- 
humeral ligament. L. suprascapula're, 
eoraeoid ligament, L. suspenso'riuiii 
den'tis or epistroph'ei, sus]ieiisory liga- 
ment of oilontoid process. L. suspenso'- 
rium glan'dulae lachryma'lis, strong 
fibrous processes connecting capsule of 



lachrvmal <rland with periorbital membrane. 
L. suspense 'rixim hep'atis, suspensory 
ligament of liver. L. suspense 'rium 
hu'meri, coraco-acroinial ligament. L. 
suspense 'rium hyoi'deum, .stj-lo-hyoid 
ligament. L. suspense 'rium incu'dis, 
ligament of incus, superior. L. suspen- 
so'rium len'tis, zone of Zinn. L. sus- 
penso'rium lie'nis, .spleno-phrenic liga- 
ment. L. suspense 'rium me'diuni pe'- 
nis, suspensory ligament of penis, superficial. 
L. suspenso'rium os'sisfem'oris, L. sus- 
pensorium trocliauteris. L. suspenso'rium 
pe'nis flbro'sum or prefan'dum : see 
Suspi-nniir^ /ii/iimriif uf priiix. dnp. L. 
suspense 'rium trochante'ris, band of 
fascia extending from anterior superior 
spine of ilium and fascia on under surface 
of gluteus medius down to tendon of 
gluteus minimus and great trochanter [(iiin- 
ther]. L. talo-calca'neum laterals, 
external astragalo-calcaneal ligament. L. 
tale-navicula're, astragalo-scaphuid lig- 
ament. L. tale-tibia'le, bundle of the 
deltoid ligament ]i;is>ing to the astragalus. 
L. tar'seum transver'sum latera'le, L. 
tarso-metatarseum plantare lateralc. L. 
tarseum transversum me'diale, !>. tarso- 
metatarseum plantare mediale. L. tar'si, 
palpebral fascia. L. tarsi ante'rius, an- 
terior annular ligament of ankle. L. tar'si 
(inferius et superius), septum orbitale. 
L. tarsi inter'num, anterior annular lig- 
ament of ankle. L. tarse-metatar'seum 
planta're latera'le, bundle ])assing i'rom 
the plantar surface of external cuneiform 
bone to tubcro.sity of fifth metatarsal. L. 
tarse-metatar'seum planta're media'- 
le, Inindle jiassiiig i'min outer suri'ace of 
internal cuneiform, obliquely outward and 
forward, to base of third metatarsal. L. 
tecto'rium, occipito-axial ligament. L. 
tec'tum, stria tecta. L. te'res acetab'uli 
or te'res fem'oris. F. ligament rond ; G. 
rundes Band ; /. legamento rotondo. Flat 
band of loose connective tissue, containing 
vessels, which passes fouu the depression 
on head of femur to bottom of acetabulum 
and transverse ligament ; generally believed 
to represent a ])rocess of synovial mem- 
brane which has become detached from 
wall of the capsule. L. te'res antibra'chii, 
oblicjiie ligament. L. te'res hep'atis, 
round ligament of liver. L. te'res u'teri, 
round ligament of uterus. L. tib'ie- 
calca'neo navicula're, inferior calcaneo- 
navicular ligament, so called because its 
fibres can be traced upward through del- 
foid ligament to tibia. L. tib'ie-i:iavicu- 

la're, special band of deltoid ligament of 
ankle-joint passing from internal malleolus 
to scaphoid bone. L. tibio-ta'le-navicu- 
la're, tibio-navicular ligament. L. trans- 
versa'rium exter'num, eosto-transverse 
ligament, posterior. L. transversa 'rium 
inter'num, bundle arising from root of 
transverse process of dorsal vertebra, and 
passing to the rib below near its head. L. 
transver'sum acetab'uli, transverse lig- 
ament of hip-joint. L. transver'sum at- 
lan'tis, transverse ligament of atlas. L. 
transver'sum capit'uli cos'tae, inter- 
articular ligament of a costo-vertebral ar- 
ticulation. L. transver'sum car'pi 
dersa'le, transverse dorsal ligament of 
wrist. L. transver'stim cartilag'inum, 
transverse ligaiuent of knee. Li. trans- 
ver'sum cru'ris, upper band of anterior 
annular ligament of ankle, a broad thick- 
ening of deep fascia of leg, stretching trans- 
versely between anterior borders of tibia 
and fibula. L. transver'sum digitc'rum, 
transverse ligament of fingers, su]ierficial. 
L. transver'sum ge'nu, transverse liga- 
ment of knee. L. transver'sum min'i- 
mum, liganientum transversum scapulaj 
inferioris. L. transver'sum pel'vis, 
lower part of middle pulio-prostatic liga- 
ment. L. transver'sum planta're, trans- 
verse metatarsal ligament. L. transver'- 
sum pu'bis, superior pubic ligament. L. 
transver'sum scap'ulas infe'rius, thin 
band jiassing between base of spine of 
scapula and body of that bone, over a por- 
tion of the neck [llotrmanii]. L. trans- 
ver'stim scapula're supe'rius, coraeoid 
ligament. L. transver'sum trochlea're, 
transverse metatarsal ligament. L. trans- 
ver'sum vola're, layer of transverse fibres 
connecting proximal ends of metacarpal 
bones on palmar surface. L. trape'zio- 
trapezoi'deum, small bundle ])assing be- 
tween trapezium and trapezoid bones of on palmar surface. L. trape'zium, 
deltoid ligament. L. triangnla're lin'eae 
al'bae, li. lincic albw. L. triangnla're 
scap'ulse, coraco-acromial ligament. L. 
trique'trum. 1. Suspensory ligaiuent of 
liver. 2. Crico-arytenoid ligament. L. 
trique'trum scap'ulaB, coraco-acromial 
ligament. L. trochlea're, L. transver- 
sum volare. L. tubere'so-sa'crum, great 
sacro-scialic ligaments. L. ul'no-ra'dio- 
luna'tum vela 're, liganientum carpi rec- 
tum. Li. ure'thrae, triangular ligament 
of urethra. L. u'teri ante'rius infe'- 
rius, round ligament of uterus. L. u'teri 
la'tum, broad ligament of uterus. L. 



u'teri rotun'dum, npiintl liiranu'iit nt' 
utt'i-u.s. L. vagi'nae vaso'rum crural'- 
ium, ilio-jK'ctiiieal lij;aiiKMit. L. vagina '- 
le, vestige of processus vaginalis, reiiiaiii- 
iiig as a librous string running upon sper- 
matic cord from tunica vaginalis. L. vagi- 
na'le cru'ris, upper band of anterior annu- 
lar ligament of ankle. L. vagina'le tib'- 
iee, L. transversum cruris. L. ve'iiee ca'- 
vseor L. ve'nae ca'vae sinis'trge, vestigial 
fdld ol' pericardium. L. veno'sum, chorda 
ductus venosi. L. ventfic'uli laryii'gis, 
false vocal cord. L. ver'tebro-pericardi'- 
acum, L. superius diaphragmatis. L. ves- 
i'cEe, or vesica'le latera'le, <ir L. ves'ico- 
umbilica'le latera'le, hyiiogastric fold. 
L. ves'ico-umbilica'le me'dium, uracdial 
fold. L. voca'le supe'rius, false vocmI 

enrd. L. voca'le ve'rum, true vocal 

curd : sec Vonil mnh. L. vola're artic'- 
uli car'pi, ligamentnm superlii-iale carjii. 
L. vola're os'sis haiBa'ti et metacar'pi 
quin'ti, liganientum lianii)-niet;icarpcum. 
L. vola're os'sis pisifor'mis et hama'ti, 
liganientum piso-luimatuni. L. vola're 
rec'tum os'sis pisifor'mis, ligaiuentum 
piso-niet;ic;ir|H iiiii. L. zona'le, znmi or- 

Lig-ateur (F.). An instrument for 
])laeing nr tigliteiiing- a ligature. 

Liga'tioii. I., ligatici; /• 
1 nterliindung ; /. legatura. 
cation of a ligature. 

Lig'ature. (1. Schnur, 
legatura. 1. A thretid <if 
wire, or other material tied around a part 
for tlie purpose of producing constriction. 
2. To a]iply a ligature, to ligate. 'A. The 
application of a ligature. L., elas'tic. F. 
ligature elastique ; /. legatur.a (dastica. An 
India-rubber c-ord tied around a part with 
a view to effecting its slow severance. L. 
in mass. /•'. ligature en nuisse ; G. Massen- 
ligatur. Ligation of the entire pedicle of a 
tumor by one thread, cir nf a mass of tissue, 
including artery vein, ciird.<'tc.. in one loo]i. 

Ligature (/•'.). 1. Ligation. 2. Liga- 
ture. L. articulee, ecrascment lim-nre. 
L. d'attente, lig.ature id' preeauticin — /. c. 
otic ])laced arouinl a blood-vess(d, so that it 
nuiy be spce(lily tied if lueiuorrhage occurs. 
L. perdue, nne hd't in a wmuul or cavity 
to be absorbed. 

Ligaturstabchen ( ^^ i. .\ pair »[' rods 
for .applying a ligature. 

Light. L.\\\\: /•'. lumiere; </. I,i(dit ; 
/. luce. Vibratiiuis which, bv their action 

ligature ; (1. 
The appli- 

Jjigatur ; 
silic. cati. 


on the retina, render visible the objects 
from which they proceed. 

Light car'bonate of magne'sium : 

see Mii'i)ii aiiini iiirli(iii<itr. 

Light car'buretted hy'di-ogen. 3Iarsh 


Light jal'ap. Male .jalap. 

Light magne'sia : see M(i;/iir>ifi. 

Light oil of •wine. Lthend. a iiroduct 
of the action <d' warm water upon heavy 
oil (d' wine. 

Light vow'els. .1 and F. 

Light'-chaos, Light-dust. /'. chaos 
luniineux, poussiere Inniineuse du champ 
visu(d obscur ; (i. Liiditchaos, Lichtstaub 
lies dunkeln Gesichtsfeldes. The faint aiul 
varying spots and lines of light seen when 
external light is excluded irom tlu' eyes, 
due to internal excitatiiui of the retina ; 
phenomena of the ]iroper light of the ret- 

Light 'ning : see ruiniixi-i'iiisiHs.t. 

Light-percep'tion. '■'. Lichtempfin- 
dung. The faculty of jieicciving impres- 
sions of light on the retina; usually used 
iti contradistinctioti t(j color perception. 

Lights. Lungs. 

Light-spot, trian'giilar. Pyramidal 
spot id' light observed on the normal mem- 
braiia tymiiani, its base near the perijdiery 
of the membrane, its apex at the umbo. 

Ligne (/'.). Jiine. L. d'accommo- 
dation, accommodation line. L. apre 
du femur, lituM aspera. L. atrope, atro- 
pie line. L. auriculo-pectineale, iliac 
part of the ileo-pectiiieal line. L. blanche, 
linea alba. L-s. courbes de roccipital, 
curved lines of occi]iital bone. L-s. demi- 
circulaires de I'ilium, curved lines of il- 
ium. L-s. de direction, lines of direction. 
L. innominee, iliac ]iart of ilio-pectineal 
line. L. mylo-hyoidienne or L. oblique 
interne, mylo-hyoiil ridge. L. primitive, 
l>rimitive streak. L. de regard, line of 
regard. L. sous-trochanterienne, linea 
aspera. L. sus-orbitaire, supraorbital 
line. L. visuelle, line of vision, line of 

Lig'neous. L. lignosus; F. ligneux. 
euse ; (/. hiilzern, holzig ; /. legnoso. ]{e- 
seiublii>g wood in texture. 

Lig'num (/,.). Wood. L. benedic'- 
tvim, guaiacuiu-wood. L. Campechia'- 
num, luematoxylon. L. cceru'leum, h;v- 
matoxylon. L. colubri'num, snake-wood. 
L. gua'jaci [I'. (!,]. guaiacum-wood. L. 



haematox'ylon. li«ui:Uuxylon. L. ju- 
nip'eri, wood of root of Junipenis conunu- 
jiis [P. Helv.]. L. quas'sise, quassia. L. 
ru'bruin, red saunder,s. L. sanc'tum, 
guaiacum-wood. L. sandali'num, red 
Saunders. L. san'tali al'bum, saiital- or 
sandal-wood. L. san'tali ru'brum [P. 
Dan.], red saunders. L. sas'safras [P. 
G.], sassafras-root. L. vi'tse, guaiacum- 

Lig'ula {L.). F. ligule ; G. Eiemchen. 
Thickened edge of uienibrana tectoria of 
fourth ventricle. 

Lig'ula Manso'ria [Cobbold]. Bothri- 
ocephalus ligidoiths. 

Ligus'ticum {L.'). A genus of Umhel- 
li/trx. L. actseifo'lium, Michx., angelica, 
nondo, white-root, indigeiiou.s to the south- 
ern V. 8. ; the root is carminative. L. Le- 
vis'tictim, Levisticiim (jjieiitu/i-^ Koch. 

Ligus'trin. F. ligustrine. A bitter 
principle obtained from the leaves of 
Ligustrum vulture, L. 

LigTis'trum (//.). A genus of Olracnt. 
L. vulga're, L., privet, a Kuropean shrub, 
cultivated for ornampiit and naturalized in 
the U. S. ; the leaves and bark arc astrin- 

Li'lac. F. lilas ; G. Flieder ; /. lilla. 
Syrhiga vulgaris, L. ; the leaves and fruit 
have been used as a tonic and antiperi- 

Li'lacin. A bitter principle found in 
the fruit of the common lilac, Syrimja 

LilieCC). Lily. 

Lil'ium (A). Lily; a genu.s of Lifia- 
cex. L. al'bum, white lily ; native of the 
Levant, cultivated for ornament ; the bulb 
and flowers are official in the Cod. L. 
can'didum, Lilium alhinn, L. L. con- 
val'lium, Coiira/lnria majalis, L. 

Lil'y. /.. lilium; F. lis; G. Lilie ; f. 
giglio. The common name for many wide- 
ly different plants belonging to the Orders 
lAltacex, AmarylllileiK, and others; more 
strictly, for plants of the genus LiUum. L. 
of the val'ley. L. lilium convallium ; /''. 
muguet; G. JIaiblume; /. mughctto. The 
flower and entire plant (^oin-n/laria majalis, 
L. [Cod.] ; recently lauded as a heart tonic 
and diuretic, resembling digitalis. 

Li'ma-bark. Iluanuco-bark. 

Limace (/''.). Inflammation between 
the toes of horned cattle. 

LimaQien, ierme (/"'•). Cochlear; sub- 
stantively, the cochlear nerve. 

Liina9on (^F.). 1. Snail. 2. Helix 
pomalia, L. 8. Cochlea. 

Limaille de fer {F.y Iron filings. 

LimaiUe de fer porphyrisee {F.}. 
Pulverized iron. 

Liman'chia (L.) [/.•nayyia'^. G. Li- 
manchie. Abstinence, starvation. 

Lima'tion. L. liniatio. Filing, rasp- 

Liimatu'ra i L.). Filings. L. fer'ri, 
iron filings. L. stan'ni, tin filings. 

Limatura di feiTO (/.). Iron filings. 

Limb \_L. limbus]. L. artus ; F. mem- 
bre ; G. (Hied ; /. arto. Term applied to 
the appendicular portions of the body ; see 
Pectoral linili. I'l-lric limlj. 

Lim'bic lobe [Broca]. F. grand lobe 
limbi([ue. Convolutions of hemispheres 
immediately surrounding the corpus cal- 
losum — viz. gyrus fornicatus -f gyrus hip- 

Lim'bose su'ture. L. sutura limbosa. 
That in which one bone overrides another, 
the surfaces being bevelled. 

Litn'bus (L.). An edge or border. L. 
angulo'sus, oblii|ne line of thyroid carti- 
lage. L. conjuncti'vee, annulus con- 
junctiva'. L. cor'neae, corneo-scleral 
junction. L. fenes'trae rotun'dse, crista 
fenestnc rotundic. L. hippocam'pi, fim- 
bria cornu ammoni.-i. L. la'mince spLra'- 
lis, limlms of spiral lamina. L. lu'teus 
or L. luteus ret'inae, macula lutea. L. 
ner'veus, iimbu.-' uf spiral lamina. L. 
palpebra'lis ante'rior, anterior or ciliary 
edge of eyelid. L. palpebra'lis poste'- 
rior, posterior or cunjunctival edge of eye- 
lid. L. poste'rior cor'poris stria'ti, 
stria terminalis. L. sphenoida'Us, sharp 
edge separating optic groove from anterior 
portion of superior surface of body of 
sphenoid. L. of spi'ral lam'ina. L. 
limbus laminic spiralis. Periosteal thick- 
ening of very specialized character found 
at ]ieriphery of osseous spiral lamina of 

Lime. CaO. />. calx; /'. chaux: f/. gc- 
brannter Kalk ; /. calce. Oxide of calcium, 
C|uicklime, burned lime ; obtained by cal- 
cining native calcium carbonate ; occurs in 
hard, white masses, odorless, having a sharp 
caustic taste and alkaline reaction ; soluble 
in 750 parts of water at 15° C, soluble in 
1'500 parts of boiling water, insoluble in 
alcohol ; absorbs water with avidity, be- 
coming heated and converted into a white 
powder called calcium hydrate or slaked 



lime; eximsed to the uir, it absorbs water 
and carbonic acid, becoming converted into 
tlie hydrate and carbonate: see also Bird, 
Hiirni,!, CIili)rin(ili''l, (ins. and S/dkrd limv. 
L. lin'iment. /-. linimentum calcis ; F. 
liniment ealcairc ; (1. Kalk-linimeut ; /. 
linimento calcare. A mixture of equal 
parts of solution of lime and cottOn-seed 
or almond oil. L.-wa'ter : see Solution 

of li)tlr. 

Lime. /■'. limette. The fruit of Citrus 
B< rijiiiiiid, liisso, Citiiis iirris. Miller; re- 
.semliles tile lemon in fl;ivor and acidity, 
Init is niueh smaller, with a smoother and 
thinner rind. TIil' juice may be substi- 
tuted Inr lemon-juiee. L.-jtlice, juice of 
tlie fruit of ( 'iliiis Jliii/iiiiiiii, li'iAtiu. L.- 
tree, linden. 

Li'inen (/>.). '.'. Schwi'lle. 'I'lireslmM. 
L. m'sulfe. a. In.-elschwelle. Small con- 
volution joining the insula to the anterior 
perforated space. 

Li'mes al'ba (/..). White matter of 
lateral olfactory ront. Li'nies ciiie'rea, 
grav matter of same [Wilder]. 

Limette ( F.). Lime, fruit of. 

Limettier ( /'' ). Citrus /imctt'i, Risso. 

Lim'icus ( L.) [/.'.-"'wl. Pertaining to 

Lim.'itans u-'idisi />.). Limiting mem- 
brane on ]in>ieiior surface of iris, contin- 
inius with internal liniiting membrane of 

Lini'ituig- mem'branes of ret'ina. L. 
menibraiia limitans retina'; F. membranes 
limitantes. In the ritiiia, the boundiry 
limits oi' the sustentaeular tissue (fibres 
oi' Mtiller). 'I'hc inter'nal L m. bounds 
the inner surface; it is not. properly speak- 
ing, a nienibrane. Tlie membranous cha- 
racter of the exter'nal I. m., situated Ijc- 
tween the outer loiclear layer and the layer 
ot rods and cones, is also denied bv many. 

Lim'iting zone, lat'eraL '-'. seitliche 
(irenzschicht. In the spinal cord the filircs 
which intervene between grav matter and 
the crossed ]ivrainidal tract. 

Limne'miic [/.i."^';, '^i,'"'] Ibie tu marsh 

Limnomephi'tis. .Marsh miasm. 

Limocto'nia (//.") [/".t;'"^-, zr;;>]. F. 
liinoctonic. Ili'ath bv starvation, 

Limonade( F.). l,emoninle. L.g'azeiise, 
lcnu)n so(la, L. purgative au citrate de 
magnesie, solution of i-itrate of uKoj-ne- 

Limonata (/.). Lemonade. 
Limone (/•)• Lemon. 
Limonea (/.). Lemonade. 
Limonier {F.). Citrus limun, Galesio. 
Luno'nis cor'tex ( L.). Lemon-peel. 
LLtno'nis suc'cus ( L.). Lemon-juice. 

Limophoito'sis ( L.) [At/ioj, v'(':ri"<7fv]. 
Insanity due to starvation. 

Limophthi'sis (L.) [^('!>t:c]. Enuicia- 
tion from want of iciod. 

Limopso'itas or Limopsoito'sis. Er- 
ror for limophoitosis, tj. v. 

Limose'ric [/t/jwi-, l'//"'9]. Caused by 
abstinence due to starvation. 

Limo'sis {L.) [/.-/i'is-]. Morbid or de- 
[iravcd appetite. 

Liniotherapi'a (7j.) \^''noa-;ta]. F. limo- 
therapie. Hunger-cure. 

Lin., abbv. for Linimentum { /..). lini- 

Lin (F.). Flax. 

Lina'ria vulga'ris, Mill. Toad-flax, 
snapdragon, ramsted, butter-and-eggs, a 
European plant naturalized in America ; 
the herb is said to be cathartic, diuretic, 
and anodyne. 

Linc'ture. Jj- linctus ; F., J. looch : G'. 
Looch. A liquid medicine of the consist- 
ence of thick syru]), having for its basis an 
oil emulsion [Cod.] ; formerly sucked from 
the end of a li(|uorice-stick, whence the 

Linc'tits ( L. ). Lincture. L. bibora'- 

boras honey. L. 
borax honey. 

tis na'trici [P. Svec. 
boraci'nus [P. Norv. 

Lin'den. F. tilleul; (i. I^inde; /. tiglio. 
1. The genus Ti/in. 2. Tiiid ctu-iqnca, L., 
the common linden. 

Linden-flowers. L. flores tilire; F. 
fleurs de tilleul; G. Lindenbliithen ; /. 
fiori di tiglio. The inflorescence of sev- 
eral species of Tilio. es])ecially T. ruropHa, 
L. ; used in infusion as a diaphoretic and 

Lin'dera Benzo'in, Meiss. Benzoin 
0(hiri/t;rum, Nees. 

Lindemd ( '''.). Sedative. 

Linderungskur (G.). ralliative treat- 

Linderungsmittel {G.). Demulcent, 

Lind'WTirm C^.V The elongated form 
assumed l)y the red blood-corpuscles under 
chemical action. 



Line. X., I. linea ; F. ligne ; G. Linie. 
1. Geometrically, the path described by 
a movins; point. 2. In craniometry a 
straight line connectinjr two cranial points, 
or tangent to a given surface : see Alvfult- 
na<al I. ; Bell, vertical line nf ; Caroiml I. ; 
Baiihentoii, I. of; P/aiio-hasi/ar I. ; Plaiio- 
spiniil I. ; Profile I. 3. Often used in 
anatomy to indicate superficial marks upon 
organs, or imaginary boundaries of re- 
gions. L. of accommoda'tion, accom- 
mo lation line. L. of demarca'tion, def- 
inite boundary formed betweetj dead and 
living tissue, or between a tumor and the 
surrounding tissues: sec also Lines of ile- 
marcation. L. of De Salle, nasal line. 
L. of for'tune, sulcus palmaris longitu- 
dinalis. L. of the head, sulcus digitalis 
posterior. L. of the heart, sulcus digi- 
talis anterior. L. of Ja'delot, oculo-zygo- 
niatic line. L. of life, sulcus pollicis. L. 
of regard'. /'. ligne de regard ; O. Blick- 
linie. The line connecting the centre of 
rotation of the eye with the point of re- 
gard ; for most purposes it may be taken 
as agreeing with the line of sight. The 
line connecting the fixation-point with a 
somewhat variable point between the eyes 
is called the binocular line of regard {G. 
binoculare Blickliuie). The primary posi- 
tion of the line of regard {F. position )>ri- 
maire de la ligne de regard ; G. Primarstel- 
lung, Xormalstellung) is — 1. That position 
for normal eyes which the lines of regard 
assume when the head is erect and the linos 
of regard are directed parallel to the median 
plane to an infinitely distant horizon {G. 
Fern.stellung). 2. That position fron\ which 
the eye may move up and down and right 
and left without undergoing any torsion ; 
for many eyes a somewhat depressed posi- 
tion. The primary position for convergence 
[Bonders] is that position of the plane of 
regard in which the rotation of the eves 
about the lines of regard in convergence 
becomes zero; usually a depressed position. 
The secondary position (/''. position .seeon- 
daire ; G. Secnndarstellung) is a position 
reached by rotation about a horizontal or 
vertical a.xis, or any position other than the 
primary. Third positions are those involv- 
ing rotation about the antoro-posterior a.xis, 
besides rotation about the horizontal and 
vertical axes. All these terms are applied 
to the eye as well as the line of regard. 
L. of sight. F. ligne visuelle. axe visuel; 
G. Gosicbtslinie, Schaxe, Gesiclitsaxe. Vis- 
ual axis, visual line, visual ray. The line 
drawn from the point of direct vision on 

Vol. II.— 5 

the retina to the fixation-point. It does 
not agree in position with the geometric 
axis of the eye. The binocular line of 
sight, median line of sight, or middle vis- 
ual line (6r. gemeinsame .Sehrichtungslinie, 
Sehriehtung der Xetzhautcentra, Haupt- 
sehrjchtung, mittlere Blickrichtung) is the 
line in which appear things which 
image themselves on the points of direct 
sight of the two rctin.c ; practically, the 
binocular line of regard. The range of 
movement of the line of sight {G. Bewe- 
gungsraum der Gesichtslinie) is an irregu- 
lar conical space enclosed by the line of 
sight in all the extreme positions that it 
can assume by movement of the eve alone. 
The apex of the cone lies at the centre of 
rotation of the eye. The field of move- 
ment of the line of sight (G. Bewcgungs- 
feld der Gesichtslinie) is a .section of the 
above-mentioned irregular cone by a plane 
(or by a curved surface whose centre of 
curvature is the centre of rotation of the 
eye) perpendicular to the line of sight in 
its primary position. L. of vis'ion, the 
line connecting the point of fixation with 
the fovea centralis retinre. 

Lin'ea, pi. ae (//.). Line. L. alba. 
F. ligne blanche. Tendinous scam extend- 
ing from pubis to sternum, on median line, 
formed by union of layers of fascia invest- 
ing abdominal muscles. Li-se. albican 'tes, 
whitish streaks due to atrojdiy of cuticular 
elements seen upon skin ( abdomen, inam- 
m;u) that has been stretched. L. arcua'ta 
exter'na, curved line of ilium. L. arcua'- 
ta inter'na, ilio-pcctineal line or its ])ubic 
portion. L. as'pera. L. crista femoris; 
F. ligne apre ; G. Oberschenkelkamm ; /. 
linea aspra. A prominent ridge for muscu- 
lar attachment on the posterior surface of 
the shaft of the femur. L. bucca'lis, buc- 
cal line. L. candid'ula abdom'inis or 
L. centra'lis, linea allm. L. cephal'ica, 
line of the head. L. coUatera'lis na'si, 
curved furrow extending f'nmi nose down- 
ward to chin. L. costo-articula'ris, ref- 
erence line drawn iVom slerno-clavieular 
articulation to tip of eleventh rib. L-ae. 
cnicia'tse, internal occipital crest and ri<lge 
for attachment of tentorium, which intersect 
upon the cerebral surface of occipital bone. 
L. em'inens, crista mcdiana eartilaginis 
crieoideic. L. em'inens patel'lee, ridge 
separating the lateral facet of the patella 
from the middle i)ortions. L-ae. eminen'- 
tes, ridges for attachment of subseapularis 
on costal surface of scapula. L. exter'na 
supe'rior, superior curved line of ilium. 



L. glute'a, curved line of iliuin. L. 
glute'a, ante'i'ior, sujicriur curvid line 
of ilium. L. glute'a, infe'rior, sujicrior 
curved lino of ilium. L. innomina'ta, 
ili<)-])ectiMe;il line. L. intercondyloi'dea, 
edtre se]iar;itinjr interedudylar fo.-i.-;:! tiMui 
])(i|ilite;il surface i>f lemur. L. intercon- 
dyloi'dea feni'oris, tran.sverse ridue lim- 
itnr.^ tile ]i(iiiliteal surface of femur below. 
L. uiterme'dia cris'ta os'sis il'ium, mid- 
dle line, crest (d' ilium. L. interti'ochan- 
ter'ica, intertmchanteric line. L. labia'- 
lis, mentodaliial line. L. manima'lis or 
mamilla'ris, ni|i]ile line. L. me'dia, 
crista inediana eartilauinis erieipidr:o. L. 
niensa'lis, sulcus digitalis anti'rier. L. 
mento-labia'lis, mentodaliial line. L. 
mylo-hyoi'dea, mylndivoid riduc L. 
nasa'lis, line extendini; fnuu n]i]ier liorder 
(d' ala nasi downward and outward. L. 
nu'chcB infe'rior, inferinr curved line of 
oceijiital linne. L. nu'chs3 media'na, ex- 
ternal iicei|iital crest. L. nu'chee supe'- 
rior, sn|ieri(ir curvi'd line ef oeei|iit;il bene.'chra supre'ma, crescentic line lound 
on tile (lecijiital l"Uie above superinr curved 
line, when tlie nuelial muscles are lartie, 
beinij; tlie superior limit i^f tlie insertion id' 
such musides [>Ierkel]. L. obli'qua ex- 
ter'na, external oblii|ue line of tlie jaw. 
L. obli'qua feni'oris, anterior intertro- 
cdianterio line. L. obli'qua fib 'ulge, an- 
terior border of libula. L. obli'qua in- 
ter'na, mvlo-li\-oid ridiic. L. obli'qua 
maxil'lte inferio'ris, obrKjue line id' ini'e- 
rior maxillary bone, external. L. obli'qua, 
tib'iee, popliteal line. L. papUla'ris, nip- 
pli' line. L. poplite'a, popliteal line, iii- 
tereondyloid line. L. pu'bo-coccyge'a, 
tliat di:iwn between tip of coccyx and 
summit of puliie anli : see ]'i hir iliniiii- 
Irif. L. quadl'a'ti, tiiberrli' of i|nadratus. 
L. satur'nia, sulcus palmaris loni;itudi- 
nalis. L-se. semicLrcula'res, curved lines 
of occipital bone, temporal lines, middle and 
su](erior curved lines of ilium. L. seniicir- 
cula'ris Doiig-las'ii or L. semUuna'ris 
Doujrlas'ii, I'ouiilas, semilunar fold of L. 
seniiluna'ris Spigel'ii, tendinou> line on 

eillier side of rectus muscle. A\liel'e tlie 
a]ioni-uro,-i-s of abdominal mus(des are 
blended. L. sinuo'sa ana'lis, wliitisli line 
at junction id' skin and mucous inemlirane 
of anus. L. splen'dens, thiekeniiiL' of 
pia mater of spinal eovd in front n[ ante- 
rior median fissure. L. termina'Iis, line 
boniidini: inlet of jiclvis. ilelined bv the 
promontory beliind and the ilio-]iectineal 
lines on the siiles. L. transver'sa, trans- 

! verse ridge to which the tentorium is at- 
tached, upon cerebral surface of occipital 
bone. L-ae. transver'sse. 1. Transverse 
ridges on anterior surface of sacrum, indi- 
cating union of bodies of the vertebr;o. 2. 
ilcdiill.iry stria'. H. Inscriptioiics tendi- 
nea". L. vesica'lis, sulcus digitalis ante- 
rior. L. vita'lis, sulcus pollicis 

Linea (/ ). Line. L. di acconioda- 
zione or accomodaniento, accommoda- 
tion line L. bianca, linea alba. L. mi- 
lojoidea, mylo-hyoid ridge. 

Lin'eament. L. lineamentum. Out- 
line id' features, firm, nnirk. 

Lin'ear. L. linearis; /". lineaire; /. 
lineare. In a lino ; term applied to a i'orm 
of atrophy, a I'orm of cataract extraction, 
and a I'orm of I'racture. L. extrac'tion. 
(!. Liiiearextraktion. Methods of cata- 
ract extraction in which the corneal in- 
cision aiipriiaches to a jdanc passing 
throuL'h the centre of curvature of the 

Line'ola ( L.~). dim. of Linea. 

L. al'bida Genna'ri, \'ii 




Line'olas mamnia'rum i L ). 

lines on the di>teinli-d mamma, showing 
where tlie interlobular septa are attached 
to the skin. 

Liiies of Baillarger. G. Eaillarger'scho 
.^treii'eii. Whitish streaks which appear on 
maeioscojiieal examination ot' a section of 
the cereliral cortex, running jiarallel to the 
surface. The outer line is also known as 
the line of Vici| d'A/.vr ; the inner line is 
narrower and not always visilde. 

Lines of deniarca'tion. O. Tren- 
nungslinien. Imaginary lines U]iou tlie 
retina used to fix the position of corre- 
sponding )ioints. In a more restricted 
sense the central horizontal and vertical 
lines of demarcation alone are to be called 
Trennungslinien. lliu'izontal lines of de- 
iiKircation ( <!. Qucrschnitte, horizontale 
Trennungslinien) are lines cut on the re- 
tina by planes passed through a horizontal 
axis perjiendicular to the line of sight at 
the crossing-jioints of the lines of direction 
(or of vision lines) when the eyes are in 
their ]irimarv position. The central hori- 
zontal line of demarcation (F. horizon reti- 
nien ; (1. Mittlerer Querschnitt. liorizoTitale 
Trennungslinie, Netzhauthorizont ) is the 
horizontal line of demarcatinn which goes 
through the centre of clearest vision. Ver- 
tical lines of demarcation (6'. Liingssehnitte, 



verticalo Trennungslinien") are — 1. Lines 
cut on the retina by planes passed tlirough 
a vertical axis perpendicular to the line of 
sight at the crossing-point of lines of direc- 
tion, when the eyes are in their primary 
position. 2. Lines cut on the retina by 
planes passed through a line lying in the 
plane of the apparent vertical meridian, 
and also perpendicular to the line of sight 
at the crossing-point of lines of direction 
(or of visir-lines). The central vertical 
line of demarcation (6^. 3Iittlerer Liings- 
schnitt. verticale Trennungslinie) is the 
line of demarcation cut as above (1) by a 
plane parallel to the median plane going 
through the centre of clearest vision. 

Lines of direc'tion. F. lignes de di- 
rection ; (j. l{ichtungslinicn, ilichtungs- 
strahlen, Lichtrichtungen [Ilering]. Lines 
drawn fnim points of the object seen to 
their representative points on the retina. 
The binocular linos of direction ( (f. Sehrich- 
tungslinien, Sehrichtungen) are lines upon 
which are seen objects lying on correspond- 
ing visir-lines (or corresponding lines of di- 
rection). They are approximately the lines 
of direction of the cyclopean eye. The 
crossing-point of lines of direction (F. point 
de croisement des lignes de direction ; G. 
Kreuzungspunkt dor Kichtuiigsstrahlen, or 
K. der Richtungslinien, Lichtrichtungs- 
knoten [ilering]. inittlerer Kiiotenpunkt) 
is a single jtnint assumed tietween the two 
real ncidal points through which the lines 
of direction are drawn, placed by Listing 
0.4704 mm. before the posterior surface 
of the lens. 

Lines of projec'tion. O. I'rojections- 
linien. Those lilies along which the retinal 
image is projected, according to the theory 
of projection. By some they are made to 
agree with the lines of direction ; by others 
with the visir-lines; by others, again, with 
lines drawn from the stimulated point 
through the centre of curvature of the 

Linfa (/.). 1. Lymph 
fadenite, lynqihadenitis. 

Linfangettasia (/.). Lymphangiectasis 

Linfangioma (/.). Lymphangioma 
Linfangite, lymj)hangitis. 

Linfatico (/). Lymphatic. Linfa- 
tismo, the state of being lymphatic. 

Linfatocele (/.). Lympliatocele. 
Linfite (/.). Lymphitis. lymphangitis, 
Linfogeno (/.). Lymphogenous. 

2. Sap. Lin- 

Linfoide (/.). Lymplioid. 
Linfoma (/.). Lymphoma. 
Linforragia (/.). Lymphorrhoea. 
Ling. Gudws Molvd, L. 

Linge troue {F.). A fenestrated piece 
of linen used in making a compress. 

Ling'ism. A system of exercise. 

Lin'gua (X.). 1. Tongue. 2. Name 
applied to several plants. L. ni'gra, black 
tongue, glossophyta. 

Lingua (/.). Tongue. L. di hue, 
bugloss. L. di cane, Cyiiofflos^nm ojfici- 
nulr. L. L. di serpente. L Opliioglossus, 
2, 8mall tile used by dentists for the re- 
moval of tartar. 

Lin'gual. L. lingualis ; F. lingual ; /. 
linguale. Pertaining to the tongue ; used 
substantively, especially in /'., for the lin- 
gual mu.scle, artery, or nerve. L. ar'tery. 
L. arteria lingualis ; F. artere linguale ; 
G. Zungenschlagader ; /. arteria linguale. 
Branch from external carotid, arising oppo- 
site great cornu of hyoid bone and dis- 
tributed to the tongue. L. bone, hyoid 
bone. L. branch of va'gus, twig from 
glosso-i)haryngeal plexus to the hypoglossal 
nerve [Lu.schka]. L, cham'ber, that part 
of vocal tube between teeth and larvnx. 
L. gang'lion [\'alcntin]. L. ganglion 
linguale moUe. L A minute syin|)atlietic 
ganglion on the lingual artery near its 
origin. 2. Submaxillary ganglion. L. 
glands. L. glandnhe linguales; G. Lip- 
pendriisen. L Numcruus racemose or acino- 
tubular glands distributed upon the back 
part of the tongue. 2. Lymphatic glands 
on outer surface of hyo-glossus muscle. 
L. gy'rus, occipito-temporal convolution, 
medial. L. nerve of Hirsch'feld, stylo- 
glossal nerve. L. nerve of trifa'ciaL 
L. nervus lingualis; /'. nerf lingual; G. 
Znngennerv; /. nervo linguale. Important 
branch of inferior maxillary nerve distrib- 
uted to the anterior two-thirds of the 
tongue, to which it afl'ords the sense of 
taste. L. nerves of glosso-pharsm- 
ge'al, branches distributed to circumvallate 
pai)ill;u of tongue. L. Veins, ccdlect blood 
from tongue, and have same general dis- 
tribution as lingual artery. 

Lingual itiferieur (/''.). Lingualis. 

Liiigual superieur {F.). Lingualis 

Linguale inferiore (/.). Lingualis. 

Linguale superiore (A). Lingualis 



Lingna'lis nr L. inferior (A). F. 

liiiiiiuil iiil'i I'iciir ; /. liii^iialc inl'i rioii'. 1. 
All iiilriii>ir liuisrU' dl' tlu' toiiiiUc ciilil- 
j)OM_'(l cil' lihif.s riiiiiiiiij;' Idiigit mliiKilly on 
tlio uiiilri- ^uit'^ici', Iviiiii; ln'twi't'ii iiisi'itioiiiii 
of L'l'iiiii-liviiid ami 1i_vci-l;1i)ssiis. '1. Soiiio- 
tiiiR's iiiaci'uralrlv a]i]iliril to the ciitiix' set 
of iiiti'iiisic iiiuscK'.s that su]i]ilv tlif loii,t;tic : 
Sf'C Ijiiitfunl.ii siijiirfici'ths^ I'l fi' iu/niiittn^' rtn(-< iin'/u;i\ Ti'ifiisrii:<its ini'/n:i . 

Lingualis supeificia'lis or L. supe'- 
rior (//.). /•'. linuiial siipi'iii'ur; /. liiinuale 
.su]ii'ri(ii'f. An intrinsic nuisclc of the tnn^ue 
dirci-tly tinder the nnicdus ineniliranc njniii 
the njipcr siirfari', nnininu fruni tlif liynid 
bono to till' li|i. 

Ling-uet'ta lamino'sa (L.). Lingula 
of ecrvlielluni. 

Lin'giila (/>.), ilim. of Luigxia. /•'. 
lini;'nle ; (/. ZtiriLTclclicn ; /. liniiula. A 
small toMii'tie-sliajied slrncture; r~|MTiallv a 
few small flat eonvolntinns. wirKdi extend 
on to the anteri(pr medullary veliini iVnni 
the meilian lube of the oerebillmn. L. 
carot'ica, linirnla splienoidalis. L. fis'- 
tulae, ejiiulottis. L. niandib'ulte, sjiine 
of S|dx. L. sphenoid'alis. <•'. KeiUn-in- 
zuni:ehdirn. A small, toniiin'-like |iriM-css 
on n]>]>er snrfaee of s|plieniiiil. wherr the 
jidstrrior border of the L'reat win^r joins (he 
body. L. Wrisberg'ii, narrnw .-I rip of 
transverse fibres separating' e.\it ul' mots 
of trifacial nerve. 

Li'iii fari'na ( L.). Linsee.d meal. 

Li'ni sem'ina {L.'). Flaxseed, linseed. 

Linienhoropter {<r.). Horopter of 

Lill'inient. L. linimentum ; J. lini- 
mento. .V li(|nid or srinili(|uid ]>reparation 
intended I'cjr ajipliealion to the skin by fric- 
tion : see alsii Aiiiiiiiiiiin. Aiinih/iir. Cinii- 
Ji/mr. ('tiiilhariih a. ( ' libniifinni , Cmii imuinl . 
lliliiit'f. Kriiti h. l.iiiir, /t'lixiil'.^. \(,i/y<, ,S7. 
Ji'/iii /.iiin/ s. ,V/.//,r,;'.s-. Til r/ll III iin . il\]t\ \:i/il- 

tilr li'iiiiiinii. L. of ac'onite. 7/, lini- 
mentum aeiinili. .V preparation id' tlie 1>. 
]'. ; a eaniphiiraled linrtnre of aronil r-root. 
L. of ammo'nia [I!. 1']. /•'. liniment anglais : see Aiiniiiiiiia Hiii- 
ni'iii. L. of belladon'na [I!. P.], bella- 
donna linimeni. L. of canthar'ides. L. 
liiiimenlnni eanlharidis. Cant harides 1.") 
jiart^. nil nf I iirpi'iitiiie ip s, tn make 10(( 
I.aNs [r. S. I' ]. L. of chlo'roform 

[r>. I' I : see ( ' lil'iriijnrin liiiiiiinit. L. of 
cro'ton oU. L. linimentum erutunis. 
Croton nil 1' p.arts. nil nf eajepiit 7 parts, 
alcohol 7 fluid parts; mix [B. 1'.]. L. of 

i'odide of potas'siftm and soap. L. 

linimentum potassii iodidi cum sapoiic. 
f'urd soap 1() parts, water SU fluid jiarts, 
glycerin S fluiil jiarts ; dissolve with heat, 
and add tile liijuid to jiotassimu iodide in 
jiowder 12 ]iarts ; triturate until cold ; after- 
ward rub 1 fluid ]iart of cnl of lemon into 
the cream-like luoduct [I!. 1'] L. of 
i'odine. L. liniinentum iodi. Indine ."). 
potassium iodide 2. sjlycerin l.alenliol r!;!.5 
parts; dissolve [B. 1'.]. L. of lime : see 
Liiiir liiiimtiif. L. of mer'cury. />. liui- 
mi'iitum hydrarpyri. Ointment of mercury 
1 o/,. liniment of camphor 1 fl. oz. ; lii|UefY 
with gentle heat, and adil solution of am- 
monia 1 fl. oz. [B. P.]. L. of mustard, 
compound. 7/. linimentum sinapis coiu- 
]iositum. A solution of volatile 'oil of mus- 
tarii. extract of mezerenm. camphor, and 
castor oil in alcohol. Contains of oil uf 
mustard M per cent [V . S. P.] ; 2.5 jicr 
cent. [B. P.]; a local stimulant. L. of 
o'pium. 7y. linimentum o]iii. Mixture 
of eipial parts of tincture of ci]iiuni anil 
soap liniment [B. P ], L. of subac'etate 
of lead. L. linimentum ]iluinbi subace- 
tatis. A mixture of solution of siibacctate 
of lead K» parts, with cotton-seed oil 111) 
I.ari^ [P. S 1'.] L. of tar'pentine [P.. 
]' ]. turpentine liniment. L. of tlir'pen- 
tine and acet'ic ac'id. L. linimentum 
terebiiithin;e aceticum. ( )il of turjientine 
4,i;lacial acetic acid 1, liniment of camphor 
4;' mi.x [P.. !'.]. 

Liniment ( /''V Liniment. L. am- 
moniacal, ammonia liniment. L. ani- 
moniacal anglais, liniment of ammonia 
[B. P] L. ammoniacal camphre, com- 
pound liniment of camplior. L. calcaire, 
lime liniment. L. camphre, canqdmr lini- 
ment. L. de Rosen, liosen's liniment. 
L. savonneux camphre, soap liniment. 
L. terebenthine [Cod.]. tur]ientine lini- 
ment. L. volatil, aminouia liniment. 

Linimento (/. ). Liniment. L. am- 
moiiiacale, ammonia liniment. L. cal- 
care, lime liniment. L. canforato, cam- 
phor liniment. L. di cantaridi canforato, 
camjdiorated liniment of canthariilcs. L. 
saponaceo, sna|i liniment . L. volatile, 
ammonia liniment. 

Linimen'tiim f A.) Jjniment. L. ac- 
oni'ti, liniment of aconite. L. ammoni- 
aca'le [Cod.], or L. ammoniaca'tum [P. 
l»aii.].nr L. ammo'nice, ammonia liniment. 
L. ammonia'to-caniphora'tum [P. C ], 
compound liniment nf camphor. L. am- 
monia'tum [P. (i.j, ammonia liniment. 




L. belladon'nee, belladonna liniment. L. 
cal'cis, lime liniment. L. cam'phorse, 
caniplior liniment. L. cam'phorae com- 
pos'itum, compound liniment ni' t-umjilior. 
L. camphora'tum, camphor lininjcnt. L. 
canthar'idis, liniment of cantliarides. L. 
chlorofor'mi, chloroform liniment. L. 
croto'nis, liniment of croton oil. L. hy- 
drar'gyri [B. P.], liniment of mercury. L. 
io'di, liniment of iodine. L. merciiria'le, 
liniment of mercury. L. o'pii, liniment 
of opium. L. opodel'doc, opodeldoc. L. 
opodel'doc liq'uidum [F. Mes.], liquid 
oixideldoc. L. plum'bi subaceta'tis 
[U. S. P.], liniment of suliacetate of lead. 
L. potas'sii iodi'di cum sapo'ne, lini- 
ment of iodide of piitas.-<iuni and .snap. L. 
D. Rosen [Cod.l, Ro-sen's liniment. L. 
sapona'to-camphora'tum [P. (i.]. opo- 
deldoc. L. sapona'to-camphora'tum 
liq'uidum [P. (i.], li(|ui(l op^deldnc L. 
sapo'nisor L. sapo'nis camphora'tum, 
soap liniment. L. sapo'nis vir'idis, tinc- 
ture of green soap. L. sin'apis compos'- 
itum, liniment of mustard, conijHMind. L. 
Stokes'ii, Stokes' liniment. L. terebin'- 
thinge, turpentine liniment. L. terebin'- 
thinee acet'icum, liniment cjf turpentine 
and acetic acid. L. terebinthina'tum 
[P. G.j, turpentine liniment. L. vola'tile, 
ammonia liniment. 

Linine (F.). 

/. linina. Mucila<re of 

Application of a lini- 

Brinton's term for in- 
cellular tissue of the 

Linition (F.). 

Lini'tis [-'.I'/nv] 
flammation of th 

Lino comune (/.). Lintiin nsitnlisxi- 
miiDi, L. 

Lino'leic ac'id. CisHjkO,. A colorless 
li(|uid acid found in linseed oil ;, combined 
with glycerin, it forms linolein. 

Lino'lein. The jieculiar glyceridc con- 
tained in linseed oil, to which its drying 
property is due. 

Linosy'ris mexica'na, Schlecht. Aj)lo- 
pappus discoidnus. DC. 

Linse (G.^. 1. Lentil. 2. Lens. In 
composition Linsen, as, — artig, phacoid, 
lenticular; — bein, os orbiculare ; — 
fasern, fibres of crystalline lens: — fleck, 
freckle; — formig, lenticular, lentiform ; 

— ganglion, lenticular nucleus; — glas, 
lens; — haken, hook for extracting lens; 

— haut, capsule of the lens; — kapsel, 
capsule of crystalline lens; — kapsel- 

staar, capsular cataract; — kern, nucleus 
lentis of crystalline lens ; also the lentic- 
ular nucleus of the corpus striatum ; — • 
kemschlinge, ansa lenticularis ; — • 
knochelchen, os orbiculare; — knoten, 
ciliary ganglion; — maal, lens-shaped mole 
on the skin; phacus ; — messer, a lentil- 
shaped knife used in trephining; — nahte, 
radii lentis; — sackchen, the cup-shaped 
involution of the ectoderm forming the 
crystalline lens ; — staar, cataract of the 
lens ; — stem, collective radiations of the 
" Linsenniihte.'' forming a star-shaped fig- 
ure ; — triibung, cloudiness or opacity of 
the lens ; — wirbel, vortex lentis. 

Lin'seed. F. graincs de lin ; G. Lein- 
samen ; 1. seme di lino. Flaxseed. L. 
meal. L. lini f;irina ; F. farine de lin ; 
G. Leinsamenmehl. Linseed reduced to 
powder [U. S. P., B. P.]. Placentie sem- 
inis lini [P. G.] is the cake left after the 
expression of the oil. L. oil. /'. luiile 
de lin ; (1. Leinsameniil. Oil of flaxseed. 
L. potll'tice. Ij. cataplasma lini ; F. cat- 
aplasme de farine de lin ; (1. Leinsamen- 
unischlag ; 1. cata])lasma di farina di lino. 
Flaxseed meal mixed with 2-2 parts or a 
sufficient quantity of boiling water. 

Linseme (/.). J.iinseed. 

Linsenahnliches Bein C?.) Sesa- 
moid bone. 

Lint. L. linteum ; F., G. C'haqiie ; /. 
filaccia. Scraped or ])icked linen, or a soft 
tissue, for dressing wounds. 

Li'num {L.). 1. Flaxseed. 2. The 
name of a genus of plants of the Nat. Ord. 
Li'iiuceir.. L. cathar'ticum, L , purging 
flax, mountain ila.'C, a Kurci]ieari herb; used 
as a donieslic cathartic; formerly ofiicial. 
L. usitatis'simum, L., common flax ; the 
seed (flaxseed) and the flbre (lint) are used 
for medicinal or surgical purposes. 

Liocome (/''.). Leiotrichus. 

Lioder'mia (/>.). skin. 

Liomyo'ma (L.). Leiomyoma. 

Li'on for'ceps. A strong instrument, 
with crossed limbs and a double row of 
teeth at the extremity of each blade, used 
for seizing and steadving bones in opera- 
tions, also for removing bones by twisting 
when great force is recjuired. 

Lion's-foot. Ficunntlicfi Friiser'i, DC. 

Lion's-tooth. Taraxacum. 

Liotrique (F.). Leiotrichus. 

Lip. L. labium ; F. levre ; G. Tiippe ; 
/. labbro. 1. One of the musculo-mem- 



branoiis folds boiiiuling the mouth orifice. 
2. Hcncu the ciJues of any structure 
bouiKliug an orifice ; sec />/y).s. 

Lipacidaemie ( (<"■)• rrcscnce of fatty 
acids in the lilood. 

Lipacidurie {(•'■)■ I'assage of i'atty 
aciils ill tlie urine. 

Lipse'mia (A.) [/:-"c, ul//*/]. F. j>\- 
arrlieniie ; G. Lipicniic; /. liimcuiia. 
Milky apjiearance of tlie Uloud dtie to au 
excess of fat. 

Lip'anin. Trade nainc for a iorni of 
olive oil of ajireeaUle taste, easily emulsi- 
fied and absorbed ; pro)iosed as a substi- 
tute for cod-liver oil. 

Lipa'ria (/>.)• Fatness. 

Lip'arocele (/>., /.) [^/.'.-"/><'i^\ xrjh/']. F. 
lijiaroeele ; <i. Fettbrucli. A circuniscribed 
fatty tumor growing from subperitimcal 
connective tissue, and making its way 
through the abdominal walls, simulating 
an abdominal In'rnia. 

Liparosquirrhe (/'.). A hard liparo- 

Liparo'tes (/>.). Obesity. 

Liparotrich'ia {L.) [■''/'!?]■ Morbid oili- 
ness of the hair. 

Lipa'rus (//.). Fatty. 

Lipemania (/.). Lypemania, melan- 

Liphae'mia (L.) [/£;-i«, a[//«]. An;e- 

Lipocar'diac [/.i-'^-, /.njiniii^. Pertain- 
ing to fatty lieart. 

Li'pocele [";'''■';]■ Fatty tumor resem- 
bling a hernia. 

Li'pochrine. A yellow pigment ob- 
tained IVoiii the retina of the frog. 

Li'pochromes [//'(«/'"]. Krukenlierg's 
term ibr animal pigments .scduble in certain 
fat solvents, and showing bands in the blue 
and vi<ilet portions of the spectrum. 

Lipoderme ( A'.). Circuincised. 

Lipoder'mia ( L.) [/;;-<«, Sluiia'^. Ab- 
sence of the prejiuce. 

Lipoemia (/.). Lip:vmia. 

Lipog'enous [/.!-"<■, ylMii]. Pertaining 
to fat production. 

Lipoide (/'.). Resembling fit. 

Lipo'ma (L..J.) [/'.t-"v']. F. li|iome ; 
G. Fettgeschwulst. A circumscribed or 
diffuse cutaneous or subcutaneous tumor 
roniposcd of fatty tissue. 

Lipo'mata ( fy.), ]il. of Lipoma, q. v. 
L. cu'tis adna'ta, niolluscuni. 

Lipom'atoid. Resembling lipoma. 

Lipoinato'sis (Z^)- /''• lipomatose. 
Abnoriual production of fat, as of a fatty 
tumor or of fatty degeneration. L. cor'- 
dis, cor adiposuui. L. luxu'rians mus- 
cula'ris progress!' va or musculo 'rum 
progressi'va, [iseudo-nuiscular hypertro- 
])hy ; pseudo-liypertrojihic jiaralysis L. 
universa'lis, fatty tumors diftuscd over 
the entire surface. 

Lipom.'atous. F. lipomateux, ; 
G. lipomatos ; /. lipouiatoso. Pertaining 
to, or reseudiling, a li)Muna or li(ioniatosis. 
L. mus'cular at'rophy, ]jseudo-hy]iertro- 
pliic muscular paralysis. L. neuri'tis, 
neuritis in which fat is i'ormed in the in- 
flamed tissue. 

Lip6m.e {F.). Li]ioma. 

Lipome'ria ( L.) [/.n-m, ,"/,'"k-]. Con- 
genital want of one or more parts of tlie 

Lipom'phalus (/> ). Liparoni])halus. 

Lipopsy'chia {L). F. lipopsyehie. 

Liposarcie (F.). Emaciation. 

Liposarque (F.). Thin, emaciated. 

Lipo'sis ( L ) [/!-(/c]. (Uiesity. 

Liposphyx'ia (L.) [/;■;-(«, fi-yijts-]. 
Pulselessness, syncope. 

Lipothym'ia (L.) [''u/''^-]. /''. lipo- 
thymie. Fainting. 

Lipowitz's test : see Plinfph"ni<. 
Lippe ( G.). Lip. In composition 
Lippen, as, — bandchen, frena of lijis ; 

— bildung, chcilo|ilasty ; — driisen, la- 
bial glands; — flechte, herpes labialis; 

— gescli-wiir, ulcer of tin- liji; — krebs, 
carcinoma of the lip; — raude, [isnriasis 
labialis; — rothe, the red ]iortiiin of the 
lip; — spalte, hare-lip; — wangeii- 
spalte, meloschisis; — zug, labial line. 

Lippia ( /y.). A genus of indigenous 
Vrr/iiiifiti :, . L. citl'lodo'ra, K., WrhcDH 

ti-iplii/lhi, l/Her. L. mexica'na, a sub- 
vaiiety of L. (/ii/ii.<; flowers and leaves 
used to check coughing. 

Lippitu'do (A.). /'. lip]iitude; G. 
Augentriefen ; /. lijipitudine. l>lear-eyc ; 
chronic blepharitis, with thickening and 
redness of the edges of the lids. 

Lips of lin'ea as'pera. L labia lineic 
as]ier;v. The inner and outer margins 
closely applied at the middle third of the 
shaft of the femur, diverging aliove to 
eitlier trochanter, and below passing into 
the supracondylar lines. 



Lips of u'tenas. Labia of uterus. . 

Lip-salve. Rose cerate. 

Lipsotrich'ia (L.) [hi4'ci, ^'ipl^']. Bald- 

Lipu'ria (L.) \_U-iii, (ioo<rJ}^. F. lipurie. 
Presence of fat on the surface of urine ; 

Lipy'ria (L.) [).i-up(fi^. i^. lip3Tie ; /. 
lipiria. Pernicious fever. 

Liq., abbv. for Liquor {L.), liquor, 

Liquato'rium (//.). Filter. 

Liquefa'cient [liijuefacere]. 1. Having 
power to liquefy. 2. F. liquefiant, ante; 
(?. Verfliissigungsniittel. An agent having 
such power. 

Liquefac'tion. />. li(|uefactio ; i-^. Iic|ui5- 
faction ; G. A'erfliissigung ; /. liquefazione. 
A making or becoming liquid. 

Liqueflable (/''.)■ Susceptible of lique- 

Liquefiant, ante (/''.). Having the 
power to li<(uefy ; liquefacient. 

Liqueflattibile (/.). Susceptible of 

Liqueur (/'.). A lii|ui(]; a solution. 
The term is technically applied to aromatic 
alcoholic li(|uids prepared by maceration 
and made very sweet with sugar [li'Otf.]. 
L. de I'amnios, li(nior amnii. L. anodine 
nitreuse, sjiirit of nitrous ether. L. 
arsenicale de Fowler, sohition of ar- 
senite of ])otassiiim. L. arsenicale de 
Pearson, sohitr d'arseniate de sonde. L. 
de Belloste, solution (d' mt^rcurous nitrate. 
L. de Boudin [Coil.], sohiiiou of arsenious 
acid. L. de Cadet, kakodyl. L. hemo- 
statique de Monsel, solution of basic 
ferric sulphate. L. de Hoflfmann [Cod.], 
spirit of ether. L. de Laban-aque, solu- 
tion of chlorinated soda. L. de Lam- 
padius, carbon hisulpjiide. L. de Laville : 
see Ldi-illi's liquid. L. nervine de Bang, 
Hofl'mann's anodyne. L. du sang, the 
bIood-|)lasuia. L. seminale, semi'ri. L. de 
Van Swieten, solution of ]ierchloride of 
mercury. L. de Villate : see Liquor cor- 

Liq'uid. A non-gaseous fluid : see 
Blin/i'iiiiy, Dutch, Ijiirillcn, etc. liquid. L. 
a'loes. L. aloe jiquida ; F. aloes li((uide. 
Aloes 500, sodium carbonate 10, water 440 ; 
dissolve with the aid of heat, strain, and 
add ammonia-water 50 [P. Belg.]. L. 
fer'ric oxyclolor'ide. />. lii|uor iVrri oxy- 
chlorati ; (/. flii.ssiges Ferrio.xychlorid. A 

preparation resembling solution of dialyzed 
iron, prepared by submitting freshly precip- 
itated ferric hydrate to the action of hydro- 
chloric acid for three days, and diluting the 
resulting solution with water so as to make 
the spec. grav. 1.050 [P. G.]. L. glass, 
solution of silicate of sodium. L. opo- 
del'doc. L. opodeldoc liquidum ; /'. baurae 
opodeldoch liquide; G. flussiger Opodeldok. 
A preparation almost identical with opodel- 
doc, except that it is liquid at ordinary tem- 
peratures [Cod., P. G.]. L. pep'sin, solu- 
tion of pepsin. L. ren'net, rennet wine. 
L. sto'rax: see Storax. 

Liq'uid ex'tract. L. extractum liqui- 
dum. The term employed in the B. P. for 
preparations like the fluid extracts of the 
U. S. P., except that they do not bear the 
same uniform relation of strength to the 
drug employed : see Fluid crlruct. L. e. 
ofba'el. //. extractum bel;K li(|uiduin. A 
liquid aqueous extract of bael-fruit, with 
the addition of sufficient alcohol for preser- 
vation ; a fluiddrachm represents a drachm 
of the drug by weight [B. P.]. L. e. of 
cas'cara sagra'da. //. extractum cascar:e 
sagrad:e li(juidum. \ fluid (extract, repre- 
.senling about an equal weight of the bark 
[H. P.]. L. e. of er'got. A. extractum er- 
got;e li(|uidum. An a(|ueous extract, with 
the addition of 00 per cent, of alcohol by 
measure [B. P.]; corres])onds in strength 
to the fluid extract of ergot [U. S. P.]. L. 
e. of liq'uorice. L. extractum glycyrrhizje 
liquidum. An aqueous extract, spec. grav. 
1.100, to which is added one-sixth of its 
volume of rectified spirit [B. P.]. L. e. 
of male fern, oleoresin of aspidium. L. 
e. of o'pium. />. extractum opii liqui- 
dum. Hxtract of opitim 1. water 10 
parts ; macerate and add alcohol ( sp gr. 
O.S:!8) H.85 parts; filter [B. P.]. L. e. 
of parei'ra. L. extractum pareine li(|ui- 
diim. .\ solution of extract of parcira 4 
parts, in sufficient diluted alcohol to make 
10 fluid parts [B. P.]. L. e. of sarsapa- 
ril'la. L. extractum fluiduni. A 
preparation of the B. P. corresponding in 
strength and character to the fluid extract 
of .sarsaparilla [U. S. P.]. 

Liquidam'bar. 1. Sweet gum; a bal- 
samic exudation from incisions made in 
the trunk of Liquidumlmr sh/rnri/fiia. L. ; 
resembles storax in medicinal properties. 
2. A genus of pi, lilts, Nat, Ord. Humnmr- 
lidc^.. L. Altin'gia, Blumc., a large 
forest tree of the Indian Andiipelago ; 
yields a fragrant balsam by incision of 



the bark. L. formosa'na, TTaiici\ na- 
tive of China and F<>rni(i>a ; yit'Ms a tra- 
{^I'unt resin used li_y (lie (.'liinese. L. ori- 
enta'lis, Mill., ttio (triental sweet -iini, 
native of .Vsia .Miner, suuree of stora.x. 
L. Styi-acif'lua, sweet ,iiuin. liilsted. eo- 
palin ; a North Aineriean tree, souiee ol 

Liqmde ( /■'). LiM"i«l L. de I'am- 
nios or amniotique, iii|iior anmii. L. 
arachiioidien or L. cephalo-rachidien, 
eereliro-sjiinal fluid L. illtestilial, iiites- 
linal jiiier. L. sous-aa'achnoidien or L. 
venti'iculaire, eereliro-spinal iluid. 

Liqiudo (/. ). Lii|uid, iluid. L. dell' 
amnios i>r amniotico, li(|nor anmii. L. 
aracnoideo, liipior eereliro-spiDalis- L. 
cefalo-racliidiano, lii|iior eerebro-sjiinaiis, 
L. intestinale, intestinal jniee. L. sotto- 
aracnoideo, eerel>ro-s]iiiial fluid. 

Liqim-it'ia ofncina'lis, Moeneli. ill;/- 
(■yrrlir.ii ijl'ilini, \j. 

Liqtiirizia (/.). ]jii|uorice. 

Liq'\70r (A.). Solution: a fluid. L. 
ac'idi arsenio'si, sohition of arsenions 
aiid. L. ac'idi chi-oni'ici, sidution «\' 
ehroinic aeid. L. ac'idus Hal'leri, llal- 
Kr's aeid eli.Kir. L. alumin'ii acet'ici 
\\'. (il, solution <d' aluminium aeetate. 
L. ammo'nia3 [15. I'], water of aninm- 
iiia L. animo'nise for'tior [!>. 1'.]. 
stronger water of ailiinonia. L. ammo'- 
nii aceta'tis, solution of amnioninin a<-e- 
tate. L. ammo'nii acet'ici [IV (i ]. solu- 
tion of aiiHnoniuni aeetate. L. animo'liii 
anisa'ttlS [1'. <!.]. ani.-^ated water of ani- 

uiiiiiia. L. ammo'nii caus'tici [!'. <1 ], 
water u\' ainmonia. L. amuio'nu citra'- 
tis for'tior, slrnni:i-r solutinn ol' ainino- 
iiium eitrate. L. ammo'nii succina'ti, 
solution of [iinniiiMiuin succinate. L. am - 
nii. F. li(|nide de I'aninios; (1. Frioditwas- 
ser; /. lii|uiilo dcU' anirnos. A slii:litlv saline 
lii|iiid in wliii-li the cndirvo floats, secreted 
fVnni the inner snrf.o-e id' the amnion. L. 

anod'ynits minera'lis HofTman'm, spir- 
it of ether. L. anod'ynus martia'tus, 
ctliere.-il tincture (d' (diloridi' (d' iron. L. 
antimo'nii chlo'ridi, solution of antinnmy 
(ddnride. L. arsenica'lis [I!. 1'.]. solution 
(il' arsenite of |iotassium. L. arsenica'lis 
Fowl'eri, solution of arsenite of jiotas- 
sium. L. arsenica'lis Pearson'ii, I'ear- 
sim's arsenical solution. L. arsen'ici hy- 

drochlor'icits [1>. i'.]. solutii f arson inus 

ticid. L. arsen'ii et hydrar'gyi'i iod'idi, 

sidntiiiu of iodide of arsenic anil mercury. 
L. atropi'nro sulpha'tis, solution of sul- 

[diate of atropine. L. ba'rii chlor'idi, 
solution of chloride of barium. L. Bellos'- 
tii, solution of inereurous nitrate. L. 
bismu'thi, solution of citrate of bismuth 
and ammoidum. L. bismu'thi et am- 
mo'nii citra'tis, solution of bismitth and 
ainmonimn. L. cal'cii chlor'idi, solution 
of chloride of calcium. L. cal'cii oxy- 
da'ti [P. Helv.], solution of lime. L. 
cal'cii sulftu-a'tiVlem'ingkx [!' lielv.]. 
Vleminukx's solution. L. cal'cis, solu- 
tion of lime. L. cal'cis chlorina'tae, so- 
lution of (dilorinated lime. L. cal'cis 
sacchara'tus, saceharated solutioti of 
lime. L. cerebro - spina'lis, cerebro- 
spinal fluid. L. chlo'ri [li. 1'.]. (hlo- 
rine-water. L. chy'H, the )dasnja of the 
chyle. L. Claude'ri [!'. Dan,], ('lander's 
(di.\ir. L. corrosi'vus [1'. (i.]. /'. lii|iieur 
de Villate. Ciipjier sulphate G, zinc ^ul- 
phate (i. viiu'gar Td parts: make a solution, 
and add solntion of ^nhaectate of K'ad 12 
parts [IV (i.]; used in trealmeut of tistuhi 
and <'aries of l.nne, L. Cofjttn'nii, Jieri- 
lvn)jdi. L.enter'iciis, the intestinal juice. 
L. epispa.s'ticus, blisterinir lii[iiid. L. 
fer'ri aceta'tis, suhilinu ol' lerric acetate. 
L. fer'ri chlora'ti, an ai|iieous solntioii 
of ferrous chloride. L. fer'ri chlor'idi, 
sidution of ferric eliloride. L. fer'ri 
citra'tis, solution id' ferric ciirati-. L. 
fer'ri dialysa'tus, solution of ilialyzcd 
iron. L. fer'ri muria'tici oxyda'ti, so- 
lution of chloride of iron. L. fer'ri mu- 
ria'tici oxydula'ti, liijiior ferri ihlorati. 
L. fer'ri uitra'tis, solution ol'l'erric nitrate. 
L. fer'ri oxychlora'ti, rn|uid ferric oxy- 
ehloride. L. fer'ri perchlor'idi [15. ]'.]_. 
solution of pendiloride id' iron. L. fer'ri 
perchlor'idi for'tior [I!. !']: see S,,lti- 
tiiiii of' fi nil- cli/iiii'/c. L. fer'ri perni- 
tra'tis, solution of ferric nitrate L. 
fer'ri persulpha'tis [I!. P.]. .solution of 
ferric sulphate. L. fer'ri et quini'nse 
citra'tis, solution of iron and ((uinine 
<-itrate. L. fer'ri sesquichlora'ti [P. C], 
snlntion of ferric chloriile. L. fer'ri sub- 
sulpha'tis, solution of basic ferric sul- 
phate, L. fer'ri sulfur'ici oxyda'ti [P. 
<;.], solution of ferric sulphate. L. fer'ri 
tersulpha'tis, solniioii of ferric sulphate. 
L. foUic'uli, albuminous fluid within the 
(Iraalian follicle. L. g-ut'ta-per'chte. so- 
lution of eutta-peridia. L. Hollan'dicus, 
ethylene bichloride. L. hydrar'gyri bi- 

chlo'ridi, snlntion of perchloride of incr- 

enrv. L. liydrar'gryi'initra 'tis, solni ion ol" 
mercuric nitrate. L. hydrar'gyi'i nitra'tis 
ac'idus [B. P.], solution ol' mercuric nitrate. 



L. hydrar'gyri ni'trici oxydula'ti, solu- 
tiun of iiRTc-uriius nitrate. L. hydrar'- 
gyri perchlor'idi [B. P.], solution of per- 
chloride of uiercuiy. L. io'di [B. P.], 
liquor iodi conipositus [U. S. P.]. L. io- 
din'ii compos'itus, comjxjund solution 
of iodine. L. ka'lii acet'ici [P. G.], an 
aqueous solution of jiotassiuni acetate, 
spec. grav. l.lTti to I.ISO, containing 33 
per cent, of the dry salt. L. ka'lii ar- 

senico'si [P. I!.], solution of ar.<enite of 
potassium. L. ka'lii carbon'ici [P. <i ]. 
solution of potassium carbonate. L. ka'lii 
caus'tica [P. U.], solution of potassa. L. 
Labarraque, solution of chlorinated soda. 
L. lith'ii efferves'cens, effervescing solu- 
tion of lithia. L. magne'sii carbona'- 
tis, solution of carbonate of magnesium. 
L. magne'sii citra'tis, solutiiin ol' citrate 
of mairiicsium. L. mercuria'lis Van 
Swie'ten [P. Hidv], solution of perchlo- 
ride of mercury. L. miiiera'lis HoflF- 
man'ni, spirit of ether. L. Morgag'ni, 
fluid found witliin the capsule of the crys- 
talline lens, believed to be the result of 
post-mortem change. L. morphi'nae ace- 
ta'tis, solution of morphine acetate. L. 
morphi'nse bimecona'tis, sohiiinn of 
morphine biineconate. L. morphi'nae 
hydrochlora'tis, solution of mnr|diine 
liydrdchlorate. L. na'tri carbol'ici, so- 
lution of carbolate of sodium. L. na'tri 
caus'tici [P. (J.], solution of soda. L. 
na'trii hyd'rici | P. Ilelv]. solution of 
soda. L. na'ti-ii hypochloro'si [P. 
Helv.], solution of cldorinalcd soda. L. 
na'trii silici'i [P. (i.], solution of silicate 
of sodium. L. pepsi'ni, solution of pep- 
sin. L. pericar'dii, pericardial fluid. L. 
peritone'i, serous fluid moistening surface 
of peritoneum ; small in (juantity during 
health. L. pleu'rae, similar fluid found 
in pleural cavity. L. plum'bi subace- 
ta'tis, solution of subacetatc of lead. L. 

plum'bi subaceta'tis dilu'tus. 1. I>i- 

luted solution (d' subacetate of li'ad. 2. 
Goulard's lead-water [15. P.]. L. plum'bi 
subacet'ici, solution of subacetate of lead. 
L. potas'see, solution of potassa. L. po- 
tas'sse chlora'tge, solution of chlorinated 
potassa. L. potas'sse efferves'cens, 
effervescing solution of potash. L. po- 
tas'sii arseni'tis, solution of arsenitc of 
potassium. L. potas'sii citra'tis, solu- 
tion of citrate of (mtassium. L. potas'sii 
permangana'tis, solution (A' potassium 
permanganate. L. prostat'icus, secretion 
of prostate gland. L. san'gTlinis, blood- 
plasma. L. sem'inis, seminal fluid. L. 

serip'arus, rennet wine. L. so'dae, solu- 
tion of soda. L. so'dse chlora'tse or L. 
so'dae chlorina'tae [B. P.], solution of 
chlorinated soda. L. so'dse efferves'- 
cens, effervescing solution of soda. L. 
so'dii arsenia'tis, solution of arseniate 
of sodium. L. so'dii carbol'ici, solution 
of carbolate of sodium. L. so'dii ethyla'- 
tis, solution of sodium ethylate. L. so'- 
dii silica'tis, solution of silicate of sodium. 
L. stib'ii chlora'ti [P. Ilelv.]. solution-of 
antimony chloride. L. strychni'nse hy- 
drochlora'tis, solution ol' strychnine hy- 
drochlorate. L. subai'achnoida'lis, cere- 
bro-spinal fluid. L. Vil'late : see Lujiior 
rorrosivii<. L. zin'ci chlor'idi, solution 
of chloride of zinc. 

Liquore (/.). A solution, liipior, fluid. 
Li. arsenicale di Fowler, Fowhr's solu- 
tion. L. arsenicale di Pearson, Pear- 
son's arsenical soluiiim. L. di Labar- 
raque, solutiiui of chlorinated soda. L. 
del sangue, liquor sanguinis. L. semi- 
nale, semen. L. di sotto-acetato di 
piombo, solution of subacetate of lead. 
L. di Van Swieten, .solution of perchlo- 
ride <d' mercury. 

Liq'uorice. /■'. reglisse ; G. Lakritze ; 
/. rciiolizia. A common name for the root 
and extract of glyeyrrliiza: see also /m/idii. 
Spa It i^/i, and Wi/d /ii/ii'iii(v. L.-bush, 1 «.«- 
coil (im/ilexifaii/i.t. L.-mass, extract of 
glyeyrrliiza. L. -paste. 1. Hxtract of 
glyeyrrliiza. 2. An extract of glyeyrrhiza 
containing sugar and acacia [Cod.]. L.- 
root, glyeyrrliiza: see also litnisiaii and 
Sjxniisli litjuoricc-root. 

Lira (I.). Lyra. 

Lii'ioden'drin. /■' liriodendrine ; /. lirio- 
dcndrina. A crystallizable bitter jn'inciple 
found in tulip-tree bark. 

Lirioden'dron. .\ genus oi' M-n/iio/ia- 
r';r. L. tullpifera, tulip-tree, tulip po])- 
lar. while ])o]ilar, white wood, a tall tree 
indigein)us to the U. S. ; the bark was for- 
nicrlv ofiicial in the V. S. P. : see Tiillp-tree 

Lis (/''.). I'ily ; Jjilium nUiiim, L. L. 
blanc, white lily. L. d'eau, Xj/mpluta 
all,,,, L. 

Lis'bon di'et-drink : sec Decoclum hisi- 


Lis'bon sarsaparH'la. Para sarsapa- 

Liscivia (/.). Lye. 

Lisciviazione (A). Lixiviation. 

Lis'franc's amputa'tion. Amputation 



tlirough tlic tarso-metatarsal articulatidiis ; 
also at shoiiltlcr-joint l>y anterior and jioste- 
rior tlajis. 

Lis'ft-anc's joint. Tlio entire set of 
tarsci-nieta tarsal art ieulat inns. 
Lisi ( /.). Lysis. 

Lisian'thus (L.). A genns of Gmiii- 
nr:i . L. amplis'simus, .Mart., ami L. 
pen'dulus, -Mart., small Brazilian jilants 
witli extremely bitter roots; used as a fel)- 
rifu.tre. L. sempervi'rens, Mill., (Ichi:- 
niiiini xi Dipi I'finiis, \]t. 

Lisp'iug. /•'. bk'site ; (•'. Lispeln. I'ro- 
iiouncinj: .-^ like '/(. 

Lis'sauer's an'g-les. taken in 
median [ilane of skull, mostly with refer- 
ence to a fixed basedine (radiu.s tixus), 
drawn from oeeipital jirotulieranee ( inion ) 
to jiinriion of jii'sterior liody of vomer and 
body ol' splieiioid (liormioii). The i'olbiw- 
in.Hare tiiosc- imdnded between the radius 
fi.xu.s and radii drawn iVoui the hurmion to 
the points mentioned after each ; Annie <f 
to ojiisthion ; an^le // to basion ; anjile t to 
stajdiylin ; an, - to alveolar point; an,t;le 
a to subnasal point; antrle ■/ to nasion ; 
auiile ,j to bregma ; aniile w to lambda. 
The following; are those incduded between 
radii drawn from the Imrmion to tlie two 
points mentiom-d after eaidi, and are imli'- 
]iemlent of railins fixus ; an,i:le / to basion 
and to staphylion ; angle ,". + v to basion and 
to nasion. The f<dlowing are angles made 
with the ra<li\is fixus by lines drawn through 
the two points mentioned after eaeh. pro- 
duced if necessary: angle/', inion — opis- 
thion ; anirle i)i, opistliion — basion ; angle 
.<. basion — sta]diylion ; angU' /), staphylion 
■ — alveolar point ; angle/, posterior border 
of incise ir foramen — alvecdar ]ioint ; angle 
((. alveolar ]ioiiit — subnasal point ; angle ii, 
nasion — alveolar point ; angle //, nasion — 
subnasal ]ioiut ; angle /y, bregma — na-ion ; 
angle o. lambda — bregma ; angle '/. lamlida 
— inion ; aULili' '■, bunbda — opistliion. 'I'lu^ 
fidlowiiig are independent of the radius 
fixus: Sji'i/ anirulus suninii iialati. y. r. ; 
)if' angle lietweeii lines drawn from na- 
sion to rhinion ami to alveolar point ; ./''' = 
frontal angle id' Lissauer, 7. v.; ;»//• = pa- 
rietal angle of Lissauer, <y. r. ; .w = angulus 
summi occi|iiti, y. r. 

Lis'sauer's tract. .\ tract of fine fibres 
at the jiinrtioii of the lateral and posterior 
columns of the spinal cord. 
Lisse I /.). TiVssa. 

Lissenceph'alous [i-.Tai'i^:. ly/i(.'-a?.o^1. 
F. lissenct'idiale. Lieneephalous. 

Lissotrich'us (L.) ["J,"!?]. F- lisso- 
tri(|ue. Having straight, smooth hair, each 


The antiseptic system of 


hair being cylindrical 
Lis'ter's method. 
suruery and of Uressing wounus, as ursi 
directed by Lister, including the use of 

Listing's law. There is a jiosition of 
the eye in the orbit from wliich the lino of 
regard may be carried to any other direc- 
)ut torsion of the globe. This is 
sition, all others being 

tion witho 

called the jirimary j 


When the eye is in a 

]iosition the line of regard cannot be carried 

without tor- 

to another secondary position — ... 

of the ulobe. Or. as stated by Helm- 
line of rei:ai(l iiasses from 

its primary position to any other position, 
the angle of torsion in the second position 
is the same as if tlie eye had come into that 
positicui by turning about a fixed axis per- 
pendicular to the first and the second posi- 
tion of the line of regard. 

Lis'ton's splint. For fracture of the 
fem>ir, is a long, straight splint notched at 
its lower end and reaching fmm the axilla 
to about four inches below the side. It is 
fixed to the foot and ankle by a figure-S 
bandage, which tlirough the notches. 
Counter-extension is made by a perineal 
. the ends of which are passed through 
in the upper end of the splint, 
are tied and, when necessary, 

L. de I'ongle, nail-bed. 
bed, used in 
1 deviations, etc. L. 


two hole 
where they 

Lit (/•'.). Be... ^.^^.^. 
L. orthopedique, adjustable 
the treatment of s]iiiia' 
de travail, labor-bed. 

Litagogo (/. ) Lithagogue. 

Litargirio (/.). Litharge. 

Lithse'mia {L.) [/.!''"v', «i,""]- Urieas 

Lith'agogue [f.iDi,^- 
gus ; (r. steinabtreibend 
ing power to exjiel calculi. 

Lithanthracok'ali. Anthracokali. 

Lithan'thrax. Anthracite. 

Lith'arge [/^■:i>"i, "/'r"/'"^']- ^'- '''l'-"'" 
gynim; F. litharge; (1. lileigbitte ; /.li- 
targirio: see /y'lc/ '»"""■'"'' ■ L. plas'ter, 
lead plaster. 

Lithar'gyrum [P. G.]. Lead monox- 
ide ; litharge. 

Lith'ate. T^rate. 

Lithec'tasy \_/.iii"i. .-•;<raiT!c]. L. lithec- 

liyiii'j. L. lithago- 
; /. litai^ogo. Hav- 



tasia ; F. litheetasie. Extraction of calcu- 
lus by dilating iusteaJ of incising the neck 
of the bladder. 

Lith'ia. LijO. F. lithine ; /. litina. 
Lithium oxide ; a white crystalline sub- 
stance obtained by direct oxidation of the 
metal lithium or by decomposing its carbo- 
nate ; it dissolves slowly in water, forming 
the hydrate : see Lilliiam liydralt. 

Lithiase biliaire {F.). Formation of 

Lithiasique or Lithique {F.). Relat- 
ing to lithiasis. 

Lithi'asis (L.) \_/.:OiaiT:i]. F. lithiase ; 
G. Steinbildung ; /. litiasi. 1. The forma- 
tion of concretions, especially in the urinary 
passages. 2. The discharge of urinary con- 
cretions from the bod}'. L. cu'tis, uridro- 
sis crystalliua. 

Lith'ic ac'id [/.r'flK^]. /'. acide lithicjue ; 
/. aeido litico. Uric acid. 

Lith'ii, gen. of Lith'ium (/>.). L. 
ben'zoas, litliium benzuate. L. brom'- 
idum, lithium bromide. L. carbo'nas, 
lithium carbonate. L. ci'tras, lithium 
citrate. L. iod'idum, litliium iodide. 
L. salicy'las, lithium salicylas. 

Lithine (/■'.). Lithia. 

Lithiodialyse (/'•). Solution of vesical 
calculi by chemical reagents or the voltaic 

Lithion {(•)■ Lithium; — carmin, 
carmine dissolved in a saturated a(|ueous 
solution of lithium carbonate; a nuclear 

Lithio-picrocar'mine. Stain u.sed in 
micnixdpy. Carmine 2.5 grms,, saturated 
soluti<in of lithium carbonate 100 c.c. ; dis- 
solve and add 250 c.c. of picric acid. 

Lith'ium {L.). I. litio. A silver-white 
metal discovered by Arvedson (1S17), 
harder than sodium, but softer than lead, 
oxidizing slowly in moist air; the lightest 
of known solids, spec. grav. 0.5!t ; a con- 
stituent of several minerals and mineral 
waters. L. ben'zoate. liiCiIIjO... />. 
lithii benzoas ; /'. benzoate do litjiine ; G. 
Lithiumbenzoat ; /. benzoato di litina. A 
white salt, in the form of powder or small 
shining scales, having a slight odor of 
benzoic acid, a cooling sweetish taste, and 
faintly acid reaction ; soluble in water and 
alcohol ; obtained by decomposing litliium 
carbonate with benzoic acid ; used in treat- 
ment of gout and calculous disorders. L. 
benzo'icum [!'. Ross.], lithium benzoate. 
L. broma'tum, lithium bromide. L. 

bro'mide. LiBr. L. lithii bromidum ; 
F. bromure de lithium ; G. Bromlithium ; 
/. bromuro di litio. A white, granular 
[or crystalline. Cod.], very delitpiesceut, 
odorless salt, having a sharp, somewhat 
bitter taste, and a neutral reaction ; very 
soluble in water or alcohol ; prepared by 
dissolving lithium carbonate in hydrobro- 
mic acid and evaporating the solution, or 
by other chemical processes; hypnotic. 
L. car'bonate. Li.COj. L. lithii ear- 
bonas; F. carbonate de lithine; G. Lith- 
iumcarbouat; /. carbonato di litina. A 
light, white, amorphous or crystalline pow- 
der, permanent in the air, odorless, having 
an alkaline taste and reaction ; soluble in 
130 parts of water at 15° C, insoluble in 
alcohol ; obtained from petalite and other 
minerals or prepared from other salts of 
lithium ; antilithic and antacid. L. car- 
bon'icum [P. G.]. lithium carbonate. L. 
ci'trate. LijCcHiOj. i. lithii citras; F. 
citrate de lithine ; G. Lithiumeitrat ; 1. 
citrato di litina. A crystallizable salt, 
usually found as a white amorphous pow- 
der, odorless, having a slightly cooling, 
faintly alkaline taste, neutral reaction ; sol- 
uble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol ; 
obtained by neutralizing citric acid with 
lithium carbonate ; medicinal properties 
same as those of the carbonate. L. cit'- 
ricum, lithium citrate. L. hy'drate. 
LillO. A white, caustic, cry^tallille sub- 
stance resembling caustic soda : obtained 
by boiling lithium carbonate with milk of 
lime. L. i'odide. LiL L. lithii iodidum. 
A white, crystalline, deli((uescent salt ; ob- 
tained by dissolving lithium carbonate in 
hydriodic acid, or by digesting a solution 
of calcium iodide with lithium carbonate in 
slisiht excess, and evaporating to drvness. 
L. ox'ide : see Llililn. L. salic'yla'te. 
2LiC;lI,(l,.H,(). L. lithii sali(^ylas; F. 
salicylate de lithine; G. Lithiunisalicylat ; 
/. salicilato di litina. A crystallizable .salt, 
usually found as a white, deli(|ue.<ccnt. odor- 
less, faintly acid powder, very sol- 
uble in water and in alcohol ; pre|iared by 
saturating salicylic acid with lithium carbo- 
nate ; introduced as a remedy for gout and 

Lithium ( ^.). Lithium; — benzoat, 
lithium benzoate; — bromid, litliium bro- 
mide; — carbonat, lithium carbonate; — • 
citrat, lithium citrate; — salicylat, lith- 
ium salicylate. 

Lithiu'ria {L.) [lithium, <io»«/]. Lith- 



Lithobex'is (A.) [/.'('"C, ,5v;,-]. Cougli 
with fxi](.-i'ii)r;iti(iii ul' coiu'retiuii.^. 

Lithoceno'sis {L.) [/.i'/<y<7:.]. /•'. lulin- 
fOiKise ; I. litucoiKi.'^i. (>|>ri-aliiiii ut' iviuuv- 
iiii; fVagiiK'nls of calciihi:-, al'tiT lithntrity, 
by .-^fud]! ami utlaT means in V(>;4uc licforc 
invL'iilioii uf litluilapaxy. 

Lith'oclast ["^■•■■"]- -''• litlioelastc; C-'. 
Lidiiiklast, ; y. litoelastd. Litliotrito, litlio- 

Lithoclysmie (/■'.)■ Tlic polutiuii of 
vesical calculi by clicmic;;! substances in- 
tl'oduced into the lilaililer. 

Lithocystot'omy [iivrtr:,-, niyr^']. Lith- 

Litliodecta'sia (/>•)■ Lithectasy. 

Lithodial'ysis (i. ) [u^'I'-'jt^/]. F. litlm- 
dialysc; /. liluuialisi. i)i;;selutiou of a cal- 
culus in the bladder. 

Lithofel'lic acid. C.,,ll;„;04. /'. acide 

lilhdlelliiiuc ; / acidu litufcllien. An nrca- 
sinual ciimponcnt of intestinal concretions 

Litliofelli'nic. /•'. lithofellini(|ue ; /. 
litolelliiueo. rertaining tn biliary calculus. 

Lithogenese or Lithos-enie ( /' ). The 
fornuition of vesical and other calculi. 

Lith'oid. /'. lilhoidc. Stone-like. 

Lithokelyphopeedion (6'.). A liiho- 
jcedinn with adlnn-ent fictal membranes. 

Lithokelyphos (//.). A lithoiwdion 
enclciseil in caicilied i'letal mendiranes. 

Litholabe (/'.). Instrument for urasp- 
inu a calculus within the bladder; a form 
of lithntrite. 

Lith'olapaxy [A'/-'/.;;;]. F.. G. Litho- 
lapaxie. Lilhiitrity fdlhiwcd by ]irom]it rc- of iVagnienls of the stone, through 
a tube, bv suction. 

Lithol'ogy [/■";-">■]. F.. (i. Lithologie ; 
/. litoloujia. l)escriiition of stones or cal- 

Lithorysis ( /..) [/.■'":,■]. F. litlK.lysie ; 

Lithome'tra f /-.) [,"»,'-""]. Ossification 
or calcification of the uterus. 

Lithonephri'tis [v£t'//.iv]. C'alcuhuis 

Lithonephrose ((l.\. Fdrmatinn or 
existence uf renal calculus. 

Lithonephrot'omy [v£c'/v(ic. Tc/tr;]. 


Lithontrip'tic [-"?(,''!v-]. L. lithontrip- 
ticus; /•'. lithontri)iti(iuc ; G'. steinaufljsend ; 

/. litontrittico. Capable of dissolving a stone 
in the bladder. 

Lithontrip'tor. Litlnitriptur. 

LithopEe'dion > L.) [-'/■v]. A ftetus 
converted into a stony mass in the body 
uf the nidther. 

Lithope'dion. Liilinp;edion. 

Lithoph'agus {La \c<iji\J\. F. litho- 
]diage. A stiine-eatcr. 

Lith'ophone [c'ov/;]. A flexible steth- 
(isi'Mpe connected with a siiund, to detect 
contact with a calculus. 

Lithophthi'sis i L.) {cOiai^^ I'lithisis 
with calcareous concretions in the lungs. 

Lithos [/.;V'.'v-]. Stone. 

Lith'oscope \jt/.ii-=.\J\. An instrument 
used to reveal the presence of a calculus 
in I he blailder. 

Lithosper'mum ( /.. i. A genu;; of 
]\,,t;i,iiiii;i. L. fi'utico'suin, European 
species; herb official in the 1'. Port. L. 
ofBcina'le, gromwell, milium solis. Eum- 
]ican lu'rb . the seeds have been regarded 
as litbcnitripiic and antidysenteric. 

Lith'otome [-".'",]. <!. Lithotom ; /. 
litotonio. Instrument for cutting the neck 
of the bladder in the o]irration lor stiiuc. 

Lithot'oniy. 1j. litlmtomia ; /'. litho- 
tomic ; /. litotomia. Operation of cutting 
into the bladib'r for the juirposc of remoY- 
\ws a calculus. The principal varieties 
are — sviprapu'bic, wliere the bladder is 
entcveil through the abdomen immediately 
above the pubic b<ine. and perilie'al, whicdi 
mav be bilateral, where the inci^ion extends 
across the mi'dianline: lateral, where the 
incision is to mu' side of the median line; 
anil median, where the incision is in the 
median line: see Alln iti^ii s iqn filifii : also 
Aiij'iiKiiii!! riiiiji'r and iniunr. L. brace - 
lets, ]iailded blather manacles, eoiinc<'tcd 
in pairs by means of .short chains, used to 
secure the hands to the i'eet when the lith- 
otomy position is to be maintained. L. 
posi'tion, liatient lies on the back with 
the buttocks near tlie end of the ojierating- 
lable. Thighs and knees are flexed, and 
til.' hands secured to the feet by nutans <pf 
lithoiomv bracelets, Clover's crutch, or onli- 
narv bandaucs. 

Lithot'resis (■ A. ) [-"/>rr,]. F. lithotresie ; 
G. Stcinzerbtdirung. Act of perbu-ating a 
vesical calculus. 

Lith'otripsy [-/-v'"']- /'. bthotrijisio i 
/. litotripsia. Lithotrity. 
I Lithotrip'tor [7//:,5<ui. /'. lithotriptcur; 



I. litotritore. Instrument used for crush- 
ing vesical calculi ; lithotrite. 

Lith'otrite. An instrument eniploj-ed 
for crushing a calculus in the bladder or 
urethra ; there are many forms. 

Lithot'rity [r</!',5(u]. F., (J. J^ithotritie ; 
I. lithcitrisia. Operation of reducing to 
fragments a calculus in the bladder. 

Lithoxidu'ria {L.) [oxide, noiniv^. Pas- 
sage of urine containing xanthic oxide. 

Lithure'sis ( L.) [»tj/yr^T!v]. Pas.sage of 
gravel with the urine. 

Lithu'ria {L.) ["J/)";/]. An excess of 
uric acid in the urine. 

Litiasi (/.). Lithiasis. 

Litina (/.). Jjithia. 

Litio (/.). Lithium. 

Lit'mus. L. lacmus; F. touruesol ; G. 
Lackmus ; 1. laccamuffu. A blue pigment 
obtained from Roi-iwUn tincloiiu, Ach., A'. 
J'lisi/oyinis, Ach.. Liaiiit/ra litrlnrcn, Aeii:, 
and other lichens ; used as a test for acids 
and alkalies, being reddened by the former 
and restored to blue by the latter. L.- 
pa'p3r, unsized paper which has been sat- 
urated with a strong aqueous solution or 
tincture of litmus and dried; blue litinu.s- 
paper. lied litmus-paper is prepared in 
the same way from a solution of litmus 
reddened by a very small fiuantity of acid. 

Litocenosi (/.). Lithocenosis. Lito- 
clastia, lithocl,isty. Litoclasto, litho- 
elast. Litodialisi, litli(>di;ilysis. Lito- 
lisia, litholysis. Litologia, litholngy. 
Litontripsia, lith(itri]isy. Litonti-itico, 
lithontri]itic. Litontritore, lithotrite. 
Litopedio, lithdpa'dion. Litoscopio, lith- 
osciipe. Litotomia, lithotomy. Litotonio, 
lithiitome. Litotresia, lit lint resis. Lito- 
tripsia, lithotripsy. Litotrisia, litlnitrity. 
Litotritore, litlmtrite. Litotrizia, litli- 

Litre (F.). French measure 1 cubic 
decimetre = 61.028 cubic inches 2.1135 

Lifter [lectus]. /'. brancard ; (1 . 'I'rag- 
bahre ; /. barella. A small portable conch. 

Little's disease'. Congenital muscular 

Lit'ton's Selt'zer Spring. Carbonated, 
alkaline water. Litton's Station, near Ilealds- 
burg, Sonoma Co., California. 

Littre's glands. ''/. I/ittre"sche Driisen. 
1. Small racemose glands in mucous mem- 
brane of urethra. 2. Pre])utial glands. 

Littre's her'nia. L. hernia littrica. 1. 

Hernia of an intestinal diverticulum. 2. 
Partial enterocele ; Kichter's hernia, q. v. 

Littre's opera'tion. Colotomy, in- 

Live oak. Qncrcns virrnf, Ait. ; bark 
rich in tannin, wood valuable. 

Live-birth. A living child completely 
born and separated I'roin the mother, though 
the umbilical cord need not be severed 

Liveche {F.). Levktk-um (iffirinale, 

Live'do (/>■)• Bluene-ss, ecchymosis, 
lividity. L. calor'ica, blueness of skin 
from cold [Hebra]. L. mechan'ica, blue- 
ness of skin produced by bruise or other 

Live-for-ever. Ledum Te/ephiitm, L. 

Liv'er \_Sii.r. lifer]. 7/. hepar; F. foie; 
G. Leber; 7. fegato. 1. Largest glandular 
organ of the body, situated beneath the 
diaphragm. ])rinci])ally in the e]>igastric and 
right hypochondriac regions ; secretes bile 
and has a sjiecial action upon the blood. 
2. Name anciently given to certain chemi- 
cal compounds having a brownish color like 
that of the liver. L. of an'timony. L. 
hepar antimonii. A semi-vitiitied impure 
antimony o.xysulphuret. pre])ared by deflag- 
rating a mixture of e(|ual parts of crude anti- 
mony sulphide and potassium nitrate; an 
old remedy, still oflicial in the F. Ksp. L.- 
fluke, Distamti III pnlinim. L. leaf, he- 
patica. L. of sul'phur, sulphurated po- 

Liv'er'wort. A. lie])atica ; /■'. hepatiqne ; 
G. Leberkraut; /. epalicti. 1. The leaves of 
Ilipiilica trilolxi. Chaix ; a mild tonic and 
deobstrucnt. 2. Common name for cryp- 
togamous plants belonging to the genus 

Liv'id. //. lividiis ; F. livide ; G. blei- 
farbig ; /. livido. Lead-colored, violet-gray. 

Livid'ity. A. livor; F. lividite ; (}. 
Lividitat ; A lividczza. The condition of 
being livid ; bluish discoloration. 

Livido (A). A bluish tint of the skin, 

Lividura (A). Lividity after a bruise. 

Liv'idus (A.). Livid. L. mus'ctilus, 

Liv'ingston "Warm Springs. Calcic, 
sulphuretted, thermal waters, 104° P., near 
Livingston. (lallatin Co., Montana. 

Livistico (A). Lovage. 



Li'vor (/>.). liividity, suiririll.itioii. L. 
mechan'icus, iiliupatliic ]i;is.-ivi_- livjieia'- 

Lixivia 'tion. Z. lixiviatio ; (t'. Auslau- 
guiii;' : /. lisciviazioiK'. I'creolatioii ; the 
tiTiii is usually n^strictcJ tu the jikiol'SS as 
apjiliiMl to woud-ashos. 

Lixiv'ium {L-). Lye the prciduct (if 
lixiviaiuiii. L. caus'ticum, soliitidii df 
potassa. L. sapona'rium, .snluticin of 

Liz'ard's tail. Sminirus a rmnis, L. 

L. M. A. Left nieiito-atiteriiir jiosition. 

L. O. A. Loft occipito-antcriur position. 

Lo'bar. L. lobaiis; F. loliairc ; /. lo- 
liare. Itelating to a lolie or lobes. L. 
pneumo'nia, enmjxm.s pneumonia. 

Loba'ria piilmona'ria, L)C. Siiti<i 
jiiiliiiDiKiriii, Aeli. 

Lo'bated. L. loliatus; F. lobe, ee ; G. 
lajipiii, <;elappt ; /. lobato. Having lobes. 

Lobe [/"(J'is-]. L. lobus ; F. lobe ; G. 
Lajipen ; /. lobo. A defined and somewhat 
riuin<led portion of an organ : see LiAii^a. 
L. of ear, lobule of ear. 

Lobe pancreatique or L. petit du 
foie (F.). iSpigelian lobe; see Lubes of 

Lobelac'rin. The acrid princijile of 

Lobe'lia. F. lobelie enflee ; G. Lobe- 
lienkraut. 1. The leaves and tops of Lahr- 
Ua iiijinia, L., collected after a portion of 
the capsules have become inflated [U. S. P.] ; 
antispasmodic, emetic. A moderately active 
depressant near<itic poison. One drachm 
of the jiowdered leaves has proved fatal. 
Physioloirieal action similar to that of to- 
bacco, but less violent. Jlay be recognized 
in intestines l)y its botanical characters. 
Poisonous properties are due to hdieline : 
see 'I'dli/r (i/ <iiifiiliifcs. 2. A genus of plants, 
Nat. Ord. hilic/i'iioFr. L. cardina'lis, L., 
cardin:il-flowcr ; a common indigenous plant, 
said lo have been used by the Indians as an 
anthelniinlic. L. infla'ta, Ij., Indian to- 
liaceo ; a common indigenous herb : see 
Lnliii;,,. L. syphilit'ica, L.. great lobe- 
lia ; native of the U. S. ; has been u.sed in 
the treatment of syphilis. 

Lobeliatinktur ( G). 'J'ineture of lobe- 

Lobelie enflee ( F.). Lobelia. 

Lobelienkraut ( (!.). Lobelia. 

Lob'eline [lolielia]. /'. lobeline ; I. 

lobelina. A yellowish, aromatic, li<|uid 

alkaloid, the narcotic principle of lolielia. 
Itesembles nicotine in ]ihysical properties, 
but of less sp. gr. Tannic acid precipitates 
it from .solution. 

Lobe duodenal ( F.). iSiiigelian lobe : 
see Jjiilii s tif livtf. 

Lobes, pi. of Lobe, q. r. L. of cere- 
bel'lum, those into wiiich the organ is di- 
vided by the sulci; see Suh-i of c-crfhtllinn. 
For the hemisjiheres there are described an 
antero-superior 1. (lobus lunatus anterior); 
a nii'dio-superior 1. ( lobuslunatusposterior) ; 
a postero-superior 1. (lobus .semilunaris su- 
perior) ; a postero-inferior 1. (lobus semilu- 
naris inferior); a niedio-inferior 1.. slender 
1.. and digastric 1., and an antero-inferior 1., 
amygdala. The vermiform process is known 
as the median 1., or its various divisions may 
be considered as attached to the ])artieular 
lobes to which they are respectivelv con- 
tiguous. The nomenclature difl'ers slightly 
with different authors, some grouping the 
antero- and medio-superior lobes as an an- 
terior 1. (lobus quadrangnlaris), and the 
postero-superior ami inferior lobes as a pos- 
terior 1. L. of cer'ebrum, subdivisions 
made by the principal fissures and sulci, 
and by extending and connecting them with 
imaginary lines: see Ccutral and Fmiilnl 
hihc, Lhiiid of Rtil, Occijiitdf. 0/fi((:ton/, 
Piiriittil, and Tcnipiiro-sphciioulal hihr. L. 
of kid'ney. L. lobi renis. Primitive 
divisions of the organ, represented in the 
adult by the pyramids of Malpighi. L. 
of liv'er, segments marked off by the iis- 
sures. The right and left lobes are grand 
divisions made by the left longitudinal fi.s- 
sure and the suspensory ligament. The 
right longitudinal fissure separates from the 
right lobe two smaller areas, the i(uadrate 
1. and the Spigelian 1., which arc sejiarated 
from each other by the transverse fissure. 
Prolonge<l from the latter toward the right 
lobe is a process called the caudate 1.. which 
name is also applied to the whole Spigelian 
1. L. of lung. L. lobi jnilmonales. Prin- 
cipal main divisions into which the ovgan is 
separated by fissures. For the right lung 
there are usually three hd^es ; in the left, 
two. A small tongue-like process (lobus 
inferior accessorius) may be added to either 
lung. L. of pros'tate, divisiot>s of the 
organ made by shallow grooves. The two 
lateral lobes make the principal mass, sepa- 
rated by a considerable notch ; tlie median 
or inferior lobe is a small triangular promi- 
nence placed between them on the postero- 
inferior surface. L. of tes'tis, lobules of 



testis. L. of thy'mus gland, the two 
lateral divisions of the organ, to which an 
intermediate lobe is sometimes added. L. 
of thy'roid" gland. L. lobi thyroidei. 
The two lateral [xirtions of the organ con- 
nected by the isthmus, and the pyramid of 
the thyroid, which, when it occurs, is reck- 
oned as a median lobe. 

Lobes bijumeaux (/".). Corpora quad- 

Lobi (i/.), pi. of Lobus. Lobes. L. 
hep'atis, lobes of liver. L. latera'les 
prosta'tae, lateral portions of prostate. 
L. mam'mae, lobules of mammary gland. 
L. meduUa'res, Malpighi, pyramids of 
L. re'num, lobules of kidney. 

Loblol'ly pine. I'iims tichi, L. 

Lobo ( / ). Lobe. 

Lobopneumo'nia (L.). Lobular pneu- 

Lob'ular. X. lobularis ; Z'. lobulaire ; 
/. l.ibiilare. Pertaining to a lobule. L. 
pneumo'nia, catarrhal pneumonia. L. 
tube. F. bronche lobulaire ; G. LV.pp- 
chenbronchien. The ultimate bronchial 
tube that supplies a lobule. 

Lob'ulated. L. lobulatus ; F. lobule. <'c ; 
/. lob\ilato. Composed of or having lobules. 

Lobula'tion. 1. Division into, or 

formation of, lobules. 2. Modulation. 

Lob'iile, dim. of Lobe. L. lobulus ; G. 
Liippehen ; /. lobulo. A small lobe. L. 
of cor'pus stria'tum, island of lieil. L. 
of ear. //. lobulus auricuUc; tr'. Ohrliipp- 
chen. Lower thick and rounded portion 
of the auricle, devoid of cartilage. L. of 
fls'sure of Syl'vius, island of Roil. L-s. 
of kid'ney. L. lobuli renales ; G. I'yra- 
niidenfortsatze. Conical prolongations of 
the medullary substance (bundles of tu- 
bules) into the cortex between the glom- 
erules. L. of lung, pulmonary lobule. 
L. of supramar'ginal convolu'tion, 
supramarginal gyrus. L-s. of tes'tis. L. 
lobuli testis; /'. lolnilcs du testicule ; G. 
HodenUqipchen. Incomplete divisions of 
the glandular substance, made by septa of 
connective tissue given off from the medias- 
tinum testis. 

Lobule (F.). Lobule. L. du corps 
strie, island of Reil. L. du deuxieme 
pli ascendant [tTratiolct]. parietal lobule, 
superior. L. de Gratiolet, middle por- 
tion of orbital convolution. L. occipital 
interne, cuneatc lobtile. L. orbitaire, 
orbital convolutions. L. ovalaire, para- 
central lobule. L. parietal inferieur 

[Richer], supramarginal gyrus. L. du 
pli courbe. 1. Angular gyrus [Richer]. 
2. Supramarginal gyrus [Pozzi]. L. du 
pli marginal superieur [Gratiolet], su- 
pramarginal gyrus. L. du pli parietal 
ascendant [(rromier], parietal lobule, su- 
perior. L. quadrilatere, (juadrate lobule 
of the brain. L. supramarginal or L. 
temporal inferieur [Uuguenin]. supra- 
marginal gyrus. L. triangTilaire, cuncate 

Lob'ulette. An ultimate group of air- 

Lob'uli (/>■). pi. of Lobulus. Lobules. 
L. mam'mae, lobules of mammary gland. 
L. prosta'tae, divisions of glandular sub- 
stance of prostate, numerous lobules, each 
with its excretory duct encapsuled by mus- 
cular tissue. L. rena'les, lolmles of kid- 

Lobulo (/.). Lobule. L. deU' orecchio, 
lobule of ear. L. para-rolandico, para- 
central lobule. 

Lob 'iilus (/..). Lobule. L. accesso'- 
rius ante'rior quadra'tus or L. anon'- 
ymus, ((uadrate lobe: see Lobes i/f Urer. 
L. am'ic'ulae, lobule of ear. L. cunea'- 
tus, cuneate lobule. L. extre'mus, de- 
scending occipital convolution : see Occi'j)- 
ital coiiv'iluii'iiis. L. fronta'lis, frontal 
lobe of brain, exclusive of orliital convolu- 
tions [Gratiolet]. L. ftisifor'mis, occipito- 
temporal convolution, lateral. L. inter- 
parieta'lis exter'nus and infe'rior, oc- 
cipital convolutions, second and third 
[Huschke]. L. interparieta'lis supe'- 
rior, cuneus [Huschke]. L. lingua'lis, 
occipito-temporal convolution, medial. L. 
media'lis poste'rior, cuneatc lolnile. L. 
occipito-tempora'lis media'lis, uncinate 
convolution and medial oceipito-tein|ioral 
convolution taken together L. parieta'- 
lis infe'rior, L. parieta'lis supe'rior : see 
Fdi-irtrd coinuliiiidHS'. L. quadi'ilatera'lis 
cer'ebri, quadrate lobule. L. Spige'lii, 
Spigelian lobe ; see Lnhfn of linr. L. 

Bupramargina'lis <ir L. supramargina'- 
lis cer'ebri, supramarginal gyrus. L. 
triangula'ris, cuneus. L. tu'beris, pa- 
rietal lobule, inferior. L. va'gi, flocculus. 
Lo'bus (Z/. I [/.",5fK-]. Lobe. L. anon'- 
ymus or L. ante'rior, quadrate lobe : sec 
Lohes of lii-rr. L. anticus cer'ebri, fron- 
tal lobe. L. auric'ulae, lobule of ear. L. 
biven'ter, digastric lobe : see Lohc.< of crc- 
hillton. L. cauda'tus, caudate lobe : see 
Lo}:rs nf livi'r. L. cau'dicis or L. cen- 
tra'lis, island of Reil. L. cer'ebri an'- 



ticus, frontal \i<hc of Imiiii. L. cer'ebri 
pos'ticus, (iccipitiil Idlic, L. cer'ebri 
supe'rior, jiaiiiinl lulif nf luain. L. 
CUneifor'mis, iliL'astric li/lic: sco /,"/„•; 
of ri nhrlhiiii. L. falcifor'niis, lalcilnrin 

lolic. L. fi-onta'lis, i'njiital lulic L. 

graC'ilis, slcllllcr Inlic; WH' IjnhrA nf i-cii- 

bdhiiii. L. iiife'rior, infrridr Idlic : si'c 
Liilii:i !■/' , rn-lii Ihnii, alsii '!'< iiipni-nl l:U,\ L. 

inferior ante'rior cerebel'li, antcio-inrr- 

riiil- liilii' : sec AoArx nf irnlnUlllil . L. 111- 

fe'rior cer'ebri, triii|iiiral lulic. L. infe'- 
rior poste'rior cerebel'li, pDstero-iiil't rii>r 

Kilif : sec Ijiliranf itiiIhIIiiiii. L. ill'sulee, 

or L. interme'dius, nr L. interme'dius 
cer'ebri, islaml nf llril. L. inteitonsil- 
la'ris, uvula <if ccrclHlluin. L. liiigua'- 
lis, i)ccijiit(i-triii|niral ciiiivnhitidii, Mi]K'ri(ir. 
L. luna'tus, (Tcsci'iitic lolir : see Ijuimnf 
crrihiHiiiii. L. me'dius nr me'dius cer'- 
ebri, teiii|ioral Icilie. L. me'dius pros- 
ta'tas, uiiiliUe ]i(irti(iii of pmstatc separated 
from lateral parts hs a >lii:lit Lirmive nn jios- 
terior surface. L. medul'lse oblonga'tae, 
amygilala. L. ner'vi pneumogas'trici, 
fl(ieeulus. L. oper'tus nr oper'tus cer'- 
ebri, islaml ol' lu'il. L. paracentra'lis 
cer'ebri, jiaraeeutral loliule. L. patlio- 
log'icus, liiiilille lolie : see Lnln-f. nj /inis- 
tii/i. L. poste'rior, ].iisteri(ir lobe: see 

L'lhfS nf CI rdn II II III, S/ll(/i ll'illl Inlir. L. 

poste'rior hep'atis, Spi.ueliau lobe : see 
Lnh'A nf linr. L. pos'ticus, oeeipital 
lolie. L. pvilmona'lis, lobe of hint:. L. 
pyrifor'mis, larue pear-shaped trvriis hip- 
poeani]ii, fouuil in animals liavini:' au acute 
sense of smell. L. quadrangula'ris, an- 
terior bilic ; see IaiIha nf crrihilliiiii. L. 
quadra'tus, ipiadrate lobe: see ]jil>rs nj 
linr. L. semiluna'ris : see Lnhia nf rm-- 
hdliim. L. sphenoida'lis, temporal lobe. 
L. Spige'lii, Siiiirelian lolie : see Lnlns nj 
linr. L. supe'rior cer'ebri, jiarietal lobe. 
L. teniporo-sphenoida'lis, temporal lobe 
of liraiii, L. tentorio-sphenopetro'sus, 
umb r .surface of occipital and temporal 
lobes of brain [I'.arkow], L. thyroi'deus 
me'dius, pyramid of thyroid. L. tonsil- 
la'ris, amytidala, L. ti'apezoi'des cere- 
bel'li, aiiierior lolii' ; see Ji'ihrf. nfcrrilil- 
hull. L. tu'beris cer'ebri, supramarginal 

Lo'cal. /-. localis; F. local, ali' ; G. 
ilrtlich ; 1. locale. Term applied to diseases 
ortreatnient affecting a part only of the body. 
L. sign. /•'. siL'ne local ; (i. T,(icalzeielien. 
That element or )iecnliar rpiality in a tact- 
ual or visual sensation which enables one 
to distinguisli it as bcdonging to one por- 

tion of the skin or retina rather than to 

Localiza'tion. /•'. localisation; (1. Lo- 
kalisation ; /. locali/.za/ione. The ti.xinu' in 
a deliniti' ^\»A or locality. L., cer'ebral. 
/•'. localisation een'-brale ; /. loealizzazione 
ccri'lirale. Determination of sjiecial func- 
tion of various portions of tlu' brain. 

Localzeichen (</.). Jiocal sii;n. 

Loch ( ^i'. ). I'oramcn ; — ebene, plane 
of foramen mai;num. 

Lochadi'tis. Sclerotitis. 

Lochia, Ir/ki-ah ( /-. ) [/."/f:-;]. F. lo- 
ehies ; It. Lochicn. KindliettreiniLiunf; ; /. 
loehie. The bloodv. scrons discharge i'rom 
the uterus after part uril ion. 

Lo'chial. L Ineliialis; F. lochial, ale. 
llclatini;- to the lorliia. L. catarrh', catar- 
rhal enilometritis after delivery. L. col'ic. 
7y. colica loidiialis. I'teriTie pain durinu the 
hudiia or due to their suppression. L. fe'- 
ver, fever accompanyinn' the lochial di.s- 

Lochiazione (7.). Production of the 

Lochien ('/.). Locliia ; — kolik, lo- 
chial colic. 

Lochias (/•'). 7jo(dna. L. rouges, 
the saneiiinolcni dis(diarge for two or three 
davs following ilelivery. L. sereuses or 
puiulentes, serous or whitish discharge 
(icenrring several days after delivery. 

Lochionie'tra (A.) [A''/!"?, /";"/"•<]• 
Collection of Incdiia in the uterus, due to 
obstruction of the cervical canal. 

Lochiop'yi-a ( L.) [-'>]. J'nerperal 

Lochionha'gia or Lochiorrhoea ( L.') 

{^ny '-':''■ "•' /'-'"']■ ^'- lochiorrha:;ie ; /. lo- 
idiionagia. E.\cessive disidiargc of loehia. 

Lochios'chesis ( Fj. ) ['^/''^■'■.]- Snp])res- 
sion (d' the lochia. 

Lochoccelii'tis[z"t;.!'/]. Tnerperal peri- 

Lochodochi'um (/>.) [''"/^!"0 ^^^'^- 
ternitv hospital. 

Lochometi-i'tis[,"r;r/"/]. I'uerjicral me- 

Lochometrophlebi'tis. Puerperal phle- 

Lochoophori'tic \_(oin. s'i!'""']- Puerperal 

Lochoperitoni'tis. Puerperal jjeritoni- 



Lochop'yra (L.) [-"'/>] Puerperal 

Lock hos'pital. Hospital for cases 
of venereal disease. 

Lock'jaw. Trismus. 

Lo'co or Lo'co disease'. Term ap- 
plied to a disease of horses and cattle in 
Kansas, supposed to be due to a poisonous 
plant : see Loco-weed. 

Locomo'tion. L. loconiotio ; /. loco- 
naozione. Movement from one place to 

Locomo'tor. F. locomoteur, trice. Per- 
taining to, or producing, locomotion. L. 
a'taxy. L. tabes dorsalis ; F. ataxic loco- 
motrice progressive ; /. atassia locomotrice. 
Sclerosis of posterior columns of spinal 
cord, frequent!}- involving a part of the 
lateral columns and of the gray substance, 
producing lightning pains, loss of patellar 
reflex, and ultimately disturbance of mus- 
cular coordination in lower extremities. 

Lo'co-weed. The vernacular name for 
several species of Aslragalus and the allied 
genus Oxytropk^ said to be poisonous to 
horses and cattle, producing a peculiar 
form of delirium [doubtful] ; also said to 
be ecbolic. 

Loctilamen'ta co'li (Z^-)- Sacculi of 

Loc'ular. L. locularis ; F. loculaire ; 
G. f iicherig ; /. locularc. Pertaining to 

Loc'ulated. L. loculatus ; F. loculd, 
^e ; G. vielf iicherig ; 1. loculato. Contain- 
ing, or divided into, loculi. 

Locule, ee (F.). Loculatcd. 

Loc'ulus {L.)- F. locule. A small 
space or cavity. 

Lo'cus (//.). G. Ort. Place, spot. L. 
cceru'leus, dark spot on anterior part of 
floor of fourth ventricle. L. lu'teus, por- 
tion of olfactory region having a distinctly 
yellow color, caused by fat-granules in the 
columnar cells set between the olfactory 
cells. L. ni'g-er, substantia nigra. L. 
perfora'tus, perforated space. 

Locust-tree. False acacia. 

Lodged. Stuck fast, impacted. 

Locherig (G.). Porous, perforated. 

Loffel ((?•). Spoon, scoop, curette: — 
Spiegel, spoon-shaped speculum. 

Loffelkraut ( G.). Scurvy-grass ; — 
spiritus, spirit of cochlearia. 

LofBer's solu'tion. For staining. Satu- 
voi,. II.— r. 

rated alcoholic solution of methyl-blue 30 
parts, solution of potassic hydrate in water 
(1 : 10,000) 100 parts. 

Loe'inic [/•.ot/iov-]. L. loemicus ; F. loe- 
mique. Relating to a plague or epidemic. 

LcEmocholo'sis (i.) [/"-'•i;]- Yellow 

I Loemoconii'um (i.) \_xii;j.iw']. Pest- 
( house. 

Loemol'ogy [.ioi.uo?, h'lyn^']. L. loemo- 
logia ; F. Icemologie. Loimology. 
Loe'raos {L.). Loimos. 
Loempoe. Name for beri-beri in Java. 

Losemittel (C). Expectorant, resol- 

Loserdiirre (G.). Cattle-plague. 

Loserverstopfang (G). Chronic in- 
digestiiin of cattle. 

Losung (&'.). Solution. 

Lowenaussatz or L6"wenkrankheit 
((?.). Leprosy of the face, leontiasis. 

Lowenzahn (G'.). Taraxacum; — ex- 
trakt, extract of taraxacum. 

Lowe's ring. Appearance sometimes 
seen, in a strong light, of a bright area sur- 
rounding a position in the visual field cor- 
responding to the macula lutca of the ret- 
ina, but much larger. 

Lowe's test. For sugar in urine. A 
solution of bismuth subnitrate and sodium 
hj'drate in water and glycerin. 

Logadi'tis [/"/-'/"rs"]. Sclerotitis. 

Logado-blermorrhoB'a [Griife]. Puru- 
lent conjunctivitis. 

Loge du releveur [ilichet] (F.'). In- 
tcrfascial s]iace in wliicli the levator ani is 
situated, bounded superficially by the anal 
fascia, deeply by the recto-vesical i'ascia. 

Loge Tire thro -prostatique [Denonvil- 
liers] (F.). Space between surrounding 
fascia and membranous portion of urethra 
and ])rostate. 

Loggia (A). Locuhis. 

Logia'tros or Logia'trus (//.) [/.uyiii, 
iazpi'>-f\. A theoretical physician. 

LogonevTose (F.'). Neurosis affecting 
.speech. L. epileptique, sudden and tem- 
porary loss ol" speech. 

Logop'athy [/>■";-"»". -dOri']. L. logo- 
pathia. Disordered speech due to cerebral 

Logoplegie {F.'). Loss of speech due 
to paralysis. 



Logorrhoe'a (A.) [/'yev-, /'';'"]■ (!■ 
Lofiorrlioe. Excessive vuluhility of speech. 
Log'wood. Hwinatoxylun. 
Lo'hoch. ]>inctus. 

Loi'mia equo'rum (/>). Horse plague ; 
epidemic influenza in the liorse. 

Loi'mic [/,(>;//(/v]. 7,. loimicus ; F. loi- 
niif[ue. IVrtaining to the phigue, epi- 

Loimocholo'sis ( /-.) [/'"'■''/]• Yellow 

Loimol'og'y [).in;iu<. /.ayo^'^. L. hjimo- 
logia ; /'. la'mologie. Doctrine of pesti- 
lential diseases. 

Loiinophthal'mia ( L.) [cyj^u/./iOi-]. 
( 'nntagious conjunctivitis. 

Loimop'yi-a (X.) [-■>]■ Epidemic 

Loi'mos or Loi'mus (L.) [/"f/^k-]. 

Loins. Ij- lunilii ; /■'. lonilies ; (>'. Len- 
diMi ; /. liinilii. Jjuuibar rcirions. 

Lokalisation ('/.). Localization. 

Lol'iura. (ienus of plants, Xat. ( )rd. 
Gramiiii:i . L. ai'veii'se, \\'itli., L. trmn- 
/(iitiim. ]j. L. temulen'tum, L., darnel, 
bearded darnel ; a kind of grass growing 
by the wayside and in grain-fields of Eu- 
rope and Western .\sia. 

Lombaggiiie (/.). Eunibago. 

Lombago (/■'.). Lumbago. 

Lombaire f F.y Lumbar. 

Lom'bardy erysip'elas or lep'rosy. 

Lombare ( /. ). llelating to the lumbar 

Lonibes ( /•'.). /. lomld. Loins. 

Lombo-abdominal [Chaussier] (F.). 
Transversalis muscle of aljdomen. 

Lombo-costal [Chaussii'r] i F. ). Ser- 
ratus jiosticus inferior. 

Lombo-costo-trachelien (/■'.), Sacru- 

Lombo-dorso-spinal (/•'.). .Multifidus 

Lombo-dorso-trachelien ( /'. ). Tion- 
gissimns dursi. 

Lombo-humeral (F.). Latissimus dnrsi 

Lombo-ili-abdominal (/•'.). Transver- 
salis .abdiiminis. 

Lombric (/■'.). /I.vcd/vV himhr!co!ilcf. 

Lombricali (/.). Lumbricales. 

Lombricaux (F.). Lunil)ricales. 
Lombrico (/.). ,1. «■«(;■/.-.■ liimhritoiJcsi. 
Lomi-lomi. Name of a form of mas- 
sage used in the Sandwich Islands. 

Lonchadi'tis. Sclerotitis. 

Lon'don paste. Equal parts of caustic 
soda and lime, rubbed together in a warm 
mortar and made into paste when recjuircJ 
for use as a caustic. 

Long, ongiie (F.). Long. L. du cou, 
longus ciilli. 

Long bu'chu. The leaves of Buro^inn 
acrrali/iiliii. Willd. 

Long car'damom. Ceylon cardamom. 
Long dor'saL /'. long du dos. Lun- 
gissimus dnrsi. 

Long moss. Tilhiiidsia miicoiJcs, L. 

Long nut'meg. ^Lile nutmeg. 

Long pep'per. I,. ]iiper longum ; /■'. 
poivre long; I. ])epe lungo. ^Licropiper ; 
the sjiikcs of full-grown but unripe fruit of 
Pijiri- hiiii^iim. L., and P. qlficiiiiinim, ])C. ; 
in odor, taste, aiul composition resembles 
black ]iepper. 

Longavitat {'•'.). Longevity. 

Longevity, lon-jev'i-ty. L. Inngivvitas : 
F. long(''vite ; (>'. Longavitat ; /. longevita. 
1. Ijong life. 2. Duration of life. 

Long'-headed. Dolichocephalic. 

Longiduc'ter [Coues]. Adductor lon- 

Longipefone'us [Coues]. Peroneus 

Longis'simus ( L.). The middle one 
of the series of muscular columns into 
which the erector spinsv divides. It arises 
from that part of the erector which springs 
from the sacrum and lumbar fascia, ami is 
inserted by tendons wliich pass generally 
from transverse processes to transverse 
[irocesses. ]n different regions it receives 
diflerent names: ime Lom/iasiiiiiis dorsi. Trn- 
chrli'-nniAtiinl^ TramiVt I'Milt^ rrrvtcts. L. 
cap'itis, trachelo-mastoid. L. cervi'cis 
or L. colli, transversalis cervieis. L. 
dor'si. /■'. long dorsal; G. langer Ktick- 
enniuskel ; /. lungo dorsale. That part of 
the longissimus which belongs especially to 
the liack. Arising' from the erector spime. 
it has two sets of inscrti(ui.s — one into ac- 
cessory ]iroccsses of lumbar and transverse 
proci'sses of dorsal vertebnc ; another into 
transverse processes of lumbar vertebra 
(rib-elements) and lowest nine or ten ribs. 

Lon'gitude. Horizontal angle of dis- 



placement of the line of regard in the mo- 
tion of the eye. The name has its analogy 
to terrestrial longitude if the vertical axis 
of the eye is taken as the polar diameter. 

Longitu'dinal. L. longituJinalis. Per- 
taining to length, extending lengthwise. L. 
bun'dle, infe'rior, tract of fibres extending 
along outer wall of posterior and inferior 
horns of lateral ventricles of the brain, ap- 
parently connecting the occipital and tem- 
poral lobes. L. bun'dle, poste'rior. L. 
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior ; /'. fais- 
ceau longitudinal posterieur; G. hinteres 
Lang.sbiindel. A quite distinct bundle of 
white fibres in upper portion of tegmentum 
(crus cerebri), next the gray matter lining 
Sylvian aqueduct and just below descending 
root of fifth nerve. L. bun'dle of pos- 
te'rior horn, fibres of posterior spinal nerve- 
roots tliat enter posterior ImrM, and then ])ass 
upward [Kijlliker]. L. bun'dle, supe'rior. 
L. fasciculus longitudinalis superior; F. 
faisceau arijue ; G. oberes Langsbiindol. 
A bundle of fibres extending from frontal 
top of brain through insula to occipital 
lobe. L. fis'sure, great, intcrhemispheric 
fissure. L. fls'sures of liv'er: sec Fi^- 
sures of liver. L. fur'rows of heart. L. 
sulci longitudinales cordis. Those indicat- 
ing the interventricular septum. L. lig'a- 
ment, suspensory liganuMit of liver. L. 
sep'tum. L. septum longitudinale. Name 
given to two .structures of somewhat dif- 
ferent character which extend throughout 
the length of the spinal cord. The ante- 
rior is a process of pia mater, lying in the 
anterior median fissure ; the posterior is a 
septum of connective tissue and blood-ves- 
sels prolonged from the pia mater, and sep- 
arating the lateral halves of the cord. L. 
si'nuses. L. sinus longitudinales ; F. si- 
nus longitudinal! X ; G. LUngsblutleiter; 
/. seni longitudinali. Venous chaniuds at 
upper and lower edges of falx cerebri. 
The supe'rior 1. s. extends from crista 
gain to internal oceijiital ]irotuberance, 
where it ends in the torcnlar Herophili ; 
the infe'rior 1. s. arches backward over 
the corpus calbisum and discharges into 
the straight sinus. L. spi'nal veins, me- 
ningo-rachidian veins. L. sul'cus. L. 
sulcus longitudinalis; F. tige du calamus 
scriptorius. Median groove on floor of 
fourth ventricle. L. vein, infe'rior, in- 
ferior longitudinal sinus. 

Longitudina'lis {L.). Tiongitudinal. 
L. infe'rior, lingualis. L. infe'rior lin'- 
gTise me'dius, genio-glossus aecessorius. 

L. pharjm'g'is, thin portion of stylo- 
pharyngeus inserted into upper edge of 
thyroid cartilage. L. supe'rior, lingualis 

Long-sight'edness. Hyperopia, pres- 

Longueur focale {F.). Focal length. 

Lon'gus (L.). Long. L. atlan'tis, 
longus colli. L. cap'itis, rectus capitis 
anticus major. L. col'li. F. muscle long 
du cou ; /. muscolo lungo dell' collo. A 
compound muscle of the prevertebral re- 
gion, having a lower oblique portion (ob- 
liquus colli inferior), arising from trans- 
verse processes of cervical vertebra? V. and 
VI., and inserted into bodies of dorsal ver- 
tebriB I. to III. ; an upper oblique portion 
(obliquus colli superior), arising from trans- 
verse processes of cervical vertebne III. to 
v., and inserted into the tubercle on ante- 
rior arch of atlas ; and a vertical portion 
(rectus colli) uniting the insertions of the 
other two, arising from bodies of vertebne 
from cervical VI. to dorsal II., and inserted 
upon bodies of cervical I. to IV. Ilenle 
confines the name to the lower obli(|ue and 
vertical portions. L. col'li accesso'rius, 
transversalis cervicis anticus. L. lumbo'- 
rum, rare muscular slip arising from sides 
of bodies of two upper lumbar vertebrae, 
and inserted on similar sides of three low- 
est lumbar vertebnc. 

Lonic'era (A). /•'. lonicire. A genus 
of ('(tprifoliacci'c. L. caprifo'lium. F. 
chevrefeuille ; /. caprifoglio. Woodbine ; a 
twining shrub cultivated for ornament ; 
leaves astringent, flowers oflicial in the 
Cod. ; used in syrup as a cough remedy. 
Li. Diervil'la, DIcnnlla trifida, Moench. 
L. sempervi'rens. Ait., trumpet honey- 
suckle, indigenous ; a syrup of the leaves 
has been u.sed for asthma. 

Looc (/.). Lincture. 

Looch (F., G., I.) [Ar. la'og]. Linc- 
ture. L. bianco (/.) or blanc {F.): see 
Look alhnni. L. huileux (^F.) or L. oleoso 
(/.), oil emulsion. 

Loodia'na disease'. Anthrax in the 
horse in India. 

Loo'fah. Luff'a. 

Look [Cod.]. Lincturc. L. al'bum. 
F. hioch blanc. Sweet almonds 15, bitter 
almonds 1, sugar 15, tragacanth 0.25, 
orange-flower water 5, water (id: make an 
emulsion [Cod.]. L. oleo'suru [('ml], oil 

Loop of Henle or Looped tubule of 



Henle. X. tubuUis huniriformis ; /'. ansc 
(le Henle; G. sc-hleifentuniiit;L'r Canal. That 
part of a urinifomns tubule which passes 
down for some distance toward the ]>apilla 
and then returns. 

Loose'ness \_(!'>ili. liusan]. Sli-ht diar- 

Loose'strife. />. lythrum ; F. sali- 
caire ; G. rother Weiderieh ; 1. saliearia. 
The herb of Li/thntm sa/inirin. L. ; eon- 
tains tannin and mucilaj^'e ; demulcent and 

Lo'pez-root. Toddnli'i aiii/talo. 
Lo'phia {L.) [;."v'«i]. The u].iier part 
of the back, the first dorsal vertelira. 

Lophoco'mus (L. ) [/.'''(f?, >=".'",]. Hav- 
ing the hair on the scalp in turts and 

Lo'phos ( Av. ) [/."c'ev]. Iliilge, crest. 
Loqua'city. Z. ln,|naritas ; /•'. loi|ua- 
cite; G. Gesehwatzigkeit ; /. loiiuacita. 
Voluble speaking. 

Lo'qitela (/>.). Speech. L. blce'sa, 

Loran'thus europ^'us, L. A small 
shrub, parasitic upon <iaks and chestnuts in 
Enro])e ; the Visruift qnirnain of the an- 

Lorbeer {(r.). I>aurel , — blatter, 

laurel-leaves; — ol, oil (d' laurel. 

Lorbeeren ( ''''. ). Laurel-fruit. 

Lordo'sis ( L. ] [/../-".;,]. /'., c;. Lordose ; 
/. lordosi. Curvature inwaril of a bone. 

especially eur 

vatiire of the spine with the 

convexity anterinr. 

Lordot'ic. /- Inrdnlicus. Pertaining 
to, or affecteil with, hirdosis. 

Loreta's meth'od. For treatment of 
auenri.^m by passing wire into tlic .sac. 

Loreta's opera'tion. Digital dilatation 
of the ]ivloric urilie'c through an opening 
made in the stomach. 

Lorica'tio ( L.)- Encrusting; ajijilica- 
tion or tonnatinu nf a crust cu' coating. 

Lossartro ( /.). I,iixarthrus. 

Lo'tio f //.). liiition. L. ammo'nico- 
camphora'ta [Cod.], cauiphurated am- 
moniacal lotion. L. fla'va, yellow wash. 
L. hydrar'gyri fla'va, yellow mercurial 
lotion. L. hydrar'pyri ni'gra, black mer- 
curial lot inn. L. ni'gra, black wash L. 
plum'bea [Cod.], dilutcil snlutinn of sub- 
acetate of leaif 

Lo'tion. /- Intid-. ^^ Waschwassi'i- ; /. 
lo/.ione. A liiiuid preparation, usually 

aqueous, intended for external application ; 
generally applied by means of some ab- 
sorbent material, as lint or muslin ; see 
also GouJnrd'f, etc. lottmi. 

Lotion a I'acetate de plomb ( F.). 
Diluted solution of subacetate oi' lead. 

Lotion dite de Goulard {F.}. Goulard's 

Lo'tium {L.'). Urine. 
Lotu'ra car'nium (L.). The fibrinous 
shreds found in dysenteric stools, which 
have been compared to the washings of 

Louche {F.). Sriuint-eycd ; affected 
witli strabismus; turbid. 

Louchettes { F.~). Goggles. 
Louis, angle of. That between manu- 
brium and body of sternum. 

Louis'ville Springs. Chalybeate wa- 
ters, Louisville, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas. 
Loup {F.). Lupus. 
Loupe {F.). 1. Wen. L. atheroma- 
teuse, wen containing chiefly epithelial 
cidls, with or without crystals of eholesterin. 
L. graisseuse, lipoma. L. des os, exos- 
tosis. L. steatomateuse, steatoma. 2. 
A magnifying lens. 

Loup'ing-ill. L- chorea paralytica ovis. 
Hydriirachitis in sheeji, producing para- 

Louse \_A. S. lus]. /'. i>ou ; G. Laus ; 
1 /. pidocchio. FcJiculiis co/ii/is, L. 

Louse-wort. G< rardla ju'dlcuhvid ; 
' herb diaplmrctie and sedative. 

Lov'age. L levisticum ; /'. liveche ; 
G. Liebstiickel ; /. levislico. The root 
I or fruit of /.irisiiviim (iffu-iiudc ; carmina- 
tive, diuretic, and cmmeiiagogue. 

Love apple. Tomato. Lycopcrskum f.s- 
cidi'nlum, 'A\\\. 

Low-bush black'ben-y- The fruit of 
Ruhiia friviiih's, 3Iiclix. 

Low mallow. M'dnt rutiindlfnlii. 

Low'er chest reg'ister: see /?'///.'.^7-. 

Low'er po'lar cir'cle [Barnes]. The 
; lower third of the uterine cavity. 

Lower, tu'bercle of. /- tubereulum 
Loweri. Slight projection of wall of right 
auricde between the openings for the sujie- 
rinr and inferior veiur cav;e. 

Lox'a-bark. ''/. Loxarinde. A com- 
mercial variety of pale cinchona, the prod- 
uct nf CiiirliiniM iifjiriiiiilh, Ilook. 

Loxarthre {F.). Loxarthrus. 



Loxar'thrus (L.) \_).n^6^, ap6pii>'^. F. 
loxarthre. Deformity of a joint. 

LoXaUChe'nUS {L.) [/"?o9, aby-qv]. 

Term applied to skulls in which the line 
joining inion and basion makes an angle 
of from 26° to l-t° with the radius fixus 

Lox'ia (X.) [/.o.^oi']. Wry neck. 

Lox'ic. L. loxicus. Not in the natural 
or usual direction or position ; distorted, 

Loxochor'dus {L)- Term applied to 
skulls in which the line joining the hor- 
mion and the basion makes an angle of 
from 15.50° to 33° with the radius fixus 

Loxocor'yphus (L.) [/.np'jcr^. Term 
applied to skulls in which the line connect- 
ing bregma and lambda makes with the 
radius fixus an angle of from 17° to 29° 

Loxocye'sis {L.) [zfJijo^tj]. Displace- 
ment of the pregnant uterus. 

Loxodon'tus (L.) [rf/JorH-]. Applied 
to skulls in which a line joining the sub- 
nasal and alveolar points makes an angle 
of from 511° to 88° with the radius fixus 

Loxometo'pus(//.) [/i/rwr-o]. Applied 
to skulls in which a line drawn from bregma 
to nasal point makes with the radiu.s fixus 
an angle of from 33.5° to 47° [Lissauer]. 

Loxophthal'musf/..) [f-V/^a/./ifi?]. Stra- 

Loxopisth'ius ( A.) \_u-'.(70t]. .\pplied 
to skulls in which the line drawn through 
lambda and inion makes with the radius 
fixus an angle of from !)5° to 10(;° [Lis- 

Loxopisthocra'nius (L.^ [urtcirfldxpri- 
•/!"i']. Applied to skulls in which the line 
drawn through laml)da and opisthion makes 
with the radius fixus an ansjle of from 11!)° 
to 130° [Lissauer]. 

Loxoproso'pus (/>.) [rr/cirrwr"/]. Ap- 
plied to .skulls in which the line drawn 
from nasion to alveolar point makes with 
the radius fixus an ansh of from 75° to 
89.5° [Lissauer]. 

Loxoptery'gium Lorent'zii, Grise. 
Quebracho Colorado, a large tree. Nat. Ord. 
Terrbinlhaccn, growing in the Argentine 

Loxorhi'nus {L.) [/It'?]. Applied to 
skulls in which a line drawn from nasion to 

subnasal point makes with the radius fixus 
an angle of from 77° to 87.5° [Lissauer]. 

Loxot'ic. L. loxoticus. Loxie. 

Loxotme'sis (L.). Loxotomy. 

Loxot'omy [/"Joi-, ro/ii;]. Oblique sec- 

Loy's disease. Horse-pox. 

Loz'eng-e. Troche. 

Lozione (/.). Lotion. 

Lubrican'tia (i/.). Demulcents. 

Lubric'ity. L. lubricitas. 1. Slipperi- 
ness. 2. F. Inbrieitc?. Lecherousness. 

Lubriflca'tion. L. lubrificatio ; G. 
Schliipfrigmachen. Making slippery, as by 

Lu'cse, horizon'tal plane of. That 
passing through the axis of the zygomatic 

Luce (I.). Light. 

Lucerne. Medicago saliva, L. 

Lu'cid. L. lucidus ; F. lucide ; G. klar ; 
/. lucido. Bright, clear. L. in'terval. 
L. intervallum lucidum. Intermission in 
delirium or in.sanity. during which the pa- 
tient seems sane and reasonable. 

Lucid'ity. F. lucidite. .\ state of 
clearness, of freedom from hallucination or 
mental disorder. 

Lu'cifer-match disease'. Phosphorus 
necrosis of the jaw. 

Luck'ybood. Caul. 

Lucoma'nia (L.) [/.r«»?, /la-^ia]. Ly- 

Luctueux, euse (F.). Plaintive, moan- 

Lucu'ma ( L.). A genus of Snpotncex. 
L. marmo'sa, Juss., a large tree native 
of the West hidies and troj)ical America, 
yielding fruit known as mammee apple or 

Lud'wig-'ia ( L.). A genus of Onagraricfe. 
L. nit'ida, Michx., L. jmlnsfris, Ell., wa- 
ter purslane, ])hthi.sis-wced ; an indigenous 
herb used in infusion for asthma and 
chronic cough. 

Lud'-wig's angi'na. Cellulitis of the 
sublingual and submaxillary regions, ex- 
tending down the neck. 

Ludwig's gan'glion. Cardiac gan- 
glion in wall of right auricle. 

Lue (/.). Lues. 

Liicke ( f / . ) . Lacuna. 

Liier's for'ceps. G. Liier'sche Zange. 
For seizing firmly, but not harshly, a dis- 



liicatccl iliiilt to <'H<'ct fXtoiision. Ividi 
lihulc is i'ljriiii'ii like :i twii-jiroiii;cil tnik. 
I)i't\voi'ii (■:u'h ]i;iii' of ]]roii<;s is socui't'd a 
band ul' webbing whieh encloses a flat 
piece of cork. 

Liiftchen {<!■)■ Anra (epileptica). 

Liiftung (,<'■). Aeration, ventilation. 

Lu'es (A.) [/.''("]. A pestilential dis- 
ease, especially syphilis. L. congen'ita, 
conirenital sypliilis. L. divi'na, epilepsy. 
L. iii'dica, ya-vvs. L. iiiguina'ria, Imbo- 
nie plai;ue. L. polon'ica, ]iliea. L. sar- 
mat'ica or L. tiichomat'ica, jiliea. L. 
vene'rea, .sypbilis. 

Luette ( /•'.). Uvula. L. du cervelet, 
nodule. L. de Lieutaud or L. vesicale, 
uvula vesie;e. 

Luf'fa ( />.). A iicnus of < 'iiciii/iiliK I :i . 
L. Begypti'aca, .Mill. ; urows in tropical 
.Vsia. Tlie fibrous network lA' the fruit id' 
this anil other sjieeies of L. is known as 
gourd towel or vegetable S]ionge, and is 
used i'or scrubbing the skin. 

Luft ('»'.). Air, atmosphere ; — ader, 
artery ; — artig, gaseous ; — bauch, tyni- 
]ianites; — bett, air-bed; — bild, hallu- 
cination ; — blaschen, pulinonary vesicle ; 

— blase, air-vesicle; — brust, pneumo- 
thorax; — douch, air-douche; — druck, 
atmospheric pressure ; — eiiiblasen, blow- 
ing in air to jiroduee artitieial resjiiration 
or for otluT ])urposes ; — eineuening, 
ventilation; — erscheinuiigslehre, nie- 
teoridogy ; — feuchtig'keitsniesser, hy- 
groincter; — fistel, aerial fistula, a fis- 
tulous ojieiiing ciiminunic;iting with the 
air-)iassages ; — formig', acriforin ; — 
gefass, air-vessel. bronchus; — ge- 
sch'wulst, euiphysenia ; — gestalt, ]ilian- 
tiun ; — heizrung, heating by warmed air, 
by indirect radiation; — kaiial, air-duct, 
trachea; — kreis, atnnis]ihere ; — leerer 
Raum, vacuum; — leiter, air-passages; 

— niesser, aii-oineter. anemometer ; — 
raum, air-space ; — saure, carbon dioxide ; 

— scheu, at'ropliobia ; — schopfen, res- 
jiiration ; — schwrere, s)iecitie gravity of 
:iir; — stoff, gas; — streifscliuss, con- 
tusion from a spent or ricmhrt ball, sup- 
posed formerly to be due to wind of the 
liall ; — weg, air-liassage, tnicliea ; — weg- 
eroffiiung, traclieotom v ; — zelle, :iir- 
crll, alveolus of lung; — zieher, ventila- 

Luftrohre ( ''/.). Traclica. In compo- 
sition Luftrohren, as, — aste or — 
nerven, traidieal nerves ; — ast, bronchus ; 

— bravme, inflammation of the trachea ; — 

bruch, tracheocele; — driisen, tracheal 
glands; — erofFilung, tracheotomy; — 
kopf, larynx; — nerven, tracheal nerves; 
— sclilagadern, lironehial arteries : — 
schnitt, tracheotomy; — schwindsucht, 
bronidiial idithisis ; — stein, pneumolith. 

Lugol's caus'tic. A solution of iodine 
and potassium iodide, each 1 part, in water 
2 jiarts. 

Lugol's solu'tion. '•'. Lugol'sche 
Jodliisung. (.'omjiound solution of iodine. 

Luke'warm. ^loderately warm, tepid. 

Luniaca ( /. ). Cochlea. 

Luinacone ( /. ). Ih li.i juiinatia, L. 

Lumba'go (/>.). (1. Ijendenweh ; /. 
lombaggine. I'aiii in. and tenderness of. 
the lumbar muscles, coming on suddenly. 

Lunibalmark ( (1.). Lumbar portion 
of spinal cord. 

Lunibalwirbel ( 6'.). Lumbar verte- 

Luni'bar. L lumbalis ; F. liunbaire; 
(1. lumlial; /. lombare. Pertaining to the 
loins. L. ab'scess, al>scess in the lumbar 
region, usually connected with disease of the 
s|iine L. aponeuro'sis, lumbar fascia. 
L. ar'teries. L. arteri;v lumbales ; F. 
artires lonibaires ; (/. Lendenschlagadern ; 
/. arterie lombari. Branches from abdom- 
inal aorta supplying the lumbar region. 
They are metameric arteries, resembling; 
the intercostals, and are usually five in 
number on each side. L. colon, ascend- 
ing colon. L. enlarge 'ment. L. in- 
tumescentia lumlialis ; /'. rt'nflement loni- 
baire ; G. Lendenanschwelhing. A spin- 
dle-shaped increase in size of the spinal 
cord, beginning about the Kith dorsal ver- 
tebra, corresponding to exit of nerves for 
the pelvic limbs. L. fas'cia. L. fascia 
lumbaris. The fascia lumbo-dorsalis of the 
hnnbar region. It is a thick and strong 
sheet, from whieh processes extend as in- 
termuscular .septa. These are described as 
separate lavers of the fascia. The poste- 
rior layer is the fascia proper, extending 
from sjiiiu's of vertebr:e to latissimus dorsi 
and serratus posticus inferior; the middle 
layer stretelirs from the last rib to the crest 
of the ilium, attached medially to ajiices of 
transverse iirocesses, meeting the posterior 
layer latcrallv, and thus enclosing the erec- 
tor s|iiii;e ; the anterior laver is a thin sheet 
springing from roots of processes, 
and ]iassing outward to meet the other two. 
thus enclosing the quadratus lumboriim. L. 
gan'glia, those situated upon the syuipa- 



thetic ia the lumbar region. L. glands. 
L. glandulte lunibares ; G. Lendendriisen. 
Lymphatic glands of the lumbar region. A 
large group lies around the aorta and vena 
cava ; a smaller between the transverse proc- 
esses of the vertebrie. L. her'nia. G. 
Lendenbruch. Hernia in the lumbar re- 
gion. L. lymphatic trunk. L. truncus 
lymphaticus lumbaris ; G. Lendenstamm. 
A small vessel often found which collects 
lymph from the lumbar glands, and dis- 
charges into the thoracic duct. L. nerves. 
L. nervi lumbales ; G. Lendennerven. Spi- 
nal nerves passing out below the lumbar 
vertebra;, five in number. L. plex'us. 
L. plexus lumbalis ; G. Lendengeflecht. 
Formed by anterior branches of first three 
lumbar nerves and part of the fourth. Its 
branches are distributed to lower part of 
abdominal wall and fore part and inner side 
of lower limb. L. re'gions, lateral por- 
tions of mesogastric region of abdomen, 
bounded mesially by a vertical plane cut- 
ting the middle of Poupart's ligament. L. 
veins. L. venae lumbales transversae ; /. 
vene lombari. Correspond to the lumbar 
arteries, discharge into inferior vena cava : 
see also As^cfndliig lumlxir vi-in. L. ver'- 
tebrae. L. vertebra! lumbales ; F. verte- 
bre.s lombaires ; G. Lendenwirbel ; /. vcr- 
tebre lombari. Those of the lumbar region, 
five in number, in man, characterized by 
their large size and the absence of articular 
facets for ribs. 

Lumba'ris exter'nus (L.). Quadratus 

Lumba'ris inter'nus (Z.). Psoas mag- 

Lum'berman's itch. I'ruritus or sca- 

Lum'bi-costa'lis [Coues]. Sacro-lum- 

Lum'bi-dorsa'lis [Coues]. Longissi- 
mus dorsi. 

Lumbifra'grium (//.). Lumbar hernia. 
Lum'bo-. A prefix signifying belong- 
ing to the loins or lunil)ar vertebrie. 

Lumbo-cos'tal lig'ament. L. liga- 
menlum lumbo-costale. A thin but strong 
band (process of middle sheet of lumbar 
fascia) passing from transverse process of 
first lumbar vertebra to twelfth rib. 

Lumbo-costa'lis (//.). Ilio-costalis. 

Lumbo-dor'sal fas'cia. L. fascia lum- 
bo-dorsalis ; G. IJiickenlendcnbindc. An 
aponeurosis binding down the muscles in 
the vertebral groove, passing from the 

spines of the vertebrae and interspinous 
ligament across to the angles of the ribs, 
the posterior edge of the ilium, and the 
great sciatic ligament. The upper part is 
known as the vertebral fascia, the lower as 
the lumbar fascia, q. v. 

Lumbodjm'ia {L.). Lumbago. 

Lumbo-in'gTiinal nerve. L. nervus 
lumbo-inguinalis : G. Lendenleistennerv. 
Crural branch of genito-crural nerve, sup- 
plying integument of upper portion of 

Lumbo-sa'cral. Pertaining to the 
lumbar and sacral regions; also the lumbo- 
sacral cord. L.-s. cord. L. nervus lumbo- 
sacralis. Trunk formed by union of fifth 
lumbar nerve with part of the fourth. 
L.-s. lig'ament. L. ligamentum lumbo- 
sacrale. A thick bundle of fibres connect- 
ing transverse process of last lumbar verte- 
bra with base of sacrum. L.-s. ver'tebra, 
sacral vertebra which presents characteris- 
tics of the lumbar form. 

Lumbo-ver'tebral in'dex. Sum of 
posterior measurements of lumbar vertebra 
X 100, divided bj' sum of anterior measure- 
ments [Cunningham]. 

Lumbrica'les i />.). F. lonibricau.x : G. 
Regenwurmmuskcln ; /. lombricali. Small 
fusiform muscles of the hand and foot, four 
in each member, arising from tendons of 
flexor perforans and inserted into the ex- 
tensor tendons. 

Lumbri'cus ( L.). F. lombric intestinal. 
Asoin's lumhricoides. 

Lu'men (/^.). G. Lichtung. The cen- 
tral vacant space of a tubular structure, 
which appears clear in cross-sections. 

Lumiere {F.). Light. 

Lu'na (//.). An ancient alchemical 
name for silver. 

Lu'nacy [luna]. /".folic; (?. Wahn- 
sinn ; /. follia. Insanity; in earlier usage, 
periodical insanity. 

Lu'nar caus'tic. Moulded nitrate of 

Luna 're OS or Luna 'turn (/y.). Semi- 
lunar bone. 

Luna'ria (/>■). ^Menstruation. 

Lu'natic. Z,. lunaticus ; 7'^. lunatique; 
(r. W'alinsinniger ; /. lunatico. 1. An in- 
sane person. 2. Especially one with lucid 

Lunatisme (/".). /. lunatismo. Peri- 
odical (i]ilillialmia. 

Lunatis'mus (L.). 1. Effect of the 




luooii on disease. '2. A disonso affected 
the nioun's elianircs. 15. Noctambulisni. 

Lu'nenburgh Chalyb'eate Min'eral 
Spring', rlialybeate water, Lunenburgh, 
Kssex Co., X'enuont. 

Lunes ( /■'.). Men.scs. 

Lunettes ( /•'. ). Spectacles. 

Lung'. /.. puliiio ; /•'. piiunioii ; d'. 
Lunge ; I. Jiolmuiie. Uiie of two elastic, 
membranous, nuiltilocular air-sacs situated 
in the thoracic cavity on cither side the 
heart, and .serving for ai'ration of the bhiod. 

Lunge ( G.). pi. en. lyung. In com- 
position Lungen, as. — abscess, abscess 
of lungs; — aplasie, compression of the 
lung with atrojdiy, from narrowing nf 
thoracic cavity in consei|Uenee of spinal 
curvature; — arterie, pulmonary artery; 

— atelectasie, atelectasis ; — athmungs- 
gerausch, respiratory sound ; — ati'ophie, 
atrophy of the lungs : — band, liganientuni 
latum pulmonis; — besch-werde, disease 
of the lung; — blahung, abnormal dis- 
tension of the lung with air; — blaschen 
or — blase, air-cell of lung ; — blausucht, 
cyanosis from atelectasis; — blutadern, 
pulmonary veins; — blutsturz, henicp|i- 
tysis; — blutung, ]>ulmonary luvinor- 
rhage ; — brand, pulmonary gangrene; 

— brucli, piieuniocele ; — carcinom, car- 
cin(jma ut' the lungs; — catarrh, l)r<in- 
chitis ; — dl'tise, bronchial gland ; — 
emphysem, emphysema pulmonuni ; — 
entziindung, pneunnuiia ; — faule, gan- 
grene of the lungs; — fell, jileura pul- 
monalis ; — fellentz'iindung, pleuritis; — 
feuchtigkeit, moisture from the lungs; 

— fleber, pneumonia, bronchitis ; — fistel, 
pulmonary fistula; — fliigel, hdies of 
lung; — furche, pulnnmary groove; — 
gangran, pulmonary gangrene; — ge- 
fasse, vessels of the lungs, including Imth 
l)ronchial and pulmonary Idood-vessels ami 
lymphatics ; — geflecht, pulmonary plexus ; 

— geschwur, pulmonic ulcer; — ge- 
sch'wulst, tumnr (if the lungs ; — gewebe, 
puhiionary tissue; — hailt, pleura; . — 
herz, right side df the heart, pulmonic 
heart; — indiu-ation, induration of the 
lungs ; — infarkt, ini;ircti(n] of the lungs ; 

— krampf, spasm of the Inngs. asthma; 

— krankheit, disease cd' the luni;s; — 
kraut, lungwort, /'ii/nlnnarin iiffii-iiiii/is. 
L. ; — krebs, cancer of the lunus ; 

— kreislauf, ]iulmoinc circulation; — 
lahmung, jtaralysis nf the lungs ; — 
lappchen, pulmonary lobule ; — lappen, 
lolie (d' ilie lung; — leiden, afTection of 

the lungs; — magennerv, pneumogastric 
nerve ; — melanose, nieUuiosis of tlie 
lungs; — messer, sjiirometer ; — mittel, 
pulmonary remedy ; — odem, a'dema pul- 
monum ; — pforte, hilus pulmonis; — 
pigmentirung, pigmentation of the lungs; 
— probe, docimasia puhuonum ; — rand, 
border of the lung; — rotz, glanders af- 
fecting the lung ; — schall, pulmonic reso- 
nance ; — schlagader, pulmonary artery; 

— schlagfluss, luilnnmary ajiojdexy ; — 
schnitt, pneumoiuitomy ; — schrumpf- 
ung, cniitraction of the lungs ; — sch'warz, 
anthraco>is ; — sch-windsucht, ]dithisis; 

— seuche, pleui'n-pneumonia contagiosa; 

— spitze, apex wf the lung; — stein, pul- 
monary calculus ; — stlcht, pulmonary con- 
sumption ; — tonus, spasm of muscular 
fibres of bronchial tubes; — tuberculosa, 
pulmonary tuberculosis; — venen, pul- 
monary veins; — venensack or — venen- 
sinus, left anricde of heart; — verhar- 
tung, induration cd' the lung; — ver- 
knochenang, ossification of the lungs ; 

— verschwarung, ulcerati(ui of the lungs ; 

— wassersucht, jiulnionary a-dema ; — 
■wurzel, rciot <if lung; — zellen, air-cells 
(d' lung. 

Lung fe'ver. rneunnuiia ; the pleuro- 
pneunmnia of cattle. 

Lungo ( I.). Long. L. del collo, lon- 
gus colli. L. dorsale, longissimus dorsi. 

Lung'wort. F. ]iulmonaire ; (r. Lun- 
gcnkraut ; /. polmiuiaria. 1. I'lilmnnarin 
'•l/iciiii(/i.<, L. ; fornjcrly in repute in tlie 
treatment of ]uiln]onary catarrh : see also 
1 iri/iiiKi finiguurt. 2. Stictii /ni/iiiiiKiirin. 

Lu'nula or L. unguis (A.), dim. of 
Luna. Small crescent, onyx. L. of Gi- 
anuz'zi, demilune of (iiannzzi. L. lach- 
ryma'lis, small curved plate of Itone in 
front id' ojicinng oi' maxillary sinus, on in- 
ternal surface of superior maxillary bone. 
L. of nail. L. lunula unguis; F. lunule ; 
'/. Xagelfleck; /. lunale. A whitish creseen- 
tic area visible near the base of a nail, corre- 
sponding to the extension of the keratog- 
enous membrane. L. scap'ulse, su]irascap- 
ul.'ir nuteli. L. of semiki'nar val'ves, 
crescentic area in which the substance is 
thinned along the border of semilunar 
valves of heart, on either side the corpus 

Luogo (/.). Place, spot. L. d'elezi- 
one, ]ilacc of election fur a surgical opera- 



Lupia (/.). Wen. L. delle ossa, ex- 

Lu'piform. Resembling lupus. 

Lu'pine. F. lupin ; /. lupine. 1. The 
genus Lupinus. 2. Lupinus albits, L. 

Lu'pinin. CigH^Oie. F. lupinine ; /. 
lupinina. A glucoside, the bitter principle 
of Lt'piiuis albiis. 

Lu'pinine. CjiH^NjOj. An alkaloid 
found in the seeds of Lupinus luteiis. 

Lupino'sis (L.). G. Lupinenkrankheit. 
Pernicious jaundice in the horse, due to 
eating lupines. 

Lupi'nus. 1. Lupine, a genus of Legu- 
miiwxin. 2. The seed of Lupinus ulbtis, L. 
L. al'bus, L.. white lupine, native of the 
Levant, cultivated ; the seeds are said to 
be anthelmintic, emmenagogue, and discu- 
tient ; after boiling in water to remove the 
bitter principle they are used for food. L. 
lu'teus, L., a European, cultivated species 
of Lupinus. 

Lupo (/.). Lupus. L. erpetifonne, her- 
petic lupus. L. eritematico or eritema- 
toso, lupus crytln'matosus. 

Liu'poid or Lu'pous. Resembling 
lupus. L. ac'ne, acne atrophica. 

Luppolino (/. ). Lupulin. 

Luppulo (/.). Lu])ulus. 

Lu'pulin. /v. lupuliiiuin ; /•''. lupuline ; 
(j. Ildpi'enniehl ; /. luppulino. The yellow, 
glandular, resinous powder separated i'roni 
the iiiTo]n\cs of ILimu/us /upiilus ; composed 
principally of wax and resins ; has the same 
medicinal properties as hops. 

Lupuline (F.). Lupulin. 

Lupulino (/.). Lupulin. 

Lupuli'num (Z/.). Lupulin. 

Lupulite (F.). Lupulin. 

Lu'pulus (/-.). ll<ip.<. 

Lu'pus (L.). G. Hautwolf; /. lupo. 
A chronic localized infiltration and ulcera- 
tion of the skin and subjacent tissues, 
probably produced by a bacillus : sec 
Ulcers, endimir. L. cornu'tus, form in 
which the layers of epithelium arc piled 
one upon another, producing the apjiear- 
ance of true cutaneous hcu'iis. L. devo'- 
rans, lui)us. L. discre'tus, form in which 
the (lapulcs are scjiarated from one another. 
L. dissemina'tus, form in which the pa- 
pules are comparatively few atid spread 
over a wide surface. L. erythemato'- 
des or erythemato'sus, a small-cell new 
growth of the skin, appearing as one or 
more circumscribed round or irregular, 

reddish patches covered with grayish-yel- 
low adherent .scales. L. erythemato'sus 
discoi'des, an early form in which one or 
more spots, fonuing the primary efflores- 
cence, increase very slowly by iierijiheral 
growth. L. erythemato'sus dissemi- 
na'tus, form in which a number of patches 
present themselves after the primary efflo- 
rescence, showing no tendency to peripheral 
growth ; in many cases a large portion of 
the surface of the body is involved. L. 
ex'edens. G. fressendcr Hautwolf. Lu- 
pus vulgaris. L. exfoliati'vus, form of 
lupus vulgaris in which the papule gradu- 
ally disappears, leaving a more or less 
atrophied spot covered with shining and 
desquamating epidermis. L. excor'ti- 
cans, lupus vulgaris. L. exurcerans, 
form of lupus vulgaris in which disinte- 
gration and ulceration of the infiltrated 
skin occurs. L. hypertroph'icus, form 
having extensive warty outgrowths, with 
thickening of the skin anrl consolidation 
of tissues. Li. non ex'edens, lu]nis vul- 
garis. L. seba'ceus, lu]ius erythemato- 
sus. L. seborrhag-'icus [\'olkmann]. 
lupus erythematosus. L. serpigino'sus, 
an advanced stage of lujuis in which the 
disease sjircails from the peripheral zone. 
L. superficia'lis, lupus erythematosus. 
L. syphilit'icus, lupoid syphilodernia. 
L. tuberculo'sus, term applied to the 
aggregation and merging together of a 
number of lu])us papules, forming large 
masses ; a common jihase of lupus vulga- 
ris. L. tu'midus, lu]ms vulgaris. L. 
varico'sus, mevus. L. veg'etans, ])ro- 
liferating form of lupus vulgaris. L. ver- 
ruco'sus, characterized by small papillary 
outgrowths. L. vo'rax, lu]ius. L. vul- 
ga'ris, neo])lastic growth in the skin or 
mucous membrane, the lesions of which 
are reddish-brown nodules or papules, fol- 
lowed by ulceration and cicatrization. Li. 
Willa'ni, lupus vulgaris. 

Lupus (/''.). Ijupiis. L. eleve, lupus 
characterized by ])apules and elevation of 
the diseased jiarts above the surrounding 
skin. L. maculeux or plan, lupus cha- 
racterized by macules or spots. L. per- 
forant, or L. phagedenique, or L. ron- 
geant, lujius exedens. 

Lupuscarcinom (G.). Carcinoma de- 
veloped on a base of lupus. 

Ltiridite (/''.). Tlu^ yellowish or dark 
appearance of the skin .seen in certain 
cachectic states and in some forms of 



Luschka's arachnoi'dal vil'li. I'ao- 

chiiiiiian liiiclics. 

Luschka's bur'sa. Bursa pbaryngea. 

Luschka's car'tilage. A small nodule 
of cla.'-tir iMrtilaL'i" frjclo.sed in the anterior 
jHiniiin lit' llif true vofal cord. 

Luschka's gland. Coceysieal inland. 

Luschka's pharynge'al ton'sil : see 

J'/iDii/ni/i 11/ tonsi/. 

Lusciosite (/■'.). Jlynpia. 

Luscio'sus (L.). Near-sighted, myopic. 

Lus'citas ( L.). Ophthalmoplegia ex- 
terna [.Mackenzie]; strabismus [Flenck]. 

Lusci'ties (/>.). Strabismus. 

Lu'sis [/""-'TIS-]. Act of washing. 

Lussazione (A). Lu.xatiou. dislocation. 

Lustdinie ( '''). Prostitute. 

Lustgarten's bacillus. Bacillus of 

Lustiger Wahnsinn (G.). Ameno- 

Lus'ln-e. (•'■ (Uanz; /. lustro. Shine. 
A visual cliaracteristic of polished surfiices. 
In stereosco]>y a plicnimienon arising from 
the combinatidu of fields of diflerent illumi- 
nation or color. It appears best for colors 
if they are not too different. Wundt also 
obtains a nionooilar lustre by the use of a 
reflecting glass jilate. 

Lustseuche ( 6'.). Venereal disease ; 
— nvruth, sy|ihilomania. 

Lustsiech ( ''/'.). Venereal. 

Lusf'WOrt. Di-iisira rotiini/iyiiliii, L. 

Lu'sus natu'rse (L.). A freak or sport 
of nature, a monster. 

Lu'teins. Lipochromes 

Luteo (corpo) ( /.). Corpus luteum. 

Lute'olin. ('._,„n,,0„. A yellow, vol- 
atile, crystalline jirinciple found by Chev- 
rcul (lS!)(l)in mi'j^iutnvUe, Liileola odornta, 
Lu'teum o'vi ( A.). Yolk of egg. 
Lu'teus, a, um (L.). Yellow. 
Luttuoso ( /. ). Plaintive, sighing. 
Lu'tum cum lentis'co (i.) [Cod.]. 
Ethereal tincture (if mastic. 

Lux (I..), l.iglit. 

Luxa'tion. L lu.xatio ; G. Verrenkung ; 
/. lu^^azicinc. Dislocation. 

Luxationslahmung (G.). Paralysis 
of the arm fnun pressure on the nerves 
exerted liy the luxated head of the hu- 

Lux'us consump'tion. G. Luxus- 

consumtion. Assimilation of nutritive 
material in excess of the actual necessities 
of the organism ; excess of metabolism. 
Formerly used to express the theory that 
excess of proteids is directly oxidized, pro- 
ducing hi'at without being converted into 

Luxusathmung (&.) Term proposed 
by Mosso to express the fact that ordinary 
respiration is in excess of the actual needs 
of the organism. 

Luys'scher Korper (G.). Nucleus 
of Luys. 

Lycan'thi'opy [/'""v-, «v('/'a<7:»?]. L. 
lycanthropia ; /'. lycanthropie ; G. Lykan- 
thropie ; 7. licantropia. That form of zo- 
anthropy in which the person believes that 
he is at times changed into a wolf. 

Lych'nis (/> ). A genus of Curyo- 
phi/lli'ir. L. githa'go, Lam., corncockle, 
rose campion, a European weed, naturalized 
in the U. S. ; the seeds were formerly used 
in cutaneous diseases, hemorrhages, etc. 

Ly'cine. C^NHnOj. An alkaloid ob- 
tained from Lycium vulgare, said to be 
identical with beta'ine. 

Ly'cium ( L.). A genus of Solaiiiicex- 
L. bar'barum, L., Lycium nilr/ure, Dun. 
L. europae'um, L., cultivated as a hedge- 
plant ; the leaves are official in the F. Port. ; 
the young shoots are employed as a culinary 
vegetable like asparagus. L. umbro'sum, 
H. et B.a South American species, said to 
be used by the natives as a remedy for 
erysipelas L. vulga're, Dunal., matri- 
mony-vine, a shrub indigenous to Europe 
and Asia, eultivate<l anil naturalized in the 
U. S. ; contains the alkaloid lycine. 

Lycoc'tonine. An alkaloid of Aconi- 
lum Lyriicidjiiiiii, L. 

Lycoma'nia (L.) \_^.''iy."i, ija^ia']. Ly- 

Lycoper'don ( L.)- A genus of I'ungi, 
the puff-balls. L. gigan'tetim, Pcrsoon, 
common puft-ball, found generally in old 
pastures; edible when young. L. Tu'ber, 
L., 7'ii/irr riljariiim, Sibtll. 

Lycoper'sicum esculeii'tum {L.), 

I-)un., Sdhiiiiim Lyaij)' r^iiiiiii. ]j. 

Lycopodine (F.). I. licopodina. Bitter 
alkaloid derived from lycopodium. 

Lycopo'dium (X.). F. lycopode ; G. 
l')iirla]i])samen ; /. licopodio. 1. The spo- 
rules of LycnpoiJium chiratiim, L., and of 
othi'r species of /,;/c'i/)0(//inH [U.S. P.]; ab- 
scu'lieut and protective. "2. A genus of 



Li/aipodlacex. L. clava'tum, L., cimimun 
club-moss, indigenous to p]urope und Amer- 
ica ; the principal source of Ivcopodium. L. 
complana'tmn, Ij., and L. annoti'num, 
L., are recognized sources of lycopodium 
[P. Svec.]. L. sauru'rus, a South Amer- 
ican species, used as an emetic ; contains a 
poisonous alkaloid. 

Lyco'pus {L.). A genus of Lahiutse.. 
"Li. europae'us, L., a European species 
which includes several American varieties ; 
said to be used as an antiperiodic. L. sin- 
ua'tus, Ell., a variety of L. eni-opaux, L. 
L. virgin'icus, L., bugleweed ; an indig- 
enous perennial herb, reputed to be astrin- 
gent and sedative. 

Lycorex'ia (L.). F. lycorexie ; G. 
Heisshunger ; /. licoressia. Ravenous hun- 
ger, bulimia. 

Lye [J. iS'. leah]. Z. li.xiviuni ; FAes- 
sive ; G. Lauge ; /. liscivia. The liquid 
product of the process of lixiviation, es- 
pecially of the lixiviation of wood-ashes, 

Lyenceph'ala (//.) {).''itu, zcf a/i;]. Con- 
dition of the brain when the corpus callo- 
suni is alisi'iit. 

Lygis'mus C^-) \_hjY'.a!i.i'i-f\. Disloca- 

Lyg'mus or Lyg'mos (//.) [>.uY!ioi\. 

Lying-ill. The puerperal state. L.-i. 
hos'pital, niatornity hospital. 

Lykanthropie {G.). Lycanthropy. 

Ly'ma i 7v.) [/.him']. Impurity, sordes ; 
the lochia. 

Lymph. L. lympha ; F., G. livniphe ; 
/. linfa. The fluid contained in the lym- 
phatics. It is alkaline, and like the blood 
in its chemical composition. It contains 
leucocytes and fatty matter. L. chan'nel, 
L. sinus. L. cor'puscles. F. coijiuscules 
cytoides, or de la lymphe ; G. Lyuijilikipr- 
per ; /. corpuscoli dclla linfa, L(nicocyt(!s 
found in lymph, L, follicles, G. liymjih- 
follikel. Small bodies composed of roti- 
form tissue packed with lymphoid cells, 
found in various parts of the body, es- 
pecially in connection with mucous mem- 
branes. They include the solitary glands, 
Peyer's patches, conglobate glands, tonsils, 
and splenic corpuscles, </. v. L. hearts. 
G. Lymphhcrzen. Small vesicular lymph- 
cavities which show rhythmic pulsation, 
and are found in some of the lower ver- 
tebrates. L. plas'ma, fluid portion of 
lymph in which the corpuscles are su,s- 
pended. L, scro'tum, a variety of ele- 

phantiasis of the scrotum in which the in- 
guinal glands are enlarged and the lym- 
phatic vessels of the scrotum are varicose, 
L, se'nim, the fluid remaining after coagu- 
lation of the lymph. L. si'nus, narrow re- 
ticulated space for passage of lymph around 
the pulp of a lymphatic gland. L. spa'ces. 
G. Lymphriiume. Irregular enlargements 
found here and there in connection with the 
lymphatic vessels. More common in lower 
animals. L. va'rix, dilated and varicose 
condition of lymphatics, as in lymph scro- 

Lsrm'pha (L.). Lymph. L. mucu- 
len'ta, na'rium, nasal mucus. L, pi'ni, 
pine-sap. L, plas'tica, fibrin. 

Lymphadenie ( /',). Lymphadenoma. 
L. ctitanee, granuloma fungoides ; yaws. 

Lyxaphadeni'tis [lympha, rioijv]. F. 
lymphadenite ; 1. linfadenite. Inflamma- 
tion of the lymphatic glands. 

Lymphadeno'ma (//.). F. lymphade- 
nome. 1. A tumor which is histologically 
a collection of lymphatic follicles, with lit- 
tle tendency to return or to degeneration, 
liable to become extensively generalized, 
producing Hodgkin's disease, q. v. 2. Hy- 
pertrophy of a lymphatic gland. 

Lymphadeno 'sis (//.). Hodgkin's dis- 

Lyraphae'niia (L.) [lympha, al;ia]. 

Lymphangei'tis [fiy-/--^"'^]- Lymphan- 

Lymphangiec'tasis (/y.) ['/;t=?"v, exza- 
rt-ti']. F. lymi)liangiectasie ; G. Lymphan- 
giectase ; /. linfangcttasia. Dilatation of 
lymphatic ves.sels. 

Ljmiphangiecto'des (L.). A form of 
hypertrophy of the skin, nearly always con- 
genital, aflTecting the subcutaneous connec- 
tive tissue, which extends into dendritic 
vegetations, with new gniwth of blood-ves- 
sels, o^deniatous infiltration, and dilated 

Lymphangio-flbrome (,/••)■ Fibrous 
tumor of lymphatic glands. 

Lymphangioitis. Lymphangitis. 

Lymphangio'ma (L.). Tumor formed 
of dilated lymphatics. L, cavemo'sum, 
angioma cavernosum. L, col'h cys'ti- 
cum, F. kyste congenita! du cou. (^in- 
genital cystic tumor of neck. L. cu'tis, 
excessive development of lymphatics and 
lymph-spaces in the coriuni, producing 
numerous bean-sized, irlisteninsj, smooth 



tubercles. L. tubero'sum mul'tiplex, 
form in which suiall lentil-shaped tubercles 
are scattered uvcr the body- 

Lymphangion'cus ( //.) [«^/-£7(i;', i'/-'^"?']- 
.SwclliiiL' or tumor ol' the lymphatics. 

Lymphangi'tis [lyni])ha. nyyztir^']. F. 
lvm]ilKiiii;ite ; /. liiit'aii<;ite. Inflammation 
of the lymph-vessels, with or without in- 
volvement of the glands. 

Lymphat'ic. /'. lymphatique ; G. lym- 
pLatisch ; /. liufatieo. rertaining to lymph 
or to lymphatic canals or glands. L. anse'- 
mia, lvnipha<lenonui. L. canallc'uli. G. 
Saftkanalehen. Saftspalten. The intercell- 
ular spaces, believed by many to constitute 
the origins of the lymphatics. L. duct, 
right. A. truneus lymphatieus dexter; F. 
grande veine Ivmphatiiiue droite ; G. 8aup- 
aderstamni. recliter. A short trunk (2'-!') 
which gathers lymph from the head, neck, 
and right side of the body above the dia- 
]diragm. ami discharges into the right sub- 
clavian vein. L. glands. L. glandule 
lvni]diatic:e ; /•'. ganglions lymphatiques. 
.•^maH bodies composed oi' a capsule of con- 
nective tissue, willi plexiiorm trabecuhc, 
enclosing lymjdioid tissue, through which 
the i-onienfs of tii<' lymphatic vessels pass 
in tlieir course towaril the venous system. 
L. sys'teni, a svstem of absorbents ex- 
tending (hroughout nearly all parts of the 
bodv, consisting of the lymphatic vessels, 
glands, and the thoracic duct. It dis- 
charges intii the venous system. L. tem'- 
perament. F temperament lymphatique ; 
a. Ivniphatisehes Temperament ; 1. temjiera- 
mento linfatico. Term a]i]ilied to the habit 
of body cliaracteri/.ed by fair hair, pale skin, 
soft flesh, and want of activity. L.tis'sue, 
lyni]ihoid tissue. L. trunks, the main ves- 
sels which discharge the lymph : see Axil- 
Inn/, llrniiclin-iiii ilidxtiiiid, IntditinaJ, Jnr/ular 
and Tjiiinliiii- 1, t. ; also Li/nipli<itii- itiict, i'l()hf, 
and Thin-diic iluii. L. ves'sels. L. vasa 
lympliatica: /•'. vaisseaux lym]]hati(|ues; (1. 
Lymphgefiisse. i\linule vessels with thin 
walls (ol'ten having a kn(itted appearance 
due to valves) which carry lymph and 
chvle. L. wai'ts, Ivniphangioma cutis. 

Lymphatico-sanguin, ine ( /•'.)■ de- 
lating to the Ivnipliatic and sanguine tem- 

Ljrmphatisch ( G. ). Lymphatic, 

Lyinphatisme ('/•'.). The lymphatic 
state nr tem|ieran]ent. 

Lymphatis'mus fZ.V Excessive de- 
velopment 111' lyni]ihatic tissue. 

Lymphati'tis. Inflammation of lym- 

Lymphdriisen ( (/. ). Lymphatic glands ; 

— entztindung, lymphadenitis ; — ge- 
sch'wulst, lymphadenoma; — haufen, col- 
lections of lymphatic glands; — hyper- 
trophie, hypertrojdiy of lymphatic glands. 

Lymphe ("/•'.). Lymph. L. coagu- 
lable or L. plastique, liquor sanguinis. 

Lymphe (,G.). Lymph. In compo- 
sition Lymph, as, — bahn, lymph-pas- 
sage ; — brunnen, lymphatic spaces ; — 
capillaren, tinest lymphatics; — flstel, 
lymph listula; — fluss, lymphorrha?a ; — 
geschwiilst, tumor 01' lymidiatic tissue, 
lymphoma; — herzen, lymph hearts; — 
knoten, lym[diatic gland ; — koi^per or 

— kuchen, clot formed in lymph ; — 
kugel, lym|)h-eorpuscle ; — raum, lymph- 
space ; — rohre, lymph-tube; — scheide, 
perivascular sheet ; — stauung, obstruc- 
tion to flow of lymph ; — strom, lymph- 
current ; — "^^Z^ lymph-passage; • — zell- 
en, lymjihoid cells. 

Lympheurys'ma (/>. ) [eo/)''^'"]- Dila- 
tation of a lymphatic, 

Lymphexosmo'sis ( />. ) [=?, (u-r/cic]. 
Transudation of lymph, 

Lymphgefass ( ''/. ), Lymphatic ves- 
sel ; — entztindung, lymphangitis; — 
er'weitenang, lymphangiectasis ; — netz, 
network of lympliatics; — plexus, lyni- 
phatic plexus; — stamme, lymphatic 
trunks; — system, lymphatic system. 

Lymphi'tis. F. lymphite ; /. linfite. 
Inflammation of Ivmphatics. 

Lymphoder'mia pemicio'sa { L-)- F. 
Ivmpliodermie [lernicieuse. Ilisease charac- 
teri/.i'd by thickening of the skin, with tu- 
bercules which ulcerate, with eidargement 
of the lymphatic glands and spleen, and 
fatal leucoeytluemia. 

Lym'phoid [-;""y], F. lymphoido; G. 
Iviuphiihnlieli ; /. linfoide. Ilescmbling 
lymph. L. cells. f/. Lymphzellen. 1. 
Those occupying the meshes of the retic- 
ulum of the lymphatic glands and tissue 
liaviug similar structure. '1. Enlargements 
in the course of lymphatic vessels. L. 
cords, rounded cords tjf lym]ihoid tissue 
found in the medullary porti'Oi nl' jym- 
[iliatie glauils. L. nod'ules, rnuiideil nnd- 
ules oi' lvm]ilioid tissue in the alveiili of 
thi> cortical ]iortion of the lymphatic- 
glaiuls. L. tis'sue, that resembliuLr the 
reticulum of lymphatic glands, adenoid 




Lympho'ma ( L.'). F. lymphome ; G. 
Lyniphom ; /. linfoma. A tumor formed 
of lymphatic tissue. The term also in- 
cludes hyperplasia of the lymph-glands. 

Lymphon'cus (Z.) [o^-x-is-]. Lym- 

Ljnnphopathie ( F.). Disease of the 
lymphatics or lymphatic glands. 

Lymphorrha'gria (L.) [^/Wjyvufj:]. F. 
lymphorrhagie ; /. linforragia. Profuse 

Lymphorrhoe'a (L.) [pt'"] F. 

lymphorrhee ; G. L_vmphfluss. The per- 
sistent escape of lymph from an opening 
in a lymphatic vessel. 

Lympho-sarco'naa (/>.) [t'///z(u//«]. A 
tumor resembling h'mphoma. but with cells 
larger than leucocytes and of different type. 
The term is also applied to infective lym- 

Lsrmpho'sis (//.). F. lymphose ; G. 
Lym]ihbilduiiti: ; 7. linfosi. Production of 

Lymphos'tasis (L.) [rrr^/riv]. Stagna- 
tion (if lyni]ih. 

Lymphotomie {F.). Dissection of 

lymphatic lilands. 

Lymphotorrhoe'a (L.) ["Jo, o'"']. Se- 
rous discharge from the ear. 

Lsnnphu'ria (/-.) [iiu/;-/!-]. /•'. lymphu- 
rie. Chvluria. 

Lyngode (F.). Affected with hiccough. 

Lyomyo'ma, pi. ata (L.). Leiomy- 

Ly'pe [/■i-i;]. Sadness; pain. 

Lypema'nia (L.) [//«•/!'«]. F. lyp(5- 
manie ; G. Melancholic ; J. lipemania. 

Lyperophrenie (/''.). Melancholia. 

Ljrpothy'mia (L.) [/''->;, ''^u/i'if']. F. 
lypothyniie ; I. lipotimia. Melancholia. 

Ly'ra or Ly'ra Da'vidis or Lyra for'- 
nicis. F. lyre ; G. Lcicr ; J. lira. Under 

part of posterior portion of corpus callosum, 
between the diverging posterior crura of 
fornix, where the obscure markings made 
by transverse, longitudinal, and oblique 
fibres have a vague resemblance to the 
strings of a harp. L. uteri'na, arbor vita; 

Ljrre (F.). Corpus psalloides. 

Lysima'chia ( L.). A genus of Pn'mu- 
lacex. L. nummula'ria, L., moneywort, 
native of Euro]>c. naturalized in the U.S. ; 
astringent, antiscorbutic, vulnerary. L. 
quadrifo'lia, L., indigenous ; astringent 
and stomachic. 

Ly'sis (/>.) [/w.'v]. /. lisi. Solution; 
gradual termination as opposed to crisis. 

Lys'sa ( />.) [/.'jaaa]. Rabies. 

Lys'si. F. lysses. Pustules or vesicles 
seen near the fncnum of the tongue in 
cases of hydrophobia. 

Lys'sic [/'W/ra]. IIydro])hobic. 

Lys'sin. Homoeopathic preparation said 
to be the virus of the rabid dog triturated 
with sugar of milk. 

Lyssodec'tus {L.) [<5«z></;]. One bitten 
by a mad dog. 

Lyssodex'is (L.) pivlio]. Bite of a 
mad doir. 

Lyssopho'bia (/>.) [v';,3riv-]. Morbid 
dread of hydrophobia, producing some of 
the symptoms of that disease. 

Lyth'inim i L.). A genus of plants, 
Nat. Ord. fji/thrarirn . L. ala'tum, Pursh, 
and L. hyssopifo'lia, L., indigenous spe- 
cies, believed to have the same properties 
as the next. L. salica'ria, L., loosestrife ; 
a European plant, naturalized in the U. S., 
cultivated ; demulcent and astringent. 

Lyt'ta (/>.). F. lytte. A getius of in- 
sects. Order Coleoptcra. L. gi'gas, Fabr.. 
an East Indian species of vesicating beetle. 
L. vesicato'ria, Fabr., Cmithnru vcsicato- 
ria, De Ueer. 




M., abbv. for Misce (i), mis, or for 
Minim, or for Myopia. 

H -= micron. 

M.-a., abliv. fin- Metre-angle. 

Maal (</.). Mole. 

Maasforniel ( <!. ). Standard formula 
[Fefhiior]. 'I'hf (M|uation ^ = A- (log /? — 

log It), or more sinijily y "- />" log -, where 

Y is tlie sen.satiim. /.■ a constant depending 
on Y and ,J, and h a constant denoting the 
threshold value of the stimulus at which 
the sensation y begins. It is derived by 
integrating the Fundamental formula, y. '■., 
and expresses the ]isy<diophysical law in the 
higaritliniic formulation ; /. c. the sensation 
increa,ses with the higarithni of the stimu- 

latiini. The expression above is termed 

the ■■ Furidanientah'r Ileizwerth " — funda- 
mental value of the stimulus. 

Mabuel'la (A nth;,-). Rladder. 

Mac, a))bv. for Macera (/>). macerate. 

Maca'ja but'ter. An oil obtained from 
the .seeds of (\i<-(ix aoilrntn, Jacij., a South 
American palm. 

Mac'apath "r Macapat'li. Sarsapa- 

Macau'la. South Afrii-an name of a 
contagious disease characterized by an 
eruption on the skin and mucous mem- 
branes resembling the so-called mucinis 
tubercles of sy|ihilis. 

Macchia( /. ). pi. Macchie. Macula, spot. 
M. cribrosa, macula cribrosa. M. eni- 
brionale, embrvona! spot. M-e. epatiche, 
cldiiasma hepaticMiin. M. germinativa, 
irerminal disc. M. gialla, macula lutea. 
M. di Mariotte, punctum ca^'um. M-e. 
di rossore, freckles. 

MacDow'ell's opera'tion. Ibmoval 
of ovarian tiiUKU's bv abdominal section. 

Mace, ni.Ts. I, . /•'.. /. niacis ; G. Muskat- 
bliithe. The arillus of the fruit of Mi/rinlicii 
fraqraiif, Iliiut. ; used as a condiment, and 

medicinally for the same purposes as nut- 

Ma'cene. C,oIIir,. t- niacene. A hy.lro- 
earbon, the principal constituent of oil of 

Macera'tion. L. maceratio ; F. macera- 
tion ; G. Kinweichung, Maceriren ; /. macera- 
zione. Keeping a substance in water for a 
considerable time, either to extract soluble 
matters or to promote decomposition of the 
soft parts. 

Maceratum ( /■'. ). 'I'be fluid resulting 
frdui maceration. 

Macere, ee (F.). .^lacerated. 

Macerii'en {G)- To macerate, macera- 

Macew'en's opera'tion. 1. FurkiKick- 
knee, division of shal't oi' femur just above 
the condvles through a small incision. '1. 
l'\ir radical cure of inguinal hernia, dis- 
section and folding up of the sac into a 
sort of pad over the internal ring, and 
closure of the canal by sutures. 

Machse'ra ( /..) [^:u}Lyr,'.pa\ Penis. 

Machao'nian. L. maehaonicus ; G. 
machaonisch. i'ertaining to a physician. 

Macheliere (F.). Molar tooth. 

Macher ( F.). To chew, to masticate. 

Machinal, ale ( F.). Automatic. 

Machlos'yiie ( L.) \_:'ay_h»7tnr,']. Nym- 

Machoire ( F. ). Jaw. M. diacra- 
nienne, inferior maxillary bone. M. syil- 
cranienne, su]ieri(ir maxillary bone. 

Machonnement (/•'.). The motion of 
chewing, occurring as a symptom in cere- 
bral diseases. 

Machtlosigkeit (G.). Powerlessncss, 
im)iiitenec. debility. 

Machure ( F ). 1 . S(|ueezing or crushing 
to control ha'mnrrhage from the end of an 
artery [Vidal]. 2. Portion of lacerated 
tissue in crushed wounds. 

Ma'cies (L.). Kmaeiation. M. infan'- 
tum, tabes mesentcrica. 



Macilen'tia (L.). F. macilence ; /. 
niacileiiza. Great emaciation. 

Maclntso-e's splint. A swinging poste- 
rior splint for fracture of the leg. It con- 
sists of two wooden side-pieces, joined by a 
number of flexible bands, and of a foot- 

Ma'cis ( />., F., I.). Mace. 

Mack'intosh. Thin rubber tissue or 

Macran'trus {L.) [^iiaxpo-s, «i.r/<.-v]. 
Term applied to skulls in which the vertical 
let fall upon the radiu.s fi.xus from the most 
prominent part of the torus frontalis falls 
in front of that let fall from the nasion by 
a distance of from 4 to \) mm. [Lis.sauer]. 

Macrauch'en (L.) [fiay.f>an/r^>'\. One 
who has a long neck. 

Macrenceph'alus (X.) [iyxi^aXo<!^. 
Term applied to .skulls in which the angle 
between lines drawn from hormion to nasion 
and inion is from l;jfj..5° to 170° [Lis.sauer]. 

Macrencra'nus (L.) [iv, x^>a>:V,>]. Term 
applied to skulls having a large cerebellar 
sector (20° to 27..50°) [Lissauer]. 

Macritu'do (/>.). Emaciation. 

Macro-angio'sis (L.) [/lax/xif, dyyuii>']. 
Congenital enlargement of blood-vessels of 
a limb without hypertrophy of other struc- 

Macrobio'sis (L.) [/iaxpo^, /SsV*?]. F. 
macrobie; G. Langlebigkeit ; /. macrobi- 
otiea. Longevity. 

Macrobiot'ic. L. macrobioticus ; F. 
niacrobiotii|iie ; G. makrobiotisch ; J. ma- 
crobiotico. IJelative to long life. 

Macrocefalo (/.). 1. Macrocephalus. 
2. Macroeephalic. 

Macrocephale (F). 1. .Macrocepha- 
lus. 2. Maerocephalic. 

Macrocephal'ic [xec^a^.TJ]. F. macro- 
c^'phale ; (,'. niakrocophalisch ; /. macroce- 
falo. Relating to, or affected with, niacro- 

Macroceph'alus (Z.) [/laxpoi, xry a/i;;]. 
F. macrocephale ; G. Makrocephalus ; /. 
macrocefalo. 1. Having a large head. 2. 
A cranium having a capacity of 1950 c.c. 
and upward [Topinard]. 

Macroceph'aly. F. macrocephalie ; G. 
Makroccphalic ; /. macrocefalia. The state 
of macrocephalus. 

Macrochas'mus (L.) \^yda,ia']. Term 
applied to skulls having a "sector for the 
cavum naso-pharyngeum of from 134° to 
114° [Lissauer]. " 

Macrochei'lia (Z.) \^yrihi<;']. F. ma- 
croehilie. Enlargement of the lip, espe- 
cially if congenital. 

Macrochei'lus (i.). One who has 
large lips. 

Macrochei'lia (L.) [/£Y']. F. macro- 
chirie. The condition of having very larij-e 

Macrochei'nis (Z.). One who has 
large hands. 

Macrocito f /.). Macrocyte. 

Macrocne'mius (i.) [^ti-v^rj. One 
who has long legs. 

Macroco'lia {L.) [«(«//,>]. Unusual 
length of limbs. 

Macrocor'nea (/,.). Megalocornea. 

Mac'rocosm \_xon;ini\. L. macrocos- 
mus.j F. macrocosme; G. Makrocosmus ; 
/ macroeosmo. The universe. 

Mac'rocyte [xino^']. I. maerocito. 1. 
A large cell. 2. The large red blood-cor- 
puscle found in pernicious anamia and 
other conditions. 

Macrodacty'lia ( L.) [/z«z/-"v-, -3«zro/<K-]. 
/■". macnidactylie ; / macrodattilia. Exces- 
sive size (if tlie fingers. 

Macrodac'tylus (/>.). Long-fingered. 
Macrodon'tus (L.) [o'lJou?]. One who 
has a largo jaw or teeth. 

Macroftalmo (/.). J[acrophthalmus. 
Macrogas'ter (/>.) [fa^rr;/.']. F. ma- 
crogastre. Large or dilated stomach. 

Macroglos'sia (L., I.) [y/Miraa]. F. 
makroglossie ; G. Zungenvorfall. Exces- 
sive development of the tongue, often 
accompanying cretinism. 

Macrome'lia (L., I.) [//.'/-.,-]. F. ma- 
cromdlie. Monstrosity due to an enlarged 

Mac'romere [.'u'/'"?]. A large segmen- 
tation sphere. 

Macrono'sia (/,.), pi. ae [w;<r«s-]. 
Chronic disease. 

Macropanenceph'alus (L.) [r«v, iyxi- 
^ja-i.ov]. Term applie<l to skulls in which the 
angle between lines drawn from hormion to 
nasion and to basion is from 18.5. .5° to 20(»° 

Macrophal'lic [c' «/./.';.-]. Having a 
large penis. 

Macrophal'lus (L.). 1. A large penis. 
2. One who has a large penis. 

Macropho'nus (L.) [<«•<««;]. Strong- 
er loud-voiced. 



Macrophthal'mus {L.) ["VSu/i/iw?]. F. 
iiia(T(i]iIitli;iluie ; /. macroi'talmo or macrot- 
talmu. Having large eyes. 

Macro'pia (//). Macropsia. 

Macropi'per (/>.). Ijuiig pejijier. M. 
methys'ticum, "SVu^., I'ijur mc//u/siicum, 

Macropnce'a {L.) [-/luj]. /'. macrop- 
noe. I'et'p breatliiiig. 

Macrop'nous [-^i'l"]. Ureatliiiig sluwly 
anil deeply. 

Macropo'dia (L., /) [-'"Jy]. F. ma- 
cro]io(lie ; '/. Makropodie. Abndruial size 
of the feet. 

Macropo'dus or Macro'pus (^X.). 
/'. inacropodc. Having a large toot. 

Macroproso'pia ( L.. I.) \_-p(i(Tw-,r^']. F. 
inacrdjjrosojiie. Excessive size of the face. 

Macrop'sia ( />., /. ) [<"!,'■] /•' niaerop- 
sie ; (i. (iriissehen. A condition of vision 
in wliieli (ilijects ajipear abnormally in- 
creased in size. 

Macro'pus ( Jj.). -Macropodus. 

Mac'ror ( L). Emaciation. 

MacroiThi'nus (//.j [r'-i^- One who 
has a large nuse. 

Macros'celes {L. ) [_Ty.l).ai]. Long- 

Maci'osce'lia ( L., /.). F. maernscelie. 
E.xcessive length (jf limbs. 

Mac'roscope [t/.u-^J'^I. G. Jlakroskop ; 
/ macrosenpiii. An instrument for redu- 
cing the apparent size of dbjects ; used by 
A'lilkniann in the study of irradiation. 

Macroscop'ic. F. macroscdpiciue ; G. 
iiiakri)sc(ipis(dj ; /. maeroscopico. Easily 
seen witlmut the use iii' magnifying appli- 

Macro'sia <>\- Macro'sis ( L. ). Increase 
ol' size (ir lengtii. 

Macrosoma'tia or Macroso'mia ( L.) 
[(T«)//</]. /•'. macrosomatie ; /. niaerdsuma- 
sia. I'lxcessive size of the whule IhhIv. 

Macros'toma ( L.) [rt-nl/K/], F. macro- 
stoniie. ('(ingeiutal lissnrr uf the lijis at 
the commissure, due to non-union of the 
soft parts of the maxillary ]>rocesses. 

Macros'tonious. />. macrostomns ; F. 
inac-roslon]c. Having a laige nioutli. 

Macro'tes ( /.. ) ["'V]. ] laving largo 

Mac'rotin. /•'. maerijtinc. Kesiii ob- 
taiiu'd I'rom root of ('iniii-ifiiiin rn' rmoKd, 
by lirei'ipitalioii from tincture by addition 
of water ; cimicifuuin 

One who has large 

Macro'tis (/v.). 

Macro'tys actseoi'des, Kaf. 

Juga rticcmiisa, Ell. 

Mac'ula (//.), pi. ae. /'. macule, taehc ; 
G. Fleck ; /. macchia. A spot or stain with- 
out elevation or depression. M. acus'tica, 
in the internal ear, an oval area in the utri- 
cle and another in the saccule, to which are 
distributed filaments of the auditory nerve. 
M. al'ba or al'bida. 1. Albinism. 2. 
Whitish sjiots seen on serous surfaces, es- 
pecially the pericardium, caused by a pre- 
vious circumscribed inflammation. M. ar- 
cua'ta, arcus senilis. M. cosru'lea, a pe- 
culiar exanthem ibrmerly su]iposed to be 
characteristic of typhoid fever, really due 
to bites of crab-lice. M. cor'nese. F. al- 
bugo ; G. Hornhautfleok ; /. albugine. A 
dense white opaque spot on the cornea. 
M-ee. cribro'sse. F. taches criblees; G. 
Siebfleckeii. (iroups of minute openings 
in wall of vestiliule i'or passage of auditory 
nerve-fibres. The supericu' leads into the 
utricle and amjjulhe of the vertical and 
liorizontal semicircular canals; the infe- 
rior, to the posterior semicircular canal ; 
the median, to the saccule. M. fla'va, 
macula lutca. M. germinati'va, germi- 
nal disc. M. hepat'ica, chloasma hepati- 
cum. M. lu'tea. F. tache jauue. A 
roundish spot on the retina in the visual 
axis, marked by difl'used yellow pigment. 
Ketiiial cones only are found upon it, and 
it appears to be the jirincipal focus of vis- 
ion. M. ma'jor [Morgagni], macula crib- 
rosa anterior: see M(iiiil:i crihro^n:. M. 
mater'na or M. mat'ricis, mother's mark, 
n.-evus pigmentosus. M. ni'gra, blind spot. 
M. sola'ris, freckle. 

Mac'ular. L. macularis ; F. maculeux, 
euse ; G. gefleckt; /. uuiculoso. Pertain- 
ing to, or affected with, macuhc. 

Mac'ulated. Z. maculatus; /'.macule; 
G . fleckig ; /, maculato. Spotted. 

Maculature ( F.). Macula. 

Macula'tus {L.). F. macule, ee ; /. 
maculato. Spotted, maculated. 

Mac'uliform. Ijookiiig like a stain or 

Mac'ulous. L. tnaculosus ; /'. macu- 
leux, euse; G. fleckig; /. macidoso. S]iot- 

Mad [.1. S. geniad]. 1. Pojiular syn- 
onym for insane. 1^. .M1'ei-ted with rabies. 
M. itch, form <if enzootic ilisease of cattle 
characterized by frantic scratching and rub- 



bing of various parts, with tympanites ; often 

Ma'dar : see Madar. 

Madaro'sis {L.) [//a(5«/y»>r]. F. mada- 
rose ; / luadarosi. The production of ma- 
daronia — ('. e. loss of hair, especially of the 

Madarot'ic. L. madaroticus. Pertain- 
ing to iiiadarosis ; without eyelashes. 

Mad'der [^1. <S'. ma'ddere]. L. rubia; 
F. ganiiice ; G. Krapp, FarberriJthe ; /. 
robbia. The root of Rubia linctonim, L. ; 
used in the arts as a dye ; formerly thought 
to be (•nniii'iiat:(ij.''ue and diuretic. 

Mad-dog skull'cap. Sculdlarid htleri- 
Jlorn, \j. 

Mad-dog weed. J/imiKi phnitngo. 

Madefaction (/'')■ L- madefactio ; I. 
madefazione. .Moistcniiitr. 

Made'ma or Made'sis ( />.) [//'/'/«<«]. 
Alnpeci;!, niadarosis. 

Maden'wnarm (&.)• Ojj/un's vermicu- 
lar is. 

Ma'dia (L). A genus of Chniposi'se. 
M. oil, a bland fi,\ed oil from the seeds of 
Mnilifi xiitira, Miil. M. sati'va, .Mid., a 
Chilian herb cultivated in j:]iiropo and 
where for the seed. 

Madi'sis (L.) [,'i.dii'.iTK'\. Baldness. 

Mad'ison Springs. Chalybeate min- 
eral s]irinfrs, in Madison Co., (Joorgia. 

Madiste'rium (//.). An instrument for 
reniovin;: hair. 

Mad'ness [A.S. gemad]. /''. folio; G. 
Verriicktheit ; /. pazzia. 1. Disorder of 
the intellect of any kind, permanent, tran- 
sient, etc. 2. Popular term for insanity. 
M., canine', hydrophobia. 

Ma'dor (/>.). 1.. Moisture. 2. Profuse 

MadoiThee i F.). Syiihilis. 

Madras' tur'meric. A commercial va- 
riety of turmeric, consisting of thick lat- 
eral branches of the rhizome, mi.xcd with 

sliced tubers. 

Madre (/.). Mother. M. del vino, 
lees of \vin(;. 

Madreperla (/.). Mother-of-pearl. 

Madro'ne Min'eral Springs. Car- 
bonated water, (i miles N. of (iilroy Hot 
Springs, Santa Clara Co., California." 

Madu'ra foot. Mycetoma. 

Mad'weed. Scutellaria. 

Mad'wort. Camelina saliva, Crantz ; 
leaves vermifuge. 

Vol.. II.— r 

Mse'a (7..) [/zaTa], A midwife. Mse'eia, 

Madchenschneider or Madchen- 
stecher {G.). A man having an insane 
desire to cut or wound girls. 

Meeeusioma'nia (X.) [^/laiEurrci, ijaAoi]. 
Undue zeal in aiding labor. 

Maeeusiopho'bia (L.) \_>,'uiiiii\. Undue 
fear (if aiding labor. 

Mseeu'sis {L.) [//atrow]. Labor. 

Mseeu'tic. G. Miieutisch. Obstetrical. 

Maeutik(G.). Obstetrics. 

Meeeu'tria (L.). Midnife. 

Mahneugi'ind ( 6-'.). A scabby, mangy 
condition at the roots of the mane in the the result of chronic pruritus. 

Mahrenflechte or Mahrenzopf {G.). 
Plica [lolonica. 

Mee'nas ( L.) [//.a:^«v-]. Mania, fury. 

Mannlich ((/.> Male. 

Mae'sa (L.). A genus of Myrciuex. 
M. lanceola'ta,, saoria, an African 
shrub ; the fruit is u.sed as a tiwnifuge. M. 
pic'ta, Hoch., M. Innceoliila^ Hocli. 

Masten (G.). To fatten. Mastung, 

Mausefell or Mausefleck ( G:). Moth- 
er's mark. 

Mausegifb (<7.). .\rsenions acid. 

Mauseohrchen (C). Hivracium pilo- 
sM,, L. 

Mausezahn (G\). Incisor tooth. 

Mafu'ra tal'low. A concrete fixed oil 
obtained from the seeds of Truldlia emctica, 

Mafurei'ra oleifera, Bert. Trichilia 
itnt'/irii, A'abl. 

Mag'dalen. A reformed prostitute. 
Magen (G.). Stomach; — ader, gas- 
tric vein ; — arterienflechte, cojliac plexus ; 

— ausdehnung, gastrectasia ; — ausspii- 
lung, washing out the stomach: — be- 
schwerde, gastric disorder; — blahung, 
flatulence of the stomach; — blutung, 
gastrorrhagia ; — brei, chyme; — brennen, 
heartburn, pyrosis; — bruch, gastroccle ; 

— carcinom, carcinoma of stomach ; — 
catarrh, catarrhal gastritis; — darm- 
schwimmprobe, test as to whether the 
stomach and intestines contain gases enough 
to float them in pnre water ; — diagnostic, 
examination of the condition of tlie stomach 
and of its .secretions ; — dickdarmband, 
greater omentum ; — driicken, cardialgia ; 

— driise, pancreas ; — driisen, peptic 



glands ; — dtinndarmfistel , ^astm-intesti- 
iial fistula j — durchfall, (lianhica from 
passage of uiidi^fstnl tood IVniii the stniii- 
iudi intd ill'- iiitfstincs ; — durchloche- 
rung, |M'ri'iiratinn uf the stdiiiacli ; — ent- 
zlindung, gastritis ; — erweichung, gas- 
troiiialacia ;" — erweiteruiig, gastrc'ftasia, 
dilatatinii of the stoiuacli ; — expression, 
Kwald's term for a liu'tliod of cxauiiiiiiig 
the stoiiiaeh ; — fistel, gastric fistula; — 
gegend, epigastric region; — gesch-wiir, 
gastrie ulcer; — geschwulst, tunmr 
of the stomach; — gicht, gout in 
the stomach; — grube, pit of the stom- 
ach; — griind, fundus of the stom- 
ach; — hailt, coat <if the stoniaidi ; — 
husten, stomach cough ; — katarrh, gas- 
tric catarrh ; — koller, vertigo m- staggers 
in the horse, due to gastric disorder; — 
kl-ampf, siiasni of the stomach, gastro- 
dvnia; — kl'ankheit, ga»tro]iatli_v : — 
kranzarterie, coronary artery of the stom- 
ach ; — krebs, canec't ol' stoUKodi ; — 
kriimmung, curvature of stomach; — 
lahmung, paralysis of the stomach ; — 
leberband, uastro-hepatic ligament ; — 
leiden, i:astropathy ; — milzband, gastro- 
splenic ligament; — mittel, stomachic; — 
miind, oberer, cardiac oritiee of stomach ; 

— mund, unterer, pyloric orilice of stom- 
ach; — naht, gastrnrrhapliy ; — netz, 
great omentum; — netzarterien, or — 
netzschlagadern, or — netzpulsadern, 
■rastro-epiploic arteries; — netzdrlisen, 
gastric lymphatic glands; — polyp, gas- 
tric ]Hilypus ; — pulsader or — schlag- 
ader, gastric artery; — pumpe, stoimodi- 
puuip; — rand, margin of the stomach; 

— reiz, gastric irritation; — schall, gas- 
trie resonance; — schhind, (eso|diagus; 

— sclimerz, yiain in the stomach; — 
schnitt, gastrotomy ; — schwache, weak- 
ness of stomach, dyspepsia ; — schwindel, 
vertii;-!) due to gastric irritation ; — 
schwindsucht, atrcijdiy of the stomach ; 

— seuche, eiiidemie dysentery in cattle; 

— spritze, stomaidi-pump ; — iibel, gas- 
tropalhy; — unruhe, morhid peristaltic 
action (d' the stoma(di when not containing 
foo<l ; — verdauung, gastric digestion; 

— verhartung, sein-hus lA' stonnudi ; — 
versch'warung, ulceration of the stom- 
ach; — wand, wall of the stomacdi; — 
weh, gastrodynia ; — zerfressung, gas- 
tndirosis; — zwolfflngerdarmarterie or 

— zwolfflngerdarmschlagader, gastro- 
duodc-nal artery. 

Magen'die's fora'nien. (•'. Magen- 
dic'schcs Loch : see luirniiu ii of Mmji mlic. 

Magen'die's solu'tion. An aqueous 
solution of sulphate of morphine. l(j grains 
to the ouiu-c. 

Magensaft (O.). Gastric juice; — 
driise, peptic gland; — fluss, hyiiersecrc- 
tion of gastric juice ; . — same, acid of the 
gastric juice. 

Magenschleim (&'.). JIucus of the 
stomach; — driise, mucous gland id' the 
stomach, ]iyloric gland; — fiuss, gastror- 
rlnea ; — liaut, mucous nu'mlirane ot the 

Magen'ta. Aniline red ; a crimson dye 
used for staining tissues. 

Magerkeit ((>'.). Leanness, thinness, 

Magern (O.). To Ix-come lean or 

Maggiolana or Maggiorana (/.). 
Sweet njarjoram. 

Maggiolina ( /. ). Li/tta n^icKtorin. 

Maggiore delle natiche ( /. ) . (J 1 u t s 

Mag'got \_(!i-'ih. niatha]. Larva of an 

Magistere (/•'.). !\Ligistery. M. de 
bismuth, hismuth snhnitratc. M. de 
jalap, resin of jalaji. M. de souft-e, 
jirecipitated sulphur. 

Magiste'rium ( L.). ^Ligistery. M. 
bismu'thi, hismuth suhnitrate. M. jala'- 
pge, resin of jalap, M. marcasi'tte, his- 
muth sulmitrate, M. o'pii, er\slalline 
]io\vder, jirohahly mor]ihinc m- C(Uitaii]ing 
it. iditaincil from opium hy I^udwig [1GS8]. 
M. SVll'phuris, precipitated sulidiur. 

Mag'istery. /,. magistcrium ; /v mag- 
istere ; 1. niagistcro. 1. An old name for 
the precipitate ohtained by diluting certain 
>olutions with water. 2. A powerful medi- 
cine. M. of bis'muth, hismuth suhnitrate. 

Mag'istraL A. magistralis ; /'. magis- 
tral, ale ; /. magistrale. In jiharmacy indi- 
cates a inedicanu'nt prepared extcniporane- 

Maglia {/.). I^Iesh ; space hetweeu 
crossed fihres of a tissue, or hetweeu anas- 
tomosing hranclu'S of a hlood-vcssel, 

Maglioso (/,). Eeticulated, made tiii 
t\i meshes. 

Mag'ma ( L.) [/"i/'/'^l ^- ^ei,^'. ]. 

Any crude mixture of mineral or organic 

matters in the state of paste. 2. The resi; 

due after ex]iressiun in certain pharmaccuti- 

1 cal operations. 



Mag'nes epUep'siae {L.). Cinnabar. 

Magne'sia (L.). MgO. F. magnesie. 
MagiiL'siuiu oxide, light magnesia, calcined 
magnesia. A white, very light, and very 
fine powder, odorless, having an earthy but 
no saline taste, and a faintly alkaline reac- 
tion ; almost insoluble in water, insoluble 
in alcohol [H. .S. P.] ; prepared by exposing 
light magnesium carbonate to a low red 
heat ; antacid, laxative : see also Calcined, 
Fluid, and Hen;/ niaipirsia. M. al'ba 
[P. J'ort.], inagticsiuni carbonate. M. cal- 
cina'ta, niaj^ncsia M. carbon'ica [P.], or M. hydrocarbon 'ica, inairne- 
sium carbonate. M. lev'is, Hl'IiI mau:nesia. 

M. pondero'sa [V. S. P.], heavy magnesia. 
[P. Ross.], magnesium sul- 

M. suLfu'rica ^ 

phate. M. us'ta [('od.]f magnesia 

Magnesia (l). Magnesia. M. bianca, 
carbonate of magnesia. M. solfata, Epsom 

Magne'sic-chalyb'eate. Term apj.lied 
to mineral waters containing both niao-ne- 
sium and iron. ' '^ 

Magnesie (F.). Magnesia. M. blanche, 
carbonate of magnesia. M. calcinee, cal- 
cined magnesia. M. hydratee, mairnesium 
hydrate. M. liquide, snlntinn of carbonate 
of magnesium. M. phosphatee, phosphate 
of magnesia. 

MagTiesien, enne ( F.). Relating to, 
or coiitaininir, magnesia. 

Magne'sii (L.), gen. of Magnesium. 
M. ac'etas, magnesium acetate. M. car- 
bo'nas, mairnesiuni carbonate. M. car- 
bo'nas lev'is [H. P.]. lij^ht carbonate of 
magnesiuni. M. carbo'nas pondero'sa 
[!>■ 1 J, heavy carbonate of mairnesium. 
M. chlori'dtim, magnesium chloride. M. 
cit'ras, matrncsium citrate. M. cit'ras 
granula'tus, -rauulated citrate of mat'- 
nesiuni. M. lac'tas, magnesium lactate. 
M. sul'phas, magnesiuni sulphate. M. 
sul'phis, magnesium sulphite. 

Magnesio-fer'ric cit'rate. L. ferri et 
maguesii citras. Transparent. <rreenish-vel- 
low .scales, having a sli-htly 'ferruginous 
somewhat acid taste, soluble in water in- 
soluble m alcd.ol ; prepared bv dissolving 
j ounces of freshly precipitated ferric hy- 
drate in an aqueous .solution of 3 ounces 
of citric acid, saturating the liquid with 
magnesium carbonate, filterinjr, evaporat- 
ing to a syrupy consistence, and spreadin<' 
upon glass plate to dry. 

Magne'sium (//.) [yri^v^,-]. M" /. 
magnesio. A brilliant, silver-white,^ mal- 

leable metal, spec. grav. 1.75. meltinij at a 
red heat, preserving its lustre in dry air, 
oxidizing slightly in moist air, burninc in 
the flame of a candle or gas-jet with an 
intensely white light, exist'ing widely dif- 
fu.sed in nature as a constituent of various 
minerals and as sulphate or chloride in min- 
eral springs and sea-water; obtained for 
commercial purposes by heating together 
anhydrous magnesium chloride, fluor spar, 
and sodium. M. ac'etate. Mg(C,H30,,).,.' 
L. maguesii acetas ; /'. acetate de magnJ- 
sie ; 0. Magnesiumacetat ; Z acetato di 
magne.sio. A white, very delique.seent .salt, 
soluble in water or alcohol, a product of the 
action of acetic acid upon mairnesium car- 
bonate. M. bo'rate, a white powder of 
sweetish taste, .soluble in 4 parts of water- 
used as an antiseptic under the name of 
antifungin [Oppermanti]. M. car'bonate 
(M.r('(),)..Mg(ll()),.-,ir,(). L. maguesii 
carbonas; /' carb(Uiate de magnesie; G. 
Magnesiumkarbonat; /. carbonato di mag- 
nesia. ]. Light magnesium carbonate is a 
very light, partly amorphous, partly crvs- 
talline powder, odorless, tasteless, almost 
insoluble in water; prepared by dissolving 
magnesium carbonate and .sodiiim sulphate 
in cold water, boiling the mixed .solutions 
for 1") minutes, washing the precipitate 
with boiling water, and drying [H. ]'.]. 2. 
Heavy magtu'sium carbonate is a white 
granular powder; other characters as above- 
prepared by dissolving magnesium carbo- 
nate ami sodium suljihate in boiling water, 
evaporating the mixed solutions to dryness' 
digesting' the residue in water, washing 
thoroughly and drying [B. P.]: antacid"! 
laxative. M. carbon'icum [P. (!.] or 
M. carbon'icum hydro-oxyda'tum [P. 
.\ust.], magnesiMMi earlifmate. M. clllo'- 
ride. Mg('l,.(;il.,(>. L. maguesii dilori- 
dum ; F. chlorure de magnesiuni. A col- 
orless, deli(|ue.scent, crystalline salt, havinir 
a bitter .saline taste, very soluble in waten 
readily soluble in alcohol"; prepared for me- 
dicinal purposes by treating magnesium car- 
bonate with hydrochloric acid, concentrating 
and crystallizing the filtered liquid ; pur<'a" 
tive. M. cit'rate. Mg3(C„H,().).,.14HrO. 
L. maguesii titras ; F. citrate de magne.sio ; 
G. Magnesiumcitrat; / citrato di magne- 
sio. A dull white, insipid, neutral salt.'.sol- 
uble in twice its weight of boiling water. 
The tiiode of preparation authorized by the 
Cod. is as follows: neutralize a .solution of 
citric acid with magnesium oxycarbonate, 
filter while warm, and let stamf '.'M hours, 
express the caseous mass which forms. 



diviJe into tliin slices, and dry at a tem- 
perature of 'M° to 2o° C; cathartic; see 
also (iriiiiii/a/ii/ cilrtili- of i>i(i;;ii<aiiii)i. M. 
cit'ricum, niairnesium citrate. M. cit'- 
ricum eflferves'cens [P. <i ]. tiraimlaicd 
citrate of niagiie^iinii. M. hy'di'ate. Mi;- 
(()II),„ /v. uiagnesii hydras ; /'. iMaf;n(''>ie 
livdrat^e. A compound prepared liy hoilinj; 
inaLMiesia in 20 toiUI times its \vcij;ht of water 
fur liO minutes, strainini;-, ami dryinii [Cod.]. 
M. hy'dro-oxyda'tum [P. Aust.], mag- 
nesium hydrate. M. lac'tate. Mg(t',H-,- 
(_),,)..,. 3 1 1. ,6. L. niauiu'sii lactas ; /■'. lactate 
de mairnesie ; (i. Mannesiumlaetat : /. lat- 
tatii <li mapnesia. A white crystalline salt, 
soluhle in 110 parts of cold water, insolu- 
ble in aliMdinl ; ]ire])ared liy diuihle deeom- 
])iisition iif calcium lactate with njajiiiesium 
sulphate. M. ox'ide, iiiagncsia. M. oxy- 
da'tiim [P. Aust.], nia^niesia. M. sulfu.'- 
ricum [P. (i.]. inauiiesium suljdiate. M. 
svilfu'ricum sic'cum, dried magnesium 
sulphate. M. sulfuro'suin, mauiiesiuin 
sulphite. M. suPphate. .MgS0,.7H.,(.). 
Jy, maunesii sul|il]as; /'. sulfate de nuigne- 
sie ; (r. Uittersalz ; /. scdfato di utagnesia. 
Epsom salt ; a colorless, odorless, hitter, 
neutral, slowlv efH(U-escciit. cryslalliur salt. 
in the form of small righl-rlKimhic ]iri>nis 
or iicicular needles ; soluhle in watei-, iuwd- 
uhlc in alcohol ; a constituent of sea-water 
and many mineral springs; jirepared on the 
large scale from magiu'site. kieserite, and 
other minerals ; purgative: see also/^/vVr/ 
mni/iifsiinii .<iu/phiif>\ M. suPphite. IMg- 
S():,.riH._,(). L. magnesii sulphis ; /•'. sulfite 
dc niagiiesie ; G. .Magiiesiumsulfif ; 7. sdl- 
fito di m.'igiiesia. A white, crystalline, oihir- 
less jiowder. having a slightly hitter and 
sul]ihiircius taste ; soluhle in 20 parts uf 
water, iiisoluhle in alcidiol ; jireparrd hy 
IiMssing sulphurous acid gas through a ! 
mixture (jf magnesium carbonate ;iud wa- 
ter: autizyirortic. 

Magnesiumcitrat in Kornem ( (>'.). 
(irauulated <'itrate iit' magiie.^iuui. 

Magnesiuinkarbonat (''■)■ .Magtic- 
siuni carbonate. 

Magnesiumlactat. Magnesium lactate. 

Mag'net opera'tion. Pcmoval of frag- 
ments of iron (jr sleel fnuu tiie evehall hy 
means of a magnet. 

Magneteisen ( (/.). Ferroso-ferric ox- 

Magnet'ic. L. magiu:>ticus ; F. inag- 
neti(|ue : d'. magiu'tisch ; /. magiietico. 
I'crtainiug to magnetism. M. ox'ide of 
i'ron, ferroso-ferric oxide. 

Mag'netism. X. magnetismus; /'. niag- 
iietisme ; J. magnetisino. The pro]ierty of 
attraction possessed hy a magnet. M., an'- 
imal, hy]iu<itisui. 

Mag'netite. /". magnetite. Ferroso- 
ferric iixide. 

Mag'netize. F. nuignetiser ; O. mag- 
netisiren ; J. magnetti/.zare. To hriiig under 
the influence of njagnetism. to hvpnutize. 

Magniduc'tor (/>.). Adductor niaunu.s 

Magnipso'as (//.). Psoas iiuignus 

Magno'lia. (7. ]\Iagnolie. 1. A genus 
of AIiii/iKiliw in:. 2. 'i'lie hark (jf Mni/iio/id 
(icinniiiiitii. L., M. (jliiiii-ti, L., aiul ,1/. Irijji- 
tiihi. L. [P. S. ]'.] : a stimulant, aronjatic 
tonie. and dia))lioretie. M. acuruina'ta, 
L., cucumher-tree. grows in the T". S. along 
the Alleghany range of mountains. M. 
glau'ca, ]j.. sweet hay. white bay, l»caver- 
tree, swamp sassafras ; a shrub or small 
trei' of the .Atlantic c(,a>t ol' the V . S. 
M. grandiflo'ra, P.. the great lauiel mag- 
nolia of the southern P. S. M. mexi- 
ca'na, i\Pic. el Sesse., found in ^lexico 
and Chili. The flowers are ummI as an 
antisjiasiriodie and tunic [F. Mex.]. M. 
tripet'ala, P [M. innJinUn. P,im.). um- 
brella tree; indigenous to the p. S. M. 
umbrePla, Lam.. MnijiinUri iriprtuln. L. 

Magno'lia Spring. Sulidiuretted. clia- 
lybeate water, J'lains of I.»ura, >Sumter Co., 

Magnolie ( (!.')■ ^Pignolia. 

Mag'nolin. A crystalline principle ob- 
tained by Proctor (1S72) from the fruit of 
Mminnliii tiipdnlii. 

Mag'nnm os ( L.^. <)s magnum. 
Mag'nus mor'bus ( 7^.). Epilepsy. 
Magrezza. (I.). Leanness, emaciation. 
Magl'O, a, Ic-an. eiiiaciateil. 

Magsamen ( ('■') I'oppy-sced. 
Maguey' (>!/'.'■.). Agave. M. manso, 

Aii'dr piiliitnriim and .1. ^ii/niimin, Hort. 

M. meco, A</)in liii,ii. 

Maha murree. Pali jdague. 

Mahl(^'. 1. M(dc. 

Mahlzalin {(i. ). Molar tooth. 

Mahnflechte, or Mahnklatte.or Mahn- 
locke ( a.). I'lica |iolornca. 

Mahog'any. /'. acajou ; G. 3hihag- 
onyholz ; /. acaciii. The wood of Siiie- 
t'liiiii MaJioiyaiii, L. 

Mah'wah but'ter. A concrete oil ex- 



pressed from tlie seeds of Bassia longifolia, 
L., and B. latl/oUa, Roxb. 

Mah'wah spir'it. An alcoholic liquor 
distilled from tlie fermented flowers of Bas- 
sia IntifiAia, Roxb. 

Mahy's plas'ter. Plaster of carbonate 
of lead. 

Maiblume (C). Lily of the valley, 

('i)iii'illiiriii niajalix. L. 

Maid'enhair. L. capillus veneris ; F. 
capilhiire; 6-'. Frauenhaar ; /. cai)elvenere. 
The frond of Adiantum capillux- VeiK-rh, L.. 
and -t. peilaliim, L. ; denuik-ent and slightly 
stimulant : see also Canai/a m. 

Maid'enhead. Maidenhood, virginity. 

Maiei'a(/>.) [,aai££«]. Midwifery. 

Maier's si'nus. An inconstant divertic- 
ulum of the lachrymal sac into which 
empty the lachrymal ducts. 

Maieu'ma (L.) [,aai£r««]. Birth, that 
which is b<irn. 

Maieu'tics [//«:£'')<«]. Obstetrics. 

Maigre (/•'.). Thin, emaciated, lean. 

Maigreur (F.). Leanness. 

Mai'hem. Mayhem. 

Mailandische Rose (G.). Pellagra. 

Maille (/'.). Mesh; a space in a net- 
work of capillaries. 

Maillot (F.). Swaddling-cloth. M. 
huinide, a wet bandage or sheet. M. 
sec, heated cloth or blanket ap]ilied to 
produce diaphoresis. 

Maim'ing [(J/</ Froich, mehaigner]. De- 
priving of a limb, feature, or organ. 

Main (F.). Hand. M. bote, club- 
hand. M. en crochet or M. fermee, a 
deformity seen in glassblowers ; a jicrnia- 
nent contraction of the third and fourth 
fingers, the thumb being unaffected. M. 
en griffe, a claw-like shape of the hand, 
due to paralysis of the interosseous and 
lunibrical muscles; sonu'times I'ound in 
progressive mus(;ular atrnphv. 

Mais {F.). Maize, In(iian corn, Zna 
mai/x, L. 

Maisbrand ( G. ). Corn-smut. 

Maison r/'.). House. M. d'accouche- 
ment, lying-in hospital. M. d'alienes, 
in.sane asylum. M. mortuaire, mortuary. 
M. de sante, private hospital. M. de 
tolerance, house of ill-fame. 

Maispsychosen (C). con- 
nected with pellagra. 

Maissiat'scher Streifen {G.). Ilio- 
tibial band. 

Maisstarke (G.). Corn starch. 
Maize. Indian corn. 

Ma'jor opera'tions. Surgical opera- 
tions involving immediate risk of life. 

Majorana (/.). Marjoram. On't/inuiin 
majorana, L. 

Majora'na horten'sis, Moench. On'- 
ffainim nitijnraiia^ L. 

Majo'ri-rec'tus (L.). Rectus capitis 
anticus niajcjr [Coues]. 

Major'ity [major]. F. majorite; G. 
Majoritat, Miindigkeit ; /. maggioranza. 
The age at which the law recognizes inde- 
pendent responsibility ; in the United States 
and Pmgland the age of 21 years. 

Mak-. For words beginning thus, see 
also Mile-. 

Makintosh (F., I.). Mackintosh. 
Makro-. For words thus beginning, 
not found here, see under Macro-. 

Makrochilie ((?.) \_yXi^>>i]. Hyper- 
trophy of the lip. 

Makrocosmus {G.). Macrocosm. 

Makrocyte (ff.). Macrocyte. 

Makronosie (G.). Chronic disease. 

Makroskop ( G.). Macroscope. 

Makroskopisch ((?.). Macroscopic. 

Makrosomie (ff.). Macrosomia. 

Makrostomia {G.). Macrostoma. 

Makula(6'.). Macula. 

Mai (/'), pi. Manx. Sickness, disease, 
ailment : see also under Malndir. M. des 
Allemands, syphilis. M. d'ane, cra[iau- 
din<>. M. anserine, anserine disease. M.des 
ardents, epidemic ergotism. M. des As- 
turies, pellagra. M. d'aventure, whiihjw. 
M. de la baie de Saint-Paul, syphiloiil. 
M. des Barbades, elephantiasis. M. de 
bassine, eruptive disease of hands of 
winders of silk from cocoons. M. de 
Boutry, posthitis in horses. M. de buas, 
syphilis. M. caduc, epilepsy. M. de 
cerf, tetanus in the horse. M. de chicot, 
tertiary syphilis M. chimique, |ihospho- 
ru.s necrosis. M. des Chretiens, syphilis. 
M. de coeur, nausea. M. du coit or M. de 
coit, a specific disease of the hcirse. eiuniuu- 
nicable by coitus, characterized in the first 
stage by inflammations in the genito-urinarv 
organs, and in la t erst ages bv cutaneous erup- 
tions and paralysis. M. de contagion, in 
veterinary medicine, anasarca. M. de Cri- 
mee, elepliantia.sis. M. curial, syphilis. 
M. des dattes: see U/rrrx. <,ii/>mir. M. 
de dents, toothache. M. divin, epilepsy. 



M. d'enfant, lalmr-pains. M. d'enfer or 
M. d'Espagne, cTvsi|Hlus. M. espagnol, 
sviihilis. M. d'estomac. 1. Carlu-xia 
ai|iiiisa. 2. Sloiiiach-aclu-. M. de Fiume, 
sviihiluid. M. ft-an(;ais, svpliilis. M. de 
garrot, injury of tlu> withers of the liorso, 
lirudiK-iMl 1)V (iressurt' or friction of liariipss. 
M. do gorge, antrina. M. de hanche, 
coxaluia. M. haut or M. intellectuel 
igi-and), epilepsy. M. de Job, syphilis. 
M. de langue, anthrax of the tdiiLiiie. M. 
de los pintos, iiinta. M. de lune, ]>eri- 
odieal uphthalniia. M. de machoil-e, tris- 
mus. M. de Melada, iiellai:ra. M. de 
mer, sea-sickness. M. de mere, hysteria. 
M. de misere, |iellaL;i-a. M. des mon- 
tagnes, mountain sicki]e>s. M. de mort, 
leprosy. M. de Naples, syphilis. M. de 
neige, the intense desire to sleep i'elt Ijy 
persens travelling in the snuw an<l intense 
eiild. M.denerfs, paralysis auitans; neuras- 
thenia. M. noir, anthrax. M. de nuque, 
poll evil. M. d'oreilles, otitis, earache. 
M. de Paris, intestinal disiirder to which 
straiiLTers in I'aris are sulijei't. M. du 

pays, ii'istal^ia. M. perforant du pied, 
Madura foot. M. de Piedi-a, syphilis. 
M. de pis, mastitis in cows. M. des 
Polonais, syphilis. M. de Pott, Pott's 
disease. M. da I*una, juma. M. de 
raquet, snowslmo disease. M. de reins, 
lunibauii. M. de rose or rosso, pellagra. 
M. rouge, erysipelas. M. rouge de 
Cayenne, elephantiasis. M. rouge du 
pore, rethlauf M. sacre, epile]isy. M. 
de saignee, ]ihh'liitis fnlldwiuLr venesection. 
M. saint, ejiilepsy. M. Saint-Antoine, 
erysi]ielas. M. de Sainte-Buphemie, 
tertiary syphilis. M. Saiiit-Jean, epi- 
lepsy. M. Saint-Lazare, <'lephantiasis. 
M. Saint-Main, iiellau'ra. M. de Saint- 
Merviiis nr M. de Saint-Senient, sy]ilii- 
lis. M. de Siam, ydlnw fever. M. del 
sol, pellaLii-a. M. de taupe, jioll evil. 
M. telegraphique, telegraphers' cramj). 
M. de tete, eephalaljiia, lieadaehe. M. 
de theatre, Paul's term for syiu'opc in a 

thi'atre, es] iallv oeeurrinj; in Wdinen near 

the hcginnini: nf prejrnancy. M. des 
Turcs, syphilis. M. des 'Qrsulines, dem- 
iiiinpathv (if Loudon in l(i:'.'J. M. ver- 
tebral de Pott, Pott's disease. 

Mai (/. ), eontractiim of Male. Siek- 
ne-.s. M. di fiume, falcadina. M. del 
higado, or M. del monte, or M. rosso, 
or M. del sole, pellagra. M. del venne, 
fa re v . 

Ma'la(A.). Cheek. 

Mal'abar car'damom. The official 
cardaniiiiM, ij. r. 

Mal'abar itch. A form of scabies 

Mal'abar ki'no. The official kino, East 
India kino. 

Malabath'rum (/>.). Folia malaliathri^^; 
the leaves of ('iiininimmnm nitliiiim and 
other species of < '. 

Malac'ca bean. Fruit of Aimatnliiim. 

Malac'ca-nut. Oriental cashew-nut. 

Mal'achite green. F. vert malachite. 
Tetrainethyl-diamidii-triphenyl-carbinol ox- 
alate'. A green dve. jiowder soluhle in 
water or alcolnd, used in contrast staining. 

Mala'cia ( A., /. ) [//a/.az'ls'j. F. malacie. 
]. (t. Erweichiing. Suftening. 2. G'. Ge- 
liiste. r)epraved ap|ietite. 

Malacocatarac'ta (//.). Soft cataract. 

Malacogas'ter ( A ) [;'u/Trv;'/<]. 1. Soft- 
ening of the stomach. 2. A softened 

Malaco'ma ( /y. ) \_;ia).a/.i'Hi>'\. A soften- 
ing. M. cer'ebri, softening of the brain. 
M. os'sium, osteomalacia. 

Malacopho'nus {L.) \_:'aXa/.n^, yi«-/7;]. 


Malacosarcose (F.). Softening of the 

Malaco'sis ( L.) \_ni,).a/.oui'\. Softening. 

Malacos'teon or Malacos'teum (L.) 
[i.'ffy/i'i']. F. ; G. Knochen- 
erweichung; /. malacosteosi. Std'tening 
uf the billies. 

Malac'tic. L. malacticus; F. ma- 
lactii|iie; /. malactico. Emollient. Ma- 
lac'tica, emollients. 

Malade {F.). 1. Patient, a sick per- 
son. 2. Sick, ill. 

Maladie (F.), pi. Maladies. Disease: 
see alsd under Mil. M. d'Addison, -\d- 
dison's disease. M. des anatomistes, dis- 
ease resulting from di.^sectinn Wdunds. M. 
anglaise, sy]ihilis. M. aphtheuse, aphtli- 
ous stomatitis. M.d'Aran, lu'ogressive nius- 
eiilar atrophy. M. de la bale de Saint- 
Pavil, a svphiloid which ap]ieared in Canada 
in ITtiti. aiiKing the fishing pojmlation of 
the Bay of St. Paul. M. de Basedow or 
de Graves, exophthalmic guitre. M. de 
Bergeron, locali/.eil rhytlimic chorea. M. 
bleue, cyanosis. M. de Bright, Hright's 
disease. M. bronzee, Addison's disease. 
M. de Briimi, sypliiloid which prevailed 



in Moravia in ISVS. M. carbonculaire, 
anthrax. M. cardiaque, sweating sick- 
ness. M. chancelante, paralysis apitans. 
M. comitiale, epilepsy. M. coimee, 
congenital disease. M. de Corrig-an, Cor- 
rigaii's disease. M. de Cruveilhier, ulcer 
of stomach. M. ecailleuse, ichthyosis. 
M-s. d'evolution, develu|iuieiital diseases. 
M. feminine, iScythian disease. M. de 
foin, hay fever. M. de Hanovre : see 
Mill de rr/it. M. herculeenne, epilepsy. 
M. de Hodgson, Hodgson's disease. M-s. 
d'imitation, neuroses aciiuired by imita- 
tion. M. d'Isambert, acute miliary tu- 
berculosis of larynx and pharynx. M. 
kystique, cystic disease. M-s. de lait or 
laiteuses, diseases occurring during lac- 
tation. M. de Landry, acute ascending 
spinal paralysis. M. lunatique, mania, 
epilejisy. M. de Meniere, .Menii're's 
disease. M. mercurielle, hydrargyria. 
M. des mineurs, aniemla produced in 
miners by the presence in the intestine of 
the Aiif/)n7/ii/ii. iiifcsliiiafi^ and A. s/cirornliii, 
Bavay. M. de Morvan, Morvan's disease. 
M-s. mystiques,, trance, etc. M. 
de Parkinson, paralysis agitan.s. M. de 
Pavy, intermittent cyclic albuminuria. 
M. du pays, nostalgia. M. pediculaire, 
phtheiriasis. M. de poitrine, ]ihthisis, 
chronic pneumonia. M-s. populaires, epi- 
demic diseases. M-s. regionales, endemic 
diseases. M-s. religieuses : see J/-.<. mi/^- 
tiqnrs. M. sacree, epilepsy. M. san- 
guine, pletliora. M. des Scythes, ."Scyth- 
ian disease. M-s. secretes, venereal dis- 
eases. M. de Siam, yellow fever. M. de 
Sologne, cachexia a(|uosa. M. du som- 
meil, slee])ing sicrkness. M. des sucre- 
ries, West Indian name for beriberi. M. 
tachetee, purpura. M. de Thomson, 
Thonisen's disease. M. tremblante, jiar- 
alysis agitans. M. des trieurs de laine, 
woolsorters' disease. M. vesiculeuse, 
pemphigus. M. de Verlhoff, jiuriuira 

Maladif, ive {F.). Sickly. 

Maladrerie (F.). Leper hospital. 

Mal'ady [mains]. /'. mahidic ; mal ; 
G. Krankiieit ; /. nnilattia, male. Disease. 

Malag'ma (A.) [//•■Mfirrfl-w]. Cataplasm. 

Malaire (^'.). Malar, malar bone. 

Malaise {F.). Uneasiness, discomfort. 

Malakosteon (G.). Osteomalacia. 

Malam 'bo-bark. Matias-bark ; the bark 
of(_'r(iloii Mnliniihn^ l\ars.,from South Amer- 
ica ; an aromatic tonic. 

Malan'co opera 'tion : see Finehn-Ma- 

l<tnco opri-atiijii. 

Mal'anders. L. malandria ; F. malan- 
dre ; /. malandra. Mallenders. 

Malaprax'is [L.). Legal synonym for 

Ma'lar. L. malaris ; F. malaire ; /. 
malare. Pertaining to the cheek or to the 
malar bone. M. ar'teries, small branches 
of the lachrymal jiiercing the malar bone. 
M. bone. L. os malare ; F. malaire ; G. 
Jochbein : /. osso malare. A paired bone 
of the face which unites the frontal and 
superior maxillary with the zygomatic proc- 
ess of the temporal bone, forming the ])rom- 
inence of the cheek. M. canal'. L. cana- 
lis zj-gomatico-facialis. A small pas.sage 
through the substance of the malar bone 
from orbit to facial surface. M. in'dex. 

F. indice malaire; G. Wangenbreiten-Lidex. 
Ratio of bimalar diameter projier to alveolo- 
nasal line, the latter taken as Idt) [Topi- 
nard]. M. nerves. 1. Twigs I'rom orbital 
branch of superior maxillary nerve, pass- 
ing through the malar canals. 2. Branches 
from facial nerve which pass across the 
cheek. M. point, the most prominent 
part (jf the malar boiu!. M. proc'eSS. 
Jj. processus malaris; /''. apophyse malaire; 

G. Jochfortsatz. 1. That which extends 
backward from the upper portion of bo<ly 
of sujierior maxillary lnuie, uniting it with 
the malar bone. 2. Zygonuitic process. 
M. tuberos'ity. L. tuberositas malaris; 
F. tuberculc malaire; <t. Wangcnhocker. 
A slight protuberance on the lower edge 
of the malar bone where it unites with the 
superior maxillary. 

Malarbreite (G.). Bimalar diameter 

Mala'ria [male, aria]. 1. The specific 
paludal miasm which is supposed to be the 
cause of ague and allied diseases. 2 (7''.). 
Foul air. 

Malariafieber ( ''''.). Malarial fever. 

Mala'rial. F. malariquc; G. malarisch; 
I. inalarico. Pertaining to, or caused by, 
malaria. M. cachex'ia, cachexia pro- 
duced by chronic malarial disease. M. fe'- 
ver. L. fi'bris malarialis; F. fii^vre palu- 
deenne ; G. .Malariafieber; /. febbre mala- 
rica. An etnlemic di.sease of wide geo- 
graphical distribution, characterized by 
fever which tisnally has distinct periods 
of remission or intermission, enlargenuuit 
of the spleen, ]iigmentation of various in- 
ternal organs, and destruction of red blood- 



corpuscles. M. intermit'tent fever, ma- 
larial tV'vi^r wilh pcriu^ls uf apyrcxia. There 
ar'.' iiuiiu'riius varieties depending on the 
leiiLith of the intermission, as duodeeiniane, 
hehdoinailai. nonane, oetane, quintan. (|U0- 
tidiaii. septan, se.xtan, tertian, etc. There 
are sub-varieties of these, as doubh' tertian, 
double (pidtidian. etc. M. remit'teiit fe- 
ver, malarial ievi-r with ]ieri"ds ol' rmiis- 
sicjn IVuni tlie height of the fever, bnt no 
periods uf apyrexia. There are numerous 
varieties, depending on the most prominent 
svniptoms: t^ee />'//(((».<, Gn^^tiir, Gn^lin-fti/i/- 
)i((iiiir. O(islro-/jl/ii/iit:, Iiti'iic, etc. Jin r. 
There are numerous varieties of malarial 
fever, either remiltent or intermittent in 
type, named, aeeording t( I locality, sy nipt on] s, 
or severity id' the attack, as ajdionic. a]io- 
pleetic, ardent, autumnal, Bengal, Bona, 
Chairres, emnatose, congestive, country, 
fall. h;onoi]itoie. hill, jungle, lake, maskeil, 
Mediterranean, mountain. Niger. iKilmlal, 
Panama, jieriodic, jiernicions, snbintrant, 
vernal, Walcheren. etc. fever. 

Mala'ri-labia'lis (/-.). Zygmuaticus 
nuijiir [Cones]. 

Mala'rious. I'crtaining to, due to. or 
afiected w ith. njalaria. 

Mala'ris (A). 1. :\Ialar. 2. L. orbicu- 
laris inalaris. Fascicles from the oibicnla- 
ris paljiebranim. which pass downward to 
T)p inserted into the skin of the check 

Malai'punktbreite ( (•■)■ Bimalar diam- 
eter. ]iropcr. 

MalassLmila'tion. Imperfect assimila- 
tion or nutrition. 

Mal'ate. (!■ apfelsaures Salz ; /. tnalato. 
Salt formed by the union of malic acid with 
a base. M. of iron : see Ttuctura friri 

Malaticcio (I). Slickly. 

Malato, fem. a (/.). 1. Imlisposi'd, 
sick. ill. •_'. .Malate. 

Malattia (/). Disease. M. di Ad- 
dison, .Xildison's disease. M. aftosa, 
aphthous stomatitis. M. dell' anca, cox- 
algia, M. degli ardenti, ergotism. M. 
azzuiTa, cyanosis. M. di Basedow, 
Basedow's disease. M. bronzina, Addi- 
son's disease. M. di Bright, Uriirht's dis- 
pasi'. M. di Briinn, lirunn's iliscas<'. M. 
carbonchiosa, anthrax. M, del coito, 
mal (In eoit. M. con:iiziale, epilepsy. M. 
del fleno, hay fever. M. di Flajani, 
exopliihalmic goitre. M. di Meniere, 
jMenii're's disease. M. dei mitiatori, 

miners' disease, miners' anaemia. M. del 
paese, mistalgia. M. pedicolare, i>lithei- 
riasis. M. rossa, pellagra. M. sacra, 
epilepsy. M. di Siam, yellow fever. M. 
di SologTia, pellagra. M. venerea, 


Malattinuccia (/.). Slight diseases. 

Malaxa'tion. L. malaxatio. A soften- 
ing, making soft, as by kneading ; a variety 
of nuissagc. 

Malaxiren i G.'). To soften. 

Malax'is {L.) [//.u/.uzwi-]. A morbid 

Malazissa'tus {L.). Effeminate. 

Mal-bouche, ee {F.). iMal-dcnto. 

Mal'ce (/>.j [.'j'i/./j,]. Frost-bite, chil- 

Mal-coBur (F.'). Chthonopliagia. 

Malcubato (/.). Sickly, frail. 

Mal-dente, ee (F.). Having a faulty 
disjHisition of the teeth. 

Male. F. mfdc ; G. niiinnlicli ; / maschio. 
IMasculine, pertaining to males. M. blade: 
see F uifilf b/(i(h\ M. fern, as|iidium. M. 
jal'ap, the tuberous roiit of l/ionntu (Jn- 
::iil,i iisis. Led., called also jala]i-sta!ks, light, 
fusif(U'm. or woody jala]i, orizaba-root.. M. 
nufmeg, wild or long nutmeg, the seed 
of Mj/ris'iai /'//int. \h'ut. ; oblong in sliape, 
less aromatic than the otticial nutmeg. M. 
or'gan, penis. M. pronu'cleus : see/'/o- 


Male (A). Hisease. sickness. M. 
d'aniore, toothache. M. di anca, cox- 
algia. M. degli ardenti, ergotism. M. 
di ascensione, male <li montagna. M. 
delle Asturie, pellagra. M. d'awentnra, 
whitlow. M. azzurro, eyaioisis, M.ben- 
edetto, or brutto, or caduco, cpilcjisy. 
M. di cervo, tctan\is in the horse. M. 
chimico, mal ehimiijue. M. di coito, 
mal du coit. M. di Crimea, lepr<isy. M. 
dei cristiani, syphilis. M. di cuore, pop- term for nausea. M. di denti, tooth- 
ache. M. divino, cpilejisy. M. fenicio, 
Icju-osy. M. del flanco or di fianco, 
colic. M, di Piume: see FuldKUiin. 
M. francese, syphilis. M. di ftioco, 
acute he|iatitis in animals, attended with 
seviTe meningitis. M. di gola, angina, 
sore throat. M. d'incollattira, the chaf- 
ing (U'o(luced bv the prolonged friction of 
the luirness in tlie horse. M. d'infante, 
labor-iiains. M. di lingna, glos-anthrax. 
M. di luna, periodical ophthalmia. M. 
della lupa, bulimia, lycorexia. M. di 



madi-e, hysteria. M. maestro, epilepsy. 
M. di mare, sea-sickness. M. di mas- 
cella, tiisiuu.s. M. di Melada, pellagra, 
as observed in the village of Melada in the 
province of Venice. M. del miserere, iliac 
passion. M. di miseria, pellatrra. M. di 


montagna, mountain sickness. M. 
morto, uialum murtuuui. M. di Napoli, 
syphilis. M. nero, anthrax, carbuncle. 
M. di neve, irresistible somnolence, due 
to cold. M. d'orecchio, earache. M. 
del padrone, hypochondria. M. del 
paese, nostalgia. M. perforante del 
piede, jierforating ulcer of the foot. M. 
di Piedra, syphilis. M. dei Polacchi, 
syphilis. M.'di poppe, mastitis. M. di 
Pott, Pott's disease. M. di reni, lumbago. 
M. di rischio, dangerous malady. M. di 
rose or M. rosso, pellagra. M. sacro, 
epilepsy. M. di San Antonio, erysipelas. 
M. di San Eufemia, tertiary syphilis. M. 
di San Giovamii, epilepsy. M. di San 
Lazzaro, elephantiasis. M. di San Mano, 
lepnisv. M. santo, epilepsy. M. del 
Santo Giobbe, syphilis. M. sarmato, 
plica. M. di Siam, yellow fever. M. del 
sole, pellagra. M. SOttUe, iihthisis, tuber- 
culosis. M. di Spagna: see M d>- ,li funro. 
M. spagnuolo, syidiilis. M. di stomaco, 
stomach-ache. M. del suolo, I'elhiL'ra. M. 
di talpa: see .!/-// </'- laupc. M. di terra, 
epilepsy. M. di testa, headaclic. M. dei 
Turchi or M. venereo, syphilis. 

Malefl'cium (L.). Infliction of injury; 

Malefico (/.). Hurtful, poisonous. 

Malegue'ta pep'per: see Mekr/uela. 

Malerkolik (fi.). Painters' colic. 

Malforma'tion. L. inalformatio ; G. 
Mis.sbildung. A departure from the nor- 
mal type in the development of the animal 
organism, usually applied to variations of 
minor importance as distinguislied IVom 

Malg-aigne's amputa'tion. 1 . Subas- 
tragaloid anipntatiun. 2. A n)odification 
of the ova! amputation, by making a longi- 
tudinal incision on the outer side of the 
limb, exteiuling a short distance above and 
twice as far below the point of amputation, 
and from the junction of the middle and 
lower thirds of this incision commencing 
the lateral branches of the oval incision. 

Malgaigne's fos'sa. Superior carotid 

trianL'le: see Tritiiii/f<s of the nrck. 

Malgaigne's hooks. Hooks used to 

keep together the two parts of a fractured 

Malias'mus (L.). 1. Glanders. 2. 
Presence of animal parasites on or iu the 

Ma'Uc acid [mains]. C,H„05. L. 
aeidum nialicum ; F. aeide malique ; G. 
Apfelsaure; /. acido malico. A colorless, 
deli(|uescent, crystallizable acid, of very 
common occurrence, both in the free state 
and in the form of salts, in plants and par- 
ticularly in unripe fruits. 

Malico'rium (L.). I. malicorio. Pome- 

Malign, nia-lln'. Malignant. 
Malig'nancy. L. malignitas ; F. ma- 
lignite ; G. B.Jsartigkeit ; /. malignitii. The 
state of being malignant, malignity. 

Malig'nant. L. malignus ; F. malin, 
igne ; G. bij.sartig ; /. maligno. Danger- 
ous to life; as applied to tumors it has the 
sense of cancerous. M. disea'ses. 1. 
Dangerous and rapidly fatal diseases. 2. 
Those which invade adjacent structures, 
spreading from foci. M. papil'lary der- 
mati'tis, Paget's disease. M. pus'tulo, 
the disease produced in the skin by inocu- 
lation of the Bacillus (inlhrncL-i. 

Malig'nity. F. malignite. Malignancy. 
Maligno (/.). .Malignant. 
Malinconia(/.). Melancholia. Malin- 
conico, a, melancholic. 

Malin'ger [F. malingre]. To feign 
sickness or disability ; hence Malin'gerer, 
one who so feigns. * 

Ma'lis (L.). 1. Maliasinus. 2. Para- 
sitic disease. M. aca'ri, the itch. M. 
dracun'culus, F'/nria ineditwnsis. M. 
pedic'uli, ]ihtheiriasis. 

MaUeaire (F.). Relating to the mal- 

Malleare timpanico primo estemo 
(/.). Ten.sor tym]iani. 

Mallea'tio ''//.). A form of chorea in 
which the hands make convulsive hammer- 
ing movements. 

Malle'dius (A.). Tensor tympani 

Mallee. Furnh/plus olcofa, M'iH. 
Mal'lenders. F. nialandrc ; G. Mauke. 
An old term for a scaly disease of the skin 
of the legs in hor.scs ; psoriasis of the car- 

Malle'olar. X. malleolaris; F. malleo- 
laire ; J. mallcolare. Relating to the mal- 



louli. M. ar'teries. L. arteriae iiiallei)- 
lari's. Siuall liraiiclie.s tVoiii the anlcridr 
ami iiostcrinr tibial artciii's raiiiifviiig over 
the iiialh'iili. 

Malle'olus (L.). F. niallenle ; (1. 
Kiioehei ; /. iiiallciilo. I'roeesses of tlie 
billies of llie U-l;'. exteiiiliiig (hiwiiward on 
eitiier siiie of the ankle. M. radia'lis, 
stvloicl |iroeess of the radius. M. ulna'- 
ris, lii'ail of the ulna. 

Mal'leus (//.). 1. /'. martean ; (1. 
Ilainiiiei- ; /. inavteUo. A hamuier-shaped 
ossiele of (he niiildle ear, attached to the 
iiieiiibraiia tymiiaiii externally, transinittinjj; 
its vibiatiniis to tlu; iiieus iiitenially. 'i. 
Glanders, M. farcimino'sus, fany. 

Mallo'tus philippinen'sis, ]\Iull.-Ar<r. 
Riitth III liiK liiriii. Ko.xb. A shrub or small 
tree, Nat. ()rd. KiijilimliiitaK . LirowiiiLT in 
Asia ami Australia, the source of kaiiuila. 

Mal'low [-1. S. main]. />., /. iiialva ; 
/'. mauve ; G. Glaive. The name t;iven to 
various jilaiits beloniiiiii; to the (_)rder Mal- 
liici:i: : see Iiiilinii inallinc, etc. 

Malograna'tum (/>.). I'omefiranate. 

Malpig-hi. llaliaii anatomist, ItiL'S-ll-t. 
M., glan'dules of, M., glom'erules of, 
Mal|ii,i;hiaii eoriiuscles,ulonieriiles of kidney. 
M., pyr'aniids of. A. pyramides reniiin ; 
/'. jiyraiiiides de ,Mal|iitilii ; (t. Mal]iighi'sehe 
Pvraniiileii ; /. ]iiiamidi di iMalpighi. I'ivis- 
ions ol'the medullary sulistanee of the kid- 
ney, eorrespciiidiiii: to the lobules which 
e.xist ill liic' fo'tus. Kaidi constitutes a 
sejiarate group of tubes, discliargiiig at a 
single papilla. 

Malpigh'ian bod'ies. (llomeruli of the 

Malpigh'ian cor'puscles. //. corpus- 
euli]iighii ; /''. glandules de Malpighi ; 
<1. liindenkiirperclien. 1. Small rounded 
bodies in cortical sulistanee of kidney, con- 
sisting of an expansion of the proximal end 
ol' a uiinifiTous tubule over a tuft of blood- 
vessels. '1. .'-Jpleiiic corpuscles. 

Malpigh'ian lay'er. L. Malpighii 
rete ; /', coindie de .Malpighi. Itete niuco- 

Malpighi'scher Glomerulus (C). 
(llomerulus of the kidm-y. 

Malpighi'sche Korperchen ( G.). Mal- 

|iigbian eorpuseles. 

Malpighi'sche Pyramiden ( 6',). Mal- 
]iighian jiyraiiiids. 

Malposi'tion. Wrong position, espe- 
cially of the fa'tus, so as to impede labor. 

Malprac'tice. i. malapraxis. 1. Pro- 
fessional misconduct. 2 (legal). Medical 
or surgical treatment resulting in injury to 
the jiatieiit, and due to ignorance, neglect, 
or criminal intent on the [lart of the jiracli- 

Malpresenta'tion. A prescntatiim of 
the fa'tus which may ju'event a speedy and 
safe delivery. 

Malt [.I. ^. niealt]. L. nialtum ; G. 
i\hil/, ; /. malto. The seed of llnrili-iiiii 
(/ixtic/iiiii, li., caused to enter the incipient 
stage of germination by artificial mean.s, 
and dried [U. 8. P.]; tonic and nutritive; 
used to ]irtimote the digestion of amylaceous 
food ; chictly consumed in the making of 
ale and beer: see also Aiiilur and Jimhi/ 
niii/f. M. vin'egar, official vinegar of the 
B. P., jirepared from a mixture of malted 
and unmalted grain by the acetous fermenta- 
tion ; should contain 5.41 per cent, of real 
acetic acid. 

Mal'tese cross. F. croix ile JMalte ; G. 
Maltbeserkreiiz ; /. croce di Malta. Square 
compress cut out at the corners in form of a 
jMaltese cross. 

Malthac'ticus ( L.). Emollient. 

Mal'tin. F maltine. The diastase of 

Mal'tine. Name of certain commercial 
preparations of malt. 

Mal'tose. (',,I1,,<),,.II.,0. A kind of 
sugar judduced by the action of diastase 
upon star(di. 

Mal'tum ( L. }. Malt. M. hor'dei, 
barley malt. 

Ma'lum ( //.). Disease. M. Cotun'nii, 
sciatica. M. mor'tuum, leprosy. M. 
per'forans pe'dis, perforating disease of 
the font. M. sen'ile, chronic artliritis of 
the old. 

Ma'lum (//.) [/");. .v], A)iple. M. 
per'sicuni, ]ie.ich. M. pu'nicuin, the 
fruit of /'iiiiii II i/riiiiiiliiiii. 

Ma'lus (A.). A])|ile-tree. M. com- 
mu'nis, /'//riin nni/us, L. 

Mal'va ( L.). A genus of Mn/ninrc. 
M. rotundifo'lia, L., low mallow ; a n;it- 
urali/.eil j'luropcan pl.-mt ; deniiilccnt and 
emollient. M.sylves'tris, L, high mallow; 
native of Europe, somewhat natiiralize(i in 
.\merica ; the flowers, leaves, seed, ami root 
are ofticial in some of tlie European iiharma- 
copd'ias. M. vulga'ris, Erics, the leaf of 
this s|iecies is official in the P. (i. 

Malvat du Languedoc ( F. ). Anthrax 
in ruminants. 



Malvavisco (/.)• Marshmallow. 

Mal'^wa o'pium. A varietj- of India 

Malz ((?.)■ Malt; — extrakt, extract 
of malt. 

Mamanpian. The initial growth in 
yaws, tiie iiiuther-yaw. 

Mamelle {F.). Mammary gland. 

Mamelon (F.). Nipple. 

Mamelons du rein (/'.). Papillae of 
the kidney. 

Mamelonne, ee (F.). Mammillated. 

Mamilla ( A.j. Nipple; see Mammilla. 

Mamillalinie (tf.). Nipple-line. 

Mam'illary. F. mamillaire ; /. mam- 
millare. Mammillary. 

Mam'ma, ae (L.). Mammary gland. 

Mammacarcinom (G.). Cancer uf the 

Mammaire (F.). Relating to the mam- 
ma, maiiiniary. M. externe inferieure, 
inferior liraiicli of external mammary ar- 
tery. M. exteme superieure, superior 
branch of e.\ternal mammary artery. M. 
interne, internal mammary artery. 

Mam'mary, L. mammarius ; F. mam- 
maire ; /. mamniario. Relating to the 
breast. M. are'ola, that around the 
of tlie ni|iple, pinkish in virgins, brown in 
those having had children. M. ar'teries. 
L. arteri;i3 mammariie ; /'. arteres mam- 
maires ; G. Brustschlagadern ; /. arterie 
mammarie. Those supplying the mammary 
region. The internal mammary is a 
branch of the subclavian tiiat descends be- 
hind the costal cartilages to the diaphragm. 
Tiie external mammary is the long 
thoracic artery. The_ name is also given 
to the perforating arteries wiiich su])ply 
the mammary gland. M. glands. L. 
mamnue : F. mamelles ; G. Brustdrii.sen ; 
/. mammelle. The milk-glands situated in 
the subcutaneous tissue in the pectoral 
region ; estendiuK in the female from the 
3d to the Gth rib. M. re'gion. L. rcirio 
mammalis ; G. Brustdriisengegend. That 
region of thorax containing the mamma. 
M. veins, those accompanying arteries of 
same name. M. veins, ex'temal [Braune]. 
L. \enx manimariaj externfe ; (/. Brust- 
blutadern, iius.sere. Cutaneous veins that 
carry blood from the anterior wall of the 
thorax toward the axilla, discharging either 
into the axillary, subclavian, or internal 
jugular. M. veins, internal. L. ven;u 
mammaria; intern;e ; G. Brustblutadern, 

innere ; /. vene mammarie interne. Cor- 
respond generally in distribution to arteries 
of same name. Two in number on each 
side, each set uniting to form a single 
trunk, which discharges into the innomi- 
nate vein of same side. 

Mamme'a (L,). A genus of Guttiferx. 
M. america'na, L., a large tree of tropical 
America, bearing an edible fruit known as 
manimee apple ; the seeds are anthelmintic. 

Marmnea'ta i L.). Having large breasts. 

Mam'mee ap'ple. 1. The fruit of 
Mummea ameriaina, L. 2. The fruit of 
Luruma mammosd, Juss. 

Mammel'la (//.). Nipple. 

Mam'mifonn. L. mammiformis ; F., 
I. mannniforme ; G. zitzenfijrmig. Breast- 
shajied. mastoid. 

Mammilla (/..). 1. Nipple. 2. Male 
breast. M. of kid'ney, papilla of kidney. 

Mammillarlinie (^G.). Nipple-line. 

Mam'millary. L. mammillaris ; F. 
mamillaire ; G. warzenformii: ; /. niam- 
millare. Nipple-like. M. em'inences, 
mammillary tubercles. M. proc'ess. Ij- 
processus mammillaris ; /'. tuberculc mamil- 
laire ; G. zitzcnf iirmiger Fort.satz, Warzen- 
fortsatz. 1. A tubercle projecting from the 
posterior margin of tlic superior articular 
processes of the vertebra) in tlie lower 
dorsal and lumbar region. In .some ani- 
mals {Aides, J'ridi/fiiitrs) they are much 
larger, and have important functions either 
for strengthening the spine or supporting 
the exoskeleton. 2. An oval area which 
appears in a cross-section of the medulla 
through the decussaticm of the pyramids. 
It is situated anteriorly and on the median 
line, and is composed of the ol>li<[uely di- 
rected fibres which cross from the lateral 
columns [Stilling]. M. tu'bercles. L. 
corpora albicantia ; F. tubcrcuies niamil- 
laires ; G. Markkiiirelchen ; /. tubercoli 
niammillari. Two small white, rounded 
eminences in the interpeduncular space, of the brain. Externally they repre- 
sent fibres of the anterior pillars of the 
fornix, here reflected to ascend to the optic 
thalafni ; internally they contain ganglionic 

Mam'miUated. A. manimillatus : F. 
mamelonne. Having small nijiple-shapcd 
projections on the surface. 

Mammilla 'tion. Condition of being 
studded with little rounded elevations. 
Mammilliform. L. mammilliformis ; 



/'. iiKimillifurino ; G. zitzoiiforniijj:. Xiji- 

Mam'millose. L iiiaiDinilldsus ; /•'. 
inaiiiilli'ux, cii.-e. llavijig iiipjik'-liku iinmii- 


Mammi'tis. F., /., nmnmiilo ; <!. l?rust- 
(IruM'in-iitziiiiilmit:- liitiaiuuiatiun nf the 
luaiiiiiiary ulaml. 

Mam'mose. L. mainniusus. Having 
largi' breasts. 

Mam'mula (I^.). diiu. of Mamma. F. 
niaaiiiHilc. A small breast. 

Man., alibv. for Manip'ulus (/>■), a 

Man [.I. S. iiiaiiu]. L. Ikhuu. vir; /•'. 
llouiliie ; (i. -Meiiseh , 1. uiitiju. ]. The 
sjieeie.s Ihniw stqiiciiii. 2. Au adult huiiian 

Man-root : see IlV/i/ julitp. 

Manaca. The ]-!raziliaii iianie for 
Fidiii-in III iiiiif/nni, I'olil. The bark is 
used bv the natives as an antisvjihilitie 
roinecly, diuretie. jiurgative, and euinienu- 

Man'akin. Manikin. 

Mancenillier t F.). Ilijipomunc riKmc!- 
wll.t. L, 

Manche (/■'). Manubrium. M. du 
marteau, iKindle <if the malleus. 

Manchette ( F. ). Flap (in amputa- 

Mancllineel'. llippminun: iiianciniUn. 


Manchon arachnoidien (F.'). The 
sheath of aiaelmnid nienibraiie continued 
ujMin the faeial ami auditory nerves in the 
internal anditury nie.itus. 

Manchot ( F.). One liaving lost a hand 
or a jiiirtiiiu of the arm. 

Mancinel'la. Manehinccl. 

Manco'na-bark. Krytlirophhjeum. 

Man'darin or'ange. The small round 
fruit, with smooth, thin, very fragrant rind, 
jjroilueed by Cifiuf Kimiixis, Willd. 

Mandel( <'.'.). 1. Almond. 2. Tonsil ; 
— arterie, tonsillar artery; — ai'tigr, 
amygdaloid; — braune, tonsillitis; — 
emulsion, almond mixture; — entziin- 
dung, tuusillitis ; — kern, amygdaloid 
tubcrele; — milch, almond mixture; — 
61, almiiiid oil ; — syrup, syru]i of almond. 

Mandel des Kleinhinis ( (r.). Amyg- 
dala eerelHdIi. 

Man'dible. L. maudibula ; F. mandi- 

bule ; G. Kinnbacken ; I. mandibola. In- 
i'eriur maxillary bone. 

Mandib'ular. Pertaining to the hjwcr 
jaw. M. an'gle. i. angulus mandibuhv ; 
/'. anglr mandibuhiire ; G. Unterkiefer- 
winkel. The inelination of ascending ramus 
of jaw til plane id' lower border of it- body. 
M. arch, liaunal arch of frontal veitebra. 
composed of tympanic bone and lower jaw 
[Owen]. M. plate. (/. Unterkieferfortsatz. 
Process whiidi in the embryo forms, with 
its fellow, the first jiost-oral or visceral 
arch, al'terward developing into the lower 

Mandibula'ris exter'nus (/-.). 31as- 
Mandibulo-condy'lial tri'ang-le. G 

rnterkiel'eredndylialdreieek. That having 
its a|iex at the symphysion, its base be- 
tween the two condylia [v. Tiiriik]. 

Mandibulo-coro'nial tri'angle. G. 

rnti'ikieferinrnnialdreieek. That having 
its a]n'X at the symphysion, its base be- 
tween the twii coriiuia [v. Tijrijk]. 

Mandibulo-fa'cial in'dex. (/. T'ntcr- 
kiefer-tiesichtshijhen-Index. ^'erlic■al ]iro- 
jection mea.surement of lower jaw. mm- 
]iared with that of face, the latter being 
taken as 1(10 [v. Tiirbk]. 

Mandibulo-g-on'ial tri'angle. 'i. Vu- 

terkiel'er-l iiinialdreieek. That having its 
apex at the sym]ihysion and its base be- 
tween the two gonia [v. Tiirijk]. 

Mandibulo-infi-afa'cial in'dex. G. Vn- 
terkiefei'-rntergesichtshiihen-Index. ^'er- 
tical ]iriijecti(in measurement of lower jaw, 
eiiinjiared with the vertical projection of 
the lower face, the latter being taken as 
10(1 [v. 'IVinik]. 

Mandibulo-suprafa'cial in'dex. (•'. 
rnterkiefer-(.)bergesichtshbhen-Index. ^'er- 
tical imijection measurement of lower, 
eom]iared with that of u]iper face, I he lat- 
ter being taken as 100 [v. Tljrok]. 

Man'dioc. Mmiiliut ntilissiiiui. Pnhl. 

Mandorla ( /. ). Alnmnd. M. amara, 
bitter almond. M. dolce, sweet ahnond. 

Mandorlo ( /. ). Almond-tree. 

Mandrag'ora (A.). F. mandragore. 
Ain.iKi Miniiliinjiini. L. M. autumna'lis, 
Bert., or M. officina'lis, .Mill., or M. ver- 
na'iis, iiert., Atinjiii MuihIi-kijihii. \, 

Man'drake. /.., /. mandragnra ; F. 
niaudragiire ; G. Alraun. 1. Alrnji,/ Mmi- 
ilriujm-d. L., a iioisoniius narcotic resenilding 
lielladiinna. '1. The common name in the 
U. iS. for VodophyUinn pdtutum, L. 



Manduca'tion. L. manducatio ; /. nian- 
ducazioTie. Mastication. 

Manducato'rius i/v). Masseter. 
Man'ducatory nerve. Trigeminus, 
especiallv its motor root. 

Manec's opera'tion. For tyins: the 
innominate artery. The external incision 
extends transversely outward about 3* 
inches, from a point midway between the 
two sterno-raastoid muscles. 

Manegebewegung {G.). Circus move- 

Man'ganate. G. nianjransaures Salz ; 
/. niansanato. A salt formed by the union 
of manganic acid (II,>In()<) with a base. 

Man'ganese. Mn. L- manganum ; F. 
mansanese ; (/. Mangan. A gray or red- 
dish-white metal having the appearance of 
iron, very hard and brittle, spec. grav. about 
8.0. quickly oxidized when exposed to the 
air, occurring in nature chiefly as the diox- 
ide or pyrolusite. For salts of manganese 
see M'liiqiiii'iiis and Mniiifiinic. M. diox'- 
ide. ."^InO,. L. mangani oxidum nigrum ; 
F. bioxvdo de mang:itu~se; G. Jlangan- 
superoxvd; /. ossido ili manganese. Black 
oxide of manganese, peroxide of manga- 
nese. A heavy, grayi.-<h-black, odorless, 
tasteless, somewhat gritty powder, or crys- 
talline masses having a metallic lustre, in- 
soluble in all simple solvents, giving off 
oxygen when heated to redness, and caus- 
ing '^the evolution of chlorine when heated 
wi'th hydrochloric acid; found native as 
the mineral pyrolusite, or may be prepared 
artificiallv; tonic, alterative ; \ised for ob- 
taining chlorine. M. perox'ide. M. diox- 

Mangane'sii ox'idum ni'grum (/>.) 
[B. r.]. .Manganese dioxide. 

Mangane'su sul'phas (L.). Manga- 
nous snl|'liate. 

Mangane'sium (/-.)• >Ianganese. M. 
vitrario'inim, manganese dioxide. 

Man'gani carbo'nas(/v.). Manganous 

Man'gani chlori'dum (L.). Manga- 
nous chloride. 

Man'gani ox'idum ni'grum {L.). 
Manganese dioxide. 

Man'gani sul'phas (L.). Manganous 

Mangan'ic. The name given to that 
series of manganese compounds whose 
radical is the sexivalent group (Mn,)" ; 
designating the higher salts of manganese. 

Manga 'nium (i.). Manganese. 
Manganocarbonat {G.). Manganous 

Manganoclorid ( G.). Manganous chlo- 

Manganosulfat (C). Manganous sul- 

Man'ganous. The name given to that 
series of manganese compounds whose rad- 
ical is the bivalent atom Mn" ; designating 
the lower salts of manganese. M. car'bo- 
nate. MnCO;,. L. mangani carbonas; /^. 
carbonate de manganese ; G. Manganocar- 
bonat ; /. carbonato di manganese. A white 
or sliiihtly rose-colored, tasteless powder, in- 
soluble in water, completely .soluble with 
efl^ervescence in acetic acid ; obtained by 
precipitation from a solution of manganous 
sulphate by sodium carbonate [Cod.]. M. 
chlo'ride. MnCl2.4H.,0. //. mangani chlo- 
ri<luni ; F. chlorure de mangani se ; O. Man- 
ganoclorid. A pale rose-colored crystalline 
or granular salt, soluble in water or alcohol ; 
formed when the metal is burned in chlo- 
rine gas, or when hydrochloric acid is 
passed overheated manganous carbonate; 
tonic, antiseptic. M. sul'phate. .MnSOj. 
L. mangani sulphas; F. sulfate de manga- 
nese ; G. Manganosulfat ; /. solfato di man- 
ganese. A colorless or pale rose-colored, 
crystalline, slightly efliloreseent salt, odor- 
less, having a sligh'tly bitter and astringent 
taste, freely soluble in water, insoluble in 
alcolnd ; prepared by mixing commercial 
maniranese dioxide to a paste with sul- 
phuric acid, heating the mixture to strong 
redness, lixiviating the residue, and evap- 
orating; cholagogue. purgative. 

Mangansaures Salz ( G.). Jlanganato. 
Mangansuperoxyd (G.). Manganese 

Man'ganum (/.-.). :Manganesc. M. 
carbon'icum, manganous carbonate. M. 
hyperoxyda'tum [!'. Hclv.], manganese 
dioxide. M. sulfu'ricimi, manganous sul- 

Mange [F. demangeaison]. /'. gale ; /. 
roirna. A contagious skin disease of ani- 
mals, analogous to scabies. 

Mangel (G.). Absence. M. an Zu- 
sammenhang, incoherence. M. an Mit- 
■wirkung, asynergia. 

Mangeur, euse (F.). Eater. M. d'ar- 
senic, arscnic-eatar. M. de teiTe, earth- 

Mangifera in'dica, L. The mango- 
tree, Nat. Ord. Anacai-diac x, native of 



India, cultivated in tlin tropics; tlie root- 
baric is astriiij;ciit ; the leaves arc used as 
tootliliruslies and in ]iidniiinary affections ; 
the guni-resin as an antisvpliilitic; tiie seeds 
as an antlielniintic. 

Man'go [.l/c/c//, niangLMstan]. F. 
nianuiie. Jl<iii</ij'rin ijit/ir<i, L., arid its 

Man'gosteen. The fruit of (/urcinin 

Man'gostin. C,JI,.,0,. A erystalliza- 
li'e |iriiici|ile obtained from the jiericar]) of 

Man'gTove. Rlii-^dphuni Miiii<ili\ L. ; 
fruit and bark astringent, leaves vulnerary. 

Manguier (F. ). iMango-tree. 

Ma'nia (/>.) [,'<a/(«], /'. nianie; (i. 
Tobsueht. 1. Maibiess. Insanity charac- 
terized by e.veitenient, hallucinations, and 
(h'liriuui. '1. hoosely used as a synonym 
ior insanity. M. furio'sa, violent in- 
sanity. M. period'ica, simjile periodical 
insanit3', increasing and diniinisliing in vio- 
lence, but not changing type. M. a po'tu, 
mania following prolonged alcoholic excess ; 
more violent tiian delirium tremens. M. 
puei-pera'lis, puerperal mania. M. seni'- 
lis, insanity of obi age. M. transito'ria, 
a form of insanity sudden in its attack and 
lasting but a \'{:\\ hours. 

Mama (7.). Mania. M. delle perse- 
cuzioni, delire des persecutions. M. 
ragionante, moral insanity. 

Ma'niac. F. maniaque ; G. Tobsiichti- 
gor ; /. maniaco. A person affected with 

Mani'acal. L. maniacalis ; F. maniacal, 
ale; G. t(di,siichtig ; /, maniaco. Pertain- 
ing to, or affected with, njania. 

Maniaque ( /''.). ^laniac. 

Manica(/, ). Filter. 

Maiiichetto (I.). Fbip. 

Manico (I.). Hamlle. manubrium. 

Manicocomi'um {L.). F. manicome ; 
/. manicomio. Iii.sau<' asylum. 

Manicotto (/.). Strait-jacket. 

Maiiie ( /■'.). .Alania. M. sans delire, 
miu'al insanity. 

Manifestation morbide ( F.). The 
occurrence lA' a local le.sion, as indicating 
the existence of a general no.rbid ennili- 

Man'ihot. .V genus of Fiiplii>rh!,icr:r. 
M. Ai'pi, I'ohl., sweet cassava; differs 
from M. itliJi^sima in having a sweet and 

wholesome root ; used as a culinary vc- 
etalile. M. palma'ta, J. Miil., jVanihtil 
Aipi, Pohl. M. utilis'sima, Pohl., bitter 
cassava; a shrubby plant of tropical Amer- 
ica, with large fleshy, tuberous roots, the 
source of tapioca and Brazilian arrow- 
root ; tlie juice of the root of this species 
is ]ioisouous, containing hydrocyanic acid. 

Man'ikin. /•'. manne(|uin ; G. .Aliiun- 
chen ; / fantoccio. An artideial figure I'or 
sluiwing the aTiatomical structure of the 
body or for instruction as to bandaging or 
obstetrical operations. 

Manila el'emi : see Ehml. 

Manilu'vium (L). Iland-bath. 

Man-in-the-gTound. Ci/in'o/cii/n.f pmi- 


Maii'ioc. Miiiii/iiit ii/i/issiiiiii. Pohl. 

Manioc (/'.). Maniliot. M. amer, 
Miinihot vtiliufhiui, Pohl. M. doux, Mnni- 
hol Alp!, Pohl. 

Manipula'tion. L. manipulatio ; /. 
manipolazicjue. Skilled use of the hands; 
iuuidling; manual treatment or adjust- 

Manip'ulus (/..). /'. manipide. A 

Man'itou Springs. Carbonated, saline, 
chalybeate water'*, Manitou Springs, Kl 
Paso Co., Colorado. 

Man-midwife. Obstetrician. 

Mann (6-'.). Male, man ; — bar, mar- 
riageable ; — barkeit, puberty, nuinhoo<l ; 

— sucht or — tollheit, nymjiloimania : 

— weib, licrniaphrodite ; — wuth, nynjph- 

Man'na. /'. manne. 1. The concrete 
exudation of Fnr.rimis oriius, L. [U. S. P.], 
flowing naturally or from incisions; laxa- 
tive: see Fii> and Fluke maniia. li. The 
name applied to exudations from various 
other jdants: see Aiiatralidii, BriiDirmi, 
LfliiiiKiii, Oitk. Fimidti, and TuDinn's/c 
m<ninii. M. briganti'aca, Brian^on man- 
na. M. cannula'ta, flake manna. M. 
commu'nis, manna in sorts. M. grass, 
Russian salad. M. loz'enges. L. tabeihv^ 
cum manna ; /•'. tablettes de manne. Prc- 
]iared from manna, sugar, acacia, and orange- 
flower water; each lozenge to weigh 1 gm. 
and contain of manna about 0.15 gm. [Cod ]. 
M. metallo'rum, mercurous chloride. M. 
pin'guis, fat manna. M. in Sorts, ccun- 
nnm manna ; consists of small crystalline 
fragments united by a soft, viscid matter, 
identical with fat manna: see also Fluke 



Manna (/)■ Manna. M. in lagrime, 
flake munna. M. in sorte, manna in sorts. 

MannastofF {G.). Mannite. 

Manne (F.). Manna. M. d'Austra- 
lie, Australian manna. M. de Briancjon, 
Brianeon manna. M. grasse, fat manna. 
M. en larmes, flaku manna. M. du 
Liban, Lebanon manna. M. de Perse, 
Persian manna. M. du Sinai, tamarisk 

Mannequin {F.). Manikin. 

Man'nikin. Manikin. 

Man'nit. CeHnOH. /'.,/. mannite ; G. 
Mannazucker. A wliite, inodorous, crystal- 
lizable, sweetish substance, the principal 
constituent of manna, and found in very 
many plants ; chemically considered, a hex- 
atomic alcohol ; official in the Cod. 

Man'nitan. C6li,,,()5. F. mannitane; 
/. niannitana. A sweetish, .syrupy liijuid 
product of the dehydration of mannit by 
heat; is also a derivative from the jiluco- 
side kinovin, and may be prepared arti- 
ficially from glucose. 

Marmit'ic ac'id. Cf.II, .,(),. F. acide 
niannitiijue : /. acido mannitico. A prod- 
uct of tlie o.xidation of mannit. 

Man'nitose. Celli.Os. /. niannitosa. 
A product of the oxidation of mannit. 

Mannstreu (G".). Eri/iujium camprs- 
tre, L. 

Mano (/.). Hand. M. di Dio, manus 

Man-of-the-earth. Ipomxa pandurata, 

Manom'eter [.aax/s-, itiTpoJ^. F. man- 
ometre ; /. manometro. An instrument, 
like a barometer, which serves to indicate 
the pressure of gases or liijuids. 

Manom'etry. F. manometrie : G. 
Manometrie. Application of the manom- 

Man. prim., abbv. for Mane primo 
(Z.), early in the morning. 

Man'slaughter [.1. S. manslyht]. F. 
homicide involontaire ; G. unvorsiitzlichcr 
Todtschlag; /. omicidio involontario. Un- 
lawful killing of a human being without 
malice aforethought ; may be involuntary 
(in the heat of passion), never "justifia- 
ble." Variously defined by statute. 

Manstupra'tio (/>.). Masturbation. 

Manteau (7^.). .Alantle. 

Manteca (/.). Liniment. 

Mantel (C). Mantle; — herz, cor 

villosum ; — kante, the edge where any 
two surfaces of the hemispheres of the 
brain meet ; — spalte, great longitudinal 
fissure; — tasche, hintere, posterior trans- 
verse cerebral fissure. 

Mantello (/.). Mantle, amnion. 

Man'tle. F. manteau des hemispheres ; 
G. Mantel : I. mantello. That part of the 
hemispheres of the brain which is of sec- 
ondary formation, folding over the primi- 
tive portion, or brain-stem. Some include 
the caudate and lenticular nuclei of the 
corpora striata, others do not. 

Manu'brium (//•)• G. HandgrifF; /. 
manubrio. Handle; applied to portions 
of bones which are shaped like a handle. 
M. mal'lei, handle of the malleus. M. 
ma'nus, radius. M. squa'mee occipi- 
ta'lis, the narrow portion of the supraoc- 
cipital bone that contributes to the forma- 
tion of the foramen magnum [Virehow]. 
M. ster'ni, the first segment of the ster- 
num, often remaining distinct throughout 

Manuelisation or Manuelisme {F.). 
Self-handling, masturbation. 

Manulu'vium (/>.). /'. manuluvc; /. 
matiiluvio. Iland-liath. 

Ma'nus {L.). Hand. M. Dei. \. 
Opium. 2. Emplastrum manus Dei. 

Manustupra'tio (L.). /". manustupra- 
tion ; I. njanustuprazione. Masturbation. 

Manustupriren {G.). To masturbate. 

Man'yplies. Omasum. 

Manz, glands of. L. cryptas mucosaB 
conjunctiva? ; G. ^Linz'sche Driisen ; /. 
ghiandolc di Manz. Saccular glands found 
in swine, and occasionally in man, at the 
conjunctival border of the eyelid. 

Manzanita (^Sp.\ The name applied 
in California to Arcloxtaplri/los (/hivco, Lind. 

Ma'ple-su'gar. A kind of sucrose or 
cane-sugar, obtained by the evaporation of 
the sap of the sugar maple, Acer aocihaii- 
iDim, Wang. 

Maran'sis (7^. i [,'<.<i/)'jiV™]. Marasmus. 

Maran'ta (/>.). 1. A genus of .VoVr/nu- 
»^,T. 2. Arrow-root. M. arundina'cea, 
L., a native of the West Indies and trop- 
ical America, extensively cultivated : the 
rhizome yields arrow-root. M. Galan'ga, 
L., A/pinia Giiknujn. Schw. M. in'dica, 
Tuss., a variety of M. arundinacrn. L. 

Maran'tic. L. maranticus. Marasmic, 
atrophic ; debilitating. 



Marasmopy'ra (L.) \_:i-aiian;iai^ ~v']- 

llfC-til- t'l'VLT. 

Maras'mus ( L.) \_:i.aiiart:ii'i^']. />. tabi- 
tudo ; /•'. iiKiiasiiic ; /. iiitu'asiiio. (ioneral 
atrcipliv, ilur 1(1 clrfoL-tivc nutrition; ciua- 

Marau'gia ( /.. ) [,'/a/"/'j;-/i/i]. The sub- 
jccti\<' >iii>ati(>ii (if NC(_'iiiL; s^pai'ks (jr SL^in- 

Mar'ble. //. niarnKir; /■'. inarbro; /. 
iiiarriKi. Native t;vainilar ealeiuui earbo- 
nat.\ \\'liite marble is used in phartnaey 
fnr ]ir(Hlueiiij^ earlidnic-aeid jia^. 

Marc. lu'sidiic after expression of 
grapes (ir (jtlier iiuit. 
Mar'casite. l!isniuth. 
Marces'cent. L niareescens. Decay- 

IML'. willlcrillii. 

Marehan'tia. A jienus of II iiiitii"i\ 

liverworts; itrdvr Mm r/iini/incifi:. M. poly- 
mor'pha, ]j., said to be diuretie, alterative, 
ami a]>erieiit ; formerly mueh used in lie- 
jiatie diseases. 

Marche ( /•'. ). Walk. -ait. 

Marcia ( /. ). Pus. 

Mar'cor ( A.). Emaciation. 

Mare's tail. Eriijnni, cniiufnife, L. 

Margar'ic ac'id. ('iJIj.O.. 1. A syn- 
tlietical |iroduet obtaine(l bvebemieal proc- 
esses from cetyl cyanide. '1. The name 
given to an acid sui)stanec (ibtained frdin 
lard, snbse(|uentlv I'oiind to be a mixture 
of stearic and palmitic acids. 

Mai-'garin [;i//i'ya;inv'^. F. margarine; 
G. Magarinfeltr ; /. margarina. A mixture 
of stearin and jialmilin. 

Margari'ta (/..). I'earl ; a tumor on 
tile i-y. \vlii(di resembles a pearl. 

Margarita'ceous. Pearly, ]iearl like. 

Margarit'ic. <1. perlenartig. Having 
a pearly appearaiu'c. 

Mar'garoid tu'mor. Cholesteatoma. 

Mar'ginal. L. marginalis ; G. rand- 
standig ; /. marginale. ( )ii the margin or 
border. M. Cells. G. Kandzellen. Within 
the acinus (,f a gland those containing albu- 
min, ami staining (udy as to the nnclens : 
see ('ii)tnil cilh [Ileidenhain]. M. con- 
Volu'tion : see Fnntlnl (■(nnnliitimis, M. 

proc'ess. //. processus marginalis. A 
priijecting angle found upon the tem]ioral 
edge of the malar lione in those who have 
tlie temporal muscle strongly developed. 
M. si'nus, continuation of the occipital 

sinus ar(mml the edge of the foramen mag- 

Mar'ginate. L. marginatns ; F. mar- 
gine, ee; G. geraiidert; 7. margiiiato. Hav- 
ing a distinct edge or border. 

Mar'go ( A. ) Border, edge. M. acu'- 
tus. 1. Itiiiht or lower border oi' heart. 
:.'. -\nlcri(ir border of spleen. 3. Anterior 
li(u-(lcr III' liver. M. alveola'ris, alveolar 
biii'der. M. convex'us, upper free binder 
(if the (iv.iry. M. corona'lis. 1. Kdge 
of fidulal biine that C(nitriljutes to form tlic 
coronal suture. 2. Same of parietal bone. 
M. crena'tus or M. crista'ttjs, anterior 
border of spleen. M. denta'lis, alveolar 
process. M. denta'tus, ora serrata. M. 
fronta'lis, M. coronalis. M. inft-agle- 
noida'lis, surface around superior articular 
facets of conilyles of tilua. M. Infraor- 
bita'lis, inferior edge of orbit. M. lach- 
ryma'lis, anterior edge of sulcus lachry- 
nialis. M. lambdoi'deus, lambdoid mar- 
gin. M. lini'itans, internal limiting mem- 
brane (if retina. M. mastoi'deus, mas- 
toid margin. M. iiaso-orbita'lls, inner 
edge of orbital portion of i'nuital bone. 
M. obtu'sus. 1. Hounded upper or left 
border of heart. 2. Posterior border of 
spleen. /!. i'osterior border of liver. M. 
occipita'lis, ]i(isterior border of occipital 
bone. M. orbita'lis, posterior edge of 
orliital surface of great wing of siilienoid. 
M. parieta'lis, lambdoid margin. M. 
parieto-fi-onta'lis, upper edge of gnat 
wing of sphenoid. M. pupilla'ris, ]in- 
pillary edge of the iris. M. rec'tus, at- 
tached edge of ovary directed downwaril 
and outward. M. sagitta'lis, superior 
jiortion of parietal bone. M. semilu- 
na'ris, free edge of lamina modioli of 
cochlea. M. sphenoida'lis, antero-infe- 
rior angle of ]iarietal bone. M. sphe'no- 
tempora'lis. (•■ Scliuppenrand. Infe- 
rior liordcr of parietal bone or superior 
border of (emjioral. M. squamo'sus, M. 
splieno-teniporalis. M. supraorbita'lis, 
orbital arch. M. tempora'lis. 1. Infe- 
rior edge of parietal bone, 
edge of body of malar bon 
pan'icus, boundary between s(|nanious and 
tym|ianie portions of temporal bone, nnirkcd 
by dcsceinling jiortion of posterior root of 
zygoma. M. undulo-denta'tus ret'inae, 
ora serrata. 

Margo'sa. The nim-trce, Mclia AziuU- 
raclifa, L. 

Mar'gosin. A bitter crystalline prin- 
cijile I'rom azedarach. 

2. Posterior 
M. tym- 



Ma'rian meth'od or Ma'rian opera'- 
tion. Apparatus major. 

Marienbad. Alkaline sulphate mineral 
waters, Bohemia. 

Marienkraut (C). Arnica montana. 

Mar'ig-old. Calendula : see also A/ii- 
can and French marigold. 

Marine' ac'id. Hydrochloric acid. 
Marine' asth'ma. Beri-beri. 

Marine glue. A solution of caoutchouc 
and shell-lac in naphtha. 

Mariot'te's spot. G. Mariotte'scher 
Fleck. Blind spot of the retina. 

Maris'ca {L.). F. marisque. A fig- 
shapetl condyloma or hajmorrhoid. 

Marjolaine {F.). Sweet marjoram. M. 
sauvage, wild niarjoram, origanum. 

Marjolin's u'lcer. Form of malig- 
nant ulcer with peculiar wart-like parallel 
growths, usually commencing on a cica- 
trix ; of slow progress, ultimately producing 
glandular enlargement. 

Mar'joram : see Sicect and Wild m. 

Mark ( <i.). ^Marrow, medulla ; — baum, 
arbor vitie ; — blatter, laminjc medullares ; 

— bogen, forni.x ; — biindel, medullary 
fasciculus; ■ — fortsatz, peduncle of cere- 
bellum ; — geschwulst, medullary tumor ; 

— gewebe, medullary tissue; — haltig, 
medullary; — haut, retina; — hohle, 
medullary cavity ; — hiigel, mammiilary 
tubercles; — kanalchen, Haversian canal; 

— kanal, medullary canal; — karcinom, 
medullar}' carcinoma; — kegel, conus nic- 
dullaris ; — kem, medullary nucleus ; — 
knopf, medulla oblongata; — knopf- 
schenkel, peduncle of corebellum, infe- 
rior; — korper, medullary body or nu- 
cleus; — krebs, meilulhiry cancer; — 
kiigelchen, nianimillary tubercles; — 
lager, sagittales, a bundle of fibres con- 
necting the occipital lobe with the optic 
tract, optic thalamus, external geniculate 
body, and the anterior corpus ijuadrigemi- 
num ; — lamelle, medullary layer; — 
leisten, medullary lamina;: — los, with- 
out marrow; — liicke, medullary .space; 

— mantel, white substance of s])inal cord; 

— plattchen, myeloplases; — raum, me- 
dullary space; — rohre, mednllary canal; 

— sarkom, medullary sarcoma; — 
scheide, niedullary sheath, myelin sheath 
of a nerve-fibre; — schicht des Bulbus, 
stratum meduUare ; — sch'wanun, medul- 
lary fungus, glioma: — segel, medullary 
velum; — stamrQ, brain-stem; — stoff, 

Vol. II.— S 

medullary substance ; — strahlen, pyra- 
mids of Ferrein ; — Strang, spinal cord ; 
— Strang or — substanz des Haares, 
medulla of hair ; — streifen, medullary 
striie ; — zapfen, medullary cone ; — 
zwiebel, medulla oblongata. M. der 
Zwinge, cingulum. 

Markig (6-'.). Medullary. 

Mark'ing-nut. Oriental cashew-nut. 

Marktschreier (C). Quack. 

Marmar'yga (Z.) [/ja/*,aaiy*£u]. Jla- 


Marmeggiato (/.). Pock-marked, pit- 

M. al'bum 

Mar'mor (L.). Marble. 
[B. P.], white marble. 

Marrobbiina (/.). ]Marrubiin, 
Marrobbio (/.). .Marrubium. M. 

bianco, MarruJiiimi vnlgarc, L. M. nero, 

Baltotii nigra, L. 

Marron (F.). Chestnut. M. d'Inde, 

Marrone (/). Chestnut. 

Marronnier (/'.). Chestnut. M. 
d'Inde, .Fsculns hippucastannm, L. 

Mar'row [.SV;x. mearh]. L. medulla ; 

F. moellc ; G. .Mark ; /. midolla. Formerly 
applied to any pulpy mass that filled the 
cavities of bones, tlie spinal cord being 
called the spinal marrow. The marrow of 
long bones is composed of very loose and 
vascular adipose tissue, containing corpus- 
cular elements. 

Mar'row soap. L. sapo cum medulla 
bovina [Cod.] ; F. savon de moelle de bneuf 
A soap prepared from soda and o.x-marrow 

Marrube (Z'.). Mnrrnltium. M. blanc, 
Mnrnihinm vnlgare, L. M. fetide or M. 
noir, Biilhita nigra, L. 

Marrubias'trum ( //.). Bnllota nigra, L. 

Marru'bun. F. marrubiine ; I. mar- 
robbiina. A bitter principle of marru- 

Mami'bium (/>.). F. marrubc blanc : 

G. -Vndornkraut ; /. marrobbio. 1. Hore- 
hound ; the leaves and tops of Marrubium 
vnlgare, L. [U. S. P.] ; expectorant, dia- 
phoretic, tonic. 2. A genus of plants, Nat. 
Ord. Lahiafpc. M. al'bum, M. rulgare, L. 
M. aqua'ticum, Li/copus curop^us, ]j. 
M. vulga're, L., horehound, white hore- 
hound ; a perennial European herb, nat- 
uralized in the U. S. 

Mars (/>.). Iron. 



Marschfleber {O.). Malarial fever. 
Marschkrankheit {CI.}. Marsh or ma- 
larial disea.x.'. 

Marsde'nia Conduran'go, Eeich. 

Gi>ii'i/,,/,ii.< ( 'iindttriiiKi'i. TriaiKi. 

Marseilles vin'egai'. Aromutie vinegar. 

Marsh cis'tus. Lrdum jidlustr,', L. 

Marsh cress. Xnxtiii-limii jhilnstrr. DC. 

Marsh fe'ver. 3Ialarial fever. 

Marsh flea'bane. r/nr/im annphoraUi, 
DC; plant stiinulaiit and antispasnii)Jic. 

Marsh gas. CH,. Methane. A color- 
li'ss. inodorous, tasteless, non-jioisonoiis, in- 
flammable pas. one of the principal constit. 
uents of enal gas, and nne of the usual 
products of the destructive di.stillation of 
organic suhstauces. It is a product nf the 
decomposition nf vegetalile matter in stag- 
nant ])ools ; hence its name. 

Marsh mar'igold. ' '<iltli<i palustn'.^, L. 

Marsh parsley. Si/iinnn pahiffir, L. 

Marsh rose 'mary. Si'iiio- Linuniiinii. 

Marsh sam'phu'e. (ilasswort. Snll- 
cnriiia IkiIkiciii. L. ; steins eaten as pickles. 

Marsh tea. F. ledon ; G. Porsch ; /. 
ledo. l.iiliiiii /iii/iisfr<\ L. 

Marsh tre'foil. Mnii/'inthes tfi/oliata, 

Marshall Hall's meth'od: see -1//'- 

pci'il !■' spirati'iii. 

Mar'shall's ce'rate. Palm oil ."vj. 
calomel .^j. lead acetate .^ss., ointujciit of 
nitrate of mercury .^i.]- 

Marshall's vestig'ial fold. Vestigial 

fold of ]>ericardium. 

Marsh'mallow. Althrea. M. paste. 
/'. pate de guimauve. A paste made of 
gum acacia, sugar, and white of egg, fla- 
voreil with orange-flower water. 

Marsh's test: see Ar^rnic. 

Marsupia'lis ( /-. ). Obturator internus 

Marsu'pium f /.. ) \_:ia;,/iiziu;']. A pouch, 
scrotum. M. cer'ebri, transverse cerebral 
fissure. M. musculo'sum, dartos. M. 
patella're, alar liganu'nt. 

Marteau (/■'.). Malleus. 

Martelage(/''.'). /. martellamento. Cas- 
tration bv ccmtusiou of the spermatic cord. 

Martello(7. ). Malleus. 

Mar'tial. A. luartialis ; F. martial, ale ; 
G. eisenhalti'j; ; /. marziale. Pertaining to, 

or containing, iron. M. se'thiops, proto.x- 
ide of iron. 

Martin's depil'atory. Prepared by 
passing hvdrogen sul])hide into a nii.\ture 
of slaked lime '1 parts and water o parts. 

Martin's hEemostat'ic. Surge(ui's 
agaric — spunk — saturated with ferric chlo- 

Martin's opera'tion. Posterior and 
anteriiir eolpm-rhaphy. with circular ampu- 
tatidu of the cervi.x, for prolapsus uteri. 

Maru'ta Cot'ula, DC. Mayweed, wild 
or dog chamomile : a composite herb indig- 
enous to Europe, naturalized in the U. 8., 
having a fetid odor and an acrid juice; 
used as a nervous stimulant, sudorific, and 

Mar'vel of Peru. MinibHisJahtpn, L. 
Mary this'tle. ^Ih/hum marianmn. 

Marylandische Spigelie (G.). Spi- 

Maryland pink. Sjn'</,/i(i muriliui- 
Jiiii. L. 

Marza ( /.). Graft. 
Marziale (/.). Martial. 
Mascella (/.). Maxillary bone. 
Mascellare(/.). Maxillary. M. glos- 
sico, genio-glossus. M. ioideo esterno, 
mylo-hyoid muscle. M. ioideo mterno, 
genio-hyoid muscle. M. nasale, pyrami- 
dalis nasi. 

Mas'chale \_:ia<rya).i^. Axilla. 
Maschahatri'a {L.) [.'«'»£;'«]. Treat- 
ment by inunctiim in the axilla. 

Maschalon'cus ( /.. ) [_oyy'>i\- Swelling 
or tunmr in the axilla. 

Maschalsrperidro'sis (/>.)[ut//', f",.""^"]- 
Excessive axillary sweating. 

Maschengeriist or Maschenwerk 
(6-'.). 3Ieshwork. 

Maschenraum (G.). Mesh-space, in- 
terstice in tissue. 

Maschera ( /. ). Mask. 
Maschinennaherinnen - Affection 
{(i.)- -^ neurosis affecting sewing-machine 
women, and characterized by symptoms re- 
seuibling locomotor ataxy. 
Maschio ( /. ). Male. 
Maselsucht iG.'). Leprosy. Masel- 
stichtig, leprous. 

Masem ( G.). :\Ieasles ; — diphtherie, 
diphtheritic pharyngitis developing in the 
course of measles. 



Masig ((?.). Poek-markefl. 

Mask. F. masque des ffinnies enceintes ; 
/. mascliera. Pigmentation of the face in 
pregnancy ; chloasma gravidarum. 

Masked. F. masque, ee ; G. maskirt. 
Disguised, concealed. 

Masque des femmes grosses or 
Masque de la grossesse (F.): see 

Mass of car'bonate of i'ron. L. 
massa ferri carbonatis. Vallet's mass ; 
freshly-precipitated ferrous carbonate, pro- 
tected from oxidation by means of honey 
and sugar [U. S. P.] ; a mixture of sac- 
charated carbonate of iron and confection 
of rose [B. P.]. Pills of carbonate of iron 
are subdivisions of the above mass. 

Mass of copai'ba. L. niassa copaibic. 
Copaiba 'J4, magnesia, recently prepared, 6 
parts; mix intimately and set aside until it 
concretes into a pilular mass [U. S. P.]. 

Mass of mer'cury. //. massa hydrar- 
gyri ; F. ])ilules mereurielle.s simples. Mer- 
cury 3:^, honey of rose 84, glycerin 5, al- 
thaea 25 parts [U. S. P.] ; or mercury 3<», 
confection of rose 45, glycyrrhiza 15 [H. 
P., Cod.] ; triturate the mercury with the 
honey or confection of rose [and glycerin, 
U. S. P.] until it is extinguished, and add 
the glycyrrhiza [and althica, II. S. P.] ; a 
mild mercurial alterative and laxative. 

Mas'sa (//.). Paste. M. cceru'lea, 
mass of mercury. M. copai'ba, mass of 
copaiba. M. explemen'ti. ('■ IJelcgungs- 
massc. Cerebral cortex, ganglia, and con- 
necting fibres which fill in the spaces be- 
tween the radiations of the corona railiata. 
M. fer'ri carbona'tis, mass of carbonate 
of iron. M. hydrar'gyri, mass of mer- 
cury. M. cum suc'co glycyrrhi'zse : 

see Pafr i/r n'r/Zixr^f liniiic. 

Massa pillolare (/.). Pill mass. 

Massage' [/'' masser]. G. Massiren ; 
/. niassaggio. The manipulating a part or 
the whole of the body, by interrupted pres- 
sure, friction, blows, and extensions, in a 
particular and syskniiatic manner, for the 
purpose of exciting the circulation and 
other vital functions. 

Massanet'ta Springs. Alkaline mag- 
nesian springs, in Koekingham Co., Vir- 

Masse'ma ( L.) [//«rt-r^/i«]. That which 
is masticated. 

Massena, or Saint Regis, Spring's. 
Saline, sulphuretted waters, Massena, St. 
Lawrence Co., New York. 

Massenligatur (&'■)• Ligature in mass. 
Massentheilchen (G.). Molecule. 
Masser {F.). To perform the operation 
of massage. 

Masse'sis (L.) [,aa-T)ja-i?]. Mastication. 
Masse'ter (L.) ^natrr/rrjfi]. F. masseter; 
G. Kaumuskel ; 7. massetere. A strong 
muscle of the side of the face, arising 
from the zygomatic arch and inserted into 
outer surface of ramus of lower jaw, in- 
cluding the coronoid process. 

Masseter'ic. F. masseterin, ine ; /. 
masseterico. Relating to the masseter 
muscle. M. ar'tery. L. arteria masse- 
terica. Branch from internal maxillary to 
masseter muscle. M. fas'cia, that cover- 
ing the masseter ; see Pn.rnlideo-masscteric 
fitiiclti. M. nerve. L. nervus masse- 
tericus ; F. nerf masseterin. Branch from 
inferior maxillary nerve to mas.seter mus- 
cle. M. veins. L. vena; masseterica;. 
1. Those which take blood from external 
surface of masseter and empty into facial 
vein. 2. Those which take blood from 
the substance or deep surface of masseter 
and empty into internal maxillary vein. 
Masseterin, ine (/•'). Masseteric. 
Masseur, fern. Masseuse (/''.). One 
who performs massage. 

Mas'sicot. A yellow amorphou.s pow- 
der oi' lead monoxide, formed when lead is 
heated in the air to the point of fusion 

Massiren (G.). Massage. 
Massother'apy. //■ massothcrapia ; F. 
massotherapic. Use of massage in thera- 

Mass. pil., a})bv. for Massa pilularum 
{L). y\\\ mass. 

Mastadeni'tis [//'zfriif, «'5r//]. Inflam- 
mation of the mammary glatid. 

Mastader {G.). IL-cmorrhoidal vein; 
— fluss, bleeding piles, ha'morrhoids. 

Mastal'gia (/>.) [m^tthv-. akyni\. F. 

mastalgie. Neuralgia of mammary gland. 

Mastatroph'ia (L.) [«, Tfxxpr,']. G. 

Mastatrophie. Atrophy of the mammary 


Mastdarm (^.). Rectum; — blasen- 
stich, rectovesical puncture; — bruch, 
rectal prolapse ; — entzriindung, ]iroe- 
titis; — fistel, rectal fistula; — geflecht, 
hasmorrhoidal plexus; — • gekrose, meso- 
rectum; — ■ knoten, hannorrhnids ; — 
krebs, cancer of rectum; — liihmttng, 
paralysis of the rectum ; — nerv, lixmor- 



rhoiilal nerve ; — scheidenflstel, iceto- 
v;ii.'inal fistula; — schlagadem, lia'iiior- 
rhoiilal arteries ; — sitzbeingTube, iseliid- 
reetal fcis,<a ; — Spiegel, reetal !-]ieeuluiii ; 
— tripper, rectal irniKirrluea ; — veren- 
gerung, stricture of the rectum; — vor- I 
fall, jirolapse of the rectum; — •wnrm, 
Afciiris n rinicii/an'^. 

MastecchyxQo'sis ( A. ) \_;m'^'''->; ^ v^- 
/i'iw]. licchyuiusis of the breast. 

Mas'terwort. Impi'mfaria Os/ntthimii, 
L,, an umbelliferous plant indigeuous in the 
south of Europe; a stimulant aromatic; 
roots sometimes mixed with aconite : see 
also Henic/iiiiii laniitiiin. 

Mastfettherz (G.). A heart the mus- 
cular tissue of which has undergone more 
or less fatty degeneration. 

Masthelco'sis (/>.) [na/TTiii. i/.xuim^-']^ 
Ulceration of the breast. 

Mas'tic [//a<rrt/r,]. L. mastiche ; (i. 
Mastix ; / mastice. A concrete resinous 
exudation I'rom J'i!^tacia Lenlifciif, L. ; ob- 
tained principally from the island of Scio ; 
used as a temporary filling for decayed 
teeth and as a styptic for leech-bites. 

Mastic dentaire (F.). J^thereal tinc- 
ture iif mastic. 

Masticateur, trice (F.). Aiding or 
performing mastication. 

Mastica'tion. L. masticatio ; G. 
Kauen ; J. masticazione. The act of 

Masticatoire ( F. ). 1. Masticatory. 2. 
Relating to njastication. 

Masticatorio ( /.). 1. Masticatory. 2. 
Eclating t(] mastication. 

Mas'ticatory [masticare]. /'. mastica- 
toire ; G. Kaumittel ; /. njasticatorio. A 
substance to be chewed for the p\irpose of 
exciting the salivary secretion, or as a 
means of obtaining the general physiolog- 
ical eftV'Cts of the drug. 

Mas'ticatory nerve. Itamus suj)erior 
nervi intVam;ixillaris. 

Mastice ( /. ). Mastic. 

Mastich [15. 1'.]. .Mastie. 

Mas'tiche C/y.). Masiic. 

Mastich'ic ac'id. ('„,H:,,(),. An aeid 
resin. s<duble in cold alcidiol, the principal 
constituent <if masiic. 

Mas'ticin. /'. m.isticine ; /. inastieina. 
Beta resin of masiic. iliat jiortion ol' mastic 
not soluble in aleolnil 

Mastigo'sis ( L.) [//«rrr:;-i;w]. Flagella- 
tion, whipping. 

Mastikation ( G.). Mastication. 

Masti'tis [/jaTroi-]. F., 1. mastite. In- 
flammation of the mammary gland. 

Mastix (6-'. J. Mastic. 

Mastkomer ( (V.). Hemorrhoids. 

Mastkur {&'.). System of treatment 
by forced nutrition and passive exercise. 

Mastocarcino'ma (/>.)■ Carcinoma of 
the breast. 

Masto-carotidien (F.). A muscular 
fascicle from the sterno-mastoid, inserted 
into the carotid sheath [Festal]. 

Mastocar'pus mamillo'sus, Kutz 
(//.). (' Imiiilnif. cn'spus, Lyngb. 

Mastochondro'sis (L.) [fiairzo';, ym- 
i?//»v]. Production of mastochondroma. or 
enchondroma oi' the breast. 

Mastodyn'ia (L.) [ooovr;]. /'. masto- 
dvtiie ; /. niastodinia. Mastalgia. 

Mas'toid [/(ytrnii', cT'Ji'i']. L. nmstoid- 
eu.s; F. mastoide ; G. zitzenformig ; 7. 
mastoide. 1. Nipple-like. 2. Kolating 
to the mastoid process. M. an'gle. L. 
aiigulus mastoideus. Postero-inferior an- 
gle of parietal bone. M. an'trum, mas- 
toid cavity. M. ap'erture, petro-mas- 
toid foramen. M. ar'tery. 1. Branch 
of occipital : see Mttiiiiyial artn-irx. pos- 
len'or. 2. Branch of posterior auricular 
over insertion of sterno-mastoid. M. ca- 
nalic'ulus. L. canaliculus mastoideus ; 
G. Warzenkaniilchen. A small passage 
from the jugular fossa of temporal bone to 
tympanic mastoid fissure, transmitting au- 
ricular branch of the vagus. M. cav'ity. 
L. cavitas mastoidea. A large, single eav- 
itv ,s<jmetimes formed on the mastoid proc- 
ess bv coalescence of the mastoid cells. M. 
cells. L. celluhe mastoidea^ Cavities 
firmed in the mastoid process by absorp- 
tion of bony tissue. They communicate 
with each other and with the mastoid an- 
trum. M. diam'eter, infe'rior, liimastoid 
diameter. M. diam'eter, supe'rior. G. 
Zitzenbreite, obere. Th;il measured be- 
tween the entomia of (jjiposite sides. M. 
em'issary vein. L emissarium mastoid- 
euni. Communication between the lat- 
eral sinus, and either the occipital or po.s- 
terior auricular vein, through the mastoid 
foramen. M. fontanelle' : see Fintainile. 
M. fora'men, a short canal for an emis- 
sarv vein usually found either near the 
]Mislerior liorder of the mastoid portion 
of the temporal bone or in the masto- 
oceipilal suture M. fos'sa, sulcus sinus 
transver.-us. M. glands. L. glandukc 



niastoidese. A few lymphatic glands be- 
iiind and below the ear. M. groove, 
digastric groove. M. mar'gin. L. margo 
mastoideus. Border of occipital bone ar- 
ticulating with mastoid proces.s of the tem- 
jioral. M. por'tion. L. pars mastoidea ; 

F. portion niastoidienne ; G. Warzentheil ; 
/. porzione mastoidea. The lower and back 
part of the temporal bone, distinguished in 
the adult by the prominent mastoid process. 
It is not embryologically distinct from the 
petrous portion. M. proc'ess. L. pro- 
cessus mastoideus ; F. ma,stoide ; 

G. Warzenfortsatz ; /. apofisi mastoide. 
A nipple-.shaped projection of variable size 
on the temporal bone behind the ear. M. 
si'nuses, mastoid cells. 

Mastoideal'gia {L.) [a/.yoi]. Pain in 
the mastoid jtroce.s.s. 

Mastoideo (/.). Relating to the mas- 
toid process. 

Mastoideocente'sis (L.) [xhTr,aii\. 
Perforation of the mastoid process. 

Mastoi'des (Z.) [.'iarj-r.;^-, £7r5»i-]. Nip- 

Mastoi'deum {L.). Mastoid process. 

Mastoi'deus ( L.). Pertaining to the 
mastoid prcjcess. M. col'li, sterno-cleido- 
mastoid. M. lateralis, trachelo-mastoid. 

Mastoidien, ienne (/'.). Relating to 
the mastuid process. 

Mastoidi'tis [.-m^roi-]. /'. mastoidite; 
('■ Warzcnfortsatzentziindung; /. mas- 
toidite. Inflammation of the mastoid proc- 
ess. M. exter'na, of the mastoid peri- 
osteum. M. inter'na, of the mastoid colls. 

Mastoido-auriculaire (/'T). Posterior 

auricular muscle [Cliaussier]. 

Mastoido-conchinien (/■'.). Posterior 
auricular muscle. 

Mastoido-genien (/'.). Digastric mus- 
cle [Chaussier]. 

Mastol'ogy [/.ta-rroj, Xoyoi^. L. mas- 
tologia. |)isc()urse on the breast. 

Mastomascellare (/.). Dit^astric mus- 

Mastome'nia (A.) [//?;>]. 
menstruation from the breast 

Maston'cus (/,.) [o;-««9]. 
the breast. 

Tumor of 

Mas'to-occip'ital su'ture. Occipito- 
mastoid suture. 

Mastoparec'tama (L.) l-^zap^xTthw']. 
Distension of the breast. 

Mas'to - pari'etal su'ture. Parieto- 
mastoid suture. 

Mastopath'ia (i.) [t«^„c]. Disease 
of the breast. 

Mastopimelon'cus or Mastopion'cus 

(/,.) [-;;ir/);\ (";-x.,v-]. Lipoma of the breast. 

Mastorrha'gia {L.) [ryr^u/xq. Hemor- 
rhage from the breast. 

Mastoscir'rhus (A.) [rr/.i/ipoi]. Scir- 
rhus of the breast. 

Masto'sis (i.). Enlargement of the 

Mastospargo'sis(Z.) [a-anydm']. Dis- 
tension of the breast with milk. 

Mastosy'rinx (L.) {jT'iniy^^ Fistula 
in the breast. 

Mas'tous r,aaff-ov-l Having lar^e 


Masturba'tion [manus, stupro]. L. 
ma.stupratio ; G. Selbstbefleckung ; /. mas- 
tuprazione. Production of sexual orgasm 
by friction with the hand or some mechani- 
cal appliance. 

Mastwurm I^G.). Oxi/mis, Ascaris 


Mastzellen {G.). Ehrlich's name for 
peculiar granular cells found in connection 
with pigmentation of the skin after certain 
diseases. The granules are deeply stained 
by solution of dahlia, resembling "bacteria, 
while the nucleus remains uncolored. 

Mat, ate (/'). Dull, wanting in res- 

Ma'ta. The leaves of Eupntorium in- 
camatum, Walt. ; used in Te.\as for flavor- 
ing tobacco. 

Mate. Paraguay tea. 
Mat'eca. ]\latico. 

Matelas (F.). .Mattress. M. d'eau, 

Ma'ter (L.) [.">;r7;,„]. 1. Mother. 2. 
Tterus. M. perla'rum, mother-of-pearl. 
M. seca'lis, ergot. 

Materassa(/.j. .Mattress. M.d'acqua, 

Mate'ria(7.). Matter. M. euplas'tica, 
plastic material. M. fecondante. sperma- 
tozoa. M. flbrogena, [ilasmiti. M. saU- 
vare, ptyalin. 

Mate'ria med'ica (/>.. /.). F. matiere 
medicale; 6\ Arzneimittellehre. That branch 
of medical science which relates to medici- 
nal substances, their sources, characters, 
modes of administration, and effects. 

Materialist ( G ). Druggist. 

Mate'ries mor'bi {L.). The physical 
essence of, or an abnormal substance in 
the body causing, a disease. 



Mater'nal impres'sions. '^''. Yerselien. 
.Siii>iio.-ie<l iiitiiieriof of iiu-iital states or 
emotions in the njothcr upon the faHus in 
tiie uterus, producing aVmormities, mon- 
strosities, the so-called " mother's marks," 
etc., as the result of sudden fright, disgust, 
etc. occurring during pregnancy. 

Mater'nity hos'pital. /'. maternitc", O. 
Gebiirhaus; /. niutcniita. A ho>pital for 
cases of labor; a ■■lying-in" hospital. 

Mat'icse fo'lia [B. P.]. Matico. 

Mat'icin. F. maticine. A jieeuliar 
bitter prineii)le isolated from matieo. 

Mati'co. 1'he leaves of Artanthc ehtn- 
ffiita, 3Ii(|. ; aromatic tonic and stimulant, 
with especial action on the urinary organs. 

Matiere ( /•'. ). Matter. M. brute, in- 
organic matter, M. niedicale, materia 
nieilica. M. salivatre, ptyalin. M. vi- 
vante, inotoplasm. 

5yiatilija Hot Spring's. Sulphuretted, 
thermal -ivatcT.-^, :ir)°-l(i(l° F., Ventura Co., 

Matite (/•'). Absence of resonance; 
dulness of sound or of color. 

Mato'niaCardamo'mum, Smith. £/tl- 
tnriii Ciirt/'iinniiuiiii, Maton. 

Mati-atzennath ( (/.). Quilt suture. 

Matrhcemato'ma ( L. i \^;irjrr,/i, alfia- 
T'iru]. H;ematoma produced from the cere- 
liral meninges. 

Ma'tricaire (F.). Feverfew. 

Matrica'lis or Matrica'lius (/>.'). F. 
matrieal, ale. rertaining to the uterus. 

Ma'fcrica'ria (/>.). /''. camomille coin- 
nnine ; G Kanjille ; /. eamomilla ordina- 
ria. 1. (i<'rnian clianiomile-flowers ; the 
flower-heads of Miirirniin ( 'lnimnDiilln. L. ; 
carminative and anthelmintic. 2. The name 
of a genus (jf ]dants, Nat. (_)rd. C'liiijinsitH . 
Stiieri'iiii(l:t . '.',. Tlie Italian name for fever- 
fi'W. Pi/rt thriiiii Pmihi tiiinii. Smith. M. 
Chainomil'la, L.. (ierman c-hamomile ; a 
common Kuropcan hi-rb, of which the flow- 
ers arc oflicial, M. Parthe'nium, L. ; see 

I'l/ri llirniii Fiiiihi iiiiini . Smith. 

Matrice ( /•'.). I'tcrus, matrix. M. des 
ongles, matrix of nails. M. des polls, 

Mat'rimony-vlne. Common name for 
])lants of the genus [j/ciiuii, especially for 
the sjiecies Li/ciinn ni/i/iin-j Dun. 

Ma'tl-lx (L.) [."rjrr,!,]. 1. A ]iro(lucing 
or containing tissue; ground substance. -. 
Uterus. M. of nail. J^. matrix unsiuis ; 

/'. matrice de I'ongle. That part of the 
corium forming the nail. 

Matrone {F.). Midwife. 

Mattee ( /.j. Mate. 

Mat'ter. L.. I. materia; F. matiere; 
G. Stof}', Materie. 1. Substance. 2. Pus 

Matthews' Warm Springs. Alkaline, 
saline thermal waters. 114°-r_'2° F., (.ialla- 
tin Co.. Montana. 

Mattigkelt (</.). Deliility, languor, 
lassitude, CNhaustion. 

Matto ( /. ). A stupid lunatic. 

Maturatif, ive ( F. ). Favoring suppu- 

Matura'tlon. A. maturatio; tf . Reifen ; 
y. maturazione. I'rocess of full develop- 
ment, ripening. 

Maturativo ( /. ). Flavoring suppura- 

Matu'rlty. 1. X. maturitas ; F. matu- 
rite ; G. lleife ; /. maturita. Ripeness, 
complete develojunent. 2. F. age adulte ; 
G. erwaehsenes Alter ; 1. eta adulta. The 
age of physical pjerfection, from legal ma- 
jority to about CO years in men, and to the 
menopause in women. 

Mature (/.). 3Iature. ripe. 

Mauchart'sches Fltigelband (C). 
Odontoid ligament, lateral. 

Maudlin or Maud'lln tan'sy. AihU- 

Icti Alp nifiiiii. L. 

Mauke (6'.). Mallenders. lirease in 

Maul und Klauenseuche (G.). Ec- 
zema cjiizootiea. 

Maulbeere ' G. ). Mulberry. In com- 
]iosition Maulbeer, as. — geschwulst, 
mulberry growth or tumor; — kugel, 
morula ; — nial, nievus ; — saft, mulberry- 
juice; — warze, yaws. 

Maulfaule ((•'■)■ Eczema epizootiea. 

Maulgrind ( ^'.V Aphthous stomatitis. 

Maulhohle ( 0') Mouth-cavity. 

Maulklemme or Maulsperre (G.). 

Maulseuche ('^'.). Thrush. 
Maul'WT.irfgesch'wulst ( G.). Mole. 

Maumene's test. For glucose in urine 
bv reduction of ])erchloride of tin; a black 
]ircci]iitate : see G/i/ti'xiin'a. 

Maurerkratze {(■'.)■ Rricklayers' itch. 

Mauri'tius el'emi. The resinous prod- 



uct of Colophom'a niavritiana, Comm. ; re- 
sembles Manila elemi in general characters. 

Mauve {F.). Mallow. M. comestible, 
Hibiscus escu/enftis. L. M. grande, Malva 
syhestris, L. M. sauvage, Malta sylvestris, 

Maux {F.), pi. of Mai. M. de nerfs, 

Maw [^4. S. maga]. Stomach. 

Maw-bound. Impaction of the rumen. 

Maw-seed. Poppy-.seed. 

Maw-w^orm. Ascaris vennicularis. 

Maxilla (L.) \_;jiairrii,iiai']. G. Kiefer- 
bein ; /. maseella. Maxillary bone ; jaw- 
bone. M., infe'rior, inferior maxillary 
bone. M., supe'rior, superior maxillary 

Maxillaii-e {F.). 1. Maxillary bone. 
2. Kelating to the maxilla;. 

Maxillarbreiten ( C). Maxillary diam- 

Max'illary. L. maxillaris ; F. maxil- 
lairo ; /. mascellare. Relating to the jaw. 
M. an'gle : aee Anr/h of prognathism. M. 
arch, lia'nial arch of nasal vertebra formed 
by palate, maxillary, and jiremaxillary bone 
[Owen]. M. ar'tery, exter'nal, facial 
artery. M. ar'tery, inter'nal. L- arteria 
maxillaris interna ; F. artere niaxillaire in- 
terne ; G. innere Kicfer.schlagader ; /. ar- 
teria mascellare interna. liargest branch 
of external carotid ; passes behind the jaw 
into spheno - maxillary fossa, supjilying 
deeper structures of face and dura mater. 
M. bone, infe'rior. L. os maxillare in- 
ferius; /'.niaxillaire inferieur ; (/. I'ntcr- 
kieferbein ; /. mascellare inferiorc. An un- 
paired, symmetrical bone of the face, the 
lower jaw. It articulates with the two 
temporal bones, and in man has a paraboli- 
form curve for the insertion of the teeth. 
M. bone, supe'rior. L. os maxill.-iB ; F. 
niaxillaire sujierieur ; G. Obcrkieferbein ; 
/. mascellare superiore. A paired bone of 
the face which, with its fellow, forms the 
upper jaw. It is irregularly cuboidal in 
shape, compo.sed of rather thin walls, en- 
closing a large cavity (antrum of High- 
more), and assists in funning the orbit, the 
nasal cavity, the roof of the mouth, and 
the zygomatic and spheno-niaxillary foss:e. 
M. cells. L. cellul» niaxillares. That 
portion of the ethmoidal cells sometimes 
formed by union with the superior maxil- 
lary bone. M. diam'eters. <'■ Oberkiefer- 
breiten. The maximum or inferior m. 
d. = facial diameter, middle anterior. The 

minim nm m d. ^= distance between points 
just above alveolar processes. The supe- 
rior m. d. = distance between opposite 
zygo-orbital points. M. glands, inter'nal. 
L. glandulaj maxillares interna;. Lymphatic 
glands lying along the internal maxillary 
artery and its ramifications, some known as 
zygomatic, others as buccal, according to 
situation. M. in'dex. F. indice niaxil- 
laire ; G. Oberkieferbreiten-Index. Ratio 
of maximum maxillary diameter to alveolo- 
nasal line, the latter taken as 100 [Topi- 
nard]. M. line, infe'rior, connects the two 
zygo-niaxillary points ; supe'rior, connects 
the two zygo-orbital points [v. Torijk]. M. 
nerve, infe'rior. L. ramus inframaxil- 
laris ; F. nerf niaxillaire inferieur; /. nervo 
mascellare inferiore. Third division of 
fifth or trifacial nerve, leaving the cranium 
by the foramen ovale, is joined by motor- 
root of the fifth, and then sends branches 
conveying sensation to side of head, ear, 
and face, the mucous membrane of the 
mouth, and tongue and the lower teeth ; 
also motor branches to the muscles of 
mastication, mylo - hyoid. and posterior 
belly of the digastric. M. nerve, supe'- 
rior. L. ramus suprainaxillaris ; /•'. nerf 
niaxillaire superieur ; /. nervo mascellare 
superiore. Second division of fifth or tri- 
facial nerve, leaves the cranium by the 
foramen rotundum, crosses the spheno- 
maxillary fossa, and. entering the infra- 
orbital canal, takes the name of inferior 
orbital nervo. It is sensory in function, 
being finally distributed to integument of 
middle region of face, mucous membrane 
of antrum, nose, pharynx, and u])per teeth. 
M. plate, f?. Oberkieferfortsatz. Process 
which in the embryo springs from the first 
visceral arch and joins the fronto-nasal proc- 
ess to form the upper jaw. M. proc'ess. 
//. processus maxillaris. 1. Of malar bone, 
the rough triangular portion that articu- 
lates with the superior maxillary. 2. Of 
inferior turbinate bone, that portion of the 
upper edge that hooks over the border of 
tin; opening to the antrum of llighmore. 
3. Of palate-bone, a thin lamina which as- 
sists to close in the opening to the antrum. 
M. ridge, (i. Kieferwali. The thicken- 
ing of the mucous membrane of the jaw 
friiiii which the teeth are developed. M. 
sector. //. .sector maxillaris. Area in 
median plane of skull between lines drawn 
from" hormion to nasion and to alveolar 
])oint [Lissauer]. M. si'nus. F. 8inu.s 
niaxillaire; I. sono mascellare. Antrum 
of Highmore. M. vein, ante'rior inter'- 



nal, facial vein, deep. M. vein, inter'- 
nal. L- votia iiiaxillaris interna iiostcrinr ; 
(i. innoiT Kiof'ervcne. A short vein pass- 
ing friini jiterygoid jilexus to temi)ural vein, 
in eonipany with tlie first part of internal 
maxillary artery. 

Maxillo-alveoli-nasal (/'.)■ Depressor 
ala' nasi. 

Maxillo-fa'cial in'dex. ''/. < )lierkiefer- 
(iesielitsh(ihen-ln<lex. i'rojection measure- 
ment of the distance from the lower border 
of the orbits to the prosthion. compared 
with that from metopion to c'nathion, the 
latter being taken as 100 [v. Tiiriik]. 

Maxillo-labial [Chanssier] (/'.). De- 
jires.sor anguli oris. 

Maxillo-labi-nasal ( /•'. ). Levator labii 
superioris al:ei|Ue nasi. 

Maxillo - narinal or Maxillo - nasal 
( F. ). Compressor naris. 

Maxillo-palpebral (/'.). Orbienlaris 

Maxil'lo -pharynge'al space. That 
between ramus of jaw and superior con- 
strictor muscde. 

Maxillo-scleroticien (F.). Inferior ob- 
lii(ue mus(de of the eye. 

Maxillo-suprafa'cial index. G. Ober- 
kiefer-()bergesi(ditshc)hen-Index. rrojec- 
tion measurement of distance from the 
lower border of orbits to the prosthion. 
compared with that of the upper face, the 
latter being taken as 100 \_\. Tiiriik]. 

Maxil'lo-tur'binal. Inferior turbinate 

Maximalempfindung ( ''' ) (Greatest 
degree id' sensation. 

Maximalreiz ( (!■ )■ Stimulus producing 
the greatest etieet. 

May ap'ple. /'<i(/,,plii/l/inii pdtalmn. 

May'bury Springs. Saline water.s. 
^lontgnnicrv Co., Arkansas, 17 miles west 
of Mot Springs. 

May-flo'wer. Fpi</:r<i ni'inf. Ij. 

May'heni \^L(iir I,, maliemium]. The 
act ol' violently depriving a person of the 
use (if a nu'inber, so as to render him less 
able to fight or to defend himself; maim- 

Mays. Zi" hk"/". L. 

May'^weed. MniuUi ('o/ii/(i,])C. 

Mazal'ysis ( //.). Mazolysis. 

Maz'ic [,f'(i^«]. L. mazicus. Pertain- 
ing to the placenta. 

Mazis'chesis (A) [.-f^'"]- Ketention 

of tiic placenta ; hence Mazischet'ic, per- 
taining to such retention. 

Mazocacoth'esis (L.) [/'«Ja, xaxoy, 
iV='(T(v']. .Malpositiov] of the placenta. 

Mazodyn'ia (L.) [/"'C-'s', "'(5/r/rJ. Mas- 

Mazol'ysis ( L.) [//«^«, /.nm']. Detach- 
ment or separation of the placenta. 

Mazoly1;'ic. L. mazolyticus. Pertain- 
ing to, or producing, the expulsion of the 

Mazopath'ia ( L.) [-nOnf^. Disease of 
the ]ilaecnta Mazopath'ic, pertaining, 
or due to, ])laeental disease. 

M'boundou: sec Aknz<ia. 

McMunn's elix'ir. An aqueous infu- 
sion of denarcotized opium, with the addi- 
tion of a little alcohol ; opium strength 
about the same as laudanum. 

M. D. A., abbv. for Mento-dex'tra an- 
te'rior ( />.), right nicnto-aiiterior position 
of the f(etus in lalmr. 

M.D.P., abbv. for Mento-dex'tra pos- 
te'rior ( L. ), right mento-posterior position 
of the fietus in labor. 

Mead [^1. S. medu, medo]. Fermented 

Mead'ow-cress. (\ir(Unniii<- pmtcnsis, 

Mead'ow-crow'foot. Ranunculus acris. 

Mead'ow-fern. <'oinplonia nqdcni/oVui, 

Mead'ow-gar'lic. Alliam canadnisc 

Mead'ow-pars'nip. Tliu^pium harhi- 
noilr, Nutt.; cliuretic, diaphoretic, and vul- 

Mead'ow-saffron. (UchU-uni aulum- 
na/i . 

Mead'ow-sage. Sn/iin li/rala. 

Mead'ow-sweet. Spirwa, Sprrxa Ul- 

Meal: see ('((.v.vnvr, J^i'nscrd, Oat, and 

Tll/li'l'd IHI'lt/. 

Mealy sarsaparil'la. The name given 
to thdse varieties of sarsaparilla contaitnng 
miich starch, as the Honduras, Guatemala, 
and Para sarsaparillas. 

Mean grada'tions, method of. G. 
^lethode iler mittleren Abstufungen : see 
l\i/rli(iplii/!^li(il m(ih<i(h (4), (4'). 

Mea'sle of pork. Cysticercus of T^rnia 

Measles, mee'zels \^G. Masel]. L. mor- 



billi ; F. rougeole ; G. Masern ; /. rosolia. 
An acute infectious disease characterized 
by catarrh of the air-passages and an erup- 
tion of small round red spots, which soon 
coalesce and are followed by fine desquama- 
tion. M. in the hog. F. ladrerie ; G. 
Finnen ; /. rosolia. A parasitical disease 
caused by the Cysticirciis cdlulosx, pro- 
ducing what is known as measly pork. 

Meas'ly. F. ladre. Spotted, contain- 
ing cystieerci. 

MeatfF.), pi. Meats. Canal, meatus. 
M. auditif, auditory meatus. M-s. des 
fosses nasales, meatuses of the nose. 
M. de la trompe d'Eustache, pharyn- 
geal orifice of Eustachian tube. M. uri- 
naire, meatus urinarius. 

Meati nasah (/.). Meatuses of tlie 

Meato (/.). Canal, meatus. M. medio, 
middle meatus of ethmoid. M. orinario, 
meatus urinarius. M. uditivo, auditory 

Mea'toscope [meatus, axo-neiv]. A short 
endoscope or speculum for examining the 
urethra near the meatus. 

Meatot'omy. Section of the meatus 
urinarius to enlarge the opening. 

Mea'tus {L.'). Canal. M. acus'ticus 
or M. audito'rius. /'. meat auditif; G. 
GehiJrgang ; /. mento uditivo. Auditory 
meatus. M. na'rium, meatuses of the 
nose. M. semina'rius. 1. .Mediastinum 
testis. 2. Fano]iian tulie. M. urina'rius, 
old term for urethra, now used to indicate 
its distal or cutaneous orifice, situated at 
the summit of the glans penis in the male, 
on the roof of the vestibule between the 
nympha; in the female. 

Mea'tuses of the nose. L. meatus 
narium ; F. m^\its des fosses nasales ; G. 
Nasengiinge ; /. meati dellc fosse nasali. 
Passages between and below the turbinate 
bones on the outer side of tlie nasal fossaj. 
distinguished as superior, middle, and in- 

Mecanique animale (F.). Animal me- 

Mec'ca bal'sam. Balm of Gilead. 

Meccanica animale (/.). Animal me- 

Mech'ameck. Convolvuhts pandiiratus. 

Mechan'ical. L. mcchanicus ; F. me- 
canique; G. mechanisch ; /. meccanico. 
Pertaining to mechanism, or to physical 
forces and stimuli, as distinguished from 
chemical or vital. 

Mech'anism [.'"i/"-"/]- F. mecanisme; 
G. Mechauismus ; /. meccanismo. 1. Ar- 
rangement and construction of any part of 
the body considered as a machine. 2. 
Mode of action or occurrence, as in mech- 
anism of labor. 

Mechano-ther'apy. /'. meehanothe- 
rapie. The treatment of disease by me- 
chanical means, such as massage, exercise, 

Meche (F.). A mass of jiarallel threads 
of charpie twisted at the middle : see Porte- 

Mechoacan'. 'J'lif rout ^if a plant sup- 
po.sed to be Batatas Jnhipa, \)V., Nat. Ord. 
(■oni'oliulacese.. A dra.stic purgative [Far. 


Mechoacan du Canada (/'.). Root 
of Fhyt(Aavca decaudra, L. 

Mechoaca'na ni'grra. Exogonium Far- 
ga, Benth. 

Meck'el's car'tilage. //. cartilage 
Meckelii ; F. cartilage de .Meckel; G. Mec- 
kel'scher Knorpel ; /. cartilagine di Meckel. 
A cartilaginous rod forming the skeleton 
of the first, or mandilmlar, visceral arch. 
The lower jaw is formed about it, but it 
disappears by the 7th month of foetal life, 
except at its proximal extremity, which 
becomes the malleus. 

Meck'el's divertic'ulum. Diverticu- 
lum Meckelii. 

Meck'el's gan'glion. S|ih(Mio-palatine 
ganglion. M.'s g., lesser, submaxillary 

Meck'el's lig'ament. That portion of 
the atit<'rior ligament lA' the malleus pass- 
ing from processus gracilis down thmugh 
the (ilaserian fissure to spine of s])henoid 
and internal lateral ligament of the jaw ; 
believed to be a vestige of Jleckcl's carti- 
lage [Schwalbe]. 

Meckel'scher Knorpel {G.). Meckel's 

Meckerstimme (G). j^ilgophony. 

Mecometre (/''). Instrument for meas- 
uring the length of a fietus. 

Meconal'gia (//.) [//);z(«v. a^.^-o^]. Se- 
vere pain due to disuse of opi\im. 

Meco-narceine {F.). Name proposed 
by M. Laborde for the mixture of alkaloids 
in opium which are insoluble in ether. 

Mec'onate [/oj>(m/]. /■'. meconate ; G. 
mekonsaures Salz ; 1. meconato. A salt 
of meconic acid. 



Meconeuropath'ia(/y.) [^iu/idi', itiiycs-]. 
Till' c'iiii(liti(]ii produced by the (iiiium habit. 
Mecon'ic ac'id. ('jII.Ot I'- acidmn 
iiu'iMiiiicuiii ; /•'. acide luoeoiiique ; (V. Me- 
koiisiiurc ; /. acido mcconico. A crj'Stal- 
lizablo iiruaiiic acid existing in opium in 
combination witli morphine and othei- alka- 
hiids. lis chavacteriirtic test is a blood-red 
ooUh- jiniduced with ferric salts, and not re- 
moved by corrosive sul)limate ; it has little 
or no physi(ilogioal action, and is not used 
separately in medicine. 

Mecon'idine, ('.|ll,,X(lj. /'. meeoni- 
dine. An aniorjdions alkaloid discovered in 
opium by llesse (1770). 

Mec'onin. CmllioOi. F. meeonine ; G. 
Mekonin ; /. meeonina. A neutral, non- 
nitrogenous, erystallizable principle found 
in iipium by Dulilane (ls;;2). 

Meco'nium (A.). /'■ meconium; G. 
Kinilspeeh ; /. meconio. The dark green- 
ish excrement contained in the intestinal 
canal of tlie newborn infant; also an old 
name I'nr (ipinm. 

Meconkorper (//.). Peculiar corpuscle 
found in meconium. 

Mecono'isin. l'„ll,„02. A erystallizable, 
neutral ])rin<'i|ile discovered in opium by T, 
and 11. Smitli ( 1S7S). 

Medecm (/'.). Physician. M. des 
fous, alienist. 

Medecine (■/•'). 1. Remedy. 2. Art of 
medicine. M. blanche, calcined magnesia. 
M, clinique, clinical medicine. M. legale, 
st:ite medicine. M. noire, infusion of 
senna, conijiound. 

Medei'tis [////>£a]. Inflammation of the 

Mede'la (/-.). Cure, healing. 
Me'dia, refrac'tive. Refractive appa- 

Me'dia, transpa'rent, of the eye. 
The coriu'a, acpieous humor, lens, and vit- 
reous humor. 

Medial (C/.). Mesial. 
Mediales Feld ( ''/.). Anterior area: 
see Anns nf t/ic iiinhitla nhhiiiiintii. 

Me'dian [medio]. F. medial, ale, me- 
dian, ane ; /. niediarui, fern. a. Occupying, 
or relating to, the middle line nr centre. 
M. ar'teries of medul'la oblonga'ta. 
//. nrlcria' niedianie bulbi ; /' arteres nie- 
dianes ilu bnlbe. Small twigs from verte- 
bral or basilar artery, or some of their 
branclir^. wliieh jiass thmugli raphe to 
{\<H\r iif fourth ventricle [Duret]. M. 

ar'tery. L- arteria comes nervi mediani ; 
/•'. artere du nerf median ; /. arteria medi- 
aiui del braccio. Small branch from ante- 
rinr interosseous artery of arm, passing 
dnwn with the median nerve and supply- 
ing it M. ar'tery of spi'nal cord. /'. 
artere mediane de la moellc epiniere ; G. 
gemcin.same, vordere Riickenmarksarterie ; 
/. arteria mediana del midollo spinale. A 
small ves.sel formed l)y union of the anterior 
spinal arteries, which passes down the cord 
on the anterior median line. M. basil'ic 
vein. L., I. vena mediana basilica; F. veine 
mediane basilique. A short trunk connect- 
ing the median with the basilic vein at the 
bend of the elbow. M. brown line, a 
iKirrow, brownish discoloration of the skin 
extending from the ensiform a]ipendix to 
the symphysis pubis in the median line. 
M. catarrh', otitis media catarrhalis. M. 
cephal'ic vein. L. vena mediana eei)hal- 
ica ; F. veine mediane cephalique ; /. vena 
mediana cefalica. A short trunk connect- 
ing median with cephalic vein at bond of 
elijow. M. line. 1. F. ligne mediane; 
G. Mittellinie ; J. linea mediana. That 
where the mesial plane cuts the surface of 
the body. 2. F. ligne mediane du ]ilan de 
regard ; G. iNIedianlinie. Line of intersec- 
tion of median plane of head with the 
plane of regard. M. nerve. F. nerf me- 
dian ; G. Mediannerv ; /. nervo mediane. 
That supplying the pronator and most of 
the flexor muscles of the arm. It arises 
by two heads fmni inner and outer cords of 
brachial plocus in upper arm, and lies be- 
tween the dee]) and superficial flexor in the 
haiul, supplying the palmar surface, three 
outer digits, and half the fourth. M. 
lithot'oniy. /•' lithotomie mediane; (/. 
Medianlitliotomie ; / operazione mediana. 
Lithotomy by median incision of jierincum, 
urethra, and ])rostate. M. plane. /'' plan 
median; G. JNIedianebene, mittlere Vertikal- 
ebcne. That vertical plane which cuts the 
head into symmetrical halves. It is per- 
pendicular to the base-line at its middle 
point, ami to the ]>lane of regard. M. 
plane of space, that vertical plane which 
agrees with tlie median plane of the head 
when the head is in a naturally erect posi- 
tion. M. vein. L. vena mediana anti- 
brachii ; /'. veine n)ediane ; G. mittlere 
Ilautvetu' des Vorderarmes ; /. vena medi- 
ana del braccio. A superficial vein of the 
lower arm, gathering blood from the palm 
and wrist. At the bond of the elbow it 
divides into median cephalic ami median 
basilic. 'i'he deep m. v. is a branch which 



near its bifurcation connects the median 
with the deep veins of the arm, piercing 
the deep fascia. 

Medianebene ((?.). Median plane. 

Medianschnitt (G.). Median lithot- 

Medianumfang des Schadels {G.). 
Sagittal circumference of skull. 

Medianuslahmung' {G.). Paralysis of 
parts supplied by the median nerve. 

Mediastin {F.). Mediastinum. 

Mediasti'nal. F. m(5diastin, ine ; /. 
mediastineo. Relating to the mediasti- 
num. M. ar'teries. L. arterise medias- 
tini ; F. arteres du mediastin ; G. Mittel- 
fellarterien ; /. arterie mediastinee. Those 
ramifying in the loose tissue of the ante- 
rior and posterior mediastinum. The an- 
terior m. a. are from the internal mam- 
mary, the posterior m. a. from the aorta. 
M. glands. L. glanduhe mediastinals. 
Lymphatic glands in the mediastinum. 
There are described an anterior set, behind 
the body of the sternum ; a superior set, 
near the arch of the aorta ; and a posterior 
set, along the thoracic aorta. M, pleu'ra. 
L. pleura pericardiaca ; F. plevre wedias- 
tine ; G. ^littelfell. That jjortion of the 
sac extending from the diaphragm up to 
root of lung over pericardium. M, plex'- 
us, a fine network of veins in the jxisterior 
mediastinum, discharging into the bronchial 
veins, M. veins, L. venaj mediastinales ; 
F. veines media.-^tines; /, vene mediastinee. 
Small branches which collect blond from 
the posterior mediastinum and discharge 
into the superior vena cava, the innomi- 
nata, or the right azygos veins, 

Mediastinaltumor {G.). Tumor of 
the mediastinum, 

Mediastini'tis. F. mMiastinite ; G. 
Mittelfellentziindung ; /. mediastinite. In- 
flammation of connective tissue of medias- 

Mediastino (/.). Mediastinum. 

Mediastinopericarditis ( G.). Exter- 
nal pericarditis with mcdiastinitis. 

Mediasti'num (i,), F. meiliastin : G. 
Mittelfcllraum ; /, mediastino, 1. The 
space between the pleural sacs of the two 
sides of the body. The part which con- 
tains the pericardium is known as the 
middle m. ; that behind it, the posterior 
m. ; that in front of it, the anterior m, ; 
above it, the superior m, '1. The pleural 
walls bounding the space above mentioned. 
M, au'ris, tympanum, M. cerebel'li, falx 

cerebelli M, cer'ebri, falx cerebri. M. 
tes'tis, the incomplete septum formed by 
reflection of tunica albuginea into the tes- 
tis, extending from the upper border nearly 
to the lower. It gives oflF trabeculaj, and 
supports vessels and ducts in their passage. 

Me'diate ausculta'tion. Auscultation 
by means of a stethoscope. 

Medica (/.). Medicago satua, L. 

Med'icable. L. medicabilis ; F. gue- 
rissable ; I. medicabile. Capable of relief 
by medicine. 

Medica'go sati'va, L. F. m^dicago. 
Lucerne, alfalfa, Xat, Ord, Leguminosx, cul- 
tivated for forage ; emollient [F, Mex.], 

Med'ical. L. medicus : F. medical, ale ; 
G. medicinisch ; /, medicale. Pertaining to 
medicine, to medicines, or to a physician, 
M. anat'omy : see Anatomi/. M. juris- 
pru'dence. L. medicina forensis, juris- 
prudentia niedicalis : F. jurisprudence 
medicale ; G. medicinische Jurisprudenz ; 
/. giurisprudenza medica. Forensic medi- 
cine, that division of the science of medi- 
cine which treats of the application of 
medical knowledge to the purposes of the 
law. M. police' [-'</ltr=:;a]. F. police 
medicale ou sanitaire ; G. ^ledieinalpolizei ; 
/. polizia medicale. In this country, Eng- 
land, France, and Germany the function of 
boards of health. In Italy nearly a syn- 
onym for state medicnne. 

Med'ical Lake, .Mkaline, .saline waters, 
Medical Lake, .Spokane Co,, Washington 

Med'icament. L. medicamentum ; F. 
niedieament ; d. Ileilinittel : /. medica- 
mento. Any substance administered for 
the cure or alleviation of disease. 

Medicament i F. !. Medicament. M-s. 
d'epargne, drugs whicli diminish the waste 
of tissues [(ierniain See]. M, externa, 
topical ajiplicatiiin, dressing. 

Medicamentaire (F.). Relating to 

Medicamente, ee (/■'.). Medicated, 

Medicamenteux, euse (F.). Medica- 

Medicamento (/), Medicament Me- 
dicamentoso, medicamental, 

Medicamen'tum (A.). Medicament. 

Medicas'ter {L.'). F. niedicastre ; G. 
Mcdikaster ; /. mcdieastro. A quack. 

Med'icated pa'per. L. cliarta ; F. pa- 
pier medicamente; G. medieinirtes Papier; 
/. carta da medicazione. Non-absorbent 



pajHT ufidii wliich substances resembling 
plasters have b('en sjiread, or absorbent pa- 
per inipreyiiated witii a chemical or medici- 
nal solution. 

Med'icated vin'egar : see Viiiiijiir. 

Med'icated wa'ter. Ij. aqua luedieata ; 
/■'. eau nuMlii'iiiale ; ^i'. ( ii'sunjbrunnen ; /. 
ae((ua incdicinale. 1. Water imprej^nateJ 
with volatile substances by distillatidii or 
other processes. '1. A term occasionally 
aiijilied to a solution in water of non-vola- 
tile substaiuM's. 

Medicateur, trice ( /''. ). Having reme- 
dial ])()wer. 

Medica'tion. L. medieatio ; F. medi- 
cation ; (i. Kurmethode ; /. medieazione. 
Treatment by medicines. 

Medicatura ( /. ). PressinLT, topical ap- 
jilication. M. alia Lister, Lister's anti- 
septic dre.-siii;:. M. per occlusione, oc- 
clusive dre^sinL^ for wounds. M. all' 
ovatta, cotton-battint;- dressing. 

Medieazione i /. ). JNIedication. 

Medicerebel'lar ar'tery. Cerebellar 
a., anterior inti'rior [Wilder]. 

Medicer'ebral ar'tery. Cerebral a., 
middle [Wildfi]. 

Medici'na(/y.). Medicine. M. foren'- 
sis, I'orensic medicine. M. pub'lica, state 

Medic'inal. L. medicinalis ; /'. mede- 
ciiial. ale ; (1 . medicinisch ; /. medicinale. 
1 Ihiviiig remedial power. 2. Medical. 
M. bis'cuits. F. biscuits nieilicinaux. 
Biscuits into which a medicinal substance 
has been introduced during their jirepara- 
fion. M. oOs. L. olea int'usa ; F. huiles 
inediciMali's ; (1. gckcjchte (tele; 1. (dii medi- 
cinali. ( )Ii'o-iiit'usioiis ; solutions of vege- 
table ]iriiiei])les in fixed oils, prepared by 
solution, infusion, diLrestion, or decoction. 
M. soap. I., sapo medicatus; /•'. .savon 
niedicinal ; (i . medicinisidie Seife ; /. sapone 
medicinale. .\ soda soap jirepared from oil 
of almond [*'(]d.]; from olive oil and lard 

Medicinal (" 6'.). Medical; — anstalt, 
niiMlical eslablisliment, hospital ; — beamte, 
medical otficer; — behorde, board oi' liialth ; 
— ordntang, sanitary regulation; — po- 
lizei, medical liolice ; — rath, niember of 
a medical b<jard ; — verordnung, medical 

Med'icine. /.., /, mcdicina ; F. mede- 
cine ; (! .Medicin. 1. The healing art in 
all its branches. 2. That j)art of the art 
which is devoteil to internal diseases, in 

contradistinction to surgery, obstetrics, etc. 
3. A medicament. M., foren'sic, medical 

Medicinier (F.). On rcax pimjans, Adans. 

Medicinisch, er, e, es (G.). Medical, 
medicinal. M. Jurisprudenz, medical 
jurisprudence. M. Seife, niedicinal soap. 

Medicinkasten (<?.). jMedicine-chest. 

Medico (A). Physician. M. niilitare, 
army surgeon. M. di marina, naval sur- 

Medico, fem. a (/.). Medical. 

Med'ico-le'gal. /''. me<lico-lega!, ale ; 
/. medico-legale. Pertaining to medical 

Medicominissu'ra (L.). Soft commis- 
sure of brain [Wilder]. 

Medico-psychologique (/'.). Eclating 
to mental medicine 

Medicor'nu (/>.). Middle cornu of 
dorsal ventrii'le [Wilder]. 

Medico-statis'tical. Pertaining to med- 
ical statistics. 

Med'icus (/y.). 1. Physician. 2. Med- 

Medikaster (Cr.). Quack. 

Medinawurm ( O. ). Flhn-id inKlinenxh. 

Medinogor'dius (//.). Fihnid mr,1i- 


Medio (/.). Middle, median ; middle fin- 
ger. M. gluteo, gluteus medius. 

Medio-col'ic ar'tery. Colic artery, 


Medio-ft'on'tal gy'rus. Frontal con- 
volution, middle. 

Medi'ola vu'gin'ica, L. India cucum- 
ber, eucuniber-root ; an indigenous peren- 
nial herb, Nat. Ord. Lilinci'fr. The root is 
edible ; in large doses said to be diuretic. 

Medio - occip'ital gy'rus. Occipital 
con\ (ilution. niiildlc. 

Medio-palatin, ine {F. ). Lying in the 
median line of palate. 

Medio-pon'tine ar'teries. F. artt'res 
medio-protulierantielles. Hranohes from 
basilar arterv along median line of pons 
Varolii [Diirct]. 

Me'dio-tar'sal articula'tion. /•'. ar- 
ticulation medio-tarsienne ; /. articolazione 
medio-tarsica. The joint between the as- 
tragalus and calcaneum behind, and sca- 
phoid and cuboid in front. 

Medipedun'culus (/>.). Middle pe- 
duncle of cerebellum [Wilder]. 



Medi - scale'nus. Scalenus medius 

Mediterra'nean fe'ver. Form of re- 
mittent fever. 

Medi-tri'ceps. Middle or long head of 
the triceps [Coues]. 

Meditul'lium (L.). 1. Diploe. 2. Cen- 
tral medullary sub.stance of cerebellum 

Me'diixm (L.). 1. F. milieu. Inter- 
vening or surrounding substance ; the sub- 
stance in which specimens are placed for 
preservation. 2. F. moyen ; G. Mittel ; /. 
mezzo. Means, agency through which a 
force is applied ; an agent. 

Me'dium car'damoms. Short-longs; 

a commercial variety of .Malabar cardamom. 

Me'dius (/>.). f. medius. Middle finger. 

MedoblennorrhcB'a (/>.) [.v.'j'J"?, ?>.iwa, 

fiiui]. 31ucous discharge from the genitals ; 


MedorrhcB'a {L-) [,"'>'5"9, /5^'»]- Dis- 
charge from the genitals. 

Medulla (/^.). Z'. mc'dullc, moelle ; G. 
Mark ; /. midolla. INIarrow. M. of hair. 
L. substantia medullaris pili ; F. substance 
mcdullaire du poll; G. Marksub.stanz des 
Haares. The axial portion, composed of 
soft cubical cells with interspersed air-bub- 
bles. M. nervo'rum, neurin. M. ob- 
longa'ta. /'. bulbe racbiilien. moelle al- 
longee ; G. verlangcrtes Mark ; /. midolla 
allungata, bulbo rachidiano. A prolonga- 
tion of the spinal cord contained within the 
skull. Begins below just above first cer- 
vical nerve, ends above at the pons in 
front, and at an imaginary line drawn 
through widest part of fourth ventricle 
behind. M. spinalis, spinal cord. 

Medullar ( '';.). Medullary; — carci- 
nom or — krebs, medullary carcinonia ; 

rohr, nu'iiullary canal; — sch-wamm, 

medullary fungus. 

Med'ullary. L. medullaris ; F. mcdul- 
laire ; (A medullar; /. midoUare. Pertain- 
ing to marrow or to spinal cord. M. ar'- 
teries. L. arteriiB tnedullares ; F. arteres 
medullaires; G. Markartoricn ; I. arterie 
midoUari. Those supplying the medullary 
substance of the lirain or cord. M. canal'. 
Ij. canalis medullaris ; F. canal central de 
la nioellc; <1. Mcdullarrohr. The tube 
formed by closure of original medullary 
groove, represented in the adult by a mi- 
nute passage throughout the spinal cord in 
the substance of the gray commissure. M. 
cav'ities. L. cavitates meduUares; F. 

canaux medullaires des os; G. Markhiihlen ; 
/. canali midollari delle ossa. Those formed 
in long bones by absorption of osseous tis- 
sue and filled with marruw. M. groove. 
G. Medullarfurche, INIedullargrube. Longi- 
tudinal furrow on the surface of the young 
embryo, which gives rise by its deepening 
and closure to the medullary canal. M. 
juice, marrow. M. lam'inse. L. laminae 
meduUares. G. Markleisten. Thin strata 
of white matter interposed between the 
gray substance in various parts of the 
brain, as in lenticular nucleus, separating 
the zones; in cerebellum, extensions from 
the central white mass into the convolu- 
tions in optic thalamus, separating the in- 
ternal and external nucleus (internal m. 1.), 
or representing the inner thickened edge of 
the stratum reticulatum (external m. 1.). 
M. lay'ers, medullary lamina-. M. meni'- 
brane of bone. F. membrane mcdullaire 
des os; /. membrana midoUare. A delicate 
layer of connective tissue, not detachable 
as a membrane, which lines the medullary 
canal of bone. M. nu'cleus. L. nucleus 
medullaris; G. .Markkern. Central white 
fibres of cerebellum. M. plates, thick- 
ened edges of medullary groove which 
unite to form the medullary tube. M. rays 
of kid'ney. F. rayons medullaires. Tlie 
bundles of straight tubes giving a striated 
appearance to tlie parenchyma of the kid- 
ney. M. rid'ges, the two longitudinal 
protuberances bounding the medullary 
groove. M. sarco'ma, Fim/fvx hpcm>it<idff. 
M. sec'tor, area in median plane of skull 
between lines drawn from hormioii to o]us- 
thion and to basion [Lissauer]. M. seg'- 
ments, portions of nerve-fibre between two 
consecutive incisions of Schmidt. M. 
sheath, a homogeneous, highly glistening, 
and refractive substance which surrounds 
the axis cylinder. M. spa'ces. G. Mark- 
riiunie. Areas excavated in growing bone 
by subperiosteal vessels; filled with em- 
bryonic marrow. M.stri'ae. /.. striii-medul- 
lares ; G. llorchorden ; /. strie acu.stiche. 
Transverse white lines on floor of fourth 
ventricle, extending from posterior longi- 
tudinal fissure to apparent origin of audi- 
tory nerve, of which they are believed to 
be fibres of origin, but have not been traced 
to any definite central nucleus. M. sub'- 
stance. F. substance meduUaire ; /. sos- 
tanza midoUare. The internal ].ortion of 
several orsrans (kidney, suprarenal capsules, 
and thymus gland). M.sys'tem [Bichat], 
marrow of bones and its related structures 
considered as a whole. M. tube, primitive 



tube formed by closure ol" niedulhiry jilates 
on the median line. M. ve'li. L. veil 
medullares ; F. voiles meduUaires ; G. Mark- 
sepel ; J. veli niidollari. Certain triangular 
lamina' in rciot' of fourth ventricle. The 
anterior <ir superior medullary velum 
stictchfs across tlic interval between the 
su]ierior jieduncles of the cerebellum, and 
i.s eompiised of white matter with sujicr- 
poseil i;ray. The posterior or inferior 
medullary velum is constituted by two 
membranous I'olds passing from nodulus 
of cerebellum to the lateral recesses on 
either side. 

Med'ullated. Having a medullary 

MeduUe (/•'.). 31edulla. 

Medullique (F.). llelating to the me- 

Medul'li-spi'nal veins. L. ven;e me- 
dulhe sjiiualis. Those from the spinal 
cord, forming a fine plexus upon the jiia 

Medulli'tis. F. medullite ; /. midollite. 
^Myelitis, iif lione-niarrow especially. 

MeduUocelle ( F.). Cell of bone-marrow. 

MeduUo-encephalique ( /•'.). Itelating 
to medulhi and brain. 

Medusenhaupt (6'.). Caput nicdusa^ 

Meer ( (1 . ). The sea ; — eiche, /''»<■».< 
ppsicii/ijsus, L. ; — rettig, horseradish ; — - 
schaitm, a native magnesium silicate 

Meereskrankheit ( ''»'."). Sea-sickness. 

Meerzwiebel {(>.). Sipiill ; — essig, 
vinegar of s(piill ; — extrakt, extract of 
sc|uill ; — sauerhonig, o.xyniel of si|uill ; 
— tinktur, tincture (jf scpiill. 

Meflte (/.). -V bad o<lor. Mefltico, 
mcphitic. Mefitismo, meiihitism. 

Megacephal'ic [///;-«v', /.e<rahi']. F. 
megacephale , /. megaloeefalico. In crani- 
ometry', applied to crania having a capacity 
exceeding 1450 c. c. [Qnain]. 

Megaceph'alus ( />.). Having a large 

Megachei'lus ( L.) [yjihii]. F. niega- 
cliih'. One who has large lips. 

Megacoc'cus (/>.)■ Largi! forms of 

Megagnath'us (/y. ) [;-'/'/^A.s-]. /■'. nu'ga- 
gnathe. Having a large jaw. 

Megalocar'dia (L) [;)q-(ih>i. xa/iota']. 
The eonilition of having a very large 

Megalocephal'ia (/>.) [zc^a/.ij]. /'. 
megalocephalie. Abnormal largeness of 
the head. 

Megaloceph'alus ( L.). F. megalo- 
eephale ; 1. mcgalocefalo. A very large 
eraniuu]. or (jne who has such. 

Megalocoe'lia ( L.) [z^-i/ra]. 1. The 
colon. '1. Abnormal enlargement of the 

Megalocor'nea {L.). Abnormal great- 
ness of the cornea. 

Meg'alocsrtes [z'itik]. A'ery large red 

Megaloma'nia ( //. ) [/(u'^i'/]. F. megalo- 
manie. A form of monomania in which 
then' is delirium of grandeur, with no 
signs of paralysis. 

Megalorue'lia { L.). Macromelia. 

Megaloplio'nia (/>.) [u-wv);']. Loud- 
ness of voice. 

Megalophthal'mus ( A. ) \_o<fOa).;u'i~;\ 
One having abnormally large eyes. 

Megalo'pia or Megalop'sia (//.) [w^'']. 
F. niegalo|isie. SeeiiiL: olijeets as appa- 
rently larger than they are. 

Megalo'pus (L.). Jlacropus. 

Megalosplanchiiie { F. ). ( ireat enlarge- 
ment of alidiiminal viscera. 

Megalosple'nia ( //. ) [^rrrA);;/]. /■'. me- 
galospli'nic. Knlargement of the sjdeen. 

Megascop'ic [t/D-;-;;/]. Macroscopic. 

Meg'aseme [T^'aa]. Condition of hav- 
ing an orbital index above 89. In the 
Frankfort agreement a similar term (hypsi- 
konche) indicates an index of S").] and 

Megasthen'ic \_;j'y<i.i. <TWi/i/c]. /. me- 
gastcno. Having mor>' than average mus- 
cular force; able to lift from 250 to :?00 
kilograms [Zoja]. 

ard]. A species of flagellate protozoa found 
in the small intestine in rats, and in the same 
locality in man in certain cases of disor- 
dered digestion with diarrlnea. It is found 
in the fwces as a pyriform body 10-1;! mm. 
long, with a rigid filament and a long vibra- 
tinu flagellum. 

Megistoceph'alus (/>.) [/'t';-r.T7(>v-, xs^o;- 
Xrf\. F. megistocephale. A very long 
cranium, or one having such. 

Meglin's pills. L. piluhu D. .^[eglin ; 
F. pilules de valcriane composees. Ex- 
tract of hyoseyanius 1 gm., extract of 
valerian 1 gm., oxide of zinc 1 s,m. ; make 
20 pills [Cod.]. 



Meg'ohm. Electro-magnetic resistance 
of one million ohms. 

Me'grim. F. migraine. Hemicrania. 

Me'grims. 1. Congestion of the brain 
in the horse; epilepsy. 2. Lowness of 

Mehl ( G.). Flour, meal ; — flechte, 
eczema papulosum ; — grind, psoriasis. 

Mehrfachsehen ((r.). Polyopia. 

Mehrfingerigkeit (G^.). Polydactylia. 

Mehrgebarendin ((?.). Multipara. 

Mehrkammerig (ff.). Multilocular. 

Mehu's test : see Albumin in urine. 

Meibo'mian glands. L. glandulae 
Meibumiaiue ; F. glanJes de Meibomius ; G. 
Meibom'sche Driisen ; /. glandole di Meibo- 
mio. Racemose sebaceous glands imbedded 
in the tarsi and opening on free margin of 

Meiocardie (F.). Diminution of vol- 
ume of heart which occurs during systole. 

Meio'sis (L.) [.aiioxTj?]. 1. Myosis. 2. 
Decrease in size of an organ or part. 

Meiran ( G. ). Sweet marjoram. 

Meissel (&'.). 1. Chisel. 2. Lint, pled- 
get, tent. 

Meiss'ner's cor'puscles. Tactile cor- 

Meiss'ner's plex'us. L. plexus sub- 
mucosus ; (r. Meissncr'scher Plexus. A 
gangliated plexus of .-sympathetic filaments 
in submucous layer of intestine. 

Meissner'sche Korperchen ( G.). Tac- 
tile corpuscles. 

Meisterwurzel (G.). Masterwort. 

Mekkabalsam (G.). Balm of Gilead. 

Mekonin {(r.). Meconine. 

Mekonium (G.). Meconium. 

Mekonsaure (G.). 3Ieconic acid. 

Mel (L.). Honey. M. aceta'tum, 
oxymel. M. bora'cis [B. 1'.] or M. 
boraxa'tum [1* IKlv.]. borax honey. M. 
depura'tum [B. P.] or M. despuma'tum 
[U. S. P.], clarified honey. M. ro'sse or i 
M. rosa'rum, honey of rose. M. ros'- 
cidum, manna. M. so'dii bora'cis, borax 

Me'la (L.). A probe. 

Mela (/). Apple. 

Melacitola (/.). Melissa. 

Melacotogna (/.). Quince. 

Melae'na (A.) [itiU^j. Vomiting and 
purging of black matters, composed of 
altered blood. 

Melaenique or Melenique {F.}. Re- 
lating to. or suffering from, melaena. 

Melaenodiarrhce'a {L.). Diarrhoea 
with black stools. 

Melagra (/.). Pain in the limbs. 

Melagrana (/.). Pomegranate. 

Melagre (^F.). Pain in the limbs. 

Melaine {F.). Melanin. 

Melaleu'ca (L.). A genus of Miyr/a- 
cts£. Several species of M. yield a volatile 
oil much like oil of cajuput. M. Cajupu'ti, 
Roxb., a small tree, native of East Indies, 
the source of oil of cajuput. M. Leuca- 
den'dron, L., Australian tea-tree. M. 
mi'nor, Smith, M. ('(ijuputi, Roxb. 

Melalgie (F.). Pain in the limbs. 

Melampho'nous [/J-V.ay, eoiyrj']. Weak- 
voiced, hciarse. 

Melanipo'dium (/y. ). Black hellebore. 

Melani'pyrit. A saccharine substance, 
identical with dulcit ; obtained from Mehtm- 
pi/nini neiiiordfum. 

Melan8e'mia(i.) [aF/za]. /". melanemie ; 
G. .Melaiia'inie ; /. melanemia. The pres- 
ence of an unusual quantit}- of i)ignient in 
the blood. 

Melancho'lia [;^"''ij]. F. melancolio ; 
G. .Melancholic ; 1. nielanconia. malinconia. 
.^lental depression, gloom, despondency; 
hypochondriacal insanity. 

Melanchol'ic. A. melancholicus ; F. 
melanc(ili(|ue ; G. nielancholisch ; /. mclan- 
colico. Affected with, or tending to pro- 
duce, melancholia. 

Melancolie (F.). Melancholia. 

Melanemie (F.). Melan.-rmia. 

Melanemique C^)- Relating to, or 
suffering from. mclan;vmia. 

Melanencephalo'ma (Z.) [ly/ftpahii^. 
Melanotic tumor of the brain. 

Melanephidro'sis (/>.) [^i-ri, W/«;<u]. 
Black perspiration. 

Melangola (/.). Lemon. Melangolo, 

Citrns linxinntn, Risso. 

Melanhemie (F.). Melamcmia. 

Melanhidrose (F.). Black perspira- 

Melani'anous. L. melanianus. Darkly 

Melan'ic [/.(//av-]. F. m<''Ianique; /. 
nielanico. Dark in color, pertaining to 

Melanidrosi (/.). Jlelancphiilrosis. 

Mel'anin [//'.'.as-] F. nielanine ; I. 



iiiolaiiina. A black pigment containing 
nitrogen which occurs in epithelium and 
in the choroid and iris. 

Melaiiis'mus (/>.). /'. melanisme. 
Black jaundice. 

Melano-carcino'ma (/>.)■ A earcino- 
nia containing black jiigment ; most of the 
tumors so described are nielano-sareoinata. 

Melanocatarac'ta (Z^) Ulack cata- 

Melan'ocytes. Wandering lymphoid 
cells that have become colored ]/_v the ab- 
sor]ition of red bl l-cor|iuscles. 

Melanode ( /'. )■ Mclanoid. 

Melanoder'ma or Melanoder'mia ( L.) 
[";/'//«]. /'. melanoderniie. Chloasma with 
lilack or Idaekish spots. 

Melanodiarrhce'a (/>.). Mehenodiar- 


Mel'anoid. F. mt'lannide ; /. luelati- 
oide. Dark-cidiircd , resenjbling melanosis, 

Melano'ma ( L. ). F. mehmome. A 
tumor containing dark jiigmcnt. 

Melanopath'ia ( L.). .Melauddenua. 

Melanophy'ma ( />.) [^"i,'/u]. Krgot. 

Melanopi'per ( L ). Black pep])er. 

Melanorrha'gia ( L. ) \_iWjyu:i:\ Me- 

Melanon-hcB'a ( L) [/^'w]- A dark 

Melano-sarco'ma {L.'). G. Melano- 
sark<im. A sarcoma containing black pig- 

MelanoscLr'rhus (/^.) [tz;/v'"v]. Mel- 
anotii' scirrhus. 

Melanose (/■'.). Melanosis. M. du 
poumon, anthraeosis. 

Melanosen ( G.). Cutaneous disorders 
witli darkening of the skin [Fuchs]. 

Melano'sis ( L. ) \_iLi/.iLvtii<Tii\. F. me- 
lannse ; (1. Melanose; /. melanosi. The 
de|josit of dark pigment in the tissues, 
often the result of malaria. M. lenticu- 
la'iis progressi'va, a rare dis<'ase of the 
skin, beginning as freckles, whicdi become 
eonfluent, and followed by atrophy of the 
pigment, and in some cases by cancer [J. C. 
Wliite] ; angioma ])igmcntosum [Kaposi]. 

Melanot'ic. F melanoti(|ne ; (t. niel- 
anotfsch ; /. nudanoticcj. Melanic. 

Melanotischer Hautmarksch'warara 
(G.). Carcinoma melanndcs. 

Melanot'richous [n-Xavoi, ft/ii^]. F. 
nu'dan(ithri(|ue. Black -haired. 

Melanthig'enin. CuH-^O;. F. m^lan- 

thigenine. A decomposition product of the 
glucoside melanthin. 

Melan'thin. C.nHesOu- F. melanthine. 
\ gluciiside found in the seeds of Xiyi'lln 
sulivti. \i 

Melan'thium vi'rens, Thunb. Vcratrum 
rtnde. Ait. 

Melanurese (F.). Melanuria. 

Melanu'ria (L.) [,«//•«?, "0/'"^]. F. 
melanurie. Passage of dark urine. 

Melanu'rin [orioT/]. /'. melanurine ; /. 
meliuiurina. A black pigment found in 

Melanurique (F ). ItelatinL; to melan- 

Melarancia (L). Orange. Melaran- 
cio, Citrus auranlium, L. 

Melas (F.). A form of psoriasis in 
which the scales and crusts are of a brown 

Melas-ic'terus (/v.). F. melas-ictere ; 
(t. Schwarzsucht ; / melasitterizia. Deep 
jaundice, black jaundice. 

Melas'ma (L.) [.u/P-ac]. F raelasme. 
Dark sjiots on the skin. M. Addiso'ni, 
Addison's disease. 

Melasma surrenale ( /.). Addison's 

Melas'mata (//.). Discolorations of 
the skill which are symptomatic of inter- 
nal disease. 

Melasme (F.). Melasma. M. surre- 
nal, -\ddison's disease. 

Melasse ( /^. ). /. melassa. Molasses. 

Melas'sic acid. F. acide niflassique ; 
/. acido melassico. A product of the pro- 
longed actioti of baryta-water, at a boiling 
temperature, upon glucose. 

Melatro'phia (L.) [/^t/"?, «, "/"'fi']- 
Atrojdiy of tlie extremities. 

Meldom'eter l_fj-iXSuj~\. An instrument 
used in connection with a microscope to 
determine, or to compare, the melting- 
points of minerals. 

Mele or Miele (/.). Honey. M. ro- 
sato, honey of rose. 

Melea'gra (L.) [;>iX(i^\ «/7"']- !''»•» '" 
the limVis. 

MelegT-te'ta pep'per. The seeds of 
AmiDiiiim Mr/effui/ta, Kosc. 

Melena(F.). MeL-ena. 

Meleze (/''.). Tjnrtx ciimprrn, DC. 

Melez'itose. C„n,.,0,.,3H,0. F. xni- 



l^zitose. A peculiar sugar found in Bri- 
anfon manna. 

Me'lia. F. molie. The name of a 
genus of plants belonging to the Nat. Ord. 
MeliacrsE. M. Azed'arach, L., pride of 
India, pride of China, bread-tree ; native 
of China and India ; cultivated and natu- 
ralized in southern Europe and the U. S. 
The bark, azedarach, is official [U. S. P.]. 

Melian'thus ma'jor. A South African 
tree, Nat. Ord. Sfjpim/acea:. The leaves are 
used externally in the treatment of ulcers 
and certain parasitic skin diseases. 

Melias'mus (L.). Glanders. 

Melice'ra (L.) [fiiXi, xijyooc]. I. Honey- 
comb. 2. Porrigo favosa. 

Melicerique (F.). Relating to, or 
affected with, melieeris. 

Melice'ris (L.) [rj.t/.'.r.r^/j's']. F. melieeris ; 
G. Honiggeschwulst ; I. melieeride. A 
cystic tumor filled with a substance re- 
sembling honey; generally applied to hy- 

Melice'rous I'l^Mxr^pi^]. Honey-like, 
pertaining to melicera. 

Melide (F.). Glanders in the ass. 

Melikeris (C). Melieeris. 

Mel 'Hot. /". mejilot; r/. Steinklee ; Z 
meliloto. The herb of Melilotiis officinalis, 
Desr., and of M. ultissimus, Thuil. 

Melilot'ic acid. CgH.oO,,. F. acide 
mehlotique. Found in the herb of Mdilo- 
tus ojficiiia/is associated with coumarin. 

Melilo'tus (L.). A genus of Legumi- 
«os*. M. al'biis, Desr., white melilot, 
naturalized I'rom Europe : resembles the 
succeeding in properties. M. altis'simus, 
Thuil., yellow melilot, a European plant 
naturalized in the U. S. ; this as well as 
other species of M. has the odor of the 
Tonka bean, due to the presence of cou- 
marin. M. arven'sis, Wallr.. Mflilotus 
oJfiri,iali.<, Desr. M. diffu'sa, Koch, M>fi. 
lotus officinalis, Desr. M. officina'lis, 
Desr., melilot, sweet clover, native of Ku- 
rope ; the lierb is official in the European 
pharmacopeias; a mild astrin-rent and 
bechic. M. officina'lis, WiM.. MUlohis 
allissimus, Tiuiil. M. vulga'ris, Willd., 
Mclilolus alhvs, Desr. 

Melis'saTZ.). 1. Agenns.if plants. Nat. 
Ord. Ijihiai:,, M. Calamin'tha, L., cal- 
ament. M. clinopo'dium, I'linopoJium 
vtdgare, L. M. cordifo'lia, Pers., a vari- 
ety of M. officinalis, L.. indii,'enous to south- 
ern Europe. M. officina'lis, L., balm, | 
Vol.. II.— 9 

lemon balm ; a perennial European herb, 
naturalized and cultivated in the U. S. : see 
Mdissa. M. pulegipi'des, L., Hfdeoma 
pulegiuides. Pers. 2. F. melisse ; G. 3Ielisse. 
Balui ; the leaves and tops of Melissa offici- 
nalis, L. [U. S. P.] ; used as a diaphoretic. 
M.-wa'ter. L. aqua melissiB. Melissa 1 
part, water q. s. ; distil 10 parts [P. G.]. 

Melisse (F.). Melissa officinalis. M. 
de Moldavie, JJnicocrpJialum molJauica. 

Melissenblatter (G.). Melissa. 

MeUtse'mia (i.). Melithc-emia. 

Melita'gra (L.). Impetigo, crusta lac- 
tea. M. flaves'cens [Alibert], eczema of 
the face with honey-colored crusts. M. 
ni'gricans [Alibert], eczema of the face 
with dark crusts. 

Melithae'mia (Z.) [,a//.:r-«, al/ia]. F. 
melithemie; G. Melithaemie ; /. melitemia. 

Melithsrperu'ria (Z.) [o-i,,, uZp,j;'\. 
Diabetes mellitus. 

Meli'tis [/i?;/.">]. Inflammation of the 


MeUtoptyaUsme (F.). Presence of 
sugar in the saliva. 

Mel'itose. C,.,H,sO„. F. melito.-^e; Z 
melitosa. A peculiar saccharine matter, 
isomeric with glucose, found in Australian 

Melitu'ria (Z.) [,u//:, oupo-.]. F. meli- 
turie. Glycosuria. 

Melkekrampf ((y.). Milkers' cramp. 

MeUa'g-o (Z.). A medicine having the 
consistence of honey ; an extract of sjTupy 

Mellitaemie ((?.). Glycohwmia. 

Mellite (F): see Ifoncj/ (2). M. de 
mercuriale. honey-of-mercury herb. M. 
de roses rouges, honey of rose. M. 
simple, clarified honey. M. de vinaigre: 
see 0.r>/mcl. 

Mellito (Z) : see Honei/ (2). M. sem- 
plice or sciroppo di miele, clarified honev. 

Melli'tum (Z.) : see Honn/ (2). M. 
rosa'nim, honey of rose. M. sun'plex 
[Cod.], clarified honey. M. cum suc'- 
co mercuria'lis [Cod"], honey of mercury- 

MelUturie ((?.). Melituria. 
MeUone (Z). Jlelon. 
Melodid'ymus (Z.) [lUXo^, d{!luiiui\. 
A monster with a double extremity. 
Melo'e (/..). A genus of coleopterous 


Met— MEM 

instcts M. proscarabae'us, L., a Euro- 
pean beetle; used as a substitute for can- 
thai-ides. M. vesicato'rius, J^., Cmilharis 
veficiitiirin. De (ieer. 

Melomelie (/''•)• The eoudition of a 

Melome'lus (//.)■ ^- "lelomelc ; I. 
meliiii)ek\ A monster with supernumerary 
limbs insei-te<l at the bases of the iiriueipal 

Mel'on. (! . Melone ; /. mellone, ]i(ipone. 
('iiciiiiiis Ml ill, li. ; tlie seeds are offieial, and 
used as a diuretie. M. pumpkin, ('miii- 
bitit mii.n'iiiii, Duehes. M.-tree, (.'aiiai 
J-'iipaj/ii, L. 

Melon d'eau (F.). Watermelnn. 

Melon'cvis (^ A.) [."fjXnv, iiy/.n^']. A tumor 
of the eheek. 

Melonenbaum ((>■)■ I'apaw-tree. 

Mel'oplasty [."/'/■('■j. -/.litTmn^. F. mi'do- 
plastie ; (!. ^ieloplastik. I'lastic surm-ry 
of the elieek. 

Melos'chisis ( />.) [nyim^']. ('onf;enital 
fissure (if the face, involving upper lip and 
eheek near the nose. 

Melo'sis ( //. ) [,"■',''.''"']. /■'. melose ; /. 
meldsi. The act of prcibini;-. 

Melotrid'ynius (A.) [/'.//'."f, T/Jtoo/zos]. 
Monster with three sets of limbs (theo- 
retieal ). 

Mel'rose Springs. !^ul]>huretted and 
chalybeate waters, near Maryville, Blount 
Co., Tennessee. 

Memarchure (F.). S]irain of ankle. 

Membra'na (/>■), ]il. se. Membrane. 
M. adamantin'ea, cuticle of the tooth. 
M. adipo'sa, subcutaneous cellular tis- 
sue. M. adventi'tia, decidua rctle,\a. M. 
aponeurot'ica, a]ioiieurosis. M. arach- 
noi'dea, arachnoid membrane. M. ary- 
epiglot'tica, aryt;eno-cpif.'lottic I'ohl. M-se. 
atlan'tico-occipita'les or atlan'to-oc- 
cipita'les, oecipito-atlantal liLiann-nts. M. 
basila'ris, basilar membraiic. M. basila'- 
ris pro'pria, Ln-ound-laycr of the basilar 
membrane, coin]ios('d of honiop'eneons con- 
nective tissue, M. Bruchii, basement 
incmbr.-nie of choroid. M. cadu'ca, decidua 
M. capsula'ris, vascular membrane which 
in fo'tal life encloses the crystalline li'ns, 
M. Cap'sulo-pupilla'ris : see /'Hy.///,iyy/ 
miiiilirinii . M. cellulo'sa, adipose tissue. 
M. chorio-capilla'ris, tunica Ituysehiana. 
M. coro'na? cilia'ris, /.one of /inn. M. 
Cor'ti, tei-torial membrMtie. M. cribri- 
for'mis, cribriform fascia. M. cribro'sa, 

lamina eribrosa of fascia lata, M. do- 
cid'ua. F. cadu(|ue ; (1. Hunter sehe 
Ilaut ; /. eaduca. The liypertrophied mu- 
cous membrane id' the uterus, dcvt'loped 
after fecuinlation. M. Demoursi, or M. 
Descemeti, or M. Duddelia'na, Desee- 
met, njcndirane of. M. eb'oris, external 
cellular layer (d' )iulp cd" tooth. M. elas'- 
tica laryn'gis, membranous lining of the 
larynx, a strong, tiliro-elastic sheet extend- 
ing from the ary-epiglottic fold to the lower 
border (d' the cricoid cartilage. M. extra- 
chorioi'dea, lamina suprachoroidea. M. 
fenestra'ta. 1. [W. Krause], outer molec- 
ular layer of retina. 2. Fenestrated mem- 
brane of arteries, a thin layer of elastic 
fibrous tissue belonging to the inner coat. 
M. flac'cida [Schrajmell], relaxed por- 
tion of membrana tympani. covering notcdi 
of Itivinus. M. ftis'ca, lamina fusea. M. 
granulo'sa. (1. Kiirnermenibran. A 
single layer id' transparent columnar epi- 
thelial cells, inside the memlirana propria 
of the Graafian follicle. M. humo'ris 

' aq'uei, Bowman's mend^rane. M. hya- 
loi'dea, hyaline coat of hair-follicle. M. 
hyo-epiglot'tica, hyo-eiiiglottic ligami'nt 
M. hyo-thyroi'dea, thyro-hyoid mcm- 
l)rane. M. intermuscula'ria bra'chr 
ii, ligamenta intermuseularia braehii. M. 
interos'sea, interosseous ligament. M. 
interspina'lis, interspinous liganu^nt. M. 
intestina'lis, the allantois. M. intracho- 
rioi'dea [Lusehka], the tuidca Kuysehiana 
and the membrane of Bruidi, considered as 

1 one layer. M. ir'idis ante'rior, lamella 
iridis anterior. M. ir'idis poste'rior, a 
stratum of clear, transparent cells lying 
lietwi'cn the dilatator ]inpill;e and the pig- 
mentary layer of the iris. M. lamino'sa, 
membrane investing I'letal surl'acc id' jila- 
centa when the amnion is removed. M. 
liganiento'sa, ligamentum tectorium. M. 
lim'itans olfacto'ria, a delicate membrane 
covering surface of olfactory epithelium. 
M. lim'itans ret'inse, limiting membrane 
ol' reiina. M. muco'sa, mucous mem- 
brane. M. muscula'ris mnco'see, mus- 
cular layer liencath mucous membrane of 
intestines. M. nervo'rum, neurilemma. 
M. nic'titans, jdii^a semilunaris : see Fi/r- 
liih. M. obturato'ria, anterior atlanto- 
oeeipital ligament, M. obturato'ria fen- 
es'trje rotun'dae, M. tympani secund-aria, 
M. obtiu-ato'ria foram'inis lac'eri, i e- 
tro-sphenoid ligament, anterior. M. obtu- 
rato'ria laryn'gis, thyro-hyoid membrane. 

, M. obturato'ria stape'dis. ^' ^'er- 

I sclilussband des Steieln.igels. A thin 



membrane stretched over the space be- 
tween the two branches and the base of 
the stapes. M. olfacto'ria, pituitary 
membrane. M. orbita'lis, that portion 
of the periorbital meuibrant" bridging over 
the spheno-maxillary fissure. M. pala'ti, 
mucous membrane covering hard palate. 
M. pellu'cida, amnion. M. phai-yn'g-o- 
basila'ris, pharyngeal aponeurosis. M. 
pituita'ria na'rium, pituitary mem- 
brane. M. poste'rior elas'tica, Des- 
cemet's membrane. M. preformati'va, 
delicate membrane covering the dental 
pulp before calcification. M. pro'pria, 
basement membrane of secreting organs. 
M. pro'pria ster'ni, thick investment 
formed by union of sterno-costal ligaments 
with periosteum. M. pro'pria tu'bae, 
fibrous sheet lining cartilage of Eustachian 
tube, and filling up the slit between its 
edges. M. pulnio'num, pleura pulmonalis. 
M.pupil'lae perseve'rans, pujiillary mem- 
brane (persistent). M. quadrangiila'ris, 
part of the membrana elastica laryngis, 
lying above the false vocal cord on either 
side. M. Reiss'neri : .see Reisi^ner. meyn- 
brane <if. M. reticula'ris ret'inae, ex- 
ternal membrane of retina. M. reu'niens, 
name given to of the protuver- 
tebr;v!. The m. r. inferior fdrnis the basis 
of the bodies of the vertebriu ; the m. r. 
superior forms the laminiu. M. Ruys- 
chia'na, tunica Kuyschiana. M. sacci- 
for'nois, ligamentum ca]»sulare sacciforme. 
M. Schneideria'na, ])ituitary meml)rane. 
M. sero'sa, serous membrane. M. ster'ni, 
sheet formed by interweaving of the costo- 
sternal ligaments from each side. M. 
suprachorioi'dea, lamina supraehnroidea. 
M. synovia'lis, synovial membrane. M. 
tecto'ria. G. l)ecki)latte. 1. Hinder por- 
tion of roof of fourth ventricle, from poste- 
rior medullary velum to obex. 2. Tectorial 
membrane of cochlea. M. ten'uis adhae'- 
siva : see limidruclic adlu'sth-r. M. testa '- 
cea, shell membrane of bird's egg. a parch- 
ment-like investment between the shell and 
the albumin. M. thy'ro-hyoi'dea, thyro- 
hyoid membrane. M. trachea'lis, tracheal 
membrane. M. transver'sa, membranous 
interval separating ends of rings of trachea 
and bronchi. M. tym'pani. F. mem- 
brane du tympan ; (1 . Trummelfcll ; 7. mem- 
brana del timpano. .V thin fuuiiel-sliai>ed 
niprabraiu; stretched in an inclined position 
across the tympanic orifice of external audi- 
tory meatus. The handle of the malleus 
is attached to it, and vibrations imparted 
to it by the atmosphere are therefore con- 

veyed by the ossicles to the internal ear. 
M. tym'pani secunda'ria, membrane 
closing fenestra rotunda, and thus separating 
the tympanic and cochlear cavities of the 
ear. M. iirina'ria, allantois. M. vascu- 
lo'sa cer'ebri, pia mater. M. vestibula'- 
ris, Reissner's membrane. M. voca'lis. 
G. Stimmmembrane. That part of the 
mucous membrane of the larynx which 
lines the vocal cords. M. Zin'nii, lamella 
iridis anterior. 

Membrana (/.). Membrane. M. blas- 
todermica, blastoderm. M. caduca, de- 
cidua. M. capsulo-pupillare : see Pupil- 
lary mimhraire. M. cheratogena, dermis 
of matrix of nails. M. coroide, choroid. 
M. crico-tiroidea, crico-thyroid mem- 
brane. M. di Descemet, Descemet's 
memlirane. M. elitroide, tunica vaginalis. 
M. fosca, lamina fusca. M. ialoide, 
M. idrogenica. Desce- 
M. nittitante, nicti- 
M. otturatrice, ob- 
M. piogenica, pyo- 
M. pupillare, meiu- 
M. ruischiana, tunica 

hyaloid membrane, 
met's membrane, 
tating membrane, 
turator membrane, 
genie membrane, 
brana pupillaris. 

Kuyschiana. M. di Schneider, pituitary 
bodv. M. sierosa, serous membrane. M. 
sinoviale, svnovial membrane. M. dello 
snialto, membrane of Xasniyth. M. del 
timpano, membrana tympani. M. tii'o- 
ioidea, thyro-hyoid membrane. M dell' 
umore acqueo, Descemet's membrane. 
M. dei ventricoU, ependyma. M. vitel- 
lina, vitelline nuinbrane. 

Membrana 'ceous. Resembling mem- 

Mem'brane. L., I. membrana; G. 
Haut, .'Membrane. In anatomy applied to 
any thin, flexible, sheet-like structure. M. 
of Ascherson : see Asrhersons memhrmir. 
M. bones, those that develop from mem- 
brane without at any time having a car- 
tilaginous base. M. of Bow'man: see 
Botcmiin's ■niimhrnnc. M. of Bruch : see 
Bruch, mrmhrutic of. M. of Corti, tectorial 
membrane. M. of Demours or M. of 
Descemet: see Descnnet, mrmhrnnc of. 
M. of Nas'myth, cuticle of Xasmyth. 
M. of Reiss'ner: see Rehsnrr, mcmln-anf: 
of. M. of Zinn, lamella iridis anterior. 

Membrane (F.). Membrane. M. 
blastodermique, lilastnderm. M. ca- 
duque, deeidua. M. clignotante, nicti- 
tating membrane of eye. M. du coiTDS 
vitre, hyaloid membrane. M. crico-thy- 
reoidienne, crico-thyroid membrane. M. 
elytroide, tunica vaginalis. M. de 



remail, inoinlirane uf NasiiiUh. M. hap- 
togene, iiicnil)i-aiu' of Ascliersoii.^ M. de 
rhumeur aqueuse, Dosceiiiet's urim- 
brane. M. keratogene, ilcrm of ungual 
matrix. M. obturati-ice, obturator inom- 
brano. M. olfactive or M. pituitaii-e, 
Sehneiderian iiimibraiie. M. preforma- 
tive, supertii'ial byaliiie layer of dental 
papilla. M. proligere, di.'^eus proligeru.-i. 
M. reticulaii-e, subungual derm. M. 
ruyschienne, tunica Huysebiana. M. 
utero-epichoriale, deeidua. M.des ven- 
tricules, ependyma. M. villeuse, mucous 
mrnibrane of alimentary canal, with its 
villi from ])yloru.s to ileo-c;veal valve. M. 
viti-euse, Uescemet, membrane of. 

Mem'branes of brain. L- meninges 
cerebri; G. llirnbaute. The dura mater, 
the arachnoid, and the pia mater. 

Membranes of spi'nal cord. L- 
meninges spinalcs. Envelopes similar to 
those of the brain. 

Membranes sereuses (/'..)■ Serous 

Membraneux, euse (F.). ^lembranous. 
Membran'iform. L. meiubranif .rmis ; 
F., I. membraniforme ; G. hautf urmig. lle- 
semliling a membrane. 

Mem'branous. L. membranaceus ; F. 
membraneux, euse ; (/. hiiutig ; /. mem- 
branoso. Composed of, or containing, 
membranes. M. lab'yi'inth. L. laby- 
rinthus membranaceus ; /•'. labyrinthe 
membraneux; G. hautiges Labyrinth; /. 
labirinto membranoso. The auditory sac 
of inner ear, upon which the nerves ot 
hearing are distributed. It is smaller 
than, but similar in form to, the bony 
labyrinth in which it floats, and comprises 
the" saccule, tlu- utricle, the membranous 
semicircular canals, and the ductus coch- 
learis. M. por'tion of m'e'thra. A. 
pars menibranacea urcthra\ That extend- 
in'.^ from prostate gland to bulb of urethra. 
M. semicir'cular canals'. /-■ <'anales 
semicircularcs mcnibraiiacci ; '/'. luiutige 
noiicneaiige. Passages of meniliran(uis 
labyrinth lying within the senni'inuilar 
canals, and" resembling them in shape. 
Thev communicate at eith.'r md with the 
utricle. I'pou the ampulla of each arc 
distributed iilamenis cd' the auditory nerve. 
M. spi'ral lam'ina, the assemblage of 
membranous structures passing from the 
lamina sjiiralis ossea to the coidilear wall. 
Membre(/'Y l.imb. M. abdominal, 
pelvic limb. M. artiflciel, ariiticial limb. 

M. pelvien, pelvic limb. M. thoracique, 
pectoral limb. M. viril, penis. 

Membro (/.). Limb. M. addomi- 
nale, pelvic limb. M. artiflciale, arti- 
ficial limb. M. virile, penis. 

Membro'sus (/>.). Macrophallus. 

Mem'brum (/..). Limb. M. mtili- 
e'bre, clitoris. M. vir'Ue, penis. 

Menagogue ( F.). 1. mcnagogo. Em- 

Menelco'sis ( />■) [."V^ ?/z«'ff!?]. G. 
Jleustrualgeschwiir. A'icarious menstrua- 
tion through an ulcer. 

Me 'lies (/>.). Menses. 

Mengelwurz (6'.). Rumex. 

Menhidrose (/'.). IMeuidrosis. 

Menidi'o'sis ( /..) [,"V-', !''/'Wf]- Vicari- 
ous menstruation through the sudoriparous 
glands. ^ 

Meniere's disease'. G. Meniere sche 
Krankheit. An attection characterized by 
sudden and temporary apoplectic symptoms, 
or by vertigo, with deafness, nausea, and 
noises in tiie cars; known also as aural 
Vf^rtico. Believed to be due to inflamma- 
tion of the semicircular canals. 

Meninge(/.). Menins. M.vascolare, 
pia mater. 

Meninge'al. i. meningeus; J", menin- 
ge, ee ; L meningeo, a. Relating to the men- 
inges.' M. ap'oplexy, that due to n^.ture 
of a meningeal blood-vessel. M. ar'teries. 
L. arteria- meninges ; F. arteres mcningees ; 
G. llirnhautarterien ; /. arterie meningee. 
Those that supjily the meninges. Of these 
tlie anterior m. a. is from the anterior 
ethmoidal branch of the ophthalmic, and 
supjilies the anterior fossa ; the middle or 
great m. a. is from the internal maxillary, 
enters the cranium by the foramen_ spino- 
sum. and su]iplics the ilura of the entire side 
of the head; the posterior external m. a. 
is from the occijiital. enters at the uiastoid 
foramen, and sujiiilies the jiosterim- fo.ssa, 
i associated with the posterior internal m. 
a. from the verleliral. whiidi enters at the 
foramen maL'iium. There arc, besides, a 
number of small twigs that enter liy the 
f,n-amen ovale (small m. a. iVom internal 
maxillary), foramen laccrum medium (from 
asccndin'g pharyngeal ), the jugular foramen, 
and the antcrijr condyloid. M. grooves. 
L. sulci uicuinLici. 'Those on inner surface 
of cranial bones in which the meningeal 
arteries lie. M. nerve, h. nervus nienin- 
geus. Branch from jugular ganglion of 




Relating to the 

pneumogastric which turns back into cra- 
nium and supplies meninges. M. veins, 
internal, accompany arteries of same name. 
M. veins, middJe, two tributaries of ptery- 
goid plexus accompanying artery of same 

Meningealapoplexie (&'.). Spinal men- 
ingeal haemorrhage. 

Meningealblutung (ff.) 

Meningealttimor ( G.). Tumor of men- 

Menin'g-es {L.) [,y.?>!^c], pi. of Meninx. 
i^. meninges; G. Gehirnhilute.liuckenmark- 
hiiute ; /. meningi. Membranes of the brain 
or spinal cord. M. spina'les, membranes 
of spinal cord. 

Meninghsemato'ma (L.). Matrhaema- 

Meningite (/'.). ^leningitis. 

Meningitico (/.). Relating to the men- 
inges or to meningitis. 

Meningitiforme (/".). Resembling men- 

Meningitique {F.) 
meninges or to meningitis 

Meningi'tis [//v/:;-!]. F. meningite ; I. 
meningite. Inflammation of meninges, es- 
pecially of meninges of the brain. M. 
epidem'ica cer'ebro-spina'lis, cerebro- 
spinal fever. M. tuberculo'sa, tubercu- 
lar meningitis ; acute hydrocephalus. 

Meningitopho'biaf//.) [^'r;,?"^]. Symp- 
toms of cerebro-spinal meningitis produced 
from fear of the disease. 

Menin'gocele (L.) [/cj'/.r,']. F. meningo- 
cele. A congenital protrusion of a portion 
of the membranes of the brain through an 
opening in the skull, containing fluid but 
no cerebral substance. 

Meningocephali'tis [xe^paXyl']. IVIenin- 


Meningococ'cus (i.). Microorganism 
supposed to be the cause of cerebro-spinal 
fever ; resembles Micrococcus Pastenri, Stern- 

Menin'go - encephali'tis [j/-z/y«/«9]. 
F. meningo-encephalite ; /. meningo-encc- 
falite. Cerebral meningitis with encepha- 

Meningomala'cia (X.). F. meningo- 
malacio. Softening of the meninges. 

Menin'go-myeli'tis [/ior/rii-]. F. me- 
ningo-myelite. Spinal meningitis with my- 

Meningo-my'elocele [/i»>:^?, ,ay£/..ij, 
>!'//.';]. The usual form of spina bifida, in 
which the coat is united to the projecting 
wall of the cystic tumor, and the spinal 
nerves from this part of the cord traverse 
the cyst. 

Menin'go-rachid'ian veins. L. plex- 
us spinales interni ; G. Wirbeleanalgeflecht. 
Those which form plexuses on theinterior 
of the spinal canal, between the vertebra} 
and the membranes of the spinal cord. 

Meningorrha'gia {L.) yrj^w/u]. F. 
meningorrhagie ; /. meningorragia. Menin- 
geal hfemorrhage. 

Meningo'sis(X.). Z'. meningose. Union 
by membrane, as in the intervals between 
the bones of the feetal skull. 

Meningozeux'is {L.) [^evftc]. Menin- 
geal adhesion. 

Meningu'ria (Z.) [-o/j^^]. F. menin- 
gurie. Passage of urine containing mem- 
brane-like shreds. 

Me'ninx (A.) [/i?>!^c]. Membrane, 
more especially a membrane of the brain : 
sec M'uiiigis. M. fibro'sa, dura mater. 
M. sero'sa, arac-luuiid membrane. M. 
vasculo'sa, pia mater. 

Menis'chesis (//.). ^lenosche.sis. 
Menis'ci ( L.), pi. of Meniscus. In- 
terarticular fibro-cartila<:es. 

Menisco (/.). Meniscus. M. inter- 
articolare, interarticular fibro-cartilage. 

Menis'cus (L.) \_;jr^,>itt/.(ii\. F. me- 
nisque ; 1. menisco. 1. A form of lens. 
2. A semilunar cartilaire. 

Menisper'mine. F. menisperminc ; G. 
Menispermin ; /. mcnispermina. A crys- 
talline, tasteless alkaloid found in the shell 
of C'/ccu/iis iiidicus. 

Menisper'mum (L.) [,"ii'>i;, <TzIf>;ia']. F. 
menisperme ; G. canadisches Jlohnkorn ; /. 
menispermo. 1. The rhizome and rootlets 
of MenhpcrniuTn Cmmi/insf, L. ; a tonic 
and reputed alterative and diuretic. 2. A 
genus of plants, Nat. Ord. Menifpermaccx. 
M. canaden'se, \,., a North American 
climbing plant, the source of Canadian 
moonseed and Tesas sarsaparilla. M. 
Coc 'cuius, L., Amimirta Cocridii.s, Colebr. 
M. Colum'ba, Roxb., Jateorhiza Cnliimha, 
Miers. M. palma'tum, Lam.. Jateorhiza 
Ciilumlin. Miers. 

Menisque (/'.). jil. Menisques. Me- 
niscus. M-s. inter-articulaires, inter- 
articular fibro-cartilages. 

Mennige (<V.). Minium, red lead. 



Menoke 'lis [,'/); V. >t7;/.:v]. (! Mcnstnuil- 
tit'c-k. Livid spills oil the sl^iii uciuiriiii; in 
suppression oi' the menses [Kuchs]. 

Menolip'sis( //.) [,ur;^, ,i;;(,'':v-]. Aiuenor- 

Menometastasie ( /•'.). Vic-urious men- 

Men'opause \_prf-', ~a~>n'.i\. L. nieno- 
jiausis ; F. ineno]iause : (r. Menstruation.s- 
ende ; /. luenopausa. Final cessation of 

Menopla'nia (L.) [-/.'//t;]. /'. meno- 
planie. \'ic-arious menstruation. 

Menon-agia (/.). .Menorrhagia. 

MenoiTea (/.). ^lenorrhtea. 

Menorrha'gia {L.') [/Iij^wy;]. F. me- 
norrhauie ; /. nu>norraf;'ia. E.^wcessive men- 

Menon-hce'a ( />.~) [/!/'"]. F. menorrhee ; 
/. niciuirrea. Prolonged menstruation. 

Menos'chesis ( L ) [t;//--;^-]. Amenor- 


Menossema(/.). .Meno.xenia ; menoxe- 

Menosta'sia ( L.) [(TT>itr:i\. F. meno- 
stase ; G. .Menostasie. Suppression of the 

Menos'tasis (/>.) [n-an:^']. 1. Men- 
strual molinien. 2. Menostasia. 

Menoxe'nia \L.) [^'^"5] Irre>;ular 

Menoxeno'sis ( A. ). /'. meno.xenie ; 
/. inenossenia. Vicarious menstruation. 

Mens ( A.y Mind. 

Mens sa'na in cor'pore sa'no ( L.). 
A sound mind in a s<iund hody. 

Mensch ( ^'. ). .^lan. In composition 
Menschen, as, — blattem, smallpnx ; — 
masslehre, anttiro]Mimetry ; — pocken, 
suiallpdx ; — zergliederer, anthropoto- 

Men'ses. /•'. moustrues, rrgles ; G. 
.^lonat^tllls.< ; /. nicstrui, rcuole, 'J'lie 
Mood dischargeil in ni('ii>truatii>n ; the 

Men'sii.rm reten'tio ("/,.). Ketcntion 
of the menses. 

Men 'stma (/..). 1. The menses. 2. Tl. 
ol' Menstruum. 

Men'strual. F. nu-nstruel, elle; /. 
mestruale. ( 'oncernini:' the menses or nn'U- 
slrnation. M. flow, meiistruatinn. M. 
moli'men, temhney or eflnrt toward men- 
struation. M. or'^an, the liniuir memlirani' 
of the uterus (Min.sidered as a special organ, 

analogous to adenoid glands (tonsils, etc.), 
with reference to menstruation [A. W. 
Johnstone]. M. pe'riod. G. Monatszeit. 
The monthly period for recurrence of nicn- 

Menstrual I '"/.). .^lenstrual ; — aus- 
sclllag, I'utaneous erupticui connected with 
nieh>truation ; — blutung, menorrhagia ; 

— dyschymosen, vicarious iljenstruation ; 

— exantheme, skin crupticjns connected 
with menstruation or its <lisorders; — 
fleck, nienokelis; — geschwilr, mencl- 
eosis ; — schweiss, menidrosis ; — ver- 
setzung, vicarious menstruation. 

Menstrua'tio ( L.). ^Menstruation. M. 
diffic'ilis iir doloro'sa, dysmenorrhiea. 
M. pree'cox, mcnstruatinn at an ah- 
unrmallv early age. 

Menstrua 'tion. />. nuuistruatio ; G. 
Miiuat.sfluss ; /. mestruazinuc- A ])eriod- 
ieal disturbance in the female, manifested 
bv increased vascular tension, jielvic liyper- 
;emia. renovation of uterine mucous mem- 
brane, and a discharge of blood from the 


Menstruationbefordemd {G.). Eni- 

Menstruationsende ( G^ ). Miiiopause. 

Menstruationsstorung ( '»'.). Men- 
strual ilistnrbance. 

Menstruel, elle (F.). JMenstrual. 

Menstrires ( /■'. ). Menses. 

Menstruiren ( (-!.). To menstruate. 

Men'struum (/>.). The fluid used as a 
solvent in pharmaceutical operations. 

Men'taf/v.). Penis. 

Menta (/.). ^lint. M. di cavallo, 
Mdiiiinlii />iiii</iii,i. ], M. piperita, 
Mrntliii jiijiiii'/ii. L, M. roniana, spear- 
mint. M. verde, M( ntlm vlri<li$. ]j. 

Men'tagra { L.) [mcntum, ''/-,""]. F. 
mentagre. Sycosis. 

MentagTophyte (F.). Trichojihyton. 

Men'tal. 1. />. mentalis ; F. mental, ale ; 
G psvchisch ; /. mentale. Relating to the 
minil. 2. /■': nicntonnier. ere ; /. mentoniero. 
Relating to the chin.'tery. A.arteria 
nuMitalis. Terminal branch of inferior dental 
artery, supplying the chin. M. fora'men. 
L. foramen mentale ; F. trou mentonnier ; 
/. foramc mentiniiero. External orifice of 
inferior dental canal, on the lower ,iaw. be- 
tween tlie twii bicuspid teeth. M. nerve. 
//. nervus nu'iitalis ; l'\ nerf mentonnier ; 
/. nervo mentoniero. Branch of inferior 
dental nerve, supplying integument and 



mucous membrane of lower lip and cliin. 
M. plex'us. F. plexus meiitonnier. In- 
terlacement between the mental and facial 
nerves at the mental foramen. M. point. 
F. point mentonnier. In craniometry the 
most antero-inferior point of the inferior 
maxillary bone. M. proc'ess, mental 
prominence. M. prom'inence. L. pro- 
tuberantia mentalis ; /. apofisi meutoniera. 
Trianuular eminence of inferior maxillary 
bone, forming the chin. M. spines. L. 
.spina; mentales ; F. apophyses du menton ; 
/. eminenze del mento. Two pairs of tu- 
bercles on inner surface of lower jaw, at 
the symphysis. M. veins, tributaries of 
the facial vein. 

, Mentalbreite (6r.). Distance between 
the two mental foramina. 

Menta'lis {L.). Levator labii inferioris. 
Mentastre {F.). Mentha rutundi/ulia, 
L. [Far. Esp.]. 
Mentastro (/.). Mentha rotundi/olia, L. 
Mentecattaggine (/.). Amentia, de- 

Mentecatto (/.)■ Mad, demented, in- 

Mentene (/.). Menthene. 
Men'tha (L.). Mint, a genus of plants, 
Nat. Ord. Labidiit. M. aquat'ica, L., 
water-mint. M. arven'sis, DC, corn-mint. 
M. canaden'sis, L., Canadian mint, wild 
mint ; indigenous ; medicinal properties like 
the other species of M., but less agreeable, to 
the taste. M. cris'pa, L., crisped mint. 
M. horten'sis [P. Port.], Mentha rotnndi- 
t'lilld, L., var. ylabra, Brot., et M. rin'i/i's, L. 
M. piperi'ta, L., a perennial pjuropean 
herb, naturalized and cultivated in the U. 
S. : see Peppermint. M. Pule'gium, Euro- 
pean pennyroyal. M. vir'idis, Jj., spear- 
mint, cultivated and naturalized in the U. 
S. ; probably a cultivated variety of M. 
sj/lvestris, L. 

Menthas'trum (L.). Mentha rotvndi- 
follo, L. [Far. Esp.]. 

Mentha {F.). Mint. M. aquatique, 
water-mint. M. des chats, calnc]). M. 
crepue, crisped mint. M. poivree, i>ep- 
permint. M. pouliot, European ])enny- 
royal. M. romaine or M. verte, spear- 

Men'thene. C,oH,,. F. menthene ; /. 
mentene. A peculiar liquid, aromatic prod- 
uct obtained by distilling menthol with an- 
hydrous phosphoric acid. 

Men'thol. C,oH.,oO. /. mcntolo. Pep- 
permint camphor; a stearopten obtained 

by cooling the oil distilled from the fresh 
herb of Mentha arvenxis, DC, var. piperas- 
cens et (/kibrata, and of Mentha piperita, 
Sm. [B. P.] ; a powerful antiseptic and local 

Mentiero (/.). Pertaining to the chin. 

Mentigine (/.). Form of ulceration of 
lips and mouth of sheep. 

Mento (/.). Chin. 

Mento-bicor'neus {L.). Genio-hyoid- 

Mento-condyl'ial tri'angle. G. Kinn- 
Condylialdreieck. That with apex at gna- 
thion and base between the two condylia 
[v. Torok]. 

Mento-coro'nial tri'angle. G. Kinn- 
Coronialdreieck. That having its apex at 
the gnathion and base between the two 
coronia [v. Toriik]. 

Mento-go'nial tri'angle. G. Kinn- 
Gonialdreieck. That with apex at gnathion 
and base at bigoniac diameter [v. Torbk]. 

Men'to-hy'oid. A muscular slip pass- 
ing in the middle line from byoid bone to 
chin, external to anterior belly of digastric 

Men'to-labia'hs (L.). F. mcntolabial. 
Depressor labii inferioris [Chaussier]. 

Men'to-la'bial fur'row or line. L. 
linea mento-labialis ; C/. Kinidippenlinie. 
Curved furrow which .separates lower lip 
from prominence of chin. 

Mentolof/.). Menthol. 

Mento-mas'toid tri'angle. That hav- 
ing apex at gnathion. and i'or base the infe- 
rior mastoid diameter [v. Torok]. 

Menton (F.). (,'liin. 

Mentoniera ( /.). Bandage for the chin. 

Mentonnier, iere (F.). Relating to the 
chill. Mentonniere, bandage for the chin. 

Mentoniero, a (/.). Kelating to the 

Men'tula ( L.). Penis. 

Mentula'gra. F. mentulagre. Painful 
spasm of the penis. 

Mentulomania (/.). Onanism. 

Men'tum (/..) [m>jv";«-?]. Chin. M. 
prominu'lum, prominence of the chin. 

Menyanthe ( F.). Buekbean. 

Menyan'thes trifolia'ta, L. /' meny- 
anthe. Buekbean, bogbean. marsh trefoil, 
water shamrock, a perennial herb, Nat. Ord. 
Gentianex, native of Europe and North 
America ; the leaves are official in the 



Kiu-opean pliarmacopocias, and are rcputt'd 
to 1)0 tDiiic, aiitiscorbulie, emmenagoguc. 
and vcnnil'iigo. 

Menyan'thin. C;,,ll5,0,c. F. nu'ny- 
aiitliiiie. Tlic bitter ])riiieiplc of Mciiij tint Inn 
tri/i'lintii. L. 

Menyan'thol. A volatile, oily product 
of the action ol' hot dilute acid upon 
uienyauthin ; odor resembles that of bitter 

Mephit'ic. L. mephiticus ; F. niephi- 
ti<iue ; G. niephitiseh ; J. niefitieo. Per- 
taining to mephitism ; i'oul, unwholesome, 
from gas or va]ior. 

Mephi'tis ( A.)- F. mephite ; /. niefite. 
All unwholesome, offensive, or irrespirable 

Meph'itisni. L. mepliitisinus ; F. niephi- 
tisnie ; /. mefitismo. The eondition of air 
containing offensive or unwholesome gases 
or effluvia. 

Meramaitro 'sis (■/>■) [."//"'s-, >)-;)-auji<;(„'\. 
I'artial amaurosis. Meramaurot'ic, par- 
tially amaurotic. 

Meraiicesthe'sis (/-.). Partial an;c.s- 

Merati-o'phia (A.) [,"/,"cs-]. 1. Partial 
atrophy. -. F. meratrophie [.uij/zcv]. 
Atrophy of the thigh. 
Mercorella (I.). Mcn-uiialis annua, L. 
Mercur or Merkur ( G. ). Mercury. 
Merciu-ammo'nium chlo'ride. Am- 
moniated mercury. 

Mercure (/''.). Mercury. M.doux, mer- 
curous chloride. M. saccharin, anhio]is 
sacidiaratus. M. soluble de Hahnemann, 
mercurous ammonium nitrate. 

Mercureux, euse (/•'). Mercurous. 
Mercu'rial. L. mcrcnrialis ; F. niercu- 
riel, elle ; '-'. merkurialisch ; /. mercuriale. 
Containing. |iertaining to, or reseiribling 
mercury. M. olnt'nient. L- ttnguentum 
hydrargvri ; /•'. ]Himnuide mercurielle :i 
parties egales : (i. graue (^)ueeksilbersallie ; 
/. unguento mercuriale doppio. 1. Mercury 
4.")(l. com]iound linclure of benzoin 4(1. mer- 
curial ointment KHI; triturate and achl lanl 
22."(, suet '22't parts; again triturate until 
the mercury is cxiiuguishcd [P. i*^. P.], 1'. 
Mercury I'c. l^nl IC, suet 1 [!>. !'.], :;. 
:\lercury 10, lard l!!. suet 7 [i'. (i.]. 1. 
IVh'rcury 1(1. beuzoinatcd lard 10 [Cod.]. 
M. pili [H. P.], mass of mercury. M. 
plas'ter. /.. emplastrum liydrargyri ; /'. 
emjilatre mcrcuriel ; (>. Quecksilberpflaster ; 
J. empiastro mercuriale. 1. Rcsiu 10, olive 

oil 1(1 ; melt together; wlieii cold, triturate 
with mercury )>0 parts, and add lead plaster, 
previously melted, 50 parts [U. S. P.]. 2. 
Lead plaster U(_l, olive oil 1.4, sulphur 0.2, 
mercury 33 parts [B. P.]. 3. Mercury 100, 
tur]ientine, with a little oil of turpentine 
added, 50, yellow wax 50, lead plaster 300 
[P. (!.]. For formula of Cod. see Emph'itrr 
i/c ]'ii/(i cum nil re II rid. M. suppos'itories. 
L. suppositoria hydrargyri. Oil of theo- 
broma 120 parts; melt with gentle heat, 
and add ointment of mercury 00 parts 
[B. P.]. M. tre'nior, trenjor due to mer- 

Mercuriale ( F.'). Mrrciirinfis aniiim, ]i. 

Mercurialeczem ( G. ). iv-zema due to 
internal or external use ol' mercury. • 

Mercuriali ( /.). Mercurials. 

Mercu'rialme. CH5N. A volatile alka- 
loid, isomeric with methylamine ; discovered 
by Beichart in Merciirialis annua. 

Mercmia'lis an'nua, L. A European 
herb. Nat. (_)rd. Fiijiiimliiaii'ir ; official in 
the Cud.: purgative and cmmenagogue. 

Mercu'rialism. L. mereurialismus ; /'. 
mcrcurialisme ; (/. Merkurialismus ; J. mer- 
curialismo. The condition produced by 
prohuiged use of mercurials. 

Mercu 'rials. L. mercurialia ; F. mercu- 
riaux ; /. mercuriali, .Medicaments con- 
taining mercury or its salts. 

Mercu'ric. /•'. mercuriiiue. The name 
given to that series of mercury compounds 
whose radical is the liivalent atom of mer- 
curv ( Ilg)" ; dcsigmiting the liigher salts of 
mercury. M. alan'inate, a crystalliiK' 
salt, readily soluble in cold water, forming 
a clear, jiermaneiit solution ; prepared by 
dissolving oxide of mercury in a boiling 
aqueous solution of alanine ; recommended 
by B. de Lucca (ISSS) for hypodermic use 
iti the treatment of syphilis. M. bro'mide. 
H<ri5r... Obtained bv digesting mercurous 
bromide in water e(]ntaining bromine; an 
irritant poison. M. car'bolate. L. hy- 
drargyri carbolas; /'. phcnate de mercure; 
G. Quecksilbercarbolat ; /. fenato di uier- 
curio. A bright orange-colored powder, 
becoming brick-red after complete desicca- 
tion ; obtained by the action of potassium 
carbolate upon mercuric chloride; recom- 
mended in the treatment of constitutional 
syphilis in doses of 0.04 gras. and upward. 
M. chlo'ride. HgCl,. L. hydrargyri 
chloridum corrosivum ; F. bielilornre de 
nu'rcure ; G. iitzendes Quccksilberchlorid ; 
/. sulilimato ciUTosivo. Corrosive chloride 



of mercury, corrosive sublimate, perchloride 
of mercury, bichloride of mercury ; heavy, 
colorless, rhombic crystals or crystalline 
masses, permanent in the air, odorless, 
having an acrid and persistent metallic 
taste, an acid reaction ; soluble in 16 parts 
of water and in 3 parts of alcohol at 15° 
C. ; obtained by subliming a mixture of 
mercuric sulphate, sodium chloride, and 
manganese dioxide ; local stimulant, escha- 
rotic, antisyphilitic, alterative, antiseptic. 
A powerful irritant poison. The powder 
sublimes unchanged, and is decomposed 
with sublimation of mercury when heated 
with sodium carbonate. Potassium iodide 
precipitates the bright scarlet mercuric 
iodide. Metallic mercury is deposited upon 
clfean copper immersed in acidulated solu- 
tion of the salt. A drop of the solution upon 
a gold surface, touched by a knife-blade, will 
deposit mercury, which amalgamates with 
the gold : see Tdhlf of antidotes. M. cy'- 
anide. Hg(CN)2. L. hydrargyri cyanidum ; 
F. cyanure mercurique ; G. Quecksilbercya- 
nid ; /. cianuro di mercurio. Cyanide of mer- 
cury ; a colorless or white crystalline salt, 
odorless, having a bitter metallic taste, sol- 
uble in 12.8 parts of water and in 15 parts 
of alcohol at 15° C. ; obtained by dissolving 
mercuric oxide in hydrocyanic acid ; a vio- 
lent poison ; occasionally used in syphilis. 
M. i'odide. Hgl,. L. hydrargyri iodidum 
rubruni ; /'. iodure mercurii(ue ; G. Queck- 
silborjodid ; /. ioduro di mercurio rosso. 
Binicjdide of mercury, red iodide of mer- 
cury ; a soarlet-red, crystalline powder, per- 
manent in the air, odorless and tasteless, 
nearly insoluble in water, soluble in 120 
parts of alcohol at 15° C. ; prepared by 
double decomposition of mercuric chloride 
with potassium iodide [U. S. P.] ; a violent 
irritant poison : used in treatment of syphi- 
lis. M. meth'ide. HgCCH,)^. A color- 
less, highly refractive, very poisonous liquid, 
of a persistent and disagreeable odor ; ob- 
tained by the action of zinc methyl in ex- 
cess upon mercuric chloride or by other 
chemical processes.'trate. IIg(NO;,)j. 
L. hydrargyri iiitras ; /•'. azotate mercu- 
rique ; G. .Mercurinitrat. A very deli- 
quescent, crystalline salt ; obtained by boil- 
ing mercury with nitric acid, evaporating, 
and crystallizing. M. o'leate. 7^. oleatum 
hydrargyri. Yellow mercuric oxide 10, 
oleic acid 90 parts; mix with gentle heat 
[U. S. P.] ; triturate [B. P.], M. ox'ide, 
red. HgO. L. hydrargyri oxidum rubrum ; 
F. oxyde mercurique nmgc; G. rothes 
Quecksilberoxyd ; /. ossido di mercurio 

rosso. Red oxide of mercury, red precipi- 
tate ; heavy, orange-red, crystalline scales 
or powder, permanent in the air, odorless, 
tasteless, insoluble in water or alcohol ; ob- 
tained by decomposing mercuric nitrate by 
heat; stimulant, escharotic, for external use 
only. M. ox'ide, yellow. HgO. L. hy- 
drargyri oxidum flavum ; F. oxyde mercu- 
rique jaune; G. gelbes Quecksilberoxyd. 
Yellow oxide of mercury ; a light orange- 
yellow, heavy, amorphous, impalpable pow- 
der, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water 
or alcohol ; obtained by precipitation from 
a solution of mercuric chloride by means 
of solution of potassa or soda ; a stimu- 
lating application u.sed in skin and eye 
diseases. M. sul'phate. HgSOi. L. 
hydrargyri sulphas ; F. sulfate mercurique ; 
G. Mercurisulfat ; /. solfato di mercurio. 
Persulphate of mercury, sulphate of mer- 
cury ; a white, crystalline, heavy powder, 
rendered yellow by affusion of water ; ob- 
tained by heating mercury 20 oz. with sul- 
phuric acid 12 fl. oz. until a dry white .salt 
remains [B. P.]; used in the preparation 
of other mercury salts. M. sulphate, 
ba'sic. Hg(IIgO).iS04. L. hydrargyri 
subsulphas flavus ; F. sulfate sous-mer- 
curique ; G. Mercurioxysulfat ; I. solfato 
basico di mercurio. Yellow subsuljihate 
of mercury, oxymercuric sulphate, subsul- 
phate of mercury, turpeth mineral ; a heavy, 
lemon-yellow powder, ])ermanent in the air, 
odorless, with a slight metallic taste; insol- 
uble in water or alcohol, becoming red on 
heating, and yellow again on cooling ; pro- 
duced b}' the action of boiling water upon 
the normal mercuric sulphate ; alterative, 
emetic, errhine ; an irritant poison. M. 
sul'phide. HgS. L. hydrargyri sul- 
phidum rubrum; /*'. sulfure mercurique; 
G. Quecksilbersulfid ; /. solfito di mer- 
curio. Red sulphide of mercury, cinnabar; 
brilliant, dark-red, crystalline, or a 
fine, bright scarlet powder, permanent in 
the air, odorless and tasteless, insoluble in 
water, alcohol, nitric or hydrochloric acid, 
or in dilute solutions of alkalies ; prepared 
by heating together mercury and sulphur 
and subliming the product. 

Mercuriel, elle {F.). Mercurial. 

MercTxrielle annuelle {F.). Mi rcnvialis 
aiviiKi, L. 

Mercurinitrat (G.). INIcrcuric ni- 
trate; — losvmg, -solution of mercuric 

Mercurio (/.). >Icrcury. M. bianco 
or dolce, mercurous chloride. 



Mercurioxysulfat ((/.). IMercurio sul- 
jihatc, liiisic. 

Mercurisulfat ( <!.). Mercuric suli;ih;itc. 

Mercu'rius ( //.). Mercury. M. alka- 
liza'tus, livdrar.tfvruiu cum crcta. M. 
borus'sicus, mercuric cyaniiK-. M. cal- 
cina'tus, rcil mercuric oxide, in the form 
«]f erystalline scales ; olitaiucJ by prolonged 
heating of metallic mercury in a loosely- 
covered flask. M. coiTosi'vus, mercuric 
chloride. M. coiTOsi'vus ru'ber, mer- 
curic oxide, red. M. cyana'tus, mercuric 
cvanide. M. dul'cis, mereurous chloride. 
M. emet'iciis fla'vus, basic mercuric sul- 
phate. M. ioda'tus ru'ber, mercuric 
iodide. M. joda'tus fla'vus, mereurous 
iodide. M. precipita'tus al'bus, :nn- 
mouiated mercury. M. prsecipita'tus 
fla'vus, mercuric oxide, yellow. M. 
preecipita'tus per se, mercurius calci- 
uatus. M. solu'bilis Hahueman'ni, 
mereurous ammonium nitrate. M. sub- 
liraa'tus or M. sublima'tus corrosi'vus, 
mercuric chloride. M. vitriola'tus, mer- 
curic sulphate. M. vi'vus, mercury. 

Mercuronitrat (<t.'). Mereurous ni- 
trate; ■ — losung, solution of mereurous 

Mercu'rous. F. mereurcux ; /. mer- 
curusi. The name given to that series 
of mercury comjKuinds whose radical is 
the bivalent group (Hg,)" ; designating the 
lower salts oi' mercury. M. amnio'nium 
ni'trate. />. iiydrargyrum oxydulatum 
nitricum ammoniatum ; F. nitrate nier- 
cureux ammoniacal. Hahnemann's soluble 
mercury ; a blaek powder of variable chem- 
ical composition, prepared by partial ])re- 
i'ipitatiim, with amuumia, of a solution of 
mereurous nitrate in water slightly acid- 
ulatecl with nitric acid. M. bro'mide. 
llg.Ur.. \ salt of mercury forujed by 
double decomjiositirm of potassium bro- 
mide and nu'rc-urous nitrate; has the same 
medicinal properties as mereurous iodide. 
M. chlo'ride. Hg,*'!.- />■ hyilrargyri 
chloridum mite ; /■'. chlorure mereurcux ; 
(1 . C^uecksilberchlorur; 7. calonu-linKJ. .Mild 
(ddcu'ide of nu-rcury, calomel, subchloridc 
ol' mereiirv, ])rotochloride of mercury ; a 
while. im|ial|ialile powder, permani'nt in 
the air, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in 
water, alcohol, or ether; prepai-ed by sev- 
eral ))rocesses as billows: 1. l>y subliming 
a mixture ol' mercury sulphate, nu^rcury, 
iiMil siidium <ddoride, and eonilensing the 
vapors in a large (diamber. 2. V>\ sublim- 
ing the nnxturc as above, and condensing 

liy means of steam injected into the cham- 
ber. 3. By precipitating a solution of 
mereurous nitrate with liydrochloric acid 
or sodium chloride ; alterative, purgative, 
anthelmintic. M. i'odide. Hg.^.^. L. 
liydrargyri iodidum viride; F. iodure mer- 
eurcux ; (1. Quecksilberiodur ; /. ioduro 
di niercurio giallo. (jreen iodide of mer- 
cury, protiodide oi' mercury ; a dull green 
to greenish-yellow jtowder, becoming darker 
Iiv exposure, odorless and tasteless, insol- 
uble in alcohol, almost ins(duble in water; 
obtained by triturating iodine with mer- 
cury kept moist with alc(dnil [U. S. P.]; 
an alterative used in scrofula and syphilis. 
M. ni'trate. Hg.,(N(J,),.2HX). L. nitras 
hydrargyrosus [Cod.] ; F. azotate mer- 
eurcux. A colorless, crystalline salt, sol- 
ulile in a siuall quantity of water, but de- 
composed by a larger quantity; prepared by 
dissolving mercury lOtI jiarls in nitric acid 
1(10 and water 5(1 parts, and allowing the 
mereurous nitrate to crystallize out [Cod.]; 
used in the form of ointment for ringworm. 
M. ni'trate, ba'sic. Hg,(N(\)Jlg'().II.,0. 
1j. subnitras hydrargyrosus; F. sous-acetate 
mercureux. A pale greenish-yellow pow- 
der, insoluble in water, soluble in nitric 
acid; prepared by triturating mereurous 
nitrate in boiling water. M. tan'nate. 
L. hydrargyri tannas ; /•'. lannate de mer- 
cure ; G. Quecksilbcrtannat ; /. tannato di 
mereurio. A dark-gray mass, ol' resinous 
appearance, with difficulty reduced to pow- 
der ; prepared by jirecipitating a S(dution 
of mereurous acetate with tannic acid ; em- 
ployed in the treatment of sy]diilis. 

Mer'cury. /> hyilrargyrum ; F. mer- 
cure, vif-argent ; (! . (jueeksilber ; 1. mer- 
eurio, argento vivo, idrargirio. A lus- 
trous, silver-white, volatile met;il, odorless 
and tasteless, liquid at temjieratures above 
— -10° ('., spec. grav. Ki.T) ; fiuind in nature 
principally as the sul]ihide or cinnabar. 
It unites with oxygen in two proportions, 
and i'orms two series of salts, the mereurous 
and mercuric. Metallic mercury is medici- 
nally inert; its soluble salts are all poison- 
ous: see Table of miiiilntni. M., ammo'- 
niated : see Amnuniintitl nirirun/. M. 
bichlo'ride, mercuric (ddoride : see TuLle 
i>f ,iiiti(h'ii-s. M. bini'odide, mercuric 
iodiile. M. car'bolate, mercuric carbo- 
laie. M, with chalk. L. hydrargyrum 
cum creta. I'repared by triturating 38 
parts of mercury with 12 parts (jf sugar 
of milk and 5(1 parts of prepared chalk, 
moistening with "ecpuil parts of ether and 
alcohol during the trituration [U. S. P.]. 



M. cy'anide or M. cyan'uret, mercuric 
oyanide. M., green i'odide of, mer- 
curous iodide. M., mild chlo'ride of, 
mercurous chloride. M. per'chloride, 
mercuric chloride. M. per'oxide, mercuric 
oxide. M. per'sulphate, mercuric sul- 
phate. M., precipitated ox'ide of, mer- 
curic oxide. M. protochlo'ride, mercur- 
ous chloride. M. proto-i'odide, mercurous 
iodide. M., red i'odide of, mercuric iodide. 
M., red ox'ide of, mercuric oxide, red. 
M., red sul'phide of, mercuric sulphide. 
M., red sul'phuret of, mercuric sulphide. 
M.subchlo'ride, mercurous chloride. M. 
subsul'phate, mercuric sulphate, basic. 
M. sul'phate, mercuric sulphate. M., 
yel'low i'odide of, mercurous iodide. 
M., yel'low ox'ide of, mercuric oxide. 
M., yel'low sxil'phate of, mercuric sul- 
phate, basic. 

Mer'cury-herb. Mercurialts annua, L. 

Mer'cury, three-seeded. AcaJypha vir- 

Mer'cury-vine. Rhus toxicodendron, L. 

Mer'cury-weed. Acalyplia virginica, 
L. ; expectorant, diuretic. 

Mer'da ( />., A). F. merde. Excrement. 
M. del diabolo (/.), asaletida. 

Meremphi'ac'tic. L. meremphracticus. 
Pertaining, or due to, or causing, merem- 

Meremphrax'is {L.) \_;i.ip«'i, efj.<ppa^ti']. 
Partial obstruction. 

Meres de girofle (F.). Mother-cloves. 

Mer'etrix (L.), i)l. Meret'rices. Pros- 

Mericismo (/.). Merycismus. 

Mericologia (/.). Merycologia. 

Mer'icus (L.) [//.t>"?]. Partial, per- 
taining to a part. 

Merid'ian. F. meridicn ; 7. meridiano : 
see Meridians. M. horop'ter : sec Horop- 
ter, mrridian. M. planes. F. plans m6- 
ridiens ; G. Meridianebenen. 1. Planes 
passed through the line of sight and the 
meridians of the retina. 2. Planes passed 
through the axis of the eye and the merid- 
ians of the eye. M. planes of field of 
regard. F. ])lans nn'ridions du cliamp de 
regard. Planes passed through the lines 
of regard and the meridians of the field of 
regard. The horizontal meridian plane of 
the field of regard is a plane passed through 
the base-line and the point of regard wlien 
the eyes are in their iiriinary position. It 
is identical with the plane of regard in its 

primary position. M. planes of visual 
field. F. plans meridiens du champ visuel ; 
G. Meridianebenen des Sehfeldes. Planes 
passed through the visir-line which goes to 
the fixation-point (practically through the 
line of regard) and through the meridians 
of the visual field. 

Meridiane des Sehfeldes ( G.). Merid- 
ians of the visual field ; see Meridians. 

Meridianebenen (G^.). Meridian planes. 

Meridiankreise des BUckfeldes(C). 
Meridians of the field of regard; see Me- 

Merid'ians. F. meridiens ; G. Merid- 
iane ; /. meridian!. Imaginary lines on the 
eyeball, retina, or visual field at the inter- 
section of planes passing through the axis 
of the eye or tiirough the line of sight. 
The horizontal meridian is that described 
on the eyeball or on the retina by the plane 
of regard passing through centre of retina. 
The horizontal meridian of the visual field 
(G. Netzhauthorizont) is that coinciding 
with the horizontal meridian of the field 
of regard when the eyes are in their pri- 
mary position. The vertical meridian is 
the line of intersection on the eye or retina 
of a plane passing through the visual axis 
and perpendicular to the plane of regard. 
Apparent vertical meridians (/■'. meridiens 
verticaux apparents; G'. scheinbar verticale 
Meridiane) are meridians of the field 
of vision which seem vertical, and coincide 
in the binocular field of view when the eyes 
have their primary position. They vary 
slightly from the true vertical m(;ridian, 
separating above and approaching below. 
The term is also ajiplied to the meridians 
of the retina which correspond to these. 
M. of the field of regard. /''. meridiens 
du cliani]) de regard ; ''/. .^l^•ridiane or Me- 
ridiankreise des Blickfcldes. liiiies cut in 
the field of regard by ]ilanes passed through 
the line of regard in its primary position. 
When the field of regard is conceived as 
infinitely removed from the eye, these me- 
ridians are true for the binocular as well as 
the monocular field. M. of the visual 
field. Z'. mt'Tidiens du champ visuel. Lines 
of intersection in the visual field of ))lanes 
laid through the visir-line whicdi goes to the 
point of regard, practically through the line 
of regard. 

Meridro'sis (/>.) [//£//:>, f'V""^']- Local 

Merise {F.). The fruit of Frunns avi- 
iim, L. 



Merisier (F.). Pi-imits ai-iiim, L. M. 
de Vil'gillie, Ccrastis viiyinica, Miclix. 

Merismat'ic [/u'/i.-rr/ju]. F. nuTisma- 
tii|ue; G. iiierisuuitiscli ; /. iiieriisuiatico. 
Occurring by division. 

Merismope'dia ( L.). F. mt>risniii]H'die. 
Cicnu.s ot' ( 'iHiiDy :i . accurding; to Zci|it', cha- 
racterized liy divi>ion in two directions, 
forming plates; nut distinguishable in most 
cases from sarcina or micrococcus. M. 
gonorrhoe'ee, Jlicrococciix i/onon-hn rr. M. 

Goodsir'ii [llusem] or M. ventric'uli 

[Kobinj, Siii-riiiii n iifrlciili. 

Meriwether Warm Springs. Min- 
eral springs in Meriwether Co., Georgia, 
having a temperature between 00° and 95° 
F., and containing magnesia, lime, ami iron. 

Merk'el, horizon'tal plane of. Plane 
])assing through auricular points and touch- j 
ing inferior border of orbits. 

Merk'el's cor'puscles. Small bodies 
in the epidermis of man composed of a cap- 
sule enclosing two, three, or more large, 
granular, somewhat flattened, nucleated, 
and nncleolated cells, jiiled one on the 
other in a vertical row; ea(di corpuscle re- 
ceives a medullated sensory nerve-fibre, 
which brandies to terminate in the cells 
themselves or in the disc lying between the 
cells, or [Klein] in minute swellings in the 
interstitial substance between the cells. 
Also known as the corpuscles of Grandry. 

Merk'el's mus'cle. Cerato-cricoid. 

Merkel'sche Tastzellen (&'.). Corpus- 
cles of (irandrv. 

Merkur (G.'). Mercury. 

Merkurialki-ankheit (G.). Disease 
caused by mercury. 

Merkurialkur ( G. i. Mercurial treat- 

Merlan (F.). I. merluzzo. Whiting,, 

GmhlS III- //llllr/KS. Jj. 

Merobal'neuni ( L.') [//-'/"'i', ,3<thi.y-hr^'^. 
A paniid or topical bath. 

Meroblas'tic [,i?.'/jTT'<i~\. F. mi'roblas- 
tiipie. rariially germinal, applied to ova 
in which a ]iart only of the volk tindergoes 

Me'rocele i L.) [."y,,"ih\ ^V-';]- F. mero- 
Cele. Femoral hernia. 

Me'roc3rte. Potterkern. 

Merol'ogy [,"///"c. /.'y»9]. F. raerologie ; 
/. merologia. Treatise on elementary parts 
of the body and of pro.Kimate principles. 

Mero'pia (L.,I.) [«(,"]■ Fartial vision. 

Merten'sia virgin'ica, DC. Virginia 
lungwort, \'irginia cowsliji, an indigenous 
herb, Nat. Ord. Borinjiitcfi: ; mucilaginous, 
and used as an emollient. 

Merycis'niUS (/>.) \_;i.r^f)uy.:<7ni'ii\. F. 
merycismo ; /. mericismo. Chewing the 
cud, rumination 

Merycolo'gia (L.) \_!jripu/.d'<o, ^.ri^-D^]. 
F. merycologie. Discourse on rumination. 

Mery's glands. Cowpcr's glands. 

MesamcB'boids [///m/f, aij.ei,iio~\. Free 
cells of the middle germ-layer. 

Mesara'ic ( L.) [^ii^frdfiaur/^. L. mesa- 
raieus; F. mesaraique; /. mesaraico. i\Ies- 

Mesarteri'tis. F. mesarterite. Inflam- 
mation of middle coat of an artery. 

Mesaticephal'ic [//fir.Jrvji', zrcu/.);]. Ec- 
lating to mesatice]ilialus. 

Mesaticeph'alus ( L.). F. mesatice- 
phale ; G. Mesoeephalus ; /. iiiesaticcfiilo. 
A cranium having a cephalic index from 
75 to 79 inclusive [To]iinard] ; 73.5 to 75. -1 
[Meyer] ; 75 to 7(5. 9 [Bogdanow and Thur- 
nam] ; 74 to 7S.9 [Welcker] ; 74 to 79.9 
Carr, Cahu'i, and Kollmann] ; 75 to 79.9 
Kanke, A'irchow, and Flower] ; 75.1 to 
75.9 [Frankfort agreement] ; 77.78 to 80 
[Schmidt and Bniea] ; ,so to 81.9 [Weis- 

Mesatipel'vic [iicnuTT^i, r/Aij]. Term 
applied to a pelvis whose index ranges be- 
tween 90 and 95 [Turner]. 

Mesauche'nus ( L. ] [,■' 'to:;, aoyr^'/']. 
Term applied to skulls in which the line 
joining inion and basion makes an angle 
of from l:>S° to 2(3° with the radius fixus 

Mes'cal (Mx.). Liijuor obtained from 
distillation of ]iuhjue. <y. r. 

Mescolanza ( /.). Mixture. 

Mesellerie ( F. ) Ijcjira. 

Mesembryan'themum crystalli'- 
nuni, L. Diamond fig, ice-plant; an or- 
namental plant, native of southern Europe 
and Africa; the expressed juice has been 
used as a remedy for urinary disorders. 

Mesencephal'ic arch. Neural arch of 
parietal vertebra. 

Mesenceph'alon i L.) [ninoi. iyxlipa- 
Xfi'i]. i''. meseMCe]ihale ; (r. .Mittelhirn ; /. 
mesencefalo. Mid-brain, the third of the 
five primitive cerebral vesicles, correspond- 
ing in the adult to the parts about the aque- 
duct of Sylvius (corpora quadrigemina, cru- 
ra cerebri, lemniscu.s). 



Mesenceph'alus (i.) [-^/■yJ<f'i)ji^']. Term 
applied to skulls in which the angle between 
lines drawn from liormion to nasion and inion 
is from U2.o° to 15G.5° [Lissauer]. 

Mesen'chyma (i.) [/i^<r"5-, tr/oiia']. G. 
Meseuchym. The non-epithelial portions 
of the mesoderm. 

Mesencra'nus (L.) \_iY/.j>ihuiv']. Term 
applied to skulls with a median cerebellar 
sector of from 15° to 20° [Lissauer], 

Mesen'na {L.). Musenna. 

Mesentere {F.). Mesentery. 

Mesenteremphrax'is (i.) \_iit<;(vTepov, 
k'ij.<ff>aSii~\- /. mesentcrenfrassi. Obstruc- 
tion and engorgement of mesenteric ves- 

Mesenter'ic [nirmi, cVrr/>"i/]. L. mes- 
entericus ; F. mesenterique ; O. mesente- 
risch ; /. mesenterico. Relating to the mes- 
entery. M. ar'teries. Ij- arteriw niesen- 
tericic; Z^. arteres meseiiterifiucs ; ^'. Darm- 
schlagadern ; /. arterie mesenteriche. Large 
branches of abdominal aorta passing be- 
tween layers of mesentery to the intestines. 
The superior mesenteric supplies the je- 
junum, the ileum, and half of the colon ; 
the inferior mesenteric, the lower half 
of the large intestine. M. fe'ver, enteric 
fever. M. glands. L- glanduhu niesoii- 
tericie; G. Gckro.sdriiscn. Lymphatic 
glands between the layers of the mesen- 
tery. M. plex'uses. L- plexus me.sen- 
terici. Offsets of solar plexus accom- 
panying mesenteric arteries. M. veins. 
L. venje mesentericae ; G. Gekrosblutadcrn. 
Correspond in general distribution to arte- 
ries of same name. The superior mesen- 
teric joins with the splenic to form the por- 
tal vein ; and the inierior mesenteric dis- 
charges cith(>r in the angle formed by thuse 
or in the adjacent part of either of them. 

Mesenter'ico-mesocol'ic fold. //. lig- 
amcntum niesentcrico-niesocolicum. A band 
of peritoneum passing from the mesentery 
to the sigmoid mesocolon ; it contains the 
superior luomorrhoidal artery [(Jruber]. 

Mesenterie ( /■'. ). Tabes mesentcrica. 

Mesentei-io (/) Mesentery. 

Mesenteric 'lum proces'sus vermi- 
for'mis (//.). A little duiilicaturo of jicri- 
toncum, connecting the vermiform process 
with the mesentery. 

Mesenterique (F.). Mesenteric. 

Mesenteri'tis. /■'. mesent<5rite. Inflam- 
matiiin of the nicsontcry. 

Mesente'rium {L.). Mesentery. 

Mesen'teron [,'/cT«f, eVrr^-nv]. 1. The 
whole of the embryonic digestive tract 
lined by the entoderm, in distinction from 
the buccal and anal portions, which are 
lined by ectoderm. 2. Old term for mes- 

Mesenterophthi'sis (L.). Tabes me- 

Mes'entery [/i^T"v% I'vTs/nr^^. L. mes- 
enterium ; F. mesentere; <^r. Gekrbse ; /. 
niesenterio. The double fold of peritoneum 
connecting the small intestine with the 
bodv-wall : the superior mesenteric vessels 
and their branches lie within its folds. 

Mesera'ic. L. mesaraicus ; F. mesa- 
raiijue ; G. mesenterisch ; /. mesaraico. 

Meseth'moid [/jtf/jt'ij, d'5"v-]. Perpen- 
dicular ]ilate of ethmoid bone. 

Mesi (/.). Popular term for menses. 

Me'sial [,'/tT»c]. F. median ; G. medial ; 
/. mediano. In, or directed toward, the mid- 
dle of the body. M. plane. F. plan me- 
dian ; G. Medianebene. An imaginary plane 
dividing the body into right and left sym- 
metrical halves. 

Mesitalkohol (C). Acetone. 

Mesit'ylen. CsH,,. A mobile, color- 
less, licjuid hydrocarbon, having a slight 
alliaceous odor; one of the constituents of 

Mesmer'ic. Pertaining, or due, to mes- 

Mes'merism. F. mesmerisme ; /. mes- 
merismo. The form of hypnotization by 
strokings and passes introduced by Mes- 

Mes'merized. Hypnotized. 

Me'so- [."^T"?]. A prefix signifying 
meiliuni or middle ; often used to designate 
structures (folds of peritoneum, etc.) which 
unite others to contiguoms walls. 

Mesoa'rium (/>.). /. mesoario. Meso- 

Mes'oblast \^^Aa/T-:oi\. F. mesoblaste. 
Mesoderm (used chiefly in England) ; prop- 
erly applied to each of the large segmenta- 
tion spheres from which the mesoderm 

Mesoblastique (/•'). Kelating to the 

Mesobrachycephal'ic. Mesocophalic. 

Mesobreg'mate [,?/*'/-.'/«]. Having a 
brcLTuia nf medium width, as in European 
skulls [Prichard]. 

14.2 MES- 

Mesobreg-'mus (/v.). Term aiiplicd t<i 
skulls ill which tlie line drawn f'ruiii Imr- 
miiMi to hregiiia makes witli tlie radius 
fixus an angle of from GS° to 82° [Lis- 

Mesobron'chium (//.). Principal hron- 
ehus of hii'ds, 

MesocEe'cum ( /v.). /. mesoceeo. The 
fold of jieritoijcum connecting the e:eeuui 
with the biidy-wall ; not always preseTit. 

Mesocar'dium {L-)- (i- Ilerzpckrose. 
Fold of serous membrane which in the em- 
bryo enfolds the heart, passing dorsally to 
the primitive intestine (.M. posterius), ven- 
trally to the body-wall (.M. anterins). 

Mesocephale (/''.). /. mesoeelalo. 1. 
Mesocephalus. 2. Pons Varolii. 

Mesocephal'ic [/.nfiu.i^^ F. mesoce- 
pliali(|iie ; '.'. niesenee])lialiseh ; /. niesoee- 
falieo. 1. Term apjilied to a head which 
is of medium length. 2. I'ertaining to the 

Mssocephalie {<j-)- The mesatieeph- 
alic condition. 

Mesoceph'alon {L.). Pons A'arolii. 

Mesoceph'alus ( L.) [/;t.''i/,v;]. F. me- 
soeephale ; <1 . iMeseneephalum ; /. nieso- 
eefalo. 1. A cranium having a eajiaeity 
of from l-ir>(l to 1()50 c. e. ['I'opinard] , ot' 
from l:!.")(l to It'll) e. e. [(^uain], 2. In 
(iermany used for mesatiee]ihalus. 

Mesochoildre ( F.). Hyaline substance 
ol' cartilage. 

Mesochon'driac fibres [/"-"V''^] 
Those between the rings of the trachea 

Mesocce'cum. Miss-spdling for Meso- 

Mesoccele or Mesocce'lia. Ai|ui'duet 
of Sylvius [Wilder]. 

Mesocol'ic [;<"/,»>]. delating to the 

Mesoco'lon ( Ij.) [/"/in/]. F. mesoco- 
lon ; G. (.irimmdarmgekriise. Tlie doulile 
fold of peritoneum eoiineetiiig the etdoii 
with the bodv-wall ; <'oiislaiit for the trans- 
verse colon and sigmoid tie.xurc, occasional 
for the ascending colon. 

Mesocra'nium ( A. ). /'. mesocrane; /. 
mesocranio. A'ertc.x of the skull. 

Me'so-cvi'neiform. .Middle cuncil'orm 

Mes'ocyst [/''((rrts-]. /'. mesoeyste. A 
<louble fold of ]ieritoneum emmecting the 
gall-bladder with the liver, found only in 


those rare cases where the bladder has a. 
complete peritoneal investment. 

Mes'oderm ["//'/<a]. /•'. im'soderme : 
/. mesoderma. The middle germ-layer. 

Mesoder'mic. F. mesodermique. Re- 
lating to, or devehiped from, the mesoderm. 

Mesod'me (/>.). -Mediastinum. 

Mesodmi'tis [/(£T'io;.rJ. .Mediastinitis. 

Mesoepidid'ymis { L.) [;'-;, ■Si'.5ti//."c]. 
F. mcsoepididyme ; /, mcsoepididinio. The 
double fold of tunica vaginalis uniting the 
epiilidymis to the scrotum. 

MesoMo (7. ). Clabdla. 

Mesogastre ( /•'. ). .Mesogastrium. 

Mesogas'tric re'gion [)-«(Trr;/<]. /'. 
zone mesogastrique ; (1. Mittelbauchgegend ; 
/. zona inesogastriea. That portion of ab- 
domen limited by horizontal jilanes — above, 
touching the last ribs ; below, the iliac 

Mesogas'trium (fj\. I. mosogastro. 
The cloulde fold of peritoneum which in 
fcetal life connects the great curvat iire nl' 
tlie stomach with the body-wall ; in the 
adult it becomes a part of tlie great 

Me'so-glos'sus ( A. ) [j-/w^<t«]. F. meso- 
glosse ; /. mesiigiosso. ( Jenio-glossus. 

Mesognath'ioii [;i-vi}iiui\. L. postinter- 
maxillare. The outer of the two premax- 
illary bones described by Albrecht, carry- 
ing the lateral incisor on either side; see 
EiKhyiiatlnijii, /ni'isirr fixsiirrs. 

Mesognath'isni. (•'. .Mesognathie. State 
of being niesognathous. 

Mesognath'ous. 1. Having a gnathic 
index from !IS to lOo [Flower]. 2. Ortho- 
gnathons [Frankfort agreement]. 

Mesogon'ion or Mesogon'iiun (L.) 
\_liiiriiyi'ij'.ii-j'^. Internodc. 

Mesokonche ( <1.). Mesoseme. 

Mesolo'bar. /'. mesolobaire. Jlclating 
to the corpus callosnm. M. ar'tery, cere- 
bral artery, anterior. 

Mesolo'bus ( A. ) [/",5"c]. /■'. mesolobe. 
Corpus callosnni. 

Mesol'ogy [/"/-"s]. F. me.sologie ; /. 
mesologia. Doctrine ol' the influence of the 
cnviroiinient iqion life and health. 

Mesoine'fia ( //., /.) \_!ir,f'i'ii\ 1'. meso- 
meric. Parts id' tlie liody situate between 
the hijis and thighs of either side. 

Mesome'rion ( A.) IVrineum. 

Mesometri'tis. Inflammation of the 
substance of the uterus. 



Mesome'tron {L.) [//ijVjoa]. F. uie- 
somi-tre ; / mesometro. That part of the 
broad ligament which attaches the uterus. 

Mesom'phalum (L.) [o/jpa/oj]. F. 
m(?somphaIe ; /. mesomfalo. Umbilicus. 

Mesoneph'ron {L.) [v=^^"s-]. /. me- 
soiiefro. Name given to a fold of peri- 
toneum which in case of displacement of 
the kidney may attach it to the body-wall. 

Mesoneph'ros {L.). The Wolffian body. 

Mesopanenceph'alus (L.) [r«>=^x/ea- 
>.oi\. Term ajijilied to skulls in which the 
angle between lines drawn from hurmion to 
nasion and to basion is from 103° to 185.5° 

Mesophlebi'tis [v'/-V]- F. mesophle- 
bite. Inflammation of the middle coat of 

Mesoph'ryon(i/.) [(>>/>■)>,-]. Glabella. 

Mesopleuri (/.). Intercostal muscles. 

Mesopleu'rium {L.) {jzUupih']. In- 
tercostal space. 

Mesopodia'lia (//.) [--»?!»;-]. Bones 
of the third segment of a limb, as those 
of the carpus and tarsus [Marsh]. 

Mesor'chion or Mesor'chis {L.). Mes- 

Mesor'chium (A.) [it'/.^i]. I. mosor- 
chio. The thin portion of the urogenital 
fold by which the testis is attached to wall 
of the abdomen in the embryo. 

Mesorec'tnm (L.). /. mesorctto. The 
triangular double fold of peritoneum con- 
necting ujiper part of rectum with the 

Mesorganise, ee (/'.). Of organic ori- 

Mesorop'ter [^[jlimpo^^ iTzmimi]. F. 
mesoroptre ; /. mesoroptro. Measure of 
field of accommodation ; distance within 
which a small object can be seen distinctly. 

Mes'orrhine [/ItV]. F. mC'sorrhinicn, 
ienne; /. mesorrinico. Having a nasal in- 
dex from 48 to 52. 'J [Broca] : from 47.1 to 
51 [Frankfort agreement] ; from 48 to 51 

Mesorrhinie (C). State of being mes- 

Mesoscap'ula (Z.). Spine of the 
scapula [Parker]. 

Mesos'celocele {L.) [-rzt'/!"?, xr^h,']. 
Perineal hernia. 

Mesos'celon (Z-.) \jTy:ih,i\. Perineum. 
Mesoscelophy'ma (L.) [r7//;.o?, ^ru/io]. 
Perineal tumor or abscess. 

Mesos'celum(Z.) [^/./;.„v-]. Perineum. 

Mes'oseme [t/;/^^]. Having an orbital 
i index between 84 and 89 [Flower] : be- 
tween S3 and SO [Broca]. In the Frank- 
fort agreement an e((uivalent term (meso- 
konche) indicates an index between 80.1 
and 85. 

Mesostaph'ylic \_(TTa<fu/.y;']. F. meso- 
I .staphylin ; (/. mesostaphylinisch. Having 
i a palatal index between 80 and 85 [Franks- 
fort agreement]. 

Mes'ostate [ifi-rjj/i:]. A substance in- 
termediate in formation and complexity 
between living protoplasm and its secreted 
or excreted products, or the food from 
which it is built up. The former are called 
katastates ; the latter, anastates, q. v. 

Mesosteno (/.). Mesosthenic. 

Mesostemebra (Z.). One of the seg- 
ments (steruebra3) forming body of ster- 

Mesoster'num (L.). G. Mittelbrust- 
bein. Body of the sternum. 

Mesosthen'ic [/i^<T»?, <!Oi\i„f'j. /. meso- 
steno. Having medium muscular force; 
able to lift from 12(j to 175 kilograms 

Mesotenare (/.). Mesothenar mu.scle. 

Mesothe'lium (L.) [-9r,/!ij]. Term ap- 
plied by Minot to the epithelium lining the 
primitive body-cavity of the embryo. The 
mesoderm consists of mesothelium and 
mesenchyma. and these two tissues remain 
permanently differentiated. 

Mesothe'nar mus'cle [*/>«/;]. Ad- 
ductor pcillicis -f deep portion flexor brevis 
pollicis [W'in.slow]. 

MesotcBchi'tis {-<nyoi\. Mediastinitis. 

Mesotee'chium (//.) [-"(/"v]. Media- 

Mesova'rium (L.). That part of the 
broad ligament attaching the ovaries to the 

Mesoventricule (F.^. Mesogastrium. 

Mes'pilus acupa'ria, Scop. Sorlus 
aciijiiiriii. L. 

Mesquite' gTim. A gum which exudes 
from the stem and branches of Ali/nroltio 
ffldiii/ii/oxt,. Torr. et Gniy; may be tjsed for 
many purposes instead of gum arable. 

Messer (G.). Knife; — sage, meta- 
carpal saw. 

Messorio (/.). Falx cerebri. 

Mestize ( G.). Metis. 

Mestizo, mez'ti-zo (Sjk). Half-breed. 



Mestruale ( J.). Menstniiil. Mestrua- 
zione, iiK'iistnuition. Mestrui, menses. 

Mestruo (/.). Menstruum. 

Metab'asis {L.) [;i£ra;?aiV(«]. / uieta- 
b;isi. A eliunge. 

Metabol'ic [//£7«,Jr)/,r;]. L. nietabolieus ; 
F. miJtaliiili<(ue ; (J. raetiilHiliseh ; /. 7neta- 
bolieo. Pertaining to, or eliaraeterized by, 

Metab'olism. L. metabdlisnnis ; F. 
liietabolisnie ; (i. StDtlweebsel ; /. meta- 
bolisnio. .\lterati(Ui, ebanfie. more espe- 
cially tissuc-ohanfre in nutrition and secre- 
tion ; includes anabolism and katabcdism, 
q. V. 

Metab'olite. A product of metabolism. 

Metacar'pal [r^rn. ^ii/i-i>^-']. L. meta- 
carpalis ; F. metacarpien, enne ; 7. meta- 
carjiieo. Relating to the metacarpus. M. 
ar'teries. L. arteriaj inetacarpeiB ; F. ar- 
teres du mctaearpe ; G. /wisclienknochen- 
arterien der Hand ; /. arterie del meta- 
carpo. Tluiso sup]dying the metacarpal in- 
terspaces. I'pon the back of the haiul the 
first space is supplied by dorsal arteries of 
thumb and index, which may arise by a 
common trunk ; tlie second is sujiplied Viy 
a brancli of radial; the tliird and fourth, 
by braiudu's from posterior carpal arch. 
T'pon the ]ialm, the princeps pollicis and 
radialis indieis supply the first space ; the 
others are supplied by branches from the 
deep palmar arch. There is some confu- 
sion as to the numbering of these arte- 
ries, sonu' calling the first metacarpal that 
belonging to the first space ; others 
commeiieiiig at the second space, where 
the arteries are usually single. M. 
articula'tions. /■'. articulations meta- 
carpiennes ; /. articida/ioni metaear]iiche. 
Joints between the lateral surfaces of bases 
of metacarpal bones. M. bones. X. nieta- 
carpalia ; F. nu'tacarpicns ; (J. Mittelhand- 
knochen ; /. ussa mrtaearpiche. The five 
long jirisuKiiil bones ciun]iosing the meta- 
carjnis ; distinguished by numbers from 
within outward. M. canals'. A. eanales 
mctacarpales ; (i . Metacar|ialkaii;ilc. Spaces 
in ])alm of haiul between tendons of fie.xors 
of fingers, limited dorsally by the intcr- 
ossei. and in front by the ]ialmar fascia 
[Langer]. M. lig'ament, transverse meta- 
car]ial ligament. M. mus'cles. Jj. meta- 
carpales. Interosseous muscles of hand. 

Metacarpa'lia ( A.). Metacar]ial bones. 

Metacarpalkanale (/>'.). Met;icarpal 

Metacarpe ^F.). Metacarjais. 
Metacarpe'us {L.). Opponens niinitni 

Metacarpico (/. ). Jletacarpal. 
Metacarpien, enne (F.). 3Ietacarpal. 
Metacarpiens (F.). Jletacarpal bones. 
Metacarpo (/.) Metacar]]us. 

Metacarpo-falangineo (7.). Adductor 

Metacar'po - phalan'geal articula'- 
tions. F. articulations metacarpo-jdialan- 
giennes ; /. articolazioni mctacar]i(i-i'alangee. 
Those between the metacarpal bones and 
the phalanges. 

Metacar'po-phalan'geal lig'aments, 
anterior. l)igital filiro-cartilages. 

Metacarpo - phalangien du pouce 

{F.). Adductor )iollicis [Chaussier]. 

Metacarpo - phalangiens lateraux 
palmaires (7'.}. I'almar interossei [Chaus- 

Metacarpo - phalangiens lateraux 
sus-palmaires (/•'.). L'orsal interossei 
of the hand [('baussier], 

Metacarpo-phalanginien, enne (7^.). 

1. Adductor pollicis. 2. Relating to that 

Metacar'pus (X.). 7^. metacarpe ; G. 
Mittelhand ; 7. metacarpo. That portion 
of the thoracic liml) between the carpus 
and the phalanges. 

Metacheirex'is or Metachiris'mus 
(L.) [/='!/']■ Surgery. 

Metachlo'ral. An insoluble modifica- 
tion of chloral ; formed when chloral is 
kejit for a long time in a sealed tulie with 
a little water or in contact with sulphuric 
i Metacho'resis (L.) [//£-"'. /oiiim']. F. ; 7. metacoresi. 1. ^Metastasis. 

2. Displacement. 
Metachro'niatism [^/»(»,'/«]. L. meta- 

chr(unatismus ; F. metachromatisnie ; (r. 
Vcrfarbung; /. metacromatisnio. JModifi- 
cation (U' change of color, wbelher physiol- 
ogical or path(dogieal. 

Metach'ysis ( A.) [/'""'v]. 'i'ransl'usion. 

Metacine'sis (L.) [z."//<«]. 1. Trans]io- 
sition, metastasis. '2. JMetakiiu'sis. 

Metacis'mus (L.). 7. metacismo. Too 
fre(|uent repetitimi of the siumd of the 
letter ?)) in speaking. 

Metaccfile nr Metaccs'lia. Fourth ven- 
tricle [Wilder]. 



Metacon'dyle \_y.mou/.iii\. F. raeta- 
conJyle ; /. metaeuiidilo. The last joint 
of a finirer. 

Metacopai'vic acid. Cj-HajO,. An 
acid ol)taiiied by Strauss from copaiba. 

Metacoresi (/.). Metachoresis. 

Metacromatismo (/). Metacbroma- 

Metacye'sis (L.) [zot^otv-]. F. lucta- 
cyt-se. K.xtra-uterine pregnancy. 

Metadermato'sis (L.) ['j///,7.a]. Mor- 
bid cutaneous development. 

Metadioxyben'zol. Resorcin. 

Metadiscoi'dal ["iVzo^, rl-'-i]. Term 
applied to the placenta in primates (mon- 
keys, apes, and man), in distinction from 
the discoidal placenta of rodents. 

Metad'rasis (L.) ['J/ia^ts-]- Over-exer- 

Metafa'cial [facies]. F. mctafacial. 
ale; /. nietafacciale. Behind tlie lace. 
M. an'gle. F. angle nietafacial; /. an- 
golo metafacciale. In craniometry, the 
angle made by the pterygoid processes 
with the base of the cranium. 

Metafisicomania (/.). .Metaphysical 

Metaflogosi (/.). Metaphlogosis. 

Metagen'esis ( L.) [^/vr-r!?]. F. meta- 
genese. Alternation of generation. 

Metagum'mic acid. .^letarabic acid. 

Metakine'sis [z;//'"]. 1. /■'. metaki- 
nise. Stasre of formation of the equato- 
rial ])late in karyokinesis. 2. Metaeinesis. 

Metal'bumin. F. m<''talbnmine. Form 
of alljumin found in urine ami in .^ome 
ovarian cysts; said by Ilammarsten to be 
a mixture of paralbumin with other pro- 

Metal'dehyde. A crystalline, polym- 
eric njoditicatiiin of aldchyd, formed wlien 
the latter is kept at or below (1° ('. in the 
presence of hydrochloric or sulphuric acid 
or calcium or zinc chloride. 

Metalep'tic [,'/£r«;.r,^''s]. L. mctalepti- 
cus. Acting with, coadjiitant. 

Metallgifte ((7.). Metallic poisons. 

Metal'lic tink'ling. /•'. tintement mc- 
tallii|ue; /. tintiniio metallico. A faint 
tinkling sound heard in cases of hydro- 
pneumothorax, with communication with 
the bronchial tubes. 

Metal'lic trac'tors: see Perkini'sm. 

Metallos'copy [//.^-«x/"/, rrxnTz-fci']. F. 
metalloscopie ; G. Mctalloscopie ; /. mctal- 
VOL. II.— 10 

loscopia. Supposed means of diagnosis by 
applying various metals to the skin, the 
effect being really due to suggestion. 

Metallother'apy [''Upa-zno']. F. me- 
tallotherapic ; (r. Metallotherapie ; /. metal- 
loterapia. A system of treatment by the 
application of various metals to the surface 
of the body. 

Metallschauer (G.). Tremor due to 
chronic metallic poisoning, as by lead or 

Met'amere [/'i/"'?]- F. metamcre ; G. 
Folgestiick ; /. metamero. A theoretical 
segment of a vertebrate animal. 

Metamere Organe (G.). Term applied 
by Albreclit to centra of vertebnu : see 
Pi-dlonu'lamrre Orgaup, Iiilerprotomatameie 
Orr/aiie. and Intrrmetamerc Ori/niic. 

Metamer'ic. L. metamericus. Homol- 
ogous, but different ; applied to parts exist- 
ing in .series, or to compounds having the 
same elements but diifcrent molecular 

Metam'erism. Homology accompanied 
by differentiation. 

Metamorfosi (/.). Metamorphosis, de- 

Metamorphop'sia ( />.) [,"",»(."'«<. (-^'v?]. 
F. metamorphopsie ; &'. Verzcrrtsehen : /. 
mctamorlopsia. Abnormality of vision in 
wiii(di objects appear distorted. 

Metamorphose caseeuse (F.). Casea- 

Metamor'phosis (L.) [n:Ta;i>'>fi/-M>T'.i']. 
F. metamorphose; G. Metamorphose; /. 
metamorfosi. 1. Change in form or struc- 
ture. 2. A degencrati(ui. 

Metaneph'ros (L.) [^'rc'o",]. The per- 
manent kidney. 

Met'anil yel'low. Phenylaniidobenzol- 
metasulph.onate of .^oda. A yellow dye 
used in double or contrast staining of tis- 

Metapec'tic acid. F. acidc meta- 
pecticjue. An acid similar to, or identical 
with, eerasin ; prepared from the sugar- 

Metapep'tone. F. ni(?tapeptone ; G. 
Metapcpton. A product sotnetimes found 
in the digestion of proteids with gastric 
juice or its equivalent, intermediate be- 
tween parapeptone and dyspeptone. Not 
well understood [Meissner]. 

Metaphase (G.). St.age of the equa- 
torial crown ; the stage of indirect division 
of cells, when the nuclear spindle has an 



efiuatorial npciunulati(in of cliruniatine 
fVai;inoiits [Fli'miuiiit;]. 

Metaphlogo'sis ( L.) [c'/";-'""]- Inflani- 
niatioii with ubstructiim of blooj-vt'ssols, 
rajiiillv ternunatiii;;- in gaiijrreno. 

Metaphosphor'ic acid : !-ee Clacial 

2>h<i^lili(inc mill. 

Metaphys'ical ma'nia. /. iiic^tati.sico- 
niaiiia. I)i.iul>tiM<;' iiisaiiitv. 

Metapla'sia (L.) \_-).,i^r7„r\. G. Vm- 
bilduiig. I)evelii])nieiit of new fnrnis of 
tissue, or clianirc of one type of tissue into 
anotlior [Virelmw]. 

Metaplas'tic. Trmi applied to the 
direct transfunnatinn (if n\iv tissue into 
another, as of eartilaLie into lione in some 

Metaplex'us (L.). Choroid ple.'cus, 
fourth ventricle [Wilder]. 

Metapodia'lia (L.) [-"rt.-.^J. Bones of 
the nietacar]ius or the metatarsus [Marsh]. 

Metapo'dium (L.). Metatarsus. 

Metapoph'ysis fL. ) ['/-"c'ti'Tfv]. Maiu- 
millarv priieess of lunihar vertebra. 

Metapteryg-'ium (L.) [-t^oo;]. Trox- 
imal element of liml.i of fishes, probabl}' 
correspondintr to the humerus. 

Metapto'sis (L.) [-rtort-;,-]. F. nie- 
taiilosc ; /. inetaptosi. Change of place ; 
transformation of one disease into another. 

Metar'abic ac'id. An acid identical 
with eerasin, the product <if the prolonged 
action of heat <in dry gum acacia. 

Metaschematis'mus (L.) [-ryr^, nariX "-'']■ 
Cliange. transi'onuation. 

Metas'tasis (/>■) [/Tr^i^ra^rio]. F. me- 
tastase ; (7. Sletastase ; /. metastasi. The 
shifting of a disease or of its manifesta- 
tiiHis iVom one jiart to another or to vari- 
ous organs ol' the body. 

Metastat'ic. L metastatieus; F. nie- 
tastalii|ue; (i. nietastatisch ; /. nu'tastatieo. 
rertaining or due to. m- characterized by, 

Metaster'num ('/..). Knsiform process. 

Metastome ( /".). Behind the nn.iuth. 

Metasyn'crisis ( //.) ['To^'/"'^'"]- F. m6- 
tasvncrise. licciunpositioii, regeneration. 

Metasyn'critic. /'"'. metasyncriti(|ue; /. 
inetasincritico. Pertaining to metasyncri- 
sis ; reconstituent. 

Metatar'sal [rw/irt-ov-]. L. mctatar.salis ; 
/•'. melatarsien. ciine ; /. metatarsi<'o. Be- 
lating to the metatarsus. M. ar'tery. L- 
arteria metatarsea ; /•'. artirc dorsalc du 

metatarse ; G. ]\littelfussarterie ; /. arteria 
dorsale del metatarso. Branch of dorsal 
artery (jf foot, passing outward over bases 
of metatarsal bones and sui>plying the mus- 
cles and the interosseous arteries. M. ar- 
ticula'tions. /'. articulations metal arsi- 
ennes; /. artiecdazioni metatarsiche. Joints 
between lateral surfaces of bases of n)eta- 
tarsal bones. M. bones. />. metalar.salia ; 
/^. nietatarsiens ; (»'. .^littelfussknochen ; 7. 
ossa ujetatarsichc. The live bnig ]uismoid 
bones which constitute the metatarsus; dis- 
tinguished by numbers i'nun within out- 
ward. M. mus'cles. L. metatarsales. 
Interosseous muscles of foot. 

Metatarse (F.). Metatarsu.s. 

Metatar'seus (L.). Abductor m'nimi 
digiti pedis. 

Metatarsico (/.). Jletatarsal. 

Metatarso (/.). iMetatarsus. 

Metatar'so - phalan'geal articula'- 
tions. L- artic\ilationes metatarso-phalan- 
ge;e ; F. articulations nu'tatarso-jihalaiigi- 
ennes; G. Zehentarsalgelenk : 7. articola- 
zioni metatarso-falangee. Those between 
the metatarsal bones and the proximal row 
of phalanges of the toes; im]ieri'ect ball- 
and-socket joints. 

Metatar'so-phalan'geal lig'aments, 
ai'Lte'rior. liigital tilin.i-eartilages. 

Metatarso - phalangien ti-ansversal 
du gTOS orteil ( /■'.). Transverse head of 
adductor hallucis [Chaussier]. 

Metatarso - phalangiens lateraux 
plantaires ( F. ). I'lantar interossei [Chans- 

Metatarso - phalangiens lateraux 
sus-plantaires (7'.). I'orsal interossei 
of the foot [Chaussier]. 

Metatarso-sous-phalangien du gros 
orteil {F.t. Adductor hallucis [Chaus- 

Metatarso-subphalan'geus pol'licis 
(L). F. nietatarso-sous-pdialangien du 
jtouce. Oblique head of adductor hallucis. 

Metatar'sus. F. metatarse; (,'. Mittel- 
fuss; /. metatarso. That ]iortion <d' the 
foot between the tarsus and the ]dialanges. 

Metate'la (/.). Tela choroidea inferior 

Metathe'ria (/..). JIarsupial mammals 

Metath'esis ( L.) [r-.iO.^^i]. F. m^- 
tathise; 7. metatesi. TransjKn-tation ; caus- 
ing change of jdace ; derivation. 



Metatitkme'nia (Z.) l/i-TariBrj/xt, /^^jV]. 
Vicarious menstruation. 

Metato'cia (L.) [tozks-]. Preternatural 

Metatro'phia (//.) [-""f >;]. F. m^'ta- 
trophie; /. nietatrofia. Atrophy from in- 
flammation; abnormal nutrition. 

Metazo'a [rai'-i-]. Collective term for 
all animals developed with Kerm-layers 

Metemerina (/.). Fever with daily 
paro,Ky.-<ms ; (juotidian fever. 

Metemoglobina (/.). Methaemoglobin. 

Metenceph'alon (/y.) [ij-xivaXni]. F. 
meseiici-pliale ; G. Xachhirn. 1. Subdivi- 
sion of the brain originating- from the pos- 
tero-inferior part of primitive posterior 
cerebral vesicle, and corresponding to me- 
dulla oblongata and membrana tecioria. 2. 

Meteorisation (F.). Formation of gas 
in the body; pneumato.sis. 

Me'teorism [//.-r/w^oc]. L. meteoris- 
nius ; /'. meti orisme ; /. meteorismo. Tym- 

Meteorizzazione (/.). Pneumatosis. 

Meteorol'og-y [/'.'V"i']- ^- ^ meteoro- 
logia; /'. meteorologie ; G. Luftcrschei- 
nungslehre. The science which treats of 
the atmiophere and its phenomena. 

Me'ter-an'g-le. F. metre-ansric ; G. Jle- 
terwinkel. Abbv. M. A. The unit of con- 
vergence, being the angle formed by the 
visual axes when directed upon an object 
situated on the median line one metre from 
the line uniting the centres of rotation of 
the eyes [Xagel]. 

Me'ter-lens. G. Meterlinse : /. nictro- 
lente. The standard lens used by oculists, 
having a focal distance of one metre ; a 


Metessifrenesia(/.). Delirium tremens. 

Metessomania (/.). Insanity due to 


Methsemochy'mia (L.) [a'i;,.a, /-'<,aa]. 
Transfusion of blood. 

Metheemog-lob'in. F. mi^'th^-'moglobino; 
/ metemoglobina. A substance interme- 
diate between hajmoglobin and oxy-hamo- 
globin, giving a peculiar spectrum. 

Methsemoglobinu'ria (L.). Passage 
of methaMnoglobin in tirine. 

Methaemoglob'ulin. Metbaemoglobin. 
Meth'ane. /". methane. Marsh-gas. 
Methemerine {F). Quotidian fever. 

Meth'od l.'HdoS,^']. X. methodus ; F. 
me'thode ; G. Methode ; J. metodo. A reg- 
ular mode or manner of doing a thing; see 
Fsi/ch"ph>/sical ntetltods ; also under names 
of authors. 

Methode (F.). Method. M. antisep- 
tique, antiseptic method. M. ectrotique, 
use of means to abort the pustules of small- 
pox. M. hsrpodermique, hypodermic 
treatment. M. intensive, intensive meth- 
od. M. sous-cutanee, subcutaneous mode 
of operation, as in tenotomy. 

Meth'odists. An ancient sect of physi- 
cians who attributed all disease to undue 
constriction or relaxation, or to both con- 

Methog-astro'sis {L.) [;//flr^, ^-a^Djo]. 
Gastric disorder due to alcohol. 

Methoma'nia {L.) [//.-'</);, ;,.a',Ka\ F. 
metliomanie. Irresistible desire for alco- 
holic stimulants. 

Meth'onome. F. niethonome. An in- 
strument used in the treatment of stutter- 
ing. It is placed beneath the tongue to in- 
duce measured speech. 

Meth'yl [/n'flv, S/.rJ. CIT,. /^.melhvle; 
/. meliie. A hydrocarlion. the hypothetical 
radical of methyl alcohol and its derivatives. 
M. al'cobol: see Mcihyllc alchol. M. 
cblo'ride. (.'IIjCI. A "colorless gas pre- 
pared by heating a mixture of metlivlic 
alcohol ], sodium chloride 2, and sulphuric 
acid 8 parts. A jet from a cylinder con- 
taining the compressed gas is iised for pro- 
ducing local anajsthesia by refrigeration. 
M.hyd'rate, methylie alcolfol. M.i'odide. 
CIi,,I. //. niethyli iodiduiu ; /'. iodnre de 
methyle ; G. Jodmelhyl ; /. ioduro di inetile. 
A colorless, very volatile litiuid. spec. grav. 
2.20 ; obtained by the action of phosphorus 
upon a solution of iodine in methylie alco- 
hol, or by other chemical processes ; a jiow- 
erful but dangerous an;cstbetic. M. ox'ide, 
methylie ether. M. salic'ylate. V\\^. 
fTlIiO.,. Methylsalieylic acid, methyl.sali- 
cylic ether ; the principal con.stituent of 
oil of gaultheria, of which it forms about 
90 per cent. M. theobro'mine, caflein. 
Methylather (G.). Methylie ether. 
Metb'ylal. CH,(CH,0).,. " .Alethylone 
dimethylate ; a limpid, colorless lifpiid with 
an acetous odor and an aromatic burning 
taste, spec. grav. 0.855. soluble in water, 
alcohol, or ether; obtained by distilling a 
mixture of methylie alcohol, siilphuric acid, 
and manganic oxide; hypnotic; u.sed by 
subcutaneous injection as an antidote for 



Methylalcohol ((?.)■ Methylio alculiol. 

Methyl'amine. CII,JI,N. A ccilork-ss, 
inHaiiinialiK' i;as (if a striiiiiily aiiiiiKiiiiacal 
oilor; ri'iianU'd C'lK'iJiii.'ally as amiiiuiiia 
(Nllj) ill wliicli oiin atom of liydiugi'ii is 
re'phu-i'd by iiiothyl (CH:,). 

Meth'ylated spir'it. A uiixture of 
eoiunioii (clliyiic) ak'oliol with at loai^t one- 
ninth its Imllc of uiL'thylio alfolinl, whcrchy 
it is ri'iideri'd uiitit for driiikiiii;'. Imt its 
usefiihR'ss for most ]iuv]ioses in ciicuiistry 
and the arts is not afiected. 

Methylben'zol. Toluene. 

Methylchloroforme (/'.). Methylic 

Methylchloilii- ( <•). Methyl aleoliol. 

Methylco'iiine. CJInNCII,. An al- 
kaloid of eoniinn. generally present in roni- 
meri-ial eoniiie. 

Methylenblau (O.). Metiiylein- l>lne. 

Methylenchlorid ( 6^.). Methylene hi- 

Meth'ylene. CH^. /. nietilene. A hy- 
pothetieal radical, the first term of tlie 
ISeries of hydroearhons, ('„H;„. M. bichlo'- 
ride. f'llJ'l,. Diehlormethane, ehloro- 
nietlivl ; a colorless, very volatile lii(iiid, 
with an o<lor like ehloroforni. formed l>y 
the action of chlorine gas upon melhyl 
chloride; has been used as .1 gi-ncial aii.-es- 
thetic. ^'. ^lethylcnlilau. Ani- 
line dye of intense Iiluc color, soluhle in 
water or spirit. A nuelc.-ir stain ; used 
principally for staining haetcria and as a 
contrast fdlowing s<iuie red dye, M. 
diineth'ylate, methylal. M. hy'drate, 
methylic ether. 

Meth'yl-gruan'idine. <',n;N',. A pois- 
onous ptomaine oiilained from putrefying 
horse-tlesli and i'rom mixed cultures in 

Meth'yl - hydan'toin. (;\n„NA. A 

leucomaiiie found in fresh muscle. 

Methy'li iodi'dvun (/>.). Methyl 


Methyl'ic. /•' mi'thylii|ue ; /. mctilico. 
Pertainim: to. or supposed to contain, 
methyl. M. al'cohol. VU,{). L. alco- 
hol tiiethylic'iim ; /'. alcool nicthyhi|ue ; ''/. 
Methylalcidiol ; /. alco(d metilico. I'yro- 
ligneous spirit, wood-na]ditha ; a colorless, 
limpid li(|uid of a jieculiar penetrating odor 
and disagreeable burning taste, spec. grav. 
at \viXi° ('., 0.S021 ; one of many pnnlucts 
of the destructive distillaticui of wood; 
chemically, liydratu of methyl ; principally 

used in the arts. M. chlo'roform, chlo- 
roiorm in the preparation of which wood- 
spirit is used instead of ordinary ethylic 
alc(diid. M. e'ther. (C11;,).,0. L. an'her 
methylieus; F. ether methylifjue ; (/. 
Methyliither ; /. etere metilico. A color- 
less, inliammable gas. heavier than the air, 
having an ethereal odor and aromatic taste ; 
olitained by distilling a uiixture of methylic 
aleohid and sul]?huric acid ; anaesthetic. 
M. ethyl'ic e'ther, methyl-ethyl etlier; :i 
saturated solution of methylic ether in 
common ether (ethylic ether) at 0° C; 
anesthetic. M. hy'dride, marsh gas. 

Mefhylki'none. (';H^().,. A deeom- 
]iosition jiroiliiet of arbiitiu. 

Methylpelletier'ine. An alkaloid found 
by Tanret in pomegranatcd.ark. 

Methylpropyloxyben'zol. Thymol. 

Metbylsalicyl'ic ac'id. C11,,.(';H:,()3- 
jri'thyl .salicvl.ife. mono - methylsalieylic 
ether; the ]irincipal constituent id' oil of 
gaultheria; is jirejiared artificially for use 
in the arts. 

Methyl -ur'amine. Mcthyl-guanidine. 

Methylviolet ( d . ). Aniline dye of in- 
tense reddish-blue color. Jiartially soluble 
in water, freely so in alcohol. .\ nuclear 
stain, used prineiptilly for bacteria. 

Meth'ysis ( L. ) [/.;V^jt.',']. Drunkenness. 

Methys'tic. L. methysticus ; /■'. nie- 
thystiipie; /. metistico. Intoxicating. 

Methys'ticin. /. metisticina. A color- 
less, tasteless, crystalline jirincipde obtaini'd 
by Cnzent (ISn'o) from the root of r!)>' r 

Meticcio (/.). Metis. 

Metilene (/.). Methylene. 

Metis, isse {F.). The ofl'spring of a 
Euro]iean and an Indian; lialf-breed ; also 
ajiplied to persons having one-sixteenth 
negro blood. 

Matissag'e ( F.^. Cau>ini; reproduction 
by coitus of anitnals of ditlercnt species; 

Metisticina (/.). ^iethystiein. 

Metistico ( /.). Methystic. 

Metoa'rion [L) [,"=-r«, wan:i,,'\. Cor- 
pus luteum. 

Metodo ( A). .Method. M. abortive, 
aliortive treatment. M. intensivo, inten- 
sive niethod. 

Metodonti'asis (A.) [,"=-r.;, ol^o'^ziii'7'.i\. 
1. Secondary dentition. 2. Irregular den- 


Metomania (/). Methomania. 

Metop'agns (Z.) [/^irm-ov, r);y>o,«!]. F. 
metopaire ; /. metopago. A double monster 
united by the foreheads, the bodies distinct. 

Metopantral'gia (Z.) [avrpuj, «/;-»i-]. 
Pain in the frontal sinus. 

Metopantri'tis [aVr//(/>]. Inflammation 
of the frontal sinus. 

Metopan'tron or Metopan'trum {L.). 
Frontal sinus. 

Metopiallange {G.). Metopic antero- 
posterior diameter. 

Metop'ic \_<).iziuzir,']. F. nietopi(|ue. 
Pertaining to the forehead. M. antero- 
poste'rior diam'eter. /'. diani< tre ante- 
ro-posterieur metopiijue: G. -Metopialliinge. 
From metopion to occipital point [Broca]. 
M. su'ture. F. suture metopique. Front- 
al suture. 

Meto'pion(L.) [ftizw-i,-^']. Point where 
intertuberal and median lines cross. 

Meto'pitun (i.). Glabella. 

Metopodyn'ia {L.) [o'^j^r,]. / meto- 
podinia. Frontal neuralgia. 

Meto'pon (Z.) [/it'r(u-»y]. Forehead. 

Metopos'copy [-j-xht/w]. Z., /. meto- 
poscopia ; F. metoposcopie ; G. Mctopo- 
skopie. Physiognomical investigation. 

Me'tra (L.) [/xijr/ja]. Uterus. 

Metrae'mia (Z.) [al^za]. Congestion of 
the uterus. 

Metrsemorrha'gia (Z.) [/itiia, t',r;Yvu;j.{]. 
Uterine hemorrhage. 

Metral'gia (Z., Z) [«/.;-.)9]. F. nn'tral- 
gie; (/. Gebiirmutterschmerz. Ilysteralgia. 

Metral'gic. G. Metralgisch. Pertain- 
ing to metralgia. 

Metranae'mia (Z.) [«;-, «';/«]. Uterine 

Metranas'trophe (Z.) [^rhanzpntfy^']. In- 
version of the womb. 

Metratome (F.). Instrument for am- 
putating the cervix uteri. 

Metrato'nia (Z.) [«7">w]. Uterine 
atony, or want of contractility. 

Metratre'sia (Z.) [d, 7/»7>!i-]. Atresia 
of the uterus. 

Metratro'phia (7>.) [«, rpi,<fr^. Atro- 
phy of the uterus. 

Metraux'e (Z.) [uoji;]. Hypertrophy 
of the uterus. 

Metre (/".). French measure = 39.371 + 

-MET 149 

Me'tre-angle, Me'ti-e-lens : see Muter- 
angk^ Mcti r-hns. 

Metrecta'sia (Z.) \_;j.rjpa, h.Taaii']. Di- 
latation of the uterus. 

Metrectomie {F.). Hysterectomy. 

Metrecto'pia (Z.) [^tnjrpa, i-/-o-i>i\. Ab- 
normal position of the uterus. 

Metrelco'sis (Z.) [i'/.z./v:]. Ulceration 
of the uterus. 

Metre-lens (F.). Meter-lens. 

Metremphrax'is (Z.) [iiJi(fpdsaui']. Ute- 
rine infarction. 

Metremphyse'ma (Z.) [J.ayrrWjj/ia]. 

Metren'chyta (Z.) [pr'Tpa. iv. ^iuj']. 
F. metrenchyte; G. Gebiirmutterspritze ; 
/. nietrenchite. Uterine syriuffe. 

Metreurys'ma (Z.) [ir")/,0>(«]. Morbid 
dilatation of the womb. 

Me'tria (Z.). Puerperal fever. 

Metri'tis [prj-rpa']. F. metrite: G. Ge- 
barniutterentziiridung; Z metrite. Inflam- 
mation of the uterus. 

Meti'oblennorrhce'a ( L.) [,5//^vi, /y'/w], 
A mucous or purulent discharge from the 

Metroboti-y'tes (Z.) [/J-Jrou^]. Cauli- 
flower excrescence of the uterus. 

Metroc'ace (Z.) [zrizj;]. Sloughing 
of the uterus. 

Metrocamp'sis (Z.) [):«,'/v'':o]- F. me- 
trocanipsie; /. mctrocampsia. Curvature 
or obli((uity of the uterus. 

Metrocarcino'ma (Z.) [za/*z;'>(u//a]. 
Cancer of the uterus. 

Metrocatar 'rhus ( Z. ) [^xarappiw'] . Ute- 
rine catarrh, leucorrhuea. 

Met'rocele [z7;7);]. F. metrocele ; G. 
Gebarmutterbruch. Hernia or jjrolapsc of 
the uterus. 

Metroce'Us, pi. celides (//.) [z);/.:V]. 
F. nietrocelide. N;cvus. 

Metrocol'pocele [xi)).-n';, xrj/.r^l. Pro- 
lapse of uterus into vagina. 

Metrocyte (F.). Mother-cell. 

Metrodsmamometre (/■'.). Hystero- 

Metrodyn'ia (Z.) [fo'^^r,]. F. metro- 
dynie ; I. mctrodinia. Pain in the uterus. 

Metroflbro'ma (Z.). Fibroid tumor 
of uterus. 

Metroflebite (I.). Bletrophlebitis. 

Metroflogosi (Z). Metritis. 



Metrohse'mia (L:] [«I,u'/]. Congestion 
of the uterus. 

Meti-o-lente (/.'). Meter-lens. 
Metroleucorrhce'a (^L.) [/.'-uy.oi, I'iui']. 
I'terine leuennliu'a. 

Metrolinfangite (/.). Metrolyni]ilKin- 

Metrolox'ia (X.) [,'";-"". /-..-",]. F. 
nietmloxie ; 1. uietrulnsr-ia. Oliliituitv of 
tlie uterus. 

Metrolymphangi'tis. F. uietrolymph- 
aiiLiite. Uterine lyuiplianuitis. 

Metromalaco'sis (7^.) [,'"'/uz«a]. t^ol't- 
eninii of tlie womb. 

Metroma'nia (L.^ [//a^;'"]. F. inetro- 
manie; 6-'. 3Iutterwutli. Nvnipliuniauia. 

Metrom'eter [,"=-/'"^]. Instrument for 
measuririi;- tlie uterus. 

Metron'cus ( L.) [,"/;>//«, J;v.-,]. Tumor 
of tlie womb. 

Metroneuro'sis [..£"//./;.]. Neurosis due 
to uterine diMinler. 

Metroparal'ysis (/>.). Paralysis of 
the womb. 

Metropath'ia (i.) [-nO„^\ F. metro- 
pathie; 7. metropatia. Uterine disease. 

Metroperitoni'tis. F. nu'troiieritonite ; 
G l)anelifellentzuiiilunii:; /. metroperitonite. 
Metritis with peritonitis. 

Metrophlebi'tis \_f''i^''\ F. metrophle- 
bite ; /. nietrotiebite. Inflammation of the 
uterine veins. 

Meti-ophlogo'sis (L) [c'/.";-"i"], Me- 

Metrophy'ma (L.) [c'v^]. T'terine 

Meti-opleth'ora ( L.) [r;.v;(?w//7,]. Uterine 

Metropol'srpus ( L.) [-a'/.'k, -"■'?]. F. 
metriiiioly]ie ; (r. Metropolyp ; /. nietro- 
polipo. Uterine polypus. 

Metropropto'sis ( />.) [-ou-rmrr..;']. F. 
metroptnse; d'. (iebarmuttervorl'all. Pro- 
la]ise of the uterus. 

Metropto'sis (Z.) [-rw-T:v-]. Prolapse 
of tlie uterus. 

Meti'oressia ('/.). ^Metrorrhexis. 

Meti-oiTha'gia (//.) [/"■;-««, /'y/vo;!:']. 
F. nietrorrhagie ; G. (Jebiirmutterblutfluss ; 
/. metrorraj;ia. T'terine h;vniorrliai;e. 

Metrorrheu'raa (L.) [,";r"']. Khou- 
niatism of tin' uterus. 

Metron-hex'is (A.j [,"';i:s']. /'. metror- 

rhexie ; 7. metrorrexia. Piupture of the 

MetrorrhcE'a [/I/t"]. G. Metrorrhoe ; I. 
uietr(]rrea. Uterine discharge. 

Metrosalpingi'tis [t^//-;;-!]. Inflam- 
mation of the uterus and Fallojiian tubes. 

Meta-osalpingoirhex'is (L.) [<Ti/-ty;, 
/;/;f:v]. lUipture of a Fallopian tul)e. 

Metrosal'pinx ( L.). Fallopian tube. 

Metroscir'rhus (L.) [-^/.V',"":]. >^eir- 
rluis of the uterus. 

Meti-oscolio'ma ( L.) [fr/n/iwya']. ()h- 
lii|uity of the ulenis. 

Met'roscope [nxn-l,,,']. F. metroseope; 
7. metroseopio. An inslniment i'nr listen- 
ing to the sounds of the fVetal heart in 
utero through the vagina. 

Metrossilo ( /■)■ Metroxylon. 
Metrostax'is (7y.) [rrrri,-:,-]. Non-men- 
strual, uterine Inemorrhage. 

Metrosteno'sis ( />.) I^tI-moith']. F. 
metrostenose ; (J. (jebiirmutterverengerung ; 
7. nietrostenosi. Contraction of the uterine 

Meti-ostere'sis (L.) [rt-7//r,;<T:v']. llys- 

Metrosyiiize'sis (L. ) \_>7<j-i"f,<7ti\. Ute- 
rine adhesion. 

Met'rotome [r-v";]- F. metratome; I. 
met rati iinii. llysterotome. 

Metroto'mia i L.) [.'"/-/"■', t"/>.^]. 7^- 
metrotoniie ; G. (jebarmutterschnitt. Ilys- 

Meta-oxyle (7'.). :Metroxylon. 
Meti-ox'ylon (7^.). A genus of jialm.s, 
Fi/imi-. M. te've, Mart., Mrlruxi/hm Sii;!", 
Iv.xb. M. Rum'phii, Mart., prickly sago- 
palm, native of Indies, cultivated ; one 
of the principal sources of sago. M. Sa'go, 
Kienig, Metjo.n/lon Sai/ii, llottb. M. Sa'- 
gn, iioxb., spintdess sago-palm, native of 
Fast Indies, cultivated; one of the princi- 
pal s(nirces of sago. 

Metrydi'orrlKs'a ( L.) [/«>;■ rr»/.^ ■'„'),,<',,). 
/M<ia]. Discharge of watery fluid from the 

Metiyperae'mia (L.) \_o-l/>, al/i«]. Ute- 
rine congestion. 

Metrypersesthe'sis (L.) [''>-ip, alffOr,. 
(t;v]. Irritability of the uterus. 

Metrypercine'sis ( L.) ["-'/', ztV);Tis-]. 
Excessive force cd' labor-pains. 

Me'um Fcenic'ulum, Spreng. Ftvnicu- 
litin ii(/;7<(/)', (jiurtn. 



Meurtri, ie (F.). Bruised, contused. 

Meurtrissure (-F.). Bruise, contusion. 

Me'vium (i.). Syphilis [Dunglison]. 

Mex'ican. Pertaininj; to, or coming 
from, Mexico. M. el'emi, a resinous 
product supposed to be derived from Anti/- 
ri<elenii/eia, Boyle. M. goose 'foot, Che- 
nopmlium amhrosioidts, L. M. sai'sapa- 
ril'la, the rcjot of Smilnx medicn, Schl. et 
Cham. M. snake'root, Asrlepiodora de- 
citDihens, Gray ; plant used as a specific for 
snake-bite. M. tea. L. herba botryos 
mexicana;; F. ambroisie du Mexique ; G. 
mexicanisches Traubenkraut ; /. chenopo- 
dio ambrosioide. The herb of Chenopndi- 
um <imhi-of!oides, L. ; tonic and stomachic. 

Mey'nert's claus'tral fonna'tion. A 
layer of spindle-shaped branched cells I'ouud 
in the cortical layer of the brain. 

Mey'nert's fascic'ulus. Fasciculus rc- 

Mey'nert's foun'tain decussa'tion. 
G. Meynert'sche fontaineiiarti<re Hauben- 
kreuzung. A decussation of fibres of the 
crusta under the posterior longitudinal fas- 
ciculus ; so called from its appearance. 

Mey'nert's gran'tilar forma'tion. A 
narrow laver of numerous small-branched, 
irregular ganglionic cells found in the cor- 
tical layer of the brain. 

Meynert'sche fontainenartige Hau- 
benkreuzung {G.). Meynert's fountain 

Meynert'sche Querebene (G.). Sec- 
tions of the brain taken vertically to ita 

Meynert'sches Biindel ■ G.). Fascicu- 
lus retroflexiis. 

Mez'cal (.l/'-c). A spirituous liquor 
distilled from puli|ue, the fermented juice 
of several species of agave. 

Meze'reon. L. mezereum ; F. mezer6on, 
garon ; G. Seidclbastrinde; I. mezereo. The 
bark of Daphne Mez'reiim, L., and other 
species of D. [U. S. P.] ; a local irritant 
and vesicant, used internally as an altera- 
tive. M. fruit. L. fruetns mczerei ; /''. 
graines de garou ; G. Kellerhalskorner. 
The berry-like fruit of Dnp/inf Mizcnvm 
and other species of D. ; an acro-narcotic 
poison. M. oint'ment. L- unguentnm 
mezerei ; F. pommade ^'pispastiquc au 
garou. 1. Fluid extract of niezereon 25, 
lard 80, yellow wax 12 parts; mix, with 
gentle heat [U. S. P.]. 2. E.xtract of nie- 
zereon 4, alcohol 9, lard 90, white wax 10 
parts [Cod.]. 

Mezere'um ( L.'). Mezereon. 
Mez'quite gum. Mesquite gum. 
Mialgia ( /.;. Jlyalgia. 
Mi'asm [,a:'«<7/^a]. L., I. miasma ; F. mi- 
asma ; G. Sumpfluft. A substance, either 
gaseous itself or only known as conveyed 
by the air, capable of causing disease; 
commonly a paludal emanation. 

Miasmat'ic. L. miasmaticus ; F. mi- 
asniati<|Ui' ; G. miasmatiseh ; 1. miasmatieo. 
Pertaining, or due, to miasm. M. fe'ver, 
malarial fever. 

Miasmatiseh (ff-)- Miasmatic. Also 
a term applied to specific — or, as German 
writers call them, "infectious" — diseases 
which are due to a .specific cause coming 
from without, but not directly from a dis- 
eased organism. 

Mi'ca pa'nis (/>■)■ F. mie de pain ; /. 
mica di pane. Crumb of bread. 

Mica'tion. L. micatio. Bapid wink- 

Miceliale(/.). Mycelial. Miceho, my- 

Michel's diplococ'cus. Micrococcus 
of contagious conjunctivitis. 

Michel's paste. A mixture of asbestos 
1 part with concentrated sulphuric acid 3 

Micoglicosio ( /.) : .see M;/cnriIi/rose. 
Micomiringite (/■) : see Mi/comi/ringiie. 
Micosa (/.). Mycose. 
Micosi (/.). ^lycosis. M. fungoide, 
granuloma fungoidcs. 

Mic. pan., abbv. for Mica panis (A.), 
crumb of bread. 

Micran'trus ( />.) ["izo"?, «/r/)">]. Term 
apjilied to skulls in which the vertical, let 
fall upon the radius fisus from the most 
prominent point of the torus frontalis, falls 
in front of that let fall from the nasion. by 
a distance of from to 4 mm. [Lissauer]. 

Micrenceph'alus (L.) \_lY/.'<fahii\. \. 
Term applied to skulls in wiiicli the angle 
between lines drawn from hormion to na- 
sion and inion is from 129° to 142.5° [Li.s- 
sauer]. 2. Microcephalus. 

Micrencra'nus (L.) [i/, )f»r/>;',->]. Term 
ap]ilied to skulls with a small cerebellar sec- 
tor (8.5° to 15°) [Lissaner]. 

Micristol'ogy [."fz/j'Jo, histologia]. /. 
mieristologia. Histology. 

Micro-anatomie {F.). Minute anat- 

Micro-bacte'ria {L.) \_^a/.Tr,i>'.(n'\. F. 



niicrobacti'rios. Titiii ajijilifJ (u luicro- 
i-uffi and the smaller bactcTia. 

Microbe ( /".). A miiiute living voge- 
talile (iruaiii.^iii ; a schizuiiiyct'te. 

Microbicide (F. '. (iermicide. 

Microbien, enne (/■'■)■ Itelating U> 

Microbiologie (/•'.)■ The biolcgv of 
iiiicrui>rgaiiisuis ; iieaj'ly syuuiiyuKius with 

Microbo, pi. i (A). Mic-robo. 

Mici'obra'chius ( /-.") [,";;-/"'-■, /}/'«/««■/]. 
Congenital siiialliiess of the arms. 

Microcaulie ( F. ). Congenit il suiallness 
of [leiiis. 

Microcaulis ( L.) [z-;y/"-j. llaviug a 
small jieiiis. 

Microcephale ( /'. ). Mieroeephalu.-^. 

Microcephal'ic [xrc''///,]. F. mievoee- 
jihalii|iie ; (i. miki'oeejihaliseh ; /. mieiuee- 
i'alo. Itelatiug to, or alieeted with, liiiclo- 

Microceph'alus (L) [y.:(fii.Xrj'\. F mi- 
froet'iihale ; (r. Mikroeejihalus ; /. iiiiero- 
cefalo. 1. ( 'oiigeiiital smalliiess and imjier- 
feet development ol', associated with 
idiocy. '2. \ cranimn liaving a ea)iacity of 
115(1 c e. or below [Topinard]; below liJfjU 

Microcepli'aly. L. microeejilialia ; G. 
IMieroeephalie. The state of iuicroce[iha- 

Mici'oche'lia (/>.") [/£r/"v-]. F. inicro- 
chelie ; (>'. Mikroehelia. Congenital small- 
iiess of the lips. 

Microchem'isti'y. /•'. inicrocliimie; G. 
Mikrochvmie ; /. micmehimica. Chemical 
reseaiadi with the aid (d' the mier<isco])e or 
use (d' ehemieal reav;cnts in niieroseo]iy. 

Microcitemia (/ 1. ^lieroeytliemia. 

Microcito (/.). jNIierocyte. 

Micrococ'cus (/>.). pi. Micrococci 
[/nz/'iy]. (r. ^likndiokken ; /. micrococ- 
co. A genus of Sr/ii:.nm//cefi'<, eelks round 
or oval, dividing by transverse fission. 
]\lany species have been described; the 
ibllowing are the most important and 
best known: M. Eerog'ilies, Biicli riiiiii ai'i- 

iii/iii's. M. al'bicans ani'plus, Bumm, 
found in vaginal secretion ; large diplo- 
coccus. i'orming gray i>li-white streaks on 
gidatin. M. al'bicans tardis'simus, 
Unmm. diploci.ccus found in urethral ]ins ; 
grows verv slowlv (jii gelatin, without 
li(piefyiiig it. M. aquat'ilis, Meade- 
Bolton, found in water; forms j>orcc- 

lain-white discs on gelatin, which it does 
not li(|uely. M. amyliv'oinis, Burrill, 
i'ound in plants, causing the '' fire-blight " 
of the pear-tree; cells oval, single or in 
iniirs, never in (hains, imbedded in muci- 
lage ; 1-1.4// long, 7/; broad. M. asco- 
for'mans, Johne, a form producing infec- 
tious tumors in the horse and dog, rescin- 
l)ling externally those due to actinomycosis; 
cocci 0.5-1//. in diameter, gatliered in zoo- 
gliea-like eiicapsuled masses. M. auranti'- 
acus, Sehrilter, coccus oval. 1.5// long, 
ibruiing a gidden-yellow or orange-yelhjw 
film ; li(|uefies gelatin. M. bom'bycis, 
Cohn, found in the intestines of silkworm.s 
affected with /<( Jiaclitrie, q. v. M. botry- 
og'enus, Italic, an imperfectly-observed 
form found in tumors in the horse: see 
Jiiilri/iniiUia. M. cail'didus, Cohn. i'ound 
in white sjiots on boiled potatoes; cells 

oval. M. ce'reus al'bus, iS'iijilii/iuciftrus 
CI II 11^ iilliiin. M. ce'reus fla'vus, Sfir/Jij/- 
I'nijrciis cinii^J/iinis. M. chlori'nus, forms 
a yellowish-green jiigment. M. chol'erse 
gallina'rum, Biicilhm rlmhrx ijulliiuu inn. 
M. cinnaba'reus, Fliigge, cocci O.i)// in 
diameter, often in pairs; forms little red- 
dish growths on gelatin, which it docs not 
!ii|uefv ; juoduces a coherent viscous brick- 
red jirecipttate in clear brotli. M. cit'reus 
congloniera'tus, Itumm, found in gonor- 
rhieal pus and in the air; forms citron-yel- 
hiw growths on gelatin. M. cya'neus, 
Schriitcr. found on cooked jiotatoes. form- 
ing a thin layer oi' cobalt-blue C(dor. M. 
decal'vans, Thin, form described as oc- 
curring in diseased hair; coc<d sjiherical, 
1// in diameter; doiibtl'ul species. M. of 
Egyp'tian ophthal'mia, trachoma coc- 
cus. M. erysipelato'sus, Fehleisen. /•''. 
coccus de rerysi]iile; G. Erysi]ielascoccus ; 
7. cocco deir erisijiela. A strejitococeus 
i'ound in tissues afieeted with erysijudas. es- 
pecially in the lymjdiaties ; very minute; 
iiirnts whitish colonies on gelatin, which it 
does not lii|U(d'y. M. Finlayen'sis, Stern- 
berg, f lunil in organs of yellow-fever patient 
in Havana by I'r. Fiiday ; cocci 1/j in diam- 
eter, in pairs, short chains, or groups of 
four; lic(Ueties gelatin slowdy ; forms a 
cream-colored mass on agar. M. fla'vilS 
liquefa'ciens, Fliigge, cocci large, usually 
inpaii-s; I'orins ycdlow C(doiucs on gelatin, 
whiidi it lifitiefies. M. fla'vus tardigra'- 
dus, Flugge, found in the air; forms small 
round vellow cidonies on gelatin. whi<di it 
does not li(|nefy. M. fcet'idus, Iiosenbach, 
i'ound in a ease (d' dental caries; cocci mi- 
nute, an;orobic; grows only at bottom of 



agar-tubes, producing a gas of offensive 
odor. M. of foot-and-mouth disease', 
Klein, small uiieruc-occiis uL-eurriiig singly 
and in pairs, but most characteristically as 
a streptococcus ; grows very slowly on gela- 
tin and agar, which it dues nijt li(|uciy. jiro- 
ducing a whitish film. M. gallic 'idiis, 
Burrill, BdciUiia chnbrx (jallinarum. M. 
gelatino'sus, Warington, found \vith M. 
pro<lii/iosuf ; oval coccus 0.5— 1.3,a long, 0.3 
-1.0// thick; in gelatin plate-cultures colo- 
nies appear as milk-white dots ; in gelatin 
stab-cultures forms a funnel-shaped lique- 
faction with no film ; on agar-agar grows 
rapidly, forming a thick, ]iast}', whitish 
mass, moderately opaijue. covering surface; 
in broth produces turbidity and anidrphous 
deposit, liut no film. M. gonorrhcE'ae, 
found in gonorrlux-al discharges, often in the 
pus-cells; usiiallv a dijdococcus; is the Go- 
itocnccuf. of Neisser. M. haemato'des, 
Bates, cocci found in human swuat. odur- 
ing it blood-red. M. lac'teus favifor'- 
mis, Bumm, found in vaginal mucus; cocci 
single and in pairs, 1.5-2.5/jt long; forms 
circular thin grayish films on gelatin, which 
it does not li(|nefy ; grayish-white bands 
on potato or M. lac'ticus, Bdcillus 
Iruticiis. M. lu'teus, Colin, cells elliptic, 
forming yellow pellicle on cult ore medium ; 
does not lic|uet'y gelatin. M. of lympho'- 
ma, 31. of progressive granuloma. M. 
ochroleu'cus, Prove, found in urine ; 
cocci 0.5-O.S,'/ in diameter, often in chains; 
forms a pellicle on gelatin, sulphur-yellow 
in the centre and white at the edge ; li(|ue- 
fies the gelatin after a long time. M. Pas- 
teur'i, iSternberg, cocci ovate, usually in 
pairs or short chains surrounded by a trans- 
parent caj)sule; grows only in neutral or 
slightly alkaline media at temperatures of 
30° to 40° (". ; found in the saliva of certain 
persons, also in the lungs in croupous pneu- 
monia ; produces septiciumia when inocu- 
lated in mice and rabbits; identical with 
Frankel's pneumococcus, the Haci/lns S' pli- 
cus fpuli'/euiis. M. piieumo'nise, linci/liis 
pneumoiu'x. M. prodigio'sus, Huri/fiis 
]>roi/if/fosiis. M. of progres'sive granu- 
lo'ma, Manfredi, forms pearl-gray s]iots on 
gelatin, which it does not liquefy; coccus 
oblong, often a <liplococcus, 0.4—0.8// long; 
stains readily; produces disease of spleen 
and lyni]ili:itic glands when inoculated. M. 
pyocya'neus, Bori/hix pi/nrj/dti'in'. M. 
pyog'enes au'reus, Zo]it' (^Stophi/hicotcus 
l\i/'"jeiirs niii-eiis. Kosenliach), yellow coccus 
of pus ; coccus of infectious osteo-myelitis ; 
cocci single or in masses, producing an or. 

ange-yellow growth on agar-agar. M. py- 
og'enes ten'uis, Rosenbach, found in a 
phlegmon ; grows slowly on agar, not at all 
on gelatin. M. ro'seus, Fliigge, found in 
air; cocci large, usually in jtairs ; forms 
small rose-colored knobs on gelatin, which 
it does not liquefy. M. saliva'rius sep'- 
ticus, Biondi, found in human saliva; path- 
ogenic for rabbits, mice, and guinea-pigs ; 
grows readih- on gelatin and agar, which it 
does not liquefy ; slowly on potato ; it does 
not produce inflammatory action. M. 
scarlati'nse, Klein, forms grayish trans- 
lucent dots or films on gelatin, agar, or solid 
blood-serum ; of slow growth ; in fluid cul- 
ture-media forms chains of streptococcus ; 
pathogenetic in guinea-jiigs. mice, and 
calves. M. subfla'vus, Bumm, found in 
lochia and vaginal secretions ; resembles 
M. gonurrlnKit ; forms grayish spots on 
gelatin, finally becoming yelluw. M. te- 
trag'onus, (Jaftky, cocci minute, united by 
fours, sometimes found in human sputa and 
in phthisical cavities: grows readily in gela- 
tin and agar, forming white masses ; path- 
ogenic. M. u'rese, Leube, cocci 0.8-1.0// 
in diameter, often as a diplococeus or form- 
ing chains ; forms white glistening s])Ots on 
gelatin ; causes ammoniacal fermentation 
of urine. M. vacci'nae, ^ oigt, very mi- 
nute; does not lii|Uefy gelatin; doubtful. 
M. versat'nis, Sternberg, foutul in " mos- 
quito cultures, ' and once in liver of yellow- 
fever case in Havana ; cocci vary much in 
size and mode of grouping, often in tetrads ; 
li(|ucfies gelatin very slowly ; forms a vis- 
cid, straw-colored mass on agar ; same as 
Tetragrmiis fcliris fluvx of Fiidey. M. 
versic'olor, Fliigge, found in air; forms a 
greenish-yellow, viscous layer on gelatin, 
which it does not liquefy. 

Microcoque (^'.). Micrococcus. 

Microco'ria (//.) ["'/";]■ Myosis. 

Microcor'nea (/>■). Abnormal small- 
ness (if the cornea. 

Mi'crocosm [ziJo-'/kc]. X. microcosmus ; 
F. microcosme ; G. Mikrokosmus ; /. micro- 
cosmo. Man. 

Microcos'micsalt. NH,NaIII'0..4H,,0. 
h. sodii et animonii jdiosphas ; F. phosphate 
de sonde et d'ammoniaque. Hydrogen am- 
monium sodium phosphate; a colorless, 
transparent, inodorous, neutral or faintly 
alkaline, crystalline salt, having a cooling, 
saline taste; formerly prepared from urine, 
but may be obtained by dissolving sodium 
phosphate in solution of ammonium phos- 



pliate, adding ammonia until tlie liijuiJ is 
alkaline, and crystallizing. 

Microcra'nius (/>.) \_y.iiaviiii\. Micru- 

Mic'rocrith. Mikroci-ith. 

Mic'rocyte [/.'Jn's]. I mierocitd. A 
small coll ; term generally apjilieil In the 
.-mail red liluod-curpnscles t'uund in ]ier- 
nieiiiiis ana'inia and in otlier condilioiis. 

Microcythge'mia (/-. ) [/"r.-c, '/■/"/]. F. 
micnieytlK'niie ; (i. Miknicytliaemie ; 1. 
niicrnciteniia. The jireseiice of microcytes 
in the blddd. 

Microcyto'sis I />.) [;<'-r.<c]. rroduetieli 
of niicnicytes. 

Microdacty'lia (L.) [>^"Z7o/..-s]. F. 
micrn(hict\ lie ; (1. .Mikrudactylia ; 1. niicru- 
dattilia. .Smallness ut' the fingers. 

Microfar'ad. Practical electrn-magnetic 
unit nf caiiacity ; one-milli(inth nf a I'arad ; 
abont eijnal ta the capacity (if three miles 
of Atlantic telcgrajih cable or otJUO square 
inidie> n\' tin-i'oil. 

Microfito (/). Micropliyte. 

Microfono (/.). ^licr.iphnne. 

Microftalmia ( /. ). .Micruphthalnua. 

Microftalmo {L). Micniphthalmus. 

Microgas'terpla'typus (/..). Ui umJcx 


Microg"enia (/.). ('ongenital smallness 
of the chin, assdciated with mierdgnathia. 

Microglos'sia { L.) [;-/.(o»7<t^/]. /'. micrn- 
gldssie ; (!. .Mikroglussie. Congenital small- 
ness df the tongue. 

Micrognath'ia (/..') [/>'/C'ik]. F. micrd- 
gnathie ; '/. Miknjgnathie ; /. niicrognazia. 
("diigenital smallness and imperfect develdji- 
ment (if the jaws, atlecting especially the 
Idwer jaw. 

Microg'raphy [/'/"'V'"]. F., (!. mioro- 
graphie ; /. microgratia. I>escri]itidn of 
the result- of microscdpy. 

Microgy'ria (/>.) [/"'y"'^"]- Abiuirmally 
small size df the gyri nf the brain. 

Mic'rohm. Klectrd-magnetic resistance 
of one-millidnth of an ohm. 

Microkine'sis [z;'/i;<-:,]. The invid- 
untarv mnvements oi' young infants while 
awake [Warner]. 

Microlente ( A). Cdugenital abncirmal 
.smallness of the cr\>trilline h'us. 

Microl'ogy [/.''/-"v], J)iscourseon mieros- 

Microma'nia (A.) [,'(avi'y]. F. delire 

des Delusion of belittlenient, 
as that the body or some part of it has be- 
come small. 

Microme'lia (X.) \ji:y.jii,^, vi'-"^\ F. 
micronielie ; (!. !Mikromelia. ('oiigenital 
suudlness and imperfect development of the 

Microiiie'lus (A.). A monster with 
small and inijierfectly fprmed e.\treiiutics. 

Microme're \_!i'.i"ii\. Small segmenta- 
tion sphere. 

Micronie'ria ( L. ). A genus of Lnhinin:. 
M. Douglas'sii, Benth., yerba Imena, a 
trailing >weet-seented herb growing in ("ali- 
i'ornia ; recommended as an aromatic stimu- 
lant and anthelmintic. 

Microm'eter \_!i:yiiu^. inrpzl-,']. F. 
micrometre; <i. 3Iikr(Uueter ; /. micrd- 
metro. A scale fdr minute m<'asurenients 
imder the micrd.scope. It nuiy be inserted 
in a special i'orm df eyepiece, '■ eye]iiece 
micrometer," (jr be for use on the stage, 
" stage niicrometer." 

Micromil'linietre = 0.000(1(11 milli- 
metre. Svnib, /'.,". In histology u.-ed for 
njicrmi, whicdi is preferable. 

Micromma'tus ( L. ) ["',",""]. Microph- 


Mi'cron. Tnit of measure = O.ool mil- 
limetre ; symbdl ,". 

Microor'ganism. L. microorganismus ; 
/''. micrdrganisme ; (1. Mikrddrgauismus. 
A very minute organism. 

Micropanenceph'alus ( //.) [-'<v, ly/.i- 
<fa/.<:i\. Term applied td skulls in which 
the angle between lines drawn from lior- 
mi(Ui to nasion and to basion is from Ki8° 
to l(i:!° [l.i>sauer]. 

Mi'crophone [cww;]. (1. Mikrophon ; 
/. microfono. An instrument used to ani- 
]dify sounds. It can be apjilied to render 
audible the .-ounils of the pulse, etc. 

Micropho'nia {L.) [v'"'";]- Having a 
weak voice. 

Micro-pho'tograph. A very small 

Micro-photog'raphy. ^Making very 
small photogra]ihs, often used erroneously 
for ]dnitomicrdgraphy. 

Microphthal'mia ( /> ) [^^'>is(hi/.:i.;<']. F. 
micro]ihthalmie ; (1. .Mikrophthalmus ; /. 
microftalmia. The condition id' having an 
abnormallv >mall eye. 

Microphthal'mus ( L.). A small eye ; 
one who has small, im]ierfeetly-devehjpcd 



Mi'crophsrtes [^'oniv]. /. microfiti. 
Minute vegetable organisms. 

Microphy'tic. F. raicrophytique ; /. 
microfitico. Relating to microphytes. 

Micro'pia {L., I.). Micropsia. 

Microp'orus (Z.) [;ro/)o9]. The minute 
opening in the head of certain spermatozoa 
opposite the insertion of the tail. 

Microproso'pus f//.) [r/<»;rt-wr()v]. A 
monster with a small face imperfectly de- 

Microp'sia (L., I.) \_iuy.f)('i<;, <y^'']. F. 
micropsie ; G. Kleinsehen. Vision in which 
objects appear abnormally diminished in 

Micro'pus {L.) [-"'Ji-]. One who has 
small feet. 

Mi'cropyle [-'')/?5;]. An opening through 
an egg-shell, serving as an entrance for the 

Micror'chides (L.) [onyti^. F. micror- 
chidie; U. ^likrorchia; 7. micrornhidc. Con- 
genital smallness and imperfect develop- 
ment of testicles. 

Micror'chis {L.) \/ii>/'.i]- One who has 
small testis. 

Mi'croscope [fp/.n-lw']. G. Mikroskop ; 
/. micro.scopio. Optical instrument giving 
enlarged images of minute objects. 

Microscop'ic. F. mieroscopif|ue ; G. 
mikroskopisch ; /. microscopico. 1. Per- 
taining to microscopy. 2. Only visible 
when magnified. 

Microscop'ical anat'omy: see Anal- 

Micros'copist. F. micro-scopiste ; I. 
n)icrosc()]iista. One skilled in the use of 
the nii(troscope. 

Micros'copy [^^yo-lu)']. F. microscopic ; 
G. Mikroskopie ; I. microscopia. The use 
of the micro.scoj)e, and the preparation of 
objects to be examined by it. 

Microscosmograph'ia (A.) [/wrr/ioj, 
ypdifii)^. Biology of man. 

Mi'croseme [T^^/za]. Having an orbital 
index below 84 [Flower] ; below S:'. [Mroca]. 
In the Frankfort agreement an e<|uivalent 
term (chamakonche) indicates an index of 
80 and below. 

Microso'mata (//.) [^rm/za]. Term ap- 
plied by Hanstein to very minute culorable 
particles found in the (ilaments of jircjto- 

Microsoma'tia or Microso'mia (/>.) 
[(T(u,'/«]. /. microsoniazia. The condition 
of having a very small body. 

Microspec'troscope [spectrum, tr/.n-^. A Spectroscope attached to a mi- 

Microsphyx'ia {L.) [_(ref>^ti\. Con- 
dition of having a small pulse. 

Microspo'ron (i.) [rT-«;/<iyv']. A genus 
of vegetable parasites producing cutaneous 
disorders. M. anomae'on, species pro- 
ducing pityriasis circinata and marginata. 
M. audoui'ni, produces disease of the 
hair-fdilicles. M. dis'par, M. (iiioinxcii. 
M. fiir'fur, produces tinea versicolor. M. 
mentagrophy'tes, affects the luiir-fdllicles 
of the beard. M. miiiutis'simum, de- 
scribed by Hurchardt, produces erythrasma. 
M. sep'ticum, name given by Klebs to 
microorganisms of various kinds found in 
the fluids in pyaemia and septiccemia ; ob- 

Microsthen'ic [tOImi^'^. I. microstenico. 
Having small muscular power; able to lift 
from 51 to 75 kilograms [ZojaJ. 

Microsto'ma ( L.. I. ) [Tr'<//</]. F. miero- 
stomie. Abnormal smallness of the labial ori- 
fice, congenital or ac(|uired. 

Microsto'nius (//.). One having an 
abnormally small mouth. 

Microte'sia (A.) [.u !/?/)" rr,^]. Small- 

Micro'tia (L^ [//!X(«io, iiui\. An ab- 
normally small ear, or one arrested in its 

Mic'rotome [r"/";']- G. ^licrotom; I. 
microtomo. An apparatus fur cutting thin 
sections for microscopic examinatidn. 

Microtrich'ia (A.) ['V'-]- The con- 
ditiun of having very fine hair. 

Microttahno (/.). Micro])hthalmus. 
Microzimo (/). Miorozynie. 

Mi'crozyines [^'V'//]. Name applied 
by Bechanip to the bacteria or sehizomy- 

Mic'tio (/'■)■ Urination. M. cruen'- 
ta, ha'matnria. 

Micturi'tion. L. mictio. mictus ; F. mic- 
tion ; G. llarnen ; 1. mizione, nrinazione. 
The discharge of urine from the bladder. 

Micturition (/•'.). Freijuent desire to 

Mic'tus (/>.). Urination. M. craen'- 
tus, h;rniaturia. 

Mid-brain. 1. The third of the five 
vesicles of the embryonic brain. 2. Mesen- 

Mid'dle com'missure. Soft commis- 



Mid'dle ear. /'. oreille uioyennc ; (i. 
Mittelohr; 1. oreecliio iiifdio. Tlio tyiu- 
paiiic cavity, niastoiil cells, and Eustacliiaii 
tulio, taken ecilleetively. 

Mid'dle fin'ger. /'. ilniyt du milieu; 
(/. .Mitteltiir/er ; 1. dito medio: see Finyiif. 

Mid'dle lobe of thy'roid. Pyramid 
of tlivruid. 

Mid'dle menin'geal ar'tery. L arte- 
ria liieiiiiiL'ea media; /■'. arti le iiieniii.u;ee 
luciyerine; G. niittlere IIiriiliaiitselila,i;ader ; 
7. arleria meiiiiigea media. Braueli uf in- 
ternal maxillary. Tlie lar,;:est menin.wal 
arterv ; enters eranium liv tnramen sjiinn- 
snni, and supplie-s jiarietal suil'aee of 

Middle Park Hot Sulphur Springs. 
Liieated in Sunjmit Cm., ('iiiiiradc]. 'J'em- 
jierature about 11 "i" F. 

Mid'dle tem'poral ar'tery. L. arteria 
teni|Miralis meilia ; /'. art. re tenijiorale 
movenne ; <!. niittlere Selil;ifenarterie ; I. 
arteria tem|Hirale media. Itraindi of super- 
ficial teni|inral that perforates tlie fas<'ia 
and s\ip)ilies the temporal mirscde. 

Midesi ( / ). Mydesis. 

Mid-fa'cial height. (!. :\Iittel,uesiehts- 
hrdie. distance from naso-frontal suture 
to the alveidar luu-der of the superior niax- 
illarv. measured on the median line [Fiank- 
furt aLrreemenl], 

Mid-fron'tal a'rea: see Areas <>f ihc 

MidoUaf/. ^. Marrow. M. alkingata, 

nu-dulla cdi|nn;_'ata. M. Spiliale or M. 
vertebrale, spinal marrow. 

Midollare (/.). Medullary. 

Midollite (/.). O.steo-mj-elitis. 

Midriasi (/.). Myilriasis. Midriatico, 

Mid'rifF. Diajdira-m. 

Mid'wife. A. ohstetrix ; Z'. saiie-femme ; 
G. lielianime; /. levatriee. A female oh- 
stetrieian. not a physician. 

Mid'wifery. Obstetrics. 

Midzu ami (Jup.). Japanese extract 
of rice. 

Mie de pain {F.). Bread-crumb. 

Miel (/•'.). Honey. M. clarifie or M. 
depure, clarified honey. M. rosat, a mix- 
ture of lioiiev and infusion of roses. 

Mielalgia f /. ). MyelalL'-ia. Mielana- 
losi, nlyelanalo^is. Mielapoplessia, mye- 
lapoplexia. Mielatelia, myelatelia. Miela- 

trofia, myelatropLia. Mielaussi, mye- 

Miele (/.). ILmey. M. deptn-ato, 
clarified honey. M. rosato : see Mid 
rufi'f. M. schiumato, clarified boney. 

Mielencefalo (/.). Myeleueepbalus. 

Mielina (/.J. Myelin. Mielmico, 

Mielite or Mielitide (/.). Myelitis. 

Mielito (/.) : see Ilumi/ (2). 

Mielle, ee (/'■). Containing honey. 

Mielocele (A). Myelocele. 

Mielochisi (/.). Myclocbisis. 

Mielocistico ("/.). 3Iyelocystic. 

Mielocito (/.). Myelocyte. 

Mieloide ( /.). Myeloid. Mieloma, 
myeloma. Mielomalacia, myelom:dacia. 
Mielomeningite, niyelomeninLdtis Mielo- 
plassi, niyeloplaxes, MieloiTagia, mye- 
lorrhaiiia. Mielosarcorua, osteosarcoma. 
Mielosclerosi, spinal scler(isis. 

Miescher's tubes. Peculiar bodies found 
in the muscles of domestic animals, usually 
classed with the Pt.uroqii'i miit. They ap- 
pear to be harmless. 

Mignatta (/.). Leech. 

Mignonette'. Rtsnht mhirato, L. 

Migrame (/•'■). L bemicrania ; G. 
j\Iii;r:ine. A superficial or dec]i-s<'ated ]iain. 
usually confined to the temjioral or orbital 
region of one side of the head, and in most 
cases accompanied by nausea ; " sick liead- 

Mi'gratmg kid'ney. Ploatinu kidney. 

Migra'tion. 7^. niigratio;G'. Wambuung; 
7. migrazioue. Passage from one place to 
another; the normal descent or accidental 
dis|ilai'ement of an organ. M. of leu'- 
cocytes, dia]iedesis. M. of mus'cles, 
the changing of the situatirju of a muscle 
bv alteration of its origin or insertion, or 

Migration (7-^.). :Migration. M. de 
I'ovau'e, descent of the ovary from its 
oriiiin in the lumbar region. M. du testi- 
cule, descent of the testis. 

Miiocefalo ( /.). Myoce)dialus. 

Miiodopsia (/ ). Muscie volitantes. 

Miite (■/.). .Myositis. 

Mika'nia f //,). A genus of plants. Nat. 
Ord. <'umpn$ii;r. M. gua'co, H. et 15., 
native of iutertro]iical America ; stimulant 
ami antispasmodic ; reputed antidote for 
snake-]ioison. M. opif'era, IMart,, a Bra- 
zilian plant; used under the name of erva 



da cobra as a remedy for snake-bite. M. 
scan'dens, a North-American species, pos- 
sessing similar properties to the above. 

Mi'ka opera'tion. Practised by some 
Africiiu tribes, consists in slittinar open the 
urethra on the under surface from meatus 
to perineum to prevent impregnation. 

Mikrencephal'ia. State of a micren- 

Mikro-. For words thus commencing, 

not found here, see under Micro-. 

Mikrobenwncherung i G.). 3Iuhi])H- 
catiiiii of niiero'.irganisms. 

Mikrocomea (G). Abnormal suiall- 
ness of cornea. 

Mik'rocrith \^/.r>'.Or,\ Imaginary stand- 
ard for comparison of weight of gases ^ 
weight of one atom of hydrogen gas. 

Mikrocyten {G.). Microcytes. 

Mikrokokken (C.). Micrococci. 

Mikrorefractometer {G.). Instnunent 
for measuring the index of refraction of a 
substance under the microscope. 

Mikroskop ((?.). Microscope. 

Mi'kulicz drain'age. Jlode of drain- 
age of abdominal cysts or of the peritoneal 
cavity. A pouch of iodoform gauze, with 
a thread for withdrawal, is pushed into tiie 
cavity and then packed with iodoform gauze, 
so that the absorbent tissue is everywiiere 
in contact with the walls of the cavity. 

Mikulicz's opera'tion. E.xcision of 
lower ends of tibia and fibula, astragalus, 
OS calcis, and posterior portion of scaphoid 
and cuboid bones, bringing the cut surfaces 
of the latter against the cut surfiices of the 
tibia atul fibula. 

Milacefalo (/.). Accphalus. 

Milbe {G.). Acarus, mite. 

Milbengang ((?.). Harrow of the itch- 

Mil'bum Springs. Chalybeate waters, 
near AVinslow, I'ike ("o., Indiana. 

Milch (ff.). Milk; — absondemng', 
secretion of milk; — abtreibend, anti- 
galactic ; — ader, lacteal vessel ; — artig, 
milky, lacteal, emulsive; — auge, livpo- 
gala ; — ausschlag', crusta lactea ; — 
ausschwitzung, galaetidrosis; — back- 
zahn, deciduous molar tooth ; — behalter, 
ainpullfe of galactophorous ducts; — ■ be- 
reitung, galactopoiosis ; — bildend, ga- 
lacto|)oietic ; — blattem, cowpock ; — 
borke, crusta lactea, eczema capitis ; — 
bruch, galactocelo; — brustgang, tho- 
racic duet; — cisternen, ampulla; of 

galactophorous ducts ; — controle, regu- 
lation of milk-supply to prevent adultera- 
tion ; — cysteme, receptaculum ehyli ; 

— driisen, lactiferous glands; — driisen- 
entartung, degeneration of the mammary 
glands ; — ■ enthaltend, containing milk ; 

— erzeugung, galactopoiesis ; — fleber, 
milk fever; — flstel, lacteal fistula; — 
fleck, macula albida ; — fleisch, thymus; 

— fluss, galactorrhtea ; — ftiesel, miliary 
fever ; — fiihrend, lactiferous ; — gang, 
lactiferous duct ; — gefass, lacteal vessel ; 

— geschwTilst, galactocele ; — grind, 
crusta lactea; — haltig, galactophorous; 

— hamfluss, chyluria; — kasten, lacteal 
sinus ; — knoten, milk-knot ; — koth- 
bacterien, bacteria found in f;cces of milk- 
fed infants; — kiigelchen, milk-globules, 
colostrum-corpuscles; — ktir, milk cure; 

— lab, rennet; — leitend, galactagogue ; 

— leiter, lactiferous duct; — machend, 
galactopoietic ; — mangel, agalactia; — 
messer, lactometer; — mittel, galacto- 
poietic; — pepton, hemialbumose ; — 
pocke, cowpox ; — probe, use of the 
lactometer ; — priifer, galactometer ; — 
priifung, testing of milk; — pumpe, 
breast-i)uinp ; — ruhr, infimtile diarrlnea; 

— sack, lacteal sinus; — sackchen, ani- 
pullaj lactiferw ; — saure, lactic acid: — 
sauger, breast pump; — sclvneidezahn, 
deciduous incisor tooth ; — schorf, eczema 
capitis, crusta lactea ; — sch'weiss or — 
schwitzen, galaetidrosis : — staar, fluid, 
whitish cataract; — iiberfluss, excessive 
secretion of milk ; — verhaltung, reten- 
tion of milk, galactischcsis; — versetzung, 
galactometastasis, galactoplania ; — ver- 
treibend, antigalaetic; — 'wasser, serum 
of milk; — zahne, the primary, or milk, 
teeth: — zahngebiss, milk dentition, .«et 
of temporary teeth; — zucker, milk- 

Milchicht or MUchig (C). Galactic. 


MUchsaft (G^. Chyle; — artiger 
Hamabgang, chyluria; — behalter, re- 
cejjtaeulum ehyli ; — bereitung, chylif- 
ication ; — fiihrend, chyliferous : — gang, 
chyle-duct; — gefass, lacteal vessel. 

Milchsaurer Kalk or MUchsaures 
Calcium {G.}. Calcium lactate. 

Milchsaures Eisenoxydul ( G.). Fer- 
rous lactate. 

Milchsaures Galz {G.). Lactate. 

MUd chlo'ride of mer'cm-y- Mer- 
curous chloride. 

Mil'foil. Aclillka inillrj'i)lium, L. 



Mil'ford (Ponemah) Springs. Clia- 
lyboatf, etc. weittTs, .^lillurd. llill^boruugli 
Co., New H;iniiisliiro. 

Milfosi(/.). Milphosis. 

Miliar (''''.). Miliary; — carcinose, 
secoiularv aii]iearaiict' oi caroinnuja in the 
fiiriii of iiiiliavy iKiJult/s ; — tuberculose, 
liiiliaiy tulicri'uln.Ni>. 

Miliare (A). Miliary fever; uiiliaria ; 

Milia'ria ( L."' [miliuni]. F. miliairc ; 
G. Friescl ; /. miliare. An acute iiiflym- 
niatory disurdcr of the sweat-glands, cha- 
racterized by the appearance of small 
papules or vesicles, acconipanied by prick- 
in ir, tin gl inc. audi lU ruin ii sensations; prickly 
heat. M. al'ba, an advanced stage of the 
disease when tlie vesicles become opaque 
and yellowish-wliite. M. crystalli'na, 
sudamina. M. iTA'bra, a vesicular furm 
in which each lesion is surrounded by a 
reddish areola. M. vesiculo'sa, form in 
which the lesions are vesicles, not pajiules. 

Mil'iary. /-. miliaris ; F. miliaire ; (t. 
hirsefonriig. Like a niillet-secd in size or 
form. M. an'eurism, minute aneurism 
of cerebral arterioles. M. fe'ver. L. 
febris miliaris; F. miliaire; /. miliare. An 
acute infectious epidemic disease charac- 
terized by fever, excessive fetid sweating, 
and sudamina. M. tu'bercles. F. tu- 
berculcs miliaires; /. tubercoli miliari. 
The fine granulations met with in an organ 
affected with tuberculosis; gray granula- 

Militararzt ( O.). Army medical officer. 

Militarfussstreupulver ( G.). A mix- 
ture of salicylic acid :>, powdero<l starch 10, 
and talc ST parts ; for hyperidrosis. 

Militarsanitatswesen (//'.). ^Military 

Militagre flavescent ( F.). Herpes 

Milita'ris her'ba ( L.). Achllkn milh- 

f(/liiim . 

Military ophthal'mia. Egyptian oph- 
thalmia; purulent conjuiunivitis; trachoma. 

Miriumf />."). F. millet ; T,'. Hautgrie.s. 
Small roundi>li, whitish, sebaceous, non-in- 
flammalorv elevations, situated just beneath 
tlie epidermis. 

Milium aniyloide (F.). Mollu.-icum 

Mil'ium so'lis (//.). Lithn^pcrmmn 

<,flrill,l/r, L. 

Milk [.1. S. meolc]. L. lac; F. lait ; 

G. Milch; 7. latte. 1. The fresh milk of 
the cow. Jlos /mini--, L. [B. P.] ; nutritious, 
demulcent, an antidote to various ]ioisons. 
2 The secretion of the mammary glands 
of anv animal of the class Miuiiiiintiii. 3. 
A white fluid of the appearance of milk, as 
the white juice of certain jilants or certain 
emulsions, M. of al'monds, alnnmil mi.x- 
ture. M. of ammo'niac, auimoniac mix- 
ture. M. of asafe'tida, asafetiila mi.xtuie. 
M.-blotch or M. -crust, crusta lactea. M. 
cure, systematic treatment by milk. M. 
fever, the fever wliich precedes or accom- 
panies the secretion of milk in women 
recently delivered. M.-glob'ules, oil-glob- 
ules derived from epithelial cells lining 
alveoli of mammary gland, found in the 
milk. M. of i'ron, water holding ferric 
jihosphate in suspension. M.-knot, small 
hard lump occurring in the breast during 
lactation. M.-leg, phlegmasia alba dolens. 
M. of lime, slaked lime suspended in 
water so as to form a thin magma. M.- 
plas'ma, the clear, slightly opalescent 
fluid olitained by filtering milk. M.-purs'- 
lain, Fiiph<ii-hi(i coroUata, L. M.-scab, 
crusta lactea. M.-scro'tum, lymph-scrotum 
with di.scharge of milky fluid. M. sick'- 
ness, the '•trembles"; a peculiar disease 
of cattle, emlemic in some of tlie recently- 
.settled portions of the U. S. ; may be con- 
veved to man l)y use of the flesh or milk. 
It is characterized by rigors, vomiting, 
swollen tongue, and symptoms referable to 
disorder of tlie intestinal canal. M. -spots, 
macula alba. M. -sugar. C,,!!,..*),,. L. 
saccharum laclis; F. sucre de lait; ''/. 
Milchzucker; /. zucchero di latte. A 
peculiar crystalline sugar obtained from 
the whey of milk by evaporation. M. of 
sul'phur, precipitated sulphur. M. -teeth. 
F. dents de lait ; G. ^Milchzahne ; / denti 
da latte. Tliosc which appear in early life, 
and are afterward re]daced liy the permanent 
ones. M.-this'tle. Z^. chardon Marie; G. 
Frauendistel. Sih/hmn Mnririiiinn, (Ja^rtn. 
The leaves and fruit have been considered 
sudorific and febrifuge. 

MUk'ers' cramp. G. Melkckrampf. 
Neurosis of hands of milkers, analogous to 
writers' cramp. 

Milk'^'eed. Asrhpn(s corimti. Pecaisne ; 
the juice is applied to wounds and ulcers; 
the ]ilant is said to be diuretic; see also 
Siraitiji millcvKi d, 

Milk'wort. F.dygala. 

MU'lar'sasth'ma. Laryngismus stridu- 
lus ; thvmic astlima. 




F. millefeuille. 

MUlefeuiUet {F.). 

MiUefo'lium (L.). 

Millepertuis (/'.). Saint John's wort. 

Mil'lepes (Z.). Wood-louse, Oniscus 
aselliiit, L. 

Mil'ler-Lew'is bacil'ltos. A comma- 
shaped bacillus found in the human mouth. 

Milliampere. Current-strength of one 
thou.sandtli of an ampere. 

Milligramme (F.). One-thousandth of 
a gramme ^ (1.015 grain avoirdupois. 

Millimetre (F.). 0.039 inch. 

Millon's re'ag-ent or Millon's test. 
A strong .solution of merciiniu!* and mer- 
curic nitrates, giving a red color with most 
nitrogenous compounds. 

Mill-reek [reek = smoke, fume.s]. Old 
Scotch term for lead-poi.soning as seen in 
miners and smelters of lead. 

Mill'stone-ma'kers' phthi'sis. Chali- 


Milofaring-eo (/.). 

MOoglosso (/.). 

Milo-joideo (/.). 

MUpho'sis(i.) l!ia<faj„'.i\ /'.milphose; 
I. milfosi. Loss of hair of the eyebrows. 

Milz ( G.). Spleen ; — aflfection, splenic 
di.'iease; — anschwellung-, splenic en- 
largement; — arterien, splenic arteries; 

— balkchen or — balken, trabeculaj of 
spleen ; — beschwerde, splenic di.sorder; 

— beutel, splenic pouch; — blaschen, 
splenic corpuscle; —blatter, anthrax, 
malignant pustule; — blut, blood from 
splenic vein; — blutader, splenic vein; 

— brand, a n t h ra x ; — brandcarbunkel 

"I" — brandkarbunkel, anthra.x ; 

bnich, hernia of llie spleen ; — entziin- 
dung, splenitis; — fasem, spindle-shaped 
cells found in teased preparations of the 
spleen, formerly supposed to be special 

believed to be isolated 
of the small veins; — 
corpuscle: — geflecht, 
— geschwulst, tumor 
of spleen ; — infarct, 
kapsel, capsule of 

Mylo-glossus [Wins- 

Mvlo-hvoid muscle. 

structures, now 
endothelial cells 
follikel, splenic 
splenic plexus ; 
or enlargement 
splenic infarction 

spleen; — karbunkel, malignant pus- 
tule; — korperchen, splenic Malpiirhian 
corpuscle; — kraiik, havin<; a disor- 
dered spleen, splenetic; — krankheit, 
disease of the spleen ; — kriimmung-, 
splenic flexure; — leiden, disease of the 
spleen, hypochondriasis; — pancreas- 

driisen, glandule pancreatico-lienales ; 

pforte, hilus of the spleen; — pocke, 
malignant pustule; — pulsader, splenic 
artery; — pulpa, pulp of spleen; — 
pustel, malignant pustule ; — schall, 
splenic sound ; — schlagader, splenic ar- 
tery ; — schwellung, swelling of spleen ; 

— schwindsucht, splenic phthisis; — 
seuche, anthrax; — sucht, hypochon- 
driasis; — tumor, enlargement" of the 
spleen, ague-cake : — vergTosserung, en- 
largement of the spleen ; — verhartung, 
induration of the spleen ; — verknoche- 
rung, ossification of the spleen; — ver- 
stopfiing, obstruction of the spleen ; — 
wechselfleber, intermittent fever; — -well, 
splenalL'ia; — zellen, splenic corpuscles; 

— zerlegung, sijlenotomy. 
Milza (/.). Spleen. 
Milzig (&'.). Splenetic. 
Mimestisme {F.). Imitation, mimicry. 
Mimet'ic [/z!,'/);r:zwc]. Imitating. M. 

paral'ysis, facial paralysis. 

Mim'ic spasm. Spasm in muscles sup- 
plied by facial nerve. 

Mimische Gesichtslahmimg (G.). 
Histrionic paralysis. 

Mimo'sa (L.). A genus of f.rqiiminosx. 
M. Cat'echu, L. fil., Acncin Cutn-h),. Willd. 
M. Su'ma, Roxb., Acacia Sunia. Kurz. 
M. leucoplaloe'a, Acnda Ifiimphhrn, Willd. 
M. nUot'ica, Acan'a nilntica, Pesf M. 
Sen'egal, L., Acmia Scnrtfa/, Willd. 

Mimo'sae gum'mi r/v.). Gum acacia. 

Mim'usops elen'gi, L. An East Indian 
tree, Nat. Ord. Snpotacese ; cultivated for 
its fragrant flowers; the bark is tonic and 

Minchia '/.). Penis. 

Mind-blind'ness. Impairment of power 
to recognize objects, caused by cortical 
lesions, the visual apparatus itself being 

Mind-cure. Attempt to cure disease 
tlirough faith in, or expectant attention to, 
the result desired and announced. 

Mind-deafness. Loss of power to ap- 
preciate the nature of sounds, caused by 
cortical lesions, the auditory apj^aratus 
being unimpaired. 

Minderer's Ge\st(G.). Spirit of Minde- 

Mind-read 'ing. 1. 31uscle-reading. 2. 

Minenkrankheiten (ff.). Disease of 



Min'eral caout'chouc. A sulistaiu-o 
of uiikiiuwii oriiiiii, clusL'lv rt'^enililin.i;' diili- 
nary Iiidia-ruldjer, fouml covoriiii; uxtcii- 
sive tracts <it' urouml in Australia. 

Min'eral Hill Springs. Sulpliurotted 
waters, lu-ar IJeaii's t^tatioii. (.iraiiiuiT di., 

" Min'eral Rock Spring. Waukesha, 
AVaukeslia Co., Wiseuiisiii. 

Min'eral wa'ter. Carlmnie-ariJ water. 

Min'eral wax. (Ozokerite. 

Mineralkermes (tr'.). Antimuny uxy- 

Mineralsauren (G.). Mineral aciJs. 

Mi'ners' asth'ma. Antlirakusis. 

Mi'ners' el'bow. Enlargement of tlie 
bursa over tlie uleeranun. 

Mi'ners' lung. Antliracosis. 

Mi'ners' nystag'mus. Form of nys- 
taj;inus in miners, espeeially those who work 
in a stoojiing or reeumbent position, often 
accompanied with slii;ht ehoreie moveinonts 
in other parts, and with heiniamipsia. 

Min'im. One-sixtieih of a fluiddrachm.or 
the measure of one L^'ain weii;ht of distilled 
water at (iO° F. ; aiiproxiniately, a drop is 
regarded as a minim. 

Minunalempflndung ( C). Just per- 
ceptible sensation. 

Min'ium. rb,0,. L. plumbi oxidum 
rubrum ; F. oxyde rouge de plomli ; G. 
IMennige ; /. minio. Red lead : a scarlet, 
crvstalline, granular ]iowder, prepared by 
carefully heating massicot, a iorm of lead 
monoxide or lead carbonate, to a tempera- 
ture of aVjout 4.^)0° C. ; a constituent of cer- 
tain plasters. 

Min'nequa Springs. Chalybeate sul- 
phur springs, in Urailford Co., Pennsyl- 

Mi'nor opera'tions. Those not in- 
volving much danger to life. 

Mi'nor sur'gery. That part of sur- 
gery relating to the ordinary dressing of 
wounds and injuries, bandaging, cathcter-, etc. 

Minoration ( F.). Mild purgation. 

Minor'ative. /.. minorativus ; /\ nii- 
nnratif, ive ; 7. minorativo. A mihl lax- 

Minora delle natiche (/.). Gluteus 

Mint. L. mentha ; F. menthe ; G. 
Miinze; L nienta. The genus Mcniho of 
labiate plants : sec also Canadian, Cn'.^ped, 

llar^r, M(j)uitiiin, Pi'jipcr. Spriir. Wiifi)-. and 
W,/(/ mint. 

Minugio (/.). Bougie. 

Minute' anat'omy. Histology. 

Minze ( G). Mint. 

Minzione ( /.j. Miction. 

Miocardio (/. ). Myocardium. Mio- 
cardite or Miocarditide, uivocarditis. 

Miocatan'tis (//) [zar'i'/rr,^-]. Term 
applieil to skulls in wliieli the line joining 
the hormion ami the stajdiylion makes an 
angle of from 2:" to 45° with the radius 
fixus [Lissauer]. 

Miocefalo ' /.). Jlyoeephalus. 

Miocele ( /. i. Myocele. Miocelite, 

Mioclono (/.'). Myoclnnus. 

Miodemia ( I.). Myodemia. 

Miodesopsia (/.). INIyodesopsia. 

Miodinamia ( /.). ^Iyi"lynamia. Mio- 
dinaniometro, myodynaniiuiicter. 

Miodinia ( /. ). Myndynia. 

Mioedema (/.'). IMyiHedcma. 

Miogastl-Q (/. '. Belly of a muscle. 

Miogenia (/.). Myogenesis. Mio- 
genico, uivngenic. 

Miognato ( /■). Myognathns. 

Miogi-afia (/. ). ]My(>graphy. 

Miogi-afo (J.). Myograph. 

Mioide ( /. ). ^Fyoid. 

Miolemma (/.). Mynlenima. 

Miologia (/.). Myology. 

Mioma i /. i. ^lyoma. 

Miomalacia ( /. ). Myomalacia. 

Miometi'O (/. ). Jlyometer. 

Mio-mio. /hircl(ai in cinlifdUa. Lam. 

Miope (/). Myopic. Miopia, myopia. 

Mioplastico i /.). Mynphistic. 

Miopragie (F.) [//£;"(«, -f»'/T-T«(]. Lim- 
ited furictiiiual cajiacity. 

Miopresbito (/. ). Myojiic in one eye, 
presbyopic in the other. 

Miosclerosi (/."). Myosclerosis. 

Miosi ( /. ). Myosis. 

Miosina ( I.)- .Myosin. 

Miosis (G.'). Slyosis. 

Miotilita r/.). Myotility. 

Miotirbe (/.). Myotyrbe. 

Miotomia (/.). ^Myotomy. 

Mirab'ilis (//.). A genus o\'Xi/rfaf)inrsf:. 
M. jala'pa, L., four o'clock, marvel of Peru ; 



cultivated for ornament; the roots resemble 

Mirac'ulous plas'ter. L. emplastrum 
miraculosum, Rdm. A plaster prepared 
from red oxide of lead 250, olive oil 500, 
amber 15, camphor 10, dried alum 5 parts 
[P. Ilelv.]. 

Mir'bane, es'sence of. Nitrobenzol. 

Mirbanol ((?•)■ Nitrobenzol. 

Miringodettomia (/.). Myringodec- 
tumy. Miringite, myringitis. Mirin- 
g'otomia, myringotomy. 

Miristicazione (/.j. Cirrhosis. 

Miristicina (/.). Myristicene. 

Mirmecia (/.). Myrmecia. 

Mirobalano (/). Myrobalan. 

Miroir (F.). ^Mirror, speculum. 

Mironato (/.). Myronato. 

Mirosina (/.). Myrosin. 

Mirra(/.). Myrrh. 

Mir'ror galvanom'eter (Thomson's). 
G. Spiegelgalvanometer. Apparatus where- 
by a very light mirror is fastened to the 
needle of a galvanometer, so as to reflect a 
ray of light upon a scale opposite, and thus 
indicate small motions of the needle. 

Mir'ror-WTit'ing. Writing which is to 
be read from right to left, or can be read in 
the usual way by holding it before a mirror. 

Mirtiforme (/.). Depressor aL-c nasi. 

Mixtillo (/.). Vacciniian mi/rtillus, L. 

Mirto (/.). Myrtle. 

Mirya'chit [/?h.s,s. miriatchitje = to play 
the foul]. A nervous affection observed in 
Siberia, characterized bj' involuntary imita- 
tion of words or movements heard or seen 
by the patient. 

Misanthro'pia (L.) [pTth-;, avflpw-oi']. 
F., G. ^Misanthropic ; /. misantropia. Aver- 
sion to man. 

Miscar'riage. F. fiusse coucho ; G. 
Fehlgoburt ; /. parto abortivo. Abortion. 

Mis'ce (/..). :Mix. 

Mischfarbung (G.). ]\Iixed staining, 
the production of a single tint in a tissue 
by the use of two staining fluids. 

Mischgesch-WTilst (G.). A tumor con- 
taining several kinds of tissue. 

Mischinfection (G.). A mixed infec- 
tion, as by the sinniltancnus growth of two 
or more pathogenetic forms of bacteria. 

Mise au point (F.). Focussing. 

Miselsucht (G.). Jlorphoja. 
Vol. II.— U 

Miselsiichtig i G.). Leprous. 

Misere physiologique (F.). Condition 
of great physical depression, induced by 
defective hygienic surroundings and in- 
suflieient alimentation. 

Misere're me'i {L.). Colic due to in- 
testinal obstruction. 

Misog'yny \_,'j.';<roi, yu^rj']. L. misogynia ; 
F. misogynie ; /. misoginia. Aversion to 

Misomania (/.). Delirium of persecu- 

Misopse'dia (/>.) \_.').t<ri)<. zanhial. F. 
misopedie. Morbid dislike of children, 
leading to cruel treatment by parents of 
their offspring. 

Misopsy'chia (L.) [v'y/j;]. Melan- 
cholia, weariness of life. 

Misplaced' menstrua'tion. A'icarious 

Misplace 'ment. Congenital displace- 

Missartung ((?.). Degeneracy. 

MissbegriflF ((?.). Misconception. 

Missbildung {G.). Deformity, mal- 

Missed la'bor. Retention of a dead 
fiBtus in uteri) for a lengthened period after 
expiration of the usual term of pregnancy. 

Missfarbting (6'.). Discoloration. 

MissfaU (G.). Miscarriage. 

Missfarbig ( G.). Dyschromatic, dis- 

Missfonnig (<7.). Deformed, mis- 

Missgebaren (C). To abort, miscar- 

Missgebilde (G.). IMonster. 

Missgeburt (G.). Miscarriage; mon- 

Missgeschaffen C'^). Deformed. 

Missgeschopf (G.). Monster. 

Missgestalt (G.). Monstrosity. 

Missgestaltung (G.). Deformity. 

Misshandlung (G.). Maltreatment. 

Mis'sio san'guinis {L.). Blood-letting. 

Missisquoi •water. The wafer of a 
spring near Sheldon, Franklin Co., Ver- 

Missmuth (C). ^lelancholy. sadness. 

Missoma (/.). ^Myxoma. 

Mis'tletoe [-4. S. mistelta]. L. viscum; 
F. gui ; G. 3Iistel ; /. visehio. Vixcum al- 




biiiii, \j., and v. jUiiescrnf, l'u^:^ll. ; tnnufrlv 
in repute as an aiitispasmodic. 

Mistu'ra (£.)■ ^lixture. M. ammo- 
ni'aci, aminoniac mixture. M. amyg''- 
dalse, alinoiid mixture. M. asafoet'idae, 
asat'etida mi.\ture. M. bal'sami copai'- 
bae : see Chnpart's ini.iturr. M. cam'- 
phorae, camphor- water. M. cathaeret'- 
ica [Cud.]. Lanf'raiic's eollvriuin. M. 
clilorofoi"'mi, cliloroform mixture. M. 
creaso'ti, creasote mixture. M. cre'tae, 
chalic mixture. M. fer'ri et ammo'nii 
aceta'tis, mixture of acetate iii' iruu and 
aunuonium. M. fer'ri aromat'ica, aro- 
matic mixture of iron. M. fer'ri com- 
pos'ita, comiTOund iron mixture. M. 
glycyiThi'ziB compos'ita, eomjiound mix- 
ture of ulyeyrriiiza. M. gxiai'aci, ,i;uaia- 
cum mixture. M. gaimmo'sa, ,i;um mix- 
ture. M. magne'sice et asafoet'idse, 
mixture of mauuc^ia and a.safetida. M. 
potas'sii citra'tis, mixture of citrate of 
potassiuu). M. I'he'i et so'dae, mixture 
of rliuliarl> and soda. M. scammo'iiii, 
scamiiKiuy mixture. M. sen'nse com- 
pos'ita, mixture of senna (compound). 
M. sulfu'rica ac'ida [1*. (4.], Haller's 
acid elixir. M. Thielman'ni, Tiiiehnann's 

Mistura(/.). Mixture. M. cateretica, 
Lanfranc's collyriuin. M. gomniosa, frum 
mixture. M. solforico-acida, Ilaller'sacid 

Misuratore (/.). Instrument for meas- 
urinir. M. del bacino, pelvinu^ter. M. 
del petto, eyrtometer. 

Mit., abhv. for Mitte (/>.), send. 

MitbewegTing {G.')- Associated move- 
ment : invdluntary movement of a muscle 
when other muscles move, as frowniiiLj dur- 
ing; otiiirt. 

Mitchel'la ( L.'). A irenus of Riihmceft. 
M. re'pens, L., partridireberry, checker- 
berry, squaw-vine, winter clover, a small, 
creejiini; everureen herb, native of North 
America ; said to be astringent, diuretic, 
and tduic. 

Mite [-1. ,V. mit,']. (;. Micthe. .Milbe; 
/. tarlo. Ac'inis. 

Mitel'laf/..). Slin,- 

Mitempfindung ( ''/.). Irradiatiun of 
sensation, as when pain is felt in the whole 
side of the face in todtliadie. 

Miterkraiikung- ( ''.'.). Sympathetic ai- 

Mitesser (/•'.). CnuuMhuie. 

Mitgefiihl (d.). Sympathy. 

Mithrida'tum (L.). 'Hw name nf a 
compound electuary in ancient use, vnu- 
taiiiing opium witli a great number id' 
other ingredients. 

Mit'igated caus'tic [HP.]. Diluted 
nitrate of silver. 

Mi'tom [/itros-]. The filamentous pcu-- 
tion of the nucleus; the chrcjujatin. 

Mitosique ( F.). Delating t(.i mitosis or 
indirect cell-division. 

Mito'sis (L.). 

Mitotisch (G.). 

Mi'tral [jthpa]. 
ale ; /. ujitrale. 1 

('. 3Iitose ; /. mitosi. 
Kelating to karyo- 

Jj. mitralis ; 

/'. mitral, 
a mitie. 

L'. Relating to tlie mitral valve. M. valve, 
valvula mitralis ; F. valvule mitrale ; 6'. 
Miitzenklappe ; /. valvola mitrale. Valve 
guarding left auricuhj-ventricular opening 
of heart, compo,sed of two .segments. 

Mitraliiisufflcienz (6'.). Insufiiciency 
of mitral valve. 

Mitralstenose ( (r.). Stenosis of mitral 

Mittel (&'.). Middle, median ; — arm- 
blutader, median vein of arm ; — arm- 
nerv, median nerve ; — bauchbruch, 
ventral hernia ; — bauchg-egend, meso- 
gastric region; — darin. 1. .,Mcsenter<in. 
2. Portion of embryonic vertebrate diges- 
tive canal from which the stomach is de- 
velojied. .'1. Small intestine [tiegenbaur] ; 

— finger, middle finger; — gehim, mes- 
ence]dial<in ; — gesichtshohe, mid-facial 
height; — hand, metacar|ius ; — hand- 
beine or — handknochen, metacnpal 
bones; — hatlt, tunica njcdia ; ■ — hil'n, 
third vesicle of the brain in the euibrvo. 
mesencephalon; — keim, mesoblast ; — 
kniegelenkarterie, azygos artery ; — 
linie, median line; — obr, middle ear, 
tympanum; — phalanx, middle phalanx; 
see PIiiihi)i(jcs ; — platte, in the endjrvo, 
the place of union oi' the splanchnopleure 
and somatopleure : in it develop the aorta 
and the W'olftian duct; — pocken, vario- 
loid; — salz, neutral salt; — scheibe, 
Ilensen's disk: see Disk.t of miiKc/i -fi/irr ; 

— schmerz, intermenstrual pain ; — stiick, 
middle piere, applied to the internu'diati' 
portion next the head of mammalian sper- 
matozoa [Schweigger-Seidel] ; — stiick 
des Zungenbeins, liody of hyoid bone ; — 
■windung, second turn of cocldca ; — zahn, 
inci.-or tooth. 



Mittelfell (G)- Mediastinal portion 
of the pleura ; — arterien, mediastinal 
arteries ; — driisen, mediastinal glands ; 
— raum, mediastinum; — schlagadem, 
mediastinal arteries. 

Mittelfleisch (G.). Perineum; — 
bruch, perineal hernia ; — grube, ischio- 
rectal fossa ; — nerv, perineal nerve. 

Mittelfiiss (<?•)• Metatarsus; — ar- 
terie, metatarsal artery ; — beine or — 
knochen, metatarsal bones; — pulsader 
or — schlagader, metatarsal arter\-. 

Mittheilbar {G.). Communicable. 

Mittleidenschaft or Mittleidung ( G.). 
Sympathetic suHcrinir. 

Mittler, e, es (6'). Form of Mittel 
when used attributively. M. Knoten- 
punkt : see Lines of dirntion. M. 
Langsschnitt or M. Querschnitt : see 
Lines of demarcation. M. Hinihatlt- 
schlagader, middle meningeal artery. M. 
Scheitelbogenwindung, angular gyrus. 
M. Schlafenarterie, middle temporal ar- 

Mixed astig'matism. G. gemischter 
Astigniatismus ; s<'e Asfiijmatism. 

Mixed lat'eral zone. G. vordere ge- 
misclite Seitenstrangzone. Area in spinal 
cord between Gowers' tract and lateral 
limiting zone [Flechsig]. 

Mixoide (/.). Myxoid. 
Mixoma (/.). My.xoma. Mixosar- 
coma, myxosarcoma. 

Mix'ture. L, L mistura: G. Mixtur. 
1. A pharmaceutical preparation contain- 
ing medicinal substances in suspension in 
a watery fluid ; in a more general sense a 
liquid preparation composed of several in- 
gredients. 2. The act of mixing: see 
Almond, Amtnoninc, Asafitida, Basliam's, 
Broion, Camphor, Clioparl's, Griffilh's, 
Hope's, Neutral, etc. etc. mxjcture. M. of 
ac'etate of i'ron and animo'nium. L. 
mistura fcrri et ammoiiii acetatis. Tinc- 
ture of chloride of iron 2, diluted acetic 
acid 3, solution of acetate of ammonium 
20, elixir of orange 10, syrup 15, water 50 
parts ; mis sec. art. [U. S. P.]. M. of cit'- 
rate of potas'sium. L. mistura potassii 
citratis. Neutral mixture ; prepared by satu- 
rating lemon-juice with polassiuiu bicarbon- 
ate; diaphoretic and diuretic. M. of mag- 
ne'sia and asafet'ida. L. mistura mag- 
nesi.B et asafictid;e. Magnesium carlionate 
5, tincture of asafetida T, tincture of opium 
1, sugar 10, water q. s. to make 100 ; tritu- 
rate [U. S. P.]. M. of rhu'barb and 

so'da. L. mistura rhei et sodje [U. S. P.], 
tinetura rhei aquosa [P. G.] ; G. wiisserige 
Rhabarbertinktur. 1. Fluid extract of rhu- 
barb 3, sodium bicarbonate 3, spirit of pep- 
permint 3, water q. s. to make 100 [U. S. P.]. 
2. Rhubarb 10, sodium borate 1, potassium 
carbonate 1, cinnamon-water 15, water 90, 
alcohol 9 ; make an infusion [P. G.]. 

M. 1., abbv. for Macula lutea (L.), 
yellow spot. 

M, L. A., abbv. for Mento-lseva ante- 
rior (i. ), left mento-anterior position of 
the foetus in labor. 

M. L. P., abbv. for Mento-laeva poste- 
rior (i/.), left mento-posterior position of 
the foetus in labor. 

II. II. ^= Micromillimetres. 

Mo'bUe spasm. Term applied by Gow- 
ers to slow, irregular movements, especially 
of the hands, after hemiplegia, 

Mobil'ity, L. mobilitas : F. mobilite ; 
G. Beweglichkeit ; /. mobilitii. The qual- 
ity of being moved easily. 

Moc'casin-flow'er or Moc'casin- 
plant. The genus Oypripedium, Nat. Ord. 

Moc'casin-root, Ci/pripedium puhes- 
cens, Willd. 

Moccio (/.). Glanders. Moccioso, 
afl^ected with glanders. 

Mock'-orange, Ph ilade/ph us coronarius, 
L. ; leaves detergent. 

Mocsa (I.). Moxa. 

Mod. praescript,, abbv. for Modo prse- 
scripto (/>■), in the manner directed. 

Mod'erator band, A considerable fib- 
rous or muscular band stretching across 
right ventricle of heart, from base of ante- 
rior papillary muscle to the septum ; well 
marked in some lower animals (horse, ox, 
birds), frequent in man. 

Mod'ified lin'ear extrac'tion. F. ex- 
traction lineaire modifiee. Xaine given by 
V. Graefe to his method of extracting cata- 
racts, in which the incision was nearly 
linear, with its base in the sclera, combined 
with an iridectomy. 

Modi'olus (L.). F. modiole dc loreille : 
/. modiolo. Central stem of bony cochlea, 
composed of cancellated tissue. 

Mo'dus operan'di (L.). iMode of 

Mohre (G.). Carrot. 

Moelle (F.). Marrow. M. adipeuse, 
the marrow, principall}' of long bones. M. 



allongee, meilulla (ililuimat;!. M. epmiere, 
siiiiial cord. M. des os, niarruw of bones. 
M. des polls, tlio central tissue of the 
hair. M. vertebrale, spinal conl. 

Mondchen (O'.j. Lunula of nail. 

Mofette (/•'•)• / mofcta. Any iiTC- 
.spirable gas. 

Mog'adoi' gnm. A variety of guiu 

Mogigi-aph'ia ( L.) [/i";-(s-, jvo/c'i/;]. /'. 
mogiyraphie ; J. mogigrafia. AVriters' crauiii. 

Mogilalia (L.) \_/.a>.lui']. F. lungi- 
lalisme ; O. .Mouilalie ; /. niogilalisnio. 
IHilicult speaking, stamuieriiig. 

Mogiphonie ( (•'.) [v-iu^/i"]. A neumsis 
of the larynx, in which ordinary speech is 
not affected, but when attempts to speak 
loud or to sing are made the voice fails. 

Mogosto'cia (L.,J.) [,'tr;;-»^-, rnz'/o]. F. 
mogiistdcie. Dittieult labor. 

Mohii (''''.). Poppy; — extrakt, ex- 
tract of jioppie.s; — kopfe, imppy-cap- 
sules ; — 61, poppy-seed oil ; — saft, 
opium; — syrup, syru]) of poppies. 

Mohr'enheim's fos'sa. U. Midiren- 
heiin'sehe Grube. The dejiression felt un- 
der the skin just below the clavicle, between 
pectoralis majnr and deltoid: a guide for 
tying the suliclavian artery. 

Mohrenkopf ( (r.). I'lica polonica. 
Moignon (F.). Stump. 
Mois (F.). The menses. 
Mo'ka al'oes. .\n inferior kind of 
aloes broiigiit fnun the interior of Arabia. 

MolafA., /. ). Mole. M. sangtTin'ea, 
a highly vascular uterine mole. 

Mo'lar. Jj. molaris: F. molaire ; /. 
molare. ].<lrinding. 2. I'ertaining to a 
mole. M. glands. />. glanduhe molare.s ; 
F. glandes molaires ; (1. Uackzahndriisen ; 
/. glandole molari. llaceinose glands be- 
tween the buccinator and the masseter mus- 
cles, which open into the mouth near the 
jiosterior molar teeth. M. tooth. L. ilens 
nKilaris ; /'. dent molaire; (1. Harkzahn ; 
/. dente molare. One of those behind the 
bicusjiiils and the canines. In man there 
are. in the milk dentition, two molars on 
each side of each jaw; in llie perniaiu^nt 
dentition, three on e.acli side of ea<'h jaw. 

Molarzahne ( '/.). .Molar teeth. 

Mole. L. mola. !. (!. .Maal. N.'cvus. 
'2. F. mole; (!. .Mutterkalli, \ more or 
less shajieless mass formed in the uterus. 
If it is tiie result of deui'iieration of an 

injjiregnated ovunj, it is i-alle<l a maternal 
or true mole ; if otlierwise, it is a false 
mole. The vesicular, hydatid, or evstic 
mole is composed of conglomerated vesi- 
cles, which arc degenerated chori(uiic villi. 

Mole (/•:). Mole. M. legitime or 
■vraie, maternal or true mole, M. vesi- 
culaire, hydatid uiole. 

Molec'ular. L. molecularis; F. mole- 
eulaire ; G. molekular; /. molecolare. 1. 
lielating t(.i nwleculcs. 2. IMinute. M. 
lay'er of cor'tex. L. stratum inolecu- 
lare ; (J. zelleiuirme Sehicht. Layer (1.25 
mm. in thickness, next surface of cortex 
of brain, containing but few cells, mainly 
rounded corpuscles ; ^leyncrt's first layer. 
M. lay'ei's. G. reticulare Schichtcn. 
Strata of cerebral layers of retina. The 
inner m. 1. is between the ganglionic and 
the inner nucleus layers. It is composed 
of a fine network of trabecuhe with gran- 
ules : see Ilunifpoiii/insii. The outer m. 1. 
is between the inner and outer nuclear lay- 
ers ; it is similar in structure, though thin- 
ner. M. move'ment. G. M(dekularbe- 
wegung. IJrownian movement. 

Mol'ecule [moles], F. molecule; (t. 
Jlolekid ; / moleeola. The smallest parti- 
cle of anv sulistance which can exist liv 

Molene (/'.). Vaiiasium T/mpsiix, Ij. 

Mole-plant. Fnji/im/iin Lutln/ri^. L. 

Moles'worth's dila'tor. A cylindrical 
India-rubber bag dilated with water, used 
to disti'ud the cervix uteri. 

Molette (/''.). I)ro]>sy of sheaths of 
flexor tendons of iVmt of the lujrse ; wind- 

Moli'men (L.). Effort, struggle, im- 
pulse. M. nienstrua'le, njcnstrual tend- 
eiK'v oi- inquUse, 

Molken ( ^'. ). Whey ; — eiweiss, hcmi- 
albumosi' ; — kur, whey cure. 

Molles'cence. Softening. 
Mollet ( /''.). Calf of the leg. 
Molletta(/.). Windgall. 

Mol'lin. -\ so;ip made from kidiu'y fat, 
suet, and eocoanut oil. with glvcerin added; 
used as a vehicle lor remedies to the skin. 

Molli'ties (L.). Softening, M. os'si- 
uni, osteo-nialacia. 

Moll's glands. G'. .^Icdl'sche Priisen. 
Small tubular glands, resembling cerurai- 
nous L;'lands of ear, found in edire of eye- 



Mollus'cum {L.). G. Schwammge- 
schwulst ; /. mollusco. A cutaneous dis- 
order consisting of tubercles or tumors of 
slow growth, without constitutional symp- 
toms. M. adeno'sum, M. contagiosum. 
M. albino'sum, M. fibrosum. M. conta- 
gio'svun. F. acne varioliforme. By some 
considered to be a disease of the sebaceous 
glands, by others as an affection of the rete 
mucosum. The lesions are globular or wart- 
like papules and tubercles of semitranspar- 
ent whitish or pinkish color, varying in size 
from that of a pinhead to that of a pea. 
Its contagiousness is doubtful. M. epi- 
thelia'le, M. contagiosum. M. fibro'- 
sum, a connective-tissue new growth of 
the skin, characterized by .sessile or adhe- 
rent, rounded, painless soft or firm tumors, 
varying from the .'^ize of a split pea to that 
of an egg or larger. M. non-contagio'- 
sum or pen'dulum, .^I. fibrosum. M. 
seba'ceum or ses'sile, M. contagiosum. 
M. sim'plex, JI. fibrosum. 

Molluscum fangoide {F.) : see Fiau. 
Molluscumkorperchen (ff.)- Pecu- 
liar, oval, highly refractive bodies found in 
the growths of molluscum contagiosum. 
Mo'lops [//(o/.(u^''], Vibices. 
Moltangolo (/■). Trapezoid bone of 
the wrist. 

Moltifldo (/.). Multifidns. 
Moltiloculare (/.). MuUilocular. 
Molybdopare'sis {L.) [/joXu/35«f, Trapir^- 
fii\. Lead palsy. 

Molybdo'sis (X.). Lead-poisoning. 
Molyb'dus {L.) [/i«;.u,3»5.»s-]. Lead. 
Momie {F.). Mummy. 
Momiflcation (/''.). Mummification. 
Momor'dica (Z/.). A genus of Cucur- 
hitncfx. M. balsam'ina, L., balsam apple ; 
an East Indian species ; the root and fruit 
are active purgatives ; an oily infusion of 
the seed was formerly used as a vulnerary. 
M. Elate'rium, L., Echallium Ehtcrium, 
A. Rich. 

Momor'dicin. F. momordieine. Elat- 

Mon'ad [/i"i"i?]. F., G., I. ^Monade. A 
particle, a minute animalcule. 

Monar'da (L.). A genus of Lahiatre. 
M. did'yma, L., Oswego tea, a species 
found in the AUeghanies and northward. 
M. flstulo'sa, L., wild bergamot, grows in 
the middle and southern States ; diaphoretic 
and febrifuge. M. puncta'ta, L., horse- 
mint, a perennial, indigenous herb ; used as 

an aromatic stimulant ; contains a pungent 
volatile oil. 

Monar'din. A crystalline stearopten, 
isomeric with thymol, obtained from oil of 

Mon'as prodigio'sa {L.). Micrococcus 

Monas'ter [/jfivc, aa-r);/*]. Stage of 
karyokinesis when there is an ei|uatorial 
crown or plate. 

Monatlich, er, e, es (G.). Monthly, 
menstrual ; M. Reinigung, menses. 
Monatsfluss (G.j. Menses. 
Monatskind ( G.). Embryo of a month. 
Monatsreiterei ((?.). Nymphomania, 

Monatszeit (C)- Menstrual period. 
Monco (/.). Deprived of a hand or 
part of the arm. 

Moncone (/.). Stump. 
Mondato (7.). Decorticated, cleansed. 
Mondbein ( G.). Semilunar bone. 
Mondblindheit {G.). Moon-blindness. 
Monde, ee i F.). Decorticated, cleansed. 
Mondfonniges Bein (C). Semilunar 

Mondiflcatif, ive (A'.). Detersive. 
Mondkalb (ff.). Mole. 
Mondkom (G.). Moonseed. 
Mondkrankheit {G.). Madness, in- 

Mondsucht {G.). Lunacy ; somnam- 

Mondwind (6^.). Mole. 
Mone'sia. L. corte.v Buranhem ; F. 
monesia. Tiie bark of Chryf,ophyllum gly- 
ciphlomm. Casar. ; digestive tonic and as- 

Mon'esin. Saponin. 
Mon'ey -pro 'bang. Coin-catcher. 
Mon'eywort. Lysimachia nummularia, 

Monil'ia can'dida (i.). Snccharomyrrs 

Monil'iform. L. moniliformis ; F., /. 
m(iiiilif(irine ; <!. rosenkranzformig. Like 
a string of beads, with alternate e.xpan.sions 
and contractions. 

Mon'iplies {L.). Omasum. 
Mon'key-bread. Croam-of-tartar fruit, 
Ethiopian sour-gourd ; the fruit of Adan- 
sonin ditjitata, L. ; the juice is regarded as 
a specific in pestilential fevers. 



Monks'hood. Aconite. 

Monni'na (L.). A j^enus of Polygalest. 
M. Ocam'pi, Iler., a Mexican herb ; leaves 
used as a tonic [F. Mes.]. M. polystach'- 
ya, II. et Pav., a Peruvian slirul) ; the root- 
bark contains saponin ; used in diarrbiea 
and as a detergent. 

Monobas'ic phosphor'ic ac'id : see 

Glitcial jj/iusji/iorif ucitl. 

Monoblep'sis ( L.) [,'j-"v"i% /J/.Z-n']. F. 
iiionoblepsie ; 7. nionoblepsia. A condition 
wliere there is perfect single but imperfect 
binocular vision. 

Monobra'chius {L.). One having but 
one arm. 

Monobro'mated cam'phor. C„,H,5- 
Br(J. L. camphora monobromata ; F. caui- 
phre luonobronie ; G. Monobroiukaiupfer. 
A compound of (•am])hor in which one 
atom of its hydrogen is replaced by bro- 
mine ; in white or colorless prisms, insolu- 
ble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, and 
fi.xed oils, having a mild camphoraceous 
odor and taste ; a nervous sedative. 

Monobro'mide of cam'phor. F. mo- 
nol)romure de eamjihre ; 7. monobromuro 
di canfora. Jlonobromated camphor. 

Monoceph'alus ( />.) [ziry^a/.rj. /■'. mo- 
noee])halii'n. Svncephalus. 

Monocliloracet'ic ac'id. Fine, color- 
less, needle-shaped crystals or rhombic 
])lates, soluble in water, alcohol, or ether ; 
tiie product of the action of dry chlorine 
gas \\\\o\\ glacial acetic acid ; caustic. 

Monochlo'i-inated hydrochlo'ric 

e'ther. Ktliylidene chloride. 

Monochi'omat'ic aben-a'tion. G. mo- 
noohromatische Abweichnng. Aberration 
in refraction due to form, and not to chro- 
matic dispor.sion ; spherical aberration. 

Monocle (F.). Mimoculus. 

Monococ'cus f/^. ) \_y<'iy.y.,i^'\. f. mono- 
coccos. Micrococci in whirli each coccus 
is single and distinct. 

Monocra'nus i L.) [/,oaw<)^]. Synceph- 

Monoc'rotous [z-z^r.-y]. Trmi applied 
to the normal jiulse, as giving a single beat 
for each cardiac systole. 

Monoc'ular. /''. monoculaire ; /. mo- 
nocolare. I'ertaining to ime eve, 

Monoc'ulus ( /y.). /•'. monocle ; G. 
^lonokel ; 1. niomieolo. ]. Cyclops. 2. A 
single eyeglass, .'i. A bandage for one eye. 

Monocys'tic [zo<t7;s]. Having but one 

Monodiplo'pia ( L.) [y!:r/'.o-<5]. Double 
vision w'ith a single eye. 

Monogen'esis (L.) [;-i//a(«]. F. mo- 
nogenese ; 1. monogenesi. 1. Ordinary sex- 
ual generation. 2. Doctrine of the descent 
of man from a single pair. 

Monokel(G.). Monoculus. 

Monoloc'ular. L. monoeularis. Hav- 
ing but one cell or cavity. 

Monoma'nia (L.) [//'<v»s, !uv^'.a~\. F., 
G. Monomanie. Insanity confined to a sin- 
gle idea or subject : see also Oliijomania. 

Monoma'niac. /■'. monomaniaque ; G. 
Monomane ; I. monomaniaeo. One aflected 
with monomania. 

Monomanie (/".). Mimomania; often 
synonymous with delire. M. anthropo- 
phagique, longing for human flesh as i'ood. 
M. boxilimique, bulimia. M. erotique, 
insane venereal desire. M. expansive or 
gaie, amenomania. M. incendiaire, py- 
romania. M. orgxieilleuse, megalomania. 
M. du vol, kleptiunauia. 

Monomer'ic mus'cles [Krause]. Those 
lying between two consecutive metameres, 
like the intercostal muscles. 

Monom'phalus (L.) [ivx^'aA-;,-]. F nnk- 
nomphalien, ienne ; I. monomfalico. Double 
monster, each fu'tus being nearly complete, 
but having a common umbilicus. 

Monooxybenzol {G.). Carbolic acid. 

Monop'athy [::«yrj. Uncomplicated 
disease of a single ortran. 

Monope'gia ( />.) [->;;-/'■'(.)]. /'. niono- 
pegie. Sliarjily localized pain in the head. 

Monophthalmisch ( G.'). 3Ionocular. 

Monophthal'mus ( /,.) [^^'(/aA.u-;^]. F. 
monojihthalmie ; 7. monol'talmo. Cyclops. 

Monophy'odont [v'w, 001)09]. A mam- 
mal liaving but one dentition. 

Monoplas'tic [zTXaacroi^. Developing in 
but une way. M. mus'cles [Krause]. G. 
nu)noplastische Muskeln. Those formed 
from hut one nearly parallel group of 

Monople'gia (7^.) [-/.ijc-a-ai]. F. mono- 
jilegie. I'aralysis of one extremity or of 
one sidi' oi' the face. 

Monopo'dia (7>.) [-o/jf]. 7''. monopo- 
die. Sympodia. 

Monoproso'pus (L.) \jrn<'i(Tii}-n/\. A 
double monster with a single face. 

Monop'sia (7^.) ["Ji,'']. 7^. monopsie. 



Mon'opus i L.) [-o/Ji-]. A one-footed 

Monor'chia ( L.') [oj)-/'.i\. F. monor- 
chidie ; /. monorchidia. Condition of hav- 
ing but one testicle in the scrotum. 

Monor'chid [u/';^i?]- L. monorehis; F., 
G., I. Monoichide. An individual with a 
single testicle. 

Monos'celus (X.) [<7Zc'/»v-]. One-legged. 

Monosomien, ienne (F.). A double 
monster Jiaviiig a single body. 

Monosto'ma (/>.) [irro/ju]. F. mono- 
stome. A genus of trematode worms. M. 
len'tis [Nordmann]. F. monostome du 
cristallin. Species found in a cataractous 

Monosulfure de sodium cristallise 

{F.). Sodium mouosulphide. 

Monot'ic ["5^]. Pertaining to a single 


Monotro'pa (Z^.). A genus of En'cacese. 
M. uniflo'ra, L., Indian pipe, corpse-plant, 
fit-root ; a smooth, waxy-white, indigenous 
plant, parasitic on the roots of other plants; 
the diluted juice used by the Indians for 
sore eyes ; the powdered root has been 
given in epilepsy. 

Monox'ide. A compound containing 
one atom of oxygen in the molecule. M. 
of i'ron, ferrous oxide. 

Monoxybenzol ( (?.). Carbolic acid. 

Monro', fora'men of: see Foramen of 


Monro, stil'cus of: see Sulcus of Monro. 

Monsel's salt. Fe.0(S0,)5. Basic fer- 
ric sulphate. 

Monsel's solu'tion. Solution of basic 
ferric sulphate. 

Mons pu'bis (Z.). In the male corre- 
sponds to the mons veneris of the female, 
q. V. 

Mons ven'eris (Z.). F. mont de Venus ; 
G. Schamlierg ; /. monte di Veiiere. The 
eminence covered with hair in front of the 
symphysis pubis of the female, caused by 
an accumulation of adipose tissue. 

Mon'ster. Z. monstrum ; F. monstre ; 
G. Missgoburt : /. mostro. An or<ranism 
much malformed. 

Monstre (/'.). Monster. M. autosite, 
a monster capable of extra-uterine life. M. 
compose, a monster composed of two or 
more individuals or parts of the same. M. 
double autositaire, a double monster, the 
life of each of the two individuals being 

independent. M. double parasitaire, a 
double monster in which one is supplied 
by the circulation of the other. M. om- 
phalosite, a monster capable only of intra- 
uterine life. M. parasite or parasitaire, 
monstre double parasitaire. M. simple or 
unitaire, a monster whose organs are those 
of one individual. 

Monsti-os'itas (Z.). Malformation, 

Monstros'ity. L. monstrositas ; F. mon- 
struosite ; G. Mon.strositiit ; 1. mostruositil. 
The condition of a monster, a monstrous 

Mon'strum (Z.). 1. Monster. 2. Mal- 
formation. M. aWndan'tium or per 
exces'sum, malformation by excess of 
formation. M. alien'tium, or aberran'- 
tium, or per fabri'cam alie'nam, mal- 
formations from variations in the quality 
or situation of organs. M. deflcien'tium 
or per defec'tum, malformation from de- 
ficient formation. 

Monstruosite {F.). 1. Monster. 2. 

Mont de Venus (F.). Mons\eneris. 

Montage (F.). Mounting, as of a mi- 
croscopic specimen. 

Montagiiee'a(Z.). A tropical American 
genus of ('omposii^. M. florabun'da, 
La Llav., and M. tomento'sa, DC, are 
found in Mexico, where tiu' juice and de- 
coction of the leaves are used as oxytocics. 

Montatura (Z). Mounting, as of a 
micro.scopic specimen. 

Monteg-'gia's disloca'tion. Dislocation 
of hip-joint with eversion of limb, the head 
of the femur lying near anterior superior 
spine of ilium. 

Montesa'no Springs. Saline, sulphur- 
etted waters, near Suljihur Springs Land- 
ing, Jefferson Co., Missouri. 

Montgom'ery "WTiite Sulphur 
Springs. Suljihur springs, in ."^lont- 
goniery Co., A'irginia. 

Montgom'ery's glands. G. Mont- 
gomery 'sche Driisen. Sebaceous glands 
of areola of nipple. 

Month'lies. Menses. 

Month'ly nui"se. Care-taker for the 
recently-delivered female. 

Montic'ulus cerebel'li (Z.). F. monti- 
cule ; G. Berg; /. monticello. -\ small 
lobule on superior portion of vermis of 

Montpel'lier scam'mony. A spurious 



scauiiiioiiy, said to be nirtcle from the juice 
of Ci/ndnchiiin mansptlUitcum, L., mixed 
with other substanocs. 

Mont'vale Springs. Cah-ic elialybeate 
sjiriiitrs, in IJluunt Co., Tennessee. 

Mool'tan sore : ste ('/crs.nulemic. 

Moon '-blindness. 1 lenieralopia. 

Moon 'seed. Mcnii^pi niunn. 

Moon'wort. Butn/cliiinn Lunanu, L. ; 
leaves astringent and vuhierary. 

Moorbad (Cr.). Peat-bath. 

Moor'ben'y. Vacriniuiii o.n/c'ircns. 

Moore's meth'od. Treatment of aneur- 
ism by introducing into the cavity a coil ot 
fine iron wire. 

Moore's test. For glucose in urine by 
boiling with an e<(ual quantity of li(|Uor 
potassiB ; a bright-brown color results. 

Moores'villeMin'eral Springs. Calcic, 
saline waters, JMooresville, Livingston Co., 

Moor-ill. Dysentery in cattle. 

Moor'man Well. Saline. snl])huretted 
water. Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., iMichigaii- 

Mooruraschlag (&'.). Peat poultice. 

Moose-elm. I'hniis/iilni, 3Iichx.: see 


Moose-wood. Dirca palii'ttils. L. 

Mor'al insan'ity. .\ form of mental 
disorder in which the perversion of the 
natural emotions and instincts is the chief 

Mor'bid. L morbidus; F. mmbiilc; 
Cr. krankhaft ; /. Diseased, per- 
taining to disease. 

Morbid'ity. F morbiditc ; G. ^Inrbidi- 
tiit; /. morbosita. The relative amount of 
disease which a person or a community has 
ex]ierienced, measured by the ratio between 
the time occu]iied by sickness and the time 
by health, or between the number of sick 
and the number (d' people among whom the 
sickness occurs. 

Morbiferous. Bringing disease from 

Morbific. L. morbificus ; F. morbifK|ur ; 
G. kraiikiuachcnd ; J. morbifico. Causing 
or producing disease. 

Morbiglione ("A). Measles. 

MorbU'ity. Morbidity. 

MorbUleux, euse (/•'.). Relating to 

Morbil'li (A.). Measles. 

MorbUliforme {F ). Resembling mea- 

Morbilloso (/.). Relating to measles. 
Morbo (/.). Disease : see Malatt'ui. M. 
ceruleo. 1. Cyanosis. 2. Lepra. M. coc- 
culato, whooping cough. M. coitale, mal 
de colt. M. cossario, coxalgia. M. 
fenico or M. ceruleo, Icjua. M. del 
Flajani, exoidithalmic goitre. M. gallico, 
syphilis. M. di Legal. T^cgal's disease. 
M. nero, mcbcna. M. pediculare, phthei- 
riasis. M. petecchiale, typhus exanthe- 
maticus. M. regio, jaundice. M. sacro, 

Morbo'sus (/..). Tending to produce 

Mor'bus < />.). Disease. M. ampulla '- 
ceus, iiompholyx. M. atton'itus, eata- 
hqisv. M.Basedow'i, exophthalmic goitre. 
M. Bright'ii, llright's disease. M. buUo'- 
sus, pom])holyx. M. cadu'cus, epilepsy. 
M. caeruTeus, cyanosis. M. canaden'sis, 
radesyge. M. cirrho'rum, plica. M. 
cox'se or coxa'rius, hip-joint disease. 
M. ditmar'sicus, syjdiilis. M. el'ephas, 
eleidiantiasis. M. femina'rum, Si'vthian M. gal'licus, syphilis. M. Her- 
cu'leus, I'pilep.-y. M. in'dicus, syidiilis. 
M. infan'tilis, e|iilepsy. M. maculo'sus 
Werlhof'fii, jmrpura luenmnliagica. M. 
mag'nus, e]nlciisy. M. marit'imus, sea- 
sickness. M.medico'rum, disease produced 
by excessive medication. M. Meniere, 
Menii're"s M. mUia'ris, miliaria. 
M. ni'ger, mehcna M. pedicula'ris, 
phtheiriasis. M. pe'dis entophyt'icus, 
madura foot. M. phlyctenoi'des, pem- 
phigus. M. re'gius, jaundici^. M. resic- 
cato'rius or M. ructuo'sus, liypochondria.'cer, ejiilepsy. M. Scyth'icus, Scyth- 
ian disease. 

Morceau du diable or Morceau fi-an- 
ge (/■'.). Fimbriated extremity of Fallo- 
pian tube, 

Morcellement {F.). .\ct of breaking 
up (U- dividing into small ])ieees. 
Mor'dax (/>.). Diting. pungent. 
Mor'dicant [mordicare]. /'. mordicant, 
ante; (/'. beissend ; /. mordicante. Burn- 
ing. ])ungent. 

Mor. diet., abbv. f(ir More dicto (/..), 
in the manner directed. 

Mordti-ieb (T/.). Hcunicidal niaina. 
Morelle ( Z^.). Snlntmw iii<innnAi. M. 
farieuse, belladonna. 

Morel'sches Ohr ( <!■ ). Collective term 



for various abnormities or deformities of the 
ear observed in the insane. 

Morfea (/.). Morphoja. 

Morflna(/.). Morphine. 

Morfolog-ia (/.). Morphology. 

Morgag'ni, liquor of. Liquor Mor- 

Morgag'ni, si'nuses of. Sinuses of 

Morg-ag'nian cat'aract. G. 3Ior- 
gagni'sclier Staar. A form of cataract 
in which there is a small, hard nucleus 
floating in a liquefied cortical portion. 

Morg-agni's glands. Littr6's glands. 

Morgagni's hydat'ids. F. hydatides 
de Morgagni ; G. Morgagni'sche Hydatidcn ; 
/. idatidi del Morgagni. Vestigial struc- 
tures found between head of epididymis 
and the testis, and upon fimbria of Fallo- 
pian tube. The pedunculated hydatid 
is a vesicular body connected by a ])edicle 
with the epididymis, of a doubtful nature, 
but believed to be a vestige of the upper 
end of .Miiller's duct; the non-peduncu- 
lated hydatid is usually solid, and con- 
nected with the tunica "vaginalis testis. 
This ahso, with more probability, is be- 
lieved to be the upper end of Muller's 
duct, by some a homologue of the ovary. 
The hydatids of the fimbria of the Fallo- 
pian tube are vestiges of the upper end of 
Midler's duct or of the Wolfiian body. 

Morgagni's lacu'nae. L. sinus mu- 
cosi urethne. Small pouches in mucous 
mem})rane of urethra into which Littr6's 
glands open. 

Morgagni'sche Tasche (G.). Ventri- 
cle of the larynx. 

Morgenham (G.). Urine pas.sed on 
risini; in the mornin"-. 

Morgue {F.). A place where persons 
found d<'ad are deposited and kept ior rec- 

Mo'ri suc'cus (X.). Mulberry juice. 
Mor'ibund. /y. moribundus ; F. mori- 
bond ; G. sterbend ; J. moribondo. In the 

act of dying. 

Morici (/.). Haemorrhoids. 

Morin'ga oleif era, Lam. M. pteryqo- 
spirniii, (iaTtn. 

Morin'ga pterygosper'ma, fi.-i-rtn. 
The tree, native of India: 
see Bfn. 

Morioplastie (F.). Autoplasty. 

Mor'ning glo'ry. Common name for 
plants of the genus Jpomiea. 

Mor'ning sick'ness. Nausea occurring 
in pregnant females, generally during the 
first four months of gestation. It has been 
known to occur in the husband. 
Moroc'co gum. Mogador gum. 
Moroidi (/.). Hwmorrlioids. 
Morphaa or Morphea (_(;.). 3Iorpha?a. 
Mor'phia. Morphine. 
Mor'phine. C„H„NO„H,0. L. mor- 
phina ; G. Morphin ; /. murfina. One (jf 
the alkaloids of ojiiuni ; a white erystalliz- 
able. levogyre, alkaline, hitter, narcotic sub- 
stance, reddened by nitric acid, and becom- 
ing blue by the action of ferric chloride; 
slightly soluble in cold water or chloroform' 
soluble in 500 parts of boiling water or in 
100 parts of alcohol, almost insoluble in 
ether. It is the chief narcotic principle 
of opium. Because of its ditticult solu- 
bility in water its salts arc generally pre- 
fern^d for administration: see Tnhle of anti- 
dote!:. M. ac'etate. (\;H,3\(),.H('.jl3Cy,,- 
311^0. />. morphin;« acetas ; F. acetate de 
morphine ; G. essigsaures :\Iorphin ; /. ace- 
tatodi morfina. A crystalline or amorphous, 
bitter, neutral salt, .soluble in C parts of wa- 
ter ; idoTitical in medicinal properties with 
the other salts of morphine M. habit, 
morphinomania. M. hydri'odate. (VH,,,' 
N0,HI.2ILO. A. mor|)hin;e hydriodas! A 
crystalline salt of morphine, sparingly 
soluble in water; may be prepared by 
double decomposition "of morphine sul- 
phate and potassium iodide. M. hydro- 
bro'mate. L. bromhydras morphicus ; F. 
bromhy<lrate de morphine. A crystalline 
neutral salt of morphine, the product of 
the action of hydrobromic acid on mor- 
phine [Cod]. M. hydrochlo'rate. /-. 
morphin.Ts hydrochloras ; F. chlorhydrate 
de morphine; G. salz.saures ■'Morph'in ; /. 
cloridrato di morfina. A white, crystalline, 
bitter, neutral .salt of morphine, the prod- 
uct of the action of hydrochlonc acid upi>n 
the pure alkaloid ; medicinal properties iden- 
tical with of other .salts of m(ir]diine. 
M. loz'enges. L. trochisci morphinre. 
Troches containing each ^^ of a grain of 
hydrochlorate of morphine [I?.]'.]. M. 
sul'phate. 7^. morphin.c sulphas; /'.sul- 
fate de morphine ; G. schwefelsanres Mor- 
phin ; I. solfato di morfina. A crystalline, 
odorless, bitter, neutral salt, soluble in 24 
parts of water, sparingly soluble in alcohol ; 
formed by the action of sulphuric acid on 
morjihinc; a powerful narcotic. M. sup- 



pos'itories. L. suppositoria UKirpliiiia;. 
Suppositories each cniitaiiiiiig 0.03 gin. 
(J gr.) Ill' livih'ocliliirate of iiiiiipliine [B. 
P.]. M. suppos'itories with soap. L. 
suppositoria iiiorpliiii;v cum sapone. Mor- 
phia liydroohlnrate (i grs., glyeerin of starch 
'M grs,, curd .soaji 100 grs., starch i[. s. ; 
make 1 li suppositories [B. I'.]. 

Morphine, ee (/•'.). ('niitainiiiL; iiior- 

Morphmisation (/''•)■ J'l^t' prmhiction 
of the physiohjgical efl'ects of ninrphiiie. 

Mor'phinism. 1^ iiiorphinisinus ; F. 
iiiorphiiiisuic ; 1. iimriinismo. The coiidi- 
tioii jiroduced by excessive use of mor- 

Morphinoma'nia [,«ukVj]. F. morpheo- 
luaiiic, uiorphiiioiuanie ; <1. .Morphioiuaiiie ; 
/ iiiorfinoniaiiia. Morbid uucontrolhible 
desire i'or morphine, the morphine lialiit. 

Morphi'num (/..). Morphine. M. acet'- 
icuni [!'. Ilciv.], morphine acetate. M. 
hydrochlor'icum [P. (i.], morphine hy- 
drochhirate. M. sulfur'icum [P. G.], luor- 
p!iine sulpluite. 

Morphioma'nia ( //.). Morphinomania. 

Moi-phiomanie {G.). Morpliinomania. 

Moi-'phium ( L.') [P. Eoss.]. Morphine. 
M. acet'icuni [P. Pmss.], mor]ihino ace- 
tate. M. hydrochlora'tum [P. Boss ], 
mor]iliinc hyih'ochh.irate. 

Morphiuin ( </. ). ^lorphine ; — esser, 
morphine-eater; — sucht, mor]ihinomania. 

MorphcB'a (/>.)• F. morphee ; G. Mor- 
jihaa ; /. niorfea. Scleroderma htcalized ; 
called, im))ro])erly, Addison's keloid. 

Morphog'raphy [/jn/'^'ry, yii'iifu)]. F., 
(1. .Morphoura]ihie. l)escri]ition of exter- 
nal form. 

Morpholog'ical [Aoj-ns]. F. morpho- 
liigii|uc ; /. morfologico. Pertaining to 
morphohigy, relating to form. 

MorphoPogy. F., G. Morpliologie ; /. 
iniirl'iiliigia. Science of organic forms. 

MorphoPysis (/>.) [Aoiu]. Destruction 
of organizi'il form. 

Morpho'sis (L.^ [,,,•,1^0,,,']. F. 

morphose. Assumption of form, giving 

Mor'rhuol. An acrid, liitter, very aro- 
matic substance obtained from cod liver oil 
bv treatment with alcohol. 

Mor'rison Springs. fold sulphurous 
S]irini;s. iiinir Denver. Colnrado. 

Mor'rison's pUls. Aloes 1 , jalap 1, ex- 

tract of colocyiith 1, gamboge 1, rhubarb 
2, myrrh 2; make pills each to weigh 0.16 
gms. [Far. Hsp.]. 

Morschsein (6'.). Friability. 

Morsicant, ante (/''.). Giving rise to 
a ciintinucd ]iricking sensation. 

Mor. sol., abbv. ibr More solito ( // \ 
in the usual way. 

Mor'sus ( 7y.). A liite. M. diab'oli, 
fimbriated extremity of Fallopian tube. M. 
ventric'uli, cardialgia. 

Mort, te (F.). 1. Dead, relating to 
death. 2. Cadaver. '.'>. ^lortiticd, necrosed, 

Mor'tal. L. nmrtalis; /'. mortel, elle ; 
(.1. sterblich ; J. mortale. 1. Subject to 
death, destined to death ; hence liuman, 
pertaining to man. 2. G. todlich. Deadly, 
applied to diseases or injuries, to poisons or 

MortaPity. //. mortalitas; /'. nmrtalit^' ; 
G. Mortalitat, Sterblichkeit ; I. mortalita. 

1. Subjection to deatli. 2. Batio of the 
number of deaths to the population I'ur- 
nishing them : see D( iitli-rati\ 

Mortifere [F.). Lethal, deleterious. 

Mortiflca'tion. L. mortificatio ; /. mor- 
titicaziime. i-oss of life in a part, gangrene. 

Mortiflca'tion-root. iMarshmallow, 

A/th:ri( (jjf'uiiKi/is, L. 

Mortiflciren ( G.). To mortify. 

Mort-ne, nee ( /"'.). Stillborn. 

Mor'ton, plane of. Plane passing 
through most salient ]ioints of parietal and 
occipital jirotuberances. 

Mor'tuary. L. mortuarius ; /'. mortu- 
aire ; /. mortuario. 1. A place for the re- 
ception of dead bodies before interment. 

2. Pertaining to funerals or burial. 
Mor'ula. F. corps miiritbrme ; G. 

Maiilbeerkugel. Stage of development of 
ovum when segmentation lias so far ad- 
vanced as to jiroduoc a s]dieroidal mass of 
small rounded cells, without segmentation- 

Mor'ulus r/^.). Yaws. 

Mo'runi idge'um [P. Port.]. Kasp- 

Mo'ms (/v.). 1. Mulberry. 2. A 
genus of trees, Nat. Ord. Uiiir,u-e;r. M. 
ni'gra, L., the blacdi mulberry, indigenous 
to the Levant, cultivated; fruit purplish- 
black: see Miithrny/ juice. M. ru'bra, L., 
an indigenous species, with dark-purple 
fruit iif the same charai'tcr as the jireced- 



Mor'van's disease. /'. nialadie de 
Murvan. Analgesia with paresis of the 
upper extremity, with trophic lesions, due 
to disease of the central nervous system. 

Morve (-f.). /. morva. Glanders ; nasal 
mucus (pop.). 

Morveux, euse (_F.). Aifected with, 
or relating to, glanders. 

Morviglione (/.). Measles. 

Mos'chatine. CjiH-^iNO;. An aro- 
matic bitter principle found in Acliilkd 

Mosche volanti (/J. 3Iuscae voli- 

Mos'chus (/'.). 1. ^lusk. 2. A genus 
of Jiiimiiimilin. M. facti'tius, artificial 
musk. M. moschiferus, L., the musk 
deer, a ruminating mammal, native of Cen- 
tral Asia : see Miuk. 

Moschus (6^.). 3Iusk; — komer, 
mu.-k-seed ; — tinktur, tincture of musk ; 
— ■wnrzel, sumbul. 

Mosqui 'to cul 'tures. C u 1 tu res of bl ood 
obtained from stomach of mosquito just 
after it has been feeding on a sick person, 
especially one affected with j'ellow fever. 

Mostro (/. ). Monster. 

Mostruosita (/.). iMonstrosity. 

Moteur, trice (F.). Motor. M. ocu- 
laire commun, oculomotor nerve. M. 
oculaire exteme, abiluccnt nerve. 

Moth mul'lein. Vrrlxincum lihitlnn'n, 
L. ; leaves demulcent ; seeds narcotic and 

Moth'er-cell. Parent cell. 

Moth'er-cloves. L. anthophylli ; /•'. 
md'res de girofle ; G. Mutternelkcn. The 
fruit of the clove-tree, Emjona curynjtlii/l- 

Moth'er-of-pearl. L. mater perlarum ; 
F. nacre; G. Perlnmtter; /. madreperla. 
The inner portion of the shell of Afc/riK/n'na 
mnrgaritifera, Lam. ; prepared for medici- 
nal use by porphyrization and elutriation 
[F. Esp.] ; antacid and absorbent. 

Mother-of-thyme. Thi/mm Scrpi/Uiim. 

Moth'er's mark. Naevus pigmentosus: 
see also Matcrnul impressions. 

Moth'erwort. F. agripaume ; G. Herz- 
gespann. Lci, mints Cardinca, L. ; tonic, 
stimuhiiit, diuretic, and emnienagogue. 

Moth-frec'kle. Chloasma. 

Mo'tUe. Self-moving or movable. 

Motnitatsneurosen {G.). Neuroses 
affecting organs of locomotion. 

Motilitatsstoning (G). Disturbance 
of power of locomotion. 

Motdl'ity. F. motilite ; G. Motilitiit ; 
/. motilitii. 1. Power of motion. 2. Mo- 

Mo'tor lyJj.). F. niuteur, trice ; /. motore. 
Causing motion. M. end-plate, granular 
disc or mass in which the axis cylinder of 
a motor nerve-fibre terminates on the mus- 
cular fibre. M. nerves. /^. nerfs moteurs; 
(1. Bewegungsnerven ; /. nervi motori. 
Those connected peripherally with a muscle. 
M. oc'uli commu'nis, oculo-motor nerve. 
M. oc'uli exter'nus, abducent nerve. M. 
point, point at which a motor nerve enters 
a muscle, and over which an electrode is 
to be placed to effect contraction. M. 
root, a nerve-root that excites motion 
only, conveying no sensation. 

Motorisch, er, e, es (G.). Motor. M. 
Vagusg-lossopharjoigeuskem, nucleus 

Mo'torpathy. Kinesipathy. 

Motric'ity. F. niotricite. The power 
to ju'oduce or convey a motor impulse. 

Mo'tus (//.). Motion. M. assuni- 
latio'nis, plastic force. 
Mou, molle (/■'.). Soft. 
Mou de veau {F.). Calf's lung. 

Mouche(F.). 1. Fly. 2. Cantharides. 
8. ."^liglit premonitory pains of labor. M-s. 
d'Espagne, cantharides. M. de MUan. 
L. emplastrum vesicans Mediolanensc. A 
plaster composed of cantharides 50, yellow 
wax 50. burgundy ])itch 50, A'euice turpen- 
tine 10, oil of lavender 1, oil of thyme 1 ; 
the plaster to be dis]H'nsed in masses weigh- 
ing about 1 gram. envelo]ied in black taffeta 
() centimetres in dianu^ter; when re(|uired 
for use the plaster is spread upon the taf- 

Mouches volantes (/"■)■ ]\Iusca; voli- 

Mouchetures (/"'.). Slight superficial 

scaritications ; small spots. 

Moul'ded ni'trate of sU'ver. L. 
argenti iiitras fu.sus; F. nitrate d argent 
fondu ; G. salpetersaures Silberoxyd ; /. 
nitrato d'argento fuso. Silver nitrate in 
the form of thin cylinders or pointed 
cones, prepared by fusing the crystals and 
pouring into proper moulds. To render 
the cylinders less brittle 4 per cent, of 
hydrochloric acid is added to the melted 
salt [U. S. P.] ; used externally as a local 
stimulant or escharotic. 



Moules des tubes uriniferes {F.). 

Moul'tan sore : see r/cers, cii<hmic. 

Mount Clem 'ens Spring'. Saline purg- 
ative waters, ^laeoiiib (.'n., Miehiiraii. 

Mount Ne'bo Spring's. Clialylieate 
waters, .')'. ujilcs IVoiii jlardaiielle. Yell Co., 

Moun'taui ash. /'. surbier ; G. X'ugel- 
lieerliauiii ; /. scirlio. Sorbiis uaiparin, ]>., 
the Huru|ifan niniintain ash, and S. mini-i- 
la/iii. Marsh., thr Ann'rieaii mountain ash. 
Tlie bark and unripe I'ruit are extremely 
astringent ; the ripe i'ruit is aeidulous and 

Moun'taiii balm. Eiimlirfijuii califur- 

niviini, Bentli. 

Moun'tain cigar'-bush. Iltih/osnuna 

Moim'tain dam 'son. Simnnilja uudui- 

IKl/lK. l''lldl. 

Moun'tain fe'^ver. l'\ver oeeurring in 
nunintainous regiijus. usually enterie. but 
sometimes malarial. 

Moun'tain flax. Lindin iiitJuniiciDn. !>. 

Moun'tain Glen Hot Springs. Snl- 
]ihuretted, thermal waters, (iO°-lUO° F., 
Santa Barbara (Jo.. California. 

Moun'tain grape. Bcrbcrls aqui/i'li- 
um. I'ursh. 

Moun'tain lau'rel. Kahnia latifdlin, L. 

Moun'tain machineel. Rlnm Mhqii- 
11)11. |j. 

Moun'tain mint, ri/ciuinllwnunn inai- 
iiitiii. Miehx. 

Moun'tain pine. Piiins pinnilio. llaenke. 

Moun'tain sick'ness. /•'. mal de mon- 
tagne : d'. Bergkrankhcit ; /. male di nion- 
tagna. A i'orm of disease jiroduci-d by 
great elevations, where the air is mueh 
rarefied, in persons nnaeeustomed to siirh 
a loeality ; eharaelerized by headaehe, ver- 
tigo, and dyspn(ea. 

Moun'tain su'mach. I'lnis rujui/Ziiia, 

Moun'tain tea. (Itndthrria /iiocmu- 
/><„s. L, 

Moun'tain tobac'co. Arnica mnutiiiiii. 

Moun'tain Val'ley Springs. Caleic 
waters, 12 raih's N. \V. of Hot Springs, 
(iarland Co., .\rkansas. 

Moun'ting'. /' montage, .\rranging 
an olijeet for exhil)ition and preservation. 

Mouron ( /'. ). Pimpernel. 

Mouse-ear. Antennaria jihuifn'jinifdlin. 

Mousse {F.). Moss. M. de Ceylan, 
Ceylon moss. M. de Corse, Corsieaii 
moss. M. d'Islande, eetraria. M. per- 
lee, Irisli moss. 

Mousse ( F. ). Frothy mucus. M. ecu- 
meuse, " foam at the mouth ' in epilepsy 
and hydrcjphobia. 

Moussena (/". ). Musenna. 

Moutarde( /•'.). Mustard. M. blanche, 
white mustard. M. des buissons, Eri/- 
siiiiiiiii iijfiriii(i/f. 1.,. M. des moines, horse- 
radish-root. M. noire, black mustard. M. 
Sauvag'e, Sin'i/iis urrciixix^ L. 

Mouth \_(r(ifh. munths]. L. os ; /'. 
bouche ; G. Mund ; / bocea. 1. The ori- 
fice by which an animal receives food. -. 
By analogy, the entrance to any cavity or 
hollow organ, M. cav'ity. L. cavum 
oris; F. cavite buecale ; (>'. ^lundhohle ; 
/. cavitii boccale. In a restricted sense, the 
sjiaee lietween the teeth and the fauces; 
often used, however, to include also the 
vestibule of the mouth. 

Mouth'root. ('•ipiia frlfuUa. 

Mouvement ( F.). Movement, motion. 
M. de manege, circus movement. M. 
moleculaire, Brownian movement. M. 
sarcodique, amudinid movement. 

Mov'able kid'ney. Floating kidney. 

Mov'able liv'er. .\ mobile condition 
of the liver due to abnormally long liga- 

Move'ment cure. Treatment by move- 
ments, especially passive movements. 

Mox'a, G- IJrenui-ylinder. Japanese 
term ajiiilied to a cylinder or cone of pith 
or fibres which is Iniriu'd slowly on a part 
where its effect is de.^iri'd. 

Moxibustion (/''). Cauterization by 

Moyen, enne (/•'). .^lellian, middle. 
M. fessier, gluteus medius. M. pero- 
nier, penmeus brevis. M. sus-maxillo- 
labial, levator labii superioris projuius 

Mozambique' or Zambe'zi o'pium. 
The product (d' the pop]iy cultivated in 

Mozambique' ul'cer: see rfrtrs. ni- 

Mt., abbv. for Membrana tympani 

Mtt., abbv. for Membranse tympano- 
rum (L.). 



Muca'go (i/)- Mucilage. M. cum 
gum'mi ara'bico [Coil.], muL-ilatre of 
acacia. M. cum gnm'mi tragacan'tha 
[CoJ.]. mucilage of tragacuiitli. M. e 
semin'ibus cydo'niae [Cod.], mucilage 
of cydonium. 

Mu'cedin. F. mucedine. A product 
obtained from the mother-liquor after sep- 
aration of gluten-fibrin from an alcoholic 
solution of gluten. 

Mu'cic ac'id. CgHioOs- A white, crys- 
talline acid, isomeric with saccharic acid, 
produced by the action of nitric acid ujion 
gum, mucilage, sugar of milk, etc. 

Mu'ciform. F., /., muciforme. Re- 
sembling mucus. 

Mu'cilage. C^HioO^. L. mucilago; G. 
Schleim ; 1. mucilagine. A vegetable prin- 
ciple isomeric with cellulose, gum, and 
dextrin, found in parts of many plants, not- 
ably in the testa of quince- and flaxseeds. 
Its solution in water is more viscous than 
that of gum, which it otherwise resembles 
in properties. In pharmacy, the term is ap- 
plied to a medicament of more or less viscid 
consistency, the viscidity being due to gum 
or analogous principles held in solution or 
suspen.sion in water [Cod.]. M. of aca'- 
cia. L. mucilago acaci.c; /■'. mucilage de 
gomme arabique; (t. (lummisclileim ; /. 
mucilagine di gomma arabica. A simple 
solution of gum acacia in water; largely 
used as a vehicle for other medicines. 
M. of cydo'nium. Ij. mucilago cydonii ; 
/'. mucilage de coing; G. Quittensamen- 
schlcim ; /. mucilagine di semi di cotogno. 
An infusion of (juince-seeds in water, in the 
proportion of 1 to 50 [U. S. P.]; 1 to 10 
[Cod.]. M. of elm. L. mucilago ulmi. 
Elm (i, boiling water ItIO ; macerate and 
strain [U. S. 1'.]. M. of salep'. A. muci- 
lago salep ; G. Salopsclilcim. Salep in 
powder 1, cold water 10. boiling water 90; 
mix and shake until cold [P. Gr.]. M. of 
sas'safras pith. L. mucilago sassafras 
medullcB. Sassafras pith 2, water 100 ; 
macerate and strain [U. S. P.] ; demulcent. 
M. of starch. //. mucilago amyli. Starch 
120 grs., distilled water 10 fluidounces; 
triturate and boil for a few minutes [K. P.]. 
M. of trag'acanth. L. mucilago traga- 
eanthic; /'. mucilage de gomme adragante; 
/ mucilagine di gomma adragante. Traga- 
cantha (!, glycerinum 18, aqua q. s. to make 
100 parts [U. S. P.] ; tragacantha 1, alco- 
hol 1.8, water 73 [B. P.]; tragacantha 1, 
aqua 9 [Cod.] ; used as a vehicle in the 
preparation of pills and troches. 

Mucilage {F.). Mucilage. M. de 
coing, mucilage of cydonium. M. de 
gomme adragante, mucilage of traga- 
canth. M. de gomme arabique, mu- 
cilage of acacia. M. de semences de 
lin, infusion of linseed. 

Mucilagine (/. ). Mucilage. M. di 
gomma adragante, mucilage of traga- 
canth. M. di gomma arabica, mucilage 
of acacia. M. di linseme, infusion of 
linseed. M. di semi di cotogno, muci- 
lage of cydonium. 

Mucilag'inous. F. mucilagineux.euse ; 
G. schleimig •. /. mucilaginoso. Slimy, like 
mucilage. M. glands, Haversian glands. 

MucUa'go ( A. ). Mucilage. M. aca'- 
ciae, mucilage of acacia. M. amy'li, mu- 
cilage oi' starch. 

Mu'cin. F. mueine; G. Schleimstoft"; 
/. mucina. Substance present in mucus 
and in embryonic tissue, soluble in water, 
precipitated by alcohol, not coagulated by 
heat ; does not contain sulphur. 

Mu'cinoid glob'ulin. Dr. Halliburton's 
name i'or a proteid found in lymph-cells; 
it resembles mucin in many respects, but is 
precipitated by tannin and is not a glu- 

Mucip'arous [mucus, parere], /'. mu- 
cipare ; G. schleimbildcnd ; /. muciparo. 

Muco (/.). Mucus. 

Mu'cocele [mucu.s, zijV.ry]. F. mucocele. 
Tumor containing mucus; enlarged, dis- 
tended laclirvmal sac. 

Mu'coid. F. mucoide. Resembling 
mucus. M. degenera'tion, transforma- 
tion into a hyaline substance resembling 

Muco-pur'ulent. F. mucoso-purulent, 
ente. Containing mucus and pus. 

Mu'co-pus. Mucus containing numer- 
ous leucocytes. 

Mu'cor (//.). A genus of physomycetous 
fungi. M. pusU'lus, Limit., mycelium at 
first white, then gray, fertile filaments very 
short, sporangia black, spores small, color- 
less ; iiatliogenetic in dogs. 

Muco'sa (/>.). F. muqueuse ; G. 
Schleimhaut. IMucous membrane. 

Mu'cosin. Mucin. 

Mucos'ity. F. mucositc' ; /. mucositi. 
Mucus, or that which resembles it. 

Mu'cous. //. mucosus; F. mu(|ueux, 
euse ; G. schleimig ; /. mucoso. ]\;rtain- 
ing to, containing, or producing mucus. 



M. connec'tive tis'sue, a jell\-like tissue 
containing a low connective-tissue bundles, 
found in the umbilical cord of the young 
embryo and in lower animals. M. fe'ver. 
F. firvre mu(iueuse ; G. Katarrhaltieber ; /. 
febbre mucosa. Catarrhal fever. M. lig'- 
ament. L. ligamentum mucosum. A tri- 
angular prolongation of the anterior por- 
tion of the synovial membrane of the kneo, 
indicating an imperfect division of the joint- 
cavity. M. mem'brane. /v., /. raembrana 
mucosa ; F. mu({ueuse ; G. Schleimhaut. 
That lining most of the natural cavities 
and passages of the body communicating 
with the exterior. Composed of pavement 
or columnar ejiithelium, seated upon a base- 
ment membrane, and richly supplied with 
vessels, nerves, and various glands. De- 
generation of its cells produces mucus. 
M. patches, condylomata. 

Mu'cro-ba'seos cartilag'iiiis aryte- 

noi'deaB ( /v. ). \'ocal process. 

Mucrocor'dis. Ape.v of heart. 

Mucroster'm. Body of sternum. 

Mucu'na(A.). 1. x\ genus of X'7/i(»(- 
iiwsx. 2. Cowhage. M. pru'riens, DC, 
a twining tropical plant, cidtivated in both 
the East and West In<lies; the botanical 
source of cowhage M. pru'rita, Hook., 
Mnruiia jtnin'nix. DC. M. u'rens, DC., 
admitted by the V I'lirt. as a source of 

Mu'cus [,'c'i?'/]. (i. Schleim ; /. muco. 
The secretion of mucous membranes. 

Mudar'-bark. The root-tiark of di/n- 
trujiis jiri'crni. It. Dr., and of ('. ijiii<iiitiii, 
R. Br. ; an alterative tonic, diajjhoretic, 
and in large doses emetic [P. Ind.]. 

Mud'arin. /•'. mudarini' ; /. inmlarina. 
Bitter principle extracted from mudar- 

Miicken C^'.). Cnats; — auge, myio- 
cephalon ; — fangen, carphobigy ; — kopf, 
staphyloma; — sehen or — tanz, rausc;u 

Miiller's an'nular mus'cle. G. 
Miiller'seher Itingniuskel. Ciliary muscle. 

Miiller's cir'cle. Horopter circle. 

Miiller's duct. /' canal de JNUiller; 
G. i\Ddler'sclier (Jang; /. canale di Midler, 
The embrvonie female genital duct, out ol' 
which the Fallopian tulie, uterus, and 
vagina arc developed; it is supposed by 
some writers to bo identical with the duct 
(if the head-kidney. 

Miiller's fl'bres. /•' fibres radices ; (/. 
JMiiller'schc Fasern. Piadiallv-direeted fibres 

of connective tissue passing between the 
limiting meiubranes of the retina. 

Miiller's flu'id. G. JMiiller'sche Fliissig- 
keit. Water lOU, bichromate of potash '1. 
sulphate of soda 1, each by weight ; a 
luirdeinng and preservative fluid. 

Miiller's gan'glion. Jugular ganglion. 

Miiller's lid-muscle. Miiller's palpe- 
bral muscle. 

Miiller's mus'cle. fj. nuisculus orbi- 
talis. Smooth muscular fibres found in 
the membrana orbitalis. 

Miiller's opera'tion. Abdominal sec- 
tion with removal of tumor of uterus, and 
the uterus itself containing a non-viable 

Miiller's pal'pebral mus'cle. G. 
Miiller'seher Lidmuskel. A collection of 
smooth muscle-fibres in the upper eyelid 
between the tendon of the levator palpebrie 
and the conjunctiva. 

Miiller's ring. Term applied to a cica- 
tricial hardening of the upper border of the 
utero-cervical mucous membrane, the result 
of laceration of the cervix. 

Muller'sche Kapsel ( ''/.) : see Ban-- 

milti, cd/isii/r III'. 

Miiller'seher Augenlidmuskel (('.)• 

Miiller's ]ialpebral muscle. 

Miiller'seher Horopterkreis (G-)- 
Horopter circle. 

Miindung (/>'.). .Mouth, orifice. 

Miinzahnlich or Miinzenahnlich ( G.). 

Miinzenfanger ( G'.). Coin-catcher. 

Miinzenklirren ^G.). Metallic tink- 

Miirbigkeit (G.). A diminution of 

Muet, ette (/''.). ^Mute. 

Miitzenklappe (/»'.). ^litral valve. 

Mughetto ( /.). Thrusli. 

Mugnet { F.). 1. 2. Conval- 

Mug'^wort. //.. / artemisia ; F. armoise 
commune; G'. Heifuss. The leaves and the 
root of Ar/cmi'sid ni/r/nris, L. ; tonic; for- 
merly held in high repute as a remedy for 

Muir-Ul. r>cd water. 

Mukos'ma. -Milk sickness. 

Mulat'to [.I/-, mouallad]. F. mulatrc ; 
G. .Mulatte. .\ person partly of white and 
partly of negro origin. Originally, it meant 



the offspring of a white person and a pure 
negro, other" shades being distinguished as 
terceron, quadroon, octoroon, etc. 

Mulat'to Jack. Yellow fever. 

Mul'berry. F. miire ; G. Maulbeere ; 
/. iiiDra. The common name of the tree.s 
and fruit of the genus Monis. M. cal'- 
culus, o.xalate-of-lime calculus. M. juice. 
L. tnori succus ; F. jus de mures ; G. Maul- 
beersaft. The juice of the ripe fruit of 
Morus nigra, L. [B. P.] ; refreshing and 
slightly laxative. 

Mulde, or M. des Ammonshomes, 
or Muldenblatt {G.). Alveus coriiu am- 

Mul'der, an'gle of. Sincipital angle. 

Mul'der-Neu'bauer test. For glucose, 
make the solution faintly blue with indigo 
and faintly alkaline with sodium carbonate, 
and heat to boiling. If is present, 
it turns violet, and then yellow, but if agi- 
tated the blue color returns. 

Mules's opera'tion. Evisceration of 
eyeball, with introduction of a hollow metal 
or glass globe as an artificial vitreous hu- 

Muliebros'itas (/>.). Love of women. 

Mu'lier (/>•). Woman. 

Mull. A very thin and soft kind of 

Mul'lein. F. bouillon-blanc ; G. WoU- 
kraut ; /. tasso barbasso. 1. The common 
name for plants of the genus Verhmcum. 
2. Verli(rsrum T/iapfUx, L. 

Multan'gulum ma 'jus (/>.). Trape- 
zium bone. 

Multan'giilum mi'nus (/>.). Trape- 
zoid bone. 

Multicus'pidate teeth. The true mo- 
lars, which have more than two cusps. 

Multifidus (//.). F. multifide; G. viel- 
spaltig ; /. indltifido. Having many divis- 
ions ; multifid. M. spi'nae. f!. vielthei- 
liger Riickgratsmuskel. A muscle belong- 
ing to the deeper porticm of the transverso- 
spinalis system of the back, com])osed of a 
scries of small slips which arise from the 
sacrum and processes, and, pas.s- 
ing over from two to three vertebrae, are 
inserted upon spinous processes. 

Multifoeta'tion. Pregnancy with more 
than two fcetuses. 

Multigrav'ida, pi. se (L.). A woman 
who has been pregnant more than once. 

Multiloc'ular. L. multilocularis ; F. 

multiloculaire : G. vielfacherig ; /. nuilti- 
loculare. Divided into many loculi or cav- 

Multinu'cleate. F. multinuclee, eee. 
Having more than two nuclei. 

Multip'ara. F. multipare. A woman 
who has borne more than one child. 

Multip'arous. F. multipare ; G. viel- 
gebiihrend ; /. multiparo. Producing many 
at one birth. 

Mul'tiple neuri'tis. Neuritis affecting 
several nerves in rapid succession or simul- 

Mul'tiple preg'nancy. Pregnancy with 
more than one child in the uterus. 

Multip'olar cells. F. cellules nuilti- 
polaires. Nerve-cells having more than two 

Mulungu. The inner bark of Fri/flirina 
conillodi ii'lmu, L., growing in Brazil; used 
as a nervous sedative. 

Mu'mia (A.). Mummy. 

Mumification (&'.). Mummification. 

Mummia i /.). Mummy. 

Mummiflca'tion. /*'. momifioation ; G. 
Mumitieation. The desiccation of a tissue, 
the contents of a cyst, etc., so that it resem- 
bles a mummy in color and texture. 

Mum'my. L- mumia ; F. momie ; G. 
Minnie; /. mummia. A dead body pre- 
served by embalming or by drying. 

Mumps l^Dut. mommen]. L. parotitis; 
F. oreillons; G. Zicgenpeter; /. orecchioni. 
A specific contagious inflammation of the 
parotid gland. 

Mund C^r'.). ^louth : — arzt, dentist ; 

— bildung, stomatoplasty; — blutfluss, 
haemorrhage from the mouth ; — bucht, 
stomadceum ; — darm, portion of embry- 
onic intestinal tract extending fnim mouth 
to duodenum; — deckel, mouth cover or 
protector; — entziindung. stumatitis; — 
f aule, ulcerative stomatitis ; — fliissig- 
keit, fluid of the mouth ; a mixture of se- 
cretions of its mucous membrane and of the 
salivary glands; — geruch, odor of the 
mouth ; — gesch-wiir, ulcer of the mouth; 

— grube, depression of ectoderm of em- 
bryo which develops into the buccal cav- 
ity ; — hohle, buccal cavity; — hohlen- 
pills, pulsations of the air in the mouth 
when the glottis i.'^ closed; — klemme, 
trismus; — krankheit, disease of the 
mouth; — krebs, cancer of the mouth; 

— rachenhohle, pharyngo-buccal cavity; 

— schwamm or — sch-wammcben. 



tln-ush, aplitlia' ; — spalte, rima tiris ; — 
spatel, longue-s]iatiila ; — sperre, tris- 
mus; — spen-er, iiidutli-uaL.^ ; — spiegel, 
oral spcfuluiii ; — winkel, ant;lf uf the 
mouth ; — winkelheber, levator anguli 

Mundifican'tia ( L.) [muiKlus, faoio]. 
Sulistam-es which cleanse. 

Mun'gel's Springs. Suli)huretteJ and 
chalybeate waters. \\'asliiiii;ton Co.. A'ir- 

Mu'iiich plane. Auriculo-intVaorbital 

Mu'nich-Frank'fortan'gle: see Facial 

Munk's vis'ual centre. (_)uter convex 
part of occipital lobe (in ilog's brain). 
Muqueuse (F.). .Mucdus membrane. 
Muqueux, euse (/■'.). .Mucous. 
Mural, ale ( /"'.). .Mulberry-like. 

Mu'ral preg'nancy or gesta'tion. 
Tubo-uterine gestation. 

Mur'der [-1. N- mordhur]. F. meurtre ; 
<i. Miu-d ; /. (imicidiii. .\ct of killing a 
liuman lieing with uuilice aforethought ; 
limited by statute as murder in first or 
second degree, according to degree of 
criminal intent of the murderer. 

Mure {F.). 1. .Mulberry. 2. Blaek- 
berrv (pdjiular). 

Murex'id [murc.K]. {\HsN„0,, F, I. 
murexide; (1. purpursaures Ammoniak. 
Acid ]iur]iurate of ammonia. 

Murex'id test. G. Mure.xidprobe. For 
uvie acid or urates: Heat the deposit 
gently with nitric acid, evaporate to dry- 
ness, and add a dro]) of a(|ua ammonia; a 
purplish-red cnldr is jiroduci'd, turning blue 
on addition of caustic pntash. 

Mu'rias f/y. ). Muriate or ehlnride. M. 
aninio'nise, animnnium chbu'ide. M. 
fer'ri ad min'iniuni, fcrmus chhn-ide. 
M. stib'ii, antinidny ehlnride. 

Mu'riate. Chloride. M. of ammo'- 
nia, nniniiuiiuni chloride. 

Muriat'ic ac'id. Ilydroehhn-ie acid. 

Muriat'ic e'tlier. Kiliyl chloride. 

Mu'riform. F. muritbrmc ; /. mori- 
forme. .Mulberry-like. 

Mur'mur. F. murmure; G'. Athmungs- 
Ceriinsch : /. mormorio. .V low, indistinct, 
more or less C(Uitiiiuous sound. 

Murr. -Murrain. 

Mur'rain [-1 •^' myrran], .\ eontauinus 

and fatal disease of cattle ; applieil to sev- 
eral epizootics. 

Mu'sa sapien'tum, L. Uanana-plant, 
cultivated in all tropical regions; the fruit 
is nutritive ; the root is said to be alter- 

Muse (/'.). Musk. 

Muscade (/'.). Nutmeg. 

Muscadier {F.). Mi/ri^licn ojfin'iia/it:, 
L., -'/. fiiKji-Kiix. L.. and other species of M. 

Mus'cadine. yonthern grape, I'/V/s nd- 
pina, L. 

Mus'cee Hispan'icEe ( L.). Cantharidcs. 

Mus'cEe volitan'tes ( L.). F. mouches 
volantes ; (1. .M nckenselien : J. mosche vo- 
lanti. t^njall liodies which appear floating 
liefore the eyes, due to congenital opacities 
in the vitreous humor. They are to be dis- 
tinguishcil from pathological products. 

Mus'cardine. L . I. muscardina. .\ 
disease of silk-worms caused by the Untn/tix 

Mus'carine. CJInNO.i. Alkaloid dis- 
covered by Schmiedeberg and Koppe in 
Ai/iiriciis )inisii(rius, L., afterward fouTid 
by Briegor in putrid fish as a ptomaine ; 
a deliquescent crystallizable solid, power- 
fully basic ; a violent poison, similar in 
action to neurine, antagonized by atropine : 

sec Tal'/r nf ailliilntrf. 

Muschelbein {(!■)■ Inferior turbinated 

Muschelhohle (6'.). Concha. 

Muschelknorpel (6'.). Cartilage of 
auricle : see Cditihuje of ixtmial lar. 

Muscheln (C). Turbinate bones. 

Muschio (/.). 

Mus'cle \_!''>i\- Ij musculus ; C Mus- 
kel ; /. muscnlo : see 3Iiisc/fx. M. of 
accommoda'tion, ciliary muscle. M. 
case, or M. casket, or M. compart 'ment. 
a. .Muskclkastchen. That part of a niu.s- 
cular fibre between two successive inter- 
mediate disks: see Difks nf muadf-fhrr. 
M. of Gavard', obli(|ue muscular fibres 
of stomach. M. of Guth'rie, constrictor 
uretlnw. M. of Hous'ton, compressor 
ven;u dorsalis penis. M., prester'nal, a 
rare anomalous muscle extending from an- 
terior surface of the manubrium to Ttli 
costal cartilage. 

Muscle (/'.). iMuscIe. M. arytenoi- 
dien, arytenoid muscle. M. azygos de 
la luette, azygos uvuhe. M. canin, lev- 
ator anguli oris. M. cUiaire, ciliary mus- 
cle. M. cubito-carpien, ulnaris internus 



brevis. M. digastrique, digastric muscle. 
M. a fibres lisses, unstriated muscle. M. 
a fibres striees, striated muscle. M. 
frontal, frontalis. M. de Homer, tensor 
tarsi. M. de la houppe du menton, 
levator labii iuferioris. M. iliaque, ilia- 
cus : see I/io-psoas. M. long du cou, 
longus colli. M. occipital, occipitalis. 
M. orbito-palpebral, orbito-palpebralis. 
M. peripenien, continuation of dartos 
upon integument of the penis. M. pre- 
stemal, sternalis mu.scle. M. pyra- 
midal. 1. Pyramidalis abdominis. 2. 
Fyramidalis nasi. M. radio-carpien, 
fle.xor carpi radialis brevis. M.. sacro- 
lombaire, ilio-costalis. M. transverse 
du menton, transversus menti. 

Mus'cle-beat'ing. A form of mas- 
sage with an instrument called a mu.scle- 
beater, being a row of clastic tubes at- 
tached to a handle. 

Muscle-col 'umns. Kiilliker's term for 

Mus'cle-cor'puscles. Corpuscles found 
immediately under the sarcolemma of mus- 
cles. They are flattened and lie imbedded 
in a small amount of protoplasm ; they 
contain one or two nucleoli, and their pro- 
toplasm is said to form a fine network 
throughout the whole muscular fibre, the 
transverse branches taking the of 
the lines of Krause, and the longitudinal 
branches running in the interstices between 
Cohnheim's areas. Ilistogenetically, they 
are the remainder of the cells from which 
the muscular fibres were developed. 

Muscle-plas'ma. G. Muskelplasma. 
The fluid which can be expressed from 
finely-minced, cold, fresh muscle. 

Muscle-plates. Series of laminw dif- 
ferentiated from the protovertebral part of 
the mesoderm, and from which the volun- 
tary muscles of the body are developed. 

Muscle-prisms. Disks of Ilensen : see 
Di^ks (if mvsclt'-fihre. 

Muscle-read 'ing. Detecting a person's 
thoughts by the involuntary action of his 

Muscle-rods. Protoplasmic fibres e.K- 
tending longitudinally within the muscle- 

Mus'cles. L. musculi ; G. Muskeln ; 
1. muscoli. Organs by which most of the 
movements of the animal body are eft'ected, 
composed mainly of contractile protoplasmic 
cells or fibres, either arranged in sheets or 
scattered in the coats of the viscera, the 
Vol. II.— 12 

vessels, and the subcutaneous fascia (un- 
striped, unstriated, or involuntary mus- 
cles), or in distinct masses, usually elon- 
gated and provided with tendons or apo- 
neuroses at each extremity (striped, striated, 
or voluntary muscles). The striped muscles 
are so called because of delicate transverse 
bands which appear on the fibres. Although 
termed voluntary, they are not all imme- 
diately amenable to the will. M. of an'- 
imal life, striated muscles. M. of inor- 
gan'ic life, unstriated muscles. M. of the 
ure'ters. L. musculi ureterum. Sheet 
of smooth muscular fibres connecting ori- 
fices of ureters at base of bladder. 

Muscles (/'.). Muscles. M. lisses, 
involuntary muscles. M. pileux, arrectores 
pili. M. rouges, striated muscles. 

Mus'cle-sense or Muscle-feel 'ing. F. 
conscience musculaire ; G. Muskelgefiihl, 
.Muskelsinn, Muskelempfindung. Kraftsinn; 
/. senso muscolare. The .sensations attend- 
ing the activity of the voluntary muscles. 

Muscle-se 'rum. The acid serum of 
muscle-plasma left after the coagulation 
of myosin. 

Mus'cle-sug'ar. Inosit. 

Musco { /.). Moss. M. catartico, 
cetraria. M. di mare, Corsican moss. M. 
perlato, carrageen. 

Muscolare (/.). Muscular. 

Muscoli (/.). Mus<les. M. gemelli, 
gastrocnemius. M. obliqui del occhio, 
obli<|ue mu.scles of eye. M. retti, recti 
muscles of eye. 

Muscolo (/.). Muscle. M. sacro- 
lombare, ilio-costalis. 

Mus'cular. //. muscularis; /T muscu- 
laire ; G. muskelhaft ; /. muscolare. Re- 
lating to muscles; having well-developed 
muscles. M. dys'trophy, myopathic atro- 
phy. M. fascic'uli. 7.. lacerti; 6\ Mus- 
kelbiindel. Bundles of muscular fibres 
which are more or less distinct. M. fl'bres. 
L. fibra; musculares; F. fibres musculaircs; 
G. Muskelfasern ; I. fibre muscolari. The 
elements of which striated muscles are com- 
posed; they consist of contractile substance 
(fibrillae) enclosed in a tubular sheath (sar- 
colemma). M. sense, muscle-sense. M. 
sys'tem. /'. systinie musculaire; (t. Mus- 
kelsystem ; 1. sistema muscolare. The mus- 
cles of the entire body considered as a whole. 

Muscula'ris muco'sae (//)• A thin 
layer of non-striated muscle-fibres, forming, 
when present, the deepest part of a mucous 



Muscula'i'is proces'sus (L). A lat- 
eral excrescence on the arytenoid cartilage 
for the attachment of muscles. 

Muscular'ity. Z'^. muscnlarite; ^»'. JIus- 
kularilat; 7. niuscolarita. 1. Condition of 
having muscles. 2. I'ontractility. 

Musctilation (F-)- Locomotion ; the 
sensation of muscular activity. 

Musculature (/•".). The muscular sys- 
tem consiilcred with reference to its mass 
and condition. 

MuscvUeux, euse ( /•'. ). Muscular. 
Mtis'ctili (L.), 1.1. of Musculus. M. 
amato'rii, oblicjue muscles of the eye. 
M. bicauda'ti, muscles having a tendon 
which divides it into two portions, having 
separate insertions. M. bicip'ites, uius- 
eles arising by two heads. M. g-emel'li 
su'ree, gastrocnemius. M. geni'iiii, ge- 
melli. M. mcisi'vi, access.ires orliieularis 
oris. M. papilla 'res, papillary muscles. 
M. pectina'ti. '■'■ Kammmuskeln. IMus- 
eular liands extending from the walls of 
the auricles of the heart. M. polycau- 
da'ti, muscles with a tendon dividing into 
several portions having separate insertions. 
M. polycip'ites, muscles having several 
heads. M. prostat'ici supe'rior et iii- 
fe'rior [W'inslow]. tibrcs of the ischio-urc- 
thralis running transversely above and be- 
low the urethra, in front of the prostate, to 
which they were formerly believed to be 
attaclied. M. pteryg-oi'dei, pterygoid 
muscles. M. pubo-vesica'les, ]iubo-ves- 
ical muscles. M. rec'ti labio'runi, com- 
pressor labii. M. triangula'res, scaleni 

Miis'culin. F. musculine. Robin's name 
for the alliuniiiioid which is the chief con- 
stituent of muscle. 

Musculo-cuta'neous. F. musculo-cu- 
tane, ee ; /. musc(do-cutaneo. Eclating to 
the muscles and skin. M.-c. nerve of 
arm. />. ncrvus cutaiieus brarhii latera- 
lis. Braiudi from riuter cord of bra(diial 
plexus perforating the eoraco-brachialis ; 
supplies it as well as the biceps and the 
braehialis anticus. and also intrgumcnt on 
outer side of forearm. M.-c. nerve of 
leg. L nervus peroncus supcrfirialis ; (t. 
oberflachlicher Wailenbeinnerv. One of the 
main divisions oi' the external po]iliteal 
nerve : s\i]iplies peroncus longus and bre- 
vis and dorsum of foot. M.-c. nerve, in- 
fe'rior, external cutaneous nerve of leg. 
M.-c. nerve, mid'dle, ilio-inguinal nerve. 
M.-c. nerve, supe'rior, iliodiypogastric 

Musculo-cuta'neus perone'i ( L.). 
31usculo-eutaneous nerve of leg. 

Musculo-intestinal, ale (F.). Relat- 
ing to the muscular layer of the intestines. 

Mus'culo-phren'ic. F. museulo-phre- 
nii|uc. Relating to the muscular portion 
of the diaphragm. M.-p. ar'tery. L- ar- 
tcria musculo-phrenica -. F. artere musculo- 
phreniijue ; <t. Zwerchfellripiienarterie ; /. 
arteria costo-diaframmatica. One of the 
two termiiud branches of the internal mam- 
mary. suii]dying lower intercostal spaces and 

Mus'culo-rachid'ian ar'teries. Dor- 
so-spinal arteries. 

Mus'culo-spi'ral groove. L. sulcus 
spiralis; F. gouttiere de torsion ; /. scana- 
latura dell' omero. Broad depression on 
]iosti'rior surface of shaft of humerus, wind- 
ing downward ami outward and transmitting 
musculo-spiral nerve and supi'rior profunda 

Mus'culo-spi'ral nerve. L. nervus 
musculo-spiralis ; J. nervo muscolo-spirale. 
Largest branch of brachial plexus, control- 
ling through its l)ranches the supinator and 
extensor muscles of the forearm. It is a 
continuation of the posteriiu- cord of the 
plexus, passes backward, downward, and 
outward in the spiral groove of the hu- 
merus. Reaching the outer side of the 
arm, it divides into the radial and posterior 
interosseous nerves. 

Mus'culus (/>.). Muscle. As in prac- 
tice the substantive isfre<|uently su]ipressed, 
see under adjective for names of most mus- 
cles — f. '/. for Miiscii/iii! l/iopa hrachii under 
Bicr/iK Intcliii, etc. etc. M. adniira'tor, 
rectus superior ooidi. M. anom'alus, an 
inconstant muscular slip arising from nasal 
process of superior maxillary lione. and in- 
serted upon alveolar border of same bone. 
M. anom'alus men'ti, fascicle arising 
from inferior maxillary lione near levator 
labii inferioris. and passing outward to be 
again inserted uimn the bone. M. anom'- 
alus transver'sus, a rare muscular bundle 
which runs transversely across the orbit in 
the region of tlii^ equator of the eyeball 
[Bochdalek]. M. anon'jrmus clavic'- 
ulse, a rare muscular slip running from the 
sternal to the acromial end of the clavicle. 
M. a'picis na'si, levator nasi proprius. 
M. aponeurot'icus, tensor fiscia^ latio. 
M. aryvoca'lis, fdires of the internal 
thyro-arvtenoid muscle, described by Lud- 
wIl; as beinu' successively inserted into the 
vocal cord. M. bibito'rius, rectus in- 



ternus oculi. M. biirsa'lis or M. bursa'- 
rius, obturator interims. M. cani'nus, 
levator an<i;uli oris. M. Casser'ii, laxator 
tympaui minor. M. cate'nae, tibialis an- 
ticus. M. cilia'ris, c-iliary muscle. M. 
cilia'ris Riola'ni, Kiolan s muscle. M. 
cilia'ris, supe'rior and infe'rior, palpe- 
bral part of orbicularis palpebrarum. M. 
coracoi'deus, ooraeo-brachialis. M. cra'- 
nii cuta'neus, epicranius. M. cuta'neus 
raa'nus, pahuaris brevis. M. fascia'lis, 
sartorius. M. gracil'limus, a small in- 
frequent muscle arising near superior ob- 
lique muscle of eye, and inserted into 
synovial sheath of that muscle [Albinus]. 
M. Hor'neri, tensor tarsi. M. hu'milis, 
rectus inferior oculi. M. iinmer'sus, sub- 
scapularis. M. ira'par pharyn'gis, azygos 
pharyngis. M. incisu'rae Santori'ni or 
M. incisu'rae majo'ris auric'ulse, iuter- 
tragicns. M. indica'tor, extensor indicis. 
M. indignato'rius, rectus externus. M. 
iracun'dus, rectus externus oculi. M. 
la'bii pro'prius. (!. Saugniuskel. Inde- 
pendent muscular fibres connecting the 
skin and mucous membrane around orifice 
of mouth. M. lackrjrma'lis poste'rior, 
Horner's muscle. M. laeti'tiae, rectus in- 
ternus oculi. M. liv'idus, peetineus. M. 
longis'simi tendi'ni, [ilantaris. M. mal'- 
lei exter'nus, laxator tympani minor. M. 
mal'lei inter'nus, tensor tympani. M. 
membrano'sus, tensor fascias lat;ie. M. 
multif' idus, multifiilus spiTUB. M. nasa'- 
lis la'bii superio'ris, naso-labialis. M. 
nau'ticus, tibialis posticus. M. orbita'- 
lis, ^Iiiller's muscle. M. os'sis metacar'- 
pi dig'iti quin'ti, opponens minimi digiti. 
M. patien'tise, levator anguli scaimhc. 
M. perfora'tus Cas'seri, coraco-brachialis. 
M. phren'icus, diaphragm. M. polygas'- 
tricus, muscle having several bellies. M. 
prostat'icus, sphincter urethrt-s prostati- 
cus. M. quadra 'tus antibra'chii, pronator 
quadratus. M. quad'riceps, muscle hav- 
ing four heads. M. rhomboi'deus, mus- 
culusanomalus. M. Riola'ni : see /i'/o/«h's 
muscle. M. sac'ci lachryma'lis, tensor 
tarsi. M. singiila'ris col'li, an aberrant 
muscle described by Sandifort, probablv an 
intertransversalis longns. M. singula'- 
ris splen'ii accesso'rius, a<ljutor s]ilenii. 
M. sterna'lis, stcrnalis muscle. M. su- 
per'bus, rectus superior oculi. M. supi- 
na'tor, supinator brevis. M. supra- 
clavicula'ris, Luschka, tensor of super- 
ficial cervical fiiscia. M. su'rse, triceps 
surae. M. te'res antibra'chii, pronator 
teres. M. tri'ceps, muscle having three 

heads. M. u'vulse, azygos uvulaj. M. 
voca'lis, thyro-arytenoid muscle, internal. 

Museau (F.). Muzzle, snout. M. de 
tanche. G. Schleihenmaul ; /. muso di 
tinea. The vaginal portion of the uterus, 
including the orifice and the lips. 

Musen'na. F. musena, moucenna ; G. 
Musennarinde. The bark of Alhi::sia (in- 
thelmiiitica, Brug. [Cod.]; by some ascribed 
to Rotthra Schimperi, lloch.; introduced as 
a t;\inicide. 

Musen'nin. F. musenine, moucennine ; 
/. musennina. An amorphous acrid prin- 
ciple resembling saponin : obtained from 

Mush'rooms, poi'sonous: see I'aUc 
of antidotes prefixed to Vol. I. 

Musivi'sche Schicht {G.). Epithelial 
layer of retina ; layer of rods and cones. 

Musk \_A)-. misk]. L. moschus; F. 
muso ; /. muschio. The dried secretion 
from the preputial follicles of tlie musk 
deer, Moschus moschi/eru.t, L. ; stimulant 
and antispasmodic ; much used in per- 
fumery : see also Artijieial, Chinese, Thibet, 
etc. musk. 

Muskatbalsam (^.). Nutmeg cerate. 

Muskatbliithe ( (/.). iMace ; — nol, 
oil of nuice. 

Muskatbutter {G). Expressed oil 
of nutmeg. 

Muskatnuss ( G.). Nutmeg ; — leber, 
nutmeg liver; — ol, expressed oil of nut- 

Muskel {G.). Muscle; • — anstren- 
grung, muscular exertion ; — arbeit, mus- 
cular work; — bau, muscular structure; 

— bauch, lielly of a muscle; — bewe- 
gruig, muscular movement ; — binde, fas- 
cia, ligament; ^blutungr, muscular h;cm- 
orrhage ; — biindel, muscular fasciculus; 

— diabetes, diabetes in which it is sup- 
posed that the glycogenic functions of the 
muscles are at fault; — ebene, plane 
passing through origin and insertion of a 
muscle of eye and centre of movement of 
eyeball; — enipflndung, muscular sensa- 
tion ; — entziindtuig, myositis ; — eiTeg-- 
barkeit, muscular irritability; - — -erwei- 
chung, myomalacia; — fasem, muscular 
fibres ; — fibrin, syntonin ; — fortsatz, 
prominence for muscular attachment; — 
gefiihl, muscle-sense ; — gerausch, sound 
produced by tonic contraction of muscle; 

— geschwulst, myoma ; — ge'webe, mus- 
cular tissue ; — gruppe, group of muscles ; 

— haut, perimysium; — hautnerv, mus- 



ciilo-cutanoous nerve; — -kastchen, iiuis- 
cle-cunipartmeiit ; — kern, musclc-mu-leus ; 

— kraft, muscular force; — lahmung', 
paralysis of muscles; — lage, muscular 
layer; — lehre, myology; — plasma, 
muscle-plasiua ; — platte, muscle-plate ; 

— primitivbiindel, muscular fibres; — 
reizbarkeit, irritability of muscle ; — 
scheiben, disks of muscle-fibres ; — 
scheide, perimysium; — schicht, muscu- 
lar layer ; — sclilaffheit, tlacciitity of 
muscles; — schwach, weak in muscU's. 
myasthenic; — schwache, muscular de- 
bility, myasthenia ; — schwxuid, muscular 
atrojdiy ; — serum, muscle-serum ; — silin, 
muscle-sense ; — spannung', muscular ten- 
sion ; — starke, muscular stvength ; — 
starre, muscular rigidity, rigor mortis; — 
stoff, musculin, sarcosin ; — strom, elec- 
trical current in a muscle ; — stuck, portio 
museularis ; — ton, tone ])roduced by a 
muscle in tetanic contraction; — tonus, 
tonicity of muscle ; — iibung', muscular ex- 
ercise ; — unruhe, chorea ; — verknoch- 
erung, ossification of muscles ; — ver- 
kiirzting, contraction or shortening of 
muscles; — zelle, muscle-cell; — zerle- 
gung, myotomy ; — zeiTeissung, rupture 
of muscles ; — zittem, tremor ; — zucker, 
inosit ; ■ — zuckung, muscular contracti(in. 

Muskel der Gegenecke {<'■)■ Anti- 
tragicus muscle. 

Musk'melon. ('iimwis Mi hi, L. 

Musk-root. .Sumbul. 

Musk-seed. L. semen abelmoschi ; F. 
ambrette ; G. Moschuskbrner ; /. ambretta. 
The seeds of AlieliiKifflms inn^cliutus, 
Moench. ; they have a strong musk-like 
odor and are used in perfumery. 

Muskularunruhe ('r.). Chorea. 

Muskulatur (G.)- Musculature. 

Muskulos ( G. ). Muscular. 

Mus'quash-root. C/'cufa muculata, L. 

Mussita'tion. L. raussitatio ; /. mussi- 
tazione. Low muttering. 

Mustache'. Z. mystax; /'.moustache; 
(i. Knebclbart, Scluuirrbart. Hair of upper 


Mus'tard [//. mustum ardens], L. 
sinapis ; F. moutardc ; (r. Senf; /. senape. 
The seeds of Sinajiis uUki, L., white mus- 
tard, and of S)ii(ipi.< nii/ni, L., black mus- 
tard ; a local stimulant ami prompt emetic: 
see also Bhiclc, ILdije^ hidinn, and Wlilte 
mustard. M. -paper. L. charta sinapis; 
/■'. papier siiuipise ; G. Senfpapier ; /. carta 
senapata. Paper ujion which is spread 

mustard flour [from which the fixed oil 
has been removed, U. 8. P., Cod.], mixed 
with solution of gutta-percha or caout- 
chouc ; counter-irritant. M. pouPtice. 
F. sinapisme, cataplasme sinapise ; G. 
Senfpflaster ; /. senapismo. Sinapism. 

Mutacis'mus (//.). Faulty pronuncia- 
of the letter Hi or tendency to pronounce m 
for other letters. 

Mute. L. mutus; /''. muet, ette ; G. 
stumm ; /. muto. Sjiecchless, dumb. 

Muthlosigkeit (G). Discouragementi 
despondency ; athymia. 

Mutilameiito ( /.). JIutilation. 

Mutuant, ante (/''.). IMutilating. 

Mutila'tion. /^. mutilatio ; (?. Verstiim- 
melung ; 1. mutilazione. 1. Loss, by vio- 
lence, of the whole or a part of a member. 
2. The act of mutilating. 

Mutiren {G?). Change of voice in boys 
at puberty. 

Mutisme (^F.). Dumbness. 

Mu'titas (/'.)• Dumbness. 

Mutter {G:). 1. Mother. 2. Uterus; 

— bander, ligaments of the uterus ; — 
balg, uterus; — beschwerde, uterine dis- 
order, hysterics; — bett, childbed; — 
blutflttss or — blutung, metrorrhagia ; 

— boden, stroma; — bruch. 1. Ilys- 
terocele. 2. Rupture of womb : — cyst, 
a primary cvst from which others are de- 
veloped ; — drlise, cotyledon ; — ent- 
ziindung, metritis; — fieber, ]>uerperal 
fever; — flecken, cbbjasma uterinum; — 
fluss, lochia; — gebilde, stroma, matrix; 

— geschwlir, ulcer of uterus; — ge- 
schwulst, primary tunuu-; — gewachs, 
mole; — gewebe, matrix; — gi'immen, 
utciine colic; — hals, cervix uteri; — 
halter, uterine pessary ; — harz, gal- 
banuui ; — haus, lying-in hosjiital ; — 
husten, hysterical cough ; — kalb, mole ; 

— katarrh, leucorrluca ; — kern, parent 
nucleus; — knauel, the skein of the nu- 
cleus before division; — knorpel, carti- 
laginous matrix; — knoten, a jirimary 
nodule from which others are derived ; — 

— korn, ergot ; — kornbrand, gangrene 
from ergotism; — kornextrakt, extract 
of ergot; — komvergiftttng, ergotism; 

— krampf, uterine spasm ; — krankheit, 
disease of the uterus; — kranz, pessary; 

— kraut, feverfew; — krebs, prinuiry 
cancer; — kucben, jilaceiita ; — kuchen- 
geravtsch, jdacental souflle ; — kuchen- 
verhartitng, sclerosis of the placenta ; — 
kiimmel, cumin ; — lauge, birinc or moth- 



er-lye; — leber, placenta; — lippen, lips 
of cervix uteri; — maal, naevus pig- 
mentosus; — meissel, uterine pessary; 

— mund, OS uteri ; — mtindslippe, lip 
of OS uteri; — nelken, mother-cloves; 

— pflaster, eiuplastrum fuscuiu camphor- 
atum ; — plage, hysteria ; — polyp, ute- 
rine polypus ; — ring, pessary ; — rohre, 
Fallopian tube ; — schmerz, hysteral<ria ; 

— schnitt, hysterotomy ; • — sch'windel, 
uterine vertigo : — senkung, prolapse of 
the uterus; — spiegel, uterine speculum ; 

— spritze, uterine syringe; — staupe, 
hysteria; — stein, uterine concretion; — 
stem, the primary aster in karyokinesis ; 

— substanz, matrix ; — sucht, hysteria ; 

— trompete, Fallopian tube ; — vorfall, 
prolapse of the uterus; — wassersucht, 
hydrometra: — 'weh, labor-pains ; — wind- 
Sticht, physometra ; — wuth, nymphoma- 
nia; — zapfen, pessary; — zeichen, 
naevus ; — zufall, hysterics. 

Mutterscheide f C). Vagina. In com- 
position Mutterscheiden, as, — blutfluss, 
vaginal hwrnorrliaire ; — bruch, 
of vagina ; — polyp, polypus "f vagina ; 

— ring, ring pessary; — schleimfluss, 
leucorrhiea ; — vorfall, vaginal prolapse. 

Mut'ton-su'et : see Suef. 

Myal'gia ( L.) [.'/•"'?, akpx;']. F. myalgie ; 
/. mialgia. Pain in a muscle. 

Myasthe'nia ( /..) ['iT^'/vi.''^]. O. .^lyas- 
thenie. Muscular weakness. 

Myasthen'ic. Pertaining, or due, to 
muscular weakness. 

Myce'lium (L.) [//.'izr^cr]. /''. mycelium; 
I. micelio. The filamentous threads or 
" spawn" of fungi. 

Mycetol'ogy. ]Mycology. 

Myceto'ma (//.) [yj/r^f]. F. myc^tnnie. 
Fungus foot. An endemic disease of India 
affecting the foot, characterized by swelling, 
followed by- fistulous ulceration destroying 
bone, etc.; su]ipo.sed to be due to a fungus, 
the Chioni/plie. Cfirteri. 

Mycoder'ma (/y.) [/luxo?, 5//>//a]. Pel- 
licle fornied by mycelium or schizomycetcs. 
M. ace'ti, the ferment of vinegar. 

Mycodermi'tis. Inflammation of a 
mucous menilirane. 

Mycopro'tein [r:/)oiriis-]. Necke's term 
for a peculiar albuminoid sub.stance pro- 
duced by the bacteria of putrefaction. 

My'cose. C,JL,()„ + 211,0. /. 
A peculiar saccharine principle found in 

Myco'sis {L.,F.) [/x'Jzr,?]. G. Mykose; 
/. micosi. A fungous growth ; a disease 
due to, or resembling, a fungus. M. fun- 
goi'des. 1. Granuloma fungoides. 2. 
Yaws. 3. Molluscum. M. intestina'lis, 
morbid growth of fungi in the intestines. 
M. microsper'ma, tinea versicolor. 

Mycosis fi-amboise (/".). Yaws. 

Mycot'ic. Pertaining, or due, to my- 

Mycter'ic \_/iiixrr'n']. L. myctericus. 
Pertaining to the nasal fossae. 

Mycteropho'nia (i.) [ytuvi;]. Nasal 

Mycteroxero'sis (X.) [c';n''rr^o]. Dry- 
ness of the pituitary membrane. 

Mydal'eine [,.utJo«/./(K-]. A poisonous 
ptumaine obtained from putrefying liver, 
spleen, etc. ; it produces vaso-motor paral- 

Mydatox'ine. CbHisN'O^. -V ptomaine 
obtained from slowly-decomposing flesh ; 

My'dine. CVIInNO. Non-poisonous 
j)tomaiiK' obtained from putrefying human 

Mydri'asis (/y.) [yo^/'iV/ffio]. F. mydri- 
ase ; (i. Pnpillenerweitcrung : /. midriasi. 
An abnormalh' dilated state of the pupil. 

Mydriat'ic. A. mydriaticus ; F. mydri- 
ati(|ue; Ir. pu])illeiierwciternd; /. midriatico. 
Pertaining to, or causing, mydriasis. 

Myecto'pia (/>.) [.""'i', Ezro-o?]. Ab- 
normal situation of a muscle. 

Myelal'gia {L.) [/loe/.o?, alyo?']. Pain 
in the s]iinal cord. 

Myelanalo'sis ( Z/.) ['Iv^/.w-rtc]. Myela- 

Myelapoplex'ia (/-.) [a-o-'/.Ti^i'i]. In- 
traspinal hajmorrhage. 

Myelate'lia (A.) [«r£/.);'y-]. F. niy^'la- 
tclie. Incomplete development of the spi- 
nal cord. 

Myelatropli'ia(A.) [«-o«o-:a]. Atrophy 
of the spinal cord, tabes dorsalis. 

Myelaux'is [L.) [«'"?>;]. Dilatation or 
hypertrophy of the spinal cord. 

Myelaxe ( F.^. Neural axis. 

Myelenceph'alon ( L.) [iiush'i?, ly-iitfa- 
).ii<f\. F. myclencephale ; /. mielencefalo. 
1. Metencephalon. 2. f'erebro-spinal axis. 

Myeletero'sis {L.) [;7//)<«<t=:]. Organic 
disease of the spinal cord. 

My'elin [//ur/'ic]. F. my(?linc ; /. mie- 
lina. 1. A highly refractive serai.solid, fatty 



albuuiiiioiil, which suirumid.s the axis (.-vlin- 
dor of the nerves. 2. Thiuliehums name 
for a iih<]sphorizeJ fatty suhstaiice of vary- 
ing forniuhu extracted I'roni the brain. 

Myelin'ic. F. myelinii|ue ; G. niyc- 
liniscli. EeLiting to, or having a sheatli 
of, myelin. 

Myelique i F.). Itelating to marrow. 

My elite ( /•'.). ^lyelitis. M. cavitaire, 
syringoniyelitis, excavating myelitis. M. 
interstitielle, myelitis with sjiecial involve- 
niciit (if the neuroglia. M. parenchyma- 
teuse, myelitis with special involvement of 
the nerve-cells. M. a rechutes, recurrent 

Myeli'tis [//yr/,'i>-]. /'. myi'lite; /. niie- 
lite. Inflammation of the s]]inal cord. M. 
convulsi'va, electric chorea. 

My'elo-bra'chium. Inferior peduncle 
of eereljelhim [Spiizka]. 

My'elocele [z);/.r,]. A variety of sjiina 
bifida in which the defective jun-tion of the 
spine is occupied by a reddish tissue, in 
which is a median furrow leading to the 
central canal of the cord. The tissue on 
eaeli side of the furrow is composed of 
nerve-cells mixed with nan-oid structure. 

Myelo-cerebel'lar tract. Cerebellar 
lateral tract. 

Myeloch'ysis (//.") [;^''"7^']. Spina bifida. 

My'eloc3rtes [z''<r(is-]. F. myelocytes ; 
G. Geliirnniarkslauben ; /. mielociti. Nu- 
clei of cells of gray suljstance of tlie ner- 
vous system. 

Myelogen'ic. Marrow-])roduciiig. 

My'eloid [sMi^c]. /'. niyeloide ; /. 
niieloide. Uosemhling marrow. 

Myelo'ma fX.) \_;,nz).,;^'\. F. myelome ; 
G. !Myeloin. myeloid (ieschwulst ; /. mielo- 
ma. Medullary tumor. 

Myelomala'cia ( L.) [^iia/.a/.ia']. F. 
myelomalacie ; 7. mielomalacia. Softening 
of the spinal cord. 

Myelomeningi'tis [."v^-V-']- F. myelo- 
ineningite; 7. mielonieniiigite. Spinal men- 

Myelomenin'g-ocele [■'/>!;-!■. yr,'r,'\. 
F<irm of spina Inlida in wliii-h the cord is 
blended wiili the sac. 

My'elon {L.). The medullary tube, the 
spinal cord. 

Myelopai-al'ysisCi.) [-uyi).',,;']. Spinal 

Myelopath'ia (L.) [r«//,.c]. 
of the .-pinal cijrd. 

Myelophthi'sis (/>.) yOtan']. Tabes 

, Myeloplax'es [-/.'/!]. f. luyeloplaques, 
myeloplaxes; G. Itiesenzellen ; 1. uiiclo- 
plassi. Term ]iroposed by Robin for the 
giant-cells or osteoclasts of bone-marrow. 

Myelople'gia (L.) [-/".ijV-Ta.]. Sjiinal 
! paralysis. 

! Myelon-ha'g-ia (Z.) [/Iv/y-^'j//;]. Intra- 
j spinal haemorrhage. 

I Myelosarcome (F.). Osteosarcoma. 
Myelosclero'sis (Z-.) \n/.h^j,iii\. F. 
niyelosclerose ; /. mielosclerosi. Sclerosis 
of spinal cord. 

Myelovarico'sis : %qq Keurovaricush. 

Myener'gia (Z.) [//y?, i-Apyzio]. Mus- 
cular energy. 

Myen'tasis (Z>.) [iVrairic]. Stretching 
or extension of a muscle. 

Myentere {F.). Muscular coat of in- 

Myenter'icus {L.) [i>7£/)»^]. F. myen- 
t^rique. llelating to the muscular coat of 
the intestines. 

Mj/i'asis (Z..) [//ora]. F. myiase. Pis- 
ease ])roduced by the larva' of flies on the 
surface or in the cavities of the body. 

Mjnoceph'alum {L.) [y.^<fa).r^. F. 
myiocephale ; /. miocefalo. Prolapse of 
iris through a small opening in the cornea. 

Myiodesop'sia (Z.) \_!wt('iih,i. JV^"]- F. 
myiodojisie. Tlie seeing of muscat voli- 

Myiokeph'alon. 3Iyiocephalum. 

Msd'tis \_!i''i\. Myositis. M. oc'uli, 
inflammation of the eyc-uiuseles and their 

Myko-. For words thus commencing 
see eorres]M)nding words beginning Mi/co. 

Mykofibrom (6'.). Tumor due to the 
AUcnicncciis Hfciiforinan!^. 

Myla'bris (Z.). A genus of beetles, 
(\.1ii<pti la. M. cicho'rii, Fabr.. Telini 
fly: see ('liinrxrhliMcriiitj jVn f. 3Iany other 
species of Mi/liiJ,rU, conimon in India, are 
used lor vesicating ])UV]ioses. 

Mylaceph'alus (Z. ) [/ji'J/.i;, </, zfc-a/i;']. 
F. mylaerphale ; I. niilacefalo. Acephalus. 

Myleen, enne r/'^.). Molar. 

My'lo-. Used in i-(]mp(]sition to indi- 
cate the jaw, especially the lower jaw. 

My'lo-glos'sus rz.) [,'■''/);. j-zwrt-rt-o]. 
F. mvlo-glosse ; I. niilo-glosso. 1. Mylo- 
pharyngeus. '1. A muscular slip which ap- 



parently belongs to the stylo-glossus, arising 
from the angle of the jaw and inserted into 
the side of the tongue [Wood]. 

My'lo-hy'oid. L. mjlo-hyoideus ; F. 
luylo-hyoidien ; /. milo-joideo. llelating to 
the lower jaw and hyoid bone. M.-h. ar'- 
tery. L. arteria mylo-hyoidea. Branch 
from inferior dental to mylo-hj-oid muscle. 
M.-h. groove. L. sulcus mylo-hyoideus. 
A furrow (sometimes a short canal) on 
inner surface of inferior maxillary bone, 
running downward and forward from the 
inferior dental foramen. It lodges the 
mylo-hyoid vessels and nerves. M.-h. 
mus'cle. F. mylo-hyoidien ; G. Kiefer- 
zungenbeinmuskel ; /. milo-joideo. A flat 
muscle arising from the mylo-hyoid ridge 
of the lower jaw, and inserted into body 
of hyoid bone and median raphe. M.-h. 
nerve. L. nervus mylo-hyoideus ; F. nerf 
mylo-hyoidien ; G. Zungenbeinkiefernerv ; 
/. nervo milo-joideo. Branch of inferior 
dental nerve to mylo-hyoid muscle and 
anterior belly of the digastric. M.-h. 
ridge. L. linea mylo-hyoidea ; F. ligne 
mylo-hyoidienne ; /. linea milo-joidea. A 
well-marked line on inner surface of lower 
jaw, running from anterior border of as- 
cending ramus downward and forward just 
below the mental spines. It affords attach- 
ment to the mylo-hj'oid muscle. 

Myloide or Myloidien {F.). Mylo- 
hyoid ridge. 

My'lo-pharynge'us (i.) [c'^o/-?]. F. 
niylo-pharyngien, ienne ; /. milo-faringeo. 
Muscular fibres belonging to superior con- 
strictor of pharynx, arising from end of 
mylo-hyoid line of lower jaw, and passing 
upward and backward to the tongue and 

Mylosarque {F.). Mole. 

Myn'sicht's elix'ir. Aromatic sul- 
phuric acid. 

Myo- \_!i-~Ji]- In composition, muscle. 

Myo-albumose. A proteid of muscle- 
plasma, not precipitated by heat, by copper 
suli)hate, by magnesium chloride, or by 
sodium chloride. It is precipitated by 
nitric acid when cold ; heat redissolves the 

Myoatro'phia lipomato'sa (/-.). 
Pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis. 

Myoblaste {F.). Muscle-ecll. 

Myocardi'tis [//5?, xaftoi'i]. F. myo- 
cardite ; /. miocardite. Inflammation of 
the muscular tissue of the heart. 

Myocar'dium (L.). F. myocarde; I. 
miocardio. Muscular wall of the heart. 

My'ocele (Z.) [zv-i;]. F. myocele; /. 
miocele. Protrusion or displacement of a 

Myoceph'alon (Z.). Myiocephalum. 

My'ochronie [//«]. Myoha;matin. 

Myoclo'nia congen'ita (i.) [z/o^uj]. 
Paramyoclonus multiplex. 

Myoclonus {L.'). G. Myoclonie ; /. 
mioclono. 1. Muscle-twitching. 2. Para- 
mj'oclonus multiplex. 

Myoccelii'tis [zr;;/.;'u]. /'. myocoelite ; 
/. miocelite. Inflammation of the abdomi- 
nal muscles. 

Myocom'ma, pi. ata (L.). Myotome. 

Myoctone (/'■). Aconilum lycoctonnm, 

Myode'mia (i.) ['Jij/ioi-]. F. myodemie ; 
I. miodemia. Fatty degeneration of mus- 

Myodeop'sia or Myodesop'sia (Z.). 
F. myodesopsie. Myiodesopsia. 

Myodias'tasis (L.) [fiida-aa'.'f\. Sep- 
aration or rupture of muscle. 

Myodsma'mia (/y.) \8ina!).i<f\. F.mjo- 
dyiianiie ; /. miodinaniia. Muscular force. 

Myodsmamom'eter \_i^mamf, fjirpoi/]. 

F. myodynamometre ; /. miodinamometro. 

Myod3m'ia(L.) [o<Jwi;]. 7^. myodynie; 
I. miodinia. 3Iyalgia. 

Myoepithe'lium (L.). Myothelium. 

Myo-flbro'ma (L.). A tumor com- 
posed of unstriated muscular and fibrous 

Myogen'esis (L.) [>-s/y«(«]. F. myo- 
g6n'H- ; /. miogenia. The production of 
muscular tissue. 

Myoglob'ulin. A proteid of muscle- 
plasma, resembling serum globulin, but co- 

asrulated bv heat at (j:{° C'. 

Myogna'thus (L.) [j-ydODi]. F. myo- 
gnathe. A varietj' of opignathus in which 
the supernumerary head is connected by 
muscle and skin only. 

My'ogram. The curve drawn by the 

My'ograph [;-o'/-cri::>]. F. myographo ; 

G. Myographion : /. miografo. An instru- 
ment which records muscular movements. 

Myog'raphy [yii'icz-.S]. F. niyographie ; 
I. niioiirafia. A description of muscles. 
My ohae 'matin [«!.'"-']■ The peculiar 



jiiiniieiit of miiHcle. being one of the lii.'^to- 
htumatins, and having a peculiar spectrum. 

My'oid [ilocs"-]. F. niyoide ; /. mioidc. 
Resemliling muscle. 

Myoide'ma (L.) [""ovj/iu]. F. nivo- 
cedinie ; 1. mioedcma. A local contraction 
of a muscle, caused b\' ]iereussion, and pm- 
ducing a nodular swelling which soon sub- 

Myolem'ma (L.) [//,«//«]. F. myo- 
lenunc ; /. miolemma. Sarcolemma. 

Myolemmat'ic. /'. myolemmatiijue. 
liclating to the myolemma. 

Myol'ogy \_ii'>i, /Myni]. L. myologia ; 
F. myologie ; G. Muskellehre ; /. miologia. 
That part of anatomy relating to the mus- 
cular system and its annexes. 

Myo'ma (L.) [.'f~s-]. /"■. myome ; G. 
31yoni ; /. mioma. A tumor composed nf 
muscular tissue. M.caverno'suni, nivoma 
teleangiectodes. M. Isevicelltila're, leio- 
myoma. M. sti'iocelltila're, rhalidomyonui. 
M. teleangiecto'des, myoma with exces- 
sive vascular development. 

Myomala'cia ( L.). Softening of mus- 
cle, generally fmni fatty degeneration. 
Myome ( /' ). IMyoma. 

Myomec'tomy [i;<';]. F. myo- 
meetomie. Kemoval of a uterine myoma 
by abdominal section without opening the 
uterine cavity. 

Myomelanose (/'.)• iMelanosis of mus- 

My'omere. F. myomere. That part of 
a metamere which relates to the muscles. 
A myotome. 

Myomot'omy [rn//?;]. G. Myomotomie. 
Roncival ol' tibriiid tumors of the uterus 
by abdominal section. 

My'on (/v.) \_;wu)-,']. Muscle. 

Myonarco'sis (//.j [vinxr,']. Bcimnib- 
ing of the muscles. 

Myoneoplas'ina, pi. ata ( L.) [yini. 

TT/./rT'/'/]. .MyciIIKl. 

My'onine. ^luscle-substanee. 

Myoni'tis. ^lyitis. 

Myon'osus ( /.. ) [■^iI.tik]. Myopatliia. 

Myocedenie (/'.)■ 1- Myoidcma. 2. 
(Edema of muscles. 

Myopachjm'sis (L.) [-ay^ij>(T:i']. JIus- 
cular hyperlriiphy or pseudo-hypertrophy. 
M. lipomato'sa, pseudo-hypertrophy of 
muscle, with fatty degeneration. 

Myopal'mus (L.) [-a/./i-i?]. Twitching 
of muscles. 

Myoparal'ysis (L.) [ra/ia/rjio]. F. 
myoparalysie. Muscular paralysis. 

Myopathi'a (L.) '[-a0iif']. F. myo- 
pathic. Disease of the muscles. 

Myopath'ic. /'. njyopathi(|ue. Re- 
lating to myopathia. M. at'rophy, local- 
ized muscular atrophy. M. paral'ysis, 
paralysis due to affections of the muscles. 

Myopathie atrophique progressive 
(/".). Progressive muscular atrophy. 

Myopathie progressive primitive 

{F.). Charcot's term for all progressive 
muscular atrophies, including pseudo-hy- 
pertrophic paralysis. 

Myope (/^.). Myopic. 

My'ophone [^fio iK^a-./iic']. Instrument to 
hear and measure the intensity of sound 
produced by muscular contractions. 

Myo'pia (L.) [!i''ii;>. wi,"]- F. myopie ; 
G. Kurzsichtigkeit ; 7. miopia. That re- 
fractive condition of the eye in whicli 
parallel rays are brought to a focus in 
front of the retina ; short-sightedness. 

Myop'ic. /- niyopicus; F. myopique; 
G. myopisch ; /. miope. Pertaining to. or 
affected with, myo]iia. 

Myo-presbyte ( /". ). Myopic in one 
eye, ]iresliyo]iic in the other. 

Myopsie (F.). Myiodesopsia. 

Myop'sin. According to Dcfresne 
(ISTS), one of the constituent ferments 
of pancreatin, ca]iable ni' digesting albu- 

Myorrhex'is (L.) [.'i~'i, /''Jii]- Euj- 
ture I if a muscle. 

Myo-sarco'ma ( L. ) \_rTn/)S']. A myoma 
containing sarcmnatous elements. 

Myosclero'sic or Myosclerot'ic par- 
al'ysis. Pseudo-hypertrophie paralysis. 

Myosclero'sis ( L. ) \_>7y.h^fi>'>f'\. F. myo- 
s<'ler"se. Iniluration of muscle. 

Myose ( /•'. ). .^lyosis. 

My'osiii. F. myosine ; I. miosina. The 
albuniiiiiiid which separates from muscle- 
plasma as a coagulum. It is changed into 
syntonin by heat and dilute hydrochloric 

Myosin'ogen. A ]u-nteid of muscle- 
plasnui, coagulated by heat at 5C° C; 
weak acetic acid added to its saline solu- 
tions gives a characteristic stringy pre- 

Myosino'ses. Cleavage products 
formed in the digestion of myosin with 
gastric juice or its equivalent, precipitable 



by ammonium sulphate in substance : see 
Proto myo$ inose. 

Myo'sis (i.) [mu(u]. F. myose ; G. 
Pupillenverengerung; 7. miosi. Abnormal 
contraction of the pupil. 

Myosite (F.). Myitis. 

Myosit'ic [."■^f]- 1- Pertaining to myo- 
sitis. 2. Myotic. 

Myosi'tis. F. myitis ; /. niiite. Inflam- 
mation of muscle. M. ossificans, ossifi- 
cation of muscle ; see Drill-hone and Eiders' 

Myospas'mus (L.) [T-aij,'jL'k:'\. ^lus- 
cular spasm. 

Myostyp'ses [/iu?, ffTui^n?]. Diseases 
connected with muscular spasm of ex- 
creting ducts. 

Myotase crurale (F.). Dislocation of 
the external ischio-tibial muscle in horned 

Myotat'ic [rartzoy]. Pertaining to a 
stretched muscle, applied to the so-called 
tendon refle.xes [Gowers]. 

Myothe'lium (i.). The muscle-plate, 
epithelium of the myotome. 

Myother'mic [i'>c'jO,ar,]. G. myother- 
misch. Relating to the production of heat 
by muscle. 

Myot'ics [/i'Jc.'v]. Agents which con- 
tract the pupil. 

Myotil'ity. F. myotiliti? ; G. Myotili- 
tiit ; /. miotiliti. jMuscular contractility. 

Myotique (/".). Relating to pupillary 

My'otome [r//iv(«]. 1. Instrument for 
myotomy. -. One of a series of dark pairi'il 
masses which arise from the dorsal part 
of the coelom, constituting a row on each 
side of the notochord in the very young 
embryo. The myotomes give rise to the 
muscular segments of the body ; they have 
been named also protovertebra;, mesoblastic 
somites, protosomites, mj'omeres, etc. 

Myot'omy \_."oi, ro/u;]. 7'"'. myotomic ; 
G. iMuskelzcrlegung ; 7. miotomia. The 
operation of cutting a muscle. 

Myoto'nia congen'ita (7,.). Thorn- 
sen's disease. 

Myot'onus (L.) [r<i><ic]. G. Myotonic. 
Tonic muscular spasm. 

Myotyr'be (7>.) [/i5?, nVjJrJ. /. mio- 
tirbe. Dyskinesia, chorea. 

M3n*'cia a'cris, DC. Wild clove, wild 
cinnamon, bayberry, a tree indigenous to 
the West Indies and Venezuela, the leaves 

of which yield by distillation oil of myrcia 
or oil of baj-. 

Myri'ca (L.). A genus of Mijricacest. 
M. asplenifo'lia, Blum., Cumptonia asple- 
nifolia. Ait. M. cerifera, L., bayberry, 
wax-myrtle, candleberry, an indigenous aro- 
matic shrub ; the bark is acrid, stimulat- 
ing, astringent, and errhine ; the berries 
yield myrtle wax or bayberry tallow. M. 
Compton'ia, DC, ('omptoiiin asplenijolia, 
Ait. M. Ga'le, L., sweet gale, Dutch 
myrtle ; grows in Europe and Xorth Amer- 
ica ; the fruit is used instead of pepper. 

Myr'icin. T'. myricine ; 7. miricina. 1. 
Myricil-palmitate, one of the constituents 
of beeswax. 2. Name inappropriately given 
to an alcoholic extract of bayberry-bark. 

Msringite (F.). Myringitis. M. epi- 
phytaire, mjringomycosis. 

Myringi'tis. F. myringite ; G. Troni- 
melfelleiitziindung ; 7. miringite. Inflam- 
mation of the membrana tympani. 

Myringodec'tomy \_ixr'i;j.rj'\. F. my- 
ringodectomie ; /. miringodettomia. Incis- 
ion of the membrana tympani. 

Myringomyco'sis (7/.) [/Jt-yzij?]. In- 
flammation of the membrana tj'mpani and 
neighboring parts, caused by Afperi/illus or 
other funtriius growth. 

Mjrrin'goplasty [-U.i7<Ti'.y']. Plastic ope- 
ration on the membrana tyni])ani. 

My'rinx. Membrana tympani. 

Myris'ma (L.) [^^upi'u/]. Inunction. 

Myris'tic ac'id. C,4H,„0.;. /'. acide 
myristiniiiuc. A ])roduct of the saponifi- 
cation of myristin. 

Myris'tica (A.). 1. Nutmeg. 2. A 
genus of plants, Nat. Ord. Mi/risticeix. M. 
aromat'ica, liam.. M. fmijran^, Ilaut. 
M. Becuhy'ba, Schott., a Brazilian tree, 
the source of Becuiba tallow. M. fra'- 
grans, Haut., the nutmeg-tree, native of 
the Molucca Islands; cultivated in the 
tropics. M. moscha'ta, Thunb., M. fra- 
granf, Haut. M. oflacina'lis, L., M. frn- 
rjrans, Haut. M. sebifera, Sw., a large 
tree growing in Guiaiui and Brazil ; the 
seeds yielil ocuba wax. 

Myris'ticae a'deps (X.). Expressed oil 
of nutmeg. 

MjTistica'tion. Term ajiplied to the 
production of the so-called " nutmeg " 

Myris'ticene. 7'. myristicine ; G. Mus- 
katnussfett ; 7. niiristicina. The stcaropten 
of volatile oil of camj)hor. 



Myris'tin. CjJI.oOc- F. myristinc. A 
wliiti', j)ulv('ruk'Ut, inodorous coustitueiit 
of expl■^;s^s^■d oil of nutmeg; a glucoside 
of myristic ;u/id. 

Msmneci'asis or Myrmecias'mus 
( L. ) [//'Y'/JL/^c]. Formication. 

Myrmeco'sis (i.)- Epidemic eryotism ; 

Myrob'alan [,«''/'">', /?'•<''•"■-'"?]• L. my- 
roliulanus; 6r. Balsamnuss ; /. uiirobuhino. 
The fruit of several species of Trrinlnnlin, 
from the East Indies ; contains much tan- 
nin, and is veimted laxative as well as as- 
tringent ; largely used in the arts. 

Myi'obal'ani beller'icce {L.). F. my- 
rohalans liellirics. Tlie i'ruit of TcrnilitaUa 
ht!/rriiii. lioxb. 

Myrobal'ani cheb'ulae (L.). F. my- 
rolialans clielniles. The fruit of Tvnninalta 
cliihiilii, IielZ. 

Myrobal'ani em'blicse {L.). F. my- 
rolialans enililics. The fruit of Pltylhtnlhas 
Kiiil'liiii. L. ; when fresh, they are consid- 
ered to lie refrigerant, diuretic, and laxa- 
tive; when dry, they are astringent. 

Myrobal'aiii in'dicse (L.). F. myro- 
Lalans indiens. iMyrolialani nigraj. 

Myi-obal'ani ni'gTBe ( //.). Tiie unripe 
I'ruit of 'IVniiiiialUi chclnda and of T. hil- 

Myr'onate. /. niironato. A salt of 
mynuiie acid, M. of potas'sium, sini- 

Myron'ic acid. F. acide myronique ; 
/. acido niironico. A peculiar acid existing 
in Mack mustard in combination with po- 

Myr'osin [/"'v'"'^]- /^. myrosine ; /. mi- 
rosina. An albuminoid ferment jiresent in 
mustard-seed. By its action ufion the sinal- 
bin aiul sinajiin of white and black mustard 
are produced the com])ounds upon which 
the acrid ]U'o]ierties of those seeds depend. 

Myrosper'mum (L.). A genus of 
F<ipi7i(iiiii<i;i . M. Perei'rae, Eoyle. J/y- 
nKn//oii rmini:, Klofzsch. M. "tolviif"'- 
eiTim, A. Rich, Mi/ro.i-i/hin inlnifi m, Kunth. 

Myroxocar'pin. CJI;,,' >:i- F. myrox- 
(ic.irpinc. A neuiral crystallizable resin 
obtained IVom white I'cru lialsani. 

Mjn-ox'ylon (/>.) [//-■'/"'■.-. ^i.).,.-.']. F. 
myroxyle. A genus of plants, Xat. Ord. 
LxjinniiinrA , FtipUiirnaci-^. M. Perei'ree, 
Klolzseli., a handsome tree growing in San 
Salvador, the source of balsam of I'eru. 
M. peruiferum, Jj. f., a South American 

tree formerly supposed to be the source of 
lialsam (jf Peru. It is said to yield, by in- 
cision, the lialsanium Peruviauum siccum 
of the P. Port. M. toluif'era, Kunth, 
a tall evergreen tree, native of Venezuela 
and New (iranada, from which balsam of 
tolu is obtained. 

Myrrh [/i''/"'/'''']- Li- myrrlia ; /'., 6'. 
31yrr!ie ; 1. mirra. A gum-resinous exu- 
dation from the stem of Bahnminhnilriiu 
Mi/irha, Nees; astringent and expecto- 
rant; used from the earliest times as a con- 
stituent of incense, jierfumes, and oint- 

MsnThentinktur {(•■)■ Tincture of 

Myi''sine (Z^-)- A genus of Mj/rcim-se. 
M. afi'ica'na, Schimp., an African shrub; 
the fruit has been used as a tauiifuge. 

Myi-te (F., G.). Myrtle. 

Myrteiiheide ((<■'.). Sweet gale. 

Myi-theiiblattsonde (&'.). Probe with 
leaf-shaped expansion at one end. 

Myr'tiform. F. niyrtiforme ; /. mirti- 
forme. Having tlie shape of a uiyrtle-lcaf. 
M. fos'sa, incisive fossa. 

Myrtifor'mis (L.). F. myrtiforme. De- 
pressor ahe nasi. 

Myrtille (F.). Vacciniiun mi/ititlus, L. 

Myr'tle [myrtus]. F., G. Myrte ; /. 
uiirto. Mi/itiia ciJiiiiiiiiiiix, L. ; the leaves 
and fruit are astringent and aromatic. 

Myrtle-flagr. Aainis Cahimiis, L. 

Myrtle •wax. F. eire de myrica; G. 
grunes W'aclis ; /. cera di mirica. Bay- 
berry tallow ; a vegetalile wax incrusting 
the fruit of Mi/iioi crri/cni. L., from which 
it is separated by boiling in water; slightly 
astringent; principally used in the arts. 

Myr'tol. A vidatile oil distilled from 
jVi/rtii.'i fifiiniii(iii:<, L : antiseptic, stimulant ; 
recommended in catarrhal afl'eetions. 

Myr'tus ( A). A genus of Jli/r/ncipr. 
M. a'cris, Sw.irtz. Mi/rcia (icrl>!, DO. M. 
Caryophyl'lus, Spreng., Fiu/cnid airj/o- 
plii/lliitd, 'J'hnnli. M. Checkan', Spreng., 
eheken, ehekan. cheijuen. a Chilian shrub; 
the aromatic slightly astringent leaves have 
been recommended as a remedy for mucous 
catarrhs. M. commu'nis, L., myrtle ; a 
fragrant shruli or small tree, native of 
western Asia, naturalized in Europe, cul- 
tivated ; the leaves and fruit were formerly 
in high repute as remedies for various dis- 
eases. M. Pinien'ta, L., FiK/miu Pimcnta, 



Mysopho'bia(i/.) \_,aij(7ui, <fu,3(>i]. Mor- 
l)iJ fear of personal impurity or unclean- 

Mystach'ial [.a'Jtrrac]. Pertaining to 
the upper lip. 

Mys'tax {L.). 3Iustache. 

Mjrtilotox'ine [.ac/n/ric, zn^ixdi]. 
CJl^^O. Poisonous leucomaiue found in 
poisonous mussels ; resembles curare in 
physiological action. 

Myxagene (F.). Mucus-producing. 

Mjrxio'sis (X.) [^/xu^a]. Mucous dis- 

Myxoadeno'ma (i.) l/j-u^a, ddi^v']. 
Adenoma with myxoma. 

Myxochondro'ma (L.) [-/oMlpni]. 
Chondroma with my.Koma. 

Myxcede'ma (L.) [/lo^a, ot!^riixa\. F. 
my.xoedeme ; G. Myxodem ; /. mixodema. 
A disease chiefly affecting adult women, 
more rarely men or children, characterized 
by infiltration of the skin and other organs 
■with a gelatinous, mucus-yielding cedema 

and by dulness of the senses, impairment 
of intellect, slow, monotonous, nasal speech, 
and b}' producing a cretinoid aspect. It is 
probably connected with atrophy or disease 
of the thyroid gland. 

Myxcfideme operatoire I^F.). Form 
of myxoedema occurring after excision of 
the thyroid gland. 

Myrxoflbro'ma (Z.). Fibroma with 

Myx'oid \_w^a, unai^. F. myxoide. 
Kesembliiig mucus. 

Myxo'ma (//.) [/.cJfa]. F. mysome ; 
G. Myxom ; 1. missoma. A tumor com- 
posed of mucous tissue. 

Myxom'atous. F. myxomateux, euse. 
Relating to, or resembling, myxoma. 

Myxoneuro'ma {L.) [v^Dfjov]. Gli- 

Msrxopoese {F.). Secretion of mucus. 
My^xosarco'ma (i.) [Ta^f]. F. myxo- 
sarcome. .Sarcoma with myxoma. 
Myze'sis {L.) \_!v'i^w~\. Sucking. 


N. 1. Sign of index of refraction. 2. 
Symbol of nitrogen. 

Na. Symbol of natrium = sodium. 

Nab'alus al'bus, Hook. Frenauthcs 
<ilba, L. 

Nabel ((?.). Navel, umbilicus; — 
blaschen or — blase, umbilical vesicle; 
— blasengang-, vitelline duct ; — blut- 
ader, umbilical vein; — blutbruch, um- 
bilical hernia, the sac of which contains 
blood; — blutfluss, omphalorrhagia; — 
blutung, umbilical liaMnovrhage ; — bruch, 
umbilical hernia ; — bruchband, truss for 
umbilical hernia; — darmbruch, enter- 
omphalocele ; — darmflstel, omphalo-en- 
teric fistule; — fleischgewachs, sarcom- 

phalos ; — fonnig, umbilicated, omphalic ; 
— gefasse, umbilical vessels ; — gegend, 
umbilical region ; — geschwulst, umbil- 
ical tumor; — grube, umbilical fussa; — 
kraut, navclwort ; — loch or — offtiung, 
umbilical aperture; — ring, umbilical 
ring; — schlagader, umbilical artery; — 
schnitt, omphalotomy ; — schwamm, 
fungus of the umbilicus ; — spalt, ab- 
dominal fissure ; — steinbruch, ])orom- 
phalocele ; — Strang, umbilical cord; — 
stranggerausch, murmur produced in 
the umbilical cord; — vene, umbilical 
vein ; — wasserbruch, hydromphalus. 

Nabelschnur ( G.). Umbilical cord ; 
— bruch, umbilical hernia ; — gerausch, 
umbilical souffle ; — repositeur, instru- 



luent for replacing a prolapsed umbilical 
cord ; — rest, stump of umbilical cord in 
newborn infant ; — umschlingung-, liga- 
tion of umbilical cord; — vorfall, pro- 
Ia])se of umbilical cord. 

Naboth'ian glands. L. Nabothi uland- 
ube or ovula ; G. Xabotliseicr. Ovula Na- 

Nachbehandlung (G.). After-treat- 

Nachbilder (6".) After-images. 

Nachblutung (G.). Secondary liajm- 

Nachempfangniss {G.). SujjerfVeta- 

Nachempflndungen {G.). After-.sen- 
satioMs, indicating that sensation usually 
lasts longer than the stimulus producing it. 

Nachfieber {G.). Secondary fever. 

Nachgeburt ((,'.). After-birth. In 
composition Nachgeburts, as, — blut- 
ung, post-partnm lnuniorrliage ; — ent- 
femung, ri'uuival of after-birth ; — pe- 
riode, the fortnight after labor; — vor- 
fall, i>rolapse of placenta; — zange, pla- 
centa-forceps; — zeit, post-partum ])eriod. 

Nachhirn ( (.'. ). Metcncephalon. 

Nachimpfung {G.). Kevaccination. 

Nachkrankheit ( G.). Consecutive dis- 

Nachlassen ( G.). To abate, to inter- 

Nachstaar (G.)- Secondary cataract. 

Nacht {G.). Night; —blatter, pom- 
idioly.v eiiinyctis; — bUndheit, night- 
blinclness; — druck, nightmare, incubus ; 

— ganger, night-walker, somnambulist; 

— harn, urine secreted <luring the night; 

— kerze, evening primrose; — mahre, 
nightmare ; — nebel, night-blindnes.s. liem- 
eralopia ; — schweiss, night-sweat; — 
sichtigkeit, day-blindness, nyctalopia ; — 
stuhl, close-stool; . — 'wandeln, somnam- 
bulism; — wandler, somnambulist. 

Nachtripper ( G. ). (ileet. 

Nachwehen ((!.). After-pains. 

Nacken(^■,). Nape of the neck; — 
band, ligamcutimi nm-h.'e; — beuge, cer- 
vical liend ; — blutader, cervical vein ; 

— fistel, cervical fistula; — geflecht, 
cervical ple.xus ; — gegend, cervical re- 
gion; — grube, nuchal iossa ; — hocker, 
cervical eminence; — kriimmung, cervi- 
cal bend ; — linie, curved lines of occip- 
ital bone; — mark, medulla olilongata ; 

— scblagader, oberflachliche, super- 

ficial cervical artery ; — stamm, arteria 
cerviealis princeps ; — starre, cerebro- 
sjiinal meningitis ; — steifigkeit, stiff 
neck, torticollis; — wirbel, cervical ver- 

Nacre (F.). ]Mother-of-pearl. 

Na'creous. /'. nacre, ee ; G. perlen- 
artig; 1. madreperlaceo. Like mother-of- 
pearl in color, pearly. 

Nadel ( G.). Needle ; — halter, needle- 
holder; — punktirung, or — stechen, or 

— stich, acu]iuncture ; ■ — trephine, a 
strong lanciform needle with an eye near 
the ]ioint, used to perforate diseased or de- 
formed bone and draw a seton through the 
orifice made. 

Nae'gele obliq'uity. Lateral flexion 
of child's head toward its posterior shoul- 
der during labor. 

Nagelein {G.). Cloves. 

Nae'gele's pel'vis. An obliquely-dis- 
torted pelvis. 

Nahepunkt (G.). Near-point. 
Nahren ( (/.). To nourish. In compo- 
sition Nahr, as. — gang, alimentary canal; 

— gelatine, gelatine mixture prepared for 
cultures; — geschaft, nutrition ; — kraft, 
nutritive power; — saft, chyle; — stoff, 
nutritive matter. 

Nahrig (6-'.). Nutritive. 

Narbchen (G). A little scar, the cica- 

Naseln ( G.). To snuffle, to speak through 
the nose ; rhinophonia. 

Nassende Feigwarze (6'.). Condylo- 
ma latum. 

Nassender Grind (G.'). Impetigo. 

Nae'vus f/..), pi. Nsevi. G. Maal or 
Mahl. 1. Mother's mark, birth-mark, mole. 
A congenital circumscribed discoloration of 
the skin, due to increase <if pigment or to 
vascular enlargement; the corium, papil- 
lary body, and corneous layer may also be 
hypertro]ihied. 2. Angioma of the skin. 
N. mater'nus. F. nrevus maternel; G. 
Mutterjnaal ; /. neo materno. Localized 
increase of pigment without vascularity. 
N. pila'ris, hairy na-vns. N. vascula'- 
ris. /•'. n;vvus vasculaire; G. tiefiissmaal; 
/. nevo vascolare. \'nscular n;vvus. 

Nsevus (/'.)■ Na'vus. N. hypertro- 
phique, na'vns in which the epidermis, 
hair, and dermis are hypertrophied. N. 
pigmentaire, pigmented nan-us without 



Nafta (/.)■ Naphtha. Naftalina, 
naphthalin. Naftolo, naphthol. 

Nagekrankheit {G.). Lecksucht. 

Nagel ((?■)• Nail, clavus; — bander, 
ligamenta unguieularia ; — bein, lachry- 
mal bone ; — "bett, nail-bed ; — culturen, 
nail-shaped cultures, such as appear in gel- 
atin in a test-tube when inoculated by punc- 
ture with a microorganism which does not 
liquefy the gelatin, and which grows faster 
at the surface than in the depths of the cul- 
ture ; — ein-wachsung, ingrown toe-nail; 

— falz, nail-fold ; — fleck, lunula, spot on 
the nail ; — geschwiir, paronychia ; — 
glieder, ungual phalanges; — korper, 
middle portion of nail ; — krankheit, dis- 
ease of nails; — knimme, curvature of 
nail; — matrix or — mutter, matrix of 
nail; — phalanx, ungual piialanx ; — 
raude, paronychia ; — schaden, onychia ; 

— sch'winde, atrophy of nail; — spitze, 
thickest portion of nail ; — wall, nail- 
wall ; — wurm, Tiiteii triclnqihytina un- 
guium ; — wurzel, root of nail ; — 
zwang, pan my cilia arctura. 

Nahepunkt (G.)- Near-point. 
Nahrhaft (6".). Nutritious. 

Nahrung ((r.). Aliment, food. In 
composition Nahnings, as, — brei, 
chyme; — dotter, food-yolk; — fliissig- 
keit, chyle ; — kanal, alimentary canal ; 

— klystier, nutritive enema; — milch, 
chyle; — mittel, aliment; — rohre <ir — 
ro'hr, alimentary canal ; — saft, chyle; — 
scheu, sitophobia ; schlauch, alimentary 
canal; — stoff, aliment; — trieb, sense 
of want of food, appetite; — verweige- 
rung, sitophobia ; — vorschrift, dietetics. 

Naht ((?.). Suture. N. der vier 
Meister, suture of the four masters ; — 
knochen. Wormian bones. 

Nail [.1. <S'. naegel]. //. unguis; F. 
ongle ; G. Nagel ; /. unghia. A hard, horny 
plate derived from the epithelium, found 
at the distal extremities of the fingers and 

Nail-bed. />. lectulus unguis ; F. lit 
de I'ongle; G. Nagelbett. the anterior 
portion of the matrix which lodges the 
body of the nail. 

Nail'ers' consump'tion. Nail-makers' 
phthisis, a form of siderosis. 

NaU-fold. L. sinus unguis ; G. Nagcl- 
falz. That which connects the nail-wall 
with the nail-bed. 

Nail-ma'trix : see Matrix of nail. 

Nail-"wall. L. vallum unguis ; G. Nagel- 
wall. Elevation of skin around the root 
and at the sides of a nail. 

Nail'wort. Draha incana, L. ; seed 
pungent, detersive. 

Nain, aine (F.). Dwarf. 
Naissance (F.). Birth. 
Naissant, ante (/■'.). Nascent. 
Nalardofl. Icelandic name for a pecu- 
liar endemic nervous disease characterized 
by pricking pains and numbness in the 

Namangiologia (/.). Lymphangiology. 
Nan'ism [>a>oc]. L. nanismus ; F. 
nanisme ; / nani.smo. Dwarti.shness. 

Nanoceph'ahsm [xc^a,i);]. F. nano- 
cephalie ; /. nanocefalia. The condition of 
having a very small head. 

Nanoceph'alus (/>.). -•\. dwarfish or 
abnormally small head — one less than 49t) 
mm. in circumference if male ; less than 
475 mm. if female. 

Nan'oid [vai/ov, £7«5(k-]. L. nanoides ; G. 
zwcrgartig. Dwarfish. 

Nanom'elus ( L.) [.'/'/."f]. A monster 
with a dwarfish limb. 

Nanoso'mia ( />■) [Twaa]. F. nano- 
somie. Microsomia. 

Na'nus f/-.V .\ dwarf 
Na'pa So'da Springs. Carbonated, 
saline waters, Napa Co., California. 
Napacon'itine. Aconitine. 
Nape of the neck. G. Nacken. Back 
of the neck. 

Napel (F.). J. napello. Aamilum 
nupc/lus, L. 

Napel'line. /. napellina. Acolyctine. 
Naph'talin. Naphthalin. 
Naphtha (L.), nap'tha [vwfla]. A mix- 
ture of hydrocarbons separated from pe- 
troleum by fractional distillation, having 
the boiling-point below 50° C. N. ace'ti, 
acetic ether. N. pe'trae, petroleum, crude. 
N. vegetab'Uis, acetic ether. N. vitri'- 
oh, ether. 

Naph'thalene. Naphthalin. 
Naph'thalin. C,„IIs- /- naidithalinum ; 
/'. naplitaline; tf. Naphtalin ; /. n.aftalina. 
A colorless, transparent, crystalline sub- 
stance derived from coal-tar ; powerful an- 
tiseptic, used ; dose, 0.20 to 1.00 

Naph'thalol. CII.OIICOOCJI,. ;? 
naphthol-salicylic ether, known in commerce 



as belol ; crystalline, tasteless, odorless, in- 
soluble in water ; used internally as an an- 
tiseptic in doses O.o-U.C grain. 

Naph'thol. CjoHoO,. i. naphtholum ; 
F. naiilitol; /. nal'tolo. Exists in two 
isomeric forms — a naiilithol and ,J naphtliol 
or hydrd-naphtbol ; the latter only is used 
in medicine. It is a colorless, crystalline, 
nearly odorless substance, slightly soluble 
in water, freely soluble in alcohol, ether, 
and chloroform ; obtained by synthetical 
chemical processes from naphtbalin. A 
powerful antiseptic ; used in solution or 
ointment as an application for skin dis- 

Naphtosa'lol. IJetol. 

Nap'iforni. /j napiformis; F., L napi- 
forme ; (! . riilienformig. Like a turnip in 

Na'ples fe'ver. Typhoid i'ever. 

Narbe (<'.)■ >Scar, cicatrix. In com- 
position Narben, as, — bildung, cicatriza- 
tion ; — conti'actur, cicatricial contrac- 
tion; — ektropium, ectropion due to 
cicatricial contraction; — fleck, ci'-atrix, 
vitiligo; — geschwnlst, keloid: — ge- 
■webe, cicatricial tissue; — keloid, keloid 
growth of a cicatrix ; — krebs, cicatricial 
carcinoma; — los, without scar; — sar- 
kom, cicatricial sarcoma ; — streif, cica- 
tricial line or streak ; — strictur, stricture 
resulting from the contraction of cicatricial 
tissue ; — verengeraiig, cicatricial con- 

Narbicht or Narbig ('j'-)- Scarred, 
pitted, cicatricial. 

Narcei'a ( L.'). Narceine. 

Nar'ceine [/'//y^r,]. (',_,JI.,,,XO(,. L.. I. 
narceina ; /'. narceine ; (1 . Xarcein. A crys- 
tallizable, inodorous, bitter, feebly basic 
alkaloid, discovered in opium by Pelletier 
flSoli). It is insoluble in ether, sparingly 
soluble in cold alcohol and water; in thera- 
peutic properties closely resembles mor- 

Narce'sis (L.). Narcosis. 

Narcis'sine. An amorphous alkaloid 
found by (Jerranl in the bulb of the daf- 

Narcis'sus f />.'). A genus of ^h;! a/;;/ A 
li(li:r. N. jonquil'la, L., joncpiil ; an orna- 
mental sjiecies. with fragrant flowers ; me- 
dicinal pro]icrtics similar to the next. N. 
pseudonarcis'sus, L . daffodil, native of 
southern Kuro)ie, cultivated for ornament; 
the bulbs and the flowers are emetic. 

Nar'colepsy [v<;<//:7^, /u/ji,J«/<u]. F. narco- 
lepsie , 1. narcolepsia. A neurosis charac- 
terized by sudden and frequent attacks of 
irresistible desire to sleep, the sleep being 
usually of short duration. 

Narcopep'sis (A.) [ri'-rm]. Slow di- 

Narco'sis (L.) [v';/<x<u-Ttv]. F., G. Xar- 
kose ; /. narcosi. Production of narcotism. 

Narcot'ic [■/a^yxfurizov]. F. narcotique; 
G. I>et;Uibungsmittel, jS'arkoticum ; /. nar- 
cotico. 1. Having the power of producing 
lethargy or stupor more or less profound. 
2. A substance having such power. 

Narcotico-acre (F.). Producing nar- 
cotism and intestinal irritation. 

Nar'cotine [vu,,y.m„-]. C.,JI„,NO,. L., 
7. narcotina ; (t. Narkotin. One (jf the 
alkaloids of ojiium ; white, odorless, taste- 
l<>ss, crystallizable, feebly basic, insoluble 
in cold water, soluble in alcohol and boil- 
ing water, very soluble in ether ; feebly 
narcotic ; recommended as an antijieriodic. 

Nar'cotism [i/'i/'zv;]. L. nareotismus ; 
F. narcotisme ; G. Narkotismus ; /. narco- 
tismo. The condition of deep sleep or 
stu]icfaction produced b\- narcotics in large 

Nard. i. nardus; T/. Narde; /. nardo. 
An old generic name for several aromatic 
roots ; spikenard. 

Nardos'tachys Jataman'si, IH'. An 
East Indian plant, Nat. (Jrd. Vah limirn: ; 
its amnuitic fragrant rliizome is the true 
sjiikenaril of the ancients. 

Nar'dus (/>.). Nar<l. N. america'- 
nus, Anilin racemosa, L. N. cel'tica. 
/'. nard celtique ; /. uardo celtico. The 
aromatic rhizome of Vnhrinna ciltica, L. ; 
a nervous stimulant. N. in'dica, spike- 

Na'res (A.). F. narincs; G. Nasen- 
(jttiiungcn ; /. nari. The main openings- 
of the nasal fossa\ Those in front, open- 
ing u]ion the face, are the anterior n. ; 
those behind. <ipening into the pharynx, 
the posterior n. N. exter'nae. G. Na- 
senliieher. Nostrils. N. inter'nse, nasal 

Narici (■/.). Nostrils. 

Narines (/'.). Nostrils, nares. 

Narkose ( '■>'.'). Narco.sis. 

Narkotisch ( G.). Narcotic. 

NaiTenhaus ( <!.'). Insane asylum. 

Narrheit ( G.). Folly, foolishness. 



Nar'thex asafoet'ida, Falc. Ferula 
A^arfht'x. Boiss. 

Na'sal. L. nasalis ; F. nasal, ale ; /. 
nasale. Relating to the nose. N. an'gle. 
1. That made b_v the articulated iiiferidi- 
ends of nasal bones. 2. Of Kanke, that 
between alveolo-nasal line and auriculo- 
infraorbital plane. 3. Of Welcker, that 
between naso-basilar and naso-subnasal 
lines. N. ap'erture, -width of. F. 
largeur de lOuverture nasale. Greatest 
width of anterior nares wherever found 
[Frankfort agreement]. N. arch, arch 
formed by union of the two frontal veins 
over root of nose. N. ar'teries. L. 
arteriaj nasales; F. artc'res nasales ; G. 
Nasenarterien ; /. arterie iiasali. 
supplying the nose or nasal passages. 
From the facial artery are derived the ar- 
tery of the septum (L. arteria septi 
narium ; F. artere de la sous-cloison ; /. 
arteria del setto nasale) and the lateral 
nasal (/v. arteria lateralis nasi ; F. art6re 
de I'aile du nez ; O. seitliche Nasenarterie ; 
/. arteria dorsale del naso) ; from the inter- 
nal maxillary comes the posterior nasal 
(i. arteria nasalis posterior; /'. art ire 
nasale posterieure; (r. hintere Nasenarterie; 
/.arteria sfeno-palatina). which divides into 
a lateral posterior branch ( L. arteria 
nasalis lateralis jmsterior) and a median 
or naso-palatine branch (//. arteria naso- 
palatina). The anterior nasal artery 
(L. arteria nasalis anterior) is a small twig 
from the ethmoidal to the upper meatus; 
and the dorsal nasal (A. arteria dorsalis 
nasi ; (r. NascMriickenarterie) is one of the 
terminal branches of the ophthalmic. N. 
bone. L. os nasi ; F. os propre du nez ; 
G. Nasenbein ; /. osso nasale. A paired 
bone of the face which, with its fellow, 
forms the bridge of the nose, articulating 
with the fri)ntal above and the ascending 
process of the superior ma.\illary exter- 
nally. N. car'tilages : see Carlilrtt/cs of 
the nose. N. catarrh'. G. Nasenkatarrli. 
Coryza. N. crest. L. crista nasalis. Ele- 
vated ridge on palate process of superior 
maxillary bone, which, with its fellow, re- 
ceives the vomer. N. douche, an a]ipa- 
ratus for washing out and ajiplving medi- 
cated fluids to the nasal fossic ; consists of 
a reservoir placed above the patient's head, 
a flexible tube, and a nozzle to he inserted 
into the nose. The water passes in at one 
nostril and out at the other. N. duct, 
i. ductus naso-laehrymalis ; /'.canal nasal: 
G. Thranennasengang. Nasal portion of 
lachrymal duct ; sometimes inaccurately 

applied to whole duct. N. fos'sae. L. 
fossaj nasales ; F. fosses nasales ; G. Naseii- 
gruben ; /. fosse nasali. Two irregular cavi- 
ties situated within the face, below the 
orbits, separated hy the nasal .septum, and 
extending from the base of the cranium to 
the roof of the mouth. N. fur'ro-w. G. 
Nasenfurche. Groove separating the ex- 
ternal and internal na.sal processes of the 
embryo. N. gan'glion, sphenopalatine 
ganglion. N. gleet, chronic catarrh or 
oz;«na in the horse. N. height. F. hau- 
teur nasale ; (r. Nasenhiihe. Distance from 
uasion to akanthion. N. index, cranial. 
F. indice nasale ; G. Nasen-Index. Rela- 
tion of maximum breadth of anterior nares 
to nasal height. N. index in the Uving, 
relation between maximum breadtii at base 
of nose and height from root to insertion of 
septum. N. line. A. linea nasalis ; F. trait 
nasal ; G. Nasenzug. Skin-furrow curving 
outward from upper border of ala nasi around 
external commissure of lips : see Jaddot's 
lines. N. mea'tuses : see Men/uses of the 
nose. N. nei-ve. L. nervus nasalis ; F. 
nerf nasal ; G. Naseiuiugennerv ; /. nervo 
nasale. Branch of ophthalmic division of 
trifacial nerve. After giving off a branch 
to the ophthalmic ganglion and several 
long ciliary branches, it divides into the 
infratnichlear and ethmoidal branches. N. 
nerves, exter'nal. L. nervi nasales ex- 
terni. Terminal branches of infraorbital 
nerve supplying side of nose. N. nerves 
from spheno-pal'atine gan'glion, 
branches supplying nasal fossx an<l upper 
part of ])harynx. Named according to sit- 
uation as internal superior, lateral superior, 
and anterior superior. The internal infe- 
rior are derived from the anterior palatine 
nerve. N. notch. L. incisura nasalis ; 

F. echancrure nasale ; /. incisura nasale. 
1. Semilunar edge of frontal bone at root 
of nose, articulating with the superior 
maxillary and nasal bones. 2. That por- 
tion of either superior maxillary bone 
which forms the boundary of the anterior 
nares. N. pas'sages, meatuses of the 
nose. N. pits, primary, first appearance 
of nasal fossic in the embryo as two depres- 
sions on anterior ccrel)ro-vesical surface. 
N. point, nasion. N. point, infe'rior. 

G. untcrer Nasali)unkt. Lower end of 
naso-maxillarv suture [v. Tiirilk], N. 
point, supe'rior. 'V. oberer Nasalpunkt. 
Point of union of naso-nuixillary and naso- 
frontal sutures [v. Tiiriik]. N. proc'- 
ess. //. processus nasalis ; F. apophyse 
montante ; G. Stirnfortsatz ; /. apofisi 



montantc. 1. That passing upward from 
anterior portion of boily of superior max- 
illary bone, articulating witli the frontal. 
\i. Pointed projection on inferior edge of 
lachrymal bone, articulating with inferior 
turbinated bone. '■'>. Median protuberance 
of the embryonic face, which by uniting 
with the maxillary processes i'ornis the 
nose. N. sec'toi', area in median jjlane 
of skull between lines drawn from horniion 
to subnasal point and to nasion. N. sep'- 
tum. L. septum narium ; F. cloison des 
fosses nasales ; G. Nasenscheidewand ; / 
setto del naso, setto nasale. That sepa- 
rating the two nasal fossa". It is situated 
on the median line or nearly so, and formed 
by the perpendicular ])late of the ethmoid, 
the vomer, the processes by which those 
arc united to the adjoining bones, and the 
septal cartilage. N. spine. L. s]iina na- 
salis ; /■'. epine nasale ; (t. Nasenstachel ; 
/. spina nasale. Name applied to several 
processes aliout the nasal fossre on the me- 
dian line. Th(> superior n. s. descends 
from the frontal bone, articulating with 
the two nasal bones and the per]iendicular 
plate of the ethmoid ; the anterior n. s. 
projects from the surface of tlie superior 
maxillary bones at the anterior nares; the 
posterior n. s., from the palate -bones at 
the posterior nares. N. sur'face. L. su- 
perficies nasalis ; G. Nasenfiache. That 
part of superior maxillary bone forming 
outer wall of either nasal fossa. N. 
veins. L. venx dorsales nasi. (ratlier 
blond from the side and dorsum of the 
nose and discharge it into tlie angular 

Nasa'le ( L.). Nasal bone. 

Nasa'lis ( L.)- 1. The depressor aire 
nasi, compressor naris, and dilatatores naris 
considered as a single muscle [llenlc]. 2. 
Comjiressor naris. .'!. Xaso-labialis. N. 
la'bii superio'ris, naso-Ial>ialis. 

Nas'cent. L. luisccns , /•'. naissant, 
ante; (^r. entstehend ; 7. nascentc. 1. In 
the act of being born. 2. 'J'enn a])|died to 
elements or radicals just freed from chem- 
ical combination, at which moment their 
chemical affinity is most active. 

Nase (G.). Xose. In composition 
Nasen, as, — arterie, hintere, spheno- 
jialatine artery; — ast, nasal nerve; — 
athmen, breathing through tlie nose; — 
augennerv, nasal nerve; — bein, nasal 
bone; — bildung, rhinoplasty; — blen- 
noiThoa, nza'na ; — bluten, cpistaxis; — 
damm, agger nasi; — feld, a thickening 

of the external germinal layer on either 
side of frontal process of embryo, where 
the olfactory organ is to be developed ; — ■ 
fliigel, ake nasi; — fliigelkxiorpel, alar 
cartilages; — fortsatz, nasal process; — ■ 
furche, nasal furrow ; — gange, meatuses 
of the nose; — gaumengang, Stenson's 
duct ; — gaumenkanal, incisor canal ; — 
gaumenknoten, C'loquet's ganglion ; — 
gaumennerv, naso-palatine nerve ; — 
gaunienplexus, ('lo(iuet's ganglion ; — 
gesichtshohen-Index, prnjection meas- 
urement of nasal height, nasion to akan- 
thion, compared with projection measure- 
ment of entire face, the latter taken as 1(10 
[v. Tiiri'ik] ; — gesch'wlir, ulcer of the nose ; 

— ge'wachs, nasal growth, nasal polypus; 

— grube, nasal pit; — haut, pituitary 
memliranc ; — hohe, distance from nasion 
to akantliion ; — hohle, nares; — hoh- 
lenschlagadeni, nasal arteries, posterior ; 

— knorpel, nasal cartilage ; • — knospe, 
gutta rcjsca; — knoten, spheno-palatine 
ganglinn ; — lange, naso-subnasal line; 

— lappen, ahv nasi ; — lippeiilinie, nasal 
line; — loch, nostril; — locher, nares; 

— muscheln, turbinated b(ines; — ner- 
ven, nasal nerves ; — obergesichtshohen- 
Index, projection measurement of nasal 
height, compared with projection measure- 
ment of upiier face [v. Tiiri)k] ; — oflF- 
nungen, nares ; — offhungs-Index, in- 
dex of anterior nares, made by com]iaring 
vertical height (rhinion to akanthion) with 
greatest breadth, the latter taken as 1(10; 

— platte, vertical plate; — polyp, nasal 
polyjius ; — punkt, unterer, subnasal 
point; — rachengang, meatus of nose; 

— rachenpolyp, naso-]iliaryngeal polypus; 

— rachenraum, naso-pharyngeal cavity; 
• — rachenspiegel, rhinoscope ; — linne, 
amabile ; — riissel, rudimentary nose 
formed in cases of cyclopia; — scheide- 
wand, septum of the nose; — scheide- 
wandnerv, naso-palatine nerve ; — schlag- 
ader, seitliche, arteria lateralis nasi ; — 
sciileini, mucus of the nose ; — schleini- 
haut, jiituitary membrane; — schlund- 
polyp, naso-pharyngeal polyjius ; — Spie- 
gel, nasal speculum ; — spitze, ti]i of the 
nose; — sprache, speaking through the 
nose ; — spritze, nasal syringe ; — sta- 
chel, nasal spine; — stein, rhinolith ; — 
stimme, nasal tone, rhinojihonia ; — stii- 
bergerausch, bruit de ehi(|ueiiaude ; — 
■winkel, internal angle of the eye ; — 
winkelgeschwrdst, anchihjps; — wur- 
zel, root of niise; — zacke, pyramidalis 
nasi ; — zug, nasal line. 



Naseau (F.). Nostril of animals. 

Nasenrucken (&'.). Bridtre of the nose;* 
— arterie, dorsal nasal artery ; — mus- 
kel, fiyramidalis nasi; — schlagader, ar- 
teria dorsalis nasi ; — wangenreliefdrei- 
eck, laterales, triangle with apes at rliiii- 
ion, base between the two malar points 
[v. Tiiriik] : — wangenreliefdreieck, 
mediales, triangle with apex at rhinion, 
base between the two zygo-orbital points. 

Nash'ville Sul'phur Spiing (arte- 
sian). Saline, sulphuretted water, Nash- 
ville, Davidson Co., Tennessee. 

Na'si-labia'lis {L). Levator labii su- 
periiiris aUeque nasi [Coue.s]. 

Nasillement (/'^.). A sliirht nasal tone 
of voice. 

Nasion (/>.). In craniometry a point 
on the median line at the naso-frontal 

Nasion {O)- Nasion. N.-Alveolar- 
dreieck, triangle with a[)ex at nasicin. its 
base being the greatest hreailth of tlie alve- 
olar arch [v. T.irilk] ; N.-Gaumenpyram- 
idendreieck, triangle with apex at nasion, 
base between two pyramidal processcsof pal- 
ate biine [v. Torok] ; N.-Gelenkgruben- 
dreieck, triangle with a]iex at nasion, base 
between the two articular eminences in 
front of glenoid fossa; [v. Tiirok] ; N.- 
Goniondreieck, triangle with apex at 
nasion, base lietween the two gmiia [v. 
Tiirok] ; N.-Hinterhauptgelenkdreieck, 
triangle with a|)ex at nasion. base between 
posterior extremities of the condyles of oc- 
cipital bone [v. Tiiriik] ; N.-Inteijugxilar- 
dreieck, triangle witli apex at nasion, liase 
between the two interjiigular processes [v. 
TiJrcik] ; N.-Interorbitaldreieck, triangle 
with apex at nasion, base between the two 
antero-superior lachrymal points [v. Tiiriik] ; 
N.-Jochbogendreieck, triangle with apex 
at na.sioii, and fVir its base the greatest 
malar diameter [v. Tiiriik] ; N.-Joch- 
punktdreieck, triangle with apex at 
nasion and base between the jugal points 
[v. Tilr^ik] ; N.-Jugulardreieck, triangle 
with a])ex at nasion, base between the two 
occipital processes of occi|iital bone [v. 
Tiiriik] ; N.-Keilengedreieck, triangle 
with apex at nasion, its base being min- 
imum sphenoi<lal diameter [v. Tiirok]. 
N.-Keilstachelfortsatzdreieck, tria ngle 
with apex at nasion, base between spinous 
processes of sphenoid bone [v. Toriik] ; N.- 
Kronenfortsatzdreieck, triangle with 
apex at nasion, liase between the two 
coronia [v, T<)ri)k] ; N.-Nasenrucken- 
VoL. II.— 13 

dreieck, oberes, triangle with apex at 
nasion, base between the supero-external 
angles of nasal bones [v. Tiiriik] ; N.- 
Nasenruckendreieck, unteres, triangle 
with apex at nasion, base between infero- 
external angles of nasal bones [v. Tiiriik] ; 
N.-OhrdfEhungsdreieck, oberes, triangle 
with apex at nasion, its base between tlie 
two auricular points [v. Tiiriik]. N.- 
OhroflEhungsdreieck, vmteres, triangle 
having its apes at nasion, its base between 
the two basal auricular points [v. Tiiriik] ; 
N.-Schadelbreitendreieck, triangle with 
apex at nasion, having for its base the 
maximum transverse diameter of skull [v. 
Tiiriik] ; N.-Unterkiefergelenkdreieck, 
triangle with apex at nasion, its base be- 
tween the two condylia [v. Tiiriik] ; N.- 
Wangendreieck, triangle with apes at 
nasion, base between two molar points [v. 
Tiirok] ; N.-Zitzendreieck, triangle with 
apex at nasion, its base between the apices 
of the two mastoid processes [v. Toriik] ; 
N.-Zwischenkieferdreieck, triangle with 
apex at nasion. its base being the breadth 
of the two intermaxillary Ixmes [v. Torijk] ; 
N.-Zygomaxillardreieck, triangle with 
apex at nasion. base between two zygo- 
maxillary points [v. Tiiriik]. 

Na'sitas (/>■). Nasal speech. 
Nasi'tis. Infiainination of the nose. 

Nas'myth's mem'brane. Enamel cu- 

Naso ( L). Nose. 

Naso-antri'tis. Inflammation of the 

Na'so-ba'sal an'gle. Nasal angle of 

Naso-bas'ilar line. That connecting 
nasion and basion, 

Naso-bregmat'ic arc. Frontal arc. 

Naso-fi-on'tal ar'tery. Oidithalmic a., 
bevond origin of supraorbital artery. 

Naso - in'iac plane. That passing 
tlu'dugb the nasion and the inion. 

Naso-la'bial. Relating to nose and lip. 
N.-l. line. L. sulcus naso-labialis ; G. 
Nasen-Lippenlinio. Nasal line. 

Na'so-labia'lis (//.). G. Niederziehcr 
der Nasenscheidewand. Fascicles from 
orbicularis oris muscle to septum of the 

Na'so-lach'rymal canal' or duct. 
Nasal duct. 

Naso-ma'lar an'gle [Flower]. F. 
angle naso-malaire. That obtained by draw- 



iu'j: Vinos fniiu tlie iiasioii fii .suiiiiiiit of 
flMiital pl'dCfSS of eitlu'i' iii;ilar Imiir. 

Na'so-max'illary su'tnre. 'J'liat lie- 
twt'L'ii iKisal liiiiie anil nasal juirtidt) iif su- 
jicrinr maxillary. 

Nasonne, ee (F.). Ilavint; tlie cliu- 
ractor of nasal speech. 

Nasonnement (F.). Nasal s]k'oi-1i. 

Naso-occip'ital arc. That measured 
on surface <if cranium from nasion to inion. 

Naso-opis'thiac plane. That jiassinj;' 
through iiasiou and opisthiou. 

Naso-opis'thio-bas'ilar cui-ve, an- 
tero-poste'i'ior [Topinard], /•'. iMuirbe 
antcro-posterieure naso-opisthio - liasilaire. 
ISajiittal cireuuifereueo oi" cranium. 

Naso-pal'atine. IldatinL: to the nose 
and palate. N.-p. ar'tery. A. anterior 
septi. l>raneh from spliiiin-palaliric aiterv 
to septum of nose. N.-p. groove. A. 
.sulcus naso-palatinus. (iroove for nascj- 
palatilii' nerve on lateral surface of vonu'r. 
N.-p. nerve. />. nervus nas(i-palalinus; F. 
nerf s]ih('-no-palatin interne ; (i. Nasi'ngau- 
menncrv ; /. mi'vo naso-palatino. liraiich 
dcsceiidinLC I'rom sjihcno-jialatine frannlion 
forward alont;- septum nasi to anteri(U' pala- 
tine canal and mucous memlirane jjchind 
iiu-isor teeth. 

Naso-palpebral ( F.). Orhicularis pal- 
pclirarum [( 'hanssier]. 

Naso-pharynge'al. F. naso-pharvn- 
irien, enne. llelatinLr to the imse and 

Naso-septi'tis. Inflamnnition of sep- 
tum nasi. 

Naso-sourciiier (/■'.). t'orrui:at(]r su- 
percilii [Chaussier]. 

Naso-subna'sal line. l>istance from 
nasion tcj sulmasal )ioint [IJeuedikt]. 

Nassolog''ical [^■^11,7,-1,1, Ai^-.^]. i'crtain- 
im;' to the stutiini; of aniiinil liodies or 

Nastirr'tiuni ( L ). A i;cnus of Cnici/- 
<r:t. N. arniora'cia, Fries, (''<c/(/((n-/(( ki-- 
viiirdd'i. ],. N. ofHcina'le, 1!. l>r., water- 
cress; i;rows aliout ])unds and lirooks; cul- 
tivated and naturalized from ]']urope. N. 
palns'tre, VH\. N. sylves'- 
tl'e, li. I'.r.. yellow cress ; medicinal jirop- 
ertics same as linise of water-cress. 

Na'sus ( L."). Nose. 

Natal' al'oes. .\ variety of aloes ini- 
portc'il from Natal, ditl'erinii; in a])pearancc 
and in character of its active principle from 
other kinds of aloes. 

Natal' ar'row-root. East-India arrow- 

Natal' boil or sore. A form of indo- 
lent painful ulcer on the hainls, i'eet, or 
legs, observed in South Africa, and sup- 
posed to lie (d' seorliutic origin ; known 
also as Transkeian scab or Veldt sore : see 
akso /'A(7'.v, c)u/(iiiic. 

Natalite ( F.). IJatio of births to popu- 
lation in a given time. 

Natal'oin. F. nataloine. The erystal- 
lizable active |irinciple of Natal aloes. 

Na'tes ( />.). F. fesscs ; (1. (Jesiissback- 
cn ; /. natiche, 1. The large rounded prom- 
inences at the postero-inferior portion of 
the trunk, caused by the muscles of the 
seat ami an accumulation of fat ; common- 
ly called the buttocks. 2. Formerly used 
for the anterior corpora i:|uadrigemina. 

Na'tive albu'mins. Prot(!ids in tho 
solids and fluids of the liody, soluble in 
w.ater, and not ]irecipitated by alkaline car- 
bonates or liy very dilute acids. 

Nativis'tic the'ory. F. thcorie nati- 
vistiipie; (•'. nativistische Thcorie. InmUe 
or intuitive theiu'y. A general term used 
to designate those Jisychcdogical theories 
which assume that visual sensations give 
rise to perccjitions of space, form, distaiU'C, 
etc., not tlnauigh a jisychic interpretation 
of them giiidcil by experience, as the em- 
piricists hold, but, in part at le.ast. directly 
and because of the inake-n]i of the organ- 
ism or tlirouL^li the agency ol' some native 
or innate power. 

Nato-morto ( /.). Stillborn. 

Na'ti'iuni ( L.). Sodi\im. N. acet'- 
icuni [I'.tf]. sodium acetate. N. arsen- 
i'cicum [I*- Ilelv.]. sodium arseniati'. N. 
benzo'icuni [I*, (i.], sodium benzoate. N. 
biborac'icum, borax. N. bicarbon'- 
icuni [I'. <!.!, sodium bicarbonate. N. 
borac'icuni [P. Aust.], sodium borate. 
N. broma'tuni [I'. <!.], soilium bronjide. 
N. carbon'iciam [I'. (i.J, sodium carbo- 
nate. N. carbon'icuni cru'dum [!'.(;.], 
sal soda, eonnuercial sodium carbonate. N. 
carbon'icnm dilap'sum [P. Ilelv.], dried 
sodium carlioiiatc. N. carbon'icurn sic'- 
cnm [P. (!.]. dried sodium earljonate. N. 
caus'ticuni, soila. N. chlora'tum [P. (i 
sodium chhu'idc. N. clllc'riciini [P. I Felv 
soilium chlorate. N. hy'dricum, soda. N. 
hydrocarbon 'icuni [P. .\ust.], sodium bi- 
carbonate. N. hsrpophosphoro'sum, so- 
dium liypophosphite. N. hjrposulfuro'- 
sum, sodium hyposulphite. N. joda'tum 



[P. G]. sodium iodide. N. ni'tricum [P. 
U], sodium nitrate. N. phosphor'icum 
[P. (t.], sodium phosphate. N. pyrobo'- 
ricum, sodium borate. N. pyrophos- 
pho'ricum [F. Helv.]. sodium jiyrophos- 
phate. N. pyrophbspho'ricxim ferra'- 
tum, sodio-ferric [lyruphosphate. N. sal- 
icyricum [P. <r.], .sodium salicylate. N. 
santon'icum [P. Helv.], .sodium santo- 
niiiatc. N. sili'cicum liq'uidum [P. 
HuuL'.]. solution of sodium silicate. N. 
Bubsulftiro'smn, sodium hyposulphite. 
N. sulfoichthyoricum, sodium iehthyo- 
iate. N. sulfu'ricum [1*. tJ.]. .sodium sul- 
phate. N. sulfu'ricum dilap'sum [I*. 
Helv.], dried sodium sulphate. N. sulfu'- 
ricum sic'cum. [P. (i], dried sodium sul- 
phate. N. sulfuro'sum, sodium sulphite. 
N. valerian'icum, sodium valerianate. 

Natrium (G".). Sodium; — benzoat, 
sodium benzoate ; — bicarbonat, sodium 
bicarbonate; — bisulfit, sodium bisul- 
phite; — carbonat, sodium carbonate; 
— chlorat, sodium chlorate; — gold- 
chlorid, sodio-auric chloride. 

Na'tron ( L.). Native sodium carbonate. 

Natron {(!■)■ — aetzlauge, solution 
of soda ; — hydrat, soda; — laugB, so- 
lution of soda ; — pastillen, troches of 
bicarbonate of sodium ; — wasserglas, 
soluble glass; — weinstein, Rochelle salt. 

Na'trum (/^.\ Soilium. N. acet'i- 
cum, sodic acetate. N. bibo'ricum [P. 
II0S.S.], sodium borate. N. caus'ticum, 
soda. N. hypochloro'sum solu'tum 
[P. Ross], solution of chliUMiiated soda. 
N. spi'ricum, sodium salicylate. 

Natterwurz {G.). Bistort. 

Natur (6^.). Nature; — heilung, re- 
covery without treatment; — spiel, mal- 
formation, lusus naturaj; — trieb, instinct. 

Nat'ural. Subst. : 1. An idiot. 2. A 
horse whose testicles have not descended 
into the .scrotum. Adj.: F. naturel, elle ; 
G. natiirlich ; /. naturalc. 1. .\ccording 
to nature. 2. Illegitimate. N. skel'eton, 
one in which the diflerent parts are con- 
nected by ligaments. 

Na'ture. 2/., /. natura ; G. Natur. 1. 
The universe. 2. The sum of the prop- 
erties of a thing. 

Nau'clea Gam'bir, Hunt. Uncaria 
Giimliir. Koxb. 

Naupath'ia (/-.) [v^'j?, rdfJ-ic]. F. 
naupathic; G. Seekrankheit ; /. naupatia. 

Nau'sea {L.) \_'"-'i\- F. nausee; G. 

Uebelbefinden. Sensation of desire to 
vomit. N. mari'na or N. marit'ima, sea- 

Nauseabond, onde {F.). Nauseous. 

Nau'seous. L. nauseosus ; F. nau- 
seeus, euse ; G. ekelhaft ; /. uauseoso. Pro- 
ducing nausea. 

Nautoma'nia (L.) [/«■)«•, /ta/f'j]. In- 
sane fear of a ship. 

Na'vel \_A. S. nafela]. F. noiubril ; G. 
Nabel; 7. ombelico. Umbilicus. 

Navel-ill. A disease of lambs resem- 
bling bra.xy. 

Navel-string. Umbilical cord. 

Na'vel'wort. L. umbilicus veneris; F. 
nombril dc \'enus; G. Nabelkraut. The 
leaves of Coti/leJoii Umbilicm, L. [F. Esp.] ; 

Navic'ula (//.). Frenulum p\i<kndi. 

Navic'ular. L. navicularis ; /'. navicu- 
laire : G. kahnformig ; /. navicolare. Boat- 
shaped. N. bone, scaphoid bone of foot. 
N. disease', intiammation of the navicular 
bone in the foot of the horse, or of the 
cartilage on its inferior surfiice. N. fos'sa. 
L. navicularis; /'. fosse naviculaire; 
G. kahnfiirniige (irube ; /. fossetta navico- 
lare. 1. Depression in which is lodged the 
cartilaginous portion of the Fuslacbian 
tube, at the base of the internal ]iterygoid 
process of the sphenoid. 2. In tiie ex- 
ternal genitals of the female the depression 
between the frenulum pudeiidi and the 
posterior commissure. 8. Widening of the 
urethra at a level with the base of the 
glans penis. 4. Fossa of the helix. 

Navicula're (A). Scaphoid bone. 

Navic'ulo-cu'boid articula'tion. L. 
articulatio cuneo-uavicularis ; <1 . Sciiiinjein- 
gelenk. An arthrodial joint between the 
scaphoid and cuboid bones ; not constant. 

Navic'vdo - cu'boid lig'aments. L. 
ligamenta naviculari-cuboidea. Sh<u-t bands 
connecting the .scaphoid and cuboid bones 
of the foot. 

Navic'ulo-cu'neifonn art;icula'tion. 
//. artic\ilatio cuneo-navicularis ; G. Schiff- 
beingelenk. Arthrodial joint between the 
scaphoid and the three cuneiform bones of 
the foot. 

Navic'ulo-cu'neiform lig'aments. L. 
ligamenta naviculari-cunciforinia. Short 
bands connecting the scaphoid with the 
cuneiform bones of the foot. 

Na'viform. Z. naviformis-. F., / navi- 
forme ; G. schifff ijrmig. Boat-shaped. 



Near-point. L. jiunetuin [inixiinuin , 
G. Nah(.'j>uiikt. Ncuivst ]Hiiiit ii>r wliich 
tho eye can lu'comiiKiJato itscll' to prculiKx- 

Near'-sightediiess. -Myojiia. 

Nearthro'sis (/>.) \_.'l"<. 'J/iiifmy']. F. 
ncarthrose ; 0'. At'tcri;elciik ; /. iicartrii>-i. 
A false ur artiiicial joint. 

Neat's-foot oil. L. (ileum ImiImiIiimi ; 
G. Klaueiiiil. A bland liquid nil oliiaincd 
fmni tlu' f'cct of neat cattle liy liniliMi: in 
water and .skiniming tlie oil fi'oiu tlie sur- 

Nebelfleck ( r,'.). Xclmla. 

Neben ( G. ). Accessory, near ; — ader, 
accessory vein ; — arterie, accessory or 
collateral artery; — bander, accessory lig- 
aincuts; — blutader, accessory vein; — 
dotter, jiarablast ; — driise, collateral 
glauil, suprarenal ca]isnle ; — eierstock, 
jiarovariuni ; — flocke, accessory fioccu- 
lus ; — fortsatz, accessory a]io]iliysis ; — 
hautchen, accessory membrane ; — hex'z, 
accessory beart ; — hoden, ejiididyniis ; 

— hodenkanal, canal of epididymis; — 
hocker, accessory condyle ; — hohlen, ac- 
cessorv cavities, especially tlie frcuital. max- 
illarv. and .splienoidal sinuses, about nasal 
passajics ; — horn, laterales, hinteres, 
rcstiforni nucleus; — horn, mediales, 
hinteres, post-]iyrainidal nucleus ; — 
keim, parablast; — kern, accessory nu- 
cleus, a small accumulation <if clironiatine 
apart from tlie nucleus, ap]iearin2: in cer- 
tain cases during the metamorpliosis of tlie 
spei'matoblast into tlie siiermatozoon ; — 
kern der Olive, accessory olivary nucleus ; 

— kerne, gezackte, nucleus enib(diforniis 
and nmdciis globosns; — krempe, anti- 
helix; — klichen, jdaci'nta sueecnturiata; 
• — leber, accessory liver; — leiste, anti- 
lielix; — milz, accessory s]deen ; — niUS- 
kel, accessory muscle; — nebenhoden, 
(U'ean of (iiraldes; — olive, accessory oli- 
vary body; — olive, aussere, a collee- 
tion of gray matter in tlie metlnlla. dor- 
sally from tbe olive; — olive, vordere, 
nucleus of the |iyramid ; — pancreas, |ian- 
creas accessoriiiin ; — pyraniide, J'yra- 
mis vermis accessoria ; — scheibe, acees- 
.«orv ilisk : .see />/V/.-.< nf nni-^cli -I'llins ; — 
schilcklrusen, accessory thyroid glands; 

— schlagader des Armas: see Aiitrin 

riiUdli idlif ittrdia, Artiriii ci'llnlrnilis imliii- 
//<, Artcrlii iclhit' ralii iihinri'-; — schlag- 
ader, obere, hinei'e, inferior iirofuuda ar- 
tery of the arm; — speicheldrlise, ac- 
cessory parotid gland; — thianenbein, 

OS lachrymalc accessoriuin : — thymus, 
thyuiiis accessorius; — trommelfell, niem- 
brana tympani secundaria ; — vene, collat- 
eral vein ; — 'windung, second convoluted 
tubule of tbe kidiiev ; see ( 'nm uliilfd tnlnihs. 

Neben-Nebennieren ((/.). Accessory 
sujirareiial capsules. 

Nebenniere ( <!■)■ i^ii]irarenal capsule. 
In Composition Nebennieren, as. — blut- 
adern, sii])rarenal veins ; — geflecht, su- 
prarenal jdcxus ; — schlagader, suprare- 
nal iw capsular artery. 

Neb'ula f/v.) [--^c-'/i.rJ. 1. A cloud or 
haze; a clioidy spot on the cornea. 2. A 
sprav ; a lii|uid intended for local ap]ili- 
cation by means of tlie atomizer. N. cor'- 
neae, a su]ierficial opacity id' the cornea. 

Neb'ulize. To make into a .sjiray or 

Neck [-1. >V. hnecca]. L collura ; F. 
cou ; G. Hals; /. collo. 1. That jiortion 
of the bodv between the head and the 
shoulders. As a region the neek is accu- 
rately limited as follows on either side: 
Above, by the lower border of the body 
of the jaw, a line extending from its angle 
to the mastoid process, and the superior 
curved line of the occi))ital bone ; below, 
by the sternum, the clavicle, and a line 
drawn from the acromion to the spine of 
the seventh cervical vertebra. '1. Ij- cer- 
vix; F. cid. By analogv, a narrow jiortion 
of an organ. N. of blad'der. L. colbun 
vesicie ; /'. C(d de la vessio; (/. Blasenhals ; 
1. collo della vescica. The lowest jiart of 
the bladder, from wdiich the urethra leads 
oif. N. of calca'neum, the slightly- 
constricted part in front of the tuberos- 
ity. N. of fe'niur. 7y. cidlum i'emoris; 
F. col du femur; /. collo del femore. 
The somewhat llatteiied and constricted 

portion which com ts the head with the 

shaft. N. of gall-blad'der, tlie upper 
narrowed portion. N. of hu'merus. L. 
colluni humeri ; /. collo dell' oniero. The 
surgical neck is tlie constriction below the 
tuberosities, so c.illeil because frci|uently 
fractured. The anatomical neck is the 
verv slight narrowing which surrounds the 
articular surface of the head. N. of low'er 
jaw, constricted portion just below the con- 
<lyle. N. of scap'ula. Z^. coll um scapulas. 
The portion connecting the glenoid fossa 
with the body. N. of a tooth. L. cervix 
deiitis; /'. collet; /. collelto. The con- 
stricted portion where the enamel and 
crusta meet on the dentine. N. of urin- 
if erous tu'bule. L. collum ductus urin- 



iferi. Constricted portion between the cap- 
sule of Bownjan and the first convoluted 

Neck'lace poplar. Cotton-wood, Pup. 
nliis »io/ii/i/eia, Ait. ; bark tonic, stomachic, 
and febrifuge. 

Neck'TV^eed. Veronica pi'i-cf/n'na, L. 

Necrae'mia (L.) l>--/./j(Ji, al,a«]. Death 
of the blood. 

Necrobio'sis (L.) [/5t'(«<r:i-]. F. n&ro- 
biose ; /. necrobiosi. Slow death of a part 
due to tissue-degeneration. 

Necrocomi'um (L. ) [zoi/y.rov] (F. neero- 
conie) or Necrodochi'um (i.) \_i'i"yjii)y'J. 
A house for the care of the dead, a mor- 

Necrog'enous [y^/.po?, yi^e^rf;^. L. 
necrogenus; F. necrogene ; /. necrogeno. 
Living in dead organic matter. 

Necromime'sis (Z/.) \ji.i<i.r,i7'.<;\ Term 
proposed by ."Mickle for the delusion in 
which one believes himself to be dead. 

Necrophilie (^.). Insane sexual desire 
for a corpse. 

Necropho'bia (/>.) [^''/j?"?]. /''. n(?cro- 
phobie ; 1. necrofobia. Morbid fear of a 
corpse, erroneously used for thanatoi)hobia. 

Ne'cropsy or Necrop'sis. />., 1. ne- 
cri)]i.>^ia ; F. necrop.sie. Error for necros- 

Necros'copy \<:/.i>-iui\. L.. I. necro- 
scopia ; F. neeroscopie ; G. Nekroskopie. 
Examination of a dead body. 

Necrosemiot'ic [<Tr^,r/i?n>]. L. necro- 
semeioticus ; /•''. necros6miotique. Indi- 
cating death. 

Necro'sis (Z.) \^^ty.piiu)\. F. lu'; 
G. Nckrose; /. nccrosi. Death in mass 
of a tissue, especially of a bone or a part 
of a bone. 

Necrosozo'ic [-rfu",/)]. Preservative of 
the cadaver. 

Necrosteose (/'.). Necrosis of bone. 

Necrot'omy [r////™]. /,., /. necrotomia ; 
/'. necrotoniie. 1. Autopsy, dissection. 2. 
Operation for removal of necrosed bone. 

Nectan'dra (/>.). /'. nectandre. A 
genus of Liuirinr«. N. Pu'chury ma'- 
jor, Nees, a Brazilian tree, the botanical 
source of pichurim beans ; the bark is aro- 
matic, and has been used in the treatment 
of diarrhoea and dysentery. N. Pu'chury 
mi'nor, Nees, habitat same as above; bears 
a smaller fruit. N. Rodise'l, Sehonib., 
bibiru, bebeeru, or greenheart tree, native 

of British Guiana, the source of bebeeru- 

Nectan'drsB cor'tex (i.). Bebeeru- 

Nectan'drine. CjoH^NO,. An alka- 
loid found in the wood of Xcctandra 
RodiuLi, bebeeru. 

Neel'sen's meth'od. For staining tu- 
bercle bacilli with hot solution of fuchsin, 
and decolorization with 15 per cent, watery 
solution of sulphuric acid. 

Neel'sen's solu'tion. For staining. 
Fuchsin 1 gm., ab.solute alcohol 10 c. c, 5 
per cent, solution of carbolic acid 100 c. c. 

Nefralgia (/.). Nephralgia. 

NeMa, or Nefrite, or Nefi'itide (/.). 
Nephritis. NefroUto, nephrolith. Ne- 
fropiosi, nephropyosis. Nefrotomia, 

Neg'ative conver'gence : see Diver- 

Neg'ative eye'piece. Iluyghenian eye- 

Neg'ative menis'cus : see Lens. 

Negro cachex'y. Cachexia africana. 

Negro leth'argy. Nelavan. 

Negro-vine. Guwilobus /lirsn/ui', ^lichx. ; 
root drastic cathartic, juice narcotic; poi- 

Neigung (G.). Inclination, declivity. 

Neigungsstrome (G.). The electrical 
current produced when the obtuse and acute 
angles of an obliiiue section of muscle are 

Neis'ser's gonococ'ctis. Micrococcus 


Nekrobiose {G.). Necrobiosis. 

Nekrose or Nekrosis (f/.). Necrosis. 

Nelaton, French surgeon, 1807-73. 
N.'s fi'bres, circular muscular fibres of 
rectum. N.'s line, one drawn on the sur- 
face from anterior-superior spine of ilium 
to tuberosity of ischium. When the bones 
are in their ]>roper relations, it touches the 
top of the great trochanter. N.'s meth'- 
od, suspending a person head downward in 
case of failure of respiration or of the heart's 
action in aiuosthesin. N.'s opera'tion, 
enterotom}', the incision being usually in 
the right groin, above I'oupart's ligament. 
N.'s protie, jirobe with a small ball of 
unglazed porcelain at the end ; used to de- 
tect bullets in wounds. 

Nel'avan. African sleep disease. An 
endemic disease of negroes on the west 



coast of Africa, cliaractcrizoJ by lioaJiiclio, 
luorbkl .siiiiiiioleiice, and omuL-iatioii. Il is 
usually i'atal. 

Nelke ( (/.). Piuk. In comiKisiitioii 
Nelken, pi., as, — ol, "11 of elovc-s; — 
pfefi'er, pinifiita ; — rinde, oiMiiaunni ; — 
stiel, cliivc-stalk ; — zimmt, clove-bark. 

Nelum'bo. Sacred bean, A'lliiinlniiin. 
N., yel'low, A'diiiiihitiiii (uhiim, "Willd. ; 
rout, leaves, and seed refrigerant, laxative, 
and euuillient. 

Nemathelminthe i F.). Nematuid worm. 

Nein'atoblasts [•^v'j«, ,3/.ao-rii-]. .Sper- 

Nematochom'eter \_>^,r", '"/"<, ,"'- 
r/>"^]. F. nematoclinnietre. liistninieiit 
to measure velocity of impulse in a nerve. 

Nematoforo (/.'). Sertoli's column. 

Nematoi'dea m- Ne'matoid ■worms 
[yijii-'t, £!"">■]. /'. neinat(jides ; (r. Xema- 
toden ; /. nematoidi. An order of Fntnuoa 
comprising round worms with a cylindrical, 
elongated, and elastic body and true intes- 
tinal canal, having a distinct anus. AfCinif. 
Sfroiii//^/ii!i, Tn'i:/i(Hiji/iii!iL<, and others be- 
long to this order. 

Nenuphar ( /•'.! Xi/mplrra. N. blanc, 
Xi/)iijili»ii (illiii. L. N. jaune, Xijiiqilam 

lutrii. Ji. 

Neo ( /.). Nan-US. 

Neoblas'tic [•//"i-, ,5/»i<7r<;o]. Giving rise 
to new tissue. 

Neofibrine ( F.). Filjrin of recent for- 

Neoformation {F.). Xew growth. 

Neoarene (F.). (If new f(u-mati(pn. 

Neole'pra (/>.) [//--,a]. I'ellagra. N. 
Parisien'sis, acrodynia. 

Neo-membrane ( /". ). False meinbrane. 

Ne'omorph. An organ or structure 
newly ac(juired, not derived by inherit- 

Neomor'phism [.'(","t-/,]. G. Xeubil- 
dung. I'riHluctiiiu of new fnrni or rela- 

Neona'tus ( L.'). Xiwly Imrn. 

Ne'oplasm ['//"i-, ■r>Ar;;t,i'\. F. neo- 
plasme ; ^Z. Xe()]plasma ; /. nenplasma. A 
new growth characterized bv liistnlnuical 
diversity fruni the nuitrix in which it grows, 
and by its frei|uent trndency to increase. 

Neoplas'tic. /■'. ncoiilastiinie. Term 
applied to the new building of a tissue. 

Neoter'icus ( />.) [>--wr;/):/:';,]. Pertain- 
ing to youth, youthful. 


Neotocogala-ctoze'inia {L) [ri'iy.'i^\ 
•f'lhi^ "/,/>ru]. Presence of a milky tiuid 
in the breast of a newborn infant. 

NeotocophthaPmia ( L ) \jii/Mi, ucOal- 
tii>i\. ("onjunctiviiis in the newlioru inl'ant. 

Nep'aline. I'seudaeonitiue. 

Ne'paul ac'onite: aec Bikh. 

Ne'paul car'damom. The fruit of an 
undetermined species ni' Ainoi/iaiii ; resem- 
bles Bengal cardannun. 

Ne'paul tu'mor. A pendulous tunnu-, 
containing a thick whitish fluid, springing 
from the e-\ternal surface of the concha, 
usually 1)11 both ears ; .seen in one of the 
valleys of Xepaul ; more frei|uent in women 
than in men ; grows to a diameter of 3 
inches, then shrivels. 

Nepen'thes iL.) [^ij-^^fl/js-]. 7^. nepen- 
thi's; y. nepente. Ancient term I'or a nar- 

Nep'eta ( L.). F. nepeta. A genus of 
Luhiiiin. N. Cata'ria, ]j. /'cataire; /. 
cataria. Catnep (U- catnip, a naturalized 
European plant, cultivated ; used in domes- 
tie ]iractice as a stimulant and anti.spas- 
modic. N. Glecho'ma, P>enth., G!ci-lwma 
]i( i!( riii-i II, L. 

Nephablep'sia ( />.) [>iv'"s% fi'/.l-o)]. 


Neph'ela (/..) [^;c-'/.r]. Xrbula. 

Nephe'lium (/>.). F. m-phelion ; C 
Xcphelion ; /. nefelio. Cloudiness of the 
Cornea ; nebula. 

Neph'eloid [vrc'/);, £]'<"v]. Cloudy, 

Nephelo'pia (L.'). Pimnied or cloudy 
vision, due to diminished transparency or 
other aluiorinal condition cif some of the 
ocular media. 

Nephi'fenioiTha'gia ( L.\ [vjc-oiic.^f/di/'- 
/!<//:''/]. licTial luemorrhage. 

NerohraPgia r/>.) [«/.;-"v-]. /". m-phral- 
gii' ; (t. Nicrensehmerz ; /. nefralgia. Pain 
in the kidney. 

Nepliranu'ria (/,.") [I'/y. fo/'"-']- '^"P' 
pressi(Ui of renal secreti<iri. 

Nephrapos'tasis (7y.) [_a-i'"TTa'y:i]. Wo- 
nal abscess. 

Nephrarc'tia (/..). Contraction of the 

Nephrato'nia (7>.) ['/rro:'.;]. Picnal 

Nephrecta'sia (' A.) [;'/7(/(7rv]. Pilata- 
tion of the kidnev. 



Nephrec'tomy [ixr^/j^r.'/]. F. ne- 
phrectomie. Excision of the kidney. 

Nephrelco'sis (i) [l>./.u>(j'.i\. Ulcera- 
tion of the kidney. 

Nephremphrax'is (X.) [^taiffjd<T<Tuj'\. F. 
nephremphraxis ; /. nefreiifrassia. ( )lj.struc- 
tioii to the passage of urine I'rom tlie kid- 
ney ; renal engorgement. 

Nephresie (^F.). Renal disease. 

Neph'ria {L.}. Bright's disease. 

Neph'ric. L. nephriuus. Belonging 
to the kidney. 

Nephrid'ion (i/-). Fat surrounding the 


Nephrine {F.). Cystin. 

Neph'rism. F. nt'phrisinc. The con- 
ditiiin of patients suffering froui grave renal 

Nephrite (F.). Nephritis. N. epithe- 
liale, desquamative nephritis. N. inter- 
stitielle, interstitial nephritis. 

Nephrit'ic. X. nephriticus ; i<'. ncphri- 
tic|ue ; G. nephritisch ; /. ncl'rilico. I'er- 
taining to the kidney or to nephritis. 

Nephrit'ic plant. l'urtlii:uinm integri- 

Joliuiii, L. 

Nephri'tis [>=;cr//'i>-]. F. nephrite; G. 
Nierenenlznndung ; J. nefrite. Inilauima- 
tion of the kidney. 

Nephritisch (G.). Nephritic. 

Neph'rocele [^--cy/'k-. zr;/.rj. F. nephro- 
cele: 6'. Niereiihruch ; /. nefrocele. Hernia 
of the kiilnev. 

Nephrochalazo'sis (/>.) [/<i/.a'</i'j. 
Granular disease of the kidne}-. 

Nephrococco'sis (/v.) [y.<i/./.ii<:']. Bright's 

Nephrocol'ica ( L.). Renal colic. 
Nephrocysto'sis (//.) [;('j(T7;i]. Forma- 
tion of cystic kidney. 

Nephro'dium Fi'lix mas, Rich, .-l.v- 
piJium Fi/ir iiKis. Swar. 

Nephro'dium marg-ina'le, Mieh.x. Ax- 

pidinm manjiiitilr^ Wiild. 

Neph'roid [vrt'/jHc, Et'^..^-]. Kidney- 

Neph'rolith [>f7'"c]. />. nephrolithns ; 
F. nephrolithe ; G. Nierenstein ; /. nefro- 
lito. A calculus formed in the substance 
or pelvis of tiie kidney. 

Nephrolithi'asis (/,.). F. nephro- 
lithiase ; /. nei'rolitiasi. The formation of 

Nephrolithot'omy [^/.iOw;, 7///^//]. F. 

nephrolithotomie ; / nefrolitotomia. Re- 
moval of a calculus from the kidney by in- 

Nephrol'ogy [/.'yi/c]. F. nephrologie ; 
G. Nierenlchre ; I. uefrologia. A treatise 
on the kidney. 

Nephromala'cia (//.) [/ia/.azi'a]. Soft- 
ening of the kidney. 

Nephromegalie (i^.). Enlargement of 
the kidney. 

Nephromer ((?.). That part of a 
metaniere relating to the primitive kidney. 

Nephromio'sis (Z-.). Renal atrophy. 

Nephroparal'ysis (i.). Paralysis of 

the kidney. 

Nephrop'athy \_-dOi,i\. L. nephro- 
pathia. Disease of the kidneys. 

Nephrophlegxaa'sia {L.) [y/./^<u]. F. 
nephniphleguiasie. Nephritis. 

Nephrophthi'sis (//.). Tuberculosis 
of the kidne}-. with formation of large 
caseous masses and extensive destruction 
of the kidne}' parenchyma. 

Nephrople'gia {L.) [-/.jjVffw]. F. ne- 
phroplegie. Renal paralysis. 

Nephroptose (/'■). Dragging down of 
the kidney by its own weight or b\' dis- 
placement of other viscera. 

Nephropyeli'tis [-f'<r/"s]. Inflamma- 
tion of the parenchyma of the kidney, ex- 
tending to the ])elvis of that organ. 

Nephropyo'sis (/>.) [-■'xuirti']. F. n<5- 
phnipyose ; G. Xephropyose; I. nefropiosi. 
Siip]iurati(in of the kidney. 

NephroiTha'gia (L.) [/J«^£:>]. F. x\&- 
phrorrliagie ; ^r'. Nierenblutung ; /. nefror- 
ragia. lienal hemorrhage. 

Nephror'rhaphy [/i^ic');]. F. ne- 
phrorrhaphie. Operation of suturing a 
movable kidney to the abdominal wall. 

Nephrosclero'sis (//.). Induration of 
the kidney. 

Nephrostegno'sis ( L.) [T-rr^-wn.;]. Con- 
traction with iiidnratioii of the kidney. 

Neph'rostome [ffro/ia]. /•''. nephrosto- 
nio. One of the funnel-shaped ojieiiings on 
the surface of the amphibian kidney, lead- 
ing into the renal tubules. 

Nephrot'omy ["",''i;'l- ^- nephrotomie ; 
G. Niereiischnitt ; /. nefrotomia. Incision 
into the kidnev. 

Nephroty'phus (L.^. Tyjdius fever 
with h:viniirrh:iL'ie nephritis. 

Nephrozymase (/•'.) [■.-rtr/xJi', Co,'/))]- 



Bi'fhaniii's name for the diastase-like fer- 
ment i'lmnil in sdlutinns of the ahaiholic 
preeijiitate IVum liealthy urine. 

Nep'tune's g-ii-'dle. Tiie ahdoiuinal 
baiiihiLxe Msetl in ai)iilying uiuist eulJ or 
tiie •■ wet jpaek. " 

Nerf (/■'.). Nerve. N. acoustique, 
auititdry nerve. N. antagonists or N. 
d'aiTet, inhiliilory nerve. N. auditlf, 
auditory nerve. N. axillaire, cireumtie.x 
nerve. N. de Bock, i)luiryngeal nerve. 
N. crural, anterior crural nervi'. N. fi'e- 
nateur, vaso-nioinr nerve. N. filgori- 
fique, vaso-ni(]l(ir nerve. N. ft'ontal 
externe, .supra. irhital nerve. N. fi'ontal 
interne, supratrdehlear nerve. N. grand 
hypoglosse, hypoglossal nerve. N. de 
Jacobson, tympanie nerve. N. masti- 
cateur, motor rout nf the tifth jiair [I'a- 
letta]. N. nientonnier, mental nerve. 
N. moteur oculaire conimun, oeulo-uio- 
tor nerve. N. moteur oculau-e externe, 
abducent nerve. N. nasal externe, infra- 
troi-lilear mrve. N. nasal interne, eth- 
mnidal nerve. N. nauseeux, tiie {;losso- 
pharynneal nerve, from its intiuenee on the 
antiperistaltic mov<'ments of the jdiarvn.x 
in vomitiiiu'. N. pathetique, troelilear 
nerve. N. plirenique, jihrenie nerve, 
N. pterygoidien, \'idian nerve. N. de 
relachement, vaso-motor nerve. N. 
spheno-palatin interne, naso-|ialatiiie 
nerve. N. Spinal, s)iinal accessory nerve. 
N. stylien, stylidiyoid nerve. N. sus- 
orbitaii'e, frontal nerve. N. temporal 
superficiel, aurieulo-temporal nerve. N. 
temporo-malaire, orhital nt'rve. N. 
thermique, vaso-motor nerve. N. tri- 
jumeau, Iril'aeial nerve. 

Nerf-foulure (/■'.). Contusion of the 
teiido .\ehiHis. 

Nerfs (/■'.). pi, of Nerf. Nerves. N. 
dentaires anterieurs et posterieiirs, su- 
perior dental nerves. N. longitudinaux, 
si ri:e loiiL:itudiiuiles. N. urethro-peniens, 
two tortuiuis lu'rves described by iioULTet 
as (las.^iiiL' forward in the intermuscular 
raphe'' of ibe bulbon-avernosus mus(de, and 
then in llie sliealli of the corpus caverno- 
suni. as far as the Lrl.ans jienis. 

Ne'rium (/-.). /'. nc'riuni. .\ trenus 

of A/iiji//ii<l( r:i . N. Odo'nim, .\it,, sweet- 
scenled oleander ; indigenous and cultivated 
ii] India; all p.irls eif the )danl are |)ois(in- 
ous. N. antidy.sonter'icum, !-,, Wiiijliiin 
aiiii'li/^' iiir, irii, 11. I!]'. N. Olean'der, \i. 
F. hiMriei'-rose ; /. oleandro. lauro rosa. \n 
ornamental shrub, native of the Mediter- 

ranean ri'i;ion ; an active poison, producing 
jiaralysi.s of both voluntary and involuntary 

Neroli (/'.)• Oil of orange-flowers. 

Nei'prun (7''.). Buckthorn. N. bour- 
daine, iLlmninu^ fninjidd. L. N. cathar- 
tique, liliiiiiiiiuf f<illi(niicux, 1j. 

Nerv ('•'.). Nerve. In comiiosition 
Xerven, as. — artig, nerve-like ; — ast, 
nerve-branch; — bahn, nerve-track; — 
bau, nerve-structure; — beschwerde, 
nerve disorder, neurosis ; • — bogen, neural 
arcli ; — centrum, central cerebro-spinal 
system; — dehnung, nerve - stretching ; 

— driise des Beckens, coccygeal gland ; 

— durchschneidung, neurotomy ; — ein- 
richtung, arrangeim'Ut of nerves ; — end- 
hiigel, inotorial end-]ilate; — endigung, 
termination of nerve ; — endknospe, ter- 
minal iierve-bulli ; — endkolben, cnil-bulbs 
of Krause ; — endplatte, terminal iierve- 
jdate ; — entztindung, neuritis; — erre- 
gung, nerve-stini\ilation ; — faden, iierve- 
tilanu'nt ; — faser, nerve-libre ; — faser- 
schicht, nerve-tilirc layer; — fleber, ner- 
vous fever, geiu'rally enteric fever; — 
fortsatz, a.xis - cyliniler ]u-ocess ; — ge- 
flecht, nerve-plexus ; — geschwulst, neu- 
ronni ; — gewebe, nerve-tissue; — ge- 
weill, Kuhne's end-plate; — haut, neu- 
rilemma ; — heard, nerve-centre; — heil- 
mittel, nervine; — hiille, neurilemma; 

— kerne, nuclei of miirin of nerves; 

— kitt, neuroglia ; — knospe, nerve-swell- 
ing; — knoten, nerve-ganglion ; — koiper, 
Arndt's name for ganglionic nerve-cells; — 
korperchen, nervc-corpnscle ; — kraft, 
nerve-force; — krank, neuropathic; — 
kranklieit, neuropaihy ; — kunde, neur- 
oloLiy ; — lauf, coui'se in- jialli of m-rves ; 

— lehi'e, lu'urology ; — leiden, neuro]i- 
alhy ; — leitung, nerve-conduction; — 
leiste, neural cre>t ; — mark, myelin ; — 
mittel, nervine; — nsevus. /i, jiapilloma 
neiiropnihienin. A mevus corresponding in 
loeiition to tile area ot' distribution of one 

or more ciil:ii i> nerves; — nallt, suture 

id' a divided ner\ c ; — netz, nerve-ple.xus ; 

— paar, p.iir of nerves; — papill&n, tac- 
tile pajiilhe; — primitivfaser, ]irimitive 
iierve-tibre ; — relz, nerve-stimulus; — 

I reizbarkeit, nerve-irriiabiliiy ; — reiz- 
ung, nerve-stimulation; — ring, nerve- 
tilires siirroinnling that part of a hair-fol- 
licle iniinedialel V below the ojieninu' of sc- 
baeeoiis gland [Sidiiibl] ; — rohre, ncrve- 
filire ; — salbe, compound oinlment of 
rosemary; • — scheide, Tieurilemma; — 



Bchicht, nerve-layer; — schlinge, nerve- 
loop; — schmerz, neuralgiu ; — schnitt, 
neurotomy ; — schock, shock ; — schol- 
len, terminal orirans of nerves found in 
tendons, and resembling the motorial end- 
plates of museles; — schwach, neuras- 
thenic; — starkend, nervine; — stamm, 
nerve-trunk; — starre, tetanus; — stich, 
puncture of a nerve ; — strom, nerve- 
current ; — system, nervous system ; — 
thatigkeit, nerve-function : — uberrei- 
zung, neurasthenia: — verbreitung, dis- 
tribution of nerves; — verstimmung, 
nervous atony; — warzchen, nerve-pa- 
pilla ; — weh, neuralgia ; — wurzel, 
nerve-root; — zuckung, nerve-spasm; — 
zufall, nervous attack. 

Nervatura della foglia di fico (7). 
Fig-leaf innervation ; term ajiplied to the 
grooves made by the middle meningeal 
artery on the cerebral surface of the cra- 

Nerve. L. nervus; F. nerf; O. Xerv ; 
/. nervo. A cord-like structure by which 
stimulative impulses are conveyed either 
from one nervous centre to another, or be- 
tween such centres and the muscles and 
sense or other organs. Tendons and 
rounded ligaments were also called nerves 
by the older anatomists. N. of Cotun'- 
nius, naso-palatine nerve. N. of fem'- 
oral ar'tery. L. nervus arterire femoralis 
proprius ; /'. nerf de la gaine des vaisseaux 
femoraux. Twig from anterior crural nerve 
supplving u]iper part of femoral artery. 
N. of serra'tus mag'nus : see Thoracic 
nerves. N. of Wris'berg. 1. Interme- 
diary nerve. 2. Lesser internal cutaneous 
nerve of the arm. 

Nerve-cells. F. cellules nerveuses ; G. 
Nervenzellen ; I. cellule nervose. Irregu- 
larly-shaped cells, differing much in size, 
found in nerve-matter; known also as 
ganglion cells ; their processes are termed 

Nerve-epithe'lium. G. Neuro-epithel. 
The peculiar ejiithelium found in organs of 
special sense, provided with special proc- 
esses, which are believed to be the means 
of collecting and transmitting vibrations. 

Nerve'-glands. Eemak's name for su- 
prarenal bddies. 

Nerve-mus'cle prepara'tion. G. 
Nervmuskclpriiparat. Term ap|)lied to the 
sciatic nervo of the frog with the gastroc- 
nemius attached. 

Nervenzelle ((?•). Nerve-cell. In 

composition Nervenzellen, as. — fort- 
satz, nerve-cell process; — saule, gan- 
glionic column; — schicht, ganglionic 
cellular layer; — schicht, aussere 
[Stieda], pyramidal layer, small ; — 
schicht, mittlere [Stieda], pyramidal 
layer, large. 

Nerve-root. F. racine des nerfs ; G. 
Nervenwurzel ; /. radici dei nervi. 1. The 
fibres of a nerve at their emergence from 
the central organs — brain, medulla, or 
spinal cord. 2. The deeper fibres which 
can be traced within the substance of the 
central organs from the nucleus to the 
apparent origin. 

Nerve-root. Ci/pripcdium pubeacens, 

Nerves of Lanci'si. Stri;e longitudi- 

Nerve-storms. Sudden attacks or par- 
o.Kv.snis uf neuroses or functional nervous 

Nerve-stretch'ing. F. elongation des 
nerfs; G. Nervendehnung ; /. allunganiento 
dei nervi. The operation of cutting down 
on, and forcibly stretching, a nerve for the 
relief of neuralgia or other neuroses. 

Nerve-tire. Neurasthenia. 

Nerve-track. G- Nervbahn. Fibres 
connecting nerves with distant centres. 

Nerveux, euse {F.). Nervous. 

Ner'vi ( L). pi. nf Nervus. Nerves. 
N. alveola 'res superio'res, su]i('rior den- 
tal nerves. N. ampulla'res, branches of 
vestibular nerve sup]ilyiiig ampulhe of 
semicircular canals. N. ano-coccyg'ei, 
branches from coccygeal nerve, sup]ilying 
skin about tip of coccyx. N. articula'res 
ge'nu, supe'rior and infe'rior, liranches 
from peroneal nerve to kneo-jnint. N. 
carot'ici exter'ni or N. carotici mol'les, 
branches iVum superior cervical ganglion 
that run \\\m\\\ external carotid artery. 
N. cavemo'si, branches from cavernous 
plexus su]iplying ])osteri(ir part of |ii'nis or 
clitoris. N. clu'iiium posterio'res, lat- 
eral twigs from posterior division of the 
three upper sacral nerves, supplying poste- 
rior and upper gluteal region. N. costa'- 
les, intercostal nerves. N. cuta'nei ab- 
domina'les latera'les, lateral jierforating 
branches of the five or six lower intercostal 
nerves. N. cuta'nei abdom'mis anteri- 
o'res, the lower six anterior perforating 
branclies of the intercostal nerves: see 
Jiiinii pirforantii: (iiit<r!iirii<. N. cuta'nei 
anterio'res fem'oris, middle cutaneous 



nerves cif thi_t;li. N. cuta'nei clu'nium 
inferio'res, gluteal (MitaiKMius lu-rves. N. 
cuta'nei clu'nium lumba'les, uervi cu- 
tanci cliiiiiiini su]>('ri(ires. N. cuta'nei 
clu'nium posterio'res, mrvi rluniiiin 
jinsteiioros. N. cuta'nei clu'nium sa- 
cra'les, nervi cluniuiii ]iosteri<]rfS. N. 
cuta'nei clu'nium superio'res, lateral 

t«ii;s tViiiii |in>teriiii' branelies iit' the three 
U|i]ier liimliar nerves; thev iiiei<-e the luiii- 
l)ar f'as<Ma, and sMjiply skin (iver I'ri'st dt' 
iliiiiii ami ii]i|ier gluteal rejiinii. N. cuta'- 
nei cox'ae posterio'res, nervi eiitaiiei 
eluiiimii .su]ierini-es. N. cuta'nei cru'ris 
media'les, laanclies nl' Inng sa])hei]ims 
nerve. ,sii|p|ilyiiii,' inner side of h-g. N. 
cuta'nei infei'io'res posterio'res, mrvi 
fluniiim ]i(isteriores. N. cuta'nei me- 
dia'les fem'oris, internal eutanenus 
nerves of thigh. N. cuta'nei pec'toris 
anterio'res, npper si.v anterior iJerforatinLC 
l)ranelie.s ol' the inlereostal nerves: see 
Ji'iiDii j>< fj'uniiitcx (iiitcn'i)f a. N. cuta'nei 

pec'toris latera'les, hiteral iierrnralini; 
hranehes of intereostal nerves fi'oni lid to 
Oth or Ttii. N. enceph'ali, eranial nerves. 
N. eiigen'tes, those derived through the 
jirostatie jdexus from the seeond and IJiird 
saerai nerves; believed to hr conneeted 
with the meehanism id' erection of tlie 
penis. N. facia'les inferio'res, hranidies 
from faeial nerve to lower jaw and chin. N. 
facia'les me'dii, Imceal nerves from faeial. 
N. faciales superio'res, zy^omat ie nerves. 
N. faciales tempora'les, branehes from 
faeial nerve to temiMirai reiiion. N. hepat'- 
ici posterio'res, pU'xus ven.e ]Hirt;e. N. 
labia 'les anterio'res, branehe.-- fi-oin ilio- 
inguinal nerve to laliia ]iudendi. N. labia'- 
les posterio'res, suiierfieial internal peri- 
neal nerves. N. Lancis'ii, stride lont;i- 
tndinales of eorpns i-alloMim. N. latera'- 
les abdom'inis, ni'rvi eiitanel abiloniinales 
laterales. N. latera'les na'rium, nervi 
nasales laterales. N. mea'tus audito'i'ii 
exter'ni, brandies from aurieiilo-temjioral 
nerve to auditory eanal. N. mol'les, 
branehes from superior eerviial i:an,i;liiin 
ol' sympathetie. ramil'yinj;' on trunk of e.^- 
terual carotid artery. N. nasa'les ex- 
ter'ni, nasal nerves, external, N. nasa'- 
les latera'les, bramdics of inlVaorbilal 
nerve, dislribulcd to side of iioi-c. N. 
nervo'rum, filaments distrilmtcd to the 
neurilemma. N. pectora'les anterio'res, 
anterior thoracic nerves. N. pectora'les 
exter'ni, anterior intereostal nerves. N. 
pectora'les latera'les, nervi eutami )iee- 
tori.s laterales. N. pectora'les profun'di. 

anterior intercostal nerves. N. perforan'- 
tes anterio'res, anterior cutaneous nerves 
of thorax and abdomen. N. perforan'tes 
latera'les, lateral cutaneous nerves id" 

thorax and alidomen. N. phi'en'ici inter- 
costa'les, bramdies from intercostal nerves 
to iliaphraLini. N. phi'enico-abdomina'- 
les, branches of phrenie nerve, penetrating 
diaplirai:!!! and sujijilying the crura. N. 
pter'ygo-palati'ni, palatine nerves. N. 
pulmona'les, bronchial nerves. N. scro- 
ta'les anterio'res, branches from ilio- 
inguinal nerve to scrotum. N. si'nu-ver- 
tebra'les [LuMdika], nerves i'ormcd by 
union of small branches from common trunk 
of the dorsal iier\ es. with others fioni tlie 
thoracic cauulia of the sympathetic. 'I'liey 
pass through the intervertebral foramina 
into the s]iiual canal and suppiv its walls. 
N. spina'les thorac'ici, dorsal nerves. 
N. subcosta'les, intercostal nerves. N. 
subcuta'nei glute'i, nervi cutanci elu- 
niiim snperiores. N. subcuta'nei glute'i 
inferio'res, ,i;luteal cutaneous nerves. N. 
subcuta'nei niaxil'lEe inferio'res, nervi 
faciales infcriores. N. subcuta'nei na'si, 
nervi nasales laterales. N. superficia'les 
na'si, nervi nasales laterales. 

Nerviclit or Nervig ( (•'. ). Nervous. 

Ner'vine. F. nerviu. ine ; (•'. nerven- 
st:irkenil. nevritisches Mittel ; 7. nervino. 
A medicine which acts upon the nervous 

system. N. oint'ment. L. ] latum 

nervinum ; /'. baume nerval ; J. balsamo 
nervale. -\u ointn)ent composed of ox- 
marrow, oil of ahnoiids, nntmcL;' butter, 
liai.^am of Tobi, camphor, oil of rosemarv, 
and oil of cloves [fod.]. 

Ner'vine. ( ','//'iij>' i/imn pnJir e< ns. WilUl. 

Nervmuskelpraparat ( G.). Is erve- 
niusele preparalioii. 

Nei-vo ( /. 1. Nervi-. N. acustico, 
a u d i t o ry n e r \- 1 ■ . N . auricolare posteriore 
profondo, ]io.-.terior auricular nerve. N. 
axillare or circonflesso, circumflex nerve. 
N. crurale, anterior crural nerve. N. 
vago, pneuniog.'istric nerve. 

Nervos ( (1 ■ ). Nervous. 

Nervose Schicht [llenle] (6'.). Cere- 
bral laver of retina. 

Ner'vosism. /■", ncrvo>i>me : ^'. Xervii- 

sitiit ; /. ner\o>i>mii. Neivousness. 

Nervosite ( /'). Nervousness. 

Ner'vous. A. ncrvosus; /■'. nei\ cux.euse ; 
(! . nervichl , or nervig. or ; /. ner\ oso. 
1. Connected wiih.or due to. the nervous 
svstem. '1. Kasilv excited or di>tiirbed. 



N. ap'oplexy, name give as cause of death 
in cases presenting cerebral symptoms, but 
no special lesions on post-mortem. N. 
deafness, deafness arising from disease 
of auditory nerve. N. fe'ver. F. fievre 
nerveuse ; G. Nervenfieber ; /. febbre ner- 
vosa. A low form of fever with nervous 
symjitoms — a variety of typliu.s fever. The 
Germans use the term to designate enteric 
fever. N. headache, that resulting from 
undue excitement, prolonged mental strain, 
or exhaustion, most common in the female. 
N. sys'tem. F. systi-me nerveux ; G. 2ver- 
vensystem ; /. sistema nervoso. The entire 
apparatus of nerves, their terminations, and 
the centres with which they are connected. 

Ner'vousness. F. nervosisme ; G. Ner- 
vositiit. Excessive irritability of the ner- 
vous system. 

Ner'vuli gingiva'les (L.). Twigs from 
alveolar nerves supplying the gums. N. 
sphenoida'les, branches from otic gan- 
glion that penetrate sphenoid bone, the inter- 
nal going to the great superficial petrosal 
nerve, the external to the recurrent nerve 
of the trigeminus or to the Gasserian gan- 

Ner'vus (L.). Nerve : see also pi. 
Nervi. N. abdoroino-g'enita'lis supe'- 
rior, ilio-hypogastric nerve. N. abdu'- 
cens, abdueens nerve. N. accesso'rius 
or accessorius "Willis'ii, spinal accessory 
nerve. N. accesso'rius cuta'nei inter'- 
ni, lesser internal cutaneous nerve : see 
CnlanDju-i nii-vs <,f miii. N. accesso'ri- 
us saphe'ni exter'ni, communicans pero- 
nei. N. acus'ticus, auditory nerve. N. 
adscen'dens, recurrent laryngeal nerve. 
N. alveola 'ris ante'rior ma'jor, anterior 
superior dental nerve. N. alveola'ris an- 
te'rior mi'nor, middle one of superior den- 
tal nerves. N. alveola'ris infe'rior, in- 
ferior dental nerve. N. alveola'ris max- 
il'lse inferior'is, inferior denial nerve. N. 
alveola'ris poste'rior ma'jor and mi'- 
nor, posterior sujierior dental nerves. N. 
anastomot'icus. Vidian nerve. N. An- 
dersoh'ii, tympanic nerve. N. ante'rior 
sep'ti na'rium, branch from etiimoidal 
nerve to septum of nose. N. ap'icis 
na'si, nervus nasalis externus. N. arte'- 
riae fem'oralis pro'prius, nerve of the 
femoral artery. N. articula'ris, circum- 
flex nerve. N. Aschia'nus, first cervical 
nerve. N. auditi'vus or N. audito'rius, 
auditory nerve. N. auricula'ris, auriculo- 
temporal nerve. N. auricula'ris cervi- 
ca'lis, great auricular nerve. N. auricu- 

la'ris mag'nus, great auricular nerve : 
see Ainiciiliir nei-i-e^. N. auricula'ris 
poste'rior, nervus aurieularis magnus. 
N. auricula'ris profun'dus, j>osterior 
auricular nerve. N. auricula'ris va'gi, 
auricular branch of the pneuuiogastric : 
see Auricular nerves. N. auric'ulo-oc- 
cipita'lis, posterior auricular nerve. N. 
axilla'ris, circumflex nerve. N. bigem'- 
inus, nervus biradiatus. N. biradia'tus, 
Ihering's term for second .sacral nerve, be- 
cause it gives off the sciatic nerve and the 
pudic nerve. N. biven'tricus, digastric 
nerve. N. buccinato'rio-labia'lis, buc- 
cal nerve. N. buccinato'rius, buccal 
nerve. N. buc'co-labia'lis, buccal nerve. 
N. bul 'bo-urethra 'lis, deep branch of 
the perineal nerve. N. calca'neo-plan- 
ta'ris cuta'neus, plantar cutaneous nerve. 
N. cardi'acus an'ticus, up]>er cardiac 
nerve: see Cardinc nirns. N. cardi'a- 
cus cras'sus, trunk sometimes formed 
by union of middle and lower cardiac 
nerves. N. cardi'acus exter'nus, mid- 
dle cardiac nerve : see Cnn/iuc iiertes. N. 
cardi'acus i'mus, fourth cardiac nerve: 
see ('(triliac mrres. N. cardi'acus in- 
fe'rior, lower cardiac nerve: see C'lin/'tic 
nervrs. N. cardi'acus mter'nus, or 
N. cardi'acus magnus, or N. cardi'- 
acus me'dius, mi<l<lle cardiac nerve : see 
Cnnlluc w rrcs. N. cardi'acus mi'nor 
or N. cardi'acus par'vus, lower cardiac 
nerve: see ('iirt/i>ic nerics. N. cardi'acus 
profun'dus, middle cardiac nerve : see 
C'anl.df it'-rves. N. cardi'acus quar'tus, 
fourth cardiac nerve : see ('trri/i'ir if rns. N. 
cardi'acus supe'rior or N. cardi'acus 
superficia'lis, ujiper cardiac nerve: see 
Cardiac nrrves. N. cardi'acus ter'tius, 
lower cardiac nerve: see Vnrdiac neriis. 
N. carot'ico-tjrmpan'icus, nervus carot- 
ico-tyni)ianicus inferior. N. carot'ico- 
tympan'icus infe'rior, brancli from the 
tympanic plexus to the carotid plexus. N. 
carot'ico-tympan'icus supe'rior, small 
deep ])Otrosal nerve: see Petrosal ncrva. 
N. carot'icus ascen'dens, or N. ca- 
rot'icus cerebra'lis, or N. carot'icus 
inter 'nus, carotid nerve. N. carot'icus 
Vidia'ni, great deep petrosal nerve: see 
Pitrosal verccs. N. cerebra'lis, carotid 
nerve. N. cervica'lis descen'dens in- 
fe'rior, communicans noni. N. cervica'- 
lis descen'dens supe'rior, deseendcns 
noni. N. chtor'idis, dursal nerve of cli- 
toris. N. coccyge'us infe'rior, a second 
coccygeal nerve sometimes observed ; not 
rudimentary. N. commu'nicans fa- 



cia'lis, l)raiii-li fi-diii aurionlo-tciniinral to 
l':uial iiL'ive. N. commu'nicans facie'i, 
facial iiLTvc. N. commu'nicans fibula'- 
ris iir N. commu'nicans perone'i, rum- 
iniiiiicaiis jieruiici. N. commu'nicans 
tibia'lis, fXtcnial saplieiujus uiTve. N. 
coraco - brachia'lis, iiiusculo-cutaiKMius 
iieivf. N. ci-otaphit'ico-buccinato'ri- 
US, ramus Mi)irri(ir iicivi iiitVaiiiaxilla- 
ris. N. crura'lis, aiitcriur crural nerve. 
N. crura'lis inter'nus, ubturator iicrvc. 
N. crura'lis poste'rior, obturator nerve. 
N. cubita'lis, ulrjur nerve. N. cuta'- 
neus ante'rior, inu,^culu-< utaneous nerve 
of leu. N. cuta'neus bra'chii exter'- 

nus, niu.-.culn-ciitaneous nerve. N. CU- 

ta'neus bra'chii latera'lis, inu.seuln-cu- 
taneou.s nerve. N. cuta'neus bra'chii 
poste'rior, eataiieous Inanel] of eireumtlex 
ner\c. N. cuta'neus cal'cis, ealeaneo- 
jilantar eiitanenus nerve. N. CUta'neus 
clu'niuni mter'nus supe'rior, nervus 
perforans liuanienti N. 
cuta'neus cru'ris poste'rior latera'- 
lis, coiniMunieans per i. N. CUta'neus 

cru'ris poste'rior me'dius, braneb, eitber 
of sciatic or external popliteal, tbat jier- 
forates tbe fa.scia over tlie outer bead of 
the uastrocneiniu.s, and su]i]dies tbe skin 
over tbe calf N. cuta'neus dor'si pe'- 
dis conimu'nis, mu.sculo-cutaneous nerve 
of leji. N. cuta'neus dor'si pe'dis late- 
ra'lis, trunk resultint; from union of cxler- 
iial .sapbenous nerve with peroneal oonimu- 
nieatini:. N. cirta'neus dor'si pe'dis 
media'lis, inner lirancb of nuiscubi-cuta- 
neous nerve of leg, passing across dorsum 
of tbe i'oot, and supplying inner side of 
great toe and second interdigital space. 
N. cuta'neus dor'si pe'dis me'dius, 
outer braneb of niuscubi-eutaneoiis nerve 
of leg, supplving od and 4tb interdigital 
s]iaees. N. cuta'neus fem'oris circum- 
flex'us, inferior pudendal nerve. N. CVlta'- 
neus fem'oris mter'nus ma'jor, internal 
saphenous nerve. N. cuta'neus fem'oris 
inter'nusmi'nor, int<rnal eutanenus nerve 
of tbigb. N. cuta'neus fem'oris late- 
ra'lis, external eutanenus nerve of tbigli. 
N. cuta'neus fem'oris poste'rior, small 
sciatic ni'rvc. N. cuta'neus glute'us in- 
fe'rior, small sciatic nerve. N. cuta'neus 
hu'meri, cutaneous braneb of eireumilex 
nerve. N. cuta'neus inter'nus : see ( 'u- 
idiirtiun nrrvis <if iinn. N. cuta'neus in- 
ter'nus ma'jor, internal oitain'ous nerve: 
see (hitdiK iiim III rn a (ij arm. N. CUta'neus 
inter'nus mi'nor, lesser internal cuta- 
neous nerve : see Caluiicoiis iitriis of ari». 

N. cuta'neus lon'gus cru'ris et pe'dis, 

external sajdienous nerve. N. cuta'neus 
media'lis, lesser internal cutaneous nerve: 
see Ciitiiiiiiiiis III rvi-K of dim. N. cuta'- 
neus me'dius, internal cutaneous nerve: 
see Ciitiiiiiiiii.'i nines of arm. N. cuta'- 
neus palma'ris, palmar cutaneous nerve. 
N. cuta'neus perine'i, inferior pudendal 
nerve. N. cuta'neus perone'i, musculo- 
cutaneous nerve ol' leg. N. cuta'neus 
planta'ris pro'prius, calcaneu-plantar cu- 
taneous nerve. N. cuta'neus poste'rior 
exter'nus, eommunicans ]>eronei. N. cu- 
ta'neus poste'rior infe'rior and supe'- 
rior, inferior ami superior external euta- 
nenus nerves; see ('iiiniicoiix mifis of arm. 
N. cuta'neus poste'rior mag'nus, small 
sciatic nerve. N. cuta'neus poste'rior 
me'dius, small sciatic nerve. N. cuta'- 
neus supe'rior, cutaneous branch of eir- 
cumHex nerve. N. diaphragmat'icus, 
jdirenic nerve. N. digita'lis planta'ris 
inter'nus, tbe internal terujinal brancdi of 
internal jdantar nerve. N. digita'lis 
planta'ris me'dius, external terminal 
brancdi of internal popliteal nerve. N. 
divi'sus, trigeminus nerve. N. dorsa'lis 
pol'licis radia'lis, branch from radial 
nerve to back of thumb. N. dorsa'lis 
scap'ulse, branch from braidiial plexus 
(liftli cervical nerve), supplying rhomb(]id 
niuscle. N. ethmoida'lis pos'ticus, 
spbend-etbnioidal nerve. N. feniora'lis, 
anterior crural nerve. N. fem'oro-cuta'- 
neus, external cutaneous nerve of thigh. 
N. fem'oro-perinea'lis, su]ierlieial ex- 
teriuil perineal nerve. N. fibula'ris, ex- 
ternal jiopliteal nerve. N. fos'sEB jugu- 
la'ris, Arnold's nerve. N. ft-on'to-nasa'- 
lis, supratrochlear nerve. N. fuscalis, 
nervus triradiatus. N. ganglio'sus, sym- 
pathetic uirve, N. gustato'rius, lingual 
nerve. N. infi'amaxilla'ris, inferior maxil- 
1.1 ry ner\e. N. infraoccipita'lis, first 
cervii'al nerve. N. ingruma'lis. 1. The 
united ilio-bypogastric, ilio-inguinal, and 
geiiito-crural nerves [JMeyer]. 1^. liunibo- 
inguinal nerve [Camper]. N. inguina'lis 
exter'nus, external eutanc(uis iiluvc of 
thigh. N. inguina'lis inter'nus or N. 
inguino-cuta'neus internus. t;enii(i-<-ru- 
ral nerve. N. intercosta'lis. 1. Inter- 
costal nerve. 2. Sympatlietie nerve. N. 
intercosta'lis mag'nus or N. inter- 
costa'lis max'imus, symjiatbetic nerve. 
N. intercosta'lis Willis'ii, sympathetic 
nerve. N. intercosto-brachia'lis, in- 
tereosto-humeral nerve. N. intemie'- 
dius Wrisber'gii, intermediary nerve. 



N. interos'seus ante'rior or inter'nus, 
anteriur iiiterusseuu.s nerve of arm. N. 
intaros'seus cni'ris, interosseous nerve 
of leu' : see Intcrds^tous wrves. N. inter- 
os'saus exter'nus, posterior interosseous 
nerve uf arm ; see Interossious iiei'vu.s. N. 
iscliiad'icus, great sciatic nerve. N. 
ischiad'icus mi'nor, small sciatic nerve. 
N. Jacobso'nii, tymjianic nerve. N. 
jugula'ris, branch from superior cervical 
gaiiiilion to the jugular ganglion. N. 
larynge'us ascen'dens, inferior laryngeal 
nerve. N. larynge'us recur'rens, infe- 
rior laryngeal nerve. N. latis'simidor'si, 
long subscapular nerve : see >'iiiti.-'€i(j)nlnr 
nerves. N. ligamen'ti interos'sei cra'- 
ris, interosseous nerve of leg : sec Inter- 
osseous nerves. N. lingaia'lis me'dius, 
hypoglossal nerve. N. ling-ua'lis paris 
octa'vi, glosso -pharyngeal nerve. N. 
lo'quens, hypoglossal nerve. N. lum'- 
bo-dorsa'lia [Schwalbe], common trunk 
of anterior branch of first lumbar nerve 
which divides into ilio-hypogastrio and ilio- 
inguinal. N. lumbo-sacra'lis, lumbo- 
sacral cord. N. malleola'ris exter'- 
nus, branch of musculo-outaneous nerve 
of leg to region of external malleolus. 
N. mandibula'ris, inferior dental nerve. 
N. marginalia scap'ulae, long subscap- 
ular nerve : see Stdiscipiilar nerves. N. 
masticato'rius, ramus superior nervi in- 
frainaxillaris. N. mastoi'deus poste'- 
rior, digastric nerve. N. membranae 
interos'seae antibra'chii. G. Zwisch- 
enknochenbandnerv des Vorderarms. Twig 
from anterior interosseous nerve, supply- 
ing interosseous membrane and bones of 
forearm [Rauber]. N. membra'nee tym- 
pa'ni, twig from one of the branches of 
the auricular nerve that supplies the audi- 
tory canal, passing to membrana tympani. 
N. menin'geus poste'rlor. 1. .^leningeal 
nerve, li. Branch from hypoglossal and 
superior cervical ganglion, .supplying the 
blood-vessels about the anterior con<lyloid 
foramen. N. moto'rius lin'guae, hypo- 
glossal nerve. N. mus'culi mal'lei ex- 
ter'ni, delicate branch from otic ganglion, 
described by Krause as passing to laxator 
tymjiani. N. mus'cull mallei (intemi), 
branch from otic ganglion or from internal 
pterygoid nerve to tensor tympani. N. 
mus'culi tenso'ris ve'li palati'ni, branch 
from otic ganglion to the tensor tympani. 
N. mus'culo-cuta'neus pe'dis, mnscnlo- 
cutaneous nerve of leg. N. musculo- 
urethralis, deep perineal nerves. N. 
nasalis ante'rior, nasal nerve. N. na- 

sa'lis exter'nus, branch of ethmoidal 
nerve passing down on posterior surface of 
nasal bone; pierces wall of nose between 
nasal bone and triangular cartilage, and sup- 
plies skin of apex. N. naso-cilia'ris, nasal 
nerve. N. naso-denta'lis, anterior one of 
the superior dental nerves. N. naso-ocu- 
la'ris, nasal nerve. N. naso-palati'nus, 
naso-palatine nerve. N. naso-pharsmge'- 
us, pharyngeal nerve. N. obturato'rius 
accesso'rius, accessory obturator nerve. 
N. occipitalis ante'rior, sn)all occipital 
nerve. N. occipita'lis extemus, small 
occipital nerve. N. occipitalis intar'- 
nus, great occipital nerve. N. occipita'- 
lis mag'nus, or ma'jor, or N. occipita'- 
lis max'imus, great occipital nerve. N. 
occipita'lis mi'nor or par'vus, small 
occipital nerve. N. occipita'lis mi'nor 
secun'dus, second small occipital nerve: 
see O cipi'iit nerees. N. occipita'lis ter'- 
tius, third occipital nerve : see Occipital 
nerves. N. oculo-moto'rius commu'- 
nis, oculo-motor nerve. N. OClilo-moto'- 
rius exter'nus, abducent nerve. N. oc- 
ulo-muscula'ris or N. oculo-muscula'- 
ris commu'nis, oculo-motor nerve. N. 
oculo-muscula'ris exter'nus, abducent 
nerve. N. oculo-muscula'ris supe'- 
rior, trochlear nerve. N. oculo-nasa'lis, 
nasal nerve. N. olfacto'rius, olfactory 
nerve. N. op'ticus, optic nerve. N. or- 
bita'lis, opiitlialniic nerve. N. pathet'- 
icus, tnichlcar nerve. N. pectora'lis 
poste'rior, nervus dor.salis scapuhe. N. 
peda'lis ante'rior, nervus cutaneus dorsi 
pedis niedialis. N. pe'nis, dorsal nerve of 
penis. N. per'forans bra'chii, musculo- 
cutaneous nerve. N. per'forans Cas- 
ser'ii, musculo-cutaneoiis nerve. N. per'- 
forans ligamen'ti tubero'so-sa'cri, jier- 
forating cutaneous nerve. N. perine'i, 
perineal nerve. N. perine'i latera'lis, 
superficial external perineal nerve. N. 
perine'i media'lis, superficial internal 
perineal nerve. N. perone'us, external 
popliteal nerve. N. perone'us inter'nus, 
nervus cutaneus dorsi pedis niedialis. N. 
perone'us profun'dus, anterior tiliial 
nerve. N. perone'us superflcia'Us, 
musculo-cutaneous nerve of leg. N. pe- 
tro'sua : see Petmsdl nerves; also for any 
of the following specific names : N. pe- 
tro'sus in'flmus, small stipcrficial petrosal 
nerve. N. petro'sus profun'dus ma'- 
jor, great deep petrosal nerve. N. pe- 
ti'o'sus profun'dus mi'nor, small deep 
petrosal nerve. N. petro'sus super- 
flcia'lis in'flmus, external superficial pe- 



trosal tiorve. N. petro'sus superflcia'lis 
ma'jor, great .sujierfii-ial iictrosal iilM'vi.'. N. 
petro'sus supei-ficia'lis me'dius, small 
.su|icrtirial petrcisal iierve. N. petro'silS 
superflcia'lis ini'nor, small suiifrficial 
]!(.■( nisal nerve. N. petro'sus super- 
flcia'lis ter'tius, external superfieial ]ie- 
tnisal nerve. N. petl'o'sus vascula'- 
ris, small superfieial ]ietriisal nerve. N. 
phi'en'icus accesso'rius, detaelied fila- 
ment (if iirigin <if' |ilirenie nerve, sometimes 
seen detaelied f'nim lid eervieal nerve, and 
niniiiiiir independently fur some distanee. 
N. phren'icus secunda'rius, norvus 
]ilirenieus aeeessorius. N. planta'ris 
dig-ita'lis conimu'nis IV., branch df e.\- 
ternal plantar that su]iplies the fniirth dig- 
ital iiiierspaee. N. planta'ris hal'lucis 
media'lis, liranrh of internal ]ilantar to 
inner side of great toe. N. planta'ris 
latera'lis, plantar nerve, external. N. 
planta'ris latera'lis dig'iti min'imi, 
branch of external plantar to outer side of 
little toe. N. planta'i'is media'lis, in- 
ternal plantar nerve. N. poplite'us in- 
ter'nus, inlernal jiopliteal nerve. N. pos- 
te'rior commu'nis, sujull sciatic nerve. 
N. pro'prius dec'imi ner'vi [Andersch], 
a separated strand of the vagus which 
leaves the truidc below the jugular fora- 
men, gives twigs to the spinal accessory 
ami hy]ioglossal, and rejoins the parent 
stem near the transverse ]U'ocess of the 
third cervii'al vertebra. N. puden'do- 
heemoiThoida'lis, common truid-; from 
which pndic ami inferior luvmorrhoidal 
nerves are derived. N. puden'dus, pudic 
nerve. N. puden'dus commu'nis, nervus 
pudendo-haMnorrhoidalis. N. puden'dus 
exter'nus, genito-crural nerve. N. pu- 
den'diis infe'rior or N. puden'dus in- 
ter'nus, p(n-ineal nerve. N. puden'dus 
ingriina'lis, genito-crural mrve, N. pu- 
den'dus lon'gus infe'rior, inferior pu- 
dendid nerve. N. puden'dus supe'rior, 
dorsal nerve of ]ienis. N. quin'ti recur'- 
rens, A'idiau nerve. N. radia'lis, mnscn- 
lo-spiral nerve. N. radia'lis profun'dus, 
jiosteriiu- interosseous nerve nf arm : see 
I,iirrn:<fi.<,ii:i iicrrix. N. radia'lis super- 
flcia'lis, radial nerve. N. recur'rens, 
spinal acccv><(u-y nerve. N. recur'rens 
inframaxilla'ris, recurrent branch of in- 
ferior maxillary. N. recur'rens inter'- 
nus, "\'idian nerve. N. recur'rens op- 
thal'mici, nervus tentorii. N. recur'- 
rens i-a'mi pri'mi, nervus tentorii. N. 
recur'rens ra'mi secun'di, riH-urrcnt 
branch of superior maxillary. N. recur'- 

rens ra'mi ter'tii, recurrent branch of 
inferior maxillary. N. recur'rens supra- 
maxilla'ris, recurrent branch id' sujierior 
maxillary. N. rena'lis poste'rior: .see 
S/i/i!iic/iiiir lit ri I-, siii'i//r^f. N. respirato'- 
rius exter'nus infe'rior, long thoracic 
nerve. N. respirato'rius exter'nus su- 
pe'rior, spinal aei'csscu-y nerve. N. res- 
pirato'rius inter'nus, phrenic nerve. N. 
saccula'ris ma'jor, branch fmm vestigial 
nerve to the saccule. N. saccula'ris mi'- 
nor, branch from cochlear nerve to saccule. 
N. saphe'nus bre'vis or N. saphe'nus 
infe'rior, external sa]dienous nerve. N. 
saphe'nus ma'jor, internal saphenous 
nerve. N. saphe'nus mi'nor. 1. Inter- 
nal cutaiKMUis nerve of thigh. 2. External 
sajdienous nerve. N. saphe'nus perone'- 
us, communicans peronei. N. saphe'nus 
supe'rior, internal cutaneous nerve of 
thigh. N. scapula'ris or N. scapula'- 
ris supe'rior, su]u-ascapular nerve. N. 
scrota'lis infe'rior, inferior pudendal 
nerve. N. scrota'lis poste'rior, super- 
ficial internal perineal nerve. N. sep'tl 
na'rium, naso-]>alatine nerve. N. sinu- 
a'lis, nervus tentorii. N. spermat'icus 
commu'nis, pudic nerve. N. sper- 
mat'icus exter'nus, genital branch of 
genito-crural nerve. N. spheno-eth- 
moida'lis, ethmoidal nerve, posterim-. N. 
spiuo'sus, recurrent branch of inferior 
maxillary. N. spira'lis, musculo-cuta- 
neous nerve. N. splanch'nicus i'mus, 
smallest splanchnic nerve. N. splanch'- 
nicus mfe'rior, or N. splanch'nicus 
me'dius, or N. splanch'nicus secun'- 
dus, small splanchnic nerve. N. splanch'- 
nicus supe'rior, great sjilanchnic nerve. 
N. splanch'nicus supre'mus, great 
splanchnic nerve. N. splanch'nicus ter'- 
tius, smallest splanchnic nerve. N. stape'- 
dii, branch froni facial to stapedius muscle. 
N. styloi'deus, branch of facial which 
divides into stylo-hyoid. digastric, and com- 
municating nerves. N. subcuta'neus 
col'li, cervical nerve, superficial. N. sub- 
cuta'neus col'li facia'lis, superior super- 
ficial cervical nerve : .see Ciriien/ nine, 
flip, riiir. N. subcuta'neus col'li infe'- 
rior, inferior hrancli of superficial eervieal 
nerve. N. stibcuta'neus col'li me'dius 
or N. subcuta'neus col'li supe'rior, su- 
perior superficial cervical nerve: see Cir- 
vlriil nine, snp'rjici.i/. N. subcuta'neus 
ma'lee, orbital nerve. N. siibcuta'neus 
mandib'ulse, branch of facial running 
along border of lower jaw. N. subcuta'- 
neus maxil'lae inferio'ris, nervus sub- 



cutaneus mandibuLie. N. sublingna'lis, 
sublingual nerve. N. superflcia'lis col'- 
li, cervical nerve, superficial. N. super- 
flcia'lis scap'ulae, one of the sujira-acro- 
niial nerves. N. supramaxilla'ris, supe- 
rior maxillary nerve. N. sura'lis or N. 
sura'lis mag'nus, external saphenous 
nerve. N. sympathet'icus me'dius, 
pneumogastric nerve. N. sympath'icus 
mag'nus, sympathetic nerve. N. sym- 
path'icus me'dius, trifacial nerve. N. 
sympath'icus par'vus, facial nerve. N. 
tsmpora'lis cuta'neus or N. tempora'- 
lis superflcia'lis, auriculo-temporal nerve. 
N. tenso'ris tym'pani, formed by branch 
from internal pter_ygoid nerve and one from 
otic ganglion ; supplies tensor tympani mus- 
cle. N. tenso'ris ve'li palati'ni, formed 
by branch from internal pterygoid nerve 
and one from otic ganglion; supplies tensor 
palati muscle. N. tento'rii, recurrent 
branch from ophthalmic nerve, supplying 
tentorium. N. thorac'ico-brachia'lis, 
intercosto-humeral nerve. N. thorac'ico- 
dorsa'lis, nervus dorsalis scapuhe. N. 
thorac'icus ante'rior or N. thorac'- 
icus ante'rior ma'jor, external anterior 
thoracic nerve : see T/iomrir nrrrt:x. N. 
thorac'icus ante'rior mi'nor, internal 
anterior thoracic nerve. N. thorac'icus 
ante'rior pri'mus or N. thorac'icus 
extar'nus, external anterior thoracic nerve: 
sec 'riiiirivic nerves. N. thorac'icus in- 
ter'nus, internal anterior thoracic nerve. 
N. thorac'icus poste'rior : see Tlwnicic 

iitrris and ^rrviix (/orsafis scipn/iC. N. 
thorac'icus secun'dus, internal anterior 
thoracic nerve : see Tli'»'(ic(v jii'ni's. N. 
thy'ro-hyoi'deus, thyro-hyoid nerve. N. 
tibia'lis, internal popliteal nerve. N. 
tibia'lis an'ticus, tibial nerve, anterior. 
N. tibia'lis exter'nus, calcaneo-plantar 
cutaneous nerve. N. trigem'inus, trifa- 
cial nerve. N. triradia'tus, llicring's 
term for the fourth lumbar nerve, because 
it divides into three branches — the obtura- 
tor, anterior crural, and lumbo-sacral nerves. 
N. trisplanch'nicus, sympathetic nerve. 
N. tu'bae Eustachian'ae, twig from tym- 
panic plexus to mucous lining of Knstaehian 
tube. N. tym'pani, branch from facial, or 
fron) one of the twigs which supply the ex- 
ternal auditory meatus, which passes to the 
membrana tympani. N. t3nnpan'ico-lin- 
gua'lis, chm-da tympani nerve. N. tym- 
pan'icus supe'rior, tympanic nerve. N. 
ulna'ris dorsa'lis, dorsal liranch of ulnar 
nerve. N. ulna'ris vola'ris, continuation 
of ulnar nerve below where it gives off dor- 

sal branch. N. ulna'ris vola'ris pro- 
fan'dus, branch of ulnar nerve sujiplying 
deep muscles of the palm. N. ulna'ris 
vola'ris superflcia'lis, branch of ulnar 
nerve, supplying the skin of little and 
ring fingers. N. voca'lis, pneumogastric 
nerve. N. Wrisberg'ii, lesser internal 
cutaneous nerve : see ' 'iitaiieoiis nerves r>f 
arm. N. zygomat'icus, orbital nerve. 

Ne'sis (i.) [>?;<j-;9]. 1. Accumulation. 
2. Suture. 

Nessel (G.). Nettle; — ausschlag, 
or — brand, or — fleber, or — fiiesel, or 

— krankheit, or — sucht, urticaria. 
Ness'ler's rea'gent. G. Xessler's Re- 

agenz. A delicate test for ammonia, giv- 
ing a brown tint. 3Iercuric iodide dissolved 
in a solution of potassium iodide and caus- 
tic potash. 

Nest(C). Nidus hirundinis. 

Nestia'tra, or Nestia'tria, or Nesto- 
thera'pia (L.) [vr^Tr^tu]. Treatment by 
fasting ; hunger cure. 

Net'tle [A. S. netele]. L. nrtica : F. 
ortie ; G. Brennnessel ; /. ortica. 1. The 
common name for plants of the genus 
Urticii. '1. Uriica dioica, L., and U. iirens, 
L. ; the leaves, seeds, and root were for- 
merly official in the U. S. P.. and were 
thought to be diuretic and astringent: see 
also Dirirrf m ttle. 

Net'tlerash. Urticaria. 

Net'tle-tree. Celtk australi^, Willd., and 
C. occith ntnlis, L. 

Netz {G.). Net, rete. reticulum, omen- 
tum : — artig, reticular; — beutel, sac 
of peritoneum ; — bruch, epiploecle ; — 
carcinom, cancer of omentum ; — darm- 
bruch, iiitero-epiploccle ; — darmhoden- 
sackbruch, epiplo-enteroscheocele ; — 
darmnabelbruch, entero-epiplomphalus ; 

— entztindung, omentitis; — fleisch- 
bruch, sarco-epiplocele ; — fdrmig, retic- 
ular; — geriist, reticulum, chromatin 
filament; — knorpel, reticular cartilage; 

— magen, reticulum, second stomach of 
ruminants; — nabelbruch, epi])lomphalo- 

■ cele ; — schenkelbruch, epifpio-incrocele ; 

— vorfall, epiplocele ; — zelle, reticular 

Netzhaut ((?.). Retina; — arterie, 
central artery of the retina : — bild, image 
formed in the retina by change of the vis- 
ual purple; — ebene, ])lane perpendicular 
to line of sight at the point where it touches 
the retina; — entztindung, retinitis ; — 
erregung, retinal stimulation; — erwei- 



chung, sriftening of the retina; — gliom, 
gliuinu (if tlio retina; — grlibchen, fmra 
centralis retina'; — horizont, eeiiUal Imii- 
zontal line of demareatiun : see Linn- nj '!>- 
inaroiiiDn ; — incongl'uenz, ineunijcruence 
of tlie retina ; — pulsader or schlagader, 
central artery of retina : — schichteii, lay- 
ers of liie rrtina ; — schwinden, atnipliy 
of the retina; — spalt, eolnbonia of the 
retina; — stabchen, rods of the retina. 

Netzig ( ('.)■ Ketienlated. 

Neu'ber's tubes. l>raiMase-tubcs made 
of deealcilii'd bone. 

Neubildung (G.). Neo]ilasui, new for- 

Neugebauer's opera'tion : sec Lc 

furl's itpi niliiiii. 

Neugewiirz ( (! ■ ). Pinienta. 

Neuledei-gerausch (('.)■ Creaking 
sound, as of m.'w leather. 

Neu'mami's sheath. Dentinal sheath. 
Neuradyna'mia f^L.) [>rY/'//, anu-^atiia]. 

Neu'ral [>£•',''"■']■ F. neural, ale; fl. 
neuraliseh ; /. neurale. Kelatinu' to a 
nerve or to the nervous system. N. ai'ch. 
/. arco neurale. Tiuit formed by ]ie(lieles, 
lamiiKt. and spinous proeess of a vertebra. 
N. ax'is, eerebro-sjiinal axis. N. canal', 
spinal eanal. N. crest. '/. (iant:lienleiste. 
Bridge from wliiidi the dorsal nerves grow 
out in liie cnibryii; it is an inwardly pro- 
jeeting strip of eetodermal cells running 
along I lie upper edge i"if the medullary 
groove on each side. N. fora'men, verte- 
bral fia-amen. N. lam'ina, lamina of a 
vertebra N. ridge, neural crest. N. 
sep'tuni, thr series of jirocesses of deep 
i'aseia found on the median line jiosteriorly. 
N. spine, spinou.s ]U'ncess. 

Neuraler Schenkel {G.'). Amimllarv 

Neural'gia (T,) [■.I'.ftm, <'dYiii\. F. 
nevralgie ; (!. Xmralgie. I'ain in the 
course and ovit the distribution of a 
nerve, without fever. N. ischiat'ica, sci- 
atica. N. spermat'ica, irritable testicle. 

Neural'gic. L m^uralgicus ; F. nev- 
ralgi(|ne ; (1. nenralgiseh. Pertaining to, 
resembling, or atl'ected with, neuralgia. N. 
fe'ver, dengue. 

Neuramoebim'eter [«;/(i!,?);', ///ro'i/]. 
Instrument fur measuring reaction time. 

Neuranaph'ysis (A.) \_'ha<s'Hi,']. Re- 
newed growth of nerve-tissue [Mayue]. 

L. n<-nrecto- 

Pertaining to a 

Neurapoph'ysis {L.) ['■i-"^''"/;]. F. 
nenrapopbyse. Lamina of a vertebra. 

Neurasthe'nia (A.) \_afim-'i'.a'\. F. 
neurastlienie ; G. Xeurastheuie ; /. neuras- 
tenia. Nervous weakness or exhaustion, 
often accompanied by perverted nerve- 

Neuratro'phia (L.) [ar/iiifs-]. Atro- 
phy of nerves. 

Neurec'tasy \_u, r;:vcw]. Nerve-stretch- 

Neurec'tomy [£;(r.i/i,rj. 
mia ; F. m'-vrectoniie ; G. 
Excision of a portion of a nerve. 

Neurecto'pia (L.) [r/r-.^.-v]. Abnormal 
location or displacement of a nerve. 

Neurenter'ic canal'. A temporary 
passage between the digestive and the 
medullary canals in the embryo. At least 
three ditferent, but inconstant, jiassages 
have been found. 

Neurepine ( F. ). Spinous process. 

Neurhypnologie (F.). Hypnotism. 

Neu'ric. L. neuricus. 
nerve or to the nervous system. 

Neuricite (F.): see Furcc veuriqve. 

Neu'ridine. C,H,,^>2- Non-poisonous 
liquid ptonuiine discovered by Brieger in 
lSH-1 in putrefying flesh of mammals, fish, 
gelatin, cheese, and the human body — one 
of the most cmistant products of the putre- 
faction of albuminous substances. 

Neurilem ( G). Neurilemma. 

Netn-ilein'ma [>r~i,""v, /i'/z/ia]. F. ncv- 
rih'me; G. Nervenscheide ; J. nevrilemiua. 
The delicate, structureless membrane which 
invests the nerve-fibre. 

Neuril'ity. F. neurilite ; G. Nenrili- 
tiit ; /. ncuiilita. The mode or power of 
action, or of transmitting stimuli, which 
exists in the cells and fibres of the nervous 

Neu'rine. F. nevrine ; 7. nenrina. 1. 
The allmminoid peculiar to nerve-cells and 
their axis cylinders (Pe Blain villi.'). 2. 
Ptomaine met with in ]irotlncts of cadav- 
eric putrefaction. Chemically, the hy- 
drate of trimethylvinammoniuni. ('..IIiiN- 
(OII). produced by duplication of the 
nudecule of lecithin. Poisonous to most 
animals, with acticui similar to that of cu- 
rare and ninscarin. 

Neurique ( F.). Term applied to a theo- 
retical nerve-force — -r'urrr urnrtqiif. 

Neuriser {F.). To influ.'nec by the use 



of a special supposed nerve-force ; animal 
magnetism [Barety]. 

Neurisme (i^-)- Nervousness. 

Neurit'ic. L. neuriticus ; G. neuritisch. 
Pertaining to neuritis or to the nervous 

Neuriti'des (i/-). Neuroses. 

Neuri'tis [kcD/)")']. F. nevrite ; G. Nerv- 
enentziindung ; /. nevrite. Inflammation 
of a nerve. N. mi'grans, neuritis e.xtend- 
ing along the stem of an aflected nerve. 
N., mu'ltiple, form affecting several nerves. 

Neuritisch (&'.)• Neurotic. 

Netiroasthe'nia (//.). Neurasthenia. 

Netirobla'cia (X.) [,5/.ac]. Partial in- 
sensibility of the nerves ; paresis. 

Neu'roblast \_ii/.a'r-<'ii\. F. neuroblaste. 
A segmentation sphere, the further division 
of which produces cells belonging exclu- 
sively to the nervous system. 

Neuroccip'ital. Eelating to the brain 
and occiput. 

Neu'ro-cen'tral su'ture. The carti- 
laginous interval separating main centre of 
ossification of body of a vertebra from 
those for the laminaj on either side. 

Neu'roccele {L.) [zoi/.«i?]. The cavity 
of the central nervous system. 

Neuroc37te (F.). Nerve-cell. 
Neurodeal'gia (i.) [>i'j,oai'?)i?, a/i.Y<ii\. 
Pain in tiie retina. 

Neurodeatro'phia (Z.) [ar/)oy>o?]. Ret- 
inal atrojihj-. 

Neurodeomyelo'ma (/>.) [,ao£/oc]. 
Myeloma of the retina. 

Neuro-dermatro'phia [oipim, arfio- 
^i'/]. Neurosis of the skin. 

Neurodenntheil [W. Muller] ((?.). 
Cerebral layer of retina. 

Neuro'des {L.) [>ju/jal<5);s-]. Composed 
of nerve-substance, the retina. 

Neurodias'tasis (i.) [v£^j/>«v, ii'.d(!Ta<T.i\. 
Displacement or separation of nerves. 

Neurodyna'mia {L.) [f^/i-a/its-]. Ner- 
vous power. 

Neurody'namis. Nerve-force. 

Neurodyn'ia (L.) [o'^v/rj. Continued 

nerve-pain, ache. 

Neuro-epider'mal layer. Ectoderm. 

Neuro-epithe'lium. Nerve-epithelium. 

Neuro-flbro'ma (L.). F. nourofi- 
brome. Fibroma developed from a nerve- 
sheath, and presenting neuromatous cha- 

Vol. ir.— U 

Neuro-fron'tal arch. Prosencephalic 

Neurog-a'mia (Z/.) [;-a/2/<«]. Animal 

Neurog'eny [^:^;<7:c]. L. neurogenia. 

Neurog'lia (L.) [i/su/jov, ^^.ia]. F. nev- 
roglie ; G. Nervenkitt. An extremely fine 
reticular substance which lies between and 
supports the ganglionic cells and nerve- 
fibres in the brain and spinal cord. It is 
considered by many as a form of connec- 
tive tissue, but differs from it in its chemi- 
cal reactions, and probably in its origin. 

Neuroghaschicht (G.). Molecular 
layer of corte.x. 

Neuroglio'ma (//.). Glioma. 

Neiirog-'raphy [j-o'/cxm]. F. nevro- 
graphie ; G. Xeurographic ; /. nevrografia. 
A descrij)tion of nerves. 

Neuroker'atin. F. neurokeratine. A 
substance analogous in chemical composi- 
tion to keratin, found in delicate tubular 
sheaths which surround the axis cylinder 
and its myelin investment. The two neuro- 
keratin sheaths arc connected by a reticu- 
lum, the meshe.s of whicii are filled with 
the myelin [Ewald and Kiihne]. 

Neurolemmati'tis. Retinitis. 

Neurolog'ical [/"/-i'^]- />. netirologieus ; 
F. nevrologi<|ue ; G. neurologisch ; /. nevro- 
logico. Pertaining to neurology or to the 
nervous system. 

Neurol'ogy. L.. I. neurologia ; F. 
nevrologie ; G. Xeurologie. That part of 
biology and medicine which pertains to the 
nervous system. 

Neuro'ma [vru/)o>]. /'. nevrome ; G. 
Neurom ; /. ncvroma. 1. A tumor com- 
in).sed of nerve-tissue. 2. A fibroma de- 
veloped in the course of a nerve. N. 
amyelin'icum, a neuroma composed of 
non-medullated nerve-fibres. N. myelin'- 
icum, neuroma compo.sed of medullated 

Netiromala'cia (L.) [_,'i.a/.axia]. Soft- 
ening of nerves. 

Neurom'atous. F. n(>uromateux,euse. 
Pertaining to, or resembling, a neuroma. 

Neurom'erism [//£/<;V]. Segmentation 
of the medullary canal. 

Neuromime'sis (L.) [//;>);«■:,■]. F. 
nevromimosie. Nervous mimicry ; imita- 
tion of symptoms of organic disease in 
functional neuroses. 

Neuro-mus'cle the'ory. That the 



cent nil LTiingliiinie cell, its nerve-fibre, ami 
the luusele connected with it as its terniinal 
organ are developed from one cell ; there- 
fore the innervation of a muscle determines 
its homologies. 

Neuromttskelzellen (<V.). Cells de- 
veliipiiit: liiith nerve- and muscle-substance, 
found in s(inie lower organisms. 

Nevu-o-na'sal arch. Rhinencephalic 

Neuroneoplas'ma ( /-/.), pi. ata [//"v-, 
T/(/(r'/«]. Xeuronia. 

Neuron'osus ( />.) [■/"'rci-]. Neurosis. 

Neuronyx'is (/>.) [-."''.j^-]. Puncture 
of a nerve. 

Neuro-occip'ital arch. Epencephalic 

Neuro-pari'etal arch. Mesencephalic 

Neu'ropath [-(;^/.>>]. A physician who to base his pathology, ti'eatment, 
etc. on the nervous system. 

Neurop'athic [-</^'uv]. F. nevro- 
patliii|ue ; <i. neuropathisch. Pertaining, 
or due, to nervdus disease or affected with 

Neuropathol'ogy [-ojin;, /.'I^-'ic]. F., 
(i. Xeuropatlidl'igic. 1. ]'athology of the 
nervous system. 2. Pathnlogy founded on 
the theory that all disease is due to nervous 

Neurop'athy [-^i'/ur^. t'/^^k]. /'. nevro- 
pathie ; G. Xeuropathie ; / nevrojiatia. A 
disease of a nerve or of tlie nervous sys- 

Neuro - physioPogy. Physinlogy of 
the nervous svstem. 

Neu'roplasty [r^.'/^rt-w]. Plastic sur- 
gery (if nerves. 

Neuro-purpu'ric fever. Cerebro-spinal 

Neuropy'ra r/-.) [-~,"]. Xervnus fever. 

Neuropyret'ic. Pertaining tn. nr caus- 
ing, fever due tn nervous influenec. 

Neuro-retini'tis. Iiif1:innii:itiiin of the 
optic nerve and ret iiia. 

Neiiror'rhaphy [/I'/cr,]. Nerve-suture. 

Neuro 'sis i /.. i [/.-'yxi/]. /■'. nevrose : 
(i. Nervenleiden ; /. neurosi. A nervous 
disease, more es|K'cially one in which no 
definite lesions are found. 

Nettroskel'eton. Kndoskcletoti. 

Neurospas'mus ( /- ). /•'. ni'vrospasme ; 
/. nevrosviasmo. Nervous twitchin;;. 

Neurospon'g'ium ( A. i. Inner gr.mular 
layer of the retina [\V. .Midler]. 

Neurostrem'ma (L.) [nzfiiiiria']. A 

Neurothlip'sis ( L.) [.'>/.!^.''!i-]. Irritation 
of a nerve. 

Neurot'ic [>--■>">]. Jj. neuroticus ; /'. 

nevroti(|iie ; G. neurotisch ; /. nevrotico. 

I. Ilelating or due to the nervous system. 
, 2. Ju-medy. drug, or jioison. especially aftect- 
i ing the nervous system. 

Neu'rotome. /'. ncvrot.ime ; 6'. Neu- 
rotoni. The nervous apparatus of a soma- 

Netirot'oiny [^£m/(">'. ""/",]. L. neuro- 
tomia ; F. nevrotomie ; (,'. Neurotomie ; /. 
nevrotomia. Section of a nerve. 

Neu'rotripsy [r/.:V':v]. /' neurotripsie. 
Crushing a nerve. 

Neurotro'ma (L.) [7/-(u//«]. Wound 

of a nerve. 

Neuro varico 'sis (L.). Fornjation of 
j swellings or varicosities on nerve-fibres. If 

these affect the axis cylinder onlv, it is 
I tilovaricosis : if the myelin sheath oidy, it 

is mvelovaricosis [.Vdamkiewiczl. 

Neu'tral mix'ture. -Mixture of citrate 
of ])otassiuni. 

j Neu'traliue. Commercial name of a 
kind of petrolatum. 

I Neutraliza'tion. /-. neutralisatio ; /•'. 

I neutralisation; (•'. Neutralisirung ; /. neu- 

\ tralizzazione. Destructicui of peculiar ]irop- 

I erties. making inactive. 

Neu'trophile [neuter, ci/.nf]. lleadily 
colored liy staining agents of neutral re- 
I action. 

Neuvieme paire ( F.). Ninth jiair of 
nerves, the glosso-pharyngeal nerves. 

Neva'da Mm'eral Springs. Sul- 
idiurotted water>. Nevada, A'ernon Co.. .Mis- 

Nevragmie ( F.). Pvupture of a nerve, 
tearinir it from its attachments. 

Nevralgie ( F.'). Neuralgia. N. epi- 
leptoide, rpileptiform neuralgia. N. 
femoro-poplitee, sciatica. 

Nevrasse ( /. ). Cerebro-spinal axis. 

Nevrasthenie i /■'.). .\eura>thrnia. 

Nevraxe ( /•'.) Cerebro-spinal axis. 

Nevrectomie {/•'.). Neurectomy. 

Nevrileme ( /■'.). Neurilemma. 

Nevrileniite { /'.). /. nevrileniniite. 



Nevrilite (F.). Neurility. N. centri- 
fage, niotiioitj. N. centripete, .sensibil- 

Nevrilome (F.). Neuroma originating 
in the neurilemma. 

Nevrimotilite (F.). Motricity. 
Nevrine (/'.). /. nevrinu. Xeurine. 

Nevrite (F.). Neuritis. N. segment- 
aire, form affecting several portions of the 
same nerve-fibre, the intermediate portions 
being unchanged. It affects the myelin 
sheath, but not the axis cylinder. N. 
symptomatique, neuritis caused by dis- 
ease of an organ which the nerve traverses. 

Nevritlque (F.). Relating to the 

nerves, neuritie. 

Nevro-choroidite (F). Clioroiditis 
complicated by ciliary neuritis. 

NevToflogosi (/.). Neuritis. 

Nevroglie ( F.). I. nevroglia. Neu- 

Nevrographie (/■'.). /. nevrografia. 

Nevro-hjrpnologie (F.). Hypnotism. 

Nevrome (F.). Neuroma. 

Nevromimosie (/''.). Neuromimesis. 

Nevromyalgie (F.). Jlyalgia. 

Nevropathie (F.). Neurosis. 

Nevropathologie (F.). Neuropathol- 

Nevrosclerose (/'.). .Sclerosis of ner- 
vous tissue. 

Nevrose (F.). Neurosis. Nevro- 
sisme, nervousness. 

Nevrospasme (F.). Nervous spasm. 

Nevrosthenie (F.). Excessive excita- 
bility (jf nerve-centres. 

Nevrotique (F.). Neurotic. 

Nevrotomie (F.). Neurotomy. N. 
optico-ciliaire, optico-ciliary neurotomy. 

NevToyiscerlte (F.). Visceral inflam- 

matidii with neuralgic manifestations. 

New'bury Springs (.Montebello 
Springs). Sulphuretted, calcic, and cha- 
lybeate waters, Newbury. Orange Co., Ver- 

New Grana'da bark. A varictv of 

New Hol'land Springs. Calcic waters, 
near (iainesvilh-. Hall (',,., Georgia. 

New Jer'sey tea. Craiwthtis ameri- 
cnniis. L. 

New'som's Arroy'o Gran'de Warm 

Springs. Sulphuretted, thermal waters, 
40°-10y° F., San Luis Obispo Co., Califor- 

New Zealand flax. Phonnlmn tmax, 

Nez {F.). Nose. 

Ngai cam'phor. C,oH,gO. A variety 
of camphor, having the same composition 
as Sumatra camphor, obtained in China 
and Burmah by the distillation of Blitmea 
hahiimit'crii. DC. 

Nican'dra physaloi'des, Giertn. Apple 
of Peru, naturalized in the U. 8. from Peru ; 
the berries are diuretic. 

Nicco'li bromi'dum ( L.). Nickel bro- 

Nick'el. Ni. L. niccohini ; G. Nickel ; 
/. nichelio. A silvery-white, ductile, malle- 
able metal, spec, grav. about 8.5 ; not oxid- 
ized by exposure to moist air ; existing in 
various ores, generally associated with arse- 
nic, antimony, or cobalt. N. bro'mide. 
XiBrj. L. niccoli bromidum ; G. Nickol- 
broraiir; F. broniure de nickel. Green, 
odorless crystals, of an acrid, burning taste, 
sparingly soluble in water, alcohol, or ether ; 
obtained by the action of bromine upon 
heated metallic nickel : extolled as a rem- 
edy for epilepsy, melancholia, and hysteria. 
N. chlo'ride. NiClj. /">. niccoli chloVidiun ; 
F. chlorure de nickel ; G. Nickelchloriir ; /. 
cloruro di nichelio. A yellow, crystalline, 
unctuous salt, formed by heating nickc'l in 
a current of dry chlorine gas ; the hydrated 
salt is green and very deliquescent ; has 
been recommended as a tonic in anicmia. 
N, sul'phate. .\iS(),,7II.,(). L. nieeoli 
sulphas ; F. sulphate de nickel ; G. Nickel- 
sulfat ; /. solfato di nichelio. A green, 
crystalline, efflorescent salt, having a sw(>et- 
ish and styptic taste, readily soluble in wa- 
ter, in.solubic in alcohol : prepared by dis- 
solving nickel carbonate in diluted sulphuric 
acid, concentrating, and crystallizing; rec- 
ommended by Sinip.son (1852) as a tonic 
and antipcriodic. 

Nick'er-seed oil. Oil expressed from 
bonduc-sced : used as an embrocation. 

Nickhaut (G.). Nictitating membrane. 

Nick'ing [-1. S. knik]. Operation of 
cutting through the depressor muscles of 
the tail in horses. 

Nickkrampfe (G.). Spasm of muscles 
of neck ; wry-neck. 

Nic'ol's prism. Prism of Iceland spar, 
used for polarizing light. 



Nico'tia (/>.)• Nicotine. 

Nicotia'na (/>.)• 1- A f^^enus of plants, 
Nat. OrJ. S')liut(tfi;r . 2. /•'. iiicotiaiie ; 7. 
iiioo/.iana. Toliaccn. N. mexica'na, 
Sc'hlech., N. pilo'ra, |)iim., N. pusil'la, 
L., N. trigonophyl'la, DC, .Mcxitaii .s]ic- 
fies official in the Far. .Alex, uiidcr the 
name of Tnhaco ciinninni. N. ta'bacum, 
an lierbaceou.s plant, native of trii])ical 
America, extensively enltivated ; the ]>rin- 
ci])al source of commercial tobacco. 

Nicotiane (F.). 'i'ohac'eo. 

Nicotian'in. /•'. nieotianine; 7. nico- 
zianiiia. 'i'oliacco caniphiir; a white crys- 
talline compound which separates from an 
aqueous distillate of tid)aeeo. 

Nicoti'na ( 7y., /. ), Nicotine. 

Nic'otine. C',,,!!, ,(),,. A colorless. li(|uid, 
Volatile, stroniilv alkaline, very soluble alka- 
loid, the active princi[de of tobacco; a de- 
pressant neurotic ami ra])idly fatal poison. 
A <lrop in a watch-f;lass, covered by another 
cnntaininiz; a drop of nitric or hydroeliloric 
acid, will evidve white fumes, less dense 
than thosi' from conine, and not produeiui: 
crvstals. riatiuuin bichloride throw.s down 
a yellow jirccipitate, becominLi' crystalline 
and soluble in hydrochloric acid. .Mercuric 
chloride jiroduces ]ieculiar white crystalline 
pjreciliitate. ehamrinjr to yellow (distinction 
iVom otlier precipitates caused by this rea- 
trent, exceptiiiir with strychnia, which dif- 
i'ers decidedly in crystalline form) ; a deli- 
cate test. : see Tithle iif itiilldntiis. 

Nictazione ( /. ). .Xictitation. 

Nic'titating. Winkinjj;. N. mem'- 
brane. L. mcmbrana nictitans ; F. mem- 
brane eliiiiiotante ; U. lilin/.haut, Nickhaut ; 
7. nu'mbrana nittitautc A fold of the con- 
junctiva whiidi in Inwcr vertebrates (birds, 
re]itiles) answers the ]iurpose of a third 
eyelid, beint; actuated by special muscles. 
It is not as well developed in mammals, 
and in man and primates is reduced to a 
vestigial I'ondition (plica semilunaris) 

Nictita'tion. //. idelitatio. Winkin^r. 

Nid ( F.). Nest N. d'hirondelle, 

nidus hirundiuis [I'leil] 

Nida'tion [A. nidus]. I'eriodii'al de- 
velopment of ejiidielial lininii of liody of 
uter\is during the internu'tistrual period 

Ni'dorous. L. nidorosus. Smelling,' 
like rotten eiri-'s. 

Ni'dus (/-,). I. .\. ru'st. 2. A focus 
or central puinl of infection. :>. Collection 

of nerve-cells; nucleus; nerve-centre N. 
a'vis, nidus hirundiuis. N. hirun'dinis. 
F. nid d'hirondelle; (!. Nest, Schwalben- 
nest ; I. nido di rondine. Deep fossa be- 
tween ainye;dala and uvula on under sur- 
face of cerebellum. 

Niederkunft ( (J.). Parturition. 

Niederschlag ((I.). Precipitate. 

Niederschlagend (&'.). Depressing, 

Niederschlagsmembran (G.). Film 
i'ornied by coaj;ulation or precipitation. 

Niedersclilagung ( <!.). I'recipitation. 

Niederzieher ( ^'. ). Depressor. N. des 
Miiiid'wiiikels, dejiressor anguli oris. N. 
der Nase or N. des Nasenflligels, de- 
jjressor ahe nasi. N. der Nasenscheide- 
wand, naso-labialis. N. des Penis, ischio- 

Niere (''''.). Kidney. In composition 
Niei-en, as. — abscess, ])yonephrosis : — 
adenoma, adenoma of kidney ; — affec- 
tion, kidney disease; — arterie, renal 
artery; — artig, renal, kidney-like; — 
atrophie, renal atrophy; — becher, renal 
calyx; — beckenentziuidung, pyelitis; 

— beckenerweiteiiing, hydronephrosis ; 

— beschwerde, kidney comjilaint ; — be- 
■weglichkeit, umbility uf the kidneys; — 
blutadem, renal veins; — blutung, ne- 
plirorrhagia ; — blTlch, lu'phrocele ; — 
carcLnom, carcinoma of kidney ; — cir- 
rhose, cirrhosis of the kidneys : — defekt, 
malformation or detieiency of the kidney; 

— degeneration, degeneration of the kid- 
m>vs ; — einschnitt, hilum of kidney; — 
eiterung, suppuration of the kiilney ; — 
entziindting, m^phritis; — fett, fat sur- 
rciundiug the kidney; — flstel, renal fis- 
tula; — formig, kidney-shaiieil ; — gang 
[Kupfi'er], primitive organ fr(jm which ure- 
ter and permanent kidney are developed, 
ajipcaring as a tubular pa.ssage near the 
lower eml of the Widfhan duct ; above, it 
branches and forms the uriniferous tubules; 
below, it opens independently into the uro- 
genital sinus; — geflecht, renal plexus; 

— gegend, renal region; — gries, grav- 
elly concrcment in the kidney; — haut, 
renal capsule; — infarct, kidm^y infarc- 
tion; — kanalchen, uriniferous tubule; 

— kapsel, 1, .\dipose ca|)sule of the kid- 
ney. '1. Su|ir;irenal capsule ; kelch, rcmil 
calyx ; — kern or — knauel, glomerulus of 
kidiu'y ; — kolik, ncpliritic colic; — kom, 
.Malpighian corpuscle; — krankheit, re- 
nal disease; — krebs, renal cancer; — 
lahmung, renal paralysis, — lappen or 



— lappchen, lobe of the kidney ; — lehre, 
nephrology; — leiden, renal disease; — 
mark, medullary substance of kidney ; 

— papille, papilla of kidney ; — pyra- 
miden, pyramids of JIalpighi ; — sand, 
renal gravel; — sarcom, sarcoma of the 
kidney ; — schlagader, renal artery ; — 
schmerz, nephralgia; — schnitt, "neph- 
rotomy ; — schrumpfung, contraction of 
the kidney ; — sklerose, chronic intersti- 
tial nephritis; — stein, renal calculus; — 
steinschnitt, nephro-lithotomy ; — stni- 
men, jieculiar cystic lipomatous growths in 
the kidney; — stichtig-, having diseased 
kidneys; — trichter, nephrostome; — ty- 
phus, lumbago with h.Tmoglobinuria in the 
horse; — venen, renal veins ; — vereite- 
mng, pyonephrosis ; — vergrossening-, 
enlargement of the kidney ; — verhar- 
tung, induration of the kidney; — vero- 
dung-, destruction or wasting'of kidneys ; 

— verstopfong, renal obstruction ; — 
warzchen, papilla of kidney ; — wasser- 
sucht, hydronephrosis. 

Niesefleber ((?.). Hay fever. 

Niesekrampf or Niesskrampf {G.). 
Spasmodic sneezing. 

Niesemittel (&'.). Errhine, sternuta- 

Niesen {0.). To sneeze, sneezing. 

Nieswurzel (G.). Hellebore. 

NietnageJ (G.). Hangnail. 

Nigeria {L., /.). F. nigelle. Fennel- 
flower ; a genu.s of plants. Nat. Ord. Raiiini- 
culacex. N. arven'sis, L., field fennel- 
flower, common in Europe ; the seeds are 
used as a condiment. N. damasce'na, 
L., ragged lady, from Europe, cultivated 
for ornament. N. sati'va, L., nutmeg- 
flower, from the Levant, ornamental. The 
seeds of the three species are carminative, 
diuretic, emmenagogue, and galactagogue. 

Night'-blindness. Hemeralopia. 

Night'-blooming ce'reus. Ccmis 

ffmm/ij/onix. .^lill. 

Night'mare. L. incubus; F. cauehc- 
mar ; G. Ali,driicken ; /. incubo. A troubled 
dream with a of oppression and great 

Night'-palsy. A special form of numb- 
ness of the extremities, occurring at night, 
usually in women about the climacteric 

Night'shade. The genus Sohmiim. Nat. 
Ord. Sol,i>incefr : sen also /^^ar/.-and Garden 
nightshade. N., deadly, belladonna. 

Night'-sight. Nyctalopia. 

Night'-soil. The contents of privy- 
vaults. N.-s. fe'ver, tj-phoid fever. 

Night '-sweat. <?. Nachtschweiss. Term 
applied specially to the profuse sweating at 
night in phthisis and hectic fever. 

Night'-terrors. L. pavor nocturnus. 
Special form of somnambulism, with cries 
and great terror, occurring in young chil- 
dren of nervous temperament. 

Nigre'do (Z.). Melasma. 

Nigres'cent. L. nigrescens. Becoming 
dark in color. 

Nigris'mus {L.). Chloasma, melano- 

Nigri'ties (i.). F. nigritie ; /. nigrizia. 
Dark pigmentation. N. lin'guee, glosso- 

Ni'grosin. An anilin dye of a blue- 
black color. princi])ally a protoplasmic stain, 
especially applicable for staining sections 
of central nervous system. 

Nigua. Chigoe. 

Nihilum arbum (/>.). Crude zinc 

Nilbeule (C). Nile boil: see Ukcr^i, 

Nim-bark. L. azadirachta; cortex. The 
bark of Azadii-achln ini/ini. .Tuss. ; astrin- 
gent, tonic, and antiperiodic [I'. Ind.]. 

Nim-leaves. L. azadirachtsc folia. The 
leaves of Azadirachla indica, Juss. ; stimu- 
lant ; used as a local application to ulcers 
and obstinate skin [P. Ind.]. 

Nine-bark. Spirxa opti/i/o/ia, L. ; 
plant astringent, tonic, vulnerary. 

Nine-day fits. Trismus nascentium. 

Ninfe (/.). Nymphic. 

Ninfomania (/.). Nymphomania. 

Ninth nerve. The hypoglossal in the 
nomenclature of Willis; the glo.ssopharyn- 
geal in that of Sommering and most modern 

Nio'ta-bark. Bark of Samadn-n Indira. 

NiphabIep'sia(Z.) [^.'Va., ?//-<«]. .*^now- 

Niphotyphlo'sis (L.) [j'xf/.wn'.i]. Pro- 
duction of snow-blindness. 

Nip'ple [.I. .S". nypelc]. L. mammilla ; . 
F. niamelon ; G. Brustwarze; /. capczzolo. 
The conical eminence in the centre of the 
mammary gland ; rudimentary in the male. 

Nipple-line. L. linea niammalis ; G. 
Mamniilarlinie. A reference line for physi- 



rn\ I'xiiiniiKition. drawn verticuUv tlirouL'h 
tlic iiipjili'. i 

Nip 'plewort. Laniji.-^niui i'iiiiti)iiiiu!i,h.] 
indigeiiuus ; plant used I'cir sure nipiiles. 

Niqueter (/■'•)■ To jierforni tlie ujiera- 
tion of nii'kintr. <j. r. 

Nii-'les (/..J. /•'. nirle. Horin's plilyc- 

Nischengewolbe ( <'■)■ The liali'-donicd 
vault — a term lor the ]peeuliar areh-like 
arrangeiiU'Ut of the skeleton ol' the io(jt 

Nistagmo ( / )■ Nystagmus. 
Ni'sus (/>.). Kffort, force. N. forma- 
ti'vus, ]ila.stie lorc-e. 

Ni'tras (A.). Nitrate. N. amido- 
hydi-argyro'sus [1'. I»an.]. mereurous 
amuioiiiuni nitrate. N. ammo'nicus [F. 
Me.\.]. aninnmiuui nitrate. N. argen'- 
ticus, silver nitrate. N. argen'ticus 
fa'sus, moulded nitrate ui' silver. N. 
argen'ticus mitiga'tus, diluted nitrate 
of silver. N. bihydi'argjrro'sus [('■id.], 
mereurous nitrate, basic. N. fer'l'icus [F. 
^lex.], ferric nitrate. N. hydrargjri'cus 
ac'ldo-ni'ti-ico solu'tus [<'od.], sidution 
.if mercuric nitrate. N. hydi'argyro 'sus 
Cod.], mereurous nitrate. N. kal'icus 
P. I)an.], ]iotassiiini nitrate. N. na'ti'i- 
cus [P.Svec.], sodium niti-ate. N. plum'- 
bicus [Cod], lead nitrate. N. potas'si- 
cus [Cod.], jiotassium nitrate. N. so'di- 
cus [Cod.], sodium nitrate. N. strych'- 
nicus <u- N. sti'ychni'nus, nitr.ite of 

Nitratation ( /■'.). Use of silver nitrate 
lor staining tissues. 

Ni'trate. L. nitras; F. azotate; d'. 
salpetersaurcs Salz ; /. nitrato. A salt 
formed by the eheiuieal combination of 
idtric acid iliNO ) with a base. N. of 
potas'siuni pa'per. L. eharta ]iotassii 
nitratis; /'. ]ia]iier nitre; f/. Saljieti'rjiapii-r. 
T'nsi/.ed jiajier dipped in a solution of ]io- 
ta-siiim nitrate i 1 to 1. I'.S. 1'. ; 1 to .j. P. 
(i.: saturali'd. Cod. ) and dried; used lor 
the rebel' ol' asthma by inhaling the I'umes 
(d' the burning ]iaiii'r. N. of silver, silver 
nitrate. N. of strych'nine. L. strych- 
ninum nitrieum [1'. C], nitras stryehiunus 
[Cod.]; /''. azotate de strychnine; ^»'. sal- 
]ietersaures Stry.dinin ; /. nitrato de stvic- 
nina. ComjKMuid formed by the action cd' 
dilute nitric acid upon strvchnine; contain.^ 
,^1 per cent, of the alkaloid. 

Nitrate (/■'.). N. acide de niercure, 
Siilution of mercuric nitrate. N. d'argent, 

silver nitrate. N. d'argent fondu, mould- 
ed nitrate of silver. N. de cuivre, copper 
nitrate. N. mercureux animoniacal, 
mereurous ammoidiim nitrate. N. de po- 
tasse or N. potassique, ]iotassium nitrate. 
N. de protoxyde de mercure, mereurous 

Nitrate ( / ). Nitrate. N. di animo- 
niaca, ammonium lutrate. 

Ni'tre. Potassium nitrate, saltjietre. 
Nitre ( /•'.). ■ Nitre. N. ammoniacal 
or detonant, ammoiuum nitrate. N. cu- 
bique, native sodium nitrate. 

Ni'tri amyl'icus [F. Mcx.]. Amyl ni- 

Ni'tric [/iV/Mi/]. /,. nitrieum ; F. ni- 
tricpie ; 6^. salpeterig ; /. nitrico. Pielatiiig 
to intre and its c<impounds. N. ac'id. L- 
acidum nitrieum; /'. acide azotiipie; G. 
Salpetersaure ; 1. acido idtrico. 1. A col- 
orless, fuming, extremely caustic and cor- 
rosive liquid having the cdiemical composi- 
tion UNO,, obtained by distilling a mixture 
of jiotassium or sodium nitrate and sulphuric 
acid, or by other chemical [irocesses. 2. A 
li(|uid containing lilt. 4 per cent, of absolute 
nitric acid and .' jicr cent, of water [U. S. 
P.]; containing 70 ]ier cent, of real acid 
P.P.]: 30 per cent. [1'. (i]; (IH.ti per cent. 
"Cod.].' Spec. grav. 1.41.' [U.S. P., B. P.]; 
1.185 [P. (.;.]; l.:ill [Cod.]. Tonic, anti- 
septic, astringent, and caustic; a corrosive 
poison. N. anhy'dride. N-.O.v C.dorless, 
shining, deliquescent, prisnuitic crystals, ob- 
tained by decomposing pure silver nitrate 
by absolutely dry cddorine gas. N. e'ther, 
tin erroiu'ous term for nitrmis ether. 

Nitrifica'tion. The jiroeess by which 
oriiaiiic matters are decomposed, with the 
formation of rntrites and nitrates. 

Ni'tris (/-.). Nitrite. N. amyl'icus 
[P. Hclg], amyl nitrite. 

Ni'trite. 7.. idtris; /•'. azotite ; ^'. sal- 
jictersaures Salz ; /. nitrito. A salt of ni- 
trous arid < UNO, K 

Nitrite amylique [P. iMdg.] (F.). 

.\m\l nitrite. 

Nitre I /.I Nitre. 

Nitreben'zel. C,,il,N"..- /•'nitroben- 
zene; (j. ]Mirbanid ; /. nitrobenzina. Oil 
of mirbano ; it yellowish oily liciuid, spec, 
grav. 1.20il, lui'ving a sweet taste and an 
odor resembling that <A' oil oi' bitter 
almonds; jircpari'd by .irting upon benzol 
with warm fuming nitric acid ; used as a 
substitute for oil of tilmomls, as a perfume 
and flavoring: ingredient, and in the manu- 



fcioture of aniline ; an active poison : see 
Table of antidotes. 

. Ni'trogren [viV/joy, y;>-"itu^. N. L. ni- 
trogenum ; F. nitrogens, azote ; G. Salpe- 
terstoff; /. nitrogeno. A colorless, taste- 
less, inodorous gas, incombustible, not a sup- 
porter of combustion ; spec. grav. 0.9713; 
exists in the free state in the atmosphere, 
of which it forms four-tifths by bulk. N. 
monox'ide. N,0. F. protoxide d'azote ; 

G. StickstoflfoxyJul ; /. protossido d'azoto. 
Nitrous oxide ; laughing gas ; a colorless 
gas of slight agreeable odor and sweetish 
taste, uninflammable, supporting combus- 
tion, spec. grav. 1.52; liquefiable by cold 
and pressure, soluble to some extent in 
water ; prepared by decomposing ammoni- 
um nitrate by heat; exhilarant, anajsthetic; 
used by inhalation ; its aqueous solution 
has been recommended as a tonic, stimu- 
lant, and diuretic. 

Nitrogly'cerin. X. nitroglycerinum ; F. 
nitroglycerine ; /. nitroglieerina. Trinitro- 
glycerin, glonoin ; a colorless or yellowish, 
oily, odorless liquid, having a sweet, aro- 
matic, pungent taste, slightly soluble in 
water, freely soluble in alcohol and other; 
a powerful poison ; used in the treatment 
of angina pectoris, Bright's disease, etc. 
Tolerance may be established by cautious- 
ly increasing the dose of one drop ; as much 
as TTixx. in 24 hours has been taken with- 
out inconvenience : see Tnhh' of onlidntis. 

Nitrohydrochlo'ric acid. L. acidum 
nitrohydrochloricum ; /'. acide nitromuria- 
ti(iue ; G. Salpetersalzsiiurc ; /. acido ni- 
trocloridrico. A irolden-yellow. fuming, and 
very corrosive liquid, whoUv volatilized by 
heat, having a strong odor of chlorine and 
a strong acid reaction ; prepared by mixing 
4 parts of nitric acid with 15 parts of hy- 
drochloric acid ; contains free chlorine, ni- 
trosyl chloride, and perhaps other chlorin- 
ated compounds. 

Nitromuriat'ic acid. Nitrohydro- 
cliliiric acid. 

Nitropen'tane. CJInXO,,. A li(|uid, 
isomeric with amyl nitrite, obtained by 
treating silver nitrite with amyl iodide. 

Nitropheni'sic acid. Picric acid. 

Ni'trous ac'id. 1(11X0;). A very un- 
stable compound, not known in the free 
state, but only in aqueous solution or in 
e(mibination with bases forming nitrites. 
2. The commercial name of an acid which 
consists of nitric acid colored red by more 
or less hyponitric acid (N./),). 

Ni'trous e'ther. Ethyl nitrite. 

Ni'trum {L.). Nitre. N. cu'bicum, 
native sodium nitrate. N. depura'tum, 
potassium nitrate. N. flam'mans, ammo- 
nium nitrate. 

Nittalopia (/.). Nyctalopia. 

Nittitante (/.). Nictitating. 

Noah's ark. Ct/jnipediiwi pubescens, 

Noasthe'nia (L.) [•^ni, d(rOiv$ta'j. Men- 
tal weakness. 

No'ble parts. F. parties nobles ; G. 
edle Theile ; J. parti nobili. Organs of the 
body essential to life or to generation. 

Noce (/.). 1. Nut. 2. The genus 
Jiii/hiiis. N. del ginocchio, ])atella. N. 
di sassaft'asso, sassafras-nuts, pichurim 
beans. N. vom'ica, nux vomica. 

Noctambula'tio or Noctisur'gimn 
(i/.). Somnambulism. 

Noctur'nal blind'ness. Hemeralopia. 

Noctur'nal emis'sion or poUu'tion. 

F. pollution nocturne. Ejaculation of se- 
men in a dream. 

Noctur'nal ver'tigo. iSudden 
tion of I'alling from a height just after 
going to sleep. 

Nocuite {F.'). The (|uality of being 
hurtful or noxious. 

No'dal points. /' points nodaux ; G. 
Knotcnpunkte. I'wo jioints on the prin- 
cipal axis of a refracting system so situ- 
ated that every ray that before refraction 
is directed to the first nodal point is after 
refraction directed to the second, and the 
incident and refracted rays arc parallel. 

Nod'ding spasm. Spasmus nutans. 

Nod'ding tril'lium. Trillium cermnim, 

Node. L. nodus ; G. Knoten ; /. nodo- 
sitil. A knob or hard flattened tumor on 
a bone, ligament, or tendon. 

Nodi perlacei (/.). I'carly bodies. 

Nodo(/). Knot. N. deir encefalo, 
pons Varolii. N. vitale, vagus nucleus. 

Nodose'. 7>. nodosus ; F. noucux, euse ; 

G. knotig ; I. nodoso. Knotted; containing 
alternate swellings and contractions. 

Nodosites de Bouchard ( /■'.). A knot- 
tj- condition of the second joints of the fin- 
gers, supposed by Houcliard to be sym])to- 
matic of dilatation of the stomach. 

Nodos'ity. L. nodositas ; /'. nodosite ; 
G. Nodositiit ; 1. nodosila. A small knot- 
like tumor. 



Nod'ular. F. iiodulaire ; CI. vcikiHJtfd ; 
/. iiodiihirt'. I'lTtuiuing to. or afieetod witli, 
nodes or nodosities. 

Nod'ule. />■ iiiidulns ; /'. nodule ; G . 
Knotelicn ; /. noilulo. 1. A little node or 
knot. '1. F. nodule eerebrul. Pointed ante- 
rior termination id' inferior surface of the 
verniis of the eerelielhini, 

Nod'uli Albi'ni. Nodules (jf eoiilurtive 
tissue sometimes found upon free edge of 
aurieiilo-ventrieular valves. 

Nod'ulus ( A.). Nodule. N. Aran'tii, 
corpus Arantii. N. Morgag'ni, eor])us 
Arantii ; sometiutes a]>]>lieil imu'e partien- 
larly to the corpora Arantii found on tlie 
pulmonary valves. 

No'dus (/>.). Node. N. cer'ebri, 
pons A'arolii. N. extenso'rius or N. ex- 
ter'nus hu'meri, epieoudyle. N. flexo'- 
rius, e]iitrochlea. N. gnttura'lis, .Vdam's 
apple. N.inter'nus hu'meri, cpitrocldea. 
N. val'vulae atrio-ventiicula'ris. G. 
Knoten der linkeii Atrioventieularlilap])e. 
A cartihiiiinous thickening in wall of heart 
at either side of anterior segment of mitral 
valve. N. val'vulae mitra'lis, nodus val- 
vular afrio-ventricularis. 

Nceud ( /•' ). Knot. N. de I'encephale, 
pons Varolii. N. vital [Flourens]. vagus 

Noir f /•',). I>l:iik. N. animal, animal 
charcoal. N. de ftimee, lamphlaek. N. 
d'ivoire, ivorv-Mack. 

Noir-museau (F.). Sarcojitic scahies 
iu tlie siieep. 

Noisetier ('■'.). i'nrijltix urillnnii. 

Noisette ( /•'. i. Filbert. N. purgative, 
purging nut, .liitidjiltn iitii//ijii/(i, \j. 

Noiset'tia pyi'ifo'lia, Mart. Anchi.tcn 
sa/iitari.';, St. Ilil. 

Noix ( /•'.). Nut. N. d'arec, areea-nnt. 
N. de coco, coeoantit. N. de galle, nut- 
gall. N. du genou, patella ( pojuilar term ). 
N. de Govxrou or de Kola, cola-nut. N. 
mttscade, nutmeg. N. de palme or de 

palmier, liie seed of F/m's (/iiiiiicm^if. L. 

N. de sassaft-as, pichuriin beans. N. 
vomique, nux vomica. 

No'li me tan'gere ( L.). A term for 
various emding ulcers, such as lupus, ejii- 
thelioma, etc. of the face. 

No'ma ( //.) [>/.""']. (iangrenous in- 
flammation of the mouth or female genitals 
in young children. N. puden'di or pu- 
dendo'rum, noma (d' tiie genitals. 

Nombril (/•'). rnjbilicus. N. de 
Venus, navehvort. 

No'menclature. L., I. nomenclatura : 
G. Nomeuclatiir. The terms peculiar to a 
science or art. The nomenclature of dis- 
eases adopted as a standard in this work is 
that recommended by the Koyal College of 
Physicians id' London in 1K8(I. 

Non com'pos men'tis ( A.). Not of 
sound mind. 

Nonan, ane {F.). l!cturning every 
ninth day. 

Non'do. Li)/iis/ir>tm iiclnifo/iinn, 'SWchx. 

Non-nat'urals. The sis non-naturals 
which weri' the chief subjects of ancient 
hygienic advice were air. food, e.xercise, 
secretion and excretion, and mental phe- 

Nonnengerausch ( G.). Humming 
sound in the veins. 

Non-pedun'culated hydat'id : see 

Mo yffcr/ii in /i'/</i itiih. 

Non-vi'able : see Vialii/iii/. 

Noostenique (/'.). Relating to intel- 
lectual activity. 

Noostere'sis ( L.) [/"os-, fl-rZ/vr^-rfs-]. I)e- 

Nopal ( /■'.). O/Hlll/ill Cor,illr//l'/','f(l. 


Nordhau'sen oil of vit'riol. L. aeiduiu 
sulfuricum fumans. Sulphuric acid con- 
taining more or less sulphur trioxide (SO.,) ; 
obtained by the distillation of dried ferrous 
sulphate; 'spec. grav. 1.80(1 to IIKM), 

Nor'ma (/..). liule. model, line. N. 
facia'lis, norma frontalis. N. fi'onta'lis 
[I'rirhard]. a line drawn from in i'ront per- 
pendicular to iVontal ]ilane of skull ; iiM'd 
for I'oniparing erania from their frontal 
aspect. N. infe'rior [Owen], a line drawn 
from bcdow vertical to horizontal jilane of 
skull ; used for comparing crania fnun 
below. N. latera'lis, a line ])erpcndic'ular 
to sagittal plane of skull ; used for coni- 
]iaring lateral as])ects of erania. N. OC- 
cipita'lis, a line drawn from behind per- 
))en<licular to frontal ]ilane of sknll ; used 
for comparing the jiostcrior or oeei]iital 
aspcM't ol" crania. N. parieta'lis, norma 
verticalis. N. poste'rior, norma occipitalis. 
N. sagitta'lis, aspect of skull seen on a 
mesial saL;ittal section [Lissauer] N. 
tempora'lis, luirma lateralis. N. ver- 
tica'lis [Hlumenbach]. a line drawn from 
above vertical to horizontal plane of skull; 
u.sed for comparing crania from above. 



Nor'mal. L. normalis ; 7. norinale. 
Natural, usual, perpendicular. N. con'ju- 
gate diam'eter : see Prime diameters. N. 
solu'tion, one containing in 1000 c. e. an 
amount of the active constituent just suf- 
ficient to combine with or replace 1 gramme 
of hydrogen. 

Normalconjugata (G.). Normal con- 
jugate diameter. 

Normaldistanz (C). Standard dis- 
tance : sec Spatial error. 

Normallosung {O.). Normal solution. 

Normalsichtigkeit (&'.). Emmetropia. 

Nosaetiolo'gia (/v.) [w;(T»s-, airia, Xiiy.K'^. 
Etiology of disease. 

Nose. L. nasus ; F. nez ; G. Nase ; /. 
naso. The organ of smell, particularly 
that portion which form.s a prominent fea- 
ture of the face. 

Nose-bleed. 1. Epistaxis. 2. Achil- 
lea millefolium, L. 

Nose'ma {L.) [y"<Tiu>']. Illness. N. 
bom'bycis, the parasite of jiebrine. 

Nosemat'ic. L. nosematicus. Pertain- 
ing to sickness or disease. 

Nosenceph'alus (/>.) [i-'iffo?, iY'.i(fii- 
Xvi\. F. noseneephale ; J. nosencefalo. 
A monster whose head is open anteriorly 
and posteriorly, the brain being more or 
less replaced by vascular tissue. 

Noseph'oi-us {L.) [^tV<»]. Bringing 

Nosereesthe'sia ( L.) [vrxrr^/ios-, alnOr^- 
<7(9]. Disordered sensation. 

Noseroche'raa (/v.) [c'/'j,""]. Ambu- 

Noseropher'etnim (/>.) [v't'/'er/*../]. 

Nose'rus \^^i>m^fm^'\. Causing disease, 

Nosoceph'alus (//.). Nosencephalus. 

Nosochthonograph'ia (/>.) [vht-'v, 
;^<?cov, ypi'iAfoi\. Medical topography in re- 
lation to endemic disease. 

Nosochthonolo'gia (/>.) [/'''>-"i']- F. 
nosocbthondliigie. Geographical nosology. 

Nosoco'mial \L. nosocoinium]. F. 
nosocomial, ale ; G. nosocomialisch ; /. no- 
socomiale. Pertaining to, or caused by, a 
hospital. N. gan'grene, hospital gan- 

Nosocomi'um (//.) [K/Tcf, x"//Ym]. A 
hospital or infirmary. 

Nosoc'omus (7/.). Male hospital nurse. 

Nosocrat'ic [vyrrnc, xfiaTiui^. F. noso- 
cratique; _/. nosocratico. Specific. 

Nosoctonologia (/.). Geographical 

Nos'ode [voa-olfJr^c]. An isopathic reme- 

Nosodochi'um (L.) [wirroc, ^nyzio-j^ A 


Nosogen'esis (-/>.) \^yi'inii\ F. noso- 
genie. Production or etiology of disease. 

Nosog'eny. L.., I. nosogenia ; F. noso- 
genic. Arrangement of diseases by classes. 

Nosog'raphy [^'lO'iew]. L. nosograi>h- 
ia ; /'. G. Xosographie ; 1. nosogratia. 
Description of diseases by classes. 

Nosokomie (ff.). Care of the sick. 

Nosolog'ical. L. nosologicus ; F. noso- 
logiijue ; G. nosologisch ; /. nosologico. 
Pertaining to nosology. 

Nosol'ogy [vfiiTo?, Xoyi>^\ L., I. nosolo- 
gia ; /'., G. No.sologie. The science of the 
classification or methodical arrangement of 

Nosomanie (/•'.). Hypochondria with 
erroneous belief that one is diseased. 

Nosomyco'ses [///«ryv]. Diseases pro- 
duced by fungi. 

Noson'omy [vi/iov-]. L. nosonomia. 
Doctrine of ibc laws of disease. 

Nosopoiet'ic [jt".-/")]. /'. nosopoetique. 

No'sos (L.) [xirrni-]. 

Nosotroph'ic [-""?>;']■ Favoring dis- 

Nostal'gia (/>.) [wifl-ro?. «/;-.-c]. F. 
nostalgic; 6'. Heimsucht, Heimweh. Ex- 
cessive homesickness, producing melan- 
choly, wasting, and sometimes death. 

Nostal'gic. /.. nostalgicus ; /•'. nos- 
talgique; G. nostalgi.sch. Pertaining to, 
or affected with, nostalgia. 

Nostoma'nia (L.) [//«>['«]. F., G. Nos- 
tomanie. E.xccs.sive nostalgia. 

Nos'trils. />. nares externae ; F. narines; 
G. Nasenliicher ; /. narici. Two oval open- 
ings at under surface of nose by which air 
is drawn into the nasal foss.-r. 

Nos'trum (L.)- A secret or (juack 

No'ta primiti'va {L.). Primitive 

Notal'gia ( L.) [>(«r-?, ilkyn^l. F. no- 
talgie ; G. Riickenschraerz. Pain in the 



Notanencepha'lia (L.) [i;-z/yu/»v]. 
(\iiif:ciiitul uliMan'o of the back jiurt of the 

Notch. A, /. incis\ira ; /'. I'chancTuru ; 
6'. lOiiiscliiiitt, Fsecl in aiiat- 
omv to imlicatf a sonicwliat annular ilo]ires- 
sion or iiiterniiiticiii in tlic surface of ori:ans, 
partir-ularly at tlicir i-(l,t.'rs. N. of the con'- 
cha, inrisura intertratiii-a. N- of Rivhius. 
L. incisura llivini : (■'. Kivini seller Aus- 
.sehnitt. A small 'j::i\< in the liony rint;- to 
whieh the inenihraiia tvui-iiani is attaehed. 
N. of a ver'tebra. /. ineisura vertelira- 
lis; _/•'. eelianerure vertehrale ; ^'. A\ iriiel- 
ausschnitt ; /. ineisura vertehrale. Tiie 
concavity ahnve ami liehiw the jiediele. 

Notches of the cerebel'lum. Inter- 
vals seiiaratinjr tin' hemispheres, distin- 
yuished as antericu' and posterior. 

Notencephal'ocele. Couirenital enco- 
phaloeelc at the hack of the head. 

Notenceph'alus ( /.. ) [xyr.-c. ly/lisa- 
/...v]. /•'. miteiH'ephale . /. notencefalo. 
.^Iollster with noteiicephalocele. 

Nothimpfiing ( '■-'. ). \'aecination when 
smallpox is ])revalent as an ejiidoniic. 

Nothschhnge ( G.). Temporary li.^a- 

Nothverband ( ^'.). Temporary band- 
ar; i'. 

Nothzucht { '-'.). Hape. 

No'tochord [vwri<v, /",""';]. I^ ehonla 
dorsalis ; /'. notocorde ; (/. Wirbelsaite ; J. 
notoeorda. A rod oi' eelkdar cartilaije 
formed under tlie medullary groove at an 
early stage of the embryo, and correspond- 
ing to the centres of the future verteliral 
bodies. It extends as far forward as tlie 
sella turcica. When ossitieation sets in it 
gradually (lisapjiears, although traces of it 
may be I'onnd both in the boilies and in the 
interv( discs. 

Notoforo ( / ). Xotoiihore. 

No'to-glos'sus ( /-. ) [;-'.w'--r«]. J.ingua- 
lis supi'rtieialis. 

Notome'lus ( /-. ) [v(«r»v-, //.'/.es-]. F. 
notomeh.' ; /. nolomelo. A monster with 
su]iernumerary limbs atlaidu'cl to the back. 

Notomia (/.). Anatomy. 

Notomyeli'tis [//or/.iv]. F notomyc:^- 
lite ; /. mitoniielite. luHammalion of the 
spinal cord. 

No'tophore [c'/""] /- nolophorus; 
/. notoforo. Monster with spina bifida. 

Nottambulismo (/. ). Somnambulism. 

Nottambulo ( /. ). Somnambulist. 

Nouage (/'.). Rachitis; tying Noue, 
ee, raidiitic ; tied. 

Nouveau-ne ( F.). Newborn. 

Nox'ious. L. noxius ; /'. nuisible ; G. 
schlidlich ; 1. nocivo. Injurious, harmful. 

Noyau (/'.). Nu(deus. N. amygda- 
lieil, amygdaloid tubercle. N. de Balbi- 
ani, liall.iiani's nucleus. N. caude, cau- 
date nucleus. N. du cordon grele, nu- 
cleus funiculi gracilis. N. des coi-ps 
restiformes, nucleus funiculi cuneati. N. 
du cristalUn, iintral portion of crystalline 
lens. N. extra-ventriculau'e, nucleus 
lenticularis. N. (grand) pyramidal, me- 
dial aceessorv olivarv nucleus. N. mtra- 
ventriculaire, nucleus caudatus. N. 
lenticulaire, lenticular nucleus. N. du 

limaQon, i liolns, N. masticateur, 

motor nucleus of trigeminus: see Trifiimi- 
mil iiuc/ii'. N. de I'oeuf, female pronu- 
cleus. N. des polls, papilla of hair-fbl- 
licle. N. post-pyi-amidal or N. des 
pyramides posterieures, nucleus i'unic- 
uli gracilis. N. rouge de Stilling, red 
nucleus. N. spermatique, male pronu- 
cleus. N. de Stilling, Clarke, column of. 
N. viteUin, germinal vesicle. 

Noyaux ( /•'.), pi. of Noyau. Nuclei. 
N. de I'acoustique, auditory nuclei. N. 
juxta-olivaires, accessory olivary nuclei. 

Noye, ee ( /•'.). Drowned. 

Noyer {F.). \\'alnut. N. commt-Ui, 
Jii://iiHs rigid. ]j. N. gris, Jii;//i(iis rinrria, 


Nu, Nue ( /■'.). Naked. 
Nuage (/'.). /. nube. 1. Nephelium. 
2. Cloud in urine. :'>. Muscie volitautcs. 

Nubec'ula ( />-, /. ). F. nnbecule. A 
lit lie cloud or film. 

Nu'bile. 7-. nubilns; <t. maiinl)ar. 
Marriage;ible. at the ]ieriod of jiuberty. 

NubO'ity. /.. nubilitas ; F. nubilite; 
<;. .Xubilitiit ; I. nuViilitii. Fitness tor mar- 

Nu'cha ( A.). /■'. nu(|ue ; /. nuca. Nape 
oi' the neck. 

Nu'chal. /'' nuchal, ale. Kelating to 
the iiiicli:i. N. fas'cia. 7y. fascia nucliiv ; 
(;. .Vackenbiiidc. That part of the cervical 
fascia enveloping the tra]ieziiis. N. fos'sa. 
/,. fossa iniclue ; (i. Xackengrube. .\ triangu- 
lar de])rcssion on the middle line at the back 
(if the neck, just below the occi])ital bone. 
N. tix'bercle. />. tuberculum nucluv ; G. 
Nackcnhlickcr. The ]ironiiiience on the 
surface of the back of the neck, caused 



by the spine of the seventh cervical ver- 

Nu'cin. F. nucine. A crystalline sub- 
stance found by Keischauer and Vogel 
(1856) in the pericarp and leaves of 
Jwjlans regia, L. 

Nu'cit. C6H,,06,2H20. A crystallizable, 
non-fermentable sugar found in the leaves 
of Jwjlans rcgia, L., probably identical with 

Nuck, canal' of. L. canalis Nuckii ; 
G. Nuck'scher Tanal. Passage in the 
female corresponding to inguinal canal in 
the male. It commences at internal ab- 
dominal ring, ends at labium majus, and ' 
contains round ligament of uterus. j 

Nuck, divertic'ulum of. Diverticulum 

Nu'clear. F. nucleaire, nuclcal, ale; 
/. nucleare. Pertaining to a nucleus, to a 
central group of nerve-colls. N. lay'ers. 

F. couches granuleuses ; G. Kiirner- 
schichten. Strata of central layers of 
retina. The inner n. 1. is between the 
inner and outer molecular layers, and is sub- 
divided into the layer of spongioblasts and 
the layer of the ganglion retinsB, which see. 
The outer n. 1. is the inner portion of the 
visual cell-layer, composed of the cone- 
granules and rod-granules. N. paral'ysis. 

G. Nuclearliilimung. Paralysis due to cen- 
tral causes. N. spin'dle, the spindle- 
shaped arrangement of fibres and chro- 
matin fragments into which the nucleus is 
transformed during karyokinesis. N. zone. 
G. Kernzone. Tliat formed around the 
crystalline lens by the uniform arrange- 
ment of the nuclei of the superficial fibres. 

Nuclearlahmung {G.). Nuclear pa- 

Nu'cleated or Nu'cleate. L. nucleatus ; 
F. nuclee, eee ; /. iiucleato. Having a 

Nuclei ( L.), pi. of Nucleus, q. v. N. 
cerebel'li secunda'rii, nucleus fastigii, 
nucleus globosus, and nucleus emboli- 
formis. N. colliculo 'rum, gray masses 
found within the corpora quadrigenuna. 
N. trigem'ini, trigeminal nuclei. 

Nu'clei niyris'ticse { L.). Nutmegs. 

Nucleiforme (/'')• Resembling a nu- 

Nu'clein. F. nncli'inc. 1. Chromatin. 
2. Nucleoplasm. 

Nucleochile'ma (L-)- Collective term 
for nil th(^ substance occupying the meshes 
of the reticulum of the nucleus. 

Nucleohy'aloplasm. Chromatin. 

Nucle'olus (//.). F. nucleole ; G. Kern- 
kijrperchen ; /. nucleolo. Separate spot 
of substance within the nucleus, consist- 
ing wholly or chiefly of chromatin ; dis- 
tinguished by its larger size from the nu- 
clear granules. 

Nu'cleoplasm \_-'/A/T:ia'\. 1. Karyo- 
plasm. 2. Chromatin. 

Nu'cleus (L.). F. nucleus, noyau; G. 
Kern ; /. nucleo, nocciolo. 1. Kernel, a 
central dift'erentiated part. 2. Applied 
principally to that differentiated body in 
the protopla.?m of a cell which contains the 
chromatin, and which may or maj' not be 
separated from the protoplasm by a mem- 
brane. 3. A group of cells forming the 
central termination of a nerve or of a bun- 
dle of nerve-fibres. N. abducen'tis, ab- 
ducens nucleus. N. accesso'rii, spinal 
accessory nucleus. N. accesso'rius 
acus'tici : see Aiuh'lor// nnclri. N. acus'- 
tici, auditory nucleus. N. ambig'uus, 
in the medulla oblongata a nuclear mass in 
the form of a gray cord directed dorso- 
ventrally along the fibres of origin of the 
vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves. N. 
amyg'dalae, amygdaloid tubercle. N. 
amygdalifor'mis. 1 Amygdahiid tuber- 
cle. 2. Nucleus of liuys. N. angula'- 
ris : see Aii(Iifon/ iiiiclt'i. N. of ante'rior 
root-zone. L. nucleus funiculi antcrioris ; 
G. Kern des Vorderstranggrundbiindels. 
A detached group of nerve-cells found in 
the medulla oblongata, ventrally and me- 
dially from lowest fibres of origin of hypo- 
glossal nerves. N. ante'rior thal'ami : 
see Tliahrmic nuvhi. N. antero-latera'- 
lis, nucleus funiculi lateralis. N. arcifor'- 
mis. G. kleinerer Pyramidenkern. A 
small mass of gray matter among the super- 
ficial arcuate fibres of the mcilulla. N. 
arcua'tus triangxila'ris, nucU'us arci- 
formis. N. of Balbia'ni, Halbiani's nu- 
cleus. N. basa'lis, olivary nucleus. N. 
of Bech'terew : see AuiUidi-i/ nuiki. 
N. blastoder'matis, germinal spot. N. 
bul'bi for'nicis, gray substance found 
within corpora mammillaria. N. cau- 
da'tus, caudati' nuclens. N. centra'lis 
infe'rior, in tlu" pons a mass of gray 
cells, rather dift'usely scattered, situated 
near the raphr and the posterior border. 
N. centra'lis supe'rior, in the pons a 
grav mass near the dorsal and anterior 
surface. N. cerebel'li, dentate nucleus 
of cerebellum. N. cine'reus, posterior 
gray commissure : see Spinal conunisxiires. 



N. cochlea'ris : .si'c Aiulitoi-ij iinchl. N. 
cunea'tus exter'nus, a (small iK'taclu'd 
nucleus of ijray matter lyinfr superlicially 
to the nucleus cuneatus of the nicdulla 
oblon<;ata. N. cursa'rius, jiintiiiii of 
gray matter in head of ror])Us striatum, 
irritatiiiii of whicli in animals proiluees 
irresistilile temleney to run or juin[i [Xoth- 
nauel]. N. of Dei'ters, outer or superior 
auditory n\ieleus : see Andlfnri/ nnrlil. N. 
denta'tus cerebel'li, dentate nueleus of 
ei'ri'liellnm. N. denta'tus par'tis com- 
missura'lis, nui'leus (di\aris su|ierior. N. 
denta'tus oli'vce, olivary nuelens. N. 
denticula'tus, dentate nueleus <jf eere- 
bellum. N. den'tis, pulji of to(itli. N. 
embolifor'mis. (1. J'fro])fkern. A nu- 
cleus of oray matter in the cerebellum, 
Ij'inir close U> the enrpus dentatum toward 
the median line. N. exter'nus thai 'ami: 
see TIkiIiiiiui- iiudii. N. fas'cise denta'- 
tae, irregularly arranged jivramiilal cells 
found in the centre of the fascia dcntata. 
N. facia'lis, facial nucleus. N. fasti'g-ii, 
roof nueleus. N. flmbria'tus, <l(iitatc 
nucleus of cerebellum. N. fibro'sus lin'- 
gnse, septum fibrnsum lingua". N. fnnic'- 
uli anterio'ris, iukOcus of ;interi(ir root- 
zone. N. fanic'uli cunea'ti, cuneate 
nucleus, N. funic'uli gra'cilis, i lavatc 
nucleus. N. fanic'uli latera'lis, ^'. Kein 
des Seitenstrangs. In the medulla oblon- 
gata, a jxirtiiui of the continuation of ante- 
rior Inirn of spinal cord, wliich has become 
se|ia rated by tibres crossing from the lateral 
cohmin to the opposite anteriiu- pyramid. N. 
fiinic'uli tere'tis, a nucleus lying in the 
funiculus teres, floiu- of the 4th ventricle, 
niesially and dorsallv friuu the hvpoglossal 
nucleus. N. g-elatino'so-cartilagin'eus 
or N. gelatino'sus, nucdens pulposns. N. 
globo'sus. (r. Kugelkern. A nucleus 
of gray matter in the cerelicllum, near 
the corpus dentatum. tn the median and 
under side of the nucleus eiubciliformis. 
N. glossopharynafe'i, glossoph.'iryngcal 
nuchois. N. hypoglos'si, 
nucleus. N. hypoglos'si accesso'rius 
or ante'ro-exter'nus, nucleus funiculi 
lateralis. N. infe'rior acus'tici, acces- 
s<irv auditdry nurlcus: see Aiidihiri/ itiic/ii. 
N. inter'nus thal'ami: see Tlinliiiiiir mi- 
ell i. N. jux'ta-oliva'ris, nucleus of the 
pyramid. N. latera'lis, elatistrum. N. 
latera'lis ante'rior, anterior division of 
nucleus funiculi lateralis. N. latera'lis 
me'dius, nucleus ambiguus. N. latera'- 
lis poste'rior, posterior division of nucleus 
funiculi lateralis. N. latera'lis thal'ami : 

.sec Tliiildinic muJci. N. lemnis'ci latera'- 
hs, a collection of cells in the lateral lem- 
niscus tract, about on the level of the 
upper termination of the fourth ventricle. 
N. lenticula'ris, lenticular nucleus. N. 
lenticula'tus, dentate nucleus of the cere- 
bellum. N. lentifor'mis, nucleus leiitie- 
ularis. N. len'tis. (1. Linscnkern. In- 
ternal harder portion of the crystalline lens. 
N. of Luys. L. corpus subthahunicum ; 
(1. Luys'scher K<n'per. A lens-shaped 
C(dlection of nerve-cells, of a clear brown 
color, under the optic thalamus, extending 
from the red nueleus behind nearly to the 
corpus albicans. N. media'lis thal'ami: 
see Tlialamic inichi. N. nieduUa'ris or 
N. medulla'ris cerebel'li, medullary nu- 
cleus. N. oculomoto'rii, oculo-motor nu- 
cleus. N. oli'vse, (ilivarj' nucleus. N. 
oli'vse accesso'rius, accessory olivary 
nucleus. N. oli'vae accesso'rius me- 
dia'lis, nueleus of the pyramid. N. 
oliva'ris, olivary nueleus. N. oliva'- 
ris accesso'rius exter'nus, nucleus oli- 
varius acccssurius lateralis. N. oliva'ris 
accesso'rius latera'lis. G. Nebemdive, 
iiussere. A collection of gray matter in 
the medulla, dorsallv from the olive. N. 
oliva'ris accesso'rius supe'rior, nucleus 
olivaris acccssnrius lateralis. N, oliva'ris 
supe'rior. (1. obere Olive. Situated in 
pons behind trapezium, and between root- 
fibres of sixth and seventh nerves. Luys 
calls the red iniclcus the olive supi'-rieure. 
N. pedun'culi cer'ebri, ntudeus <if Luys. 
N. pedun'culi conar'ii, ganglion halien- 
uhe. N. pon'tis, the scattered multipolar 
cells found in pons A'arolii. N. pulpo'- 
SUS. ^/. ( Jallertkern. The jellv-like ma-ss 
found at tlu^ centre (d' the intervertebral 
disc^ — a Vestige of the notochord. N. of 
the pjrr'amid. L. nucleus oliv;e 
rius medialis ; F. grand noyau pyraiiudal ; 
(t . Pyramidcnkcrn, gros.scr. A collection 
of gray matter found in anterior area of 
medulla, just behind the pyramid and ven- 
trally from the olive. The lesser n. of the 
p. is the nueleus arciformis. N. quadri- 
gem'ini, the masses of gray matter which 
oci'U|iy the central portimis of the corpora 
quadrigemina ; distinguished as anterior and 
posterior. N. reticula'ris, situated dor- 
sallv in the jions. widest about the region 
of the root-libres of the trigeminus. N. 
ru'ber, red nucleus. N. supe'rior thal'- 
ami : see Thdlatiuc iiur/ii. N. teeniafor'- 
mis, claustrum. N. tec'ti, roof-nucleus. 
N. teg-men'ti, red nueleus. N. trape- 
zoi'des, a c(illection of cells in the pons 



Varolii, among the fibres of the trapezium. 
N. trochlea'ris : see Trochh-aris nuclei. 
N. va'gi, vagus nucleus. N. vestibula'- 
ris : see Auditory nuc/ti. 

Nu'el's space. G. Nuel'scher Raum. 
The intercellular space between outer rods 
of Corti and outer hair-cells. 

Nuhn, glands of. G. Nuhn'sche Drii- 
sen. Glands of Blandin. 

Nui'sance. In common law, anything 
■which causes hurt, inconvenience, or dam- 
age to any one ; in public health legisla- 
tion, that which is injurious to health. 

Nullip'ara (£.)• -f. nullipare. A woman 
not a virgin, and who has never had a 

Nullipar'ity. Tiie state or condition of 
a nullipara. 

Numer'ical meth'od. F. methode nu- 
meriijue. Method of medical statistics. 

Nurn'miform [nunimus, formis]. Coin- 

Num'mular. L. nummularis; /'. num- 
mulaire ; G. miinzUhnlich ; J. nunimulare. 
Like coin ; applied to mode of aggregation 
of red blood-corpuscles in rolls. N. spu'- 
tum. F. crachat nummulaire ; /. sputo 
nunimulare. Sputum expectorated in round- 
ish, coin-like masses. 

Num'mulated. F. nummule. Coin- 

Niin'da Min'eral Springs. Saline 
waters, Xunda. Livingston Co., New York. 

Nunnari. Hcmulesmus indiom. 

Nu'phar ad'vena, Ait. Yellow pond- 
lily ; spatterdock ; indigenous : the root is 
said to be tonic ; the brui.scd fresh root is 
used as a cataplasm. 

Nu'phar lu'teum, Sm. yi/injf/txa 
lutea, L. 

Nuque (F.). Nape of the neck. 

Nur'ses' contrac'ture. Tetany. 

NussCA). Nut; — gelenk, ball-and- 
socket joint. 

Nuss'baum's narco'sis. The condi- 
tion produced by a full dose of morphia, 
followed by inhalation of chloroform. 

Nut [A. S. hnut]. L. nux ; F. noix ; 
G. Nuss ; /. noce. A dry, indehi.scent 
fruit, commonly one-celled and one-seeded, 
consisting of a hard shell enclosing a ker- 
nel : see also Bdibadoes. Ben, Betel. Bon- 
diic, Briizil, Cashew, Clenring, Cream, Guru, 
Indian gum. Kola, Malacca, Marking, Oil, 
Oriental cashew. Para, Pecan, Physic, Poi- 
son, Sassafras, Soaj), etc. nut. 

Nuta'tion. L. nutatio ; /. nutazione. 
An oscillation or nodding. 

Nutation de I'uterus {F.). Normal 
auteversion of uterus in second month of 

Nuta'tor cap'itis {L.). Sterno-cleido- 

Nut'gall. L., I. galla ; F. noix de galle ; 
G. Gallapfel ; /. noce di galla. Excres- 
cences on Quercus lusitanica, Webb, var. 
In/ectoria, DC, caused by the punctures 
and deposited ova of Ci/nijys gtiHst tinctorise, 
Oliv. [L. S. P.] ; astringent : see also Ainer- 
ican nutgaUs. N. oint'ment. L. unguen- 
tum gallaj. Powdered nuti;alls 1, benzoin- 
ated lard J(, U. S. P. [5 J, B! P.]. 

Nut-grass. Cyperus rolundus, L., var. 
hi/ilrii, Gray ; indigenous ; root aromatic ; 
used in cholera. 

Nut'meg. L. uiyristica ; /'. noix mus- 
cade : &. Muskatnuss ; /. nocemoscata. The 
kernel of the seed of Mi/ristica fragrans, 
Hout.. deprived of its testa [U. S. P.] ; 
aromatic and narcotic : see also Brazilian, 
California, Female, himij. Mule, and 11 VW 
nutmeg. N. but'ter, expressed oil of 
nutmeg. N. ce'rate. L. balsamum nu- 
cista; ; (?. Muskatbalsam. Yellow wax 1, 
olive oil 2, expressed oil of nutmeg 6; melt 
together [P. (i.]. N.-flow'er, Xigella sa- 
tiva, L. N. liv'er, congested liver. N.- 
tree, Myristiea fragrans, Hout. 

Nut oil. A drying, fixed oil obtained 
i'rom the kernels of the English wabmt. 

Nut-pine. Pinus Sabiniana, Doug. 

Nu'trient. L. nutriens ; F. nutritif, 
ive ; G. nahrhaft ; /. nutriente, nutritizio. 
Giving nourishment. N. ar'tery. F. 
artere nourriciere ; /. arteria nutritizia 
medullary artery. N. canal'. />. canalis 
nutritius; /^.conduit nnurricier ; (r. Kmiih- 
rung.skanal ; /. condotto nutritizio. The 
passage by which the medullary artery 
enters a bone. N. foram'ina. A. foram- 
ina nutritia ossium. The opening.s b}' 
which the nutrient arteries penetrate the 

Nutrilite (f.). Metabolism. 

Nutri'tious. F. nutritif. ive; G. nahr- 
haft. /. nutritivo. Having the power of 
nourishing. N. ar'teries, medullary arte- 

Nu'tritive. /-. nutritivus ; /'. nutritif. 
ive ; G. ernahrend ; /. nutritivo. AHord- 
ing nourishment, relating to nutrition. N. 
yolk. (r. Nahrungsdotter. Portion of 
ovum containing most yolk-granules, and 



serviiifr principally as a food rcsiTvciir. in 
disliiiotion to the i'uniiative volk. y. r. 

Nuti-itivite (/■'.). The (juality of liein;: 

Nutritivkraft (&.). Nutritive iinwer. 

Nutrizione (A). Nutrition. 

Nutscheln (jr Nutschen (<j-)- To 

Nutschkannchen {(i'-)- Sucking-bot- 

Nuvoletta (/.). Nelmla corncic. 

Nux ( L.). Nut. N. casta 'nese bra- 
silien'sis [1'. Port,], Urazil-nut. N. mos- 
cha'ta or N. myris'ticae, nutmeg. N. 
vom'ica. /•'. noi.x vomi(Hie : (i. Kriihen- 
auge ; / noce vomica. The seed of Stn/cli- 
nox iinx romird, L. ; a spinal stiuiulant and 
tetanic jioison, dejiending for its activity 
upon the contained alkaloids strychnine 
and brucine. :J(I grains of the seed or o 
grains of the alcoholic extract liave proved 

Nyctalo'pia ( />. ) [;"''?. il/.a/i^;. («<,'■]. /', 
(t. Nyetalopie, Tagblindheit : /. nittalopia. 
Now used to mean day-blindness, but by 
all ancient authorities, except Hipjiocrates, 
it is used in the sense of night-blindness. 

Nyc'talops ( L.). (1. Tagblinder. (.)ne 
who sees best in a dim light or at night. 

Nyctamblyo'pia {L.) [■•"'?, r//i,?//)j, 
w^'']. Night-Lilindness. 

Nyctiplanc 'tos, Nyctiplanc 'tus, 

Nyctip'olos, Nictip'olus, or Nyctip'o- 
rus ( /y. ) [■^"?, r.ii'/.iw or TiY';'""]. A som- 

Nyctoba'dia, Nyctob'asis, Nyctoba- 
te'sis, or Nyctoba'tia (/-.) {_■'■>:, I'-nixo or 
,9ar/(/<]. Somiianiliulism. 

Nyctopho'nia ( /-. ) [cotvrj']. Ability to 
speak oidy at night. 

Nyctotyphlo'sis (L.) \_rn(f/.oi<Tt<'\. 

Nygmat'icus f/v.) [^'V.'"']- Pertaining 
to a puncture or stab. 

Nym'phse ( L.) [■■"''."(/■r^']. L. labia pu- 
dcndi minora ; /'. nymphes vulvaires. pe- 
titcs levrcs ; <! Wasserlcfzen ; /. ninfe, 
piccoie labbra. Two folds of mucous lueni- 
brane containing vessels and glands, situ- 

ated one on each side of the vagina within 
the labia inajora. 

Nyraphse 'a (/..). Water-lily; a genus 
of \i/iii/th;iiic';r. N. adve'na, Michx., 
Xii/i/i(ii- (i(/riiia. Ait, N. al'ba, the Eu- 
ropean white water-lily; the flowers con- 
tain nnicilage and are official in tlie Cod. 
N. lu'tea, small yellow pond-lily ; the rhi- 
zome is otiicial in the Cod. ; sedative and 
antispasmodic. N. odora'ta, Ait., sweet- 
scented water-lily ; indigenous ; the rhi- 
zome is astringent and demulcent. 

Nymphen ( '■''.). Nymplue. 

Nymphique ( F). Kelating to the 

Nsrtnphi'tis, F. nymphite ; (•'. Scham- 
lefzcnentziindung ; /. ninfite. Inflamma- 
tion ol" the nymplia\ 

Nym'pholepsy [/.v;!,''!^]. G. Nym|.ho- 
lepsie. Kxcision of the nvrnpluc. 

Nsmiphoma'nia (L.) [r,a.{a']. /•'. 
nyinph(imanie ; (»'. Manntollheit ; /. ninfo- 
mania. Insane desire, in females, for 

Nxmaphon'cus ( L.) [t'j-zno]. Tumor or 
swelling of I lie nymphie or clitoris. 

Nsrmphot'oniy [y'/ter,, r"//v;]. /•', (,'. 
Nyniphotomie ; J. niiifotoiuia. Excision 
of the nyinpha\ 

Nys'sa (/-.). A genus of Cornaccx. 
N. can'dicans, .^liclix., C)geechee lime; 
grows in the swamps of Georgia and Flor- 
iila. N. capita'ta, ^Valt.. X. aiiuliatiix, 
.Michx. N. grandidenta'ta, Michx. til., 
X. iniijhird, Walt. N. uniflo'ra, 'Walt., 
largo tupelo, cotton-gum, grows in the 
southern C S. ; the spongv roots of the 
above species are used for corks and for 
surgical tents. 

Nystag'mus (LI) [wjrtTa;-//"^]. /•' 
nyst.'igmc ; (!. .\ugcna[ifelkrampf ; /. iiis- 
tagnjo. An involuntary rapid movement 
of the eyeball. Its two principal forms 
are the oscillating and rotatory : see also 
Miiirrs »//stiii/»i lis. 

Nysta'leus (L.) [^'irrrahik-^. Somno- 
lent, sleepy. 

Nystax'is ( L.). Nystagmus. 
Nyx'is ( /. ) [v'^cs-]. Paracentesis. 




O. Symbol of oxygen ; also abbv. for 
Octarius (L.)- ^ P'"'- 

Oak [-4. .S'. ae or a;e]. L. i[uercus ; F. 
chene ; G. Eiche ; /. quercia. The com- 
mon name of the trees of the genus Qutr- 
cus: see also Black; Chestnut, Cork, Dyer's, 
Jerusalem, Lire, Fuison, Spanish, WhiJe 
oak. O.-balls: see California oak-halls. 
O.-bark. L- quercus cortex ; F. ecorce 
de chene ; G. Eichenrinde ; /. corteccia di 
querela. The dried bark of the smaller 
branches and young stems of Quercus robur, 
L., collected in spring from trees growing 
in Britain [B. P.] ; astringent. O.-galls : 
see lYutf/aN. O.-man'na, Diarbekir or Ar- 
menian manna, obtained from leaves of 
Querctts vallonea, Kotschy, and Q. persica, 
Jaub. et Spach ; consists chiefly of grape- 

OakOr'chardAc'id Springs. Chalyb- 
eate springs, in Genesee Co.. New \ork, 
containing a notable quantity of free sul- 
phuric acid. 

Oak'um {^A. S. oecemba]. G. Werg. 
Loose hemp impregnated with tarry mat- 
ter, obtained by picking old rope into fibres. 

Oaralgie {F.). Ovaralgia. 

Oa'ric [uidpin-/^. L. oaricus. Kelating 
to the ovary. 

Oariocele (F.). Ovarian hernia. 

Oariocye'sis (L.) [z'V^irii-]. Ovarian 

Oa'rion or Oa'rium (Z.) [(u'i/-!"/]. 
Ovary . 

Oarion'cus (L.) [(y/-z«c]. Tumor of 
the ovary. 

Oariop'athy [-'i^Hj]. L. oariopathia. 
Ovarian disease. 

Oariophy'ma (A.) [^'w/jti]. Cystic tu- 
mor of the ovarv. 

Oariot'omy. F. oariotomie. Ovarioto- 

Oari'tis. Ovaritis. 

Oar'iule [ou^j;]. Corpus luteura. 

Oat [-1. S. ata, ate]. L.. I. avena ; /''. 
avoine ; G. Hafer. 1. The common name 

of plants of the genus Avena. 2. Used in 
the plural to indicate the grain of Avena 
saliva, L., and other cultivated species of -4. 

Obaudi'tio (i.). Incomplete deafness. 

Obbiettivo (/.). Objective of a micro- 
scope. O. a correzione, one with means 
for cover-correction ; O. ad immersione, 
immersion oljjective. 

Obdormi'tio (L.). Sleep, numbness. 

Obduciren {(r.}. To make an autopsy. 

Obduc'tio lega'lis (i.). Medico-legal 

Obduction (F.). The examination of 
a cadaver previous to the medico-legal au- 

Obduktionsbericht(Cr'."). Autopsy re- 

O'Beime's tube. A long, flexible tube 
used to .secure high injection in cases of 
obstinate constipation. 

Obe'lion (L.) [6,3z/.oi]. I'oint on the 
median line between the two parietal 
foramina ; used in craniometry. 

Ober ( G.). .\bove. superior, super- 
ficial ; — aderhaut, lamina suprachomi- 
dea ; — arzt, chief physician; — augen- 
hohlenarterie, supraorbital artery ; — au- 
genhohlennerv, supraorbital nerve; — 
augenhohlenrand, sujiraorhital arch ; — 
augenhohlenschlagader, supraorbital ar- 
tery ; — augeiihohlenvene, supraorbital 
vein ; — binde, fillet ; — flachlich, super- 
ficial, on the surface; — gesichtshohe, 
facial diameter, superior vertical ; — ge- 
sichtsindex. facial index, superior; -^ 
gratengnabe, supraspinous fossa •, — gra- 
tenmuskel, supraspinatus ; — hautchen, 
epithelium; — hautchen des Haares, 
hair-cuticle; — ^hefe, top yeast, superna- 
tant yeast ; — keim, ectoderm ; — kinn- 
lade, superior maxilla; — kranken- 
warter, head nurse: — lappen, parietal 
lobe ; — leib, thorax ; • — leistengegend, 
supramarginal region ; — lippe, upper 
lip; — lippenheber, levator labii supo- 
rioris projirius ; — lippennerven, nervi 
labiales superiores ; — niere, suprarenal 



oup.suk'; — roUnerv, sujir;itr()clik'ar nerve; 

— schadelmuskel, epicraiiius ; — schliis- 
selbeingeflecht, supraclavicular plexus ; 

— schliisselbeingrube, supraclavicular 
Inssa; — schlusselbeinnerv, supraclavic- 
ular nerve ; — schulterblattgegend, su- 
prascapular region ; — schulterblattnerv, 
suprascajmlar nerve; — schulterhaken- 
schleimbeutel, bursa supra-acromialis ; — 
tone, overtuiie vibrations, having detinite 
multiple relations to the key-note, and 
heard with it whenever it is sounded in a 
given instrument; — -wundarzt, surgeon- 
in-<diief; — wunn, vermis superior. 

Oberarm ( ''/.). IJraeliium ; — arterie, 
or — pulsader, or — schlagader, brachial 
artrry ; — bein or — knochen, humerus; 

— kopf, head (if the humerus; — rauhig- 
keit, dehdid impression. 

Oberbauch {(•'■)■ Epigastrium; — 
bruch, epigastrooele ; — gegend, epigas- 
tric region; — schlagader, superior epi- 
gastric artery. 

Oberhaut ( G.). Epidermis ; — ab- 
schlirfung, excoriation; — artig, epider- 
niiiid; — gewebe, epidermis. 

Oberkiefer (O.). Upper jaw ; — ar- 
terie, posterior dental artery; — bein, 
su]ierior maxillary bone ; — breiten, max- 
illary diameters; — breiten-Index, max- 
illary indi'X ; — fortsatz, maxillary ]>late ; 

— geflecht, jilexus supramaxillaris ; — 
grube, .•auine fossa ; — hohle, antrum of 
ilighmore; — knoten, ganglion of Boeh- 
dalek ; — nerv, superior maxillary nerve ; 

— offnung, hiatus maxillaris; — relief- 
di-eieck, oberes, triangle with apex at 
akanlhion. base between the two zygo-max- 
ilhiry jinints [v. Torok] ; — reliefdreieck, 
unteres, triangle with apex at pnistliinn, 
base between the two zvgo-niaxillary points 
[v. Tllrilk], 

Oberschenkel {('•■). Thigh: —bein, 
lemur; — beinknon'en, condyles of the 
femur; — binde, fascia lata; — bruch, 
iemoral hernia ; — gegend, femoral region ; 

— kamni, linea aspera ; — knochen, ie- 
niur; — schlagadem, femoral arteries; 

— verrenkung, luxation of the femur. 
Obese'. L. obesus ; /. obeso. Corpu- 
lent, excessively fat. 

Obes'ity. />. obesitas; F. obesite; (r. 
Fettsucht, ()besit;it; /. obesita. Conditinn 
<d' being unduly fat nr corpulent, 'i'he prin- 
cipal systems cd' tr<'atment are known as 
lianting's. Kbstein's, and Oertel's methods, 
in all of whicdi exercise and the abstaining 
IV<im carbidivdrates are enjoined. The 

chief peculiarity of Ebstein's method is 
that it allows, and even advises, the use 
of fats; that of Oertel's method is restric- 
tion of the (juantity of fluids used. ■ 

O'bex (/>.). -/•'. verrou ; G. Ittegel. 
Thin layer of white matter crossing poste- 
rior median fissure of medulla at calamus 

Obier (/'•). Vil)uniiiiii npnhis, L. 
Ob'itUS (L.). Dead, death. 
Objectif ( f". ) Objective. O. a im- 
mersion, immersion objective. 

Objec'tive. /". objectif; W. Objektiv ; 
/, idibiettivo. An object-glass; the com- 
bination of hMises used next the object in 
a compound microscope. 

Objektivmikrometer ( G.). Stage mi- 

Objekttrager ( (J. ). Slide. 
Obliquatore del carpo ( /. ). Pronator 
radii teres. 

Obliquatori dell' occhio ( / ). Oblique 
mu,•^cles (d' the eye. 

Oblique'. L. obliquus ; G. schief, 
schrilge ; /. obli(|uo. Applied in anatomy 
to structures that have an oblii|ue direction 
relative to the axis of the body, of a limb, 
or of an organ. O. lig'ament. L. liga- 
inentum obli((unm ; /. ligameiito di Weit- 
brecht. Thin tibrous band, apparently a 
detached portion of the interosseous uiem- 
branc, extending fr<un coronoid process of 
idmi to radius just below tubercle. O. 
line of clav'icle, trapezoid line. O. line 
of fib'ula, posterointernal border, com- 
mencing at inner side of head and running 
into interosseous crest at lower fourth ; 
i.rives attachment to fascia separating tibi- 
alis )Histicus from superficial muscles. O. 
line of low'er jaw, exter'nal. />. lim'a 
oblii|ua externa. Impression for depressor 
muscles, extending downward and forward 
from anterior border of ramus. O. liiie 
of low'er jaw, inter'nal, mylohyoid 
ridge. O. line of ra'dius, u]iper jiart 
of anterior bonier, extending downward 
and outward I'rom the tubero.sity, and af- 
fording attacliment to supinator brevis, 
flexor sublimis digitorum. and flcxcpr hm- 
gus pollicis muscles. O. line of thy'roid 
car'tilage. L. linea obli(|ua cariilaginis 
thyroidei. Line for insertion of sterno- 
thyroid and thyro-hyoid muscles on great 
wing of thyroid cartilage O. line of 
tib'ia, popliteal line. O. line of ul'na, 
r'uliU', running from posterior extremity ol 
lesser sigmoid cavity to posterior border. 



and affording attachment to supinator bre- 
vis. O. mus'cles of abdo'men, large 
sheet-like muscles of abdominal wall. The 
exteijial oblique arises from the lower 
eight ribs, and passes downward and for- 
ward to be inserted upon crest of ilium, 
Poupart's ligament, crest of pubis, and 
linea alba. The internal oblique arises 
from lumbar fascia, crest of ilium, and 
outer half of Poupart's ligament, and is 
inserted, mainly with upward-directed fibres, 
into last three ribs, linea alba, and ilio-pee- 
tineal line, in common with transversalis. 
O. mus'cles of eye. L. musculi obliqui 
oculi ; G. schiefe Augeumuskeln. Those 
inserted upon the eyeball obliquely to the 
antero-posterior axis. The superior o. m. 
arises near the optic forameti, jiasses for- 
ward, and forms a tendon which pa.sses 
through a fibro-cartilaginous ring (trochlea) 
attached to trochlear fossa, and is thus re- 
flected outward, backward, and downward 
to its insertion. The inferior o. m. arises 
from a depression on the orbital plate of su- 
perior maxillary bone, near nasal duct, and 
passes directly outward, backward, and up- 
ward to its insertion. O. proc'esses of 
ver'tebrae, articular processes. O. ridge 
of mo'lar tooth, thick ridge of enamel 
connecting anterior internal cusp with pos- 
terior external cusp in upper molars; fimnd 
in man and some apes. O. ridge of tra- 
pe'zium, L. tuberculum ossis multanguli 
majoris. Eminence on palmar surface of 
trapezium to which is attached the liga- 
mentum carpi volare proprium. O. vein 
of heart, small vein found in vestigial 
fold of pericardium, the remains of foetal 
left sui)erior cava [Marshall]. 

Oblique (F.). O. ascendant, obliquus 
internus abdominis. O. descendant, or 
O. exteme, or O. (grand) de I'abdo- 
men, oblii|uus esternus abdominis. O. 
(grand) de I'oeil, superior oblique muscle 
of the eye [Chaussier]. O. (gi'and) de 
la tete, obliquus capitis inferior. O. 
inferieur. 1. Inferior oblique muscle of 
eye. \i. Obliquus capitis inferior. O. 
interne or O. (petit) de I'abdomen, ob- 
liquus internus abdominis. O. (petit) de 
I'ceil, inferior oblique of eye [Chaussier]. 
O. (petit) de la tete, obliquus capitis su- 
perior. O. superieur. 1. Superior obli(]ue 
muscle of eye. 2. Obliquus capitis supe- 

Obliquo (/.). Oblique. O. inferiore, 
obliquus capitis inferior. O. superiore, 
obliquus capitis superior. 
Vol. II.— 16 

Obli'quus (i.). Oblique. O. abdom'- 
inis ascen'dens, obliquus internus ab- 
dominis. O. abdom'inis exter'nus mi'- 
nor or O. abdom'inis secun'dus, rare 
muscle arising from tenth or eleventh rib, 
and passing to Poupart's ligament, the sheath 
of the rectus, or to the middle of the crest 
of the ilium (rectus lateralis abdominis). 
O. abdom'inis descen'dens, obli(|uus ex- 
ternus abdominis. O. abdom'inis pro- 
ftm'dus, obliquus internus abdominis. O. 
abdom'inis superficia'lis, obliquus exter- 
nus abdominalis. O. accesso'rius oc'uli, 
gracillimus oculi. O. auric'ulse. A few 
muscular fibres found on medial surface 
of external ear, extending from eminentia 
conchte to eminentia fosste triangularis. O. 
au'ris, obliquus auriculaj. O. cap'itis in- 
fe'rior. F. oblique inferieur de la tete ; /. 
obliquo inferiore. A small muscle arising 
from spinous process of axis, and inserted 
into transverse process of atlas. O. cap'- 
itis ma'jor, obliquus capitis inferior. O. 
cap'itis minor, obliquus capitis superior. 
O. cap'itis supe'rior. F. oblique superieur 
de la tete ; J. oblicjuo superiore. A small 
muscle arising from transverse j)rocess of 
atlas, and passing upward and backward to 
an insertion between curved lines of oc- 
cipital bone. O. col'li infe'rior, lower 
oblique portion of longus colli muscle 
[Luschka]. O. col'li supe'rior, upper 
oblique portion of longus cuUi muscle 
[Henle]. O. exter'nus abdom'inis, ex- 
ternal oblique muscle of abdomen : see 
OhHqne mttscf/a of abdomen. O. infe'rior 
oc'uli, inferior oblique muscle of eye ; see 
Oblique muscles of i;jf. O. inter'nus ab- 
dom'inis, internal obliciue muscle of ab- 
domen : see Oblique muscles of abdomen. 
O. ma'jor, obliquus superior. O. mi'nor, 
obliquus inferior. O. oc'uli accesso'rius, 
gracillimus oculi. O. supe'rior oc'uli, 
superior oblique muscle of eye : see Oblique 
muscles of ei/e. 

Oblitera'tion. L. obliteratio ; /'. oblite- 
ration ; G. Austilgung ; /. oblitcrazione. 
J]ffacing, making imperceptible. 

Oblo'bium {L.). Antitragus. 

Obsoles'cence [obsolescere]. G. Ob- 
.solescenz. The state of becoming useless, 
of cessation of normal growth and action. 

Obsoles'cent. Becoming old and de- 

Obstet'ric [ob, stare]. Obstetrical. O. 
chair. F. chaise d'accouchement ; G. 
Geburtsstuhl. Chair formerly used in the 
delivery of women. 



Obstet'rical. /'• obstt'tviml, ;il(' ; G. 
obstctriscli ; /. ostetrico. Kelatiiig to ob- 
stetrifs. O. con 'jugate : see I' hie i/i<nn- 

Obstetri'cian. One who practises ob- 

Obstet'rics. /'■ obstctri(|vie ; (j. Lle- 
burtsliiiirskuiist, Obstetrik ; /. ostetricia. 
The art iif affording aid to women in labor. 

Obsteti-isch ( G.). Obstetrical. 

Obstet'rix (L.). A midwife. 

Obstipa'tio (/..). 1- F. obstipation. 
Constipation. L'. Lateral curvature of tlie 

Obstipii-en ( (•'.). Td constipate. 

Obstip'itas cap'itis or O. colli (L.). 

Obsti-uant, ante I F. ). llelatin;,' to ob- 
structiiin, ubstruetini:. 

Ob'struens (A.). Obstructive, astrin- 

Obstupefa'cient [ob, stuitefaeere]. 
Stupefy inj:', narcotic. 

Obti-unca'tio { L.). Decollatinn. 

Obtun'dent [obtundere]. F. obtondant, 
ante; /. ottundente. Blunting, soothing. 

Obtitrateur, trice (F.). Obturator; 
relatiiiLT til the uliturator foramen. 

Obtura'tion. L. obturatio ; G. ^'er- 
stopfung; / otturamento, otturazione. Ob- 
struction, [dugging. 

Obtura'to-coccyge'us ( L.) [Savage]. 
Portion of levator ani arising spine 
of the isehiuin. 

Obtura'tor. F. nbturateur. 1. A plate 
or plug for closing an abnormal opening. 
2. A]iiilied in anatomy to structures tliat 
close in a cimsiderable opening. O. ar'tery. 
L. arteria obturatoria ; /'. artere obtura- 
trice; (•'. Iliiftlochsiddagader ; /. arteria 
otturatoria. Hranch ol' internal iliac ]iass- 
ing through obturator forainen an<l sup])ly- 
ing deep muselcs of u]i]icr thigh and liiji- 
joint. Its terminal branclics are known as 
external and internal o. a-s. O. canal.' 

X. eanalis obturaloriiis ; /■'.canal sous-im- 
bien. Passage for oliturator vessels and 
nerves through upper ]>art of obturator 
foramen. O. exter'nus, /■'. obturateur 
externc ; '•'. :ius.~er(n' II uftbeinloehniusk(d ; 
/. otturalore I'slerno. IMuscle ol' the hip 
arisini; from miter surface of oliluralor 
membrane and rami of ischium and pubes, 
and inserted into digital I'ossa of great tro- 
chanter. O. fas'cia. L. fascia obturato- 
ria. That covering ilec]i surface of obtu- 

rator internus muscde. ronstituting its 
perimysium. The upper jiart is a ]i(ulion 
of the pelvic fascia. O. foi'a'men. /. 
foramen olituratorium ; G. eif ojmiges 
Loch ; /. foro or forame otturatorio. Large 
a]ierturo in lower part (jf hip-bone between 
ischium and ]iubis, closed dtn'iiig life by 
obturator membrane; usually oval in fe- 
tuale. triangular in male. O. groove. L- 
sulctis obturatorius; /•'. goutticre obtura- 
triee. Deep oblique furrow on under sur- 
face of horizontal ramus oi' pubis for the 
obturator vessels and nerve. O. her'nia. 
F. hernie obturatrice ; /. eriiia otturatoria. 
Hernia through the obturator foramen. O. 
inter'nus. /•'. oliturateur interne; (A in- 
ncrer Hiiftbcinlochmuskel ; /. otturalore 
interne. Muscle of the hip arising I'rom 
inner surface of hiji-bono and obturator 
membrane ; emerges from pelvis by the 
lesser sciatic notch, and is inserted, together 
with the gemelli, into the great trochanter. 
The latter muscles are sometimes desi-ribcd 
as portions of the 0. i. O. lig'ament, ob- 
turator membrane. O. mem'brane. L. 
membrana obturatoria. A tifirous sheet at- 
tached to the margins of obturator foramen, 
which it covers except at the obturator 
canal. O. mus'cles, obturator esternus 
and internus, <j. >■. O. nerve. L. nervus 
obturatorius; fV. Huftlo(dinerv ; /. nervo 
otturatorio. Branch of lumbar plexus de- 
rived from second, third, and fourth lumbar 
nerves, and distributed to adductor mus- 
cles of thigh and to hi)!- and knee-joints. 
O. nerve, acces'sory : see Accessor// ohin- 
,-(itnc iiercr. O. plex'us, formed by veins 
surrounding obturator f(u-amen ; discharges 
through obturator vein. O. tu'bercles. 

I A. tubercula obturatoria. Kmincnces on 
either side obturator groove where the ob- 
turator mendirane s])ans over it. The 
posterior or superior is where the edge 
of the acotaliulum meets the obturator 
foramen ; the anterior or inferior is on 
the descending ramus of the pubis. O. 
vein, aeconi]ianics artery of same name. 
Obtu'ratoi-y bm-'sa. Bursa subteii- 
dinea obturatoris interna. 

Occa'sional cuta'neous nerve. -\n 
occasional bramdi of obturator nerve, de- 
scending along border of sartorius to inner 
side of knee, and communicating with in- 
ternal saphenous nerve. 

j Occhiale (/.). Kye-tooth. 
Occhiali f/-). Spectacles. 

j Occhio (A). Kye. O. di pica or O. 

I di pemice, a hard e(U'n uw the toe. 

occ — occ 


Occip'ital. L. occipitalis ; /. occip- 
itale. Kelatiiig to the occiput. O. an'gle. 
1. One iudicating inclination of plane of 
foramen magnum, either with reference to 
a line from opisthion to lower border of 
orbit [Daubenton], from opisthion to nasion, 
or basion to nasion [Broca], or with refer- 
ence to basi-cranial axis: see Aiujhs nf Des- 
champs, Orhito-dccipidil angle, Basilar an- 
gles. 2. That between lines drawn from 
the inion to the lambda and to the opis- 
thion [Lissauer]. 3. Postero-superior 
angle of parietal bone. O. arc, that meas- 
ured on surface of cranium from lambda 
to opisthion. O. a'rea : see Areas of skull. 
O. ar'tery. L. arteria occipitalis; F. 
artere occipitale ; O. Hinterhauptschlaga- 
der ; /. arteria occipitale. Branch of ex- 
ternal carotid distributed to back nf head 
as far as the vertex. O. ar'tery of brain, 
L. arteria occi])italis cerebri ; F. artere oc- 
cipitale du cerveau. Branch of the poste- 
rior cerebral a. that supplies the occipital 
lobe [Duret]. O. bone. L. o% occipitis; 
i^. occipital ; (i. Hintorhauptsbein ; /. os- 
so occipitale. An unpaired, symmetrical 
bone, of a rhomboidal form, situated on 
median line at back and lower part of 
skull, and above first cervical vertebra, 
with which it articulates. It gives passage 
to continuation of spinal cord through a 
large aperture, and has a general resem- 
blance to a vertebra with greatly expanded 
lamina. O. convolu'tions. L. gyri oe- 
cipitalcs ; F. cireonvoliitions occipitales ; 
G. Windungen des Hinterhau])tlappens ; 
/. circonvoluzioni occipitali. Tliose situa- 
ted upon occipital lobe of the brain. The 
following are described : On the convex 
surface three — the superior, middle, and 
inferior, or first, second, and third. To 
the superior belongs a triangular lobule on 
the median surface (the cuneate lobule). 
These connect with the convolutions of the 
frontal and temporo-sphenoidal lobes by 
small annectant convolutions. The three are 
united posteriorly by the descending con- 
volution, C-shaped, and embracing the forked 
extremity of the calcarine fissure. Upon the 
tentorial surface the following convolutions 
pass without notable change into those of 
the lobes lying in front : The superior oc- 
cipito-temporal (/>. gyrus occipito-teuipo- 
ralis medialis ; F. cin(|uienie circonvolu- 
tion temporale ; G. Zungenliippchen ; /. 
circonvoluzione occipito-temporale interna) 
lies between the calcarine and the collateral 
fissures, and is continuous in front with the 
uncinate convolution. The inferior oc- 

cipito-temporal (X. gyrus occipito-tem- 
poralis lateralis ; F. cjuatrieme circonvolu- 
tion temporale ; G. 8pindellappchen ; /. 
circonvoluzione occipito-temporale esterna) 
lies between the collateral fissure and the 
inferior temporal sulcus, and extends 
from the posterior extremity of the hem- 
isphere to near the anterior extremitj' 
of the temporo-sphenoidal lobe. O. 
crest. L. crista occipitalis ; F. crete oc- 
cipitale ; G. Hinterhauptskamm ; /. cresta 
occipitale. Name given to two median 
ridges upon the occipital bone, distin- 
guished as external and internal. O. di- 
am'eter, raax'imum. F. diametre occipi- 
tal maximum; (t. Ilinterhauptsbreite. Diam- 
eter of skull from asterion to asterion. O. 
em'issary vein, small branch occasionally 
seen originating from the torcular Hero])li- 
ili. and passing through a foramen in the 
occipital protuberance tn one of the occipi- 
tal veins. O. font'anelle : i^ce Fonfuniil/'. 
O. fora'men, foramen magnum. O. fos'- 
sse. L. fossw occipitales ; F. fosses occipi- 
tales ; G. Occipitalgruben ; 7. fosse occi- 
pitali. Concavities on cerebral surface of 
occipital bone. The superior or cerebral 
receive the occipital lobes of cerebrum; 
the inferior or cerebellar receive the 
lobes of cerebellutn. O. glands, suboc- 
cipital glands. O. groove. L. sulcus 
arteria; occipitalis. Impression made by 
occipital artery on mastoid portion of tem- 
poral bone. O. line of Dau'benton, 
Daubenton. line of. O. lobe. Jj. lobus oc- 
cipitalis ; F. lobe oceij)ilal ; G. Hinter- 
hauptsla])pen ; /. lobo posteriore. The 
postero-inferior portion of the hemispheres. 
It is pyramidal in .shape, with a convex, a 
meilial, and a tentorial surface. Upon the 
medial surface its limits are clearly marked 
off by the parieto-occipital sulcus ; on the 
convex surface less so by the transverse 
occipital, or, as some think, by the anterior 
occipital sulcus ; upon the tentorial surface 
it passes without definite limits into the 
temporal hibe. O. lob'ule, cuneate lobule. 
O. nerves. /•'. nerfs occipitaux. The 
great o. n. is the internal branch of 
the posterior division of second cervical 
nerve, and supplies the complexus and 
skin of the occipital region. The small 
o. n. is a branch of the cervical plexus, de- 
rived from second and third cervical nerves, 
ascending along pn.sterior border of sterno- 
mastoid to region behind ear, where it sup- 
plies the integument. A portion of it 
sometimes arises separately from the plexus, 
and is distributed to region of mastoid pro- 


OCC OCC ; this is .somotinie.s called the second 
small o. n. The intoniul bi-aiiL-h of the 
posterior division of tliirJ cervical nerve 
sometimes pierces the trajiczius and rami- 
fies ill the integument over oceii)ital pro- 
tuberaiH'i^ ; it is then known as the third 
O. n. O. point. 1. ruinl on oeeipital hone 
and ill mesial jilaiie farthest removed from 
the glabella. 2. /■'. j)oiiit oeeipital dii champ 
de regard ; 6'. Occi]iitalpi!nkt. Point of 
the spherical field of reaard behind the 
head, diametrically O]iiiosed to the ])riiiei])al 
fixation-point. O. pole. L. e.xtremilas 
occipitalis; (1. Oecipitalpol. I'loniided end 
of occipital lid>c of the ccrebruni. O. pro- 
tu'berances. L. ]irotuberanti:e oecipi- 
tales ; /'. protuberaiiees occipitales ; (1. 
Hinterliauptshiieker ; /. protubcranze oe- 
cipitali. Two prominent elevations on t>c- 
cipital liouc. The external o. p. is at the 
junction of the sui)erior curved lines and 
the occipital crest, and affords attachment 
to the liuameiitiini nueluc. The internal 
O. p. is on inner surface of the bone in a 
nearly corres|ioiidii)g situation, being at 
intersection of internal oeeipital crest with 
transverse ridge, to whicli the tentorium is 
attached. O. sec'tor, area in meiliaii 
plane of skull between lines drawn from 
horniion to lambda and inion [i,issauer]. 
O. si'nus. A. sinus occipitalis ; (1. Ilinter- 
liauptsblutleiter ; /. seno occipitale. A 
passage for venous blood within the falx 
cercbelli, extending from posterior spinal 
veins to torcular licrophili ; sometimes 
double. O. SVll'ci, furrows on convex 
surface of occipital lobe of brain, usually 
described as follows: The anterior o. s. 
( L. sulcus oeeijiitalis anterior), running 
oldiijuely u)iward and backward from the 
pra'oeciiiital notch; |ilaeed bv some in the 
parietal lobe. The infeiior O. s. ( L. sul- 
cus occipitalis inferior), near lateral edge 
of occipital lolie. The middle o. s. (I.. 
.suleus occipitalis nicdius ). slight and iiieoii- 
.staiit, about midway between the other 
two. The ti-ansverse o. s. ( L. sulcus 
occipitalis traiisver.sus ; (!. .Ml'enspalte ) is 
directed outw.ardly from a little behind llie 
]>arieto - occipital fissure, liclieved to be 
hoinologcnis with externa! Jierpeiidicular 
fissure of ape's jiraiii. O. tri'angles. <•'. 
liintcrhauptdreieeke. Measurements oi' oc- 
cipital region proposed by A\'eleker. The 
siiperior o. t. has !'or base the biparictal 
diameter, its apex at the iiiiiui ; the inferior 
O. t. lias for base the liiniastoid <liami'ter. 
apex at inion. Ijateral o. Is. are the triangu- 
lar spaces between superior and inferior. O. 

veins, veins collecting blood from the oc- 
ciput, emptying either into deep cervical, 
internal jugular, or external jugular vein. 
O. ver'tebra, the occipital bone, so called 
with reference to the vertebral theory of 
the skull : see Ci'un'idl vcrlchnf. 

Occipital, ale {F.}. Occipital; used 
substantively for the occi]iital bone. O. 
lateral, exoccipital bone. O. superieur, 
supraocci[iital bone. 

Occipitalbiindel, senkrechtes ( (•'.). 
Fasciculus occipitalis perpendicularis. 

Occipita'le basila're (L.). Basilar 

Occipita'le supe'rius (L.). Supra- 
occipital bone. 

Occipitalfurche ( G.). Occipital sulcus. 

OccipitalgTuben ( O.). Occipital fossae. 

Occipita'lialatera'lia (//.). Exoccipital 

Occipita'lis { A. ). F. muscle occipital ; 
/. nuiscolo occipitale. E]iicraiiius occipi- 
talis. A subcutaneous muscle of the oc- 
cijiital region, arising from superior curved 
line of ocei{)ital bone and iinserted into epi- 
cranial aponeurosis. O. ma'jor nerve, 
great occipital : see Occipitdl items. O. 
mi'nor, occipitalis transversus. O. mi'nor 
nerve, small occi])ital : see Ocrijii/a/ nerves. 
O. te'res, occi])italis transversus. O. 
ti'ansver'sus. /'. peaussier sous-occipital. 
-Muscle l'rei|ueiifly found [o5 per cent., 
Macalistcr] arising from inner portion of 
sujierior curved line of occipital bone, and 
jiroeeeding outward to be inserted upon the 
tendon ol' the steriio-niastoid or ujioii the 

Oecipitalpol ( d'.). Occipital pole. 

Occipitalwindung ( G. ) Occipital con- 

Occipite ( /.). Occiput. 

Occip'ito-. In coiu])osition. relating to 
tlie occiput. 

Occipito-atlan'tal. Itelating to the 
occijiital bone and the atlas. O.-a. ar- 
ticilla'tion, that fouml between condyles 
of occipital Ijone and superior articular 
processes of atlas. O.-a. lig'aments. A. 
ligamenta oecipito-atlantia ; /•'. ligaments 
occipito-atloidiens ; /. Icganienti ocei])ito- 
atloidei. IMembraiious sheets connecling 
occipital bone with arches of atlas. The 
thickened median portion is sometimes de- 
scribed as an accessory O.-a. ligament, but 
should rather be considered as a continua- 
tion ol' the anterior common ligament. 



Occip'ito-at'Ioid. Occipito-atlantal. 

Occipito-ax'ial lig'ament. L. liga- 
menlum occipito-axiale ; /'. ligameut oc- 
cipito-axoidien. A strong, wide band pass- 
ing from body of axis to basilar groove of 
occipital bone over tbe cruciform and 
odontoid ligaments. It is often considered 
as the continuation upvrard of tbe poste- 
rior common ligament. Some authors de- 
scribe two layers, designating the super- 
ficial as the posterior common ligament, 
the deep as the occipito - cervical or 
cervico-basilar ligament. 

Occipito-ax'oid. Occipito-axial. 

Occipito - cer'vical lig'am.ent : see 

Occipito-axiiil lif-idmeni. 

Occipito-fron'tal. 1. Relating to the 
occiput and to the frontal region. 2. {F.) 
Occipito-frontalis. O.-f. aponeuro'sis, 
epicranial aponeurosis. O.-f. diam'eter, 
distance between occipital and frontal pro- 
tuberances — about 41 inches in fuetus at 

Occipito-fi'onta'lis (//■)■ F. occipito- 
frontal ; /. occipito-frontale. The occipi- 
talis and frontalis muscles, together with 
the epicranial aponeurosis which connects 

Occipito-hae'mal arch. Pectoral arch. 

Occipito-hy'oid mus'cle. An anom- 
alous muscle, apparently an appendage to 
the digastric and stylo-hyoid, arising from 
occipital bone, and passing over stcrno- 
cleido-mastoid to an iti.sertion upon hyoid 
bone [Perrin]. 

Occipito-mas'toid. Relating to the 
mastoid process and the occipital bone. 
O.-m. su'ture. L. sutura occipito-nias- 
toidea ; G. Warzennaht. That between 
occipital bone and mastoid portion of the 

Occipito-mening-e'al ar'tery. ]Menin- 

geal artery, posterior inferior. 

Occipito-men'tal diam'eter. Distance 
from posterior fontanelle to chin — -about 5 J 
inches in fetus at term. 

Occip'ito-pari'etal. L. occipito-pari- 
etalis ; /•'. occipito parietal, ale. Relating 
to occipital and parietal regions. O.-p. 
in'dex, relation between bi-a.steric diameter 
and maximum transverse diameter of skull, 
the latter taken as 100. O.-p. su'ture, 
lambdoid suture. 

Occipito-pharynge'us (/..). Super- 
numerary muscle arising from basilar proc- 
ess of occipital bone and inserted into 
pharyngeal wall. 

Occipito-scapula'ris (Z